4.12: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
~ Good Old Days ~

~ Summary by Bren ~

Edgar fills Curtis in on everything he has on Marwan.  Marwan has been working at McLennan-Forster, the same company that built the override device.  Jack wants to go to McLennan-Forster HQ's himself, to check things out so he tells Curtis to take Paul and Audrey back to CTU with him.  Paul makes a comment to Jack about his company being the one that sold the IT system to McLennan-Forster.  Paul tells Jack that he can be of help to him at McLennan-Forster because he will know how to use back doors into the military files.
Erin Driscoll is telling her baby girl Maya goodbye. As soon as Sarah is told about Maya committing suicide, she goes to tell SOD Heller.  Heller suggests to Erin that she leave and go home, but she refuses.  SOD Heller and Erin get a call from the President, congratulating them.  No one knows if Marwan has something else planned other than the nuclear plant meltdowns.   Cut to Marwan getting rid of the CTU gear and getting onto a bus.  Back at CTU, the staff is being briefed and Edgar is retrieving the employee file on Marwan from McLennan-Forster.  CTU suspects that Marwan was using McLennan-Forster to recruit sleeper cells.   They also suspect that he came to America with a plan, a plan against the USA.  Erin is having problems concentrating at the briefing, so she walks out.  Sarah wants to tell SOD Heller about Erin having problems, but Tony basically overrules Sarah and Edgar agrees.
Jack calls Audrey just as she gets to CTU.  He tries to talk her into resting, but she refuses, saying she wants to be there to help out.  (BIG MOMENT)  While on the phone with Jack, Audrey literally begs him to take care of Paul.  She tells Jack that Paul is NOT like him.  Jack hesititates, but assures her he will do his best!  Jack hangs up and as he and Paul are driving, they talk.  Paul lets Jack know that he is not ready to give up on getting Audrey back.  He is willing to fight for her, but he has no hard feelings against Jack.  Jack lets Paul know that it is basically not their decision, but Audreys.
Tony and SOD Heller have their heads together trying to think of what Marwan may have planned next.  They are worried about what cells Marwan may have and if there will be another attack of some kind.  Out of nowhere, Erin faints.  One of the medic suggests she may need to eat, and takes her to get food.  After she is gone,  Heller decides that Erin has to be removed and he tells this to Tony.  Tony lets Heller know that he used to do Erin's job and he offers to take over.  Heller makes Tony the Interim Director of the L.A. branch of CTU, but he lets him know he is still going to have District send over a permanent replacement for Erin.
By now, Curtis and Sarah have more info on Marwan.  They learn that he had full security access at McLennan-Forster and that the company trains their clients to use the weapons that they manufacture.  Curtis does not think that the company is going to be so willing to co-operate as it will reflect badly on them if any of this info gets leaked.
In the meantime, John Reiss, an executive at McLennan-Forster is filling in the CEO, Gene McLennan.  He tells Mr. McLennan about the terrorist acts that Marwan was able to do while working at their company.  There is only one other person who knows all of this, and it is Dave Conlon, who is the head of security at McLennan-Forster.  Mr. McLennan is totally blown away by all of this information.  He wants to tell Jack and CTU everything!  Mr. Reiss tries to convince Mr. McLennan that telling Jack and CTU everything will ruin the McLennan-Forster company.  Mr. Reiss tells Mr. McLennan that if they do this, they will all most likely end up going to prison if they tell the truth.  Mr. Reiss swears that him and Mr. Conlon can take care of everything.  Mr. McLennan finally agrees, but he is extremely shaky about lying.  Paul and Jack finally arrive at McLennan-Forster and Mr. Conlon is right there to meet them.  Mr. Conlon tells Jack that Mr. McLennan is very busy, but Jack INSISTS on seeing him ASAP.  The more Mr. Conlon tries to stall Jack and Paul, the more suspicious Jack gets.  Mr. Conlon senses this and is smart enough to realize that Jack is not a man to put off.  He finally agrees to take them to see Mr. McLennan.  Jack informs them that he needs them to take all their servers offlice because CTU needs to check Marwans files.
Back at CTU, Erin and SOD Heller are in a room.  Heller is trying to comfort Erin and convince her to go home.  He talks about how he felt when his wife Susan died.  Erin finally agrees that she would be better off leaving CTU to grieve.  Heller is hugging Erin when Audrey walks in.  She looks at them funny and tells her dad that she just wanted to let him know that she is back.  They leave the room.  Curtis "confronts" SOD Heller and he lets him know that he is not happy about Tony  being in charge.  Curtis thinks that he is the one who should have taken over.  Erin gives all her files and her pass codes to Tony and leaves.
Mr. Reiss is taking Paul and Jack back to Marwans office and Mr. Conlon and Mr. McLennan are watching them on a security monitor.  Jack signs onto the computer to get Paul started.  Immediately, Paul notices that quite a few files were purged and he tells this to Jack.  Jack is still very suspicious, so he thinks the files might have been deleted right before him and Paul arrived.  Mr. Conlon is in his office watching everything that Paul is doing.  Before Paul can actually get to the files, Mr. Conlon clears them out of the system.  Mr. McLennan is starting to get panicky.  Mr. Conlon tells him that if they have to, they can set off an EMP which will bomb their entire system as well as shut down all their electricity.
Back at CTU, Tony is talking to the staff, letting them know that he needs updates.  Tony tells Edgar that Erin Driscoll thought very highly of Edgar and she wanted Tony to know that he could really count on Edgar.  Edgar is very surprised yet pleased to hear this.  Curtis walks over to Edgar and tells him to start looking on satellite to see if he can find Marwan.  Tony overhears this and tells Edgar to continue doing what he has told him to do, which is search for info at McLennan-Forster.  Curtis and Tony exchange words and Tony overrules Curtis.  He reassures Curtis that his main objective is to catch Marwan and that he will be leaving at the end of the day.
A man pulls a car into a dark alley where Marwan is waiting.  The man lets Marwan know that "their people" are on schedule at the air force base.
Paul is busy rebuilding the files that Mr. Conlon just deleted.  Mr. Conlon cannot believe what Paul is able to do, and he does not know how to stop Paul.  Mr. McLennan is really starting to panic now, so Mr. Reiss calls a tech and tells him to release the EMP.  The clock is ticking and it only takes 10 mins for the EMP to warm up.
Sarah starts to notice an increase in amplitude that is causing the phone taps at McLennan-Forster to cease working.  Edgar tries to reach Jack on his cell, but all he gets is a recording that the phone is out of range.  The computers at McLennan-Forster have not yet been affected, but all of  the cell and land lines are out.  Tony jumps on a computer at CTU and IM's Jack.  Jack tries calling CTU and discovers that all phones are down.  Jack barks at Paul to open up a socket so he can IM back to Tony.  Tony lets them know that everything is out all over the entire area.  About this time, Paul is able to recover an encrypted file which Jack has him copy.  Mr. Conlon can see that Paul has found something, but he has no clue what it is, so he goes running into Marwans office.   Jack finds out about the EMP and that it has been set off.  Jack knows that anything in the area that has an electrical system will be wiped out.  He IM's Tony with the info and Tony relays this info to helicopters that are in that area.  Tony lets Jack know that the EMP is located in Room 12.  Jack is now frantic.  He yells at Paul to wait for the document to finish printing and to meet him at the front door with the hard copy.  Jack takes off to try to stop the EMP.  Mr. Conlon radios security guards to stop Jack.  Mr. Conlon goes to the office where Paul is and he tells Paul that they know Paul was printing something.  Paul tells him it is in the printer.  When Mr. Conlon goes to the printer, Paul takes off running with the hard copy.  Mr. Conlon whips out a gun and chases after Paul.   Jack arrives at room 12 where there are 3 guards waiting for him.  Action Jack kicks butt, grabs one of their security cards, swipes, enters and tries to hold back the EMP, screaming NO to no avail!
Paul is hiding in a dark office, but Mr. Conlon does not see him.  Paul looks out the window and notices all the lights in the surrounding area are beginning to black out.  He realizes that Jack was unable to stop the EMP and he takes off running.  Just as Paul gets to the front door, Mr. Conlon grabs him, sticks a gun to his face and demands the printout.
Jack finds a flashlight on one of the guards he knocked out and he proceeds to try and find his way out of the building to meet Paul.
Someone is informing Edgar that a CTU helicopter has just crashed.  Tony reports to SOD Heller with an update on the EMP.  The phone rings for SOD Heller.  It is a call to let him know that Erin's replacement from District has arrived.  Tony turns to see Michelle walking into CTU.  Tony is visibly shaken/shocked.  When SOD Heller asks Tony if he knows her, Tony replies "I use to be married to her"

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