5.06: 12:00am - 1:00pm
~ Spin ~


Buchanan, Lynn, Audrey and Jack are in the situation room. Jack is frustrated; we pick him up in mid-sentence saying he doesn’t understand. Palmer was murdered because he was about to expose Cummings. He tried to frame Jack for the murder and then tried to kill him. They can’t prove any of that but they can prove that Spencer let an assassin into CTU. Lynn points out that it would be Spencer’s word against Cummings’; it’s not enough to build a case. Jack says that if they want the nerve gas, Cummings is their connection. Jack believes he can get to him; he will meet with Mike Novick secretly and tell him. The others are sceptical if Mike is in on it but Jack knows Mike, he will listen to him and with his help he can isolate Cummings. The next argument is that Jack doesn’t work there anymore. He thinks this is the reason he should do it, if it backfires there will be no fallout onto CTU. After a silence Audrey is the first one to admit that it’s worth a try. Buchanan agrees so it’s left up to Lynn. Jack watches him with a steely expression while he waits for the answer. Buchanan looks away and Lynn continues to think, he sighs and seems to be weighing all the options. He will allow Jack to go but he wants to be clear that this is about finding the nerve gas, not about getting revenge for David Palmer’s murder. Jack understands and Lynn wants him to work out the protocols with Audrey, who he addresses as Mrs. Raines. Lynn will look thorough Cummings’ background to see if they can find anything else to support the case. Jack and Audrey are left alone and Jack leans over her as she says that she will have to set up a secure channel for him. He asks her to bring up a satellite photo of the compound and she doesn’t really say anything. After a pause she apologises if it seems that she is keeping her distance, ‘It’s taking a while to get used to you being alive.’ Jack stands up and moves away from her, he says softly that he understands. He has to call Novick and starts to head out of the room. She stops him by calling him, he turns around and she takes her glasses off. She warns Jack that when Cummings finds out that he’s still alive he is going to come after him again. Jack answers ‘Yeah’ and Audrey thinks for a second and then puts her glasses back on and goes back to work.

Cummings phone rings, it’s Nathanson wanting to know if Bauer is dead. Walt hasn’t heard any confirmation, Nathanson is concerned. Walt thinks there could be many reasons; maybe he had to alter the strike window. Walt ends the conversation quickly since he is late for a briefing.

At the port the truck with the canisters has arrived. The man in the yellow tie checks with another man working for them, Schaffer. Everything is confirmed and the papers are in order, the shipment will arrive in 3 days and the transportation will take one more day. Schaffer offers help transporting the canisters but yellow tie man has already made arrangements to transport to Moscow.

Logan waits and Mike comes in the room. He hands a disk to an agent and tells him to put it on now. They have not found Logan’s wife but Secret Service is confident she is on the grounds. Logan doesn’t get how they can be so confident when they can’t find her. Walt comes in and apologizes for being late and Mike puts on the video. It was made by terrorists to show the effects of exposure to nerve gas. Mike narrates as the video shows a man in a room; Mike says that the first sign is disorientation which usually occurs within minutes. The video jumps forward what they think is just minutes and the man starts to appear ill. Mike tells of permanent damage to the central nervous system, violent seizures and the bronchial membranes blister and peel away. The man on the screen is now on the ground and foaming at the mouth. Before Mike can tell Logan how long death takes, Logan tells him to stop. Mike continues that the Sentox 6 nerve gas stolen from the airport is more lethal than that. Also, if it was released as a cloud over a city it would be lethal for much longer. As he talks Mike’s Blackberry beeps. He casually pulls it from his belt and looks at the message: “It’s Jack Bauer, call me on a secure line.” Logan asks if they are any closer to finding the gas. There are no reports of progress. Another line appears on the Blackberry: “Tell no one.” Mike makes a quick excuse that he needs to return a call to someone at the state department and leaves the room. Walt watches closely and is distracted by Mike’s actions while he passes some briefings on to Logan.

At CTU, Jack’s phone rings, Mike is returning his call. Mike is happy to hear Jack’s voice, Jack concurs. Jack is sorry about David Palmer; he knows how much he meant to Mike. Mike just says ‘yeah’ and asks what’s going on. Jack has a lead on the nerve gas; Mike asks if CTU is coordinating it. Jack has to bring this directly to Mike, he can’t talk about it on the phone, he needs to meet with Mike and no one can know about it. Mike is uncomfortable with all the secrecy; he needs to know what this is about. Jack admits that it concerns Walt Cummings so Mike agrees to meet. There is an area a few hundred yards outside the south west gate on the far side of the property from the mansion. Jack will see Mike in 15 minutes.

Jack doesn’t get far before Derek and Dianne show up. They are able to leave soon and want to know if Jack is coming with them. Jack is not, CTU needs his help. Jack asks permission to speak with Dianne alone. Derek says of course and Jack asks an agent to take him downstairs, she will be there soon. As soon as he’s away Dianne asks Jack, “You’re not coming back to us, are you?” Jack says no. He never thought he was going to be back here at CTU, he would have never gotten them involved in all of this. Dianne asks about the woman who interviewed her, Audrey Raines. Jack watches as Dianne asks if he was involved with her, she could tell by the way they looked at each other. Jack says awkwardly that he was with her before he had to disappear. Dianne asks flat out, “Are you still in love with her?” He pauses briefly and simply says, “Yes.” Dianne asks if she still loves Jack but he doesn’t know. Dianne takes the news well and an agent comes and tells Jack that his transport is standing by. Jack will be right there, he apologises to Dianne, he has to go. Dianne nods and Jack kisses her lightly and they share a long embrace. Jack thanks Dianne and touches her face. Jack walks away from her.

Nathanson listens to a poor sounding recording of the call between Mike Novick and Jack. Walt listens as well though the phone until the call ends. Nathanson says that the man didn’t do his job; Walt doesn’t want that on him, Nathanson reminds Walt that he was supposed to have Bauer killed hours ago. He will not warn Walt again, pull himself together. Walt doesn’t know what to do, he heard the call and Bauer is coming to expose his role in this. Nathanson is assuming that Jack knows the extent of Walt’s role in this. He must have enough proof to be coming. At this point, there is only one thing Walt can do.



Agent Aaron Pierce and his agents are looking in the stable on the property for Mrs. Logan. Pierce finds a stall unlocked and looks inside. He opens the door up completely and calls impatiently for Mrs. Logan to come out. After a pause she steps out from behind a saddle rack and begs Aaron not to let them take her. She wants him to listen to her but he is trying to help her. She has been set up; it’s supposed to look like a breakdown because someone in her husbands’ administration is trying to shut her up because she knows the truth. Aaron is interested and asks ‘What truth?’ She gets out David Palmer’s name before other agents show up and she returns to asking Aaron not to let them take her. Aaron has his orders and when the agents approach Aaron thinks and then steps aside letting them have access to the first lady. She is angry and they take her away, Pierce watches.

Buchanan shows up in the room that Audrey is working in. They checked with highway patrol to have all trucks checked. They have not mentioned nerve gas, the last thing they want is for the public to find out the chemical weapons are out there. The agents have just been told to look for silver canisters.

Schaffer, the terrorists’ accomplice, uses a small device, attaching it to the canisters and the words flash up ‘Lock code verified.’ He pockets the device and puts the lid on the container. He leaves the cargo compartment that the canisters are in and reseals it. He runs into the man in the yellow tie who wants to know what he is doing in there. He is making sure the containers are secured properly so they don’t knock around during shipping but yellow tie man says that he had them secured according to his instructions. Schaffer gives the customs documents and the remote trigger to yellow tie man, he asks for the rest of his payment. Yellow tie man told Schaffer that he would be paid when the ship left port, Schaffer assures him that there won’t be a problem they are leaving in less than an hour. Yellow tie man says then he won’t have long to wait. Schaffer says fine and they part ways.

Derek and Dianne are led out of CTU. Dianne sees Audrey and tells Derek that she will be right there. She goes over to Audrey and tells her that they have been released. Audrey says that’s good and Dianne seems awkward for a minute. She wants to know if she can ask Audrey something, Audrey says of course. With little hesitation she goes ahead and asks if Audrey has feelings for Jack. Audrey looks away, it’s personal, she tries to walk away. Dianne understands but he has been living with her and her son for the last 6 months and they started to become a family. She continues that she cares about him. She asks Audrey, “Do you know he still loves you?” Audrey doesn’t have anything to say but turns to look at Dianne. “If you don’t love him, let him go.”

In the split screen Jack appears. We get to Jack full screen as he drives into some brush and parks partly concealed under a tree. His phone rings and he answers it to find Audrey on the other end. He asks what’s going on and she starts by saying his name, but then she trails off. He asks what; more worried he asks what again. She closes her eyes and then asks him if, when this is over, he is coming back. He appears surprised and the question and says he doesn’t know. She asks if he is going back to Dianne. No, he is not, he doesn’t know what he is doing yet, he hasn’t had any time to think about it. Audrey asks delicately, “Is it true what she said?” Jack asks what she said. Audrey answers, ‘That you still love me.’ Jack lowers the phone and closes his eyes. He tells her in a whisper, “I never stopped loving you. Not for one second.” Audrey cries, “Then don’t go away again, Jack, please.” Jack admits that it’s more complicated than that. He looks at his watch, it’s time, he has to go. Audrey starts another sentence with his name but he has to go. She knows and abruptly hangs up. She tries to gather herself and then walks away. Jack grabs his bag and gets out of the car.

Logan speaks on the phone telling someone to keep him out of this; he doesn’t want to comment to the press about the roadblocks, there are to be no leaks so they don’t cause a panic. Logan slams the phone down and Pierce shows up from the patio. He explains that they found Mrs. Logan hiding in the stables. Logan wants to know what she thought she was doing, Pierce doesn’t answer but says he feels awkward about mentioning this but Mrs. Logan said some things, Logan finishes the sentence that it was about David Palmer. Aaron confirms it and Logan says he heard the conspiracy theories, he has heard them all. Pierce understands and before he can continue Walt arrives looking mighty sheepish. Logan dismisses Aaron and updates Walt that his wife has been found. Walt is reserved but says that’s good. He is awkward and he looks at the floor. He addresses Logan and says they need to talk. Logan senses something, he asks what it is. Walt explains that he was hoping to keep this from him but Jack Bauer is forcing his hand, he is on the way to meet with Mike Novick. Logan is confused and Walt continues that he is going to accuse him of helping the terrorists find the nerve gas. Logan says it’s ridiculous but Walt admits flat out that it’s the truth. Logan is dumbfounded, Walt tells him that through a proxy he leaked the location of the hidden canisters but he urges Logan that he has to understand, they were never going to pose a threat to American lives. Logan reminds him sharply that people died in the airport, people were killed because of this. Walt was trying to limit the collateral damage, Logan tells him that this is an unspeakable crime, Walt will have to answer for this. Logan goes to the phone and Walt stops him and holding on warns that it is in his best interest to hear him out before he makes that phone call. Logan is furious and Walt continues his story that the Syntox gas was smuggled out by separatists who think that they are going to use the gas against the Russians but it will never reach Russian soil, ‘we’ control the detonators. As soon as the gas is at the terrorist base he is going to detonate it and kill the terrorists. Logan is shocked and asks if the goal was to kill terrorists but Walt tells him that the goal was to create a smoking gun, proof of weapons of mass destruction on Central Asia. To Logan this is unbelievable and tries to walk out of the room. Walt physically stops him, this is necessary to increase the military presence in that area and guarantee the flow of oil for the next generation. Logan demands answers, how dare Walt act without his consent, he put the country and this administration in jeopardy, he is a traitor. Walt storms, “I am a patriot, doing what needs to be done for the continued safety and well being of this nation.” Logan, slowly putting the pieces together, quietly responds, ‘My god, you gave the order to have David Palmer killed.’ Walt has a defence, it was an unfortunate but necessary intervention, he found out too much. Logan cuts him off telling him he is rationalizing the murder of a president. Logan wants him to contact his man and stop the gas but Walt can’t, he doesn’t know where he is, he’s gone dark and is unreachable. He dangerously tells Logan that he will let things play out as they are, otherwise his administration will be implicated and his presidency will be destroyed. Logan just gapes at his Chief of Staff who tells him that it’s his choice.



Mike drives up slowly to meet with Jack who watches the actions from up a hill behind a tree. He gets out his scope and watches carefully. He comes down the hill and starts to jog towards Mike after Mike gets out of the car and waits. They shake hands and Mike is smiling, he is happy to see Jack. Jack thanks Mike for seeing him like this. Before the handshake is over Jack hears the beating of a helicopter in the background. Jack says nothing before Mike asks what is wrong. Jack asks gravely if he told anyone they were meeting. Of course Mike didn’t tell anyone. Jack says to himself, “Son of a bitch” and yells at Mike over the increasing noise, “Who did you tell?” Black vehicles appear out of the woodwork and Mike yells back that he didn’t tell anyone. A voice over an intercom orders Jack to stay where he is and the cars converge on the scene. Jack is told to put down his weapons and he is already taking his green bag off his shoulder. Mike asks the agents what the meaning of this is, he wants the men to stand down, he says that Jack was invited here. The agent continues that they have orders to use force if they need to. Mike demands to know who the orders came from; the agent tells him they came from the President. Meanwhile, Jack is apprehended by agents and roughly frisked. He is told to get on his knees and then given some help and with a wince Jack is handcuffed.

Walt hangs up the phone and updates Logan that Bauer was apprehended without any resistance, they are taking Novick and Bauer into custody. Logan doesn’t know what they are going to do, are they just going to lock Mike Novick up? Walt says for the time being they will. Logan thinks ahead, he will get out and then he is going to talk to the press. Walt reminds Logan that Mike doesn’t know anything; they stopped him before he talked to Bauer. They can say that he was about to divulge national security secrets that Novick wasn’t authorized to know, that’s why he was apprehended. Logan figures that Bauer must have talked to other people at CTU about it. It’s not going to matter as soon as the canisters leave US soil, after that it will be difficult to prove that either of them are connected to this. Logan makes sure that the detonators are going to work, Walt assures him that they will and the Syntox gas won’t be used against the Russians. Walt suggests all they need to do is tell CTU not to continue the search for the gas, they will deal with Bauer who, Walt reminds Logan, isn’t technically affiliated with CTU any more. Walt goes out of the room and a voice over the intercom says that Mrs. Logan is on the phone for him. Logan, already stressed, says “not now.”

Jack is driven up in an SUV with secret service agents everywhere. They get out and pull him out of the back seat, Pierce sees Jack and Jack sees Pierce watching. Their eyes lock for a second and Jack is led away. Once they get towards the buildings Jack looks back again to Pierce who is intrigued and asks a nearby agent named Dunley crisply, “What is Jack Bauer doing here, why is he under arrest and why wasn’t I told?” Dunley’s orders came from the president, not directly but through Walt Cummings. Pierce thanks Dunley.

Lynn shows up in the situation room and announces that they are no longer running point on the search for the canisters, they’ve been ordered of by division, the white house wants to use their people. Audrey and Buchanan agree that this doesn’t make sense; it will take hours to bring the new agency up to speed. Lynn concurs but there’s nothing they can do, the president is not reachable. Novick should be with Jack by now, something must be wrong. Lynn asks what they should do. Buchanan wants Lynn to disregard the order, Lynn finds that ridiculous, they are not going to disregard a presidential order. Buchanan says that then they are not going to find the gas. Lynn reasons that sending Jack Bauer to talk to Novick is one thing but disobeying a direct order from the White House is another. Buchanan snaps that Lynn doesn’t have the experience to know any better. Lynn immediately asks to speak to Buchanan outside. Buchanan agrees and they leave Audrey and Edgar in the room. Lynn instructs Buchanan that he can’t have the other agents hearing Buchanan talk to Lynn like that. Buchanan apologises but his advice stands. Lynn has the orders, they are not going to just ignore it, Buchanan thinks that it’s their job to ignore it if they are going to find the canisters. He also criticizes Lynn that he needs to make his decisions faster. That also comes with experience. If they are not doing everything possible to find the canisters they are not doing their jobs. Lynn gives in and tells Bill to disregard the order.

Evelyn packs Mrs. Logan’s things getting her ready to leave. She asks if she wants to take a few of her nicer dresses, Martha is being confined to a psychiatric ward and she doesn’t think they’re going to be having any black tie events. Martha gazes out the window and wonders how this happened, the way things are between her and her husband. She was his confidant, all those years in congress her opinion was the one that mattered most to him and now she’s less than an afterthought. Evelyn is sure that the president would be there if he could. Martha reminds her that he’s the president, he can do whatever he wants and if he wanted to be there he would be. She returns to looking out the window.

Jack is being held in what appears to be a room in the stable. He is handcuffed and paces around. The door opens and Aaron Pierce appears telling Jack that he is being moved as per Presidential order. Jack wants to know where; he is being moved to a class 3 detention facility. Jack inquires of the charges because he was invited here by Mike Novick. Aaron is just following orders and he calls Jack ‘sir’. Jack remembers Pierce, he asks if he has his name right and then says that he served under David Palmer. He wants to speak to him for a moment but Pierce says it’s not possible. Jack says it’s about David Palmer’s killer. This stops Pierce and Jack continues that Palmer was assassinated because he was on the verge of discovering that the terrorists are being helped by someone inside Logan’s administration, Walt Cummings. Aaron asks why but Jack can’t tell him. He can tell him that the terrorists are in possession of weaponized nerve gas and Cummings may be the only link to stopping them. Cummings killed David Palmer and Jack knows that’s hard to believe. Pierce admits it’s not that hard to believe, the first lady thinks so too. Jack urges Pierce that it’s his responsibility to protect the president. Someone is undermining his authority and it’s equivalent to a coup d’etat. Jack pleads with Pierce, he needs his help. Pierce simply looks at Jack.



Pierce goes to a nearby agent and tells him that Bauer escaped, there was no code alert, his system is down. He wants the agent to go to the agents at the west gate, Pierce will cover his post.

Walt is on the phone, he hangs up and tells Logan that CTU has not transferred the investigation yet; Logan needs to call Lynn McGill there. Logan doesn’t want to, he has been putting off his calls because he doesn’t now what to tell him. He doesn’t need to tell him anything. Pierce barges into the room where Logan and Cummings are meeting. Logan snaps they are in a meeting but within seconds Jack has appeared and walks right into the room. He introduces himself to Logan and apologises for having to confront him like this but his chief of staff is withholding information vital to national security. Walt goes to the phone but before he can dial Jack stops him and starts to push Walt around. Logan doesn’t understand what’s going on, he demands, as the president of the United States, that Jack take his hands off this man. Jack has Walt up against the wall and is punching him. Logan asks Pierce to stop him but Pierce is upholding his oath to protect Logan, he watches Jack hit Walt. It’s Logan’s turn to go for the phone but Pierce says that the phone won’t do anything, the lines have been disconnected. Jack rants that Walt is guilty of conspiring to the theft of the nerve gas. He has killed at least 3 people today including David Palmer. Jack is standing over Walt and Logan says, “I knew about that.” Jack whips around to face Logan, anger in his face. Logan continues that it’s complicated. Jack doesn’t know what this man has told Logan but they need to find the nerve gas before it’s too late. Logan already knows that it’s on the way out of the country; Jack hits Walt and asks where it is. Walt doesn’t know and Logan reiterates it, he doesn’t know. Jack yells at him, “He’s lying to you, sir!” Walt explains that the man he had on the inside has gone dark, he doesn’t know where he is. Jack gets out a knife and holds it dangerously close to Walt’s face. Logan winces at the sight of the knife and Jack whispers to Walt, ‘I’m done talking to you, you’ve read my file, the first thing I’m going to do is take out your right eye, and then, I’m going to move over and take out your left eye, then I’m going to cut you and I’m going to keep cutting you until I get the information. For the last time, where is the nerve gas?’ Walt doesn’t respond so Jack moves over behind him and pushes the knife up underneath Cummings’ right eye. Walt practically screams that he will tell Jack. Fearfully he blurts out that they’re on a freighter leaving the Port of Los Angeles at 2:30. It’s concealed in a container that appears to have medial supplies in it. Jack wants the number. Walt doesn’t know and Jack goes back to the eye. Walt whimpers he would tell Jack if he knew, he swears. Logan intervenes calling Jack Mr. Bauer. Jack looks at Pierce and then gets up away from Walt, walking away. Walt is left slumped in the corner breathing heavily. Jack goes to the phone and calls CTU. Once he is put through to Buchanan Jack explains he is with the President and the canisters are going to central Asia. Buchanan questions if this intel is solid, Jack heard it directly from Cummings. CTU asks Logan about the order to pass over tracking the canisters; Logan firmly tells them absolutely not, they are to continue the search. They will send medical teams out to the Port in case and start a search to get the canisters. They want to know if Jack is coming back to CTU but he looks significantly at Logan and admits that he doesn’t know, they hang up the call.

Pierce and Jack are left with Logan and at once they start to unload their weapons onto the table. Pierce takes his badge off and Jack puts his knife down explaining that he and Agent Pierce are prepared to hand themselves over to the authorities now. Logan pauses for a second and then calls Pierce by his first name. He tells him to take back his shield and get Walt Cummings out of his sight. Humbly, Aaron says ‘yes sir’ and does as instructed. He leaves the room with a look back to Jack and Jack and Logan are alone. Logan says that he believed Cummings when he told him that it was too late. Jack says nothing and just stands in front of the President. Logan needs Jack to understand that he trusted Walt Cummings and he lied to him, he coerced him. Jack continues to stand there saying nothing so Logan continues, ‘There is, ah, one more thing we need to discuss.’ Finally, Jack speaks asking what that is. Logan answers, ‘You, the fact that you’re alive. It presents a problem for both of us.’ Jack simply says, “Yes, Mr. President.” And looks at the floor. Jack reasons that he has accomplished what he set out to do which was to identify David Palmers killed and he did. He would like to stay on until the nerve gas is retrieved and after that he gives Logan his word that he will simply disappear again. Logan thinks that would be best for both of them and for the country. Logan thanks Jack and they shake hands. Jack thanks Logan and asks to be excused. He grabs his things from the table and goes. Logan is left alone.



Martha Logan prepares to leave, the car is loaded and Evelyn bids her farewell. Martha gets in the car and the door is closed. Before the car starts to move an agent comes out of nowhere and hits the hood of the car. Martha jumps and another agent asks her to get out of the car, he helps her up and her husband has arrived. He tells her she was right, there was a conspiracy, David was trying to warn her, and him, and he should have listened to her. Martha clarifies that he believes her now. He had been lied to by Walt Cummings and he convinced him that Martha was out of control. She is surprised that it’s Walt and Logan explains that he wanted to send her back to the clinic in Vermont, it was his idea. Logan went along with it and he apologises, she says that he was just going to send her away without a word, like she was some nuisance to be gotten rid of. Martha cries and an assistant tells Logan that the link with CTU has been established. He calls her Wendy and asks that she see that the first lady’s bags are taken back to her room, he has to go. Martha is angry at her husband and says nothing as he pecks her on the cheek and walks away. She doesn’t move a muscle.

Chloe tells Lynn that the only ship bound for Central Asia is on pier F. CTU won’t make it there in time but a Customs and Border Protection team is there under their directive. There are a thousand cargo containers on that ship and they don’t know which one it will be. Edgar comes over and tells them that its container 539146, it’s the only one listed with medical supplies and he hacked into the system. The White House wants a feed of the search; Jack is the one that can identify the man in the yellow tie. Buchanan has found a match for his photo, his name is Ivan Erwich. He attended the University of St. Petersburg and majored in Chemical Engineering. He joined the separatist movement 7 years ago. There are no clearer file image photos to send out but they need to take him alive. Logan appears on Jack’s side of the conversation asking if this is it. He is told that the strike team is in place and they are heading in. They see the images on the screen. The agents find the container; there is no one present outside. They are given a green light to move in from CTU, they are not to discharge their weapons unless absolutely necessary, a bullet hitting the case can cause a situation. The men pull down their gas masks and open the doors to the container, ready to engage if they need to.

The agents move in and see a man sitting at the end of the container, his arm hangs down but he cannot be seen. They yell for him to not move and put his hands in the air now. Jack watches from the Presidential retreat puzzled when the man doesn’t move. They make it to the man and find that he is dead. He tells his men to open the containers up that they were keeping the canisters in. They find the cases empty all around and Logan takes a deep breath. They officially report to CTU that there are no canisters there. Logan and Jack want Walt Cummings in there right now. Walt is brought in and Jack tells him that there is no gas canisters there, Walt is bewildered, there has to be. He doesn’t know where the canisters are, he told Jack everything he knows, they have to be there. Catching a glimpse of the live feed Walt whispers, ‘Oh my God.’ Jack asks what and Walt says the dead man is Schaffer, the man that we had inside. They must have found out that he reprogrammed the detonators. He looks to Jack.

In the split screen we see Martha Logan, Derek, the terrorists, Dianne and Erwich.

With the President a phone rings. They look around to see where it’s coming from and an agent holds up a folder, it’s Walt Cumming’s phone inside. Jack gets a hold of it and asks who is calling showing the phone to Cummings. Walt says it’s Schaffer’s number and Jack urgently tells Buchanan that they need to monitor and record this call. He puts the phone down in front of Walt and tells him to answer it. The call is on speaker and Erwich says that he knows that they altered the arming codes. Walt asks who this is but Erwich knows that Walt knows who it is, as Erwich knows who he is speaking to. Walt’s man Schaffer confessed everything, Walt tells him that the President had nothing to do with this nor did anyone else in the government. He was acting alone. Erwich doesn’t believe that, Walt offers to negotiate something but Erwich tells him, “I don’t negotiate with my enemies, I eliminate them.” He warns, ‘Your country is about to pay a very steep price.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-What happened to Spencer? He locked in a room for an hour?

-Why does Jack need to sit around and theorize about the White House situation. He doesn’t work for CTU and they can’t stop him from going over there right away and punching Walt in the nose.

-By the way, was there always a situation room at CTU? Did they call it something else or nothing at all before last season? I don’t recall it and frankly, I think it’s the most used room in the whole building, besides maybe holding.

-Audrey was strangely quick to allow Jack to go and talk to Mike. It’s potentially dangerous but could save millions. Did she just make a sacrifice for her country?

- Lynn obviously doesn’t know Jack very well. Everything would be about David Palmer’s murder. Letting him go on the provision that it isn’t is just plain dumb.

-Audrey did a good job of hurting Jack again and she hasn’t even been looking at him for an hour yet. Her distance is enough to scare Jack off, at least for a few minutes.

-Yellow Tie Man, or Ivan Erwich, is actually not bad looking… for a terrorist.

-Here’s hoping that that nerve gas doesn’t get out, this could be uglier than in season 3 with all the nosebleeds. Gross.

-For the record, Jack, you might want to send the fact that the information is secret BEFORE the secret information. Call me crazy but…

-Mike was about a millisecond away from telling Walt and Logan that he was going to call Jack, I could see it on his face.

-Although, he might as well have because Walt knew anyway.

-Mike seems to be taking all the David Palmer stuff well, the same as Buchanan taking the Michelle stuff well. Are the fans the only people that care anymore?

-Jack must have forgotten everything he learned in basic spy school while he was away. The last thing you use on the phone is the name even if you think you are on a secure line.

-By the way, secure line my ass. What kind of crap was that? Does that mean that some good hacker with some knowledge could get into a call where the president decides to blow up half a country?

-No beating around the busy for Dianne, is there?

-The relationship between Jack and Dianne is still pretty ambiguous. Throw us a fricken bone here people.

-That was a pretty sweet goodbye between Jack and Dianne. If it wasn’t for the kid I think they could have been happy together.

-Touching that Jack still loves Audrey. Touching but WRONG!

-Even though the prequel was sponsored by Toyota, Jack still drives a Ford.

-Sounds like between Nathanson and Walt, Nathanson is the boss.

-Walt was going to do one of two things, either expose himself, which he did, or kill Logan. That’s what I was hoping for but hey, I never get my way.

-What did Martha expect to do? Live among the horses for the next few years? Did she really expect not to be found? Fruit loop.

-It was pretty surprising that Pierce let them take Martha away like that, especially after talking about David Palmer. It’s kind of out of character for him to follow so loosely though on a lead.

-Is there really a ‘downstairs’ of CTU from the main bullpen? I don’t think there is because Audrey ran into Derek and Dianne on that main floor and that was after Derek was supposed to have been taken ‘downstairs’.

-Dianne has some serious guts.

-Jack must be wondering why he confides in a woman. 30 seconds and his secret is out to the one person that it’s about.

-That’s the biggest comeback for Audrey, the ‘none of your business’ line. Gee Dianne, where have you heard that before?

-Amen, Dianne, on telling Audrey to let Jack go if she doesn’t love him. Let someone else have a chance and don’t drag him on.

-Audrey practically banished Jack in the first place and now she’s telling him not to leave again? Well honey, it’s not really his choice.

-Talk about an abrupt end to a conversation. He has to go, NOW. Click.

-All Jack Bauer’s fault, isn’t it Walt?

-I’m with Logan, this has already killed Americans, there’s no way that it couldn’t have posed a threat to American lives.

-I can’t believe they went there – the oil thing.

-Took Logan long enough to put 2 and 2 together. Walt indeed ordered the murder of David Palmer.

-It’s great how Logan says that it was the murder of a president. Hits a little close to home.

-It takes no time for Walt to turn this whole thing from ‘me’ to ‘we’ and that ‘we’ includes the president.

-Finally we get to see that “WHO DID YOU TELL” clip from the trailers. They’ve been airing that Jack/Mike meet since before the season started.

-How’s the rib feeling there, Jack? Especially as he’s helped to the ground by the secret service agent.

-Ah, Jack in handcuffs again. I think that’s been every season but possibly one.

-I really don’t think they could get away with just locking Mike up for no good reason. Wouldn’t Mike have the highest security clearance along with Logan and Walt? He is a main force in the administration.

-Walt says that the gas won’t be used against the Russians. I’m pretty sure that the cloud will kill anyone nearby and if they are waiting until it gets into the terrorist camp in Russia, what does he expect?

-In case we’ve forgotten what a ‘Class 3 Detention Facility’ is, it’s something that’s kind of a big secret from anyone but apparently the President. Jack stumbled onto on in season 1 when he was following a lead. He ended up finding a man that he thought was dead (funny that coincidence) and then the facility was taken by the bad guys. If you’re in a Class 3 Detention, you have no records, no one knows you are there. They don’t even know the names of the prisoners. Perfect place to hide an ex-federal agent who is supposed to be dead to avoid war with the Chinese.

-Pierce’s collectedness is great, even when he is pissed off that he’s out of the loop.

-Pierce is definitely putting the pieces together. A little faster would be good.

-The confrontation between Buchanan and Lynn is the farthest point from the confrontations between Jack and Tony.

-About time someone told Lynn to make his decisions quicker. It has taken him eternity to come to any conclusions about anything.

-I wonder what the deal is with Lynn being so concerned about how the other agents perceive the pecking order. Is there a deep psychological issue here?

-So, when Logan was confiding in Martha was that before or after she became a fruit loop?

-Why would Pierce be the one sent to move Jack? He wasn’t in on the whole thing with Jack’s apprehension.

-Things that are weird to hear Jack called: “Sir” and “Mr. Bauer” as opposed to “Agent Bauer”.

-A ‘Coup d’etat’ is essentially when the government is overthrown by a smaller group that. Here’s a excerpt from Wikipedia: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coup)

A coup d'état … is the sudden overthrow of a government usually done by a smaller supposedly weaker body that just replaces the top power figures. It may or may not be violent in nature.. The term is French for "a (sudden) blow (or strike) to a state". The term coup can also be used in a casual sense to mean a gain in advantage of one nation or entity over another; e.g. an intelligence coup. Coups typically use the power of the existing government for its own takeover. As Edward Luttwak remarks in his Coup d'état: A practical handbook: "A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder." In this sense, use of military or other organized force is not the defining feature of a coup d'état. Any seizure of the state apparatus by extra-legal tactics may be considered a coup, according to Luttwak.

-No wonder there was a “TV-14” box that appeared half way though the show.

-For some reason Jack seems somewhat awkward around Logan, like he doesn’t really know what to do. It’s weird.
- Logan’s expressions when Jack was interrogating Cummings were just perfect for him. Typical Logan, wanting to do something but unable to manage to actually do it.

-Pierce and Jack thought of everything, didn’t they?

-Did anyone else think that Jack was going to punch Logan in the face when he admitted to knowing about Palmer? I was actually hoping he would, but that’s just me.

-When Jack started hitting Walt those were some of the best seconds in 24 history. Jack somewhat avenging the death of Palmer, Michelle and also getting to go a round with the man that ordered his death.

-Line of the week contender: Jack to Walt: ‘ ‘I’m done talking to you, you’ve read my file, the first thing I’m going to do is take out your right eye, and then, I’m going to move over and take out your left eye, then I’m going to cut you and I’m going to keep cutting you until I get the information’

- Logan knows the whole thing is complicated about Palmer, very very complicated.

-Did anyone else have the image of Jack peeling a potato when he was going to do the eye thing to Walt? Creeeeepy.

-Pierce was so sheepish with Logan after the whole Walt thing. I’m not sure that I could like him any more.

-Didn’t take too much to break Walt, did it? You know, just a threat to his vision.

-Jack just patiently waits for his punishment from Logan. It’s sad watching that, glad that Logan didn’t do anything stupid with him.

-So, in just over 4 seasons with Palmer as president and involved with the show, they had 3 scenes together. Now, Logan has already been face to face with Jack and it wasn’t nearly as electric as Jack with Palmer.

-I’m with Martha, angry all the time at her stupid husband for not believing her.

-That red haired woman that speaks to Logan when he’s with Martha, that’s just not her colour.

-Finally, a name for Yellow Tie Man – Ivan Erwich.

-Good thing Edgar is all over this container thing.

-Again with an old plotline with a new twist. The ‘inside the government mole who thinks he’s doing the right thing and who’s plan backfires when the terrorists make off with the bad stuff’ a la Roger Stanton and the Coral Snakes with the nuclear bomb in season 2. It’s still good though, different players make it new again. Plus, there’s a new spin on it this time.

-Cheesiest line of the week: “I don’t negotiate with my enemies, I eliminate them.”

-At least Walt tries to get Logan out of trouble for this whole thing, too bad it didn’t work.

-Even after Cummings admits everything, he’s a patriot, blah, blah, blah, it still doesn’t explain why they brought Jack into this? How did they know he was alive and why did they choose him as the one who becomes the scapegoat for Palmer’s murder? Why go after Tony and Michelle except to bring Jack out? Was that the only reason?

-And how is Tony doing? Hello UPDATE folks!