4.15: 9:00pm - 10:00pm
~ Tradesies ~


Edward is working and Michelle wants to know if he was able to find anything to locate Marwan. Edgar tells her that Marwan covered his tracks. Chloe got information that LAPD has found the van that Jack and Dina had been in and Dina’s body was in it. Michelle looks concerned and wants Chloe to find witnesses, anything that they can use to find Marwan. Edgar is assigned to pull up the satellite.

Michelle addresses all of CTU and updates them that Jack Bauer is missing. He is likely being held by Marwan and there is a good chance that Marwan is planning another attack. They need to pool their resources to find him.

Jack is being transported in the back of a van. He is unconscious and comes to at the foot of a guard who is crouched over him. He is face down and from his eyes Marwan sitting shotgun swims into focus. Marwan’s phone rings and Jack returns his face to the floor pretending to be unconscious again. Marwan answers the phone after looking at Jack. Anderson is calling Marwan because he has a problem. He got through the security but when they did a flight check they grounded the plane. They have a problem and the trouble sensor picked it up. They might have to swap out a part. Marwan looks again at Jack making sure he is not awake and listening to his plan. Anderson doesn’t know how long it will be before the plane will be able to take off, Marwan wants this resolved now, their window is closing in an our and it is time for Anderson to earn his money. Anderson goes over to a tech working on the plane and makes sure that he is the tech working on the Phoenix. He confirms it and says that there is a hairline fracture on one of the strut pins and the part they need won’t be in until the morning. Anderson asks if it is only a strut pin but the tech doesn’t know really what Anderson means by ‘only’. Without the part the landing gear will disintegrate on impact and he would have to parachute out of the plane hoping the plane didn’t hit anyone on it’s way down. The tech is going to hit the sack and Anderson doesn’t want to hold him up. The tech turns to leave and Anderson shoots him dead.

Tony has the information on Dina, she’s been dead for no more than thirty minutes. Michelle asks about the chatter they are picking up, Tony tells her that it is slowing down so that can either mean that they’ve incurred all the damage they are going to today and, Michelle finishes for him that this is the calm before the storm. Tony knows for sure that if Jack is alive he is going to find a way to contact them. They will hopefully be able to pick up a thread on Marwan from that. Tony walks away from Michelle but she follows asking about Jack calling him earlier today. Tony, not really paying attention, says yeah. Michelle continues that she heard that Tony saved Jack’s life. Tony replies, “Well, we both know I owed him one, right?” Audrey can be seen not to far away and Tony says that she’s waiting for her husband to get out of surgery but he wants Michelle to tell her about Jack. Michelle doesn’t get why they would involve her but Tony tells her that they’re involved. Michelle says Audrey is married, Tony corrects her, “Separated.” Michelle would then prefer not to tell her anything because she might get in the way and they don’t know how Jack’s capture will play out. Tony thinks she’s a professional but Michelle doesn’t want her interfering. Tony resigns that she’s the boss. Audrey appears asking if they know anything about Jack, have they heard from him? Michelle tells her flat out that Jack is missing. He was taken by Habib Marwan. Audrey is on the offensive wanting to know what they are doing to get him back, how did this happen? Audrey thought that Jack was going to be protected. Michelle reminds her that no on is protected in the field. Audrey demands to know who was in charge of this operation and Michelle takes ownership, she was. Audrey says dangerously, “Get him back, Michelle.”

Jack is led to the place where Marwan’s operations are running for now. It is a basement-like dark place that has sparse furnishings at best. Jack is handcuffed to a chain that is hooked on each end to a pipe. He hands are above his head and he is stretched out. Jack winces and Marwan has a few simple questions for Jack and if he answers them there is a chance that he might survive. Jack tells him not to waste his time. Jack might be interested to know that Joseph Fayed martyred himself and it would help Marwan to know if Fayed was their only link to him. Jack doesn’t answer but tells Marwan that whatever he has planned next will fail, just like everything else. Marwan doesn’t count this as failure, 40 people killed in the train crash and many more near the nuclear plant. Jack reminds Marwan that this was not his plan, they managed to stop the other 103 from melting down and that’s what the people will remember, that they stopped him. Marwan says that the image of Secretary Heller held on his own soil will forever burn in the psyche of the American people and they will be afraid to let their leaders appear in public. Jack, moving uncomfortably, says that for all the hatred that Marwan has for the people of this country he doesn’t understand it very well. Whatever they throw at them Jack promises that that will never happen. Jack hangs his head, blood still around his mouth and nose.

Marwan goes into another room leaving a guard with Jack. The man that is there says that they have a problem with the family of the pilot. Marwan makes sure they disposed of the bodies but that’s not the problem. A relative went by the house and called the police when the family wasn’t there. CTU will know within the hour. Marwan figures that they have to distract CTU and as he thinks he looks at Jack attempting to control his pain. Marwan goes out to Jack and demands to know about the boy. Jack asks what boy and Marwan says Behrooz Araz. Jack wants to know what they care about him, CTU has him in custody, he is safe. Marwan admits that Jack answered the question but doesn’t know if he’s telling the truth. Jack challenges him to call CTU and find out. Marwan goes out of the room and Jack notices a box nearby with some wiring in it. He painfully straightens up higher and tries to move the chain across closer.

Chloe calls Edgar and wants the password to get on one of the servers. Edgar offers to log her on but she just wants the password. An argument erupts where Chloe thinks that Edgar works for her but Edgar corrects her that he worked, ending in –ed. She accuses him of being territorial but he refuses and hangs up. Chloe goes to Curtis and tells him what’s going on. He tells her that on paper, in fact, Edgar is above Chloe but they will be equals. Chloe says that’s not good enough, she was called in because things were falling apart under Edgar. Chloe will be bumped to a Term 4 Analyst position which is a 35% bump in pay and benefits. She reluctantly agrees and gets the password from Curtis.

Edgar calls out that he has a man on the phone claiming to be Marwan. Curtis wants the traces set up and he then calls Michelle. Michelle checks that everything’s ready to go for the trace and Michelle answers and identifies herself. Marwan does the same and tells her that Jack Bauer is alive and in his custody. Michelle wants to speak to him but Marwan doesn’t oblige. He will exchange Bauer for Behrooz Araz. She has 10 minutes to arrange this with her people and then Marwan will call back with the details. He hangs up before Michelle can get another word in. CTU was not able to get a trace on the call and she designates Edgar to identify the voice of Marwan compared to what they already have. They don’t know what he would want Behrooz but Michelle wants the tactical teams to meet in the situation room. Marwan leaves Jack and the guard goes too leaving a hurting Jack. He makes his way over to the electrical box nearby and starts to play with the cables.



Marwan wants to know if the local PD has sent the report to CTU yet. Their contact there says it has been flagged and it will be sent out soon. Marwan wants to know as soon as the information is out.

Michelle doesn’t understand why they would want to trade for Behrooz. She is in a briefing with the others. Tony figures that it’s one of two things, either 1, Marwan has a personal connection to him or 2, and Behrooz has information. Edgar is assigned to go through anything that came in on Behrooz originally. Tony is asked if there is any indication from the original interrogation that might make him valuable and the answer is no, they didn’t push him very hard. Michelle assigns Curtis to go and push him harder, Tony is to watch from the observation room. They leave and Tony asks Curtis what angle he is going to use. Tony suggests that Curtis be more physical with Behrooz because they need results quickly. Curtis is of the opinion that Behrooz has given them everything he knows but Tony points out that Curtis thinks that but he has to be sure. They are going to call Richards. Audrey comes to Tony and Curtis excuses himself to go and prepare. Audrey asks if Tony has heard anything and Tony hadn’t told Audrey because things were moving so fast but Jack is alive and he’s being held by Marwan. Marwan contacted CTU and Audrey wants to know why. Tony explains that Marwan wants to make a trade, Jack for Behrooz. Audrey blindly asks when the trade is going to be but Tony is unsure it will be a go. If Marwan wants Behrooz he must have some tactical value, Audrey wants to be kept posted. Tony has to get in the room with Behrooz.

Curtis is getting ready to interrogate Behrooz. Tony comes in and Richards has arrived as well. Tony reminds Curtis that Behrooz doesn’t know that his mother is dead. Curtis knows and then goes to Behrooz. Behrooz wants to go, he asks how much longer he will be kept at CTU. Curtis avoids answering by saying that ‘these things take time.’ Behrooz inquires about his mother, she is in the field with Jack Bauer. Behrooz asks if she’s okay, and Curtis lies saying she’s fine. Curtis gives Behrooz a minute to collect himself and then out of nowhere grabs him and shoves him up against the wall. Behrooz is confused as Curtis demands that he tell him about Habib Marwan. Lying again Curtis says that Behrooz’s mother gave them information and she said that he can give them more. Behrooz doesn’t know anything, he is the leader and he heard his parents talking to Marwan. Tony gives the go-ahead nod to Richards and at the sight of the needle that Richards brings into the room Behrooz becomes frightened. Curtis apologises to Behrooz as Richards goes to work.

Jack is still hanging where he has been left. Marwan has called CTU and requests to speak to Michelle Dessler. Before she picks up Michelle wants everyone at CTU on this. She gives the nod and Marwan instructs her to prepare to meet at a nearby bridge in 30 minutes. Michelle needs to know if Jack is still alive, Marwan agrees. He calmly holds the phone down to Jack and Jack immediately starts to say that he’s in an abandoned warehouse somewhere downtown. Michelle doesn’t know if she can make it happen in 30 minutes but Marwan has already hung up. Michelle slams down her earpiece in frustration saying, “Dammit.”

Jack is left with Marwan and he is of the opinion that CTU will never go through with the exchange. If Behrooz has value to Marwan then he has value to CTU. They will never let Marwan have him back. Marwan’s worker catches him as he comes by and says that the police report has been distributed, CTU will be alerted in the next few minutes.

Edgar is working on his system and the LAPD hourly report pops up on his screen. He asks Chloe what she usually does with them and Chloe goes through them and promotes the flagged items. Chloe smartly says, “I’d get on them if I were you.” Edgar doesn’t have time, he will hand it off to Meg, a lower level analyst, and wait until they are done with the exchange. Edgar calls Meg and asks her to do the hourly’s. She is swamped but Edgar says it’s worse up where he is. She agrees to take them for him and starts to work through them.

Anderson is now dressed as a mechanic and goes into the office of the head mechanic. He says that the Phoenix is ready to go, the strut pin was fine, it was just a faulty sensor. He claims to have triple checked it and offers his report. The head has a quick look and says that’s alright, he makes a call and clears the plane for take off.



Jack still messing with wires where he is being held.

Chloe comes into the waiting room and Audrey is immediately suspicious of her presence. She asks what’s wrong but Chloe has no bad news about Jack, if that’s what she’s asking. Audrey looks slightly stunned and Chloe ploughs on saying that Audrey is the official DOD representative here so she has some non-disclosures for Audrey, Chloe has flagged where she needs to sign and she can do it whenever she wants. Audrey will do it now so Chloe sticks around. She is sorry about Audrey’s husband and she can’t imagine what she must be feeling right now. Audrey is feeling like someone who is afraid of losing her husband but Chloe starts rambling, ‘You’re separated and then you fall in love with Jack, I guess, and then Paul takes a bullet to save his life. What do you do with that?’ Audrey is stunned at Chloe’s bluntness and says she can’t think about that right now. Chloe seems to realize she has done something wrong, “I was inappropriately blunt, wasn’t I? I Do that a lot, sorry.” She mumbles about having to go, she has a field meeting and Audrey returns her attention to Paul.

Curtis is still interrogating Behrooz and he is obviously drugged up and tired. Curtis asks if he was in the room when his parents spoke to Marwan. Behrooz claims he was not, his parents always spoke to him alone. They sent him out of the room when they planned the attack and told him that they didn’t want him there. Tony is still watching and is called about a briefing that is coming. He tells the tech that if Behrooz produces something relevant to let him know.

Chloe’s phone rings and Meg is calling from downstairs. The hourly’s have something that they might be interested, in Air Force pilot’s wife and kids have been missing for two hours. Chloe observes out loud that she doesn’t know how someone can be missing after 2 hours. Chloe is busy doing tactical on the trade for Jack so she calls Edgar. Chloe informs her of the find by Meg but he wants her to do the follow up. Chloe reminds Edgar that it is his job as the lead tech, it’s that what he thinks he is. Edgar warns Chloe not to get sarcastic, he’ll do it.

Audrey stops Tony about the briefing asking if it’s about Jack. Tony admits it will be decided by Division, it could go either way. Tony tells Audrey wisely. ‘I don’t have to tell you Jack would want us to do what’s best for the country, not what’s best for him.’

Michelle spots the guys from Division arriving and the head guy is introduced as Bill Buchanan. He is overseeing what is going on and wants everything run by him. Before they go forward he wants to know a few things. What is the value of the boy? They don’t have anything on him, no ties to Marwan, he is not carrying anything on him, he was scanned for implanted objects when he arrived at CTU. Bill doesn’t like giving something up unless he knows the value. Chloe pipes up that they would get Jack back if they did the exchange but that can’t be the only factor. They would lose an opportunity to track Marwan if they didn’t go through with the trade. This is a reason that Bill likes, they can plant a tracker on the boy. Bill reminds them that they tried to trace Dina and Jack an hour ago and they killed Dina and captured Jack. They will plant two trackers on Behrooz, one for Marwan to find and one that will be sub-cutaneous. They will work out the details of the op when Marwan calls back.

Marwan calls Anderson, the pilot. He should be airborne in 30 minutes. Marwan wants him to get back to him. Jack is working hard at short-circuiting the box that he is chained close to. He catches someone coming and grunts his way back down to where he’s supposed to be. When the thug gets close enough, Jack kicks him and knocks him down and then goes after the second one. Jack gets a few kicks in before one of the thugs hits Jack in the face and knocks him unconscious. They unchain him and drag him away. The box Jack had been playing with silently emits a few sparks.


Edgar is on the phone and Meg has appeared with the disk that has the LAPD information on it. Edgar tells her to just add it to the pile, he’s on the phone. She looks hesitant and then puts it on top of a stack of unorganized CD’s in a box and walks away.

Audrey is still in the waiting room and a nurse finally comes out. She updates Audrey that her husband should be out of surgery in the next hour. Audrey wants more information but the nurse has said al she will. Tony shows up again and asks about Paul. Audrey still doesn’t know anything so he tells her about Jack’s op instead. They are going to go through with the exchange but it’s never that simple. If Marwan wants the kid then there’s no reason for him to hurt Jack. He will be covered by field agents. Audrey wants to know if Tony will be there himself. Tony admits he will not be but Curtis will be there and Tony will be running it from CTU. Audrey wants to know if the primary objective is to recover Jack. Tony grimly admits no it isn’t. She has walked away from Tony and he goes back over to her. They have to consider Jack expendable, the whole operation is about creating an exposure point for Marwan. Audrey is aware of this and she thanks Tony for being so straight with her. Tony looks at her and sighs. He admits in a voice just above a whisper. ‘Jack’s about the only friend I have left so I’m gonna do everything I can to keep him safe.’ He leaves Audrey alone to cry some more.

Behrooz is led into another room where Curtis is. Curtis is ready to go wearing a flack jacket. Behrooz is worried and asks where they’re going. Curtis tells Behrooz about the offer and the trade. Behrooz doesn’t know what Marwan would want with him. Curtis assures him that his mother knows about this and they don’t know why Marwan wants him either. Curtis tells Behrooz that CTU will be behind him every step of the way. Behrooz, upset and near tears says that they made a deal to put him and his mother in witness protection. He begs them not to do this but that is not an option. Curtis holds out a watch with a tracker and tells Behrooz to put it on. Behrooz refuses and so Curtis and the other agent grab Behrooz and force it on him. At the same time Curtis mutters to him, ‘Hang on, this will sting’ and the other agent injects a micro-tracker into Behrooz’s head, just above the hairline. He winces and says that they don’t care about him, they’re just using him. Curtis doesn’t answer, they prepare to go but Behrooz’s words have obviously gotten to Curtis, he looks distraught.

Edgar works and finally finds a minute to get to the LAPD reports. He grabs the disk and puts it in the computer just as Tony shows up at his station with another task. Tony asks Edgar to get the video feed set up but Edgar needs to get to the hourly’s. Tony thinks the video is a priority, he can do the hourly’s right after.

Behrooz is led out of CTU, Chloe confirms that the trackers are working. They will still be able to trace the one in the back of his neck when the watch is found. No one is to enter the area until they hear again from Marwan. Castle and his team are also on the way.

The phone rings and it is Marwan himself. Michelle comes on and Marwan says he has the final instructions and they are to make sure they follow them. Marwan asks how they are transporting Behrooz and Michelle says they are using their vehicles. Marwan says they are to approach from the back gate and Behrooz is to get out by himself. He will talk towards the gate and a man will be there to pick him up. Michelle wants to know where Jack will be in this, Marwan says he will be in a van. Michelle gets a negative nod from Bill and so she tells Marwan that’s unacceptable, she must see Jack before they let Behrooz go. Marwan accepts this and Michelle also stipulates that Jack must be unharmed. Marwan casually says, “Your boy scout is just fine.” Marwan reiterates that Behrooz is to get out by himself and if any of their agents get out he will die. Marwan says that the vehicle is 5 minutes out so they will meet in 5 minutes. Marwan speaks to his thug and tells him that as soon as they have Behrooz they are to kill Bauer.



Again Jack wakes up in the back of a van. He looks at the floor and squints. The thugs are talking, Jack again pretends to be knocked out. The screen splits and Behrooz appears in the other side, the two people that are being traded.

Behrooz asks Curtis who is going to protect him, CTU will, they have put trackers on him. Behrooz is sure that Marwan will find them. Curtis says that they have the area surrounded and they will protect you. Now Behrooz wants to know why they would protect him, he’s nothing to them, they think he’s a terrorist. Curtis says sincerely that he doesn’t think that Behrooz is a terrorist. Behrooz suggests that they get Marwan at the exchange since he’s going to be there. Curtis contradicts, they think he’s not and they need Behrooz to lead them to him. Curtis says it will be okay, Behrooz says it’s not.

Marwan has a shooter in position on a nearby rooftop. He confirms that CTU is not there. Marwan says to wait until the exchange happens and when he gives him the word the sniper is to take out Bauer. Once the trade is made they need to keep CTU distracted ideally until they have hit the target. Marwan is asked what he’s going to do with Behrooz. He has not decided.

CTU can be seen driving up, the sniper gets down into position. Curtis gets out of the van and pulls Behrooz out. The sniper gets ready and calls Marwan. He calls Marwan and says that CTU is there. Marwan gives the okay to send in the van. Behrooz continues to protest the exchange, he’s afraid. Curtis is behind Behrooz and the van drives up on the other side that carries Jack. Curtis tells CTU that they are there, Tony, Michelle and Bill all listen carefully. The van pulls up quite close to the CTU van so the walk is short, about 50 feet. The door opens and Jack is dragged out of the van on the other side. Curtis tells CTU he has Jack and Tony thinks this is all they might get, they could converge on them now but they don’t think that Marwan is in the area, the only vehicle was the van and they might take it out themselves is Marwan is not there. They decide to do the trade, Curtis gives the go for Behrooz. Behrooz takes a few tentative steps and Jack is also set free. Jack is holding his side while Behrooz looks back at CTU. The two pass in the centre and Behrooz asks Jack if his mother is in the van. Jack says no and Behrooz says that she was working with Jack, where is she? Jack claims not to know and Behrooz yells to Jack’s retreating back, ‘I don’t want to die.’ Behrooz tries to get back to CTU but the thugs have a hold of him. Jack walks calmly and a shot rings out in the night. Instead of the sniper shooting Jack, someone has shot the sniper. Agents appear and Jack is grabbed and rushed to safety under the protection of CTU. Jack yells the whole time, ‘Why’d you give the kid?’ Curtis tells Jack as he passes that they are tracking him, it’s okay. Jack is safely put in one SUV, Curtis is in another.

Tony’s cell phone rings and Jack is the one calling. He is finally wiping the blood off his face but tells Tony that he’s fine. Jack tells them that they need to run a phone matrix everywhere within 20 miles of the exchange point. He managed to short circuit some phones lines so if they can find a place that has two errors in one building that’s Marwan’s hide out. Marwan was there when Jack left but he doesn’t know how long he will stay there. Tony is on it.

Curtis calls Chloe and wants to know if the trackers are working. She says they’re fine, he wants to know when anything changes.

Marwan calls his thug and instructs him to find the trackers that CTU would have plated on the boy. Do not call back until he has found them. One of the other thugs is using a device to find the trackers, it sounds like a metal detector and he hovers it over Behrooz’s body checking for signal. He finds the watch and as he pulls it off Behrooz asks where his mother is. The man says that she’s dead and then smashes Behrooz’s watch. He doesn’t believe the man but he just continues to search for trackers. He finds the one in Behrooz’s head and Behrooz watches in horror as the man snaps out his knife and cuts the tracker out.

Curtis’s phone rings and Chloe says that they found the watch but the other tracker is fine. Soon, though, Chloe has to eat those words as it stops blinking on the screen. They are without tracking for Behrooz. They need to keep a visual on the van.

Edgar finally gets the LAPD CD in and looks at it. Chloe calls and wants him to run satellite and Edgar says that he has something Chloe should see. Chloe needs the satellite before they kill Behrooz Araz. Edgar pulls the CD back out.

In the split screen we see Jack wiping his face off, Behrooz in the van, Curtis, Tony on the phone, Michelle keeping tabs on everything with Bill.

Tony has found the location of the phone disturbance that Jack created. He is told to download the coordinates to tactical right now.

Marwan says that the window of opportunity is closing, Anderson gets the plane going and we see it leave the hangar and head to the runway.


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