4.06: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
~ Alone ~



The trial has begun and the charges are being read. Heller is being brought to trial as a war criminal. The talking continues and from Air Force One the president is watching.

At the warehouse Jack kills a hostile with his bare hands and then shoots another one. He slides down a hill wide open and lands next to the building slowly making his way to a way in.

The trial continues and Keeler wants to know how much longer to the strike. His advisor is looking in on it now. Keeler gets paged that Erin Driscoll from CTU is on the phone. She wants the attack on the compound aborted because they are attempting a rescue operation. Keeler was under the impression that the strike marines were 10 to 20 minutes away. Driscoll confirms this but says that Jack Bauer went in by himself.

Jack is sneaking up on some hostiles.

Keeler is concerned that there is a terrorist group moments away from executing the Secretary of Defence and they can not allow this to happen. He concedes that if Jack can get there before the execution happens Keeler will call off the attack. Calmly Driscoll asks how long Jack has, the answer is 7 minutes.

Jack takes out another guy but this times lands on top of him. With his leg in the man’s throat Jack threatens that if he yells he will kill him right now. Getting out his PDA Jack asks where they are holding the Secretary of Defence. Jack will kill him if he doesn’t tell him and he demands that the man points now. Finally the man moves and points at a room on the lower left side of the screen. Instead of killing the man Jack hits him, hard, with his gun.

Keeler still watches the trial.

Jack enters the compound seems startled at Driscoll speaking in his ear via the earpiece. The President will not call off the attack and Jack has 6 minutes. They estimated 16 hostiles inside when they did the thermal scanning. Driscoll hesitates and then says Jack’s name. He is not turning back and Erin understands. She wishes him luck. Driscoll turns and looks at the image of Heller on the screen.

Hearing someone else coming Jack ducks behind some boxes. He pockets the ear piece from his phone and waits.

Audrey is in a room by herself and begging her guard to let her father go. Her guard is watching the web cast and Audrey wants him to stop them from doing this, he hasn’t done anything to hurt him and he’s an innocent person. In the other room Audrey’s voice gets Jack’s attention. Audrey’s guard comes over and shuts the small hole she had been looking out of. Seconds later Jack appears on the other side of the holding room, peering at Audrey through another small hole. He quietly says her name and tells her where he is. When she hears Jack, Audrey comes right to him relived that he has arrived. She is not hurt but Jack has to stop them. Audrey says to get her father first, she urges Jack to go. Appearing to think Jack produces a small black object and works it through the small hole. Audrey gets it and after fussing with it pulls it out. Jack instructs her to push the button. She follows the directions and a good sized knife pops out. He advises her seriously ‘you use that if you have to.’ He promises to come back for her and before he goes she reaches a finger out to him, he touches her finger and then leaves to find her father.

The men putting Heller on trial are almost done and they are working on their last charge. All of CTU is watching and Jack is getting close. He’s in the same room behind bunch of crates. Jack peeks out and Heller, who is facing Jack, spots him. From his hiding spot Jack gives Heller a closed hand signal and then a palm out open hand. Heller doesn’t move right away but in a few seconds, while his captor is still talking, Heller knocks his chair back at the same time gunfire rings out from Jack. Keeler immediately wants the attack aborted on the compound. Driscoll says with little surprise “He’s doing it.” With his handgun Jack takes out most of the hostiles. The last man is shooting still but then flees the room. Jack comes out to find that there’s a man on the ground still alive trying to shoot him but Jack kills him. Getting to Heller he unties him and hands him a gun informing him the safety’s off. They set out for Audrey, Heller knows where she is. The pair make their way down the hall, Jack in the front and Heller covering the back. Jack shoots a man and takes his rifle, as does Heller and they make it to the room Audrey was in to find it empty. Realizing they must have got away they head out as a hostile tosses a grenade into the room. From the blast and their running Jack and Heller knocked behind a car just outside the door. The men with guns are shooting from higher ground and Jack and Heller do all they can to hold off the hostiles. Jack instructs Heller where to shoot some guys and they both run out of ammo. Jack switches back to his smaller gun and comes over the car to shoot some more. A bullet whizzes over the car and hits Jack, he goes down hard on his back. Heller yells his name and Jack, grabbing his vest and starting to move around says it went off his vest. Heller is to keep shooting, which he does. Jack continues shooting until he’s out and so is Heller. The car that they’re behind is full of bullet holes and they are both out of ammo, all they can do is watch. More hostiles start to come over the hillside but the choppers arrive and start to shoot people all over the place. Jack instructs Heller to stay down and tries to see over the car anxiously. Marines come out of the chopper and head toward the compound starting to take it over. Jack says to stay where they are until it’s secure and then suddenly a man appears out of the compound with Audrey as a shield. He threatens to kill her and has a gun to her head. Eyes wide Jack brings his gun up with Heller close behind. Jack and the man yell at each other, Jack telling him to put the gun down and the man yelling that he will kill Audrey if Jack and Heller don’t drop their own weapons. Finally Jack and Heller put the guns down but Jack reminds the man that he’s surrounded as Audrey carefully removes the knife that Jack gave her and positions it to stab the mans leg, Jack also draws his own knife behind his back. The man thinks Jack is right and so Jack will watch Audrey die. Before he can pull the trigger Audrey stabs him in the leg. While he backs off Jack uses the knife he had out and throws it into the man’s neck. He flails and is shot by a marine. Heller and Audrey hug as Jack runs to the body ensuring he’s dead. Squatting by the body Jack’s eyes meet Audrey’s and he leans back on the wall.



CTU lines the bodies and guns up from the raid. Audrey gets checked out and Heller appears back in his suit. Heller gets off the phone saying the President sends his gratitude to Jack and he’s glad that they’re both alright. Heller observes that it’s been a while since Jack has been in the field but it looks like he hasn’t missed a beat. He and Audrey owe Jack their lives. Jack says they’re heading back to CTU, there’s a chopper waiting. Heller just doesn’t want to slow down the investigation into finding out who these guys were. Jack heads to Audrey and asks the doctor if she’s alright. Audrey has a few contusions that need to be checked out and she’s dehydrated but she’s okay otherwise. Audrey tells Jack about the man that she recognized in the compound. She can’t place him but she knows she’s seen him before today. Jack figures they can go through the photos of the casualties on site. Jacks phone rings and the voice on the other end tells him that it’s CTU and they have Paul Raines, he wants to speak to his wife. Taking it somewhat in stride Jack passes the phone to Audrey. Paul, who speaks with an English accent, asks if Audrey is alright. He is sitting in a conference room at CTU. Paul admits that he got on a plane right after he heard and he is in LA. There is an awkward pause and they say they will see each other soon. She hangs up and Jack asks if she’s alright and urges that they need to go. She says that she’s alright and gets up to head out. As she walks by Jack he grabs her hand. They pause side by side for a moment and as they do, Heller, who is dialling a phone nearby, sees this.

At CTU Curtis is trying to connect to the site where the action was. Division is using their bandwidth and since they are not on the top of the heap anymore. Maryanne, always listening, claims to have pass-codes to the FBI and offers to use their feed. They ask how she got this and Maryanne says that she used to work there and she still has friends. Driscoll gives the ok to install it and take anything they get up to her. After Driscoll leaves Maryanne propositions Curtis, if he lets her she can help him a whole lot more than that. She is ambitious and Curtis accuses her of sleeping with people to get ahead in her career, a practice he does not undertake. Maryanne doesn’t either. She slept with Curtis because she was attracted to him, and she still is. She advises that he deal with it.

At the Araz home Navi is watching the news and talking on the phone. The news claims that the raid on the execution was mounted by marine working for CTU. Navi tells the person on the other end that God willing their good fortune will continue.” When he hangs up Behrooz asks why what happened is good, the authorities found Omar and Navi made him kill someone for no reason. Navi thinks and says that they decided to keep some things from him. Behrooz is stuck on the fact that they forced him to kill his girlfriend and he thinks they owe him and explanation. Navi snaps that they don’t owe him anything. Before the argument erupts the doorbell rings. Navi tells his son to go see who it is. Behrooz makes it to the door and is surprised to find a man named Tariq. He asks why he is there. Navi doesn’t answer but lets him in. They exchange hugs and Navi reintroduces Behrooz to Tariq asking if he remembers him. Tariq says of course he does and he hugs Behrooz as well. Behrooz angrily asks what he is doing there. Tariq says that Dina told him that he took care of the American and they need help getting rid of the body. Behrooz, defensive of his duty, says he can do it. Tariq admits he can but they don’t need any more mistakes. Navi tells him to show Tariq where the body is.



CTU is working up the scene at the compound and sending images over. The bodies are lined up as well as the gear the terrorists used. Curtis is taking it all in from CTU and sees the briefcase that is from the train wreckage. He tells the videographer to stop, he wants shot of it. He then wants to see what’s inside: it’s empty. He catches the logo engraved near the lock, it’s a corporate logo containing the letters ‘MF’. Curtis wants Sara to do a corporate logo search for it.

Jack leads Audrey around CTU. She wants to look at the pictures of the hostiles, Jack promises as soon as she has cleared medical. She sees Paul soon after Jack leaves her with her father. Jack heads to Sara’s station and wants to use it.

Since they are alone Heller takes the opportunity to ask if Paul knows about Audrey and Jack. Audrey is surprised by the question and asks how long her father has known. He admits to not knowing until today but he is surprised that he hadn’t figured it out until now. Audrey assures her father that the relationship didn’t start until after her and Paul had decided it was over. Heller doesn’t really think that Paul knows it’s over. The last time they spoke Paul wanted to fix it. Audrey thinks it’s more about fixing his wounded pride than their relationship. Paul doesn’t know but she will take care of it. Heller walks away just as Jack looks over. Audrey looks uncomfortable as Jack attempts to look busy. He looks back in her direction as she is leaving. Paul is still in the conference room on the phone.

Driscoll wants to know about the link they have found between the train and the terrorists. Curtis briefs her on a passenger that was not killed in the crash but was shot at close range. He had no id, no facial match or prints were found in the database. Whoever killed him stole something that was chained to his wrist. He shows an image of the briefcase and says he thinks it was this. A witness on the train reported seeing a passenger with a briefcase chained to his wrist. Driscoll asks what was in it but Curtis says it was empty but the logo belongs to McClellan-Forrester, a defence contractor. Before they disclose anything they need to clear it with DOD. They shouldn’t have a problem getting that and Driscoll wants a print out of what he just said.

Navi is watching TV in the kitchen. Dina arrives and says that Debbie’s mother went home. Even if she calls the police it will be too late to stop them. Dina heard the news in the car but asks that since the trial was cut short when they search the building. Navi gravely says it’s too late to stop it. Dina is confused and asks why, then, does he look so troubled? She seems to realize that something is gravely wrong and asks where Behrooz is. Navi truthfully answers that he went to bury the girl. Dina remembers his car is still in the driveway. Navi solemnly answers that Tariq took him. Dina already knows what this means. She confirms that Tariq was there at the house and says aloud ‘my god, he’s going to kill my son.’ There is no response from Navi so she repeats herself. Navi says that he told Marwan that Behrooz took care of the girl but he guesses that wasn’t enough. Dina is angry and sad, she cries to her husband how he could let them kill their son. Navi finally shows some discomfort with the situation and yells at Dina asking what he could have done. Dina starts to fight with her husband, hitting him and crying. He says that Behrooz stopped being their son a long time ago. He changed and he proved today that he no longer believes in their cause. Maybe he never did. Dina cries and Navi hugs her.



Secretary of Defence Heller is introduced at CTU. Everyone claps and they are standing around him. Jack, still in his bullet-proof vest, stands behind him quietly listening. Heller addresses those in front oh him saying that he is privileged to have the finest people in the world behind him, “all of you.” It would take more than a few words to express his feelings but for now from the bottom of his heart he thanks them. They disperse and Heller is introduced to Curtis. They go into the conference room. Once seated Heller says that he and his daughter owe Erin their lives. He knows she has had to make some tough calls but they were the right ones. Jack sits silently as he says that Heller will see that she gets full recognition for a job exceptionally well done. Erin exchanges quick glances with Jack and then thanks Heller. She takes the opportunity to tell him that his son is at CTU. They are holding him there because they have him a polygraph and they believe that he is holding something back about the kidnapping. Heller is angry but contains it and says that he can’t believe that his son was involved in this. Curtis offers that he might have done it and not realized it to someone that he refuses to divulge to them. Heller doesn’t like the beating around the bush and wants to know what they did about it. Curtis says that they are using a non invasive technique, sensory disorientation. Heller practically yells as he repeats this, it’s obvious he knows perfectly well what that is. CTU stopped doing this as soon as they found Heller. Heller now turns to Jack and asks angrily if he knew about this. No, he did not. Heller threatens that they better have cause for this and leaves. Jack is left behind looking like he’s wondering what they were doing. As he starts to pack up Driscoll thanks Jack for not involving Heller on the differences they’ve had. Jack doesn’t have much of a response and Driscoll continues telling Jack that they could use his help functioning in Ronnie’s position as head of field ops. Jack hardly suppresses his smile and says that he’ll do whatever he can to help. Before he goes Driscoll reminds Jack that Ronnie was under her command and so Jack will be too. Jack understands and asks about the photos. Driscoll will set up a station.

Heller comes into the room where they are holding his son. They hug and establish that everything is okay to each other’s relief. Richard apologizes for the things he said earlier, he was afraid he would never get a chance to apologize. Heller says that no matter what, Richard is still his son and he will always love him. Richard returns the sentiment. Heller takes a seat and starts to talk about the interrogation. His son cuts him off saying they were totally out of line and he is going to sue them blind. Heller thinks it is more effective to let him deal with it. He promises that if CTU was out of line heads will roll. Richard is stuck on the word ‘if’ and they argue about the possibility of Richard holding something back. Richard admits that he would tell them anything if he thought it was important. Heller thinks he should tell them anyway. Richard is glad that his father is alive but he’s not going to tell ‘these people’ things about his private life that they don’t need to know. Heller corrects him, “You don’t think they need to know.” They were trying to save Heller’s life. Richard says that they can’t be trusted and what they did to him is proof. Heller calls Curtis in and he obeys. Heller gives the specific instruction authorizing him to do whatever he feels necessary to get this information out of his son. Richard knows what’s coming and yells at his father. Heller says that he loves him but he has a duty to his country. Richard is in disbelief and calls to his father as he leaves the room.

Behrooz and Tariq show up on the side of the road seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Tariq tells Behrooz to get the shovels out of the back and he moves to the trunk. As Behrooz is over the back seat he sees Tariq through the crack between the car and the open trunk. Tariq pulls a gun out and stuffs it down the back of his pants. Behrooz is scared but he controls it as Tariq asks for help with the girl. Behrooz helps with the initial lift and Tariq walks away, plastic bag containing the body over his shoulder. Behrooz shuts the trunk and follows.

Audrey is bandaged up by the CTU doctors and Paul comes in the room asking if it is okay that he’s there. Audrey smiles and Paul says that he was worried. He asks if she is hurt. It’s just cuts and scrapes, nothing serious, they’ve okayed Audrey for debriefing. Paul thinks and slowly approaches his wife, not knowing what to say. On the flight over Paul says that he couldn’t stop thinking about him and Audrey and that they are both figuring out what they wanted. Paul is ready to work and to make their marriage his first priority. He wants her to give them a chance. Audrey nicely tells him that she’s sorry but it’s not what she wants. Paul immediately goes back the other way and says that he was a fool for bringing this up right now, she can’t make decisions in her state. To stop his rambling Audrey comes right out and says she’s seeing someone. Paul takes it well and asks how long it’s been going on. Audrey tells him 6 months, Paul asks, “Do you love him?” Audrey answers simply, “Yes.” Jack opens the door and is surprised to see Paul in with Audrey as well. He apologizes and offers to come back later. Audrey is awkward about the situation but tries to play it cool and introduces the two men in her life. The two of them shake hands and as Paul observes that Jack is the one that saved Audrey’s life, it seems Paul senses what has happened but doesn’t bring it up. He thanks Jack and Jack says to Audrey that the photos are ready for her to look at. Audrey wants to talk to Paul later so he leaves the room slightly shell-shocked about what has just happened. Jack stands at a distance, hands moving uncomfortably. He looks at the floor and then approaches Audrey. He asks if she is alright and with tears starting to flow she says yes. He wants to know if she’s ready to go but she says not yet. Jack looks into her eyes and puts his hand on her face. He wipes the tear away and they kiss. Staying close she touches his face and says now she is ready to go. He wipes another tear away and kisses her forehead.



Jack and Audrey are looking through the shots of the potential matches to the man at the compound. Jack makes sure that Audrey is absolutely sure she has seen this guy before. She is, especially because he recognized Audrey as well. They get to the end and Jack wants to go through again. Audrey is sure he’s not there since there were only 2 men that were Caucasian and neither of them was him. She thinks and then remembers where she’s seen him before. It was at a Heritage Foundation dinner in LA about two months ago. It was at the Hyatt. Jack wants the guest list and someone to get the video footage from the date. Paul looks on.

Behrooz and Tariq are digging a hole. Behrooz says it’s hot and Tariq takes a drink. As he turns around Behrooz gets another look at the gun that Tariq is carrying. Behrooz puts some thought into it and then using the shovel that he was holding hits Tariq in the head. Tariq falls and Behrooz stands over him and says that he brought him there to kill him, he wants to know why. Tariq tries to get the gun but Behrooz hits it out of the way. Behrooz wants to know why he is going to do this, he has done everything they asked, he took care of the girl and Marwan knows it. Tariq, with the shovel hovering near him, says that it wasn’t Marwan that wanted Behrooz dead. Surprised, Behrooz hits Tariq again and asks who it was. Finally, Tariq admits it was Behrooz’s father. Behrooz doesn’t believe it and hits Tariq repeatedly with the shovel to get his frustration out. In a few seconds he realizes what he is doing and seeing Tariq is no longer moving he bakes off.

In the split screen we see Navi at the kitchen table, Dina, Behrooz getting in the car, Richard being subjected to more sensory therapy and Behrooz driving away.

Jack enters a meeting with Driscoll, Sara, Curtis and a man introduced as Mr. Reece from McClellan-Forrester. He apologizes for not being able to give them any information before. He continues that the item they were transporting was an override that can remotely take control of any nuclear power plant in the country. It is supposed to be used by the government in the event of a natural disaster. CTU asks if it could work the other way and cause a meltdown. Mr. Reece says it could happen but they would have to get the codes. To do that they would have to hack their computer firewall and it would take massive computer power. Their techs would see it coming a mile away. Jack gives the scenario of huge Internet traffic, is it possible that it could get missed? This gives them the conclusion that the Secretary’s kidnapping was a cover to get the Internet traffic up. Mr. Reece tells CTU that there are 104 power plants and all of them could be potentially vulnerable. Jack starts to pack up in a hurry saying they have to assume that they would come at all plants.

Maryanne wants Edgar to watch her tables for a few minutes. She goes away from the atrium of CTU up the stairs. She gets out her cell phone and makes a call. The man on the other side asks if Maryanne is alone and on a secure line. She would have checked in sooner but it was the first chance she got. CTU found out about the override.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-The sliding down the hill thing was just really cool. And, it looks like fun.

-Although Driscoll is not necessarily good at her job, she gets points for calmness in the face of danger.

-The guy that Jack smacked with the gun is going to have a serious welt from the butt of the gun.

-Driscoll must know Jack’s file really well to just let him go ahead and do all that crazy stuff trying to get the Secretary. Did he just not hear right that there are 16 hostiles in the building? 16 Jack, that 16 times as many people as you, plus they have bigger guns.

-What’s the point of that little peephole that they gave Audrey? I mean really…

-The scene where Jack came and gave Audrey the knife was wonderful.

-Could Audrey have called Jack’s name louder? We don’t want to attract any terrorists now, do we?

-Maybe Jack should have warned Audrey not to stand over the large blade when she pushed that button? A few inches closer and she would have been minus 1 eye.

-http://www.practicalairsoft.co.uk/tactical-field-sigs.asp says that a closed fist means “gun team or suppression fire team” and hand out means “halt but if conducting patrol and halt is given the rest of the patrol should automatically get down, or kneel so as to present less of a target to potential snipers or ambushers. So that explains the signs Jack gave Heller.

-Line of the Week contender: Erin Driscoll: “He’s doing it.”

-I’m happy that Jack took the time to tell Heller that the safety was off the gun. That goes in the crucial information column.

-Was mine the only heart that stopped when Jack went down during the gunfight? Scary.

-Go Audrey with the knife, good job. Her and Jack, the knifing couple.

-That was a really impressive shot by both Jack and the marine.

-Jack’s gotta be thinking after the gunfight that he’s getting a little old for this.

-The entire Paul Raines angle is interesting. I wonder where it’s going.

-The end of the episode phone call brings to light the whole FBI codes that Maryanne brought up. Did she really get them from the FBI or are they hacked or stolen codes from whoever she works for?

-I guess Jack still fits in the ex-marine category.. or was he army? In any event, he got shafted in the recognition on the news that Navi was watching.

-Anyone else see the irony of Jack and Audrey hiding their relationship from Heller? Isn’t it exactly what Kim and Chase were doing last year to Jack?

-Paul can’t have been that worried about Audrey, after all, he stayed on the phone in the conference room when she got back to CTU.

-Navi is such a great bad guy. He’s just got the voice of a bad guy.. much like our good guy in this show, Kiefer Sutherland.

-I was happy at the time to see Navi a little upset about the whole killing of the son thing, but now I’m wondering if maybe it was just guilt welling up.

-So, what’s Tariq’s history? He must just be a killer and a guy that takes care of bodies. For Dina to know right away what it meant that he was there he must be a real badass.

-Some more irony, Heller thanks CTU because he has the best people in the world behind him. Physically who is standing behind him then? Why, Jack of course. All alone in the shadows, not taking the recognition for anything.

-So characteristic of Jack to not take the credit that is due to him, especially in the whole mess with Driscoll. He could have made things really ugly for her.

-Jack looks truly happy to be invited back to work in Field Ops. Either that or he’s dreaming of a way to screw it up so Erin takes the heat for it. Do I see a job offer coming at the end of the day?

-Heller’s reaction to the interrogation of his son, priceless.

-It’s good that Jack didn’t know about the interrogation because then not only would he not get credit where it’s due but he’d probably get hell for not telling him about his son.

-Yeah, if I’m Richard Heller, I’m telling CTU anything they want to know at this point. He probably just told a friend anyway but he’s standing up for his principles.

-What kind of crappy place is that to bury a body? Here I was thinking they were going to take it down the side, off the cliff, you know, dig the hole AWAY from the road. Any idiot passing by could see the body-shaped plastic bag and put it together with the hole. Who chooses to dig 5 feet from the road. What kind of professional killer is this Tariq guy anyway…lets see some credentials here.

-More reason to see the credentials: a teenager not only sees Tariq take the gun from the car but he makes no effort to hide it and gives him a shovel. All the time in the world to do something. Is he a rookie or something?

-I thought for sure we were finally going to get a bad debriefing joke from Paul. Someone has to do it sometime.

-It was nice to hear Audrey admit she loves Jack. How sweet.

-Jack again gets shafted by not being introduced as Audrey’s new beau but as the man that saved her life. Alone again.

-Navi is going to have some explaining to do, that’s for sure.

-The fact that over 100 nuclear meltdowns can happen is pretty scary. Jack stopped 1 nuke before but 100? Wow.

-I’m guessing that wasn’t division that Maryanne was talking to on the phone… interesting.

-The big question. Why oh WHY would they ever transport something that important on a train?!? I mean really, people. They can’t charter a jet for this guy?