5.01: 7:00am - 8:00am
~ A Matter of Time~


Mojave, California

The first shot are oil rigs working away. A foreman gives out assignments to workers. He gives out assignments to three pair of men but there are many more standing there ready to go. One of them, looking up from under his hardhat, is Jack Bauer. He takes the hat off and turns to walk away with the rest of the men. The foreman stops him by calling him Frank. He promised that he would have work today but pump 7 went down last night. Jack/Frank is understanding and smiles. He will try again tomorrow.

Los Angeles California .

On a TV there is coverage of Logan’s Presidential retreat. David Palmer watches it and his brother Wayne, former Chief of Staff, talks to him about the first chapter about Palmer’s campaign. He thinks it’s long winded and they could get it down to half what it is. David doesn’t react but has picked up a newspaper and stares at the headline about President Logan signing an arms treaty with Russia. Wayne calls him on his non-reaction accusing him of not hearing a word he said. David lies that he was listening but Wayne insists he wasn’t. David apologises and thinks he might need a break. He seems somewhat lacklustre and sidetracked from everything. Wayne approaches his brother and asks what’s going on. David asks what he means; Wayne observes that David appears to be somewhere else. David is writing his memoirs and it has just put him in a melancholy mood. Wayne asks again if that’s all it is and Palmer says yeah although his eyes betray him. Wayne’s not letting it go, whatever it is, he can tell him. David places his hand on the back of Wayne’s neck, he says he’s fine. Wayne walks away and wants to get back to work. He bargains that they do one more chapter and then take a break. David stands in front of the window thoughtfully as Wayne talks about Chapter 6 where he will have to answer some questions about his relationship with Sherry. A shot rings out and David falls hard to the ground, knocked a few feet away from the window. The shooter takes cover on a rooftop nearby. Wayne is instantly on his knees and crawls to his brothers’ side yelling to get help.

Presidential Retreat, Hidden Valley California.

Walt Cummings is at a door, President Logan approaches with Mike Novick in tow. Logan asks about his chair and Walt assures him it was dealt with. Mike would like clarification and Walt tells him that the Russian Prime Minister is over 6 feet tall so they raised Logan’s chair. Logan, in a very cheerful tone, sings that Stalin and Churchill both sat at times. This is the defining moment of Logan’s administration and he wants to make sure that the media presents it the right way. The phone on Logan’s desk rings and Mike volunteers to answer it. Logan takes the chance to question Walt on his wife. Walt updates him that she is getting ready, she will be fine. Walt has been in contact with Dr. Hill and is apprised of the things going on. Logan gently suggests that Walt check on her himself. Mike is holding the phone with his back to the other men and doesn’t move when the call appears to end. He is questioned and Logan sees something is wrong. Mike slowly turns to face the president and solemnly tells him that David Palmer has been assassinated. Logan asks where, Mike says it happened in LA. Logan doesn’t believe it, Walt swallows but says nothing. Mike continues that CTU is standing by to brief Logan directly. Finally Mike hangs up the phone. Saddened by the news of the death, Mike sniffles as Logan walks behind him and touches his back.

At CTU things are moving quickly. Bill Buchanan moves across the floor at CTU while barking orders. He wants LAPD setting up a hard perimeter and Secret Service running a search and a sweep. Edgar Stiles lets Buchanan know that Logan is ready. Buchanan arrives in the Situation Room and takes the video conference call from Logan. Logan doesn’t want to diminish the loss that has been suffered but in the interest of time he’d like Buchanan to cut to the chase because he is expecting the Russian President soon. Mike and Walt also are in the room with Logan, both a good distance away. Buchanan explains that they do not have the shooter in custody but the bullet was a .308 calibre shot from an adjacent building. Buchanan launches into the protocols but Logan cuts him off, he just wants the man who did this in custody before the Russians get there. Buchanan recommends postponing the signing of the treaty but Logan won’t hear of it. Buchanan doesn’t want to discount that these two things might be connected, it happened 15 miles from where he is. Logan has spent a great deal of political and economic capital to bring the Russians to the table and if he calls it off now he doesn’t believe that they will come back.

Chloe O’Brien, CTU analyst, gets up out of bed and puts a robe on. She tries to get the attention of the man on the other side of the bed, Spencer. He stirs and she throws his shirt at him telling him to get out of her bed. He groggily says that he had a good time last night too. Chloe has made a mistake, she tells him to get out. Spencer doesn’t agree, it was a great time. She heads out into the kitchen where the remnants of the previous night are askew, including wine on the counter. Chloe doesn’t get involved with people that work for her; she doesn’t want people at work to think she is some kind of slut. Spencer practically laughs and tells her that they will not think that. Chloe catches his tone and wants to know what that’s supposed to mean. He approaches behind her and suggests that she lighten up, she will live longer. He touches her arms and she abruptly wants to know what he’s doing. He wants her to stop overanalyzing this and see that they are a pretty good match. He continues and says yes. She asks the obvious question: yes what? He will let her buy him dinner, get him drunk and have her way with him. Her reaction says that this will never happen, she tells him that arrogance doesn’t turn her on, she’s read that it works for some women, though. Finally she turns to look at him and gives him a half smile. He closes in for a kiss but her cell phone rings. She walks away and checks the messages while he does up his pants. He sits on a nearby stool and picks up a mug but notices her reaction to the message. She tells him that President Palmer has been shot, he’s dead.


Jack is at home watching a small and old TV. On the screen is footage of David Palmer and Jack looks intensely at it. He sniffs and wipes his eyes and then looks away, down at his hands. A knock comes at the door and Jack grabs his gun from under the couch cushion next to him, levelling it at the door. He goes to the knock and asks who it is. A woman named Dianne identifies herself so Jack puts the gun behind his back and opens the door just a bit. She saw his truck outside but she thought he was on today. Jack explains that they don’t need him. She sees past him what he is watching on TV and comments that it’s terrible, referring to the David Palmer incident. Jack attempts to brush it off but she notices his trouble and touches his face gently asking if he is okay. He is and she invites him to breakfast. Jack closes the door and rests his head on it with a thump.

Dianne tells her son, Derek, that Frank is going to join them for breakfast. He is fishing in the fridge and is less than excited. She reprimands him and then catches him drinking out of the orange juice carton. She asks him to use a glass as Jack/Frank walks in. He casually grabs one out of the cupboard and passes it to Derek. With his mother’s back turned he ignores the glass and spitefully continues to drink out of the carton. Dianne puts a plate down at the table and Jack sits. Derek joins him and starts to question him about his last job in Alaska. Jack confirms the rig was called the Albatross and it was last year. Derek has a friend whose brother worked on that rig for 5 years and he has never heard of anyone called Frank Flynn. Jack explains patiently that it was a big platform but Derek persists: everyone knew everyone else. Dianne pipes up wondering if this is an interrogation. Jack says it’s okay and continues with Derek, a little less patiently that most guys use nicknames. He asks Derek for the name of his friends’ brother but Derek backs out. He’s not hungry and he gets up and leaves the table. Dianne apologises for her son as he is kind of protective of her but Jack says it’s okay. Dianne observes that if he had wanted to tell her about his past he would have. She trusts her instincts and she trusts him. The pair continues to eat.

Tony Almeida is watching the TV news in his kitchen. Nearby, his wife, Michelle Dessler, works the phone. With some edge he tells her that if Bill needs them he will call. He finishes the sentence with “Sweetheart” but it’s obvious he’s frustrated. She doesn’t think Bill will phone so Tony walks over to his wife and takes the phone from her. It’s not their job anymore. Michelle protests that this is different. Tony admits sulkily that Palmer meant a lot to him too but there are people at CTU that can do it. Michelle disagrees; no one else was there when the other attempts were made on Palmers’ life. She concedes that they have the records on file but no one else has the experience. She tries to persuade him, they never regretted their decision to leave CTU but she doesn’t want to look back on today and realize that they could have helped. She walks away from him towards the door. He gives chase, they are running a business and a man named Rick Rosen is expecting them to give a presentation in an hour. She thinks he can do it alone and continues. He stops her physically by grabbing her arm and tells her not to do this. She doesn’t have to say anything for him to let go, the mistake crosses his face and she leaves him standing there. He scratches his head and thinks and then picks up the phone. Tony dials and leaves a message that Michelle will not be there for the meeting today she had to go somewhere. In the same breath he continues that on second thought, he’s going with her. Before he can hang up the phone the window he is standing near explodes. Outside, the charred remains of their car sits smoking and on fire. Tony runs out of the house screaming for Michelle. He finds her on the ground and throws the car door off of his wife. He turns her around to find blood coming from her mouth and nose. He cradles her body and within seconds another explosion rips through the car sending Michelle’s body and Tony flying.



In the split screen we see the American flag being lowered to half mast.

At CTU Edgar and Spencer discuss the hit on Tony and Michelle. Edgar admits to knowing them and as soon as Spencer leaves he is on the phone to Chloe. He wants to know if she is coming in and she is, she was paged a Level 5. He warns her that it’s bad and she knows that it’s bad, President Palmer was gunned down: That’s bad. Edgar tells her that it wasn’t just him. Chloe is walking to her car to come into CTU. She has the key out and is just about to put it in the lock when Edgar tells her that there was a car bomb in Michelle Dessler’s car. She is dead and Tony’s not doing too good. Edgar babbles about it not making any sense, they are retired but they must be linked to Palmer. They are cross referencing anything that they have in common. Suddenly Chloe is aware of those around her and notices a guy getting out of a van nearby. Driving the van is the man that shot Palmer. Chloe starts to run and will call Edgar back. Spencer watches as Edgar calls for Chloe.

Chloe sprints away and the man from the van gives chase. She runs into a strip mall and while running into businessmen heads up an escalator. Her pursuer follows like a bull in a china shop knocking people over. Chloe makes it up an escalator and the man is trapped behind another pair of men. He gets to the top of the escalator and doesn’t see Chloe. Below, she comes out of her hiding spot and climbs down the outside railing of the escalator.

Dianne and Jack are still eating and he offers to take care of the fence for her today since he’s not working. She complements him on all the work he has done around there when Jack’s phone rings at his side. As soon as Jack speaks Chloe spits out that she knows that this isn’t protocol but she asks Jack not to hang up on her. He pretends to not be able to hear her and excuses himself from Dianne with the explanation that there is no signal. Once the door is closed behind him he asks what it is. She blurts out that Michelle is dead and Tony is in critical condition, only 4 people knew that he was alive and 3 are down, she’s the only one left. Jack stops in his tracks outside the house and asks clearly and angrily what happened to Tony and Michelle. Chloe explains there was a car bomb. She has dumped her cell phone and is calling from a pay phone. Jack has made his way to his room now and advises her to go dark, she needs to have no contact, especially with CTU, whoever is behind this is probably monitoring there as well. She is to head north, out of LA to an abandoned oil refinery and take cover by the large storage tanks. Meanwhile, Jack has moved a dresser and taken the vent off the wall. Behind is the same bag that he had previously. He puts his watch on and is sunglasses and heads out the door.


Buchanan briefs the CTU team that Tony Almeida is being Medivaced in to CTU and their clinic. Edgar wants to know why they are doing that and Buchanan tells him that there has already been one attempt on his life; in the event of another they can’t protect him as well at a hospital. The discussion turns to who would want him dead and Buchanan surmises that the two events are too close together to be written off as coincidence. They need to find a connection. The DoD rep has arrived at CTU and she has just cleared security. Buchanan quickly gives out assignments and as he finishes Audrey Raines looks around CTU. Buchanan goes to her and they exchange pleasantries. Buchanan makes a comment about it being difficult to be back here. Audrey is fine and she is sorry about Michelle. Walt Cummings briefed Audrey on the way over. Buchanan wants to postpone the treaty signing with Russia and Audrey doesn’t disagree but Logan wants to make sure that security for it is still the top priority. Buchanan has a station set up for Audrey.

Logan is giving a speech to the press outside in the sunlight. He talks about David Palmer saying he was a man of truth and honour and he will be felt for generations to come. Martha and he offer their deepest sympathy.

Martha Logan’s aide, Evelyn, is helping her prepare for the day. They are in the washroom doing makeup and hair. Evelyn says Martha looks beautiful and after thinking for a second in the mirror Martha is of the opinion she looks like a wedding cake. She instantly dips her head in the water. Collecting herself she wants to start over. Someone is knocking at the door and Evelyn will get that. Martha undoes her hair and Walt wants to know from Evelyn is Martha is ready. She is not quite ready and no, she has not said anything about David Palmer. Walt observes they were close and she will probably take it hard. Martha can hear her name and says from the bathroom that they don’t have to talk about her like she is not there. Walt comes into the suite and Martha apologises for being late, she is having a bad hair day. Walt brushes this off and says that he has some very bad news. Right away she thinks it is about her husband but it is not, he’s fine. She asks what it is and Walt just looks at the floor. After a pause he says that David Palmer was assassinated. She bends at the knees and hangs on to the mantle. She asks when it happened and is amazed to hear it was less than an hour ago. Suddenly she has to talk to her husband. He is with the press but she goes running out of the room past Walt and the secret service outside. He semi-causally makes a call telling the remaining agents not to let Mrs. Logan anywhere near the stage. Logan is continuing the conference and Martha is stopped before she can get too far from the house. She demands they let go of her. In the ruckus Logan may have heard something but Mike definitely did and he comes that way. Martha struggles to get by the Secret Service and threatens that “I’ll have your family eating dog food out of a can…” Walt catches up and tells her that her husband is in the middle of a press conference in front of millions of people. He wants to know what is so urgent, maybe he can help. She brushes her hair back and asks him to tell Charles that she needs to see him when he is done.



Jack drives up into an abandoned oil field. He gets out and a car can be seen behind him but he doesn’t look at it or acknowledge it. Jack walks around and punches a man in a hard hat that was in his way. He drags the body out of the way and then hears something. He draws his gun and then kicks a crate out of the way, training it on the person behind it. Derek, Dianne’s son, quickly says “Don’t shoot!” Jack demands an explanation and Derek was just worried about his mother. Jack wants him to get up and come to him. He’s taking Derek with him but Derek doesn’t want to go and promises not to tell anyone. Jack doesn’t believe him and demands that he get in a nearby chopper. Derek tries to change Jack’s mind but Jack won’t hear of it.

Tony is wheeled into CTU on a stretcher. He appears unconscious and half of his face is covered in bandages. Buchanan is waiting and holds the door open to the clinic. Curtis arrives and wants to talk to Tony. Buchanan fills him in on Tony’s condition. The paramedics say that he has a closed head trauma that is affecting his speech. The doctors are going to try a shunt to release the pressure. The doctor comes by and Buchanan wants real time updates from him. Curtis explains that he found something in Tony’s phone records, he talked to Palmer the day Jack Bauer was killed. He tried to pull the transcripts but the file was corrupted. Buchanan asks to no one in particular what he is hiding. Curtis answers that it’s something about Jack’s death.

Derek and Jack are in the chopper; Derek asks if he’s being kidnapped. Jack is not, he’s taking him to LA because he knows that Derek would have gone to the police and he couldn’t let that happen. Derek asks “Who are you?” “Someone who’s not supposed to still be alive” is the response from Jack. Derek asks if Jack is in some kind of witness relocation and Jack admits it’s something like that. Derek assumes that Jack was a criminal but he only corrects him and advises that the less he knows about him the better. Derek wants to know what Jack is going to do with him and as an answer Jack gets out his cell phone and dials Dianne. Immediately she notices the noise and asks where they are. Jack explains they are in a chopper, he has Derek with him. Dianne immediately starts to worry and asks Jack in a panic what they are doing. Jack wants her to start driving to LA. He asks if she remembers when she told him this morning that she trusted him, well, he needs her to trust him now. Get in the car and start driving and don’t tell anyone. He will call as soon as he can. After hanging up Derek wants to know what Jack is going to do, just hand him back to his mom? Jack has something to do in LA and once it’s done if Derek were to go to the police it won’t matter.

Martha Logan is drinking some water when her husband comes in. He asks how she is doing and she apologises, she didn’t mean to make a scene. Charles knows that she is not taking her medication and she complains that she doesn’t like the way it makes her feel. He calls her Marty and says that they need to get through today. That is the reason she needed to talk to him. She thinks David was killed because of something he was about to tell her. Logan looks at his wife searching for answers. He wants to know what she’s talking about. Martha says that he called yesterday and said he wanted to see her. Palmer told her that it concerned national security and it involved Logan. Logan asks why Palmer didn’t just call him but his wife reminds him that Charles shut David out of this office 18 months ago; he has no access to it anymore. Logan concludes except through her. Martha gets up and moves away from her husband asking if he believes her and accusing him of not. He didn’t say that but he didn’t have to. She is not making this up and she’s not crazy. Logan promises to have Walt look into it but appears to be just humouring her. She accepts this and he changes the subject. President Subarov is on the way and he needs her to be there by his side. They hug and apologize. She smiles at him and he walks away from her. Walt is waiting outside and asks if she is alright. In fact, she is not alright. Logan says that she is having one of her delusions and she thinks that David Palmer was going to tell her something. She is imagining that she is in the middle of one of her own conspiracy theories. Walt waits for an order about this but Logan says not to do anything.



Edgar goes over to Spencer who seems to be working. They discuss Chloe and how long it has been since each talked to her. Edgar wonders where she could have gone. She commutes against traffic and she sounded strange when he talked to her. Insightfully, Spencer answers she always sounds strange. Edgar wants to send Adams after her but Spencer assures Edgar that she’s fine. Edgar interrogates him as to how he knows for sure and Spencer must admit that he saw her about half an hour ago. Edgar presses and Spencer doesn’t think he needs to spell it out for him. She is fine.

While they discuss her position, Chloe drives in a cab. She abruptly tells the driver to let her out but he says there’s nothing there. She says just to pull over. She gets out and prepares to pay the cabbie. Jack and Derek approach the site in a helicopter and Derek talks at Jack, still calling him Frank and asking why he won’t talk to him. After begging Jack, he briefly tells Derek that he found out a friend of his was in trouble and he needed to pick her up in a hurry. This was the only way he could get to her quick enough.

Chloe runs full out towards a fence. She gets to the gate finding it locked. After a failed attempt to scale it she finds a hole in the links and crawls through but not before cutting her midsection and having to leave her caught jacket behind. Meanwhile, Jack has landed the chopper and looks around. He hears something coming and levels his weapon in the direction of the sound. Chloe comes tearing around the corner and Jack drops his gun to his side. He asks Chloe if she is okay and she runs right at him and hugs him. She holds onto him and asks what’s happening? Why would anyone want to kill the people that know that he’s alive? Jack doesn’t know and he asks if Chloe can access the CTU archive from a remote location. She can from a secure location; there is one at Cal Tech. Jack is anxious to go and will explain things to her in the car, including Derek. Chloe doesn’t have a car, she took a cab. Unfazed, he wants Derek to get back in the chopper and Chloe does the same. Jack gets in and initiates the protocol for take off. While he plays with the switches Chloe sees someone pull up including the van that she got away from. She draws Jack’s attention to it and says that they found her. He doesn’t think they ever lost her. He wants to go in the chopper but it takes too long for it to start up. Chloe wants him to take off but he snaps that they’re not at speed. The shooters have managed to open the gate and are heading towards them. Jack yells that they’re not going to make it, he tells them to get out. They move to the side of the chopper and Jack throws down some smoke bombs. Jack gives Chloe a gun and instructs her to take Derek and go into the refinery and find somewhere to hide. As soon as they take off the car drives into the smoke with the van behind. The men get out and can’t see anything. One tells the other to go back and cut them off. Jack approaches one guy and quietly comes up behind him and kills him with a knife. Exchanging the gun for the knife he heads away from the smoke.

Chloe and Derek are running and Chloe points out a place to hide. Jack is keeping an eye out until a car comes peeling around the corner. Jack starts to shoot at the car and after unloading a round the car crashes into the back of a truck. The driver appears to be dead. Inside the refinery Chloe and Derek continue to hide. Palmer’s shooter is in there and he finds Chloe and Derek. He is setting up to shoot as Jack comes up behind and shoots the man. At the noise Chloe turns around and shoots some more. Jack yells for her to hold fire. The man is wounded and lands on the ground, Jack goes over to him and checks him. He wants Chloe to take Derek and walk away. Chloe practically drags Derek a few feet away and then stops. Jack tells the shooter that at the rate he’s bleeding out he’s not going to make it long. If he tells Jack what he wants to know he will get him to a hospital. Jack checks the man’s wounds and the man says he understands. Jack quickly sums up that 4 people knew he was alive and someone tried to take them out. The man chokes out that Palmer was the primary target, they only cared about Palmer, and the others were diversions. It was set up to make it look like Jack did it. Jack asks why Palmer? It was to keep him from talking; they had to shut him up. Jack asks what Palmer knew but the shooter wasn’t told, he was only hired to take out the principal. Jack asks the man, “You killed Palmer?” The man admits it.

In the split screen we see Logan, Tony being worked on and Martha Logan.

Jack asks who is behind this. The shooter got his orders through a code of silence, they don’t use names and Jack knows that. That’s all the man knows, he wants to be taken to the hospital. Jack gets up from his side and absently says ‘Yeah’. In full agent mode, Jack gets his gun out, turns around and shoots the killer.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-And, we’re back… It’s good to be back in 24 territory.

-Even though Jack has killed all those people in his past, he still really is a nice guy. One of the few Jack Bauer smiles we’ve seen was the one he gave the foreman.

-So happy to see Wayne. I kind of missed him last season. For those of you that don’t know he was in Season 3.

- Wayne was always the astute brother and was always good at picking up David’s emotions.

-So we are left to wonder what David was acting so strangely about as well

-Were the credits even over before we had a main character dying? The novelty of ‘new 24’ hadn’t even worn off yet before there was a body count. This season has 1 prize in the first minutes, fastest on-screen body count. In Season 3, the guy was already dead when he appeared. That’s nuts!

-If I’m Palmer’s kids, I’m staying away from Wayne. He’s been there when both Palmer parents have been killed. Uncle Wayne = bad news.

-Watching him with his brother I was vividly reminded of when he was by the side of his dying ex-lover, Julia, in season 3.

-We have not heard anything about the status of President Keeler. It’s weird that they didn’t mention it somehow the first time we saw Logan still in office.

-So, Logan has short man syndrome about the chair. Got it.

-Does he really want to be compared to Stalin?

-Poor Mike. He was close with Palmer until he screwed it up.

-CTU has been thrown into panic already.

-Has Buchanan been demoted? Wasn’t he at division last year?

-a .308 is a BIG bullet. Scary.

- Logan needs to listen to the advice of Buchanan, OR, maybe not. That would be good if he ended up dead too. In fact, that would make me feel better.

-Chloe has a tattoo. Didn’t see that coming.

-Only Chloe could make the morning after MORE awkward.

-Love how Logan tells Buchannan to find the shooter before the Russians get there. It’s a like a parent complex: Gotta clean up this mess before the RUSSIANS get here!”

-Those are some big scary knives in Chloe’s kitchen.

-Chloe could probably walk around naked; as long as she carries her attitude no one is gong to think she’s a slut. Spencer was thinking the same thing.

-I can’t believe after all the stupid banter that Spencer didn’t just leave. He’s a nut too.

-All the stuff Jack used to have and he now has a TV with dials on it. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

-Who else think Jack needs a lesson in improper gun storage?

-I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the relationship between Jack and Dianne is.

-Anyone else like John Mellencamp? “A little ditty, about Jack and Dianne…”

-Ugh, teenagers.

-Funny that Dianne would use the world ‘interrogation’.

-Jack is still an interrogator, after all. He knew Derek was lying and he called him on it.

-Frank Flynn. Is that really the best they could do for Jack’s new name?

-So happy that Michelle and Tony are back together and were happy.

-Apparently they didn’t get much in the way of gifts for their re-wedding. I think they need some furniture.

-Cubby has returned.

-Here’s something else I love about 24, the ability to sum up the last 18 months in about 2 sentences. Michelle and Tony are happy, they don’t regret leaving CTU and they work on their own. Any other show that would take YEARS.

-Same old Tony. Can’t count how many times he has grabbed someone the same way he did Michelle right there on the arm. The wife death-glare shot him down, though.

-Well, I guess this is the conclusion from last season. In the finale Michelle was scheduled to die in the car, before she talked to Tony there was talk of her taking some pills or something. This is what they kept her alive for, 18 more months of happiness in Tony and Michelle’s life. Too bad we didn’t get to see more of it on-screen.

-Hopefully Tony won’t blame Jack for this, that is, if Tony is able to blame anyone for anything.

-So much for Tony and Michelle’s happy ending. It’s just never that good on 24.

-If I were Edgar I’d be yelling and jumping up and down at how Chloe just acted on the phone… or maybe not. It is, after all, Chloe. That’s downright normal behaviour for her.

-Spencer seems REAL worried. No. Maybe he’s thinking if she gets taken out then he won’t have to deal with her at work and the repercussions of their evening.

-Has Chloe been taking getaway lessons from Jack? Actually, on second thought Jack probably would have just shot the guy to interrogate him.

-Is that the same plaza from Season 1 and the Teddy Hanlin episode?

-Jack Bauer – So helpful around the house.

-Doesn’t it always start with one nasty phone call. Anyone seen The Recruit (Al Pacino, Colin Farrel)? One nasty little martini.

-Chalk up three more bodies in the Jack/guilt body count.

-That’s a convenient little hiding spot for Jack’s arsenal.

-In case we are wondering that appears to be the same bag that Jack had when he left CTU last season.

-The symbolism of Jack putting his watch on while he speaks to Chloe on the phone made me smile. Here he’s been living this life that was reasonably casual, working on and off, helping out Dianne around the house and with one phone call he’s toting a bag full of guns and watching the clock again just like the rest of us.

-I guess he stayed prepared since it was really only a matter of time before he would need that stuff again, before he was found out. Now he's back in a world where time matters.

-And really, what is Jack Bauer without his sunglasses?

-Buchannan has great foresight about what may happen to Tony. Having him brought to CTU helps a potential future problem.

-Buchannan doesn’t seem too torn up about Michelle. We can maybe chalk that up to them not keeping in touch but it seems odd for him.

-I’m surprised that Logan didn’t ignite on fire from even saying the word ‘honour’. He’s the antithesis of this word.

-Line of the week contender: Martha Logan to Evelyn: “I look like a wedding cake.” Followed closely by “I’m having a bad hair day.”

-I am now thinking that I had wished harder that Martha would have drowned herself in that sink full of water.

-IF ONLY it could have been Logan and not David that was shot.

-Walt seems pretty nonchalant about the whole ‘crazy first lady running off to disturb the world’ thing. Must happen often.

-Can’t we ever have women on this show that are a) normal and live to tell about it or b) NOT LUNATICS?

-Line of the week: Martha Logan to a random Secret Service Agent: “I’ll have your family eating dog food out of a can…”

-Rule #1 in Jack’s new home: Never tail Jack Bauer.

-For the record, a shunt is a little tube that goes into the brain and drains the fluid causing build up. You can learn all about them here: http://nyneurosurgery.org/hydro_shunt.htm

-That still doesn’t make me feel any better about Tony.

-Wonderful, Tony’s speech is impaired. Just when we already thought it was hard to hear the guy because he gets the mumbles occasionally. Now it’s going to be really tough.

-Strangely enough, I don’t remember Tony talking to Palmer unless he called him after he dropped Jack off to tell him that it went okay, but that seems needless. Maybe they spoke to discuss the situation, though.

-Also, that day was a day of national crisis. SO WHAT if they spoke? There were a lot of things going on and Palmer was in charge since Logan was unable to do jack squat except take credit for stuff he didn’t do. I’ve worked with computers enough to know that if a file is corrupted, that’s not that unusual.

-Best way to freak a mother out, call her from a helicopter and tell her nothing except to start driving and that you have her child.

-Martha Logan is like a cross between Driscoll’s daughter Mya and Teri Bauer. She’s on meds and a little psycho with a bit of an attention complex.

-When I first saw the photos of Jean Smart I wondered what she would be doing married to a sleaze bag like Logan. Now I know, she’s nuttier than my fruit and nut mix.

-Did they bring Walt back for the sheer purpose of us hating him because he’s the one responsible for wanting Jack dead? Thus, he is responsible for Palmer and Michelle’s deaths as well as whatever happens to Tony.

-Edgar, do we sense a little jealousy over Spencer and Chloe? (Something I never thought I’d say)

-Scaling fences always looks easier on TV, unless you’re watching Chloe.

-How did those guys get keys to that gate to get into where the chopper was? Or, did they just pick or cut the lock. In any event, it was fast.

-Here’s an idea, let’s drive right INTO the smoke and then say that we can’t see anything. They deserve to die on basis of stupid.

-And one more time Chloe gets a gun. Good thing she didn’t shoot Jack.

-Chloe, taking Derek 8 feet behind Jack’s back does not count as ‘away’.

-Who would admit to Jack that they killed Palmer? Did that guy miss the ‘spiteful and vengeful’ paragraph in the briefing the terrorists gave out on Jack? Honestly, you might as well tell him that you’ve done his daughter. You know you’re signing your own death warrant. Idiot. I’m surprised Jack didn’t shoot him instantly. “You killed Palmer?” “Yeah.” BANG.

-So, let’s look at the bigger picture here. Someone knew Jack was alive, how did they find out? If only Tony, Palmer, Michelle and Chloe knew then someone must have had an inkling or seen what they thought was Jack somewhere (which is possible since he was still in the US and CLOSE to LA – I mean, come on). Could the Chinese be ultimately behind this to get vengeance for being duped? Did someone in the government find out Jack was alive (Walt maybe?) and want him dead for real thus orchestrating the events? Is it someone that has personal interest in Logan’s treaty signing and then found out about Jack? Or, is it something completely different? Who knows? Only the shadow knows…