4.16: 10:00pm - 11:00pm
~ The Plane, The Plane~


President Keeler is getting briefed by Tony and Michelle. Tony explains that the transponder they had on Behrooz is not transmitting but they may be close to finding Marwan anyway. Jack Bauer had tagged the phones at the place he was being held, the teams are on the way there now. Keeler is heading to LA and he is going to be giving a press conference before 11:00. Tony objects saying that he is safer in the air. Keeler thinks the nation needs to hear from him before this day is over so Michelle suggests that he give the conference from Air Force One. Keeler is resistant to change his plan and insists that he will and in LA and then give the conference. He does want to be briefed on Jack’s findings before he goes on the air. Keeler disappears from the screen.

Michelle wants to know the status of the teams and Tony says the teams have just arrived at Marwan’s location, Jack should be a few minutes.

Jack comes screeching up to meet the other teams. Quickly he’s on the phone to CTU calling Chloe who answers just, “CTU Com.” Jack asks for some information and when it comes back he realizes that it’s Chloe. She explains that Michelle brought her in, the satellite is in position. Jack takes the chance to ask about Paul and Chloe says he just got out of surgery. Jack is happy to have Chloe back and then asks to talk to Audrey. Chloe sends the call to Audrey’s cell phone and Audrey lets it ring before picking it up. She is still sitting in the waiting room. When she answers Chloe says that Jack is on the line for her. Audrey doesn’t answer right away causing Chloe to call her name to get her attention. She is still there and Chloe puts Jack through. Audrey asks if he is okay and he says he’s fine. He asks about Paul. Audrey tells him that he is finished in surgery and they say that he’ll make it, she is waiting to talk to the doctors. Jack is glad that Paul is okay and goes on saying that he knows that they have to talk about how he handled everything with Paul. Audrey agrees but says it’s just too hard right now. Jack gives a semi-discouraged ‘yeah’ and Audrey asks if he’s still in the field. Jack is getting ready to move on Marwan. Audrey warns him to be careful and Jack agrees to call as soon as he’s done. Jack hangs up appearing discouraged with the phone conversation.

Bill Buchanan shows up next to Chloe, she has 8 people in the building that Marwan was in. No telling yet if one of them is Marwan but he was there when Jack was held hostage.

Marwan is on the phone with the girl that had slept with the pilot. She is looking for Aziz’s hard drive with all the information on it. He said that it was in the apartment but he was killed before he told them where it was. She suggests that since Anderson shared this apartment maybe he knows here it is. Marwan will see.

Anderson takes off in the plane. Just as he gets off the ground his phone rings. He takes off his oxygen mask and answers the Satellite phone. He is in the air and should reach the target in 45 minutes. Marwan has a problem. Aziz put a back up copy of the files on a hard drive in their apartment and they need to know where it is. Anderson suggests that Marwan ask Aziz but he is dead. Anderson doesn’t know about any hard drive but if he knew he would tell Marwan, “I’m not trying to get myself killed.” While he is talking Marwan notices the phone lines that Jack had intercepted. He looks around the basement as if he is expecting to see someone and then goes to a metal box on the wall that he opens. Marwan pulls out a remote detonator and initiates an object in the box.

Jack and the agents are planning their attack. Jack wants the agent he is with to lead the men down corridor. Jack figures he will find Marwan down the left side. Jack says they are a go. He makes sure that the charges are ready on the door and he gets in the front seat of a police Hummer. They start to drive and Jack cocks his gun and says to ignite the doors on his mark. The Hummer goes hurtling towards the door and seconds before the vehicle crashes into it Jack gives the mark and the door blows. They drive right into Marwan’s hideout and a shootout erupts. Marwan makes an exit out the back way as Jack and CTU get into killing most of his workers. The man in charge starts right away to delete the files on the computer as quickly as he can. Jack kills two more of the bad guys and takes cover behind some boxes. He hears someone coming and waits for him to get past him before jumping out behind him and stabbing him with his knife. He quickly pockets the knife and gets his gun back out. Marwan, alone, climbs some stairs. At CTU they have audio only of the happenings at Marwan’s hideout, they hear repeated gunfire and one agent reports a man down. Tony looks uncomfortable with what he is hearing pulling at his earpiece for the noise. Jack has worked his way back to the other agents and says to hold their fire. They are all clear. Jack goes to the bodies on the ground and rolls them over to identify them. He tells CTU that Marwan is not there, notify the perimeter. As the message is passed on Jack makes it to the computer that is deleting the files. He can’t make it stop.

Marwan is free of the building and gone down a back alley. He hesitates long enough to pull out the remote detonator and extend the antenna.

Inside Jack is working trying to stop the files from deleting and he hears some extra beeping. It takes a few seconds before he looks up and sees a wad of explosives with a red light stuck under the desk nearby. Jack turns to the head agent and urgently says that the room is hot, get his men out of there. Jack repeats the order to get the men out but he only makes it a few steps before the explosion happens. Many agents, including Jack, are thrown across the room. Michelle calls Jack trying to get a response and eventually Jack responds saying that Marwan just blew up his hard drives and all his information. He is going off Com and will be on his cell.

Michelle orders data forensics into Marwan’s hideout to recover what they can.

Jack finds one of the workers of Marwan’s alive and starting to stir. Jack goes to him and calls for the medic. The man says weakly that it’s too late, he’s not going to be able to stop it. Jack wants to know what he’s talking about and the man says that ‘it’ will happen within the hour. Jack wants to know what’s going to happen but the man doesn’t answer. He dies right there and Jack is left sitting next to him



The doctor comes out of the clinic and goes to Audrey. She is informed that her husband is in recovery. He is stable but one of the bullets did damage to his spine. Right now Paul is paralyzed from the waist down. Audrey wants to know if it is permanent but the doctor doesn’t know. It could be weeks and maybe even months before they know. Audrey asks if it’s possible that he will regain the use of his legs and the doctor says it is possible but admits that it’s not likely although it’s too early to tell. He would be lying if he said he was optimistic but a lot is going to depend on his support system. The doctor stresses that it’s his emotional as well as medical support that matters. Audrey asks if Paul knows, he does and he’s just been told and he would like to see Audrey. Audrey starts to walk over towards the clinic, she can see Paul through the glass walls. She hesitates at the door taking a second to gather herself. She decides to head into the room and opens the door. She makes it to his bed and sits down. She tries to contain her emotions next to him but still looks sad seeing him there. Paul jokes with her weakly, “Oh, no, don’t you eve think of feeling sorry for me, whatever they say I’m gonna walk again.” Audrey knows that he will. Paul asks where Jack is and Audrey tells him that he’s still out in the field, Audrey continues telling Paul that Jack ‘knows that that bullet was meant for him.’ Audrey now starting to cry tells Paul, ‘What you did was very, very brave.’ Paul smiles and says that he was just trying to push Jack out of the way, he didn’t expect to get shot himself. Audrey takes Paul’s hand and kisses it.

Tony says that LAPD is coming up empty on Marwan. Michelle is there and they ponder what will happen if they don’t find him. Bill Buchanan appears and asks if they found Marwan. Michelle tells him that he got through the net, Bill asks Michelle directly how she could let that happen. Tony steps up to her defence and says that he’s gone and they’re doing what they can to find him. Bill asks what they are doing to find him, Michelle says that local PD is on it. Edgar has Jack on the phone.

Jack has found equipment to forge documents at the hideout. They managed to get some parts of some documents and they are sending the faces and names over to CTU so they can cross reference with the watch list. Edgar is bringing up the software to do that now.

As the conversation ends Tony watches Bill Buchanan approach Michelle nearby. He apologises if he snapped at her and she says it’s okay, she knows he’s under a lot of pressure. Bill asks how she is holding up. She is fine but she sounds like she might not be honest with him. He gently puts his hand on her shoulder, from the other side of CTU Tony sees this. Michelle goes to Edgar to work with him and Tony heads to Chloe. He asks how long Bill has been at Division, Chloe says in her usual manner that it took them a while for them to fill the position after Chapelle, she figures it has been 6 months. Tony wants to know where he was before that, Chloe tells him that she thinks he was in Seattle. Tony repeats this and Chloe reminds him that that’s where Michelle was posted while he was in jail, right? Tony confirms it absently.

Edgar has a match and Michelle calls Jack. They give Jack the name of Mitch Anderson. He was on the FBI watch list for drug possession. He was dishonourably discharged from the army. He has been a mercenary since and was raised on the watch list when the events occurred today. The FBI is on the way over to Anderson’s place, they are still in transit. Jack will contact them.

An FBI agent arrives at Anderson’s apartment. She knocks loudly on the door an introduces herself. There is no verbal response and inside another woman hides. Drake has let herself into the apartment and goes to make a call on her cell phone. The woman hiding shoots Agent Drake dead. Before she can do anything else Drake’s phone rings. The woman picks it up and looks at the ID of the dead agent. She answers the phone assuming the identity of Drake. Jack is on the other end and he identifies himself. He is also looking for Mitch Anderson, the new Drake says that he is not there. She asks why CTU is involved, Jack explains the situation with Marwan and that he might be planning another attack. She asks if Anderson is involved but Jack will say no more, he will advise her when he gets there, he’s 10 minutes out. The new Drake will be there.


A truck drives up in a dark alley to pick up Marwan. He flashes his lights and Marwan gets in the front seat. The van drives away and Marwan makes a phone call. He says that there was a delay but they are on the way. He gets confirmation that Anderson is in the air on the way to the target, they are on schedule and their people are in place. Marwan will see the man when he arrives.

On Air Force One, President Keeler doesn’t like the speech that has been written for him, the tone is all wrong he claims. His advisor asks what he wants then, Keeler says that this has been a traumatic day for the country and he wants a speech that is equal to the occasion. He asks for a few minutes and then asks for his son to step in. Kevin, Keeler’s son arrives, and his father apologises for not spending time with him today, he had promised his son that when his mother died he would be there for him. Kevin understands and says that he was just doing what the had to do. Keeler is addressing the nation in an hour, he doesn’t have a speech he’s happy with. Kevin picks up on what Keeler is asking but he is no speech writer. His father understands but he does have a level head. Terrorists have attacked and the man responsible is still at large. They are not sure they can get him before he attacks again. He says that ‘What happened earlier may be nothing compared to what happens next.’ That is the truth. Kevin doesn’t know what Keeler should say to the nation but he has to say something. Kevin offers to help his dad figure it out, an offer he accepts.

Jack and Agent Hart arrive at Anderson’s apartment. They knock on the door and go right in, calling for agent Drake. The impostor agent appears and draws her gun at Jack. She demands he drop his weapon and asks if he is Agent Bauer. He is but he has no ID, he is working with CTU on a provisional basis. He says that he talked to her 10 minutes ago, she can call division to confirm who they are. Agent Hart comes out and they tell her they are together. Hart shows his credentials to Drake and she has a look and apologises saying that they can’t be too careful. She quickly comes up with a lie that they have intercepted a phone call telling them that Anderson has files kept at the apartment which might have information on their next target. Jack surveys the apartment and the mess and asks if she found the place like this. She has been trying to find the information, Jack will stay to help finish. He instructs Hart to go and canvas the area, he’ll check upstairs.

Marwan’s Sat Phone rings. Anderson is calling form the plane to update that he’s almost in position. He wants to make sure that his cover is in place, Marwan says he’s 100% safe. Anderson pleads that they have to believe that he is dead. Marwan assures him that his people have taken care if this. Anderson is worried, once this is done the entire world will be looking for him.



Chloe on phone with a man she identifies as Ruben. She will tell ‘him’ the news and she thanks Ruben. Chloe goes over to Edgar and says that she has bad news, does he want to get it in private? Edgar just wants to know what she’s talking about and so Chloe says she just got off the phone with Ruben and he says that they are not going to be able to get into the area around the plant that melted down for weeks, maybe even months. Edgar asks why and Chloe says the radiation, half life. Edgar asks what that means and Chloe just tells him that it means he will have to have a funeral without a body. Edgar wants to get back to work, he can’t deal with this right now, he’s working up the pursuit plan. Chloe wants to help, to do it for him, but he says no. She goes and sits down and Edgar tries to look busy but he appears upset.

Bill Buchanan and Michelle are both on the phone. Michelle hangs up and comes over to Tony. She says that LAPD has locked down the area, they are reviewing the search grid. Tony doesn’t really seem to care and wants to know when she was planning on telling him. She asks what and he says her and Bill Buchanan. Michelle attempts to be cold and says ‘Never because it’s none of your business.’ Tony takes it well but says that before, she worked with him in Seattle she was still married to Tony. Michelle admits that legally, yes they were still married. Tony abruptly asks if she slept with Buchanan while they were still married. She says no, she didn’t. Tony finishes for her smugly, “But you are now.” Michelle reiterates that it is none of Tony’s business. She wants updates from Edgar, they are coming up. Edgar is burning a CD with information and Chloe watches. She talks to herself checking his work and asking what he’s doing. He pulls the CD out and he goes to give it to Michelle, before he hands it to her, Chloe appears telling Edgar to wait, before he hands that in she used the wrong format. Michelle is angry asking why she would do that, she knows that the format she used is not compatible with their systems. Chloe makes a story up saying she thought it was going to Division, Chloe takes the CD and will fix it. After Michelle walks away Edgar asks Chloe what she was doing, it was his mistake and if she’s have let him hand it in she would have had her job back. Chloe just thought that he had a lot on his mind.

Drake is still searching the apartment with Jack and Hart. Jack looks at her from a distance as if he is suspicious of her. She looks towards where Jack was after he has left. He goes a closet and finds a small bag. Hart returns and says that none of the neighbours have seen Anderson today but the manager said that he kept to himself, paid his rent on time and pretty much was the ideal tenant. The bag that Jack found was from Vanguard Mills and it has a date stamp from 3 months ago, Anderson left the military 4 years ago. Jack tells Drake to let her people know and he will do the same and Jack will also give the bag to Hart so he can scan it and send it to CTU as well. Hart gets out his laptop as Drake picks up the phone and instead of dialling switches it off. She pretends to be talking to the FBI while she watches Hart attempt to plug in his laptop. He moves a shelving unit to look for a plug and then pushes the adapter into the socket. Instead of plugging in the panel pushes back and exposes inside the wall. Drake watches and Hart gets out his flashlight and soon is pulling out a small external hard drive. He muses that this is exactly what they were looking for and she congratulates him and then quickly sticks a knife into Hart’s neck and kills him. She tries to catch his body as it goes down and the knife falls a bit louder than intended. Jack hears this upstairs and with piqued interest checks it out. He sees around the corner Hart’s body and with his gun ready he looks for Drake. He waits for her to come into sight and orders are given for the weapon to be dropped. She takes a shot and Jack hides, Drake is at the bottom of the stairs and Jack shoots at her through the wall. The thin wall allows the bullets to hit her and she slides down dead. Jack gets to her and checks her pulse finding she’s dead. He takes the hard drive and fires up the laptop. He accesses the hard drive finding that everything is locked so he calls CTU. Edgar answers and Jack asks to talk to Chloe, she’s on a systems update. Jack explains what’s happened and wants another back up team. He needs to get the information off the hard drive and Jack puts Edgar on speaker so he can follow the instructions. Edgar instructs Jack to get to the manufacturers code and give him the last 5 digits. Once Jack has given the letters to Edgar he gives Jack a pass code that should get him into the hard drive. Jack gets into the files and finds information on an airplane. All he can manage is, ‘Oh my god.’ Edgar asks if it worked and Jack just says he needs to speak to Michelle and Tony. Jack tells them about the hard drive and that he has found a flight simulator and the plans for a F117A Stealth Bomber. Jack concludes that he thinks Anderson is posing as military and he’s trying to steal a stealth fighter.



Jack is driving back to CTU. He calls Tony and tells him that he’s on the way. Tony has a match on the plane, a Stealth Bomber took off 40 minutes ago, the pilot missed his call in 6 minutes ago and all attempts to contact have failed. They have to assume that this is the plane that Anderson is in. The plane is armed but it’s non-nuclear. Jack wants to know about the possible targets and Michelle, standing nearby, says to wait, Air Force 1 is heading to LA. Jack hears this and asks what the ETA is. They are expected at 11 pm. In awe Michelle says that they’re going after the President. She will call Air Force 1 and Jack wants the recall frequency for the bomber and Anderson’s bio. At CTU Buchanan is with the military, they will have to tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the likely target is Keeler on Air Force One.

Michelle calls the President and she is patched through. Michelle has reason to believe that there is a fighter plane in their airspace. Keeler is about to land but Michelle says it’s a near certainty. They will take evasive action with an immediate descent and the escort fighters should be able to protect him. Michelle doesn’t like this, this is a stealth aircraft and they may not be able to react in time. Keeler asks the chances of them finding Air Force One, Michelle says that the signal of a 747 with 4 escort planes is unmistakeable. Keeler confirms that they are trying to shoot them down and then hangs up the phone. Kevin arrives and Keeler explains that they may be under attack. Keeler asks for the vice president to be put on the phone.

Tony has Anderson’s file and sends it to Jack. Jack has Anderson’s file up, there’s not much to it, his parents are deceased and he has a sister named Alicia whom he has no recent contact with. Tony has the recall frequency and Jack wants to be patched through to the plane.

Chloe says that Air Force One is declining to 20,000 feet and it will be landing in 9 minutes. The fighter planes have formed a protective shield. Michelle asks if there is any sign of the bomber, Chloe observes that just because they can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. They’re being beaten by their own technology.

Tony has Anderson’s plane, Jack is ready to be patched in. Jack calls into the phone and asks if Capitan Anderson can hear him. Anderson can in the plane but doesn’t respond. Jack introduces himself as a Federal Agent and says that he knows who he is and what he’s trying to do. Jack knows Anderson can hear him and urges him that nothing he has done can’t be undone. He needs to change his vector and when he touches down they can talk about what’s happened and Anderson can explain what he’s trying to do and what he’s trying to accomplish. Jack has been going over Anderson’s service record, he graduated at the top of his class, and he was decorated for Desert Storm and given an Air Force Silver Star. Jack asks, ‘What happened to you? Explain it to me. What you are doing now, I don’t think it’s who you are or how you want to be remembered.’

Keeler speaks to Vice President Logan and says that if something happens to him he needs to carry on, think of him as a casualty of war. Logan needs to pick up the torch and move on. Logan agrees.

CTU is in communication with the man flying the bomber, Keeler wants to be put through.

Jack is still talking to Anderson who is not responding. He has contacted Anderson’s sister, Alicia. She’s scared and wants to talk to him. If Anderson responds he will put her right through to him. Anderson reaches forward and pulls out some cables. Jack calls Capitan Anderson and has nothing. Chloe says that he has overridden the frequency. She doesn’t think she can get through, he has cut off all communication.

Anderson has the target in his sights. Keeler paces around on Air Force One, Kevin admits he’s scared. Keeler gives him a hug. With CTU watching Anderson locks onto the target and fires.

Chloe sees the beeping on her monitor, the others watch as the missile hits one of the protective fighters. Jack hears the commotion and asks “Was Air Force One just hit?” When there’s no response Jack yells the question again. Chloe, listening to radio frequency recites, ‘Escort pilots report Air Force One has suffered and indirect hit by an air to air missile. Pieces are falling to the ground on the desert.’


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-It’s been so long since we’ve seen both Behrooz and Curtis I’d almost forgotten about them.

-Keeler is just a pain in the ass for not listening to CTU. Things would have been a lot easier if he’s stayed away from LA completely.

-Well, at least someone is happy to have Chloe back, and I guess if Jack’s happy, I’m happy.

-For Jack’s sake, I really hope Paul makes it out of surgery okay. Generally, though, if they’ve made it this far, they’re going to live.

-Chloe always answers the phone “O’Brien” this is the one time she doesn’t.

-If Audrey does feel the way she appears to feel about Jack I don’t really know why she’s bothering to tell him to be careful.

-The woman looking for the hard drive is a little snippy to the guy that tried to kill have of the USA, it wouldn’t cause him any problem to take her out.

-I wonder which random terrorist was Aziz and how he died?

-Strange words from the man about to attempt to kill the leader of the free world: “I’m not trying to get myself killed.” Actually, check that there, Mitch, I’m pretty sure you are.

-Well, I guess just driving in takes less time then planning a surgical strike but it has much less finesse.

-They really like to drive into buildings around here, the only season that hasn’t happened is in season 3.

-They like knives in this season, too bad I don’t. They’re just so … personal. You can shoot someone from a long way away, but you essentially have to be in front of them to kill them with a knife.

-Why is it that Marwan is always the one that gets away?

-This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Tony tug at his earpiece while listening to combat. I really don’t think he has the stomach to be a field agent.

-That looked pretty painful the way bodies were strewn everywhere when the office blew up.

-Why is it that the guy with the information can never get it out before he dies? They can recite Shakespeare but as soon as they get to the good stuff they’re done.

-Well, obviously Dr. Besson is on Paul’s side of the break up, Audrey needs an emotional support system…

-The more I see of Paul, the more I like him. I like that he can crack jokes at the worst possible time.

-So, let me get this straight, Audrey, when Paul does something stupid so save someone else it’s “Brave, very brave.” When Jack endangers his life to save millions it doesn’t get a look. Okay, just so we have that sorted out.

-Useless, useless, USELESS perimeter team.

-Did you see Tony’s head catch on fire when Buchanan touched Michelle? Spontaneous combustion at it’s finest!

-Only Chloe could make something so subtle sound so ridiculous. As if Tony had forgotten that he was in jail?

-Tony is crass and insensitive to Michelle when he asks if she did Buchanan while they were still married. I like it.

-That FBI agent deserved to die. If I’m a terrorist and someone knocks on the door saying “FBI” I’m pretty sure I’m getting my gun and taking cover. Also, she didn’t even secure the apartment before she whipped out her cell phone and stopped paying attention. There could have been a party going on upstairs and she never would have known. Idiot.

-Jack gives out a lot of information to the FBI agent, I think he normally would have been a little more careful than that.

-Well, the Marwan pick up was extremely subtle, that is, until he flashed his lights. You know, you can’t see that from 2 blocks away.

-Sounds like President Keeler needs a new speech writer… I guess if they get killed in the attack then he won’t have to fire them.

-If bringing Keeler’s son into this is supposed to make us care about what happens to him, I think they’re wrong.

-I can just see the people listening to the presidential address in the morning, “Hey, this speech sounds like it was written by a 19 year old…”

-Jack had ID earlier, he showed it at the office building when they went for Marwan. Where did it go?

-Yeah, I bet field agents are just lining up to go out on assignment with Jack. At this rate, they’re going to need a line-up of people. A long one.

-For someone who’s about to do something really dangerous Anderson is really scared.

-Wow, Michelle got around while Tony was in jail, geographically as well as through her guys. Seattle, I wonder where else she was, and why she came back to LA?

-Michelle is SO not sleeping with Buchanan, but I think she wants Tony to believe that she is just so he’ll be jealous. If I were her, though, I pick someone other than Buchanan… how about Jack?

-Chloe is such a pain in the ass, but also such a nice person to cover for Edgar.

-So, it’s official, Jack knows everything.

-Good thing that the impostor agent didn’t realize the drywall was so cheap when she was shooting at Jack.

-Mistake: When Jack shoots the impostor, from the first angle you can see the blood on the wall. When Jack gets to her body, the blood is gone.

-That’s one great hiding spot in the wall.

-So, as it turns out, the laptop doesn’t need to be plugged in, Jack used it without.

-After everything Anderson didn’t have time to erase the files?

-Keeler is an idiot. ‘Well, I don’t really think they can’t be seen, can they?’

-Although Chloe has her ridiculous moments, her delivery of the information about Air Force One was perfect. Per-fect.