4.07: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
~ Unexpected Heroes ~


Audrey works on a computer and Jack comes in. She asks if he has the surveillance footage. He says no, it is at Felsted Security, they are a private firm that ran security for the banquet. They are working on a closed system and because of this Jack will have to go to their office, pick it up and come back with it for Audrey to view. Audrey is working on having a guest list sent in to her. Jack checks his watch and observes that they are running out of time. Audrey doesn’t get that it’s that urgent but Jack confirms it is, there is a much larger attack in the wings and they used the kidnapping to divert attention. Jack is on the way out of CTU and asks someone at the gun desk for a full tactical kit. While he waits Jack explains to Audrey that the override can melt down all 104 of the nuclear power plants and the man Audrey recognized is their only lead. Audrey offers to come with Jack but he is not willing to put Audrey at risk again, she has been through too much today. Audrey pleads her case with Jack that he just said the plants will melt down if they don’t find this man. They can’t afford to waste any more time. Jack tells Audrey to come with him as he heads back into CTU.

Curtis is briefing CTU about the plants and the override. Driscoll asks about the worst case scenario for casualties. Edgar says that the population within a 10 mile radius will be the first exposed and will die within 2 days. The smallest cities are 75 thousand people, multiply that by 104 plants and the areas around the plants will be uninhabitable for at least 5 years. It is approximately 3 hours before the plants will start to melt down. Driscoll hands out assignments and dismisses the meeting.

Jack is getting ready to leave with Audrey. Heller asks them where they are heading and Audrey explains that she recognized a man while they were kidnapped, they are going to Felsted Security to view the tapes from the event. Heller complains about Audrey going out now but they can’t do it here, they would have to record and send over 4 and a half hours of material, Audrey tells her father they have to do this now. Audrey is the only one that can do this. Heller consents but he’s not happy about it. He tells Jack before he leaves, “If anything happens, Jack I will hold you personally responsible.” Jack tells him the office is not far from CTU in Burbank. They head out of CTU but Paul catches them on the way out, he wants to talk to Audrey. She says she’s following up on something as Jack tells another agent nearby that he needs a team of 4 to go with them. Jack waits for Audrey to finish talking with Paul. Paul says that he knows about her and Jack and he’s not okay with it. Paul thought that they could work things out, Audrey observes it had been over 9 months and they weren’t working anything out. Jack shows up next to Audrey to urge her on and Paul takes the opportunity to let Jack know “She’s my wife, don’t you forget that.” Jack can’t really say anything but a somewhat blank ‘yeah’. Jack wants to go and as they walk away Audrey apologises to Jack for Paul. Maryanne sees them leave and heads over to Sarah. She says that she needs to give some files to Jack Bauer and Sarah explains he left. She won’t be able to send the information via computer because he is going to Felsted Security. Maryanne decides that she can hold on to the files and she goes down to another computer. She logs on a searches for a map to where Jack and Audrey have gone.

Heller is walking and Paul approaches him. He calls him ‘Jim’ and wants to talk. Heller leads them into a hallway and Paul asks if Heller knows about Audrey and Jack Bauer. Heller didn’t until an hour ago and Paul expresses his opinion that carrying on like that under Heller’s nose is pretty unprofessional. Heller understands Paul’s feelings but he and Audrey had been separated for over a year, she’s a big girl and she can do what she wants. Paul answers, “What she’s doing, she’s breaking my heart.” Heller pats Paul gently on the shoulder and leaves him standing there.

Maryanne heads off the floor and pulls out a computer. Sarah wants to know what she’s doing, she was looking for her. Maryanne says Edgar asked her to reboot hub 5 and Sarah offers to do it. Maryanne is fine and once Sarah is out of the way Maryanne makes a call. She tells Powell on the other end that Bauer and Audrey Raines left for Felsted Security and she gives the address. She tells them to set things up on their end but she needs to do it from there. Maryanne is told that once Bauer and Raines are killed they will know someone has leaked their location. Maryanne needs to divert suspicion. She hangs up and puts the computer away.

Navi is at the house watching broadcasts of the rescue. The reporter speculates that the number of fatalities are unknown but there could be up to 20 hostiles dead. There were no survivors. Navi is on the phone and makes sure that the critical instructions were uploaded before the attack. He hangs up and approaches his wife. They are ready to go with the power plant meltdowns and Dina asks about Behrooz. Navi says they need to be strong now, they can mourn him when this is all over. Dina’s phone rings, Behrooz is calling. Navi has left and she answers it. Behrooz is panicked and driving, he explains that Tariq tried to kill him and he had to kill Tariq to defend himself. She can’t let Navi know that he is dead because he was the one that gave the order. Dina doesn’t believe that Navi would give the order to hurt his own son. Dina will pick Behrooz up in half an hour. When she hangs up the phone, Navi appears and asks Dina who it was. She says it was nothing important as she grabs her coat and purse. He accuses her of being a liar. He asks dangerously what Behrooz did? Dina asks what Navi did. Navi says that it was just a matter of time before he turned against them. Dina accuses Navi of ordering Tariq to kill Behrooz, their own son. She slaps Navi and he shoves her against the wall. Navi asks where Tariq is and Dina answers that Behrooz killed him. Navi doesn’t think that’s possible but Dina assures him that he did, Navi thinks he’s weak but he’s not. Navi won’t let anything stand in the way of what they are doing today, not Behrooz and not her. Dina tells Navi that he’s hurting her but he doesn’t care, he instructs her, ‘Listen, woman’. He demands that she tell him where Behrooz is.



Audrey and Jack are in the back of a CTU SUV. Audrey moves her hand over towards Jack. He mirrors the movement and grabs onto Audrey’s finger. Jack looks at her and asks what she said to Paul. She says that she’s filing for divorce as soon as she gets back to DC. Jack, with trepidation, asks if that’s what she wants and Audrey responds without hesitation yes. Jack says okay and then studies his feet. He continues to hang onto her finger.

Sarah asks Edgar if he has something, he might be able to get in. She offers to help and he says the best thing she can do is to stay off Hub 5. Sarah, recalling what Maryanne had told her, says she thought it was out for a reboot. Edgar says no. She goes to Maryanne and asks why she lied to her. Maryanne makes up a story that she had to make a personal call and since it was inappropriate at a time of crisis she didn’t want anyone to know. Sarah asks why she didn’t just go outside but she wanted to make it look like she was working, it won’t happen again.

Navi drives with Dina in the passenger seat and he calls Marwan. Marwan asks right away if Tariq has taken care of his son and Navi admits he hasn’t spoken to him, he’s sure Tariq would have called if there’d been a problem. Marwan reminds Navi that the fact that they are talking about it is a problem. The next two hours are critical, he warns Navi to fix this problem. He hangs up the phone and Navi turns back to his wife. She wonders what Marwan is going to say when he finds out that Tariq has been killed. Navi figures he probably won’t say much, Tariq is expendable like the rest of them. All Marwan will care about is that Behrooz is silenced. Dina thinks for a second and then tells her husband, ‘I won’t be able to look at you after today without thinking about what we did to him.’ Navi has no answer and simply looks at his wife.

Edgar is working on getting into the power plants, he managed to get a piece of the code. Edgar can turn off the override and stop it but he needs to get into a code. The NRC won’t let him do it because if he makes a mistake he can make it worse. Curtis wants Edgar to present this to Heller, he is in the situation room. Edgar is clearly uncomfortable with this idea and as he gets up he tries to come up with a few excuses saying he feels faint, he has low blood sugar. Curtis mentions Driscoll and Edgar becomes more concerned. Curtis enters the room with Edgar and Curtis gives a brief explanation of what Edgar can do. Edgar admits that he can do this if he’s careful, he starts with the technical babble but Heller cuts him off, he doesn’t understand, he just wants to know the downside if the kernel is corrupted. Edgar thinks he can do this if he’s careful. Heller makes sure that this would allow them to regain control of the reactors and says it would. Heller asks Edgar straight out if he can do this without making a mistake. Edgar thinks and says ‘Yeah, I can do it.’ Heller observes that he’s not filling him with confidence. Edgar tells Heller a little stronger that if he says he can do it, he can do it.

Dina and Navi are still driving, Dina thinks that Behrooz will run if he sees Navi. Navi says that he won’t see him. Behrooz calls Dina’s cell and she says that she’s almost there. Behrooz asks what Dina told his father and Dina lies that she just left, he was busy working. Behrooz asks what she is going to do, he is going to find them. Dina says that she knows a safe place. Behrooz is becoming upset and says that he didn’t understand until today what it would feel like. These things are wrong. Dina tells her son not to think about it, they will be safe. Behrooz thinks about going to the police and telling them everything he knows. Dina wants to talk when she gets there. She hangs up the phone and looks at her husband who tells her coolly that she did well.



Dina and Navi pull into an alley. Navi gets out of the car, Dina sees some others pull in nearby. She asks who they are, Navi says not to worry. She is to take the 2 nd exit after she picks up Behrooz. Dina knows he is going to ask why they’re stopping. Navi says not to tell Behrooz anything, he and the men will meet them there. Dina gets in the car and drives away, Navi is with the other men.

Driscoll is walking in CTU, Curtis catches up to her, they have taken 87 of the power plants off line and everything else is being repelled. If there’s a way to get them, they’ll find it. Driscoll tell Curtis to keep her posted. Driscoll goes into the clinic to be with her daughter Maya who is freaking out saying that she doesn’t like doctors. She wants to go home but Driscoll wants her close by. Maya wants her mother to stay with her and Driscoll says she has to do something. She asks her daughter to look at her and says that she wants her to cooperate with the doctors. Maya agrees and gets back into bed. Driscoll promises to be back and leaves the clinic.

Curtis is briefing Heller on his son’s torture. He was subjected to sensory deprivation for 2 and a half hours and they got nothing. Heller can’t believe that they tortured his son for nearly 3 hours and he yielded nothing. Curtis reminds Heller that he gave the order. They are taking the devises off Heller’s son and Heller asks for a moment. He tells his son that he’s sorry that this had to happen but he had to make sure that he was not withholding anything from them. Richard tells his father that he hates him and he never wants to see him again. Heller asks Richard to understand that he is responsible for the lives of millions. Richard quietly says that he tortured him and now he wants him to forgive him? It just confirms everything that he’s always known about him. He asks if he is free to leave, Heller says yes. Richard leaves the room saying nothing more.

Jack and Audrey are still in the back of the SUV, Jack checks the time as Audrey’s cell phone rings. It’s Paul who asks if Audrey has a minute. Audrey asks what’s going on and Paul says that her dad said something to him, she is a big girl and he has been treating her like a child. Audrey doesn’t think that and Paul continues that he needs to respect the choices and who she is. He has lost sight of the things that he loves about her. Audrey hears what Paul is saying but she doesn’t really know how to respond. He says that he doesn’t have to, he’s been wrong about a lot of things and before she goes making any big decisions he asks her to let some time go by. He asks if that’s fair of him to ask and Audrey admits it is. They will see each other later. Audrey hangs up and then looks at Jack. They are a few miles out.

Behrooz waits for Dina to arrive. Dina is driving and sees the car carrying her husband across the way following. She gets to her son and he asks where they’re going. Dina says they are going out of the city. Behrooz is upset that his father tried to kill him, Dina tells him to get in the car, they can’t think about that right now. Behrooz is freaking out, they killed two people today and he says that he can’t do this. Once Behrooz is in the car Dina tells him that his father is following them, he needs to get on the train, it’s the only way to save him. She tells Behrooz to get out of the car and once he starts to shots are fired, Navi is trying to hit them. Dina is hit in the upper arm. She holds her arm in pain and Behrooz gets back in and tries to steer the car out of harms way.



Navi gets out of the car he was in and goes into the back of what appears to be a pub or bar. He walks through the kitchen and meets Marwan who is waiting. He asks Navi if the problem has been taken care of and Navi says no, his wife and Behrooz have betrayed them. This information stresses Marwan out and he motions for Navi to sit. He asks where they are now and Navi doesn’t know, Dina was wounded and will need medical attention. Marwan assumes that Navi is coming to him for help with this mess. Navi admits he can’t do it alone. He is ashamed of himself and wants Marwan to allow him to make it right. Marwan asks what he would need and Navi wants people for the hospitals, drivers and access to police frequencies. Marwan wonders if Dina will call the police, Navi doesn’t think so but they may have to go pick her up when they found out she’s been shot. Marwan has previously told Navi that he can’t be distracted by this now, he will give Navi what he needs, just make sure the woman and child are captured. No matter what happens today Navi will answer for this. Navi understands and Marwan leaves.

Jack and Audrey pull up to Felsted Security. Jack is on the phone with Maryanne as they go inside and give their ID to the security guards and pass through the metal detector. Jack says quickly, “I’m carrying” as he goes through and the detector beeps. The two pass through and head into the building. Maryanne is asking Jack to send her the ID on the suspect to her, she’s on 6Ocasper. Jack doesn’t really get why Edgar didn’t tell him.

Driscoll checks on her daughter, Maya. They sedated her to make her sleep. Driscoll looks though the chart and notices that they gave her Haldol. Driscoll flips out, Maya is allergic to Haldol, they’ve got the wrong file. Driscoll goes to her daughters side and can’t wake her up. He is in disbelief how at how they could have gotten the wrong file. Sarah arrives and starts to say something about Secretary Heller until she sees what’s happening. Driscoll asks what she was saying and Sarah says that Secretary Heller needs her because they are going to be on with the president in a few minutes. Driscoll answers the questions that Sarah has and then snaps “Is there anything else?” Sarah says no and leaves.

Jack and Audrey have made it to a tech room at Felsted Security. The worker says that they had cameras at the main entrance and the ballroom. Jack asks to see both up and then realizes that the ballroom is too wide, they’ll stick with the main entrance. The time on the images they are seeing is 6:39 and Audrey says that’s too early, she didn’t meet him until he arrived at 9, 9:15. They fast forward through and Audrey tells him to wait, back up a few frames, she sees him. She points him to Jack and he says to enhance the image. It’s still not clear enough and the worker says that he’ll see if he can get that. Jack notices a monitor nearby with no one at the post. He asks if someone is supposed to be there and the worker says nonchalantly that Mitchell probably went for a smoke again. Jack sees that the back gate is wide open and is suspicious. He calls Craig and Rick, two other agents and gets no response. There are two ways into the building and Jack wants the up on the screens, the men are dead. They hear noises in the hallway and Jack tells the others to get down. A shooter breaks into the room and shoots the worker. Jack shoots back and kills the shooters but when he gets over to the worker he finds him shot. Jack wants to know where he can get the tape, where is it stored? He is told it is on the main server. Jack goes to the computer and the worker says they use flash memory. Jack asks for sticks, they’re in the workers pocket. Jack plugs the memory stick in and downloads the files. He yanks the stick out and goes back to the worker finding him dying. He announces that he’s gone and Audrey notices that more men are coming. Jack figures that they’re trying to seal them off. Audrey suggests that they call CTU and Jack realizes that they must be compromised, it’s the only way anyone would know that they’re there. They leave the room, Jack moves ahead of Audrey with his gun out. They round a corner finding three more men dead. Jack tries doors as they pass looking for an unlocked room. He finds one and they go in. Jack pulls a gun off of one of the dead men. He cocks it and hands it to Audrey telling her there’s on in the pipe and the safety’s off. She seems uneasy about taking a gun but Jack reassures her that she can do this, they have to cover each other. Jack gets his cell phone out and Audrey is puzzled, she thought he said CTU has been compromised. Jack says it has been. She asks who Jack is calling, he answers, “The only person I can trust right now.”

1: 49


In Air Force One they are told by Heller that there are 17 nuclear power plants about to melt down and they need updated evacuation strategies. They need to effect a civil defence strategy, they are trying to shut down the remaining 17 and they are trying something that might improve their chances, they will know for sure in 15 minutes. Heller tells Curtis to find out from Jack and Audrey what’s coming through on their end. Heller rubs his face, appearing tired. Driscoll offers to have a room prepared so he can rest. Heller is fine, he thanks her anyway. She goes to leave but Heller mentions her daughter, he heard she is down in the clinic. Driscoll assures him that it won’t interfere with her work, he’s sure it won’t. He asks if everything is okay and Driscoll explains that it’s something they’ve lived with since she was 6 years old. There are good days and bad days, today was a bad one. Heller apologises.

Jack and Audrey are trying to find their way out of the building. They are forced to go right and Jack sees men coming in the corner mirror. He goes first and shoots the men. He and Audrey step over the bodies and are soon in a garage where it appears they fix their own vehicles. They don’t get far until the door opens and Jack rushes Audrey behind a tool cart. 3 men come in and Jack waits for the opportune time. In a few seconds another man opens the door that Audrey and Jack came in through giving him clear sight of them. Jack has no choice but to shoot them, exposing his whereabouts to the others. They shoot at Jack and Audrey with Jack firing back. He finds an object on wheels and tells Audrey that he needs to get the other man’s weapon, she needs to provide cover for him. Space out her shots and save her ammunition. Jack uses the object on wheels to work his way across while Audrey provides cover. Jack shoots the man once more to kill him and picks up his gun. He takes the clip out to check it and is unsatisfied with the results. He swears under his breath and makes his way back across to Audrey. She is empty and so is he. Sensing this, the men close in on the cart, Jack grabs one of the guns by the silencer to use it as a different type of weapon. The men are steps away before 4 shots ring out from outside the garage. Tony Almeida comes in and calls out to Jack. Jack calls Tony’s name back with a mixture of relief and fear. Tony asks if they’re okay and Jack answers they’re alight, they’ve gotta move. The three of them sprint out of the repair shop and down the ramp.

In the split screen we see Behrooz, Dina, Maryanne and Maya.

Driscoll tells Heller that Edgar has started the final sequence for the power plants. He’s at a point now that if he makes a mistake he will accelerate the meltdown instead of stopping it. Edgar asks Sarah to get him a ‘Load A’ code, she looks it up and says FF09. Edgar dismisses her, that’s a ‘Jump A’, not a ‘Load A’. Tells her to get out of the way and looks it up himself, it’s ABA1. Edgar thinks he has it but he wants to go through the codes one more time before he sends it, it will take 10 minutes. Edgar is told to send it now. He wants to check the headers but Curtis says to just send it. Edgar does and he turns to Heller saying that he did the best he could, he hopes it works. Heller answers, “So do I.” They all watch the red blips on the map. They don’t respond and Edgar urges, ‘Come on.’ One of them turns green and the others follow suit. Edgar is congratulated all around until one of them doesn’t turn green. It beeps and Edgar goes to his system. He has a look and says to it, ‘Don’t tell me that.’ Edgar is asked what’s going on and he explains that 6 of the plants are immune to the kill sequence. The Dobson Override is too far into the system and the shutdown code is corrupted. Heller says to contact Bauer, either he finds the man responsible for this or they’re looking at a nuclear holocaust.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-It’s very surprising that Jack would have let Audrey come out into the field with him at all. It really just shows how out of time they really are.

-Well, if Audrey knew what time the man arrived at the banquet why couldn’t she just have let Jack know that ahead of time. Then he would have just needed to get about a half hour of footage.

-Having Heller tells Jack that he’s holding him responsible for anything that happens to Audrey just proves that he doesn’t know Jack that well. Jack would hold himself responsible without Heller saying anything.

-Paul’s a touch territorial there, isn’t he?

-Paul is also pretty snarky to a pretty high standing politician. He should maybe show a bit more respect.

-Terrible line: Paul to Heller: “She’s breaking my heart.” Wow, someone get me a tissue for poor Paul.

-Well, Navi scared the hell out of me sneaking up on Dina like that. She really should have smacked him for that – oh wait, she did smack him, but not for that.

-This is what you get when you piss off your dedicated terrorist husband, you get shot in the arm.

-I really believe that Navi will not let Dina stand in his way, I thought he was going to kill her right there.

-Words that chilled to the bone – Navi: “Listen, woman.” Ooooh. He is one scary bastard.

-Jack and Audrey are like teenagers not wanting their parents to see them together, the little finger grab just melted my heart. Jack even acts like a teenager, not really looking at her, being very nervous about the whole scenario.

-That’s quite the story Maryanne comes up with about the phone call. She lies almost as good as our last CTU mole, Nina.

-Well, there’s a reason that Navi hasn’t spoken to Tariq…

-Speaking of, what did Behrooz do with the body? Just leave it on the side of the road? He probably would have had some trouble moving it and he really didn’t have much time.

-Presuming that Dina and Navi do get out of today alive, what does Dina expect to do, I hardly suspect that Navi would just let her walk out on him.

-Although Edgar has already proven to be a pain, it was cute the way he was trying to get out of talking to Driscoll and Heller.

-I t’s interesting that he’s so timid about his abilities around Heller and Driscoll but so confident around Chloe and the other techs.

-For someone who doesn’t really understand the techno-babble, Heller speaks like he really knows what a ‘kernel’ is, that is, not in relation to popcorn.

-Edgar isn’t really filling anyone with confidence, including himself.

-Behrooz is wise wanting to go to the police. It would have made Jack’s job a lot easier.

-Hey, newsflash, Maya, most of us don’t like doctors.

-Heller is not allowed to be mad at CTU for the way things worked out with his son, he told them to do it and Curtis was right to bring it up.

-I still get the feeling that Richard is hiding something. Or maybe I’m just nuts.

-Well, I guess Heller can’t expect a birthday card from his son this year.

-Audrey was awful nice to Paul, especially since she is trying to leave him. I think Jack sensed that as well.

-Behrooz does a pretty good job of driving that car from the passenger seat.

-For a big, bad, scary guy, Marwan takes the Behrooz thing very well.

-Telling Navi he will answer for this basically means that at the end of this day, he’s a dead man.

-Is that all it takes to get through those pesky metal detectors? “I’m carrying”? I’ll try that next time.

-Driscoll goes a pretty good job of keeping it all together to do with Maya.

-In case you guys were wondering, those ‘sticks’ that Jack uses to get the videos are called ‘Flash Drives’. They’re wonderful and are a much better way of transferring data. You can get 128 MB ones for about 50 bucks and it’s equivalent to roughly 100 floppys, and a lot faster.

-Audrey looked pretty worried about the gun. At least Kate Warner volunteered.

-Line of the week contender: Jack to Audrey regarding Tony: “The only person I can trust right now.”

-Heller’s compassion for Driscoll is nice. The guy actually cares.

-By the end Jack’s really wishing he picked up some more guns along the way.

-Now really, what did Jack expect to do with the butt end of that gun? He really wouldn’t get far beating the guys with it. He really looked like he was trying to convince himself it would work the way he was swinging it around.

-WAHO! Tony’s back! For those of you that are unaware, Tony Almeida is an ex-CTU agent that has been around as long as Jack Bauer in this show. He’s had his up’s and down’s with Jack and he went to jail at the end of last year for saving his wife’s life (3-24).

-And after all that, Edgar, the geeky tech, saves the day. Between Edgar and Tony we had some unexpected heroes in this hour.