4.21: 3:00am - 4:00am
~ Aftermath ~


The body of Paul is covered with a sheet as Jack looks on. He turns to Dr. Besson and asks again if Lee will make it. Besson will do his best. Jack just needs Lee to be coherent enough to get the information from him. Besson snaps at Jack that he knows, he made him aware of that when he sacrificed Paul’s life. There is some beeping on Lee’s monitor and Jack asks what that is. Curtis wants to go and he wants Jack to do the same. Jack looks around and thinks then says he will be right outside.

Audrey is outside the operating room with her back to the wall crying. Jack comes out and when he sees her stops dead. He takes a few steps to her as she wipes her face but doesn’t acknowledge Jack. In a gravely voice Jack apologises to Audrey and then repeats again that he’s sorry. He is right next to her and she sniffles and demands, “How could you?” She finally looks at Jack and asks again, ‘How could you kill him Jack, how could you do it?’ Jack pulls Audrey into a hug and she cries as Jack’s eyes water as well. After a few seconds Audrey starts to move and then pushes away. She wiggles free and tells Jack that ‘I can’t be near you right now.’ Audrey turns away from him and cries on her own. Jack stands there and then reaches out as if he is going to try and console her. He Changes his mind and takes a small nod and walks away. He takes a few steps and Audrey sighs. Jack turns around and softly pleads ‘Please, Audrey, just tell me what you want me to do.’ She answers “Leave, I want you to leave Jack.” Jack gives another small nod and leaves Audrey alone.

Buchanan catches up with Jack as he comes around the corner. Bill tells Jack that Mike Novick needs to speak with him. Jack stops and breathes ‘okay.’ Jack rubs the bridge of his nose and Bill asks what is going on. Jack explains that Paul Raines just died and he had to make a choice between Lee’s life and Paul’s. He chose Lee. Jack runs his hand through his hair in frustration and Buchanan assures Jack that he did the right thing. Seeing this not comforting Jack he asks if he is okay. Jack answers, “No, I’m not okay.” Bill has no answer, he stands there and after a few seconds Jack apologises and recovers a bit. He tells Bill to let him know when Lee is out of surgery, he walks away from Buchanan and dials his phone. Mike Novick picks up and asks Jack if he got anything useful from Lee. He hasn’t yet since he’s not out of surgery. He’s not doing great and Mike tells Jack that they took Lee assuming that he could help. Jack, in a sardonic tone, reminds Mike that he knows. Mike lets Jack know that Yin was shot but Jack thinks that can’t be possible, none of their men discharged their weapons. Mike says that it was a friendly fire incident, Jack wants to know how bad he was shot. Mike reveals that Yin died. Jack whispers ‘Oh my God.’ All of those on the team are going to need solid alibi’s for there whereabouts, they are in an incendiary situation and they are now trying to avoid a confrontation with China. Jack will handle their part from CTU. Jack hangs up and goes out onto the floor.

Chloe is working at her computer and sees a warning come up with her ‘Cisco’ system. She grabs Buchanan and tells him that someone is trying to jam the satellite servers with a denial of service attempt. The system is self defending and there is no damage done. Bill gives an order and Chloe snips that’s what she was about to do. Bill has heard enough and tells Chloe that they don’t have time for her personality disorder today, does she understand? She answers a crisp ‘Yes, sir.’

The man that is trying to jam the satellite is on the phone with Marwan and he says that he can’t jam the satellite, CTU must have installed new software. Marwan is frustrated since he said that he could do it but they are going to have to back the launch up an hour. There will not be as many casualties as intended because not as many people will be at work but the government will find them if they don’t do it soon. Once he hangs up Mike asks Palmer how long he intends to keep President Logan in the dark about the decisions he’s made. Palmer plans on as long as they can. Lee is in surgery and he’s not going to tell them anything, Palmer wants to know what Jack had to say. Mike explains that there is no way that their people could have shot Yin. Palmer doesn’t think it will matter, they will be at fault because of the trespass. Palmer thinks they need to construct a scenario about what might have happened, he doesn’t think China will want a confrontation any more than they do. They need a scenario of plausible deniability, Mike is to call CTU and find out which anti-Chinese groups have attacked consulates in the last 5 years. Mike still doesn’t understand how they would believe that any of them were Americans working for those groups. Palmer reminds Mike that the team was masked, no one saw their faces.

The Deputy Consul, Cheng, is watching the surveillance video from the abduction. He muses that they were all masked but when they change cameras to the fight involving Bern one of the men sees that his mask was lifted. The freeze frame and enlarge the image and then enhance it using their filters. Cheng wants the image sent to Beijing and Shanghai for cross-referencing with intelligence databases.

Jack goes to Curtis, Bern and another agent from the attack are in the locker room at CTU changing. Jack explains that the consul was killed and it was friendly fire. They need alibis set up and cross checked. No one is to know that they were anywhere near the consulate tonight. Bern looks concerned and asks if they are going to be brought into this, what is going to happen. Jack doesn’t know but now that the consul is dead it changes everything. It is their responsibility to make sure that the US government is never implicated in this. Curtis is to advise the rest of them about the alibis.

Marwan has arrived with his worker, the computer controlling the missile is ready for the information changes. Marwan is sure the Americans won’t find out about the missile, they will be looking in their cities. Marwan uploads the new set of instructions and his man on site with the missile is ready to start as soon as the outboard is reprogrammed.



Buchanan wants the database checked, they have a meeting about the warhead. Jack needs a large DoD block of information sent over, it needs to be sent from Heller’s office but it’s not authorized. Jack admits to Chloe that he has to talk to Audrey about this, Chloe thinks this is going to be weird, she seems to be thinking out loud as she says that Jack had to do what he did and Audrey’s husband died because of it. It pretty much destroyed their relationship. Jack tells Chloe to free the server up. Chloe keeps going on Jack saying that she is there for Jack as a friend if he needs it. Jack stares somewhat blankly at her and then thanks her. Jack leaves to see Audrey and when he approaches he apologizes for bothering her but she needs to call Marcy at the office to authorize the block transfer. Audrey answers the question with a question as to if they were able to keep Lee alive. Jack confirms that he’s stabilized so Audrey says okay, she’ll call Marcy. Jack thanks her and leaves.

Curtis says that the warhead was stolen in eastern Iowa, there is no air traffic and so they could have only driven out a 300 mile radius. They have not notified the public and they have to figure out when they are going to set it off. If they have left a trail then it is easier to follow it now then when people are going to work.

One of Cheng’s workers thinks he has found the man from the picture. It is a good match and a lot of the characteristics match Howard Bern, a member of the tactical team from CTU LA. Cheng needs to talk to him and it would be a diplomatic mistake not to let him. Cheng wants to talk to the head of CTU LA.

The phone rings at CTU and Edgar passes the phone to Michelle. She comes on the line and identifies herself, Cheng does the same. He assumes she is aware of the incident that occurred at the consulate tonight and she is sorry to hear of it. She offers anything she can do and Cheng jumps on the opportunity to ask her to discuss it with him. She will be more than happy to sit down in the morning about this but he insists that I be down. Michelle says that is impossible, they are in the middle of a national security crisis. Cheng believes that someone stormed the consulate on Chinese soil and this could be considered an act of war. Michelle is outraged but Cheng gives the facts of the case and can’t believe that the president phoning him and the abduction were not related. Cheng will be forced to go above Michelle’s head if she doesn’t help and Michelle challenges him to do what he has to do, she means no disrespect but she has to get back to work. Michelle will be hearing from Cheng soon. Cheng makes another call wanting Secretary of State Taylor and it’s urgent.

Jack goes across CTU and back to Audrey. He tells her that the transfer is confirmed and he thanks Audrey awkwardly. She says he is welcome and noticing she is showing signs of tiredness he suggests that she gets some rest. She can not, she has too much to do. He urges her to go back to he hotel and she snaps angrily at him not to tell her what to do. She starts a sentence, “Jack, I’m” but she stops mid sentence. She gets up and Jack continues to stand lamely next to her, she asks him what he wants from her, he made a choice that killed Paul and she is trying to deal with it. They both have a job and she wants to just do it. She walks away. Bill says that the Secretary of State just called and he made it sound like they have evidence. Jack thinks they are bluffing and Bill needs Jack to help him deal with it. Jack is going to check on Lee, he pauses at the door taking a long look at Audrey. He leaves the room

Mike gives Palmer a list of potential attackers. He says that the People’s Freedom Coalition have referenced Jong recently in speeches. The attack could be plausible and it would allow the Chinese to save face. They can’t prove the attack was by the US. Logan comes storming in the room demanding to know what David has done. David asks for clarification and Logan accuses David of authorizing the covert mission into the consulate. David doesn’t deny it and says that it is not unlike what happens around the world every day. Mike observes that they were very unlucky and Logan jumps all over him scoffing ‘Unlucky, ha, yeah.’ He laughs in a ridiculous way and accuses David of provoking a nuclear superpower. David advises Logan to calm down, this is a dirty business and they are going to have to get their hands dirty to clean it up. David addresses Logan as “Mr. President” and says that he brought David here to help him and David wants Logan to let him do it. Logan glares from Mike to Palmer.



Buchanan asks for the latest on Lee. He will be able to respond soon to the questions and Buchanan wants COM on standby and everything worked up without any time lags. Michelle comes off the phone and says that the Secretary of State has authorized the Head of Security at the Chinese Consulate to come and question their people in regards to the abduction. They want to try and prove that the US attacked the consulate tonight and they need to prove that they didn’t. They have to cover their bases here and finding the warhead is also a priority. They agree to send Cheng to the Situation Room when he gets there. Make sure that all of the monitors are masked. Buchanan leaves Tony and Michelle alone in her office. Tony doesn’t think that they should divert resources for this, it is just a formality. He has wandered to the other side of the office and looks down to Audrey working and appearing stressed out. Michelle is with him and she observes that if they don’t get the information from Lee her husband died for no reason. Tony asks to no one, “What is she still doing here?” Michelle thinks she’s probably staying so she doesn’t have to think about what’s happened. Tony is pensive and mutters that it was really funny, when he met Audrey this afternoon it seemed like her and Jack were so together and now a few hours later everything’s changed. They exchange glances and then Tony turns to face Michelle. His expression changes and he whispers “I hate being without you.” Michelle admits to him that “I never wanted it to be this way.” The phone rings and Curtis comes on speaker phone. He says that Mr. Cheng is there. Michelle has him sent to the Situation Room where Bill and Jack are waiting. They need it to appear as if they have nothing to hide. Michelle leaves Tony standing there looking down and rubbing his forehead.

Curtis meets with Cheng and Buchanan. Jack is late and comes jogging alongside the room and buttoning his suit up to prepare. Buchanan introduces Jack as from the DoD and he is working with them today. Cheng knows Jack’s name, he is aware of is previous service. Cheng wants to know when Mr. Bauer arrived and he is told a few days ago, he came with the Secretary. Jack confirms that the Secretary is not there but Jack stayed because he felt that he could be of more help at CTU. Cheng observes that it’s odd but Jack says it’s not, he did previously run this office, Cheng thinks it would make Jack an ideal candidate to run a covert operation as well. Buchanan jumps to Jack’s defence but Jack says it’s fine. He concentrates on Cheng and sitting forward solemnly says that ‘Neither CTU or I had anything to do with the terrible events that occurred at the consulate tonight.’ Cheng pulls out the image of Bern and shows Jack saying that he thinks he knows him. Jack is defensive saying the image has been altered and he accuses Cheng of creating propaganda to use against the country. Jack suggests the People’s Freedom Coalition would probably create a better match than Agent Bern. Cheng says that the man in the photo is not Asian but Jack reminds him that there are cells around the globe. Jack says Bern is not there as Cheng expected. Jack doesn’t know why Cheng would thing the would want to provoke the country of China, Cheng thinks they are trying to hide something. As he looks out past Cheng, Jack sees Agent Bern speaking to Chloe. Cheng continues with his accusations as Jack pushes a button and causes his cell to ring. He excuses himself and begins to talk into the phone. Jack hangs up and tells Buchanan that they just got a last known location on Marwan and he leaves the room. Cheng asks for hourlies for Jack from Buchanan. Once clear Jack makes a call to Chloe’s desk and instructs her to tell Bern to meet him in the east corridor now and call for a chopper. Chloe tells Bern and then calls for the chopper as Jack makes his way to the corridor. When Jack meets Bern he says to follow and explains that the security camera picked up his face. Bern thinks it’s impossible but Jack responds, “Trust me, it was you.” The mask was only lifted for a few seconds and he pulled it right back down. Jack says that it caught him and he needs to come up with a scenario as to where he was while the attack happened, he needs to go away for a few days and when he comes back he’s going to have to answer some questions for the Chinese. Bern apologises and Jack takes it well. Curtis calls Jack and says that Jong is coming off of anaesthesia so Jack is on the way. He bids Bern farewell and takes off. When Jack gets to the room Chloe is ready to go along with another tech. Jack tells Besson that he will take over from here. Jack explains to the translator that Jong is in critical condition and Jack will give him more medicine and help when he answers the questions. He understands so Jack begins saying that he worked with Marwan on the warhead, he needs to tell him where it is. Jong doesn’t know but he does know where Marwan might be. Jack is surprised by ‘might’ and reminds Jong that he said that he knew where he was when they were in the van. Jong thinks Marwan will be moving around because of the nature of the events today but there are three locations that he could be in. Jong gives the first two and Jack snaps that they have them, the Rockland Building and a Bar Downtown. The last one is a factory on 6 th and Jack says this is new. Chloe is to assemble a team and make sure that Curtis is on it. They need to be ready to move now.



Curtis meets with Audrey and he tells her that the Consul wants to talk to her. She needs to help protect Jack’s cover and they have made the hourlies look like the two of them were working together. Audrey doesn’t like the idea of lying to protect Jack but Curtis replies it’s not for Jack, it’s for the government. She likes this answer better but still is uncomfortable with the idea of lying to the Chinese. Curtis leaves it up to her to decide what she wants to say but she has to talk to Cheng. Curtis goes and Audrey goes onto a system to look at the hourlies. She sees Jack and he says that they have a probable location on Marwan, they need to move on it. Audrey explains she’s been called in for questioning and Buchanan has modified the hourlies to make it look like they’re together. She becomes angry again and reminds Jack that she killed Paul, he has broken every major protocol set out by CTU and DoD and for what, is any of this working? Jack softly tells her that her and her father are still alive, they stopped the power plants from melting down so yes, it’s working but they have to fight to keep it working. He encourages Audrey to do what she has to do, he has to go.

Audrey goes back into CTU and into the room with Cheng. Edgar has Jack’s stuff for Marwan ready, Tony is running point on the operation.

Cheng is grilling Audrey, he is surprised that she stayed on after her kidnapping. She explains that she wasn’t physically hurt and she wanted to help out with the things going on. Cheng has looked though hourlies and she was logged with Bauer between 1 and 3 am working on data processing. Audrey says they worked their stuff though Edgar but she doesn’t know why it matters. Cheng is on to something and they went through all that trouble to reenlist Jack Bauer and then he’s processing data. Audrey reminds Cheng that it’s not as simple as it sounds, Jack has experience in this and it was able to narrow the search. Cheng is also surprised that her husband was at the clinic in those hours and recently he died. He doesn’t believe that she was with Mr. Bauer, she was with her husband. Again Buchanan steps in and says that he will not allow him to stand there and accuse her of lying. Cheng shoots back that he will not listen to half baked alibis either. Audrey excuses herself to get back to work.

Curtis’s phone rings and it’s Palmer for Jack. He hands the phone over and Jack says they have a location on Habib Marwan and Palmer hopes they can put an end to this soon. Palmer wants to know about the representative from the consulate, is he still at CTU. Jack says he was when he left and they had a photo of one of the agents. Jack put them off the track and it’s going to hold off for a while. Palmer thanks Jack and Palmer wishes Jack good luck.

Palmer wants Mike to tell Logan to get Chang out of CTU, he is slowing the process down and they are closing in on Marwan and they need to be able to do their jobs without him there. Mike thinks he can get him to sign off on that. Logan is on the phone and is saying that there are too many things do deal with. He hangs up and Mike explains the situation. Logan says this wouldn’t be a problem if they hadn’t raided the consulate in the first place. Mike says that what’s done is done. Logan explains that if they force him to leave it will look like they have something to hide, they will be giving him justification to escalate the crisis. Ten million Americans will face annihilation but Logan says they’ll be at war with 1 billion Chinese. Mike advises Logan to worry about the American people first. Logan jumps on Mikes words and accuses him of conspiring with David Palmer while Logan is answering the phone calls from midlevel staffers. Mike takes it well and faces Logan asking him directly if he’d like him to ask Palmer to leave. Logan says no, call Buchanan and have Cheng escorted out of the building.



Jack and his team pull up to the building that Lee gave them. The lights go out in the SUV and Jack instructs another agent into play, Michaels. Chloe can’t confirm Marwan’s position but she sees a satellite uplink from the building but it’s encrypted. Curtis is ready and Jack cocks his gun and they move in.

Cheng threatens to Buchanan that this matter will be perused with a formal order. Buchanan continues to tote the People’s Freedom Coalition as the perpetrators of the attack. Tony has the teams at the staging area so Bill really has to go. Buchanan wants him escorted from the building.

Edgar walks by Cheng and someone in a distance calls him name. Cheng stops Edgar and confirms his identity. He is reluctant to say anything to Cheng and thinks he should take anything he needs up with Buchanan. Cheng assures Edgar that it’s not classified, he asks about Audrey Raines files but Edgar says he worked on them until she was called to the clinic. Cheng asks, “So, it was just you and Jack then?” Edgar can’t help the blank look on his face and Chloe comes and gets Edgar. She calls him an idiot and says to keep his mouth shut. He doesn’t understand what he has done.

Jack has one of Marwan’s workers taken out by a sniper. Jack runs into the building and Marwan is finishing giving instructions to start the launch sequence. It is 4 minutes and counting. Marwan shuts the laptop down but Jack is catching up with him. Marwan and his two workers walk away until Jack runs up and has a look. Marwan makes a call and Curtis kicks the door in. Jack kills one of the men and takes off running after Marwan. Jack looks for Marwan as he tries to hide, Jack whispers to Curtis that he has Marwan cornered in this room and he directs him around to the other entrance to the room, he wants him to push him back towards Jack. Two other agents check in as well and wait. Curtis does what he was instructed to and when Marwan sees him he heads towards the door where Jack is. Jack jumps out and stops Marwan with his gun drawn. Jack leers ‘I’ve been waiting for this.’ Jack lets a shot go and it hits Marwan in the arm. Marwan goes down and puts his knee directly on the wound. Close to his face Jack observes that ‘It hurts, doesn’t it?’ Still on the fresh gunshot wound Jack puts his gun to Marwan’s head. Toying with him, Jack runs the gun around his head to his cheek, he cocks it and now Curtis is concerned. Curtis asks Jack what he’s doing, they still need Marwan. Jack moves the gun under Marwan’s chin and Marwan challenges Jack, ‘Go ahead and kill me, it won’t stop the missile.’ This chases Jack’s intense anger off and asks what he is talking about. Curtis goes to the laptop nearby and boots it up. Jack continues to taunt Marwan with his gun until Curtis calls him over with a problem. Jack tells the other agents to secure the prisoner and he gets up to see what Curtis has. Seeing the missile and the countdown on the screen Jack calls CTU. They want to be patched into the computer through Curtis’s COM unit. There are 51 seconds left on the countdown, Tony can see this at CTU where it’s on the monitor. They can’t get to the source on it as it’s encrypted. Chloe can’t pick anything specific off of the image, just trees and it’s too general. They might be able to get the heat signature off of the location but Tony realizes they don’t have anything. They’re not going to be able to find it. Jack looks to Marwan who is smug as ever. The missile fires up and takes off.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-This episode had a lot of cleanup and aftermath of things that have happened in the last few hours. We’re dealing with Palmer’s choices involving Lee, Jack’s choices involving Paul and Marwan’s plans are heading into full swing. The real aftermath is coming, though, probably next week.

-It was probably less than 30 seconds between the end of last episode when Jack asked Besson if Lee will make it and when he asked right at the beginning of this one. No wonder he tossed Jack.

-Still sensing that Besson is unhappy with Jack probably because he’s being very counterproductive to the general idea of being a Doctor, you know, saving people?

-Curtis is a good Yin for Jack’s Yang since he seems pretty level headed and thinks things through instead of Jack who, well… you know.

-I feel absolutely heartbroken for Jack. How crummy is it that he finally is something resembling happiness and now it’s all going to hell, she doesn’t even want to talk to him.

-Although Audrey basically has just cried for the past 10 hours or so, the way they keep adding new angles makes it interesting and not as boring as it could be.

-Watching Jack nearly touch Audrey’s back but then walking away is just incredible.

-Seeing the way Audrey treated Jack makes me wonder how much of his past she really is aware of. If he wants to reach out to someone emotionally that’s a pretty big deal for Jack and he wants to be there for her, she just shut him down.

-This seems to be one of the most emotional things that Jack has done. He is teetering on the verge of a breakdown and when Buchanan asks him if he’s okay the answer of “No” was surprising. This really shows how far Jack has come, nearly full circle from Season 1 when he was open and caring about Teri through the completely detached and relatively unemotional Jack now back to the Jack who does care deeply about another person or people.

-Line of the week contender: Buchanan to Chloe: "We don’t have time for your personality disorder.”

-I guess Chloe probably does have some sort of mild personality disorder, if she did I doubt she could just turn it off like that, it’s not really how it works.

-Why we love Palmer, he’s a thinker, ‘Hey, lets just make something up!’

-After seeing the software that CTU uses to enhance images and then what the Chinese are using makes me really wonder what is going on here, CTU can pull a clear licence plate from a half block away, these guys can’t even pull a security camera from 40 feet. Can’t be right.

-Why wouldn’t Bern just say when Jack went to them that his mask was lifted, he just caused his own problem.

-A missile, that’s impressive.

-Oh Chloe, proof that you can’t just turn the disorder off, within minutes she’s back giving Jack a hard time about Audrey.

-Jack had the best expression ever when Chloe said she’s there for him. That was the best look in 24 history I think. He appears to be thinking “If the entire country gets nuked then I still wouldn’t talk to you.”

-So if they hadn’t saved Lee would Audrey not have authorized the transfer? That’s a little rash, don’t you think?

-Michelle is good at this political game. She spoke with Cheng very well.

-At least Buchanan respects Jack’s opinion even if he can’t get past Tony. That shows that his view of Tony is jaded and it’s likely because of Michelle.

-Audrey really took a piece out of Jack when he suggested she go lay down. That is the kind of person Jack needs, a hard head and someone to stand up for themselves.

-I laughed out loud when Logan gave his sarcastic, “Yeah” to Palmer. Although I hate him that was hilarious.

-For the record: Logan is a jerk.

-Tony and Michelle are SO getting back together … and I love it. Even though it’s hokey and predictable I think at least someone in 24 land should be happy and well all know that it’s not going to be Jack.

-I really can’t think of how Michelle would have wanted it to be. What did she really expect it to be like after she left her husband that went to prison to save her life.

-Jack has quite the reputation for Cheng to know about it.

-Speaking of people that are good with the diplomatic side of things, lets put Jack in that category as well.

-That could have been interesting if Cheng saw Bern, now wouldn’t it. Good thing Jack’s a thinker too.

-I can’t believe that Buchanan would let Cheng talk to his staff like that. That guy needs to be punched in the nose, even if he is right.

-Here’s hoping they can come up with a good alibi for Bern.

-I guess Jack has bonded with Curtis over the day because I couldn’t think of any other reason why he would specifically ask for him on his team.

-At least Lee yielded something useful, Jack was near-panic when he realized that Lee may not have known exactly where Marwan was.

-I’m glad Audrey made the right choice about what to tell the consulate. If it was just Jack she would have turned him in but since it was the whole country she could take a bit of lying.

-Is Jack not carrying his cell phone or is Curtis Jack’s secretary now?

-One more for the record: Logan is a jerk.

-I was worried he was going to make Palmer leave, I have to say that I’m really enjoying his presence there.

-Edgar is a real idiot, Chloe is right. Why would he say anything.

-Also, how could Cheng possibly be allowed to ask Edgar anything on the way out? I thought he was being escorted from the building.

-That was less than 3 minute change between Jack in the suit and Jack in the SUV on the way to the op.

-Wow, I have to say that Jack was very, very crazy looking as he held the gun to Marwan’s face. Haven’t really seen insanity like that in a while from him and it was a little more intense this time.

-Well, I cringed when Jack knelt on Marwan’s wound. Ouch.

-It sure seems that they’re between a rock and a hard place at CTU with the missile being launched. If they shoot it down it will still be a nuke, I think the only option is to gain control of it and try and direct it somewhere safer.