4.10: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
~ Connections ~


Driscoll’s phone rings Jack is calling her. He explains that they have a hostage situation involving one of the terrorists involved in the train bombing this morning. He has a hostage, is own son Behrooz who is seen as a liability. Jack asks for a thermal scan of the building for two heat sources in the basement. Dina begs Jack to save her son. Jack says that they are running out of time, he tells Tony and the others to bring Dina with them, they need her.

Navi is moving with Behrooz and he demands his son get on the floor. He is no longer Navi’s son. Behrooz questions why, because he doesn’t want to kill innocent people? Navi says that is not the case but because Behrooz is weak and he stands for nothing. He doesn’t even recognize him anymore and Behrooz asks if that will make it easier for him to kill him. Navi doesn’t answer but he plugs in the scrambler to his phone and makes a call to Marwan. He updates Marwan that there are government agents around the building, Dina has been arrested but he doesn’t think she has told them anything. She will not as long as Navi doesn’t kill the boy. It will be 2 hours before the meltdowns are complete because there are computer programmers stopping him from doing them all at once.

Jack walks and receives a phone call while Tony is nearby. There are 2 readings in the basement, the laundry room. There is a chute leading there that is big enough for one person to fit in. Jack hangs up and wants Dina brought over.

Edgar hands some statistics to Driscoll but they are 40 minutes old. He blames this on the fact that his mother just died but Driscoll has no pity. After a few seconds she concedes to being callous but encourages Edgar to do well since they are counting on him. He needs to get this done as soon as he can. Heller wants to know where they stand in stopping the override. Edgar says they have slowed it down but not stopped it completely, they must find the override device. Jack has a suspect that was a key architect in the plans for today and they have also sent Curtis to interrogate Maryanne.

Curtis enters the room and Maryanne is restrained and hooked up to what appears to be a lie detector. She requests a lawyer since she does have rights. Curtis says indeed she does and so did Henry Powell. Maryanne claims not to know a Henry Powell so Curtis fills her in that he was one of the terrorists and he’s right here. Asking if she wants to say hello, CTU agents wheel in the table where the dead Powell lay. Curtis brings back the sheet to show Maryanne who it is and he gets the reaction he was looking for. Maryanne is disgusted and calls Curtis a sick bastard. They take him out and Curtis says that CTU didn’t kill Powell, in fact, it was the same people that planted the bomb under her car. She would be dead in 15 minutes if they let her go. Maryanne’s only chance is to tell them what she knows. Maryanne wants a deal but Curtis says that her deal is that she gets to live. He asks who she worked for and Maryanne says that she only dealt with Powell, she was sent to CTU to cover his tracks if it was necessary. Once Audrey saw him at the compound she became necessary. Curtis asks for the names of the people that can get the override but Maryanne doesn’t have it. She claims to be able to get the names because Powell kept a file. It was an insurance policy in case they ever needed it. The only way to access it was through a thumb print ID of Maryanne or Powell. Since he’s dead it will have to be Maryanne.

Jack admits to have found Navi and Behrooz. They need Dina to distract her husband and he asks Tony to take her downstairs. They need to keep Navi on the line as long as possible. They agree and Jack heads out to get hooked into his harness to be lowered down the laundry chute. When he is ready Jack jumps into the chute and is dropped slowly down hanging upside down until he tells them to stop. He is in position hovering just out of sight.

Tony takes Dina down into a stairwell. She is to call Navi and remember to keep him on as long as she can. She dials and Navi, who is smelling something he has found in a cabinet, puts it back as his phone rings. Answering ‘yes’ his wife identifies herself to him. She says she is still in the hospital and says she has told the agents nothing. If he releases their son she will not. Navi can’t promise he won’t kill him, Behrooz has turned against them. In the chute, Jack gets out a mirror and peeks inside the room. Navi admits that Behrooz is alive and he will stay that way as long as Dina stays silent. Jack has visual on the suspect and confirms that the boy is alive. Jack is ready to proceed. As Navi walks with his back to Jack, he is lowered down and flips over onto his feet. He unhooks himself from the device while Navi is caught up yelling into his phone. Jack is in position and says to retract the pulley. Jack waits out of site and as the device is raised it just barely hits the corner of the chute. Jack hears it, as does Navi and he hangs up the phone. Navi looks over and instructs Behrooz not to move. Navi draws his gun and goes slowly across towards Jack. Jack waits patiently until Navi is close when he springs out and hits him in the face. The gun gets away and the men struggle as Behrooz looks at the gun. Jack still has his gun and Jack tells Navi to put his hands up slowly. Navi is closes to Jack and starts to comply but at the last second jumps at Jack and grabs his gun. As they struggle further, Tony realizes what is going on and takes off to help out. Finally Jack gets the better of Navi and he admits that he doesn’t want to have to kill him but he will. He tells Navi to get up meanwhile Tony races to help out. Jack has his gun on Navi as he gets up and interlocks his fingers behind his head. He is standing right in front of Jack when a shot rings out. The bullet narrowly misses Jack but has already travelled through Navi’s body. Navi hits the ground and Behrooz is left standing there holding the gun. Jack tells Behrooz calmly to put the gun down as he takes cover with his own gun out. Behrooz starts to freak out a bit and Tony arrives with his gun drawn as well. With two guns on him Behrooz decides to put the weapon down and Tony has him put his hands on his head. Behrooz complies as Jack takes Navi’s pulse. Dina arrives and asks if Behrooz is alright. Behrooz is upset and admits to killing his father. Jack goes to Dina and now wants his half of the deal, he wants to know where the override is. Dina doesn’t know but she knows where the work was done to plan the attacks. Jack reminds her that this was not the deal. She gives them the address of the place where they got their final assignments and she saw the men setting up for the override. They prepare to go and Tony asks about Dina and Behrooz. They are not sure if she’s telling the truth yet so they come with Jack.



Heller is told that Maryanne claims have to access to the information they need. Curtis is unsure if she is telling the truth but the polygraph shows that she is. There is a chance that she may be a sociopath. Curtis admits to having dealings with her before and Heller asks Driscoll if she can spare Curtis so he can go with Maryanne. She can not spare him but Heller orders him sent with a team and they can do without him until he gets back. They agree but after Heller walks away Driscoll and Curtis both admit they don’t like this but they are orders. He will get this done as quickly as he can.

Driscoll heads off to see Sarah who is now back with it in the clinic. Driscoll wants to know if there’s anything she needs but she says she’s fine. Driscoll wants Sarah to understand that she had no choice but to do what she did. There was a threat and she had to act accordingly. Sarah is angry that Driscoll didn’t have more faith in her. Driscoll contends that the evidence was brought to her by the Secretary of Defence and she couldn’t ignore it. She could go home and rest but it is up to her. They could use her on the floor, the St. Gabriolla reactor went down and there are 5 left critical. She needs her best people in play. Sarah agrees to go back to work and Driscoll thanks her.

Maryanne continues to be questioned about the information. She has a key card to get into the office, it will take them 5 minutes to get there, 5 to get the data so they are looking at a 15 minute operation time. Curtis threatens that if he thinks that she’s stalling he will take action. He wants her raise her leg so he can get a transmitter on. She is not going to run so Curtis coolly observes that she won’t mind wearing it then. She observes that he will have a hard time trusting her but he doesn’t have to. They don’t have to do anything except retrieve the data from her boyfriend. She has moved her hand onto his arm and coldly he demands that he get her hand off of him.

Heller and Audrey discuss the possibility of him leaving. He thinks things are too unstable still but Audrey can head off away from CTU. Sarah arrives back on the floor and is chatted up by Edgar after she brushes his questions about her interrogation off. Maryanne is claiming to have access to a computer with the information they need on it. Sara can’t belie they let her out of the building but Edgar thinks she is trying to cut a deal. They need to mobilize tactical support for Jack.

Jack and Tony get out of the SUV at the address that they got from Dina. Behrooz and Dina stay in the car and the CTU team is already ready to do. Jack introduces Tony to Agent Salarse who informs them there has been no activity at the house. Jack wants this to run as surgical as possible so the three of them are the only ones going in. They make their way to the house and Jack and Tony quickly discover that there is nothing there, even the furnishings are sparse at best. They have flashlights out so they can see where they’re going in the dimly lit place. Tony ponders that Dina must have been lying because she wants to save her son. Jack orders fingerprints on the whole place but then discovers something on the floor. They follow a power cord down into the floorboards and then start to pull up the wood. The two of them have soon uncovered a sizeable hole in the floor leading down under the house. They open the door covering it and the pair descend down under the house. Jack is first giving the all clear as Tony follows him. They turn on the light in the full sized room to reveal pictures and schematics on all of the walls. This is where they planned the kidnapping. Jack becomes lost in thought as he studies the wall. A few pictures in particular catch his eye, Heller’s son’s house which is next to an image of Heller standing next to Audrey with Jack looming ominously in the background.



Sara talks with Jack on the phone. The LOC didn’t show up on any of the watch lists but the building that the attack was planned in is owned by a company called Galaxy Financial. Jack wants a file up about the override when he gets there. He asks to talk to Tony but his phone rings again. Sarah has the address and it is recognized as a shell corporation. There was one thing that came up, though. Sara was the one that ran Paul Raines’ security clearance and when she did he came up as a partner in this company. Jack wants to be patched through to Audrey. Sara obeys and soon they are on the line together. Audrey asks if they found anything and Jack fills her in on the finding about Paul, her ex-husband. Audrey hasn’t heard of the company but Paul is the chief financial officer. They need to find him because the nature of his relationship to them he is going to have to explain this. He left CTU without saying anything but Audrey will call him and keep it personal. She will not tell him what she knows about his company. There are five power plants that can still melt down and if Paul has information that can help they need it. Audrey will call Jack back as soon as she can.

Still driving her car, Audrey takes a deep breath and begins to dial her phone. Paul is at his hotel when his phone rings on the table nearby. Audrey identifies herself and Paul was not expecting to hear from her. She comes up with a story saying that she didn’t like the way they left things off and neither did he. He is glad she called but he was going to check out. She asks where he’s going but he doesn’t answer asking what the difference is. Audrey has been thinking about what was said and there is so much going on. She thought she wanted a divorce but it’s the first time that they’ve seen each other in months, maybe it took a while for it to sink in. She convinces Paul to allow her to come over saying that she doesn’t want to have the most important conversation of her life over the phone. He tells her where his hotel is.

Jack tells the agents that he wants no one in that place until forensics is done. He wants a sample of everything. Jack heads over to Tony who puts his gun in the back of his pants. Jack needs to follow up on something alone and he wants Tony to do him a favour and take Dina and her son back to CTU and head up the interrogation. Tony snaps that they’re not going to let him set foot in CTU even if he wanted to. Jack says to Tony ‘Over the last 2 hours I saw my friend come back to life, if I press hard enough I can get you reinstated but first I need to know is that what you want?’ Tony doesn’t know and Jack, hiding his disappointment, turns away and says ‘Maybe I was wrong.’ He takes a few steps and turns around to Tony again yelling from the distance ‘You saved the life of the daughter of the Secretary of Defence who happens to be my boss, you do know that, right?’ Jack takes a few more steps until an emotional Tony call Jack’s name and says, “I’ll do it. Thanks.” Jack turns to the other agent, Lee and says that Tony will be driving his car.

Audrey calls Jack back and gives Paul’s location. She is going over there to see him. Jack is not for this idea and insists that she not go. Audrey is only a couple minutes away. Jack is not comfortable with Audrey going in alone but she has to keep him there and resolves to go and try. Jack had not finished talking to her when she hangs up the phone.



Heller just got off the phone with Jack and he has asked that Heller approve Tony Almeida’s reinstatement. He asks Erin if she has a problem with that. She says she doesn’t but her body language shows otherwise. Heller is informed about the connection between Paul and the terrorists and Driscoll tells him that there are teams on the way to pick him up. Jack had called Audrey to tell her about the meeting and she is going over there to meet him. Heller is furious with this and demands to know how long Driscoll has known about this. Driscoll has only known this for less than five minutes herself but Heller thinks that’s when she should have told him.

Curtis gets off the phone and wants Maryanne to tell him everything he knows about Paul Raines. She expresses the desire to help but she doesn’t know any more than Curtis does. She says that she will be 5 more minutes, maybe there is something about Paul Raines on the computer.

Audrey answers her phone and her father wants to know why she is going there by herself, especially if Paul was involved. Audrey is sure that there is no way that Paul would hurt them. The evidence is strong and that means that he’s dangerous. Audrey doesn’t think so, she did live with him for 8 years. She has arrived at the hotel and hangs up the phone.

Tony and his crew arrive at CTU. Tony looks a little bit like a deer in headlights at the entire place and Driscoll comes to introduce herself to Tony. She addresses him as Mr. Almeida and introduces herself as the Director of CTU. They are getting Dina and Behrooz Araz prepped for interrogation. Tony awkwardly admits that she must be aware of his history. Driscoll won’t hear of it saying that Jack and Heller both vouched for Tony and that’s all she needs. Tony wants to head up the interrogation of the Araz’s and Driscoll leaves him saying if he needs anything he can let her know. Driscoll goes over to Sara and asks if she sees Tony standing there. She does and Driscoll tells her to keep an eye on him and let her know if he deviates from protocol. Driscoll is interested in him talking to Jack Bauer and Heller. She leaves but Sara stops her seeing how things work around here. Sara agrees to do this on the condition that her arrest is expunged off of her record. Also, she wants a promotion, 2 pay grades. Driscoll agrees and leaves.

Paul is pacing around his hotel room and a knock comes at the door. He crosses the room and lets Audrey in. He offers to get her something and she says sure. Paul has her favourite wine ready to go and she agrees to have some. Paul admits surprise to Audrey’s change of heart and she says all the right things to make him believe that she is there for him. He says that he would hate to think that she is playing a game with him but she calmly says that she doesn’t play games. They cheers and drink to new beginnings.



Sara has Jack on line three. When Driscoll gets on the phone Jack wants to know if the backup teams are at the Westmore Hotel yet. Driscoll tells him that they hit traffic.

Curtis and Maryanne arrive at the office building and Curtis warns her not to waste time. They head into the empty building and the other agents are there checking areas and clearing them as they go. Curtis expresses concern about Maryanne’s motives but she says that this is her only chance to stay alive and she’s not going to blow it. She swipes her card yet again to get into an office and settles at a computer. She gets into the system and starts to look soon finding that the files are password protected. She finds this strange but before they can work on it shots ring out and some men come busting into the room. Maryanne says in a panic that she didn’t give them anything, one of the thugs shoots her. Curtis is ordered to put his gun down and he does. He introduces himself as one of the men approaches him. He says he’s from CTU and they want to know how far CTU is on the investigation into the override. When Curtis doesn’t answer and instead accuses the man of being an American working with the terrorists he is promptly knocked unconscious by the attackers.

In the split screen we see Maryanne laying apparently dead on the ground, Behrooz, Dina and Heller.

Audrey sits in the room with Paul playing with her hands and looking somewhat nervous. Paul talks about moving to Washington to be closer to her but Audrey isn’t really paying attention. He calls her on it and asks what she thinks. She doesn’t know and takes a drink. Paul is becoming frustrated and feels like he is doing all the work here. She said that she wanted to talk but she’s not the one that is talking. Audrey lamely says that these things take time, Paul suggests talking is not what they need to be doing. Audrey catches the look that he gives her and stares back. Paul is offended asking why he is looking at him like that, angrily he reminds her that she is his wife. She says she didn’t come over there to sleep with him so he wants to know why she is there then. She comes up with the excuse of she thought it would be nice to spend some time together. Paul isn’t buying it and asks what really is going on. Is she spying on him? Audrey demands to know if he is doing anything worth spying on? Audrey gets up and thinks that she should go. Paul also rises and thinks she should stay. He just grabs her when Jack bursts through the door with his gun out. Judging by the scene he walks into he is furious. Paul accuses Audrey of setting him up, Jack yells for Audrey to get behind him. Audrey complies and Jack instructs Paul to put his hands on his head, now. Paul asks what Jack wants, Jack wants answers. Paul says with disgust “Well I’m not talking to you.” Jack, anger painted on his face, steps to Paul and leading with his gun hits him in the head rendering him unconscious.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Behrooz has gotten very brave in the face of his father with a gun. Maybe he figures that if he doesn’t get his two cents in now he might not get a chance to say it later.

-It’s scary to hear that they address Behrooz as “The Boy”.

-Driscoll is overly harsh on Edgar, but at the same time, he should go if he can’t do his job.

-Good call on Curtis to bring Powell in. That’s good shock value for Maryanne. Her reaction calling him sick was kind of funny. She’s the one that’s gone against her country and is sleeping with people just to get information. I call that sick but maybe I’m just crazy.

-So, unless I’m missing something, I don’t see why they couldn’t have just taken Powell’s thumb to the computer? It’s not like he’ll miss it at this point, will he? Jack did it in season 1 with a bad guy at an office building to ID him. Maryanne doesn’t even really need to be there.

-That was a very mission-impossible-ish moment when Jack went down the chute, wasn’t it? Didn’t Jack see that movie? The cable thing never works out without a hitch.

-I’m blown away that Navi could kill his own son.

-Jack must be out of practice. He can’t even win a fight with Navi. Plus, the way Navi took the gun from Jack it reminded me of Kim. Has he been taking stupid lessons from her or something?

-Okay, the placement of that shot through Navi and nearly hitting Jack was scary close.

-Did anyone else think that Tony was going to shoot Behrooz? Either that or Behrooz was going to shoot Jack.

-That kid is good with a gun. Steady hands, that’s for sure.

-I think that the only reason I did not really like Curtis all that much was that he always has come off as Driscoll’s crony. I’m glad they’re using him down another avenue so now I can like him.

-I’m impressed that Sara came back to do her job. It just shows how wrong they were about her. But that doesn’t mean that I’m glad she came back.

-At the same time, Driscoll totally milked Sara into going back to work.

-Maryanne has a lot of gall, I’ll give her that. For her to attempt to make a reconciliation with Cutis at this point, why would she even bother.

-Sara needs to be a lot nicer to Edgar. He’s the reason that she will not be next years Tony only more bitter. She actually didn’t do anything and if it wasn’t for Edgar, she would be spending a long time in prison.

-That terrorist place is pretty dim looking. They obliviously didn’t even try to make it lived in.

-Call me crazy but I get the impression that Jack didn’t like seeing himself in that photo on the terrorists wall.

-Jack’s thought process as he looks at the image of himself: “Out of all the pictures they chose of me, they pick this one. I’m going to kick their asses. What was I thinking wearing that tie with that shirt?”

-Audrey sometimes can be surprising. That was a brave thing that she did going to Paul’s like that. At the same time, it kinda shows that she really doesn’t believe that he had anything to do with the attacks today. If she did she’s be heading for the hills, but not before she tossed all his stuff out on the front lawn.

-Audrey is a bad actress. Not Kim Raver, but Audrey pretending to not be worried in the presence of Paul. She’s just bad at it. Don’t quit your day job in DC.

-Just once I’d like to see someone get shot in this show due to improper gun storage. What guy in their right mind would tuck a gun in their pants. Are you kidding me?

-I wonder why Tony is so reluctant to take Jack’s help. I guess it might be because he already felt he owes him for getting him out of prison. He repaid that debt today and Tony seems like a proud kinda guy, he doesn’t want to have anything hanging over his head.

-Jack and Tony are just electric together on screen.

-Nice and loyal of Jack to get Tony fixed up with a job like that. I guess we have to remember that these two have been through a lot together.

-When Jack is yelling at Tony he genuinely seems mad that Tony could be stupid enough to pass this opportunity up. He must have known that this would press all the right buttons.

-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Tony is an emotional guy, it shows and I like it.

-Speaking of pushing someone’s buttons. I can’t believe Audrey hung up on Jack. He wasn’t finished yelling at her yet.

-Jack and Heller are a great match. Both extremely protective of their daughters and become angry when someone else makes a decision about them, including their daughters.

-And THEN, Audrey hung up on her father. He hadn’t finished yelling yet either.

-I was forcibly reminded of Jack returning to CTU in season 2 when Tony arrived during this episode.

-If there’s anything that I hate, it’s someone that says something to your face and then goes and does the opposite behind your back. Exhibit A, Driscoll telling Tony that she’s happy to have him there and then going to Sara and telling her to keep an eye on him.

-Sara was being smart by asking for what she did, at the same time, I can’t really see that working out for her in the long run.

-Paul wants Audrey back and bad. He even ordered something for her to drink for crying out loud. I’m sure that cost him more money than his plane ticket back home did.

-Jack also wants Audrey to stick around. Did you see how panicked he got when Audrey was in danger?

-24 Lesson number 462: Bad things happen in office buildings. Example A: Season 2 when Reza gets shot. Example B: Kingsley killing his woman in Season 3. Example C: Richard Walsh and Scott Baylor getting shot in Season 1. Example D: The Curtis/Maryann incident. Moral: Those that work in offices are doomed.

-Is Maryann really dead or is she going to reappear later on in this day?

-I wonder what would have happened if Jack hadn’t shown up? I put my money on Audrey kicking Paul’s ass.

-List of things not to say when you’re spying on someone: “Are you doing anything worth spying on?” Brilliant.

-I sense Jack got more than a little bit of satisfaction in knocking out his girlfriends ex-husband.

-Jack was angry enough that he made me jump when he started yelling at Paul.

-Well, the bad news is that Jack has knocked Paul unconscious and Audrey is going to be probably pretty miffed. The good news is that he didn’t shoot him like we all know that he wanted to.