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Audrey and Buchanan are working at CTU. Audrey is concerned that the Presidential Retreat is still vulnerable, they need more people there. Buchanan will do it meanwhile Audrey is on the phone with Marcy. Edgar comes to Buchanan and tells him he has a visual on the shooter. Buchanan asks who and Edgar wants Buchanan to see for himself. He pulls up a video feed that is from the service entrance of the building across the street from Wayne Palmer’s building. He ran it through a hi-res filter so it might take a few seconds. A man comes into view on the screen wearing all black and a rolled up balaclava on head. He works to get in the door and even from the back the image seems unmistakeable as Jack Bauer. Buchanan stands stunned and Audrey nearby gets up to see around Buchanan. The screen freezes as Jack looks directly at the camera. Audrey stands gaping.

As they prepare to take off in one of the terrorists van’s Chloe asks Jack what’s going on. Jack explains that someone is setting him up to take the fall for Palmer’s assassination. Chloe doesn’t understand, he’s not the president, why would they want him dead. Jack figures it was because he knew something. Chloe wants Jack to just go and get as far away as he can, disappear. Jack isn’t going to do that, he needs to find out who really killed Palmer. He will have to start at the beginning and investigate the original crime scene. Chloe knows that the apartment must be crawling with Secret Service and police, FBI. Jack needs Chloe’s help, he asks if she can access the building schematic and the deployment of agents that are there. Chloe is confident that she can from a remote location so he tells her to get in the van. Jack turns and Derek is standing with his back to Jack looking at the man Jack killed, the Palmer killer. Jack approaches and Derek asks how Jack could kill that guy. Jack is sorry that Derek had to see that but tells him to get in the van anyway. Derek is not going anywhere with Jack but Jack has other ideas. He grabs Derek and shoves him up against the van. Holding him there he threatens that Derek is going to do what he tells him to until he passes him off to his mother. “Let’s get something straight kid, the only reason you are still conscious is because I don’t want to carry you.” Jack tells him again to get in the van. Derek does leaving Jack outside thinking about what he has just done.

Edgar tells Buchanan and Audrey that preliminary reports confirm that the video feed was not doctored, Buchanan concludes that Jack was in the building. Audrey takes a step back and says that that’s impossible, this whole thing is impossible. She implores Bill, he was there when Jack was shot, he had no pulse, no vitals. Buchanan doesn’t know how this could have happened but it’s the only thing that makes sense. Palmer, Tony, Michelle and Jack were all talking right before he was killed. They may have conspired to fake his death but Audrey can not accept that Jack was behind the attempt on Tony and Michelle too, why would he kill the people that helped him. Curtis suggests that maybe something happened to make Jack think that they turned on him. Audrey stands firm: Jack would not murder his friends. Buchanan claims to not want to believe it either but it’s the best explanation for the evidence that they have and the white house needs to know. Audrey will do it. Curtis tells Buchanan that they found with the data recovery on Tony’s phone records that Chloe was in on those calls as well. Edgar asks if they think Chloe knew Jack was alive and they confirm that it looks like it. Edgar launches into an explanation about not being able to find her earlier and he wanted to run a locate but Spencer talked him out of it. Buchanan wants to send out an alert to all that Jack Bauer is the prime suspect in Palmer’s murder. Emphasize that he is a former agent and he is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Walt speaks to Logan, Mrs. Logan called him again and he can’t keep putting her off. Logan wonders aloud why David Palmer would call his wife about a national security threat. Walt offers to investigate it further but Logan wants him to stay focused on the events today, the Russian president. Walt thinks if she knows the truth it might help her get on with what she has to do today, there might be a copy of it in the communication office. Logan thanks Walt and allows him to do that. Audrey calls Logan and tells him that they have a suspect in the Palmer shooting. Logan is happy and asks who it is. Audrey pauses as if she can’t bring herself to say it. Logan calls her name again and finally she admits it’s Jack Bauer. Logan is as confused as everyone else, he thought Jack Bauer was dead. Audrey answers that they have all been living under that assumption but they have verified video surveillance that he was in the building across the street the same time that Palmer was shot. Walt doesn’t understand why he would have shot Palmer and Audrey relays the explanation that Buchanan gave her, 3 others that might have known he was alive were targeted in the last hour. Walt accepts this and reminds Logan that Bauer does have a history of insubordination, irrational behaviour and drug addiction. Before he can continue the list Audrey cuts him off, Jack Bauer has a history of great service to this country. In light of this, though, Audrey is again recommending that Logan put off the summit. Logan is not going to do that, “You have a suspect, find him.” Walt asks Logan that since President Subarov is going to arrive within the hour should we tell his security chief that he is a potential target. Logan doesn’t want that, he only wants the knowledge limited to those involved.

A man has arrived on the scene of the oil refinery where Jack killed Palmer’s shooter and the other terrorists. He speaks to a man named Nathanson on the phone and confirms that the whole team is dead, they were about to move on Bauer and the woman. There is no sign of Bauer and the man can send a team. Nathanson wants him to let CTU find Bauer and take him into custody and then they can take him out. The man asks if he will get in the way and Nathanson says there is no chance, they launch in less than an hour.



Jack, Chloe and Derek are in the van, Chloe drives as Jack checks out what the terrorists had as supplies. Jack says they are all military spec and he finds a COM unit they can use. Jack’s phone rings and it’s Dianne. She wants to know what’s going on. Jack asks her not to worry, Derek is fine. She is a half hour outside of LA and Jack doesn’t know right now where they are going to meet. She asks if she can talk to her son and Jack answers of course. Jack puts Derek on the phone and after exchanging a few brief words Chloe says that they are a block away. Dianne asks who that is and Jack tells Derek to hang up the phone. After he does Jack tells Derek to get in the back of the van.

Outside Wayne Palmer’s apartment a woman reporter speaks on camera about speculation about the shooter and security outside Palmer’s apartment. The van Chloe is driving is stopped by an officer and Chloe shows her CTU ID. The officer briefly looks into the back and lets Chloe go through. Roadblocks are removed and Chloe goes right underground past many officers, all toting guns. Chloe parks and waits for 2 men in suits to pass by. She gives Jack the all clear and he comes back out of the back of the van asking Derek to do the same. He gives Derek a flashlight and says to hold it on the bag. Jack gets out the COM unit he found and wants to know if Chloe can get a wireless access point from down here. She gets out her laptop and she can. She quickly is onto the CTU server and can read agents locations within 3 feet. Looking at all the little green lights on the screen she tells Jack that there are 167 agents in and around the complex, 25 in Palmer’s apartment alone. Jack wisely says that they have to hope the last place they are going to be looking for him is here. He tests the COM and gives Chloe one. It’s a Field Op’s unit, he instructs her to just put it in her hear and she is set to go. Jack sees an FBI Agent ahead around his car. Telling Derek to put the light out Jack quietly gets out of the van and walks towards the agent, putting his sunglasses on. He walks up behind the agent and they begin to speak. Derek watches intently as the pair walk to the side of the car and suddenly Jack grabs the agent, choking him so he will pass out. Derek starts to speak but Chloe reassures him, “Relax, he’s really good at this.” Jack and the agent disappear behind the side of the car out of sight. Derek asks if Chloe is sure he’s okay and Chloe says yeah. When Jack doesn’t reappear for a few seconds she continues, “I think.” Jack comes out from behind the car buttoning his newly acquired jacket. Jack continues to the trunk of the car and takes the bag out of it. He closes it and walks away asking Chloe if she copies. She does and Jack heads to the elevator, still wearing his sunglasses. Chloe can see what’s happening and she tells Jack that Wayne Palmer’s place is the penthouse. Jack presses ‘PH’ on the elevator and right away Chloe tells him that there are 4 agents in the lobby waiting to go up. It’s too late to stop the elevator so at the lobby 4 more agents get on with Jack. They are enamoured with their own things and don’t notice Jack. One of them is on the phone talking about the assassination. The floors tick off and soon they are at the penthouse. Jack is the last to get off the elevator and he does so slowly. Still in his sunglasses he carries his FBI bag past some officers, getting a nod from one of them. The door is open to the suite and Jack can see right into the living room where there are agents standing. Jack tells Chloe he is entering the apartment. Chloe tells him that there are 2 rooms to the north that are clear of agents, they are probably bedrooms. Most of the agents are in the living room, that’s probably where Palmer was shot. Jack steps forward to the junction where he can go to the bedrooms but he is stopped in his tracks by the sight in front of him. 2 agents are kneeling on either side of David Palmer’s body. He is covered with a white sheet but from Jack’s vantage point he can see the top of Palmer’s head and a large pool of blood on the light coloured carpet. Jack stands in shock, unable to do anything but stare. Hanging out from the side of sheet is Palmer’s right arm where the gold bracelet that he always wore is visible and the scarring on his hand from the previous attempt on his life. It seems as though Jack can’t leave this place, he lightly shakes his head and seems to drag himself to enter the next room as he closes the door behind him. He lets Chloe know that the first room is a study, he wants to be told if anyone is coming his way. Inside the room sits a computer, beside it a large photo of Wayne and David.


In the van, Derek questions Chloe as to why she keeps calling “Frank” Jack, his mother and him know him as Frank. He asks who he is really. Chloe tells Derek that his name is Jack Bauer. Until a year and a half ago he worked for the government. Derek asks if that is why they are in the building where the president was shot. Chloe can’t tell him anything. Derek begs her to tell him at least something else. She briefly sums up that there were certain people that thought the best way to deal with a situation was to get rid of Jack. Derek asks for clarification, does she mean kill him? Chloe sadly tells him that Jack had to give up everything and everyone in his life, including his daughter. Derek is surprised by the news that Jack had a daughter. Chloe isn’t telling him any more. She shouldn’t have even told him that much.

Upstairs, Jack works on the computer, he finds an encrypted file but other than that nothing is password protected. The IP address for the computer is and he asks Chloe to get in and decrypt it. Jack hears the door opening and tells Chloe that there is someone at the door. Chloe doesn’t have any agents there. Jack is up and grabs the man as he comes around the corner. It’s Wayne Palmer. Jack holds him up against the wall by the neck with his gun on him instructing him not to raise his voice. Wayne’s eyes well up with tears as he calls Jack a son of a bitch, he killed his brother. This seems to effect Jack and he tells Wayne that he knows he didn’t do that, the story was fabricated. “I served your brother for years and I would have gladly given my life for his.” Jack finishes softly, “He was my friend.” The only reason Jack is here is to figure out why and how he was assassinated. Jack steps back from Wayne but keeps his gun on him. Wayne scornfully tells Jack to go out into the next room and ask the secret service how. Jack is being set up, the people behind this planted evidence to make people think that he was the shooter. Wayne is not going to let Jack convince him but Jack has a point saying that if he had killed Wayne’s brother he would have killed Wayne when he walked through the door. He implores Wayne to think about it, why else would Jack be there. Wayne looks at the gun still pointed at him and back at Jack, Jack can’t expect Wayne to believe him under these circumstances. Jack lowers the gun and turns it around telling Wayne to take it, take the gun. Chloe asks to herself what Jack is doing. Jack hands the gun to Wayne, holding his hand out. Wayne takes it from Jack and abruptly raises it level with Jack’s head. Jack watches as Wayne holds it there, using both hands to steady his arm. After a few seconds, Jack turns around slowly and sits down at the computer, sideways to Wayne. Gradually Wayne begins to crumble, tears begin again and he lets the gun fall at his side. He leans on a table for support.

Martha Logan watches the coverage of David Palmer’s death with a tear in her eye. Her assistant, Evelyn comes in and Martha starts to reminisce about her relationship with David. They got to know each other when hew as elected to congress. Charles and he never saw eye to eye but David didn’t let it get in the way of their friendship. She points out an image and says that it was from his inauguration ball, she was one of the first ones that he asked to dance. Walt enters the room and would like a word with her. The President has asked him to look into the call from David Palmer. Martha thinks this is good, she was starting to think he was ignoring her. The call took place last night and it woke her up, probably between 10 and 11. Walt will have someone from archives look into it. Martha knows that Charles doesn’t believe her and he thinks she is making it up. Walt can’t confirm that and she knows he can’t. Walt is obviously awkward so Martha says that he can go. She goes back to watching the coverage of Palmer’s death.

Wayne and Jack are still together in the study, Wayne far away from Jack. Jack asks Wayne if his brother said or did anything out of the ordinary lately. Wayne admits that he has been distracted since he came to LA. He walks across the room to where Jack is and puts the gun down on the table next to Jack. He continues that he called his brother on it this morning. Jack asks what he said and Wayne answers that he never had a chance to say anything. Chloe tells Jack in his earpiece that the decryption program is finished. Jack opens the file on the computer and Wayne recognizes it as the first chapter of his memoir. He doesn’t know why he would encrypt it, there are print outs of it all over the place. Jack says they have to compare it to see if there is anything different. Wayne hands him a copy.

Edgar tells Spenser that he hasn’t sent a file to division. Spencer needs a higher access code. Edgar changes the subject, if he had said something about Chloe this morning she would be okay now. Spencer knows that, Edgar is making it harder for him. Edgar says to use Chloe’s access code, JJ72. Spencer thanks him and heads to another computer. Spencer tells Edgar that the system is saying that Chloe’s already signed in. Edgar comes over and sees that she is signed in remotely and has redirected to an external socket. He doesn’t even know how to do that. That must mean that she’s alive. Edgar calls Buchanan right away who is with Audrey. He tells them that he can find Chloe, she’s accessing the system though her laptop and is tracking Secret Service and FBI deployments. He tracks the location and finds it’s at Wayne Palmer’s building. The signal is faint so it’s probably in the parking lot under the building. Audrey wonders why she would be there, Buchanan says she wouldn’t be unless someone was forcing her. Maybe Jack left some evidence behind. This makes no sense to Audrey and Buchanan says it can be explained when he’s apprehended. Buchanan wants to talk to the field director on site immediately.



Men are unloading a crate full of guns and other accessories. A man named Beresch answers his phone, it is Nathanson. Beresch updates that he is still loading, he will be there in 20 minutes. Nathanson would like a call when they are organized.

Jack is still with Wayne in the study. Comparing the two chapters he has found something in the middle of a sentence on the computer, it reads: Chevensky – 16 Transport Way. Chloe says that’s an address at Ontario Airport, Jack wants all passenger lists checked and Chloe notices that Secret Service is changing their deployment. Jack assumes that they know that he is there. Wayne offers to help Jack get out of there but Jack advises Wayne that he can’t risk being connected to him and until they know who they can trust he can’t tell anyone that Jack was there. Jack promises to find out who did this to Wayne’s brother. He will be in touch.

Jack leaves the room with his sunglasses back on, he peeks around the corner to the secret service agents and they are passing around a photo of him in black and white. Jack asks Chloe for another way out and she tells him across the hall through the kitchen. There’s only 1 agent at the door. Jack slowly walks that way and finds the lone agent. After rending him unconscious Jack goes by and peeks around the corner. He can see the elevator on the way up. Once it arrives and has emptied Jack gets on and presses the ‘door close’ button repeatedly. The door closes without incident and Jack is on his way back downstairs. Jack wants to know where they are concentrating their agents and Chloe is just about to tell him when her access is cut off. She tells Jack that the last time she was looking the agents were meeting in the lobby. Jack gets off on the 2nd floor and takes off down the stairs. Another agent crosses Jack’s path and he knocks him out as well. The agent falls down the stairs and Jack runs past him. Chloe and Derek watch the door that Jack went through intently waiting for him to come out. Suddenly the sliding door on the side of the van opens and Jack gets in. after Chloe and Derek recover from the shock Chloe tells Jack that Chevensky is a baggage supervisor at the airport. Agents have now sealed the parking lot and are calling for Jack and Chloe to come out where they can be seen. The agent announces that there is no way out, they know they are down there. The van comes peeling around the corner towards the agents. The lead agent yells not to shoot, they need them alive. They go running out of the lot and the van hits a VW with a cop standing near it, he jumps on the hood to get out of the way. The van comes to a halt when 2 cop cars converge. Agents close in on the van and Chloe steps out on command. She gets down on her knees and the agents check the back of the van. There’s nothing there, no Jack or Derek. Chloe is cuffed and lifted back up by two officers so she is on her feet. The order is given to secure the area.



Jack and Derek are still driving and Jack calls Dianne. Derek is alright and Dianne is at the 210 and 10. Jack wants her to meet them at Ontario Airport at the lot in front of the terminal. They will meet on the west side of the lot. Jack asks her to listen, he is so sorry to have gotten them involved in this. Everything is alright and they will be there in a few minutes.

The officer that was in charge of arresting Chloe calls Buchanan. He tells Buchanan that Chloe was trying to escape the agents and she was under no duress as far as he could tell. Buchanan wants to talk to Chloe. She is uncuffed and Buchanan is furious with her. He asks what the hell is going on and Chloe sums it up in a nutshell. Jack didn’t kill anyone, it was a set up. Buchanan asks sceptically who told her this, Jack? Chloe sets him straight, she heard it from the man who did it, his dying confession at the abandoned oil refinery. Jack is trying to figure it out and she is not telling him where he is. Buchanan demands that she does but Chloe thinks that Buchanan doesn’t believe the story and he only wants her to tell so he can arrest Jack. She can’t tell him and hands the phone back to the agent. Buchanan is even angrier and sends a team out to the refinery. He asks Edgar to make sure Chloe is put in a holding cell when she gets back.

Derek somewhat hesitantly admits to Jack that Chloe told him about what Jack used to do. Jack says shortly that she shouldn’t have. Derek wants to know why Jack had to lie, he should have told them. Choosing his words carefully Jack thought that nothing like this could ever happen. Once Derek’s mother rented him the room he started to remember what it was like to have a family, how nice it was. “I started to believe that a guy like me could actually get a second chance. I know you don’t believe this now but I really do are about you, and I care about your mother. I hope one day you can understand that.” Derek has nothing to say in return.

Martha Logan comes in the room with her husband, he wanted to talk to her. She has told Walt when the phone call took place. Logan tells her that she doesn’t need to be concerned that there is any connection between what David said on the phone and his assassination. Martha reminds him that David said it was a matter of national security. Logan tells her that Palmer was killed by an unstable CTU agent acting on some kind of grudge. She asks if he heard the call, he doesn’t answer out right and she demands to know. He plays the recording on a console sitting next to him. The phone rings and she answers. A voice from the grave, David Palmer, speaks asking if he woke her. He needs to talk to her, “it’s hardly a matter of national security” but he wanted to invite her and Charles to a dinner. Immediately Martha says no, this is not the right tape. She is adamant that it is a trick, she is not crazy and she knows what she heard. Logan spoke to Dr. Hill and if she is not consistent with her medication her memory can be affected, that’s why she remembers something that didn’t happen. She is very upset by this and hugs her husband. He says that he knows she doesn’t like how they make her feel but she needs to take them.

Audrey is trailing Buchanan asking why Chloe would cover for Jack if he was responsible for the events today. There is something there and they are missing it. Edgar updates them that there is a 95% probability from intelligence that there will be an attempt on the summit in the next 10 minutes which is the window where President Subarov’s chopper is to land. Audrey reiterates that Logan will not postpone the summit, Buchanan figures he may have no choice.

Nathanson is watching Subarov’s arrival on TV, it is on schedule. He tells Beresch that he should have no communication until after the strike, he will monitor the progress. They hang up and he continues to watch the chopper on the TV.

Mike catches up with Logan and tells him that CTU has very good intel that Subarov’s chopper will be targeted. He suggests that he be brought in by motorcade instead and land somewhere else. Logan won’t have it, they will be landing in 5 minutes, tell Secret Service and the Air Force to protect their air space. Make sure they do their job.



Jack and Derek arrive at the terminal where Dianne is already waiting for them to arrive. Derek sees his Mom and goes to get out of the car. Jack finally speaks to him and Derek stays in the car. He apologises for the way that he treated him, he says that Derek is a good kid. Jack takes a second and looks at Dianne and tells Derek that he should go. Derek gets out of the car and goes to his mom. They hug and she says she was worried about him. Jack follows getting out of the car, he puts his bag over his shoulder and goes to the pair. Dianne doesn’t seem angry but asks what the hell is going on. She calls him Frank. Jack corrects her, “My name’s not Frank, it’s Jack Bauer. I lied to you, about a lot of things.” He can’t explain right now but he hands her a card and says that her and Derek need to go to this address. She looks at it and asks, “CTU?” Jack tells her it’s the Counter Terrorist Unit. She is to go and ask for a man named Bill Buchanan, tell him that Jack sent her. Jack is anxious to go but Dianne asks what to tell him. Jack answers to tell him the truth. Jack walks away from them and jogs across to the terminal. Jack goes to the first worker he sees and asks for the baggage claim supervisor. The man points down the hall and Jack jogs in that direction.

At CTU Buchanan and Audrey are monitoring Subarov’s arrival. Audrey has an all clear, as does Spencer. Spencer says if they are going to attack the helicopter it is going to be now. Everyone in CTU watches closely as well as Nathanson elsewhere. The chopper lands without event and a Marine is the first one off. Subarov follows and behind him what could be his wife. He and Logan shake hands and at CTU Buchanan figures the intel was wrong.

Nathanson smiles and nods to no one.

Dianne and Derek are leaving the terminal. A guard stops them for pedestrians and Derek sees some men get out of a suspicious looking black van. He points them out to his mother, they’re going where Jack went, something is wrong and he wants to warn Jack. Derek gets out of the vehicle and heads into the terminal. Dianne calls for him to come back and tries to follow. The security guard tells Dianne to get back in her car, she can’t park there. She is forced to move, cars behind are honking and Derek has disappeared into the terminal.

Beresh looks around the terminal as he enters with his cronies. He checks the time.

Derek runs into the terminal and looks around trying to see Jack.

Jack is in the bowels of the terminal. He passes a security officer and checks his name tag as he passes. He finds a name tag on a door, CHEVENSKY. Jack bursts into the room and grabs Chevensky inside throwing him up against some shelves and demanding to know why president Palmer was killed. He doesn’t know what Jack is talking about so Jack hits him. Jack threatens, ‘You’re going to tell me what I want to know it’s just a question of how much you want it to hurt.’ Outside the airport the truck the terrorists came in explodes. Jack hears it and quickly checks out the door that he came in. Chevensky takes the chance to grab a cyanide pill and put it in his mouth. When Jack looks back Chevensky is choking and even though Jack drops to his knees and tries to retrieve the pill it is too late, he is dead.

Beresh shoots his gun into the air and people inside the airport start to panic. Jack heads in that direction and a security guard comes around the corner but is promptly shot by a terrorist. The people are demanded on their knees, Derek has a gun pointed at him so he will comply. Jack checks around the corner and sees the men with guns. Beresh yells for quiet, he tells the people that are now his hostages that they will not be harmed as long as the president complies with their wishes. Jack leans on a nearby wall and thinks

In the split screen we see Derek with the hostages, Dianne attempting to get to the terminal, Martha taking her pills, Chloe being brought into CTU as Edgar and Spencer watch. Logan shakes hands with Subarov.

A voice on the phone tells Nathanson that he has dealt with the Martha Logan situation, he was able to alter the phone call, there is no longer any evidence on his end of Palmer trying to warn her about the attack. Everything at the terminal is going and it’s only a matter of time before the president is notified of the demands. The camera pans out and we see Logan’s assistant, Walt Cummings, on the phone with Nathanson.



Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I’d very much like a Tony update please!

-I think Marcy might have the longest role with no appearance. We may have briefly seen her last season but usually she is just a voice on the end of the phone at DoD for Audrey or Jack.

-With the whole Derek thing, it’s been a stressful day for Jack and it just started! I think today may be the day that Jack shows more than any other how it effects him because it is very personal.

-It’s interesting how both Audrey and Buchanan knew who was on the screen before Jack even turned around. Very easy to pick out that Jack Bauer.

-Audrey is allowed to be on Jack’s side but I’ll be damned if she should be all going after him again now that he’s alive. She made her choice and just because he was supposed to be dead doesn’t give her an excuse to go back on that. We all remember how she broke it off with Jack.

-If we know Jack wasn’t there when the video was taken, where did it come from? How did they manage to find video of Jack? Or, does Jack have a doppelganger? As Chloe said in the Prequel, these guys are good so who knows.

-If Chloe heard the shooter say that Jack was set up, why did she have to ask him at the beginning of the episode? I guess it’s for the sake of those that missed the first hour (poor souls)

-So Derek is this years Audrey, the one that can’t accept Jack for who he is and what he does. They should get together and have an anti-Jack talk.

-Line of the Week: Jack to Derek: “Let’s get something straight kid, the only reason you are still conscious is because I don’t want to carry you.”

-Jack is practically bi-polar with Derek, one minute he’s going to knock him out, the next he wants to be part of his family.

-Still don’t remember Jack talking with Michelle and Tony other than face to face before they staged his death.

-It’s obvious that Buchanan and Curtis don’t know Jack very well and Audrey does. Anyone that knows anything about Jack on a personal level would tell you that he would have laid down his life for Palmer or Tony and probably Michelle. It would be a cold day in hell before he assassinated Palmer.

-It puts a different spin on it when Audrey says “murder”. He really wouldn’t do that.

-Really, Jack Bauer dangerous. Who would have thought that there Buchanan?

-Edgar has a mind of his own, he doesn’t need Spencer to tell him what to do. He chose not to run the locate on Chloe, he needs to face up to his decisions and not blame others.

-I think the only reason Logan cares that they are close to getting the guy that killed Palmer is because he knows he won’t be after him next if he’s in custody.

-Walt’s going to look like a real jerk when Jack starts talking about how he nearly ended up dead.

-Although, he’s also going to look like an idiot when the find out that he is working against the president, but that’s another story.

-2 points for Audrey for standing up to Jack: Jack Bauer has a history of great service to this country. Amen sister.

-Although, Walt was right… and so was Audrey.

-Speaking of looking like an idiot Logan… I mean, other than BEING an idiot, he’s going to be in trouble if the Russian President is assassinated because he was too lazy and incompetent to do something.

-So, I guess Jack faking his death and living in hiding wasn’t enough for these terrorists, they want him dead like really dead… not just sorta dead (Name that episode!)

-How were they planning to take Jack out when he was in CTU custody. Do they know something about their connections at CTU that we don’t?

-The terrorists have military spec weapons, is this a hint that there’s a military connection?

-I thought for sure that woman reporter outside Wayne’s apartment was Maureen Kingsley from season 1. I think she just sounds like her.

-For a minute, I thought Derek was going to smack Jack with the flashlight and try to get away.

-Line of the week contender: Chloe to Derek: “Relax, he’s really good at this.”

-Why is Jack wearing his sunglasses inside? I know it’s to cover his eyes so they won’t recognize him blah, blah, blah. For me, that would attract more attention than not wearing them because he looks out of place! People are going to look more than once at him and someone inevitably should catch on.

-Poor Jack, all those things that he has gone through previously to save Palmer’s life now don’t matter, he’s dead. It’s so sad and also wonderfully acted. Internal conflict.

-Another good example of why this is no show without Kiefer Sutherland. He is one of the few actors I can think of that can take a scene with no dialogue and very little movement and turn it into something so touching. Watching Jack stand and look at Palmer, so sad.

-Wow, Chloe’d be great under heavy interrogation. 5 minutes with a kid and she’s spilling all the beans about Jack.

-Jack’s had two people by the neck in 20 minutes. Is that a new record?

-Hearing Jack call David a friend really brings home how close he must have felt with him. Jack doesn’t have that many friends really and to hear him speak that way of Palmer really helped bring back all the emotion the two have shared over the years.

-It’s really too bad that after all the time Jack and Palmer have spent talking to each other and helping them out that they only ever met face to face three times (four if you count Jack seeing Palmer’s dead body this episode). They spent an hour together in Season 1 putting the puzzle together, Palmer yelled at him for putting Elizabeth Nash in jeopardy and then at the end of Season 1 with the Drazen/bomb phone call. These are two phenomenal actors and their times together on screen, face to face, have been some of my favourite 24 moments. Too bad they won’t get another chance.

- Wayne has had one rough day. If he was going to take a break with David on the writing at 7:02 before Palmer was shot either they’ve been up all night or since about 5 am.

-I’m with Chloe, Jack, what are you doing giving an emotionally unstable man a loaded gun? Wow, being dead has really given Jack a death wish.

-Evelyn, Martha Logan’s assistant, has the worst job in the world.

-Call me crazy, but that image from the “inauguration ball”, either it changed really fast or she’s crazier than I thought… the one I saw was from the power plant in season 1.

-The best thing about Wayne is that he still has his brothers best interests at heart, even now that he’s gone. He’s chosen to trust Jack even if it’s not what he really thinks he should be doing but it’s to find Palmer’s killer.

-If Edgar could work as fast as he did when he pinpointed Chloe to the parking garage all the time, CTU would be much better off. No whining, no snivelling, just do it.

-I think Wayne should run for president.

-Don’t we all know that no matter how many times we press the “door close” button the door doesn’t close any faster?

-Finally the idea of needing to take someone alive works FOR Jack instead of against him like it usually does.

-Also, the concept of useless perimeter teams suddenly is at Jack’s advantage as well.

-I couldn’t help but laugh at 2 things in Chloe’s capture. One was her nearly hitting that cop by the car – not quite the right idea. The other was her being lifted to her feet the way the officers did. It just looked funny.

-Things not to teach a 15 year old: How to steal a car.

-Buchanan nearly lost his cool while talking to Chloe. That doesn’t happen that often with him. It happens, but not often.

Jack and Derek have gotten away, Jack breaks the window on a red Ford, he lets Derek in the passenger side and asks him to give him the bag. Jack tosses it in the back and uses a picking tool to pull the ignition out and then he starts the car. Derek does up his seat belt and they drive away.

-Jack should know better by now than to be expecting to have any shot at a family.

-Martha must be really concentrated on what David was saying on that recording because hearing David speak after knowing he’s dead is just weird, creepy and sad. That’s the last time we’ll probably ever hear his voice.

-Martha may be crazy but I believe that it’s the wrong tape, even before Walt admitted to being a scumbag.

-Audrey is like Buchanan’s shadow. They have been joined at the hip for 2 hours now. If I were him I’d tell her to back off and give him some space. All she does is follow him and natter that Jack can’t have done it.

-Did we all hear Spencer’s accent when he gave the all clear to Buchanan about the chopper? I’m trying to figure out what kind of accent it was and if it will have anything to do with the show or if the actor just got lazy. His real name is listed as Jonah Lotan or Yair Lotan. Very interesting.

-I would have rather they got the Russian President, the little diversionary tactic really wasn’t all that good.

-I wouldn’t think that a reasonably secret organization would have business cards made but that’s what it looked like Jack handed Dianne.

-You know, I was just thinking what this show really needs is a pain in the ass teenager that doesn’t listen to parental direction, gets into trouble and generally is just a pain in Jack’s ass because he cares for them and has to save them. Oh wait, I think I just had a season 1,2,3 flashback. That’s what we DON’T need, don’t.

-It’s going to take some convincing to get CTU to believe that Jack didn’t kill Palmer. The airport thing just might be a convenient way to do that.

-Also, so convenient for the terrorists for Walt Cummings to be in with the terrorists. I wonder what it is that makes it worthwhile for him. He must have a hidden agenda to do with the treaty that Logan is going to sign. Now we just have to figure out what it is.