4.11: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
~ Sparky ~

~ Summary by Bren ~

Paul insists to Jack that he isn't working  with the terrorists, but his name is on a lot of different leases thru  many corprations and he that sure does look suspicious.  Since Jack doesn't know whether he can believe him or not,  he cuts a cord from a hotel lamp to shock Paul.  From the way it looked to me, Audrey was not a happy camper witnessing this.  Hey, Jack gave her a chance to leave the room!  After a few jolts, Paul isn't so cocky anymore and finally tells Jack that he doesn’t know that particular address Jack is torturing him about, but he admits that he does have some records on his laptop.

In the meantime,  
Marwan arrives at the Rockland Building where Powell’s office is located. Some peon named Ali sends Marwan to his desk at IDS Systems where he has been working away and his coworkers don't seem to have a clue about what the heck is going on around them.

Now, flash to Curtis on an abandoned floor of the building.  He seems to be unconscious after being tortured (can you blame him) and Ali tells the goon squad to kill Curtis. They unhook Curtis’s limp body and just as they are carrying him away, they find out that old Curtis was pulling the old faking, and he kills them with his bare hands.  Trust me, you actually heard the neck CRACK.  He grabs their guns and hi tails it out into the building and hits the first snafoo.  The doors are all locked by security codes.

Paul is getting busy on his laptop, where he finds info on Galaxy Financial Services, which was taken over by someone named Harris Barnes.  Paul claims his attorneys handled the sale and he does not know who this Barnes is. Jack puts Sarah to work on looking up Barnes’ identity, and of course it is an alias that was being used by Habib Marwan. Remember, Marianne had given CTU the same name so Sarah relays the address of the Rockland Building to Jack and tells him that this is where Curtis took Marianne.

Sarah finally tells Driscoll that she hasn’t been able to reach anyone, including Curtis.  Off in another part of CTU,  Tony interrogates Dina.  He threatens to hurt Behrooz and she gives up a few names.  Naturally, he figures this is the best time to ask her about Marwan.  All Dina says she knows is that he is an engineer, but that she doesn’t know who he is.   Hmmmmmmmmm

Once again, Sarah tries calling Curtis.  Ali can see and hear Curtis’ cell phone ringing but he is smart enough to not answer it. One of the other goons finds the dead guys, and he calls Ali. They know old Curtis is still around because the doors are armed. So, Ali notifies Marwan, and Marwan has him disconnect all hard lines so that Curtis cannot call CTU.  Little does Ali know, Curtis is watching Ali pull the phone lines from the wall.

Back at CTU, Erin is called to the clinic, where Maya is fighting with the doctor. She does her best to calm her down, but Maya is ticked that  work has come before her!.

Sarah fills Jack in on the status of Curtis, and Jack figures correctly that Curtis must be in trouble. Problem is, they don’t even know if Marwan is at the building. Audrey is doing her best to try and figure out why Paul was used as a link to her and Daddy Heller when he "supposedly" didn’t even know they were in L.A.  Paul apologizes to Audrey, and acts like he is devastated by what he may have done.  Kind of hard to figure out if he is for real.  Audrey falls for it tho, and she touches Paul’s shoulder in a very tender manner and Jack notices the moment between them.

By now, Tony has found out that all the names Dina spit out are mid-level cell members who all have a connection to Marwan in one way or another. He wants to interrogate Dina a bit more and Driscoll tells him to go for it.  Tony has all audio and video disconnected from the interrogation room and he pushes Dina into the outer room where he orders all the tech geeks to get out. Tony again threatens to have Behrooz thrown in jail, and this time he tells her that prison is so awful that Behrooz will want to commit suicide rather than live like that. (Tony should know, he spent 18 months in one.  Of course, it was most likely a federal prison, but still).  Dina gives in, and tells Tony that Marwan is the man that their cell reported to in the U.S. She claims that she has no idea about other cells and then she tells Tony that Marwan has the override device and that he should be at a place called the Rockland Building.

Tony lets Erin know  what Dina has confirmed. Tony calls Jack with the info and informs him that they have about twenty minutes until the next meltdown. Flash to Marwan coming down to the floor where Ali is because Marwan is worried about Curtis disappearing.  As if on cue, Curtis sneaks up one of the few henchmen left and takes his gun and phone.  He convinces the man to reveal where Marwan has the Override. Curtis calls Sarah and tells her that ding dong the witch Marianne is dead. Sarah lets Curtis know that Jack is on his way there.

Jack and company arrive at the Rockland Building and he tells Audrey and Paul to wait with the security detail.  Curtis calls Jack to let him know that he has an access card and he tells him to take the main elevator. Jack gets all geared up to go in. “I’ll be right back,” he tells Audrey.

Erin gives Daddy Heller the low down on the raid, and they call the President who is still in the air.  Erin Driscoll lets the Prez know that once they find the override, they will need to reprogram the reactors manually.  She is interrupted by a call from the doc down in the clinic who wants to move Maya to a private hospital because she is very unstable.

Erin finally breaks away from work and heads down to the clinic where Maya is out of control.  Mommy dearest tries being firm with her baby girl, but all Maya wants to do is GO HOME.  Erin tells Maya that she has to finish working first and then they'll go home.

Jack and his team ride the elevator up to meet Curtis.  They are both very cautious and when Jack opens the door, he is pointing his gun at Curtis and vice versa.  That was a great moment! Curtis tells Jack and the team that a company called IDS is where they will find Marwan. Jack is sure that the cell infiltrated a sleeper inside the company and is using their servers to download the virus to the power plants. Jack and Curtis head up the stairs to IDS and there are lots of cubicles and workers. They have no idea what Marwan even looks like.  They try their best to look like they belong there. They continue to search for Marwan. Jack sees a man acting suspicious and and he motions to Curtis. They are darn near on top of the guy, ready to make a move, but the guy is sneakily playing solitaire on his computer, simple as that.

Now, nosy Ali sees the CTU agents down on his floor and he goes flying out to call Marwan to warn him that they’ve been had. The CTU team runs after Ali, shooting. Marwan hears the gunshots, grabs his gun, and starts looking all around at the people in the cubicles etc. Jack sees him doing this, and he heads right towards Marwan’s desk. Marwan sees Jack coming, so he fires his gun towards the ceiling.  Everyone in the place scream and take off running.  Mass mayhem ensues.  Marwan grabs this opportunity to run, and Curtis grabs the override that is in the computer Marwan was working on.  Jack takes off running after Marwan.

Curtis immediately calls Edgar at CTU, and Edgar does his best to lead Curtis thru the steps to alter the override device. Edgar does the best he can do on his end.  While this is going on,  a guy tries to interrupt to let Erin know there is an urgent message from the clinic.  She tells him the clinic will just have to wait.  The reactors start responding and retreat on begins on the meltdowns. Everyone cheers for Edgar.

Erin excuses herself and hustles down to the clinic.  She finds Maya lying on the floor, blood pouring out of her wrists with a broken piece of mirror in her dead hands.  Erin starts sobbing and talking to Maya's lifeless body.  (As much as I did not care for Driscoll, this was a kleenex moment for sure).

Jack is still running after Marwan.  He radios to Agent Solarz and then Jack sees a dead CTU agent, minus his uniform.  Jack radios to the team immediately to inform them that Marwan is impersonating a CTU officer.  About that time, Agent Solarz turns to say something to the agent behind him, but it is Marwan and he IS wearing the dead CTU agents helmet and vest.  Marwan shoots Agent Solarz.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Ah, the many uses for a hotel lamp – since most of the time the lighting from them is crappy anyway it’s go to know.

-Assuming Jack and Paul both make it through this day alive, after the way Audrey reacted to Jack I can’t see her choosing him over Paul in the end.

-Was I the only one that had a nasty Kate Warner flashback when Jack was interrogating Paul and Audrey was trying to make him stop? This time, though, the woman looked thoroughly disgusted.

-That was such a wonderful trick by Curtis, I think we can call him a good agent after watching that!

-Speaking of calling people things, lets call Paul Raines “Sparky” for obvious reasons…

-Tony’s interrogation of Dina was so well done, the guy is seriously on the edge and desperate here. He reminds me quite a bit of Jack in his past days.

-Line of the Week contender: Tony to Dina as he holds her against a wall: “I know a little something about prison” – Delivered with such malice and knowledge in his eyes that you just can’t help but wonder exactly what he went through in prison.

-In these technology-rich times, they couldn’t find a better way to stop the landlines in the office building from working than pulling the wires out of the wall?!?! I laughed out loud at the sheer blatancy of it. No fancy computer tricks here *rip* *rip*!

-Overall, I’m sad that Maya ended up getting dead, at the same time, I’m sorry that we had to witness that storyline as well. Don’t like Driscoll therefore don’t really care that she has to deal with her daughter. Too much too soon.

-I honestly thought that Jack was going to get his gun out and blow Paul’s head off when Audrey and he had their little reconciliation.

-After seeing suicidal Jack in previous seasons, I wonder if we’re going to end up with sucicidal Tony and Jack helping him out. The way he talked about dying being better then being in prison that might be something that we can maybe look forward too, especially with the chemistry between Carlos Bernard and Kiefer Sutherland.

-It felt like a serious waste to do all that interrogating for a simple confirmation on a location. I know it wasn’t and it was necessary but it just seemed like so little from so much.

-Where is Behrooz anyway?

-The way Jack tells Audrey that he’ll be right back made me almost 100% certain that he would never see Audrey again. It was a very meaningful sounding sentiment for a small going away. Usually those are followed by some kind of surprising and unfortunate death.

-If I have to hear Maya say that she wants to go home ONE MORE TIME… oh wait, I won’t.

-Jack and Curtis face to face with guns had some serious intensity. Good thing Curtis remembered Jack, he does, after all, hardly know him.

-That poor guy that was just slacking off from his work playing solitaire nearly got his head blown off by Jack and Curtis. That would have been just great.

-On the topic of Marwan, I just can’t figure out of he’s supposed to have a very bad and inconsistent English accent or if he’s supposed to be from somewhere else that I can’t quite identify. Either way the accent is spotty at best and really driving me nuts. Actually, the actor himself was born in South Africa so it might be a mix of that. I can’t wait to see what his Marwan bio is going to come out as.

-So that’s 2 “Save the world” points for Edgar!

-Okay, although the uniform take by Marwan was smart, how the heck did that agent that got dead not notice that this is not the same guy he has been talking to? They must know their team reasonably well and it just seemed a bit ridiculous that Marwan could get away with that and kill another agent. Maybe if he used it to get out of the building but it just seemed a little stretched.

-This appears to be the end of the “Override” story arc. It will be interesting to see where the show is going to go from here because there doesn’t really appear to be much on the horizon. The only thing I know is I hope that it contains Jack and Tony. Other than that, I’m open to anywhere the writers might take it.

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