4.14: 8:00pm - 9:00pm
~ Set Up ~


Jack is on a chopper with Paul. Paul has an oxygen mask on and doesn’t appear to be conscious. The medic that is working on Paul says he’s bleeding out, they need two liters. Jack calls for Paul to stay with them, they’re almost there. Jack gets out his cell phone and makes a phone call. Audrey answers as she sits at CTU. When she hears Jack’s voice she is relieved and asks if Jack is okay. Jack doesn’t answer the direct question but tells Audrey that he needs her to listen. Paul has been shot. The reaction is evident on her face but she says nothing. Jack tries to get her attention back to him. Her eyes fill with tears and she leans over in her chair. Jack yet again calls her name and she finally responds asking how bad it is. Jack doesn’t know, the medics are working on him and they will be at CTU in a few minutes. Audrey is upset and wants to know how this happened. Jack explains that they were securing the area and a gunman tried to shoot him. Paul pushed him out of the way. “He saved my life.” Audrey again says nothing until Jack calls her. She is still there but she admits she doesn’t know what to say. Jack thinks she doesn’t have to say anything, the surgeons have been notified and they will do everything they have to. Audrey understands and Jack apologizes. He will see her in a minute. They hang up and Audrey wipes her eyes.

Heller is on the phone with the President. Heller tells him that it appears that Marwan is directly responsible for everything today from the abduction to the power plant melt down. The bad news is that they believe that he is planning more attacks because of a spike in chatter that NSA is picking up. They are trying to find out the potential targets, they need to preempt another strike and Heller thinks their best chance is to get Marwan. They believe that the document that Jack recovered contains data about Marwan’s network and they plan on using it to find Marwan. The President wants to know what happens if it doesn’t, Heller thinks they need to hope that it does. As Heller talks to Keeler, he makes his way to the roof to meet Paul’s helicopter. Keeler says that he doesn’t know if the social fabric of the country can take another terrorist attack, he is concerned about the civil unrest if another attack occurs. Heller asks if he wants to impose Martial Law and that is precisely what Keeler is getting at. Heller has a meeting in LA to talk about their options. Keeler asks Jim to keep it between the two of them.


Heller has arrived on the roof and Audrey is waiting as well. The chopper is in sight and bumps down to a landing. Audrey anxiously awaits as the CTU doctors go to the chopper and then unload Paul. Medical orders are given as Audrey runs up to Paul. She touches his face and leans over him asking if he can hear her. They barely even pause and say that they need to get him to surgery. Paul is wheeled away and Audrey turns on her heels and goes straight to Jack who looks upset himself at the result of the events so far. He tells Audrey he is sorry and Audrey, angry and crying says to Jack, “Please tell me he’s not gonna die.” Jack tells Audrey to come to him, she hardly moves and he reaches out and pulls her into a hug. She begs him, “Please, tell me …” The only answer Jack has is, “We don’t know, we just don’t know” as she watches Paul wheeled into the building. Jack lets Audrey go and she looks at him for a second before her father arrives and, saying nothing to Jack, takes her into CTU. Before Jack has time to do anything else Tony and Michelle arrive. They establish that he is okay and Tony tells Jack that they were able to decode some of the printout and it came up as someone that was on their watch list but they had no idea that he was involved with Marwan. They walk into the building.

Audrey has followed Paul down to the clinic but is told that she needs to stay outside while her husband is prepped for surgery. Audrey gets Paul’s attention and finally he responds. He looks at her and she tells him that she wants him to know that she is there and she will be there when he gets out of surgery. They must take Paul now and Audrey turns to her father and hugs him as they go to work on Paul.

Tony briefs Jack that that the name is Joseph Fayed and he’s a professor of chemical engineering. Tony says that they are sending a team to get him right now. Jack says that’s a mistake, he might be the only chance they have to get to Marwan. Marwan chooses his inner circle very carefully and this man would probably rather die than give up the information. Tony doesn’t know what else they can do; they don’t have time to set up an undercover scenario with one of their men. Jack thinks it doesn’t have to be one of theirs. Tony wants to know who then and Jack points out the Dina Araz is already there. Dina has already made her deal, they have nothing left to offer her but Jack thinks he can convince her. He tells Michelle to get the teams ready and let him talk to Dina. If he can’t convince her to cooperate by the time the team is ready to go then Michelle can send them but they need to know what Marwan is planning next.

Marwan meets up with Anderson, the man from the last episode. The information that is given to him is that ‘he’ is at a hotel half a kilometer from the base. Anderson will need his entire flight package; Marwan assures him that they will have whatever he needs. Anderson gets back in the car and leaves.

A woman and a man are in bed. The man looks somewhat like Anderson and the woman asks seductively if that’s all he’s got. He says for now it is and he starts to stir. She protests that she hasn’t seen him in two weeks but he has to get to the base, after consulting his watch he realizes that he’s going to be late as it is. He gets his white shirt ready and says he’s all wrinkled. She tells him not to worry and a phone on the bedside table rings. She answers it and says it’s for him. He’s confused and then she says that it is his wife. Now the pilot is even more confused, it’s her phone. Mortified he takes the phone and answers in a would-be happy voice, “Dori!” His wife is upset, but not because he thought she would be. She explains that there are men there, they’ve got guns and they said that they were going to kill the children if he doesn’t do what they say. She identifies her husband as John and he tells his wife to put the men on the phone. A hand is seen but instead of answering the phone it hangs it up. Before John can recover from what he’s heard he hears the sound of a gun cocking. He turns around and sees his lover with a gun pointed at him. She tells him to put his clothes on.

Michelle watches inside the interrogation room where Dina Araz is. The tactical team is being prepped; they’ve got 5 minutes until their ready. Tony shows up to watch the events and inside the room Dina is sitting down. Jack comes up to Dina with a tablet PC. He shows the picture of Fayed and asks Dina if she recognizes him. Dina says that she already told his people that she doesn’t. Jack asks if he’s connected to Marwan and Dina again says that she doesn’t know him. There is no communication between the cells. Jack says he’s Joseph Fayed, professor at Green University. Dina says that Jack knows more about him than she does. Jack needs to reach Marwan but he can’t do it without help. Dina has already cooperated and is not interested but Jack says that’s not necessarily true. He shows her an image of her son sitting in another holding cell. Jack observes that she loves her son and she’s already shown them that today but unless Dina helps them out that will be the last time that she will ever see him for the rest of her life. Michelle rings in the other room and she instructs the teams to stand by. She hangs up and tells Tony that they are 10 minutes from Fayed’s house. Tony wants her to give Jack one more minute. Inside, Jack is offering Dina her freedom, a life with her son. They would enter the Witness Protection Program; they would get new names, ID’s and everything. Jack asks the question of which life Dina wants. Dina looks at Jack but doesn’t say anything. He gives her a small chance to decide but then gets up, they’re out of time. He puts his code in the door and opens it before Dina stops him by asking what he needs her to do. Jack doubles back and crouches next to Dina. Jack wants her to go to Fayed and then get him in touch with her to Marwan. Dina says that Fayed won’t let her through the door but Jack thinks he will if she has a hostage. Dina asks who her hostage would be and Jack answers gravely, “Me.”



As we come back from commercial we see Audrey pacing around waiting for word on Paul.

John, the pilot, asks his lover what this is all about, what is she doing? She explains that she is passing him along to someone but she doesn’t know who. John wants to know who she is paid by but she doesn’t ask. She works for herself and that’s how she stays alive. She has sauntered over to the window and as she looks out John uses the room service cart to hit her with. She reacts fast and after a struggle John ends up on the ground with a knife to his throat. She threatens that if he doesn’t cooperate his family will die. She asks if he understands and he nods just as there is a knock at the door. Mr. Anderson has arrived in his flight uniform. He gives a bag to the girl and as she starts to count the contents it he says it’s all there. Anderson has his gun drawn on John and after the girl makes her exit Anderson tells John to get his things, ‘we have a plane to catch.’

Michelle is briefing the CTU team. Marwan is planning another strike and they have to stop him before that happens. They are planning an undercover operation which they hope will lead them to Marwan through Joseph Fayed. She shows an image of him and says that they have struck a deal with Dina Araz. Curtis is confused; Marwan knows they had Dina Araz in custody. Michelle leaves it to Jack to run through the cover story. Jack begins to explain the story they have come up with. One hour ago Jack was transporting Dina to a federal detention facility and they were attacked by the surviving members of Navi’s terrorist cell. Jack managed to kill or wound all of them but Jack was injured and Dina took him hostage. She will take Jack to Fayed and then hopefully to Marwan. Tony pipes up that because they are both likely to be searched by Fayed tracking and surveillance is a problem. They plan to use parabolics to hear the conversations going on. Curtis is unsure that Dina will be able to sell this story to Fayed but Jack shoots him down by reminding Curtis that she has lived in the US while part of a terrorist cell for years, she is an expert at deception. Curtis expresses slight concern that she might deceive them instead. No matter how well the story goes over Jack will be in extreme and immediate danger; they have zero tolerance for errors. Jack heads out the door and wishes everyone luck. As the team leaves Michelle asks Curtis to go and interrogate the detainees from McLennan-Forster. He agrees. Edgar is left behind and Tony asks him to get a hold of LAPD and Cal-Tran to tell them about the supposed ambush, they need to put it in their logs. Edgar will need an exact time but Tony snaps that Jack just finished telling them, one hour ago. Edgar defends himself saying he didn’t know if there was an updated scenario but Tony isn’t buying it, Edgar wasn’t paying attention. It’s Edgar’s turn to be mad and he tells Tony bluntly that ‘I don’t like people talking to me like I don’t know what I’m doing, especially people that don’t really work here.’ He leaves and Michelle asks Tony if there’s a problem with Edgar. Tony brings her up to speed on Edgar’s mother being caught in a radiation zone and taking her own life. It hadn’t been bothering Edgar but it might be catching up with him. Michelle wants to know if he is good enough to run the COM part of this operation. Tony observes that based on what he just saw, no. Michelle inquires about Chloe; she didn’t see her on the active roster. Tony tells her that Driscoll let her go because she sided against Driscoll and with Jack. It turns out that Jack was right. Michelle thanks Tony and leaves him.

Michelle goes to a computer and looks up something. She dials out on her phone and Chloe answers. She is at home. Chloe asks if Michelle is calling from Division but Michelle tells her she’s back at CTU, Heller asked her to take over. Chloe immediately jumps to thinking Driscoll has been fired and says that’s too bad but she obviously doesn’t mean it. Chloe asks Michelle to remind Edgar to update the logs, he gets overwhelmed sometimes. Michelle will but then says that Chloe is better at what she does than anyone she has ever worked with. She needs Chloe at CTU. Chloe resists, she’s had enough for today. Michelle tells Chloe that this would be for Jack. They need to mount massive surveillance in very little time. They just need a few hours of Chloe’s time and then she can move on. Michelle just wants to do everything she can to assure Jack’s safety. Chloe agrees to come in to help out and after Michelle thanks her and hangs up a hint of a smile crosses Chloe’s face.

Jack briefs Tony on what’s going on at the staged story site. There are cars and they’re using bodies of the terrorists from the rescue earlier. The follow team will stay as close as possible but Tony warns Jack that he’s really flying without a net. If a hostile decides to take Jack out without warning there’s nothing CTU can do. Jack is aware of this and Tony suggests Jack go and see Audrey at the clinic to say goodbye before he goes. Jack can see her in the clinic over Tony’s shoulder. Heller is leaning on the wall and Audrey is pacing around. Jack says Audrey has a lot on her mind. Tony tries to convince Jack, she should know what he’s about to do. Jack thinks that Audrey has been through enough today and he finalizes his decision by leaving to go see Dina. Tony follows and gives Dina the timeline that she is to know before they go. He wants to talk through the details. Dina is unwilling to cooperate until she sees her son. Tony has no time but Dina says it’s non-negotiable. Jack gives his quiet okay so Tony goes to get him ready. Jack says that she needs to be familiar with every aspect of the cover story. Dina can see her son but only for a minute. Jack enters his code into the door and he leads Dina out to see her son. They immediately embrace as Tony and Jack stand off to the side. Behrooz says that they wouldn’t tell him where his mother is or even if he would see her again. Dina says that they’re going to be together, everything has changed. She has agreed to do something for them. Behrooz wants to know what it is; Dina tells him she has agreed to find Marwan for them. Behrooz is slightly panicked, he is too dangerous. Dina can handle Marwan and tells him not to worry, she’ll be fine. Behrooz doesn’t seem to believe what his mother is telling him and looks very worried. Jack calls Dina ‘Mrs. Araz’ and says it’s time. They say their goodbyes and Dina looks at Behrooz, smiles and goes. Jack waits for her to pass and then closes the door leaving Behrooz standing alone in the middle of the holding room.



Tony crosses CTU and goes to Michelle. She asks if surveillance is ready to go. They have audios running and they should be able to hear inside the house assuming Jack and Dina get that far. Edgar is having some trouble and Chloe appears behind him suggesting another way to do what he is doing. Edgar is surprised to see Chloe there and asks why she’s there. Chloe explains that Michelle thought he could use the help. She tells him to offload some of his tasks to her. Edgar can handle his assignment but Chloe thinks obviously not or Michelle wouldn’t have called her.

Michelle arrives and tells Edgar she meant to tell him before Chloe got there. Edgar tries to defend his position saying he’s fine but Michelle tells him it’s not a debate, he is to do it. Michelle tells them that Jack is approaching area now. She calls surveillance on a two-way radio and a man named Baron answers. He is sitting in an SUV with another agent and they are ready to go. Baron will leave the line open and they get the equipment out pointing the audio receiver out the window. Jack pulls up in his own SUV with Dina in the passenger seat. He parks the car and takes out a white handkerchief as he talks to Dina. She asks if they are alone but Jack explains they have audio surveillance. Dina asks what that means so Jack says simply “Can you hear me.” Lights in the SUV behind them flash and Jack copies. Dina now understands but is puzzled about something else. She watches Jack get out a military-style knife. She asks what he’s doing and Jack explains that he has to make it look like he was injured in the attack. He turns the knife towards himself and without hesitation he plunges it into his own midsection just above his waist and on the far right. Dina watches in horror as Jack withdraws the knife and winces. He now gets his gun out and loads it by cocking it twice to get a bullet in the chamber. Jack hands the gun to Dina but she hesitates in taking it. Jack must know that she wants to kill him. He reminds her that she won’t, though, because of her son. This has to look as convincing as possible. Jack is ready to go and they both get out of the vehicle, Jack holding his new stab wound and Dina walking beside him with his gun and holding onto his arm as if he is captured. As they approach the house Dina wants to know what happens if Fayed doesn’t believe them. Jack answers that they will both be dead.

Inside the house Fayed is watching the news about the nuclear meltdown and the evacuation. There’s a knock at the door and Fayed turns the TV off and goes into a nearby drawer removing a gun. He asks who is at the door without opening it and Dina identifies herself. He doesn’t recognize the name and she says she’s a friend, her husband Navi was killed, Fayed stands firm that he doesn’t know what Dina is talking about. He wants her to go away. She mentions Marwan but Fayed tells her to go away or he’ll call the police. Dina says that he won’t do that and they both know why. Finally he accepts Dina’s story and asks what she wants. Dina says that she has a hostage, someone Marwan will want, he’s a Federal Agent and his name is Jack Bauer. She wants to be let in before someone sees them. Fayed quickly opens the door and in one motion pulls Jack in and slams him against the wall. While looking at Jack Fayed instructs Dina to put her gun down and close the door. He starts to frisk Jack and as he works his way up Jack’s right side he draws his hand back and looks at it seeing blood. He lifts Jack’s jacket and sees his fresh knife wound and the white handkerchief hanging from his waist. Once satisfied Jack is not wired or armed Fayed hits Jack hard on the back of his head with his gun. Jack falls sideways onto the floor unconscious. Fayed now starts on Dina asking how she found him. Dina says that her husband told her about him but Fayed doesn’t know Dina’s husband. Dina snaps that he knew Fayed so he asks what has happened. Dina explains that her husband was killed and she was captured. She was being transferred from CTU when their people attacked the van. She heard an explosion but they were all killed except her and Bauer. Bauer was wounded and Dina took him hostage. She tells Fayed the location when he asks so he gets on the phone to Marwan. Fayed tells Marwan that Dina has come to him and says that her husband has been killed but she claims that her husband told her about him. Marwan accepts that story and Fayed says that Dina wants to bring Marwan a hostage, Agent Jack Bauer. Marwan seems familiar with Jack. At CTU they are listening to all of this but they are unable to pick up Marwan’s side of the conversation, it’s encrypted. As Fayed tells the story to Marwan Jack comes to on the floor, opening his eyes but not moving. Marwan instructs Fayed to bring them to him; he will call back in 5 minutes with the details. He asks if Fayed understands and he says he does. Dina watches as Fayed hangs up the phone and then says that Marwan wants to see them. At CTU Michelle tells Baron it’s a go and he already knows since he’s been listening too. He will coordinate the follow grid on their end.

John the pilot arrives on the Air Force base. He dives up to the security checkpoint and hands over his ID cards. They use a mirror to look under the car and then John is asked to pop the trunk. John questions when they started searching officers cars at the gate but the sergeant there just says it’s an elevated threat level. John opens the trunk and the man who looks in it is satisfied there is nothing there. He then comes up the side of the car and looking like he suspects something opens up the back door and looks in there too. John is given the okay to go and so he leaves. Shortly John parks the car and Anderson out by pulling down the back seat. Anderson comes out and radios in saying he’s on base, the voice on the other end says to proceed as planned. John wants to talk to his family but Anderson says to open the trunk. He again asks to speak to his family but as he opens the trunk Anderson tells him, “Your family’s dead, and so are you.” He shoots John twice and he falls into the trunk. Anderson takes John’s dog tags and ID and then gets out a pair of pliers.



Paul is still in surgery and as Heller still waits leaning on a beam in the middle of the room Audrey paces around. A doctor comes out and tells Audrey that Paul had bullet wounds to his chest and abdomen. They’ve removed one but they’ve called neurosurgery in from Cedars Hospital to take out the second one. Heller asks why they called Neurosurgery and the doctor explains that the bullet is lodged at the T5 vertebra and they don’t want to have to sustain any more trauma. Audrey sits down saying that she can’t believe that this is happening. The doctor will let them know when they learn anything. Heller sits down next to his daughter and tries to console her. Audrey admits that she didn’t realize how much she cared for Paul until now. Heller is aware that this is a very bad time but the President has called on him and he has to leave. Audrey seems okay with this and Heller assures her that he will be reachable on his cell phone and the doctors will be updating him as well. He tells Audrey that he loves her and that he’s proud to be her Dad. Audrey says she loves him as well and tells him to be careful.

Fayed, Dina and Jack are in Fayed station wagon. Dina is driving and Fayed has is gun at the ready. Jack is lying down in the back seat and wants to know where they are taking him. Dina tells him to shut up and then asks Fayed how much farther they are going. Fayed says it won’t be long. Fayed is angry that Dina contacted him, she says that she wouldn’t have if she had had a choice. He says that as a result he has no choice. They do whatever they have to for their cause so Dina asks what the problem is. Fayed has no problem. Jack watches them carefully. Behind them CTU is following and Fayed’s vehicle is turning onto a smaller road, the follow teams are instructed by Michelle to keep their distance and drop back, they can’t afford to be spotted at this point. Tony looks worried about the whole situation. Fayed and crew turn into a tunnel so surveillance stays way back, he is slowing down. They are too far away for their parabolic coverage and Chloe says they will be off the satellite for 20 seconds as they pass. Jack watches like he knows what’s about to happen, they are stopped by a construction crew in the tunnel. Dana pulls the car off and men appear all around the car. Dina and Jack are pulled out and Fayed is given a silver briefcase. He gets in the car alone and drives away. Dina and Jack are roughly thrown into the back end of a fifteen-passenger style van. The doors are closed and they start to drive. Tony watches the satellite anxiously and observes that this is taking too long. Within seconds they have Fayed coming out of the tunnel. Follow teams have him as well but they see him getting onto a road that doubles back to the way Fayed came. Tony, frustrated, says that he has spent the last five minutes driving in a circle. Edgar suggests that it might be to detect surveillance but Tony wants to switch to infrared and see how many people are in that car. Chloe does it and finds that there is only one heat stamp in the car, one person. They’ve made a switch in the tunnel. Michelle gives the order to the follow team that the undercover part of the operation is over, they are to move in and stop any vehicle in the perimeter. Tony wants Chloe to go back into archives and see what happened. Baron and the other agents are closing in on Fayed. They have him on a bridge and with marked and unmarked cars they screech in and surround Fayed. Baron leads the approach demanding that Fayed get out of the car and put his hands up now. Fayed sits in the vehicle with a trigger in his hand. Baron gets close enough to see what is going on and as Fayed initiates the blast Baron yells ‘bomb’. Some of the agents manage to take cover but as the explosion happens some are thrown by the blast. At CTU they are watching the action on satellite and they see the vehicle but then the explosion and the aftermath, smoke. Michelle puts her hand together and covers her face, Tony looks ill at what he is seeing on the screen. Michelle, sounding like she doesn’t believe what she’s saying says, “Marwan set us up.”



On the site of the explosion an agent that identifies himself as Dalton calls Tony. He sounds slightly panicked and says that Baron is dead and so is Fayed. He asks about Jack and says there are no hostiles around. Chloe has footage of the tunnel entrance camera to get the plates of the three vehicles that exited while Jack was in the tunnel. Tony wants the plates of the white cargo van and Edgar is accessing the Cal-Tran interface. Chloe moves it forward to the right frame and lifts the image. She enhances the dark tunnel so they can see the plate on the van, 6CVA322. Tony is on it, he calls the information in, they are looking for the van, plates VCA322.

The van pulls up to where Marwan waits. Dina and Jack are pulled out to a waiting Marwan with black bags over their heads and hands tied. Dina stands while Jack is on his knees bending at the waist. Marwan goes straight to him pulling the bag off of his head. Jack looks around wildly focusing his eyes. Marwan says simply to Jack, “You’ve caused me a lot of trouble” and then he kicks Jack square in the face. Blood spatters all over the pavement and Jack falls apparently unconscious. Marwan tells Dina she’s sorry for her loss, Navi was a great man. He hopes his men weren’t too rough with her but it was necessary in case they were under surveillance. Dina says they weren’t followed, she was careful. Marwan compliments Dina, she is a good lair but Fayed martyred himself. Dina asks what he means but Marwan has heard enough. He points his gun at Dina’s head, she begs him to believe her, she didn’t betray him. Dina looks reasonably calm in all this and Marwan looks at Jack still lying on the ground, a pool of blood forming near his mouth. Marwan flips his gun around and tells Dina to prove it to him, kill Jack. She toys with the gun as Marwan goes over and shoves Jack up off the ground. He is reeling from the hit and does not stay stationary bobbing back, forth and sideways, blood around his mouth and nose. Jack looks at Marwan and Dina puts the gun to Jack’s head. He looks afraid while he waits for Dina to pull the trigger but instead of shooting Jack, Dina whips the gun around and pulls the trigger in the direction of Marwan. Jack opens his eyes looking confused, Marwan is not surprised when the gun does not fire but instead clicks off an empty round in his direction. Marwan says it’s just what he thought. He orders his men to get Jack out of there. They pick Jack up off the ground and practically carry him away, he is not walking well. Marwan gives another thug a nod and then goes after Jack. The man takes Dina around the corner and as she struggles he pushes her to one side after they pass through a doorway. He goes to the other side and then lets off two shots in Dina’s direction.

In the spilt screen we see Behrooz in his cell, the new surgeon arriving to work on Paul, Jack struggling to walk, flanked by men, the president and then Michelle and Tony looking worried.

Anderson arrives at a building, another officer salutes him and Anderson salutes back. Anderson goes to a door and swipes the card that he has. For fingerprint identification he pulls the finger of John out of his pocket. It scans and gets the door open. Anderson enters the airfield.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-If Audrey had known what Jack was going to tell her on the phone, I wonder if she would have still been relived that he was okay.

-Words Jack Bauer doesn’t utter all that often: “He saved my life.”

-Audrey asked Jack to help protect Paul but then Paul is the one that ends up shot while saving Jack’s life. She probably imagined it happening the other way around.

-The president is pretty quick to impose Martial Law. I hate to say it but Palmer wouldn’t have done it that way!

- Martial Law: Since I didn’t really know what this was, here’s the highlights from Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia on line. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_law)

"Martial law is the system of rules that takes effect (usually after a formal declaration) when a particular situation requires that a military authority take control of the normal administration of justice (and usually of the whole state).

Martial law is instituted most often when it becomes necessary to favour the activity of military authorities and organizations, usually for urgent unforeseen needs, and when the normal institutions of justice either cannot … due to war or civil disorder… The need to preserve the public order during an emergency is the essential goal of martial law.

Usually martial law reduces some of the personal rights ordinarily granted to the citizen, limits … and prescribes more severe penalties than ordinary law. In many countries martial law prescribes the death penalty for certain crimes, even if ordinary law doesn't contain that crime or punishment in its system.

In many countries martial law imposes particular rules, one of which is curfew. … The suspension of the writ of habeas corpus is likely to occur."

-Something is awry with Heller’s meeting with his LA man about Martial Law. We’ll find out what it is sooner or later.

-The way Audrey walked straight over to Jack after the chopper landed it looked like she was going to slap him. It was what I was actually expecting in the way that she approached him.

-I’m curious as to if Heller is angry with Jack as well, he doesn’t say anything to him all episode.

-Can we assume that Jack called into CTU and got the low-down on Michelle being there because he looks completely okay with Michelle and Tony, ex-husband and wife, standing side by side in front of him when Audrey leaves.

-Well, the printout did turn out to be helpful. Put one more in the ‘wrong’ column for me!

-It’s weird that Audrey is still called “Mrs. Raines” and they call Paul her husband. Hello separated!?!

-Now Audrey wants to be with him, she hasn’t wanted anything to do with him for the last few months and NOW she wants to be with him? This woman needs to make up her mind.

-That’s a convenient professorship for Fayed, chemical engineering? That could definifly come in handy if you’re a terrorist.

-That’s the best look ever from John the pilot “BUSTED!”

-John’s thinking, ‘Well, this is okay, now I won’t have to explain what I was doing in bed with another woman for a while’.

-The guys that run this show really love to have people in bed with bad guys. It’s great.

-How good would it have been if the girlfriend-for-hire had been Mandy from seasons 1 & 2. We like her.

-That would have been a great deal that Dina cut – too bad she’s dead.

-I love Tony’s unwavering faith in Jack’s abilities.

-Michelle and Tony seem to have put the past behind them PDQ. If only the rest of the population could cope with that kind of thing that quickly.

-It seems strange that they would offer Dina an entry to the Witness Protection Program. After all, she’s still expressed interest in being a terrorist, she just has her son’s best interests at heart.

-I always love the music in this show, subtle yet it adds to the action. When they were wheeling Paul down it was beautiful with the Harp and everything. I just had to smile, though, when Jack says that he’s going to be the hostage. If Kiefer Sutherland’s expression wasn’t enough we were jolted by the music. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still love Sean Callery.

-This John the pilot character is supposed to be trained at this kind of thing? He couldn’t even beat the girl.

-If I were Fayed I wouldn’t believe in a million years that Jack was transporting Dina essentially alone.

-I like Curtis but I couldn’t help but give a little “Bo-yah” when Jack hacked him down for suggesting that Dina might not be convincing enough.

-Where did the snap-at-Tony-I-don’t take-orders-from-you Edgar come from? I’m not sure which one is more annoying.

-Ah Tony, so blunt, so right.

-Out of everyone in the show, I think it was strangest to see Chloe at home. She just seems like she would have no exterior life other than CTU. Although, I guess she proves that by a) being home and b) being found looking at info on the threat when she’s not at work.

-Michelle sure knows the way to Chloe’s heart. Blatant compliments.

-So, lets get this Jack logic straight. Life gets saved by Tony, is in danger again but gets out of it. Life gets saved by Paul, things will be better with Audrey if Jack gets killed in the line of duty anyway thus voiding Paul’s lifesaving movement and taking Jack out of the equation for Audrey to have to worry about. If Jack survives then, well, he’s not thinking about that. Sound about right?

-Tony really doesn’t want to see Jack get hurt, again, he’s a sensitive guy.

-Couldn’t help but feeling bad for Behrooz left there standing alone as his mother leaves on a dangerous operation.

-It’s good that even Edgar has his tech-pride. He doesn’t need no stinking help!

-Okay, so not only is the time that Jack and Dina sit in the car really obvious but how about the SUV behind them with the mini-satellite outside the window and flashing lights? Why don’t they just take one with CTU painted on the side? The drug dealer that lives across the street has left town at first sight of this!

-The look on Dina’s face happened to be pretty much right on the money as she watced Jack stab himself. Talk about worried, the knife was bad enough but when he got the gun out I thought things were going to get really ugly. Thank god he was just giving it to her.

-Jack is going to have a serious headache when this is all over.

-So, I’m guessing that Navi didn’t actually know about Fayed, that would be the first indication to Marwan that something is up.

-What happened to the phone call that Fayed was supposed to get in 5 minutes from Marwan? Was is code or did we miss it? Theoretically, I guess, ‘call in 5 minutes’ could mean ‘drive to the tunnel.’

-If I’m John the Pilot there’s no way that I would be letting that guy out of his trunk. Turn the car off and start running. By the time the other guys have figured it out he could have teams to his house to get his stinkin’ family.

-Although I feel bad for John the Pilot, I think he deserved what he got. Idiot.

-Audrey’s getting really good at being really upset. And here I thought she would be a stronger match for Jack. Hmm.

So, the T5 vertebra would be very bad if Paul has severely injured it. Essentially, he could end up paralyzed by all this.

-So Audrey loves Jack and hates Paul and now she loves Paul and hates Jack. Surprised what a few hours can do. Can’t the three of them just go live happily ever after in the suburbs?

-I love Michelle’s new cell phone, the new Motorola RAZR V3. It’s very nice; I had just been drooling on it in a local store the day before this show aired so I just happened to notice.

-By the time Fayed is in the car with Dina he must know he’s gonna die, the way he’s talking he’s got to know.

-Michelle is a little overbearing on the follow teams, I think the know how to run basic surveillance.

-That guy with the stop sign that flagged Fayed, either he had a stop sign that said stop on both sides or I just found an error. They usually have STOP on one side and SLOW on the other.

-Tony is so nervous.

-Fayed looks like he really doesn’t want to die.

-I’m sure that Baron didn’t want to die either but that’s a different story. Although, in the end they both died for their respective causes.

-Tony really looked like he was going to ruin Michelle’s nice shoes after they watched the explosion on the bridge.

-Line of the week contender: “Marwan set us up.”

-The agent that id’s himself as Dalton is definitely not the same Dalton from Season 2 that appeared and then disappeared. He looked like Michael Bolton, this one looks (and sounds) a lot like Chase.

-Either Tony gave the wrong plate number for the van or all vans start with 6 in LA. Either way what was on the screen wasn’t what was told to the teams. After the lecture about mistakes I hope that it wasn’t one on Tony’s part.

-Here in Canada (eh), where hockey is abundant, that mix of blood and teeth that Jack spat out? Little teeth pieces = Chiclets. Bet you’ll never look at the gum the same way again.

-Jack did a great job of looking like he had NO idea why Dina didn’t shoot him, or was that real since we all know she’d love to kill him.

-Even though we’ve seen someone get shot at with an empty gun (a few times, actually) this was a new twist. The first time it was Drazen shooting at Jack in season 1. He wanted Jack dead but he had nothing to shoot him with. In season 3 it was Jack shooting Chase but he really didn’t want to, he just had to. This time it was someone who really wanted to but couldn’t and instead doesn’t shoot someone else. I really thought that this was what Jack was going to do in Mexico instead of shooting Chase. Judging by the way it worked out for Dina, I’m glad he made the choice he did.

-Jack just simply isn’t has hardened as he has been in previous seasons. Twice in this episode he appeared to be phased by things that probably wouldn’t have bothered the Jack Bauer of, say, season 2. When the chopper landed with Paul it looks like he is about to cry. He’s not happy that Paul is hurt. At the end of the episode he looks very scared when the gun is being held to his head. Pretty un-Jack-like if you ask me.

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