4.18: 12:00am - 1:00am
~ Action ~


Buchanan, Michelle and Tony are in debriefing at CTU. Buchanan tells them Logan is now the president and he wants an update in 15 minutes. Michelle is working up the protocols and Buchanan says that Logan is going to want to know how a stealth fighter managed to get stolen and shoot down Air Force One. Logan knows about Marwan but he doesn’t know the specifics of what’s happening. Jack is working in the field at reconstructing the parts of the football manual that was stolen. Michelle wants to know who is going to be running point on the White House brief, Buchanan designates her and Tony. Michelle goes about briefing the team.

Jack calls in to CTU, Michelle tells him he’s on speaker. He has the reconstruction done of the missing parts. Buchanan asks what the terrorists have in their possession, Jack says that it is the locations on their entire domestic nuclear arsenal, thousands of weapons. Some of them are in transit as part of their regular movement around the country. They will be unable to locate them until they get to their check points. Jack is ordered back to CTU to help Audrey liaison with DoD.

Marwan is giving coordinates to a worker, latitudes and longitudes. They get a match on one, going to Jefferson City, Iowa and due to arrive at 7:00am local time. They are 5 hours out and it would still be in Illinois. Marwan orders their people put into place.

Tony and Michelle discuss the fact that some of the nukes were in transit because of the country’s regular movement and hiding scenarios. Michelle wants to find out about the mid west weapons, Tony says it’s underway, Audrey should have the information in a few minutes. Michelle looks like she has something important to say to Tony. She starts by saying his name but before she can say anything important Chloe comes clomping up to them. She senses the vibe but it’s too late, she asks if she’s interrupting and is told no. Chloe has a flagged credit card that has been used. The name is Eric Murphy a known alias of a Yosik Khatami who is a known associate of Marwan. Tony and Michelle don’t understand why he would be that careless, Tony suggests it might have been a decoy. Chloe says that there was no indication of direction, where he was going, it wasn’t a decoy, it was a mistake. Michelle asks who will run point on this, Curtis just left Division and is coming to CTU. Michelle will have Field Op’s meet him at a gas station.

Jack calls Audrey, he’s on the way back to CTU. She says that 72% of the weaponry has been accounted for. The ones in the Midwest seem to be the problem. There were convoys shipping some weapons to be dismantled under the arms reduction treaty. They had been rerouted after the train bombing this morning. Jack tells her that she can call directly to the local channels. Jack wants to know how she’s holding up, Audrey says quietly that they’re having trouble keeping Paul stable. Jack thinks that Paul will fight through it. Jack will be 20 minutes. Audrey will let Michelle know.

Marwan receives a phone call from one of his operatives, Yosik Khatami. The man is stressed out and has made a stupid mistake and says that ‘they’ are going to find him. He stopped to get gas and he used the wrong credit card. Instead of the one he was supposed to he used the one with the name “Eric Murphy”. Marwan previously instructed him to get rid of it, he is aware but he was in a hurry. The transaction will get flagged and he is closer to the marina than to Marwan. Marwan tells him to go and Proddo will help get him out of the country. He thanks Marwan.

Logan moves down into the presidential bunker to Mike’s protestations as he feels it might be a little bit precipitous. Logan knows that the purpose of the bunker is to protect the president in time of crisis and that’s exactly what he’s doing. They ride the elevator down as Mike, at his side, looks unhappy. Once they are underground Logan checks to make sure that they can function at 100% down there, they can. They are 200 feet below the surface and it can withhold a direct hit. Logan hopes it isn’t needed. Mike stops to talk to someone while Logan surveys the office. Buchanan from CTU is on the phone and they ask what he has. Buchanan is with Michelle and Tony and Logan asks if they have secured the red chapter. It’s not complete at this time, they are working with DoD to get it done. Logan asks if Marwan is still at large, Buchanan says they have a promising lead due to knowing where he was 20 minutes ago. Logan asks if they are confident they can catch him before he does anything else but Buchanan informs Logan that it’s not an exact science. Logan says he understands this. He says he is down in the bunker and he is not going upstairs until he knows it’s safe. Mike cuts in and says that he thinks CTU’s time is better spent working up the information they have, they will call when they have something more concrete. Buchanan agrees and they prepare to get back to work. After the call is over Tony doesn’t move from his chair and he wonders aloud if he is the only one that feels uneasy about what they have just seen here. Logan is supposed to exude confidence, not fear. Buchanan says he’s been through a lot, with Air Force One getting shot down and the president in critical condition, they need to give him some time. Tony doesn’t really think they have any time. They are updated that they found Khatami and Curtis is running point. They decide to figure out who he is meeting before they take him down. Buchanan and Michelle leave Tony sitting in the conference room toying with his pen



Tony heads over to Michelle and awkwardly admits that he was out of line a couple hours ago about her and Buchanan. He admits that it’s her life and he has no right to judge her. She icily says she appreciates that. Tony continues and apologizes for his part in the tension between them. He suggests that they let it go so they can just do their jobs. Michelle agrees, it sounds good. Tony skulks off and Michelle watches him walk away. Meanwhile, Buchanan watches Michelle.

Edgar has Curtis at his location and he is about to get set up. Tony offers to Michelle to run point on this, Michelle says that she and Buchanan are doing it, she would like him working on tactical input. Tony wants to have Edgar transfer everything to the situation room. Tony leaves the room and Buchanan voices his concern that Tony is not entirely comfortable with the configuration around CTU. Michelle says that it affects both of them but Buchanan points out that she seems to be able to stay on point while he’s not so sure about Tony. Michelle assures him that she is sure about him. He will be fine.

Khatami paces nervously around the docks and the tactical teams arrive unnoticed. Curtis sees Khatami and transmits that he’s alone and appears to be waiting for someone. There is a marine unit there as well in case they decide to leave via water. A man walks towards Khatami and Curtis sees him. The command is reiterated not to shoot to kill, they need them alive. Khatami is anxious about the security patrol but the man he is meeting, Joe Proddo, assures him that it’s nothing. Khatami is sure that they are on to them but Proddo talks him into going down onto the boat. Curtis confirms that there are only 2 of them unless there are more people on the boat. Once they are on the boat the teams are given the all clear to move in slowly toward the boat. Before CTU does anything Khatami sees the agents but it’s too late, CTU announces they have them completely surrounded. Khatami makes a phone call to Marwan. Quickly he explains that CTU is there and Marwan instructs Khatami to kill Proddo, he knows too much and he can not allow himself to be captured. Two shots ring out but it’s Proddo that has done the firing, he has killed Khatami. Marwan hears the shots and calls for Khatami and outside CTU demands that Proddo drop his gun and come outside. He complies and comes out yelling that he killed the man inside, he was going to kill him and steal his boat. He killed him in self defence. Proddo is instructed to put his hands on his head and he does saying that he has nothing to hide. Khatami is dead and the phone is lying next to him. Curtis pronounces him dead and tells Michelle at CTU that he had a cell phone, they are going to try and pull something off of it. Michelle tells him good work.

Another man asks Marwan what he wants to do, he wants to try and control this situation. Proddo can hurt them and he has an idea how to get to him indirectly. He makes a phone call and Marwan identifies himself. He asks if the man on the other end can get through to Amnesty Global at this hour. There is an innocent man being held on charges and he is about to be tortured at CTU Los Angeles.

Tony, Michelle and Buchanan watch Logan giving a press conference. He speaks as they watch the monitor, he admits that he is “shocked, saddened and maybe a little afraid” about the events of this day. Audrey comes in the room and tells them that there’s a convoy missing in Iowa. It disappeared and it didn’t call in. They tried the COM Sat and there was no reply. On it was a nuclear warhead. In the background, Logan continues to speak to the nation.



Edgar has the prints and a photo on Proddo, he is running them. Michelle wants a holding room prepared for him, he needs to be broken in minutes not hours. All their resources are going into finding the warhead.

Mike is on the phone and with Buchanan he says the president is not happy that the statement he just made could be invalidated since there is now a warhead missing. Buchanan will get back to him when they have something.

Where there is no one around men are moving the warhead in a crate into the back of a truck. One is on the phone updating Marwan that they are on the way, heading out now. They cover the box with the big USARMY stencilled on the side of it with a tarp. They drive off leaving the remains of the convoy burning.

Mike enters to speak to Logan and passes a General Thomas. Logan has just been told about the warhead gone missing. Mike has just been told by Buchanan. They are trying to track it but they are dealing with mountain terrain at night. They are analyzing the imagery now and they are doing everything they can to contain it but it is difficult. Logan begins to fly off the handle saying that it’s difficult to shoot down Air Force One but they did they and he thinks they are coming after him next. Mike reminds him that there is no indication of such threat. Logan spits that they don’t know that. Mike calmly tells him that the head of Secret Service is on his way over now and he is certain he will ease Logan’s mind about his safety.

Proddo is brought into CTU. Edgar spies him and asks if that is the bastard that they found at the marina. He quietly observes that he’d like to get him in a room alone for a few minutes. Chloe, sitting nearby, asks what he’s talking about. Edgar, concentrating on Proddo, says that he’d talk to him in about 10 seconds. Chloe catches on and says in a real smartass tone that she gets it, he wants revenge for his mother dying, she understands that. Tony arrives, he asks what they found on Proddo. There is no employment listed in the last 10 years. Either Proddo is a criminal or a mercenary.

Chloe had had an update from Iowa about the convoy, the military transport was ambushed and everyone is dead: the warhead is gone. They will check for a helicopter and monitor all ways in and out of the area.

Michelle reminds Curtis that Proddo is an ex-marine and they need to push him as far as it takes. He wants to start with Richards, Michelle agrees. Curtis enters the room that contains Proddo and Richards follows behind. Proddo starts right away that he said he’s not talking to him, he hasn’t been charged with anything and he hasn’t done anything wrong. He killed that man in self defence and he was trying to steal his boat. Curtis proposes that they don’t waste each others time. Proddo reiterates he has nothing to say to Curtis. Richards sets his case down and brings out the usual large needle. Proddo, still a bit cocky, wants to know what his is about. In the view room Michelle’s phone rungs and Buchanan wants to know where Curtis is. He wants him to stop what he’s doing and come do the floor now. Back in the interrogation room, they are just about to stick Proddo when Michelle stops them. Michelle says Buchanan wants to see them right now before Curtis starts. He instructs Richards to wait for him to get back. Curtis meets Michelle in the hallway and as they walk to the atrium Buchanan says they have a problem. David Whyse from Amnesty Global is there to represent Proddo and he has a US Marshall there to make sure that is what happens. Curtis voices his opinion and says it’s their only lead. Buchanan has to get into it with the Justice Department but in the mean time they have to do what he says.



Buchanan is on the phone urging that this is extremely important. He hangs up and Edgar goes to where Buchanan is standing. He asks about the interrogation of Proddo and is told the truth – its on hold. When he asks why Buchanan is not inclined to answer, he tells Edgar to get back to work, he is not supposed to interfering. Buchanan is sympathetic to what Edgar has been through today but Edgar presses the issue, there is a slimy lawyer protecting a dirt bag like Proddo. Buchanan doesn’t have time to deal with this and tells Edgar to get back to work. He turns from him and answers the phone. Chloe takes the opportunity to ask Edgar what he’s doing and he goes on the defensive. He’s tired of everyone telling him what to do, he snaps at Chloe that he has a photographic memory in case she has forgotten. Chloe chips she can’t have forgotten, he tells her every other day.

Jack returns to the CTU and Chloe quickly brings him up to speed on the situation with Proddo, Buchanan is on the phone with the judge right now. Jack goes to Buchanan who is on the phone and mentions the US PATRIOT act. When he hangs up Jack asks what’s going on, Buchanan says the judge won’t budge, they can go to an Appellate judge but not until 7:00. Buchanan explains to Jack how Proddo got there, the meeting at the pier. Jack takes off towards the interrogation room saying that he just wants to talk to Proddo. He heads into the interrogation room where Proddo is sitting with his newly appointed lawyer. Jack introduces himself as from the DoD, Whyse introduces himself and says he’s from Amnesty Global. Jack wants to know why Anmesty Global is so interested in protecting Proddo, Whyse says he is interested in seeing Proddo treated like a citizen. Jack thinks that he has aided and abetted terrorists, Whyse challenges Jack to charge Proddo, then. Jack would like to talk to Whyse alone and they head just outside the door. Jack tells Whyse that they both know Proddo is not clean and he conspired to steal a nuclear warhead. All Whyse wants is due process but Jack fills Whyse in that the terrorists will not stop until millions of Americans are dead. He doesn’t want to bypass the constitution but these are extraordinary circumstances. Whyse fires back that the constitution was born out of extreme circumstances and this is supposed to be done by the book and not in the back room with a rubber hose. Whyse goes and Jack mutters at his back “I hope you can live with that.” Jack lets Whyse into the room and turns to leave. He gets a few steps away from the room but then stops in his tracks. He turns consults his watch and then goes back to the room. He re-enters and asks Whyse how he got there so fast. Whyse doesn’t get it so Jack asks who asked him to come here and represent Mr. Proddo. Whyse doesn’t have to give that information out so Jack asks Curtis if Proddo had time to call a lawyer. He did not. Jack leaves and tells them that Marwan must have called Anmesty Global so that means that Proddo knows something. They still can’t get around the court order but they need to call the president now.

Logan tells his people that he wants no leaks about the missing warhead and they are cleaning up with highway patrol covering the area. Most of the country is still asleep. CTU LA is on the line for Logan and it’s supposed to be urgent. Logan dismisses the men he is with and CTU is put through. Buchanan is with Jack and they are in the process of finding the war head but they brought a suspect in for questioning and their hands are tied. Amnesty Global has interceded on the man’s behalf, he is a US citizen with no previous record but he was found with Khatami. Logan says that this is not against the law to question a suspect and at this point Mike interjects. He identifies himself and clarifies for Logan that Proddo is not likely to respond to the kind of Q&A that his lawyer would permit. Jack says that is correct, it would have to happen behind closed doors. Logan is less subtle and asks if they are looking to torture this man. They want to use whatever means necessary. Logan asks for a moment and puts them on hold. There is also a man named Walt in the room with Logan and Logan first asks Mike what he thinks. Mike wants to do whatever it takes to find Marwan. Logan asks for Walt’s opinion and he is concerned about this, especially if he is innocent as he claims he is, Logan’s first action as president would be to sanction the torture of an innocent man. It might hurt his presidency. Logan thinks on this for a few seconds and then brings CTU off hold. He agrees to hold a special session with members of the justice department and they will have the answer for CTU in 20 minutes. Jack doesn’t have time for this, this whole thing could be over in 20 minutes. He asks with all due respect to let them do their jobs. Logan looks at both Mike and Walt and decisively says he will get back to CTU as soon as he can. He hangs up and so Buchanan does the same on his end. Jack leans back and Buchanan ponders that he will have Curtis stop the interrogation. Jack can’t waste time but Buchanan says that he heard the president but Jack says the president is not there, Buchanan is. Buchanan cannot authorize anything or they’ll all be out the door. They need to find another way. Jack gets an idea and asks Buchanan to accept his resignation, don’t charge Proddo, just let him go. Buchanan looks mystified for a minute and then catches on, Jack wants to take him on as a private citizen and then he won’t need a lawyer. Buchanan just has to let him go



Marwan speaks to the man driving the truck carrying the warhead. He is going to meet with another man who will configure the device. He has been given the codes. Marwan urges him that he has to follow the plan exactly. Marwan warns him not to give the Americans time to plan the evacuation. There can be no delays.

Audrey heads over to Jack who is signing out of CTU. Audrey was wanting to get Jack to help interface with DoD. He can’t help her right now, he apologises and starts to walk away. Audrey attempts to question what he is doing but Jack quickly snaps at her, “Audrey please!” and he leaves CTU.

Proddo has been let go and he accuses CTU of throwing him out. He wants a restraining order but is told to not be so paranoid. Proddo doesn’t want to leave CTU until he knows he is going to be safe for the next few days. Curtis tells Proddo that if he doesn’t leave he will be trespassing and not even his attorney will be able to protect him. He challenges to attorney, David, to correct him if he was wrong. He is not.

Edgar asks Chloe where they are taking Proddo as he notices him standing in CTU. Chloe informs him that he has been released and the order came from Buchanan. Chloe doesn’t want to go into this now but Edgar is angry, Proddo is working with the people that killed his mother.

Outside CTU David tells Proddo to cheer up, he’s a free man. Proddo doesn’t think he can go home, he will go to a hotel and he will not tell anyone he is there. David gives his card do Proddo and says to call if CTU tries to bother him. He assures him he will be fine. Proddo and the Marshall that has been with him go to get into the SUV. The Marshall opens the door for Proddo and then starts around the other side. Jack comes out of nowhere with a tazer and takes the Marshal down. Pointing his gun Jack gets in the back of the vehicle. He tells Proddo dangerously that if he makes a sound he will blow his brains out all over the windshield. Jack wants Proddo to handcuff himself to the dash. One of Proddo’s hands is there, the other is up by the top of the seatbelt. Jack tells him that now they are going to talk. Jack continues that ‘You and I know your heart isn’t in this, you just wanted the money.’ Jack doesn’t want Proddo, he wants Marwan. Proddo claims not to know any Marwan. Jack says they are running out of time, he wants to cut to the chase and asks where Marwan is as he breaks one of Proddo’s fingers.

In the split screen we see Logan, Mike, Buchanan and Michelle.

Jack continues to break Proddo’s fingers but he yells that he doesn’t know Marwan, he swears. Jack holds a knife to Proddo’s throat and finally he relents saying that Marwan will be at a place called The Hub tonight. Jack has to ask twice where it is until Proddo says it is just east of downtown. Jack lets go of Proddo and tells him that “This will help you with the pain.” He knocks Proddo in the back of the head and renders him unconscious.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Those are scary words from Buchanan, that Logan is now president. Seeing what we’ve seen so far, I’m with Mike Novick.

-I really think Buchanan secretly wants Michelle and Tony to get back together. He teamed them up even. Even though he has feelings for Michelle I think he wants to see her happy.

-That’s a pretty quick recap of last episode by Jack to Buchanan. I love how they do this every episode… it’s like the only review we get.

-Audrey tells Jack that they’re having trouble keeping Paul stable like it’s all Jack’s fault. I mean, the guy shoulders enough guilt, does she have to make it worse for him?

-Bad day for Khatami to make a mistake.

- Logan is already being a chicken, hiding in the bunker. Wuss.

-Mike and Tony should get together and talk about what to do about Logan, they seem to be the only ones that want to do anything.

-This is one of the things I love about Tony – he will swallow his mistakes. He knows that jumping down Michelle’s throat about Buchanan was out of line and now he is fixing it.

- Even if Khatami and Proddo weren’t up to anything, I’d be suspicious after seeing Khatami looking around like that on the docks. He just appears to be waiting to get caught.

-How is Logan supposed to find a guy when he can’t even say his name?

-Buchanan watching Michelle watching Tony. In CTU there’s always someone watching.

-Okay, maybe Buchanan doesn’t want them together. He seems ready to yank Tony from CTU. It’s comforting that Michelle is that confident in Tony.

-Well, wasn’t expecting Proddo to kill Khatami.

-Has Proddo been practicing for this? He seems very ready, he must have been working on the cover story.

-Words you never want to hear “Uh, there’s a convoy missing.”

-I’m pretty sure that the fact that the statement he made is now invalid is NOT the reason Logan is upset… it’s probably because he thinks he’s the target.

-Many ways to transport a nuclear weapon – back of a pick up truck is not something I would have thought of.

-Well, THAT’s not suspicious, the giant US ARMY on the side of the warhead box.

-If only David Whyse knew what really happened at CTU all the time.

-Who knew warheads CAME in a box?

-Not that I’ve ever been there, but I didn’t realize there was “mountainous terrain” in Iowa.

-Richards is a busy boy… I wonder if he gets paid by person.

-Oh Edgar, if Proddo is cocky in front of the giant needle I don’t think you’ll be able to get anything out of him either.

-I think I know what Buchanan is thinking as he follows Jack down the hallway to the interrogation room. He must know Jack’s ways.

-Rubber hose, Jack’s thinking ‘Hmm, sounds like a good idea, I’ll use that next time’.

-Is Logan really that stupid? He doesn’t know what CTU wants to do with him? Come on, he doesn’t watch TV?

-Mike’s been here before, he’s all for it. He at least knows how the game is played.

-Sure, torturing an innocent man is bad, letting a terrorist go because you have no spine is worse.

-Trust Logan to be very decisive about being indecisive.

-Ah, at last Jack snaps at Audrey. She also doesn’t really get it most of the time.

-Curtis gets points for threatening to keep Proddo if he doesn’t leave.

-I’m curious how Jack is going to get out of this one.

-I’m glad Jack didn’t “blow Proddo’s brains out all over the windshield.” Ew.

-Line of the Week: “This will help you with the pain.” Isn’t Jack just a compassionate guy?

-Well, it's good to know that if Logan won't take any action, someone will.