4.08: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
~ Choices ~



Sara is working at CTU. Driscoll asks about the remaining 6 power plants and if there’s a chance that it was just a mistake and they are taking longer to shut down. She has checked the override and they are sealed off. Curtis has sent this information to the president, Edgar has the President ready. Keeler is told that they have shut down 98 of the power plants but there are 6 remaining. Keeler wants to know exactly what that means and Heller tells him bluntly that they could have 6 nuclear disasters on their hands. The casualty projections if all 6 melted down would be in the low millions and that would not include birth defects and long term deaths. Driscoll clarifies that they are still controlled by the terrorists using the override device. Keeler is going to order the evacuation of the cities and he wants to be kept posted. Heller’s phone rings and when he answers it’s Jack. Jack says he has a problem and he doesn’t want anyone to know Heller is talking to him. Heller pretends like he is talking to someone named Marcy and leaves the room. The first thing that Jack updates Heller on is that he and Audrey are okay. He explains the attack on the security firm, they took out the team. Heller is going to send another team, Jack doesn’t want him to send them from CTU, and someone there must have told what was going on. That’s the only way that anyone would know that they had been at the firm. Heller then offers to send Secret Service to get them but Jack doesn’t want them to know where they are. Jack asks if Heller remembers the sequence they developed for a particular situation, he thinks that will work. Before they hang up Heller cautions Jack to take care of Audrey. Jack will.

Jack hangs up the phone and turns his attention to Audrey and Tony. They are in Tony’s blue Jeep Cherokee and as Tony drives Audrey, who is sitting shotgun, quietly cries. Jack asks if she’s okay and she tearfully says that she’s almost getting used to this. Jack wants to make sure that they’re not being followed; Tony says they’re clear. Jack just wants to lay low and Tony enquires as to what kind of communication they need. Jack just needs a Wi-Fi and a hard line, Tony offers his place. Jack thanks him but Tony suggests that he wait until he sees it before he thanks him. Jack meant it more for Tony picking them up and saving their lives. Jack asks of Tony wants to know what’s going on and he says not really. Jack asks what’s wrong with Tony and he sums it up saying that he’s not in federal prison thanks to Jack and Palmer, Michelle left him, and he trails off and then decides he’d rather know what’s going on. Jack mentions what happened with Heller this morning being sure that Tony saw it on the news. He explains this was a secondary target and they are planning to melt down nuclear power plants. Tony is not so much surprised by the information but questions as to why Jack is in the field. Jack is not but the Secretary of Defence is his responsibility and he finishes somewhat unhappily that he just got caught up in it. Tony, with a bit of anger and very clearly tells Jack to listen, “I don’t want to get caught up in it.” Jack understands and Tony takes a look in the rear view mirror.

President Keeler is giving a press conference to the nation about the nuclear crisis. He is ordering immediate evacuation of the six states the plants are still active in. All of CTU watches and Curtis quietly goes to Driscoll and asks if he’s going to tell them that there’s not enough time for a complete evacuation, 50 thousand in each city will still die if there is a meltdown. Driscoll agrees that the chances of finding those behind this from CTU are low, Jack has to find the override device.

Navi Araz appears to be sitting in a bar. He is talking on the phone and when he hangs it up two men are there. Navi directs one to take Ravi, the man next to him, to the station to check again. Marwan appears and he and Navi discuss the meltdowns, they are on schedule. Navi wants to help and Marwan wants him to make sure his mess is taken care of. He vows that his wife and son will be dead by the end of the day.

Dina and Behrooz are still in the car, Behrooz is driving. Dina is trying to help her arm that has been shot but she is having little luck. Behrooz wants to take her to the hospital but Dina resists since his father will be looking for them. Behrooz is not afraid of Navi but Dina replies, “You should be.” Behrooz goes over the fact that he tried to have him killed and now what he has done to Dina, Navi is not Behrooz’s father any more. In more pain Dina gives in and agrees to allow Behrooz to take her to a hospital but she has to drop her off and drive away. Behrooz refuses to leave his mother and insists that they will stay together.

Maryanne asks a girl at CTU to baby-sit her filters for her for a few minutes. She heads to the bathroom and when she enters the room she checks all the stalls to make sure no one is there. She then takes out her cell phone and makes a call. She tells the person on the other end that she couldn’t answer the phone because she was in a meeting. The man on the phone is the same man from the compound, Powell. He tells her that Jack and Audrey are still alive but Maryanne defends her information saying it was accurate. Powell is aware of this but is concerned that Bauer must know there was a breach which is why he hasn’t called into CTU yet. Maryanne wants to get out of CTU then but Powell tells her to wait until Bauer is dead. As she hangs up Sarah comes in the room and tells Maryanne that Driscoll is waiting for her projections. They are on her system and she needs to send them.

Curtis knocks and comes in the room where Heller is. He brings in Heller’s assistant, Scott Borman and Scott is happy to see Heller alive. Heller lets Scott know that there is a problem that someone inside CTU is leaking information to someone on the outside. Heller asks Scott to tell Driscoll that Jack and Audrey are reviewing footage at an old CTU substation in Torrance. Scott wisely clarifies that Jack and Audrey are really nowhere near the CTU substation. Scott will put a DOD com-sat around the place and if anyone puts out a message with the information that they planted, that’s the spy.



Tony stops his Jeep outside a one floor house on a quiet street. Jack, Audrey and Tony all start to exit the vehicle. With Tony in the lead he warns Jack and Audrey to watch their step, ‘the dog next door likes our lawn.’ They enter the house and Tony calls it sarcastically “Home sweet home.” Inside the blinds are closed and it’s just an average place with some older furniture. Tony tosses his keys onto the kitchen counter and Jack starts to make his way around the house checking for any people that don’t belong. When he gets to the end of the hall before he can open one of the doors it opens on it’s own and a dark haired girl in some tactless clothing emerges. Jack is just as surprised to see her as she is him but Jack quickly trains his gun on her. Tony springs to action telling Jack that it’s okay. He somewhat awkwardly says that this is his friend Jen. Jen pipes up angrily to tell Jack to play with his guns outside. Jack says he’s sorry but Jen doesn’t seem to care what Jack says. Tony thought that Jen would be at work but she snaps she is going in late. Tony introduces her to Jack and Audrey and immediately Jen recognizes Audrey as the daughter of the Secretary of Defence, she saw her on the news this morning. They try and explain that Jack just needs to use Tony’s computer but she isn’t really buying any of it asking ‘What, they don’t have computers where you work?’ Tony explains that they need to lie low for a bit and Jen says that’s fine, she has to go. She starts for the door but Jack gets in between her and the door and looks to Tony for help. Tony says that she can’t go anywhere but she has to go and they can stay as long as they want. Now standing next to Tony she argues that she has a job and then notions to Tony saying ‘he doesn’t.’ Jack is at a loss and Audrey wants to talk to Jen. She takes her aside and as the girls head away Tony apologises. Jack answers unconvincingly, “No, she seems real sweet.” Audrey explains to Jen that she’ been through a lot today and if she explains everything Audrey is sure that her boss will understand. Jen starts ‘And if he doesn’t…’ Audrey finishes, ‘I can have him killed.’ She half smiles and Jen tells Audrey to knock herself out. Jack wants to set up to get the feed of the video so Audrey can make the ID. Tony goes off looking for a disk so they can get the information and Audrey takes the chance to ask about Tony. Audrey and Jack speak quietly about Tony’s past. Audrey can’t seem to believe that Tony risked everything for his wife and then she left him. Jack grimly says that this is the way Tony sees it too but it’s not quite that simple. When Tony got out of prison he was angry, he couldn’t find a job but Jack doesn’t think he wanted one. He started drinking and pushed Michelle away. Audrey hopes that Tony can help them and Jack assures Audrey that if he can he will. Tony comes back and Jack puts the CD in that Tony has given him, soon he is in the system to view the videos.

Heller speaks with Scott saying the Driscoll will not be happy that she had been kept out of the loop about the hunt for the mole but they need to keep everyone in the dark.

Driscoll briefs the CTU team about the whereabouts of Jack and Sarah enquires as to why Jack did what he did. Driscoll has not actually spoken with Jack but Scott steps up saying he has. He urges the whereabouts of Jack be kept internal until he contacts them.

Maryanne leaves the meeting and goes straight to a workstation away from the others. She reaches down into her purse and pulls out a small recorder. She speaks clearly but quietly the words “Old CTU substation in Torrance.” She attaches it to her computer and gets to work.

Jack is going through the video with Audrey over his shoulder. She sees the man she is looking for, Powell. Tony watches the action and Jack makes sure that is him. He picks up the phone to make a call but is met with talking in the receiver. Jack hangs up and in frustration tells Tony that ‘she’s on the phone.’ Tony heads out of the room down the hall and into the bedroom. He needs the phone and Jen protests yelling that she’s not allowed to go out and now she can’t use the phone? Tony gives an answer that is unheard and from Jack and Audrey’s vantage point we hear Jen yell “Fine!” and something slammed in the room. Tony would-be casually comes out of the room and puts the phone down on the table next to Jack telling him to go ahead. Jack makes a call to Washington to a woman named Marcy working with the DOD and he starts to send information to her.

Scott has found the mole at CTU. The message was digitized but the words were there. Heller goes into Driscoll’s office with the news that they have found the mole. Heller informs Driscoll that the information that he gave her about Jack’s whereabouts was untrue. Jack and Audrey had been attacked but they survived and they were sure that someone in CTU gave them up. Driscoll tries to contain her anger and accuses Heller of knowing this and not telling her. Heller doesn’t think that this is what she should be worried about. Driscoll catches on and assumes that the sting operation has given them a result. Heller confirms it has and tells Driscoll to look at the file he has in his hand. He practically throws it at her but she picks up the folder as if it were a magazine. She casually flips through it and asks where ‘she’ is now. Heller says she is just about to be taken into custody and they go downstairs to catch the action. CTU security moves across the floor and with Scott in the lead moves to the group of work stations. Maryanne sees them coming and does a good job of hiding her fear. They walk right past her to Sarah and place her under arrest. Sarah is surprised to say the least and asks Mrs. Driscoll what is happening. She hasn’t done anything and she continues to insist this as she is led off down the hall. After she is out of the mix Driscoll tells those left to get back to work.



Scott gives instructions about Sarah’s work, he doesn’t care about the files he just wants everything off her system and they have to enter new codes. Edgar can not do this on Scott’s authority, he works for the DOD, not CTU. Edgar is told that Scott is the one that found the mole so they do what he wants done. Edgar is unsure of Sarah’s guilt, she was the last one he would expect to be a mole. Maryanne says that’s the point. Edgar is still sceptical saying that she left the file on her system in an encryption that just asks to be decoded. Maryanne is quick to chalk it up to Sarah not being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Sarah pleads from a holding room saying that this is a mistake, someone must have put it into her system. Driscoll says that her system was isolated and not compromised. Driscoll tells Sarah to stop playing her game. She begins to yell that she wants to know where the people who control the override are. Sarah doesn’t know. Driscoll asks who the information was sent do. Sarah insists that she didn’t do it and she would never betray her country. Driscoll is not hearing any excuses, she learned her lesson with Sherek today and she’s not taking any chances. When things are not progressing, Driscoll calls in a man named Eric. Sarah knows what Eric does and she begs him not to continue. He hits her in the neck with a tazer and Sarah continues to be insistent that she did nothing and she wants Eric to stop. Sarah doesn’t know so Eric gets her again for longer this time. Her eyes are watering and she says that there has to be an explanation for this, she would like some time to think. Sarah is tazered again and Driscoll says ‘talk to me, Sarah.’ Sarah, still addressing her as Mrs. Driscoll repeats that she is not a spy. Driscoll leaves the room and joins Heller voicing a concern. Heller wants to know if Driscoll can break her, Driscoll can bit only if there’s something to tell. Sarah doesn’t seem to fit the profile but Driscoll agrees to watch for a few minutes. Eric is preparing what appears to be a needle through the glass.

Audrey is on one of the couches at Tony’s and Jack is still working. Tony goes to the fridge beer asking ‘Anyone want a beer?’ Audrey could use one but Jack declines. Tony takes one for himself, brings one to Audrey and then goes and sits down in front of the TV. Jack’s phone rings as he watches Tony closely looking somewhat angry. He picks it up and Heller says that they found their mole. Her name was Sarah Gavin and she works in Com. As far as they know she was working alone. Jack agrees to call Marcy at DOD and get the channels open. Tony pours his beer into his coveted Cubs mug and Jack gives Heller the address to his place. Heller is getting ready to send Secret Service and when he hangs up the phone Jack passes on the message to Audrey. Jack looks at Tony watching a soccer game in Spanish. Very deliberately Jack gets up and crosses the room. He turns off the TV and Tony, like a real smart-ass says “Don’t you think you’ve made me miss enough TV today?” He takes a drink and Jack sits on Tony’s coffee table facing him but not directly in front of him. He is leaning in with is elbows on his knees and he asks Tony ‘Why didn’t you ever call me?’ Tony asks what for, Jack thinks he can help Tony, he’s been there. With his voice full of bitterness Tony says that he’s considered a traitor to his country, his wife left him, how is Jack going to help him. Tony sits forward as well and tells Jack that he owed him getting him out of prison and for that he owed Jack a debt. Today Tony repaid that debt and ‘to tell you the truth, all you do is remind me of a past that I’m trying to forget.’ Tony is not rude but forward in saying to Jack to do what he has to do here and then they’ll leave it at that. Obviously disappointed in Tony’s words, Jack gets up with a quiet ‘yeah’ and turns the TV back on leaving Tony to his beer. Tony remains on the couch looking unsure that he has made the right decision.



Dina is at the hospital with Behrooz and she explains the bad cut she has on backing into a nail that sticks out of the gate while she was working in the yard. The observant doctor thinks it looks like gunshot wound but Dina says it wasn’t anything that exciting. Behrooz is sheepish saying he was supposed to fix it last week so this is his fault. The Doctor will have to give her a tetanus shot and then he will fix her up. The doctor leaves and Dina tells Behrooz to go watch him. Behrooz says that he said something to the nurse but he didn’t make a phone call that he can see. Behrooz thinks that it might not be so bad if the doctor did call the police since they will be able to protect the two of them from his father. Dina scolds that they would go to jail for the rest of their lives, that’s what would happen. Behrooz asks where they are going to go then, Dina says they will get out of the city for a few days until she can arrange for them to get out of country. Behrooz hugs his mother.

Jack’s phone rings, they have a match on the man that Audrey id’d, his name is Henry Powell. They have posted his information on the secure site. Jack gets back on Tony’s computer and soon he has the information. He used to work for McClellan-Forrester and he helped design the devise that can shut down the plants. He still freelances for them and is in LA but he’s trying to leave. Powell is getting a helicopter out of Van Nuys. Since air traffic has been suspended they conclude that he must have a well connected friend. Powell will be heading to the helipad, Jack will try and make it in time. While Jack speaks Tony looks out the window and sees that Secret Service has arrived at the house. Jack heads outside first and introduces himself to Agent Davis. Jack reiterates that they are to take the secretary’s daughter straight back to CTU which are their orders, there is also a car there for Jack. Jack calls out Audrey and they are introduced. They head to the vehicles and Jack gives Audrey a small kiss on the cheek as they tell each other to be careful Audrey heads off. Jack gets back on the phone, this time with Driscoll at CTU. She just got the file on Powell and Jack has to get to the helipad. Jack wants to go in low profile so Driscoll will send a ground package but it will take 30 minutes. The flight leaves in 15 so he will go in alone and hope he can handle it himself. Jack hangs up to find that Tony has been listening in. Tony wants to know what that was about but Jack coldly says not to worry about it, he’s got it covered. Tony admits that it would be stupid to let Jack get killed after he just risked his life to save him. He asks flat out of Jack could use his help. Jack could so Tony grabs his jacket and heads towards the door. Just as he is sliding out the door after Jack, Jen appears and sees Tony leaving. He says nothing and goes out the door. The two of them start across the yard picking up to a jog to the car.

Edgar enquires if Sarah has confessed and what they are doing to her. He is told not to worry about it and get back to work. Edgar watches Maryanne to go Curtis and quietly ask what Edgar was just asking Curtis about. She thinks that he should have his full attention on the work at hand. Edgar’s eyes don’t leave Maryanne as she goes back to her station

Dina is worked on by the doctor as he prepares her to numb the area and close the wound. She appears to be in a great deal of pain as Behrooz sees a security guard speaking with an employee. He slips out of the room to see what is going on to see a police car arriving on the premises. He hurries back to his mother saying that the police are he and asks why the doctor called. He persists that this is a gunshot wound but Dina still denies it. He then asks why she is acting to strangely then. Without answering Behrooz grabs a bunch of supplies from a nearby table and hustles his mother out of the clinic to the car. He practically shoves her in the car and tosses the supplies in. He gets behind the wheel and squeals the tires taking off. He gets away just as the doctor and officers come out of the building.



Edgar heads over to Maryanne and she asks impatiently what he wants. Edgar says that he bumped up her security clearance, he had been busy until now. She passively thanks him but when he doesn’t leave she asks him ‘what?’ He tells her that she needs to pick a password to set it up and it has to be the same one that unlocks her system files. She agrees and Edgar goes and sits down but continues to watch Maryanne. As she gets into her newly secured system Edgar is watching her and also seeing her screen on his system. Maryanne is completely aware of Edgar watching and finally comes over and asks what he is doing. She doesn’t want to have to keep reminding him that she could easily go upstairs to Driscoll’s office and have him fired. Edgar leaves Maryanne standing there as he gets up and crosses the room to Curtis. He asks Curtis to walk upstairs with him to Driscoll’s office. Curtis takes it well and they head up the stairs as Maryanne watches. In Driscoll’s office she is talking with Scott and Edgar says that Sarah is not guilty but it was made to look that way since the information was planted on her computer. Scott says that that can not be true because the subnet around her system was closed. Edgar says that the person that did it didn’t use a subnet, they just used a plain AC power line. He got into Maryanne’s system and found the information there. Curtis immediately looks for Maryanne but sees her leaving the building. A lockdown is ordered but Maryanne finds an emergency exit. Curtis follows with CTU guards and gains on Maryanne as she crosses the parking lot to her car. He catches her before she can get her keys in the door and places her under arrest. The rest of the security detail catches up and Curtis orders the car searched. As he finishes cuffing Maryanne the guard puts the key in the car lock. Within seconds a bomb explodes in the car, people are thrown back around the vehicle including Maryanne who hits her head on another parked vehicle on the way down. She is knocked unconscious.

Powell has arrived at the helipad and wants the pilot to start the chopper. He can not follow the order because the flight has been grounded by the Department of Defence. Powell finds this unacceptable and pulls his gun on the pilot ordering him to go. They board the chopper, the pilot in fear starts the motions to take off. Jack and Tony are speeding along to the site and can see the chopper. At the first chance Jack drives the SUV into a sizeable ditch and back up the other side onto the helipad. Jack stops the vehicle and they each go to one side of the helicopter with their guns out. Tony gets to the pilot and orders him to stop the flight. This serves as a distraction for Jack to get up beside Powell and get the door open. He pulls Powell out of the chopper onto the tarmac and hauls him to the SUV. Jack calls to Tony to bring the bag over to him from the chopper as Powell offers Jack a deal saying the people he knows will pay him. Jack tells Powell to get his hands behind his back

In the split screen we see Heller and Audrey reunited and hugging, Curtis near the burning car as people gather to watch the excitement, Sarah getting taken out of her interrogation barely conscious. She is put in a wheelchair. Dina is in the car still with Behrooz driving and Edgar is back working on his computer. A power plant has reached a critical level.

Tony gets the bag out of the back of the chopper and after looking in it brings it to Jack at the truck. Tony tosses the bag on the hood of the truck and heads over to Powell to hold on to him while Jack checks the bag out. Powell asks who Tony and Jack are, police? FBI? Tony, holding onto Powell looks at him and says. “Actually, I’m currently unemployed.” Powell offers to make it worth Tony’s while but Jack orders him put in the back of the SUV. As Tony moves Powell out to turn him around a single shot is fired from above. Powell goes down and Tony and Jack take cover behind the vehicle. No more shots are fired and Tony moves out to take Powell’s pulse. He announces that Powell is dead, Jack yells “Dammit!"


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Keeler asking what having 6 plants still active means was good. Well, basically Mr. President, it means that there are going to be a few less voters in the next election, not to mention a couple places that will be losing some tourist dollars. On the upside, there’ll be a much better way to threaten would be traitors, just send them to those cities.

-I wonder how many different scenarios for what kind of different things Jack and Heller developed. Also, what was the original plan that they used in this episode.

-Audrey thinks she’s almost getting used to this? She has no idea.

-The dynamic between Jack and Tony is just great in this episode. It really makes me grateful that they brought Tony back because of this chemistry. So far in the way of all the new characters it has only proven that this show would not work without at least Jack and the more strong characters with him the better.

-Jack sounds almost disappointed in himself that he got caught up in the field work. A big change from his smirk when he agreed to do this for Driscoll.

-Navi is just one scary dude. Possibly one of the top 5 24 villains.

-Haven’t they learned their lesson about the CTU bathroom cameras? Someone should be watching those at all times because that’s always the place the bad guys go to make calls.

-Line of the Week contender: Dina to Behrooz after he says he’s not afraid of his father: “You should be.” What is the matter with this kid? If I was him I’d be running away screaming if I saw Navi again.

-Oh, it was nice to see someone being bitchy to Maryanne for a change instead of the other way around.

-Heller’s good at this ‘Catch the Spy’ game.

-Right from the moment Tony talked about the dog next door liking ‘our’ lawn I wondered what kind of relationship he could have gotten himself into

-Nice camera angle following Tony’s keys on the table. It just stuck out for some reason

-It would have been easier if Jack just shot Jen right off the bat, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as funny.

-Jen is obviously not as stupid as she looks to recognize Audrey that fast.

-How old is Jen anyway? She looks closer to Kim’s age then Tony’s.

-Just when you think 24 is all serious they come up with something like the little exchanges at Tony’s house.

-Anyone else wonder if Audrey really could have Jen’s boss killed?

-It would be interesting to hear Michelle’s side of this whole story and I’m hoping that they will.

-It does seem that Jack has been close to Tony’s shoes before, even the pushing away someone they care about but with Jack it was Kim.

-Jack’s confidence in Tony is so nice to see. He’s still a good guy and Jack knows it.

-Heller must know Driscoll pretty well or just be a really good judge of character to know that they would have to peel her off the ceiling when she found out that they were using her to find the mole. She’s always more reserved around Heller then we see her usual state.

-I really did think Maryanne would get away with the way she transported that information. It’s a little slyer then just using the phone

-LOVE the scene where Tony has to go for the phone. I would have like to have seen Jen throw whatever it was, I’m assuming it was the phone, at Tony.

-The Marcy that Jack was talking to must be the same Marcy that Heller was pretending to talk to when he was actually talking to Jack.

-If they had caught Maryanne the first time, well, it just wouldn’t be 24, now would it. Way too easy.
-Anyone else wondering if Maryanne used the encryption she did on purpose to get Sarah or just because it’s the best she could do and then Edgar called it old school.

-If Sarah ever even thought about being a traitor she would not do it ever after seeing what she just did.

-Driscoll is simply not an effective interrogator. Get Jack in there and then we’ll see what the deal is, even if she didn’t really do anything.

-Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE the writers of this show? They are so good to us fans and I’m going to tell you why. Cubby. It’s all about Cubby. Since the first season Tony has had that Chicago Cubs mug that he drank (assumingly) coffee out of at CTU. It gathered a following (this is before I even knew about 24) and it got a name, Cubby. When CTU blew up in season 2 the first question for many was; What’s gonna happen to Cubby? Now we have Tony, sitting on his couch doing the most absurd thing: drinking beer out of a coffee mug, Cubby. I know they did it for us on-line fans, why else would anyone drink beer out of a coffee mug?

-The little meeting between Tony and Jack was so well played. I’ll say it again that these two are great together.

-It’s very sad that Tony would want to end he and Jack’s relationship on a note like this. They have been through a lot together and I get the sense that even though they have had their moments Tony has always been on Jack’s side when he needs him to be. He’s a good personality for Jack to play off because mostly he’s logical and plots things before he does them. Jack’s just a doer.

-Tony does look unsure or at least unhappy with the choice he’s made though.

-Did Dina really think that she would fool the doctor?

-So, who exactly is Powell’s well connected friend?

-So after all those hard words from Tony he really does still care about Jack. It really has nothing to do with the fact that he just saved Jack’s life, he doesn’t want to see Jack killed and they both know it.

-Jack and Audrey’s little goodbye was so cute.

-That’s an unceremonious goodbye between Tony and Jen. He might be hoping that she’s not there when he comes back, or maybe that he’s coming back at all.

-The must not have wanted to keep Dina at the clinic too badly, don’t they have their own security?

-Edgar is one smart man. I like him.

-What kind of lockdown was that? Hello?!?! She got out of the building that easily? Not exactly locked down now is it?

-Too bad Maryanne didn’t get her key in that car door…

-It looked like Jack was going to flip that SUV onto it’s roof going through that giant ditch. Wouldn’t that have been great?

-Look really closely and you can see Tony handing something to the pilot of the helicopter while Jack is at the car with Powell. I wonder what that’s all about.

-So, anyone else see a job opening for Chloe to come back? CTU is down 2 people, Maryanne and from the looks of it Sarah isn’t in any state to be working.

-Also, Tony spent some time with that bag before he brought it to Jack. I can’t see him doing anything bad but, well, this is 24.

-Line of the Week: Tony to Powell: “Actually, I’m currently unemployed.”

-Ah, now we’re back to the good old days, Tony with Jack, Jack yelling “DAMMIT!”

-As an side, while typing this out I have the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” on. Next time you see it have a look for a 24 character. Not too far in when Dennis Quaid is supposed to go pick up his son and almost forgets, the man that delivers the line “Just because your son hates you…” that spurs him to remember is none other than Nestor Serrano, i.e. Navi Araz.

-Mistake: While watching this episode with a friend she noticed this: If you look when Dina and Behrooz are fleeing the hospital right before the :48 commercial. When the camera angle is of Dina and Behrooz approaching the car, you can see the reflection of what I think we can assume is the camera man in the rear-view mirror. He must have been sitting in the car for the shot and his reflection is clearly visible.