24 Season 4

These are pretty low-res as the promo wasn't that clear to begin with.

4.23 Promo Images: Click to view larger images      
Tony and Mandy David Palmer A Dangler - Any Guesses? Jack Seeing an Explosion Michelle Also Seeing the Explosion
Tony And Gun President Logan Jack Jack Seeing an Explosion Jack
From the Promo
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This appears to be Audrey Raines
Jack keeping an eye out
Jack and Audrey
This appears to be Jack in the car
Jack with some bad guy, possibly after he gets out of the car?
Fighter jets
The kidnap
A bad guy
Maybe this is Jack with the gun.
Bad guys firing, possibly the kidnap?
Jack interrogates...
.... tosses a table....
...and draws his gun.
Promo Shots:
Navi and Behrooz
Jack and James Heller
Jack and Audrey Raines
Dina and Navi
Jack and Chloe
Jack and Audrey
James Heller
Navi Araz
Dina Araz
Jack and Curtis Manning
James Heller, Audrey Raines at the kidnap.