4.20: 2:00am - 3:00am
~ Truth ~


At the White House President Palmer arrives. He walks down a corridor with 2 escorts. A marine standing nearby salutes and Palmer returns. Aaron Pierce appears and greets Palmer. He says that it’s good to have him back. Palmer asks about the location of President Logan, Aaron says that he’s been working out of the bunker since the strike. The two of them get on the elevator and Palmer takes the chance to ask about Aaron’s son. He is doing very well and Palmer asks if he’s still in the service. Aaron confirms he is, in fact he just re-upped. Palmer says that’s great and Aaron is ‘mighty proud.’ The elevator reaches its destination and Mike is waiting rather impatiently. Mike and Palmer greet each other and shake hands. Palmer asks if there is an update on Keeler but Mike says he’s still comatose. Palmer wants to know how Logan is doing, Mike admits that he’s looking forward to seeing him. Palmer shakes Aaron’s hand and they go in and meet Logan. Logan is relieved to see David. He appreciates that he came in and Palmer wants him to tell him how he can help. Logan admits that the wasn’t prepared to have all of this thrust upon him so suddenly. He has made mistakes and they could have stopped this an hour ago if he hadn’t stopped CTU from finding Marwan. Palmer advises that he can’t let the mistakes he made haunt him but Logan is aware that every decision he makes will effect millions of people. He knows that Palmer has dealt with situations like this and that’s why he wants him here. Palmer asks what the wants him to do. Logan explains that the nuclear bomb that has been stolen is an ‘S Series” and is one of the most powerful. If it goes off it will wreak unthinkable devastation, he wants Palmer to help him find it. He gives Palmer full authority to act as his proxy. Palmer addresses Logan as ‘Charles’ and asks how he wants this dealt with. Logan will call Buchanan at CTU and tell him that he will be dealing directly with Palmer. Palmer agrees and they shake hands again. Logan thanks David and says that Mike will fill him in on everything. Palmer assures Logan that they will get through this. Logan will be in the conference room working on his statement for the press. Mike will keep Logan apprised of the situation. Mike turns to Palmer and begins somewhat awkwardly that ‘I know you believe my actions during your term in office amounted to personal and political betrayal.’ Palmer corrects Mike that it’s not what he believes, it’s a fact. Mike doesn’t concede but moves on offering to leave if his presence makes things more difficult for Palmer. Palmer, without regret, says that Mike is wired into this administration and he has no doubt that he has the best interests of this country at heart. For now he is willing to get bygones be bygones and get to work. Mike thanks Palmer and they head to the other room running over the things that have happened so far.

Chloe is getting checked over by a paramedic while she tries to work on a laptop. In frustration she says that she told him that she’s not hurt, she did the shooting. She is on the phone with Jack, Bill and Edgar at CTU. She has the hard drive unlocked and Jack tells her that the owner of the computer, Sabir, has no experience in this sort of thing so she will likely find instructions. She does and they all came from the same person. They were sent via email from a false domain name. Jack says to forward them to him at CTU, Edgar will look for a point of origin. Chloe can already tell that they were sent from within the country. Jack tells Chloe to hang on and then picks up the headset on the phone taking it off speaker. He turns away from the others and asks her quietly how she’s holding up. In her usual blunt manner Chloe blurts that she’s not used to the idea that she killed someone, if that’s what he means, but she’s doing her job. Jack instructs her to get back to CTU as soon as she can. They hang up and Edgar has a name on the origin of the emails, a man by the name of Lee Jong. He worked for the Chinese government on nuclear weapons. Lee was fired and Jack assumes that he is not working for the Chinese government as they wouldn’t have let him be found that easily. He must be working as a freelance mercenary. Before anything else can happen Jack’s phone rings, Dr. Besson from the clinic. Still in scrubs he tells Jack that he has an update on Paul. Jack is able to come visit him but only for a few minutes. Jack heads out and tells Buchanan that he will be in medical.

Audrey is already in medical speaking to Paul. She informs him that Dr. Besson wants to move him to a spinal program but the FAA still has a ban on air travel, she’s trying to get an exception. Paul, still somewhat groggy, mutters that if anyone can get an exception she can. Audrey sits beside her husband and starts softly that she has been thinking about this, she wants to go to Massachusetts with him, he needs to get better and he shouldn’t be alone. Paul protests that he can take care of himself, he doesn’t need her charity. Audrey says it’s not charity, it’s what she wants to do. Paul asks about Jack, he thought that she was in love with him. Audrey knows but she doesn’t finish before Jack himself arrives. He comes into the clinic looking out of place, when he sees Audrey and Paul his eyes flash between them. He didn’t mean to interrupt and awkwardly says he’ll come back later. He’s got his hands on the door before Paul says it’s okay, he can come in. Jack turns to Audrey saying he thought she’d be at the DOD briefing but she is finished. Obviously uncomfortable Jack wanted to just come down and see how Paul was doing. He has been trying to see him since he came out of surgery. Jack takes a few steps forward and starts, “Listen, Paul…” but Paul interrupts saying that he doesn’t have to say anything. Jack does, Paul saved his life. Paul brushes it off saying he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jack quietly reminds him that he pushed him out of the way. Paul wasn’t thinking, it just happened. Jack is saved a response by a knock at the door, Buchanan wants to talk to Jack. Jack turns back to Paul and he’s in obvious pain, wincing. Audrey asks if he’s okay and Jack will check back later. Jack exits and goes to Buchanan, Paul asks Audrey if Jack knows about her decision to come with him. Not yet.

Buchanan tells Jack that they found Lee Jong at the Chinese Consulate. He went there an hour ago and since he’s there they can’t go get him, but they can try. Buchanan has the phone for Jack, it’s David Palmer. Jack is confused and Buchanan explains briefly that Logan was a little overwhelmed and he enlisted the help of Palmer. Jack says simply, “Good” and takes the phone call. When Jack answers, Palmer says that it’s nice to talk to Jack again. He assumes that Bill has told Jack about Jong and he wants Jack to take him into custody after Palmer calls the consul. Jack wants to know what will happen if the political approach doesn’t work and Palmer doesn’t get into specifics, he just says that they need Lee in custody. They hang up and Jack wants an interpreter, Curtis and another agent ready to go.

Edgar has the video that Marwan was filming at his last location. Division was able to restore part of it. Marwan comes on Edgar’s screen in a restored video. He is giving his recorded speech that they will be waking up to a different world, one of their own nuclear weapons has been used against them. It will be days and weeks before they can measure the damage it has caused. Marwan continues and Bill asks Michelle if they can take the ‘waking up to a different world’ literally, it will go off before dawn. Edgar says that sunrise on the east coast is at 7:02 eastern time, so less than 2 hours from now. They watch Marwan continue saying that this will be followed by another attack and another after that.

and another after that.



Mike has the Chinese Consul on the phone, his name is Koo Yin. Palmer takes the phone and identifies himself. He is calling on behalf of President Logan since the situation has forced him to direct his attention to other important matters. Yin will help any way he can so Palmer says that in fact, he can help. There is a man names Lee Jong in the consulate that arrived earlier. They have evidence implicating him in the events today and they need to take him into custody. Yin tells Palmer that Jong says that there is a mistake, he came to the consulate because there is no connection. Palmer believes that he is helping to detonate a nuclear weapon, they need to talk to him. Yin would like to help but he is a Chinese Citizen, they can’t just hand him over. Palmer asks Yin to talk to the Premier and tell him that their cooperation in this will be seen as an extraordinary act and will be responded to in kind. Yin will get back to Palmer. They hang up and Mike wants to know how long this is going to take. Palmer doesn’t know.

Michelle goes over to Tony asking if there is anything new. Tony says they have added army units onto this and they are in a 60 mile radius around Marwan’s last location. Michelle thinks that Marwan could have gotten out of there even with the extra bodies. Tony is getting casualty projections from Division in case that happens. A phone rings nearby with an incoming fax and Michelle suggests that that’s probably them coming in. After he walks away to pick them up the phone at the desk Michelle is standing at rings. Michelle identifies herself and Tony’s girlfriend, Jen, is calling. She asks to talk to Tony and Michelle asks who it is. Jen answers snarkily that “It’s the woman he happens to be living with.” Michelle tells Tony the phone’s for him and when he asks who it is Michelle tells him it’s the woman he’s living with. Tony sighs and takes the phone. He turns away from Michelle and Jen starts on him saying she’s been worried sick about him. She figured that Jack may have taken him back to CTU so she decided to phone him there. Tony is busy and Jen snaps that he’s busy with Michelle Dessler. Tony is working and Jen wants to know why he’s working at CTU. He explains he’s there on a provisional basis. Jen thought that he hated that place but Tony says some things have changed. He wants to talk later but Jen wants to know what his ex-wife is doing there. Tony says he’s sorry he has to go. He practically hangs up on her and turns to Michelle. He apologises for her having to find out like that but Michelle, finishing up on a computer, says it’s none of her business. She walks away but Tony follows and says that he should have told her. Michelle keeps walking, she doesn’t want to talk but Tony does. He grabs her arm and she gets turned around to face him, Tony still hanging onto her arm. Close to her, Tony explains quickly that when she left him everything fell apart. Jen just happened to be there for him. Michelle cuts him off, he doesn’t have to make excuses but he’s not, he’s telling it how it is. Michelle looks at Tony and then asks, “Do you love her?” Hesitating for only a few seconds Tony starts to nod in the negative, he quietly says no. While they are still close Edgar calls over that he has the new protocol’s for Michelle. She tells him to send it to 16 and slips away from Tony leaving him standing there staring at the floor.

Chloe comes back into CTU and without saying anything goes right to a computer. Edgar notices and asks if she’s okay. She is fine and Edgar offers anything he can do. She snaps that she’s fine, she will process it later. Edgar says fine and starts to head away, Chloe appreciates his concern, she really does, but it’s just that when she shot that guy “I thought I’d go all foetal position but I didn’t feel anything.” Chloe is worried that it makes her some kind of psychopath. Edgar thinks it might be a delayed reaction and she’ll freak out about it in a few days. Chloe hopes so.

Buchanan calls Palmer and gives him the information off of Marwan’s video, in particular the “Waking up to a new world” part. This would make it before dawn on the east coast. Palmer hangs up with Buchanan and tells Mike to get the Consul back on the phone. Mike makes the call and passes the phone over to Palmer. The Consul didn’t expect to hear from Palmer so soon,, they are considering the proposition carefully. Palmer says that there is no time for this, the strike may occur in the next 2 hours. Yin has every expectation of Palmer getting a favourable answer, it will be two to three hours. Palmer just told him that this is not soon enough. Yin says that’s the best he can do, Palmer thanks him for his efforts and hangs up. Palmer explains this to Mike, from their point of view this is very fast but right now it’s not fast enough. Mike asks what Palmer wants to do but Palmer doesn’t answer him.

Jack is outside the consulate in the CTU van. He looks through a scope as his phone rings. It’s Palmer and Jack asks if they are going to release Jong. Palmer says not quick enough, is there any doubt that he is working with Marwan? Jack says no, there is no doubt. Palmer says that they are in need of some desperate action but no one connected with the government can admit to knowing anything about this and if they are caught they will be tried under Chinese law. Palmer continues that if it were anyone else he would ask if they were ready for this but with Jack he already knows the answer. Jack hangs up and tells those in the van that it’s on. He’s going in. He makes a call to Tony and asks for real time infra-red satellite, they aren’t going to release Jong in time. Tony asks who knows about this and Jack just explains that it came from the White House, it is a covert mission. Tony needs to spoof the satellite logs so it doesn’t show. Jack hangs up and tells the others to suit up.



Jack is at the Consulate and ready to go. He is on COM with Tony and he wants an image of the building uploaded and then an overlay of infrared. Most of the people on the first floor are together and probably asleep. Jack asks for Tony to look at the 2 nd floor and they find a cluster of people moving around the third room. That’s probably where Lee is. Curtis asks how Jack wants to deploy and Jack, putting a mask on, is going to go in alone. He tells the others to wait in the van, this mission has to be totally deniable and if he gets caught he has to be able to say that he was working alone. Curtis can reengage after he leaves the building, this is masks on, they can not be identified. Tony confirms there’s no change in the infrared so Jack heads out telling Tony to continue to monitor in real time. Jack sneaks up on the side of the building and makes his way to a door. He uses a device to find out the type of alarm system they are using and then bypasses it and picks the lock. Jack is in the building and right away Tony tells him to stop there’s a guard on his west side. Tony says he’s moving away, we can see that he’s just up the hallway from Jack. He crosses the opening and sees one more guard and then sneaks by into another room. Curtis, the translator Melissa and the other agent, Bern, watch in the van. Tony tells Jack that there are 4 guards right on top of him. There’s someone approaching from the north side. Jack waits until it’s clear and Jack sees Lee pacing in a room upstairs. He scales the wall and gets over the railing onto the second floor. Jack shoots a tranquilizer dart at the first guard he sees and this gets another approaching, Jack shoots another dart at him. He enters the room where Lee is and punches out the other man in the room and then Lee himself. Jack puts Lee over his shoulder and starts to run out of the building, guards chasing. Tony has people moving to Jack on both floors, he Jack wants the van brought around. Curtis gives the go for that. Jack appears out of the building and once outside shots are fired at him. He dodges through pillars and all the shooting has made the consul come outside. He comes running and waving his arms in apparently an attempt to stop the fire, he is shot himself by one of his own guards. Curtis and Bern engage and start to fight with some guards, Bern’s mask is pulled up but he pulls it back and they both take off back into the van. Jack puts Lee down and says he’s been shot. He wants the medical bag and for them to go, now. Curtis looks on as Lee is awake and in pain. Tony asks for status and Jack tells him about the shot, there’s no exit wound but the bleeding doesn’t look too severe. Jack starts to look but Lee starts to speak. Melissa says that he doesn’t want him to touch him. Jack explains that he’s just checking his wounds. Lee is told but still starts to squirm. Jack wants him held down and draws a shot. He tells Melissa to tell Lee that he is giving him a shot to ease the pain and they will have medical assistance for him when they get to CTU. Jack asks if Lee understands, Melissa says he does so Jack proceeds. Bern has pulled his mask off and finds that he’s been scratched on the side of his face.

Audrey is on the phone and Paul is resting. She comes in and says that the FAA has cleared them on an 8:00 am transport and Dr. Besson has agreed to accompany them. Paul says that’s great news and then doesn’t really know what to say. Audrey touches his face and he says he’s gonna get through this. Audrey knows he will and her cell rings. She answers and uses a nearby table to write some things down. Paul’s monitor is over her head and soon it starts to fluctuate. She notices and then hears Paul gasping for air behind her. Audrey gets off the phone and goes to Paul asking what’s wrong. In a panic she calls for help to come, quickly. She comforts Paul saying she’s right there but he’s having a lot of trouble breathing. Besson can’t be 100% sure but he thinks it’s a cardiac tamponade. He can barely hear Paul’s heart, he has to get him back to surgery, they need to stop the bleeding.



Jack is still in the back of the van with Lee and he wants Melissa to tell him that he knows Lee helped Habib Marwan with the nuclear warhead, they need his help to stop it, if he denies it Melissa is to tell him that they can prove it with his emails. She tells him and then tells Jack that he doesn’t deny and it and he will tell them what they want to know if they agree to his terms. Jack asks what they are and Lee explains that he went to the consulate because he wanted protection from the government as well as from Marwan. He wants a guarantee of protection and to be immune from prosecution. Jack agrees and will take him to the consulate or wherever he wants to go when this is over. Lee accepts this but he wants a guarantee from the president. Jack understands but he gives him his word, he needs the information. Lee insists on the guarantee before he will talk. Jack’s phone rings and answers “Bauer” but he soon realizes that he has his COM earpiece in. In frustration he pulls it out and answers the phone properly. It’s Palmer and he asks Jack if he’s heard right that Jack has Lee in custody and he’s wounded. Jack confirms it and says that he believes Lee will talk if he is given what he wants. Jack sums it up for Palmer and Palmer tells Jack that CTU believes that the detonation is imminent, is there any way to get Lee to talk immediately. Jack doesn’t believe so, the fastest way is to just give him what he wants. Palmer agrees to have the guarantee waiting for them at CTU. Palmer hangs up and Mike has another call for him, it’s from the Deputy Consul, Su Ming. Mike is surprised that Palmer is willing to take the call but Palmer admits they have to start fencing with them eventually, it might as well be now. Palmer asks Mike to get the guarantee from Logan for Lee. Palmer picks up the phone and after greeting Su asks if he has heard back from their Premier. Su tells Palmer that the Consul is dead, he was shot when armed men broke into the Consulate and too Lee by force. Palmer is deeply saddened by what he has heard and Su is sceptical that he has no knowledge of the attack or is he to believe that the timing was purely coincidental. Palmer says that the Consulate is a sovereign place, no one from the US would go in there. Su questions of Palmer would know the ramifications if he was lying and Palmer questions if Su would know the ramifications of unfounded accusations. Su says there have been none made but he is sure that Palmer will hear from him again very soon. Palmer hangs up the phone and meets again with Mike. Palmer sits and thinks while Mike says that Logan has agreed to the guarantee as long as it remains covert. Palmer doesn’t react and Mike asks what’s wrong. Palmer, already appearing stressed out, says that in the course of abduction Yin was killed. Mike sighs and asks if it was one of the US’s people that did it. Palmer doesn’t think so, it probably was friendly fire but it really doesn’t matter, in the long run the repercussions will be as severe as what the terrorists are threatening.

Bill Buchanan corners Tony and says that he just heard that Jack has lee and he was shot. He demands to know how this happened. Tony explains that Jack went in to extract him on authority from the White House. Buchanan is mad and wants to know why this is the first he’s heard of this. Tony explains that the operation was off the books so it could be deniable. Bill observes that Tony knew and Tony admits he ran tactical from CTU. Buchanan paces around and snaps that it’s completely unacceptable that he was kept out of the loop on this. Tony says that’s the way Jack wanted it but Buchanan says that Tony doesn’t work for Jack, he works for him and he wishes he’d been consulted on that too. Tony wants to know what that’s supposed to mean and Buchanan says that he thought it was a mistake to reinstate Tony and now he’s sure of it. Tony observes that he thinks this is about something other than what it appears. Buchanan picks up on what Tony is getting at and yells at Tony that he’s wrong about that too, and he’s way out of line. Buchanan storms away.

Jack says he’s almost at CTU and Lee is to know that there’s medical assistance and the guarantee waiting there. Melissa can no longer hear what Lee is saying, Jack tells her to ask if he’s in pain. Lee is cold, very cold. Jack feels around on his torso and concludes that he must have severe internal bleeding and his lungs are filling up with fluid. Jack wants the information on Marwan now but he is forced to start CPR on Lee, they are loosing him.



Paul is going into surgery and Audrey watches from outside. He’s not conscious but they haven’t started. Audrey looks stressed and something crashes down the hall. Audrey looks as Lee, Jack, Curtis and the others come crashing around the corner towards the clinic. Jack is still administering CPR as they go right into the clinic past Audrey who is trying to ask what’s going on. Dr. Besson says that they can’t be in there but Jack says that this man is dying. Besson, gesturing to Paul, says so is he. Jack explains that this man is the only connection to a stolen nuclear weapon and he’s not going to make it. Besson already has a patient and Jack calls for Curtis to take over compressions on Lee. He pulls out his gun and draws it on Besson saying that now he has a new one. Besson can’t believe this and asks Jack, “Are you crazy?” Jack doesn’t think Besson heard him, if he doesn’t save Lee millions of people will die, he needs to start working on him. Besson says that if he walks away from Mr. Raines now he will die. Jack says that he doesn’t know that for sure, Besson needs to do it, now. Audrey has entered the room and is yelling for Jack to stop this. She begs him not to do this and Jack appears to be slightly affected by her pleas but remains with his gun on Besson. The doctor starts to work on Lee, he has lost a lot of blood and has damage to his lungs. Jack just needs him stabilized so he can talk to him and Besson wants one of the agents to be ready to give compressions to Paul in case his pressure drops. Curtis goes over to Paul as Audrey continues to beg Jack not to do this but Jack says strongly that he has his orders, he’s doing his job. Audrey starts towards Jack and Jack wants her taken away from him. Two agents grab Audrey and she yells that Paul saved Jack’s life. She wants the agents to let go of her and for Jack to stop, she’s begging him. Jack visibly flickers in his resolve but does not let up. Paul’s monitor begins to flat line and Curtis starts CPR. Jack asks Besson what they can do for Paul and he says to use the defibrillator. Jack goes to Paul as Audrey watches with tears in her eyes. He grabs the paddles and charges the defibrillator preparing to shock Paul. He gives the clear as Curtis stops and Jack shocks Paul. Audrey urges Paul to come back as Besson instructs, “Hit him again, Jack.” Jack charges again and shocks Paul once more. He’s still flat lining and Besson tells then to give him Epinephrine through the IV, it’s on the tray, 2nd syringe from the left. Curtis injects the drug as Jack keeps the compressions going. Audrey watches tearfully as nothing happens. Curtis takes Paul’s pulse and looks at Jack, he tells Jack that he’s dead. Jack continues with CPR but Curtis knows there’s nothing that can be done. He tries to stop Jack by grabbing his arm but Jack says no, shakes him off and continues. Curtis says grimly that he’s gone. Finally Jack stops and looks at Paul. Audrey doesn’t know what to do, she starts to cry hard as she looks from Jack to Paul and back again. No one says anything as Besson continues to work on Lee. Jack, looking like he’s about to cry himself, just stares at Paul’s body in front of him. Audrey seems to register what has happened and attacks Jack screaming, “You killed him, you son of a bitch, you killed him!” She shoves Jack and slaps his face while he just stands there without attempting to stop her. Agents grab Audrey and pull her away and Besson says to get her out of there. She continues to scream at Jack that “He saved your life and you killed him! I hate you Jack, you killed him!” Jack stands and watches, emotion written all over his face, as Audrey is dragged from the clinic screaming and crying. After standing for another few seconds Jack goes to Besson and asks in a low voice if he is going to make it. Besson answers that he’s doing the best he can. Jack takes a long blink and swallows hard.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-It’s so good to see Agent Pierce back.

-Of course, it’s also good to have everyone’s favourite 24 President back, David Palmer. Hopefully he’ll bring some nobility back to the White House, and some right decisions.

-So, now we’re only missing Chase and Kim, I’d be happy to see Chase come back but I can’t say I’ve really missed Kim all that much, surprisingly.

-And here is why we love Palmer, he asks about Aaron’s son, the man actually cares about people.

-Line of the Week contender: Mike to Palmer regarding Logan “He’s looking forward to seeing you.” Translation: He’s scared shitless and is waiting for someone to tell him what to do.

-At least now Logan is taking responsibility for his actions.

-Oh, did you see that? As Logan went to “Write his speech” (i.e. lick his wounds) I’m pretty sure I saw a little bit of that tail between his legs…

-Can I say again that I love Palmer and missed him? Especially when he straightened Mike out about the ‘believing’ that he betrayed him and that he actually DID betray him. The beautiful thing was that he wants to move on.

-Line of the Week contender: Chloe to the paramedic: “I’m fine, I did the shooting!”

-It was nice to see that Jack actually cares for Chloe as a person as well as a co-worker. It was really sweet when he picked up the phone and asked if she was okay. I still find her annoying but whatever…

-Words we’ve heard before and will hear again: “I’m doing my job”. Chloe and Jack both say it in this episode.

-Oh Audrey, why oh WHY would you choose Paul over Jack?

-Ohh, does anyone have a lead balloon that we can let go over Audrey telling Jack that she is planning on going with Paul?

-Jack was SO looking for a way out of that room with Paul and Audrey. How about a definitive definition of awkward: Entering a room where a man and your girlfriend/his wife sit while he is in pain from being shot while saving your life. Yeah, that’ll do.

-Well, THAT makes Jack feel better ‘Ah, yeah, I didn’t really MEAN to do this, um, yeah, if I wasn’t so quick or if I’d have thought this out properly you’d be dead.’

-Does anyone get the feeling that they chose a Chinese man to take the heat off of the fact that they’ve used basically the same ethnic group as terrorists this season?

-Well, at least Jack doesn’t appear to surprised that Logan called in some help.

-Marwan looks even creepier in that half restored video.

-Well, I don’t know about you but I’m always aware of the exact time of sunrise on the opposite coast to me, isn’t everyone? Yeah, right. I don’t even know what time the sun comes up in my city.

-Palmer had been there for about 10 minutes before he started to look seriously stressed out.

-So, what of Palmer’s hand? It doesn’t really appear to be scarred anymore, either that or I just can’t see it on my crummy basic cable connection…

-CTU might as well just call those stupid perimeter teams in… it’s not like they’re going to do ANYTHING useful anyway, as usual…

-There were some classic lines this week, so, another line of the week contender: Michelle and Jen (Every man’s worst nightmare, ex-wife on the phone with new girlfriend): Michelle “Who’s this?” Jen “The woman he happens to be living with.” Oh my.

-Does Jen know how to use any consonants? She doesn’t finish a word in the entire conversation with Tony.

-I had to go back and do the math to realize that if Jen went to work and she works a normal job (at a bar), then she would be home by now. Wow, people in the 24 world do occasionally work normal jobs, they don’t all always go all day and all night.

-I wonder exactly what Tony told Jen about CTU?

-Here’s an image for you, 2 friends and I watching 24, Tony has Michelle cornered and they are talking about Jen. One of my friends and I both start yelling at the TV “TELL HER YOU LOVE HER!” and when Michelle asks if Tony loves Jen we both yell “NO!” repeatedly until Tony shakes his head and says it himself. After we’re done, the other friend, sitting between us just says “Oh my god” to us, yeah, right. As if she wasn’t thinking the same thing!

-By the way, that was a perfect, perfect, perfect scene.

-Money down on if they would have kissed if STUPID Edgar hadn’t interrupted them?

-That was very (and probably purposefully) reminiscent of the first time those two kissed… ah the good old days.

-So, Jen’s a bartender (or works at a bar) and Tony, when Michelle left him and he got out of jail, drank like a fish. Is it safe to say that she worked at his favourite watering hole? That would be how she was there for him.

-Love how Chloe goes right to her security blanket when she gets back to CTU – her computer.

-Well, Chloe can’t be that altered by killing someone, she’s still just as annoying as ever.

-So good to have Palmer back, letting Jack do whatever he wants

-That’s some pretty high tech infrared info that they have there, I really like how the good guys are green and the bad guys are red. Nice touch.

-Also, on the technology, love the alarm system disarmer. Very cool.

-Jack manages to get in and out without any problems. Curtis and Bern are there for about 10 seconds and they potentially blow the whole mission. Good job there, Bern. Lets call him ‘Vern’…

-I’m not sure who exactly was stupider in the gun fight, the guy who shot the consul or the consul himself for running out into gunfire. Natural selection.

-That was a great expression, though, from the one that shot the consul.

-So, some 24 foresight tells me that Bern is going to be traced back to CTU either by a description or by pulling DNA if he dripped blood anywhere.

-So, here’s an explanation of what happened to Paul: Cardiac tamponade is a condition involving compression of the heart caused by blood or fluid accumulation in the space between the myocardium (the muscle of the heart) and the pericardium (the outer covering sac of the heart). Blood or fluid collects within the pericardium. This prevents the ventricles from expanding fully, so they cannot adequately fill or pump blood. Cardiac tamponade is an emergency condition that requires hospitalization. ( http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/imagepages/18123.htm)

-It was nice to see Jack make a mistake with his phone… nice touch having the earpiece still in – I wonder if that was written or just an accident they decided to leave in.

-Tony really hit the nail on the head with Bill, and by the way, what a jerk.

-Really, now, is Jack a doctor? He just touches Lee a little bit and diagnoses his condition. The guy is good. I mean, I’m no doctor but I think you’d need a bit more than a bit of a feel.

-Why can these jerks never give the information before they nearly die? This happened with Wallace in Season 2 as well.

-Jack nearly bailed when he came around the corner driving Lee’s stretcher. Good thing he didn’t or else Jack would probably have had a concussion from smashing his head on the stretcher.

-Does Jack really have to answer the “Are you crazy” question? Um, yeah, he is!

-That gun has a way of getting Jack exactly what he wants.

-Now, Kate Warner take note, THAT is how you throw a fit! Kim Raver did a wonderful but not overboard job of the angry and hurt Audrey during the whole scene where Paul dies.

-You have to know when Besson says that he’s doing the best he can on Lee that he’s thinking ‘As long as you don’t decide to kill this patient of mine too.’

- You know, sometimes the truth is crummy, like Lee was more important than Paul so it really was the right choice, or when Bill is really mad about something other than the secret op, but sometimes, as we also learned this episode, it’s good, like when Tony says he doesn’t love Jen.

-That was one of the most powerful scenes in Jack Bauer history and really, it was the one with the fewest amount of words. He hardly had any lines but it was emotional all the same.

-It was scary to watch Audrey go after Jack like that and then him not react at all. When she slapped him he moved his head with the blow but that’s it, he didn’t even try to stop her. Great acting by Sutherland.

-If Besson was going to go with Paul to Massachusetts then who was going to be the on-site doctor at CTU?

-Well, I think it’s safe to say that Jack and Audrey are officially done, you know, since he just killed her husband and she said that she hated him, but call me crazy.

-Why did we not get a silent clock? We haven’t had one yet this season…