4.09: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
~ Hostage ~

~ Summary by Bren ~

Jack gets busy on the suspect's cell phone and traces the last number dialed & it is Dina's. Behrooz leaves his mom at the hotel to try to get painkillers from his uncle, who works at a local hospital. Unfortunately, his uncle calls Navi, who tells him that Behrooz is on drugs & keep him there until he comes to get him.  Bad move on the uncles part, as he ends up being shot and killed by Navi.
Jack & Tony arrive at the hotel where Dina is waiting for Behrooz.  One of the CTU agents at the door is NOT happy to see Tony & basically disrespects him.  Jacks asks the agent politely to lay off Tony.

Jack & Tony bust into Dina's hotel room & she has a gun to her head ready to commit suicide.  Jack stops her & talks to her very calmly.   She agrees to help them only if they in turn help Behrooz to be free of any and all charges involving their terrorists act.  Dina calls Behrooz and tells him that she is working with gov't agents & they are coming to get him.   Behrooz runs out of the waiting room and right into Navi.  Navi drags him to the parking garage and throws him in the car.  Jack tries to stop Navi, but he hits Jack & he goes flying up onto the windshield.  Not to worry, Jack is DA MAN.  Navi jumps out of the car & goes into the lower level of the hospital while keeping his gun on Behrooz the entire time.  If Behrooz dies, Dina will no longer help and all the plants will start to melt down.
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Miscellaneous Thoughts:

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