Originally Aired 2004/05/25

~ 3.24 - The Package~

The subway station is buzzing with activity from the agents. Jack radios Michelle and says that they lost Rabins, the carrier of the virus. He dumped the tracker but still has the virus. They are sweeping the station now and are locking it down completely. They are going to set up check points for every person. Saunders still hasn't completed the sketch of the man and they need him to make the ID on Rabins. Jack asks her to move Saunders from holding to Chloe's station and they will upload the images for Saunders to pick out Rabins. Michelle finishes with Jack and is approached by an agent named Jessie. He tells Michelle that Gael's wife Theresa is there. She tells him to send her in.
Tony, still in custody, is being questioned by Rae Plachecki. She is trying to clarify what he was doing with Saunders. She asks him if he was working to bring down Saunders as well as helping him. She asks him if it's right that he have Chloe a recording of a conversation they had but Hammond steps in and says that he scrambled the voice to slow the process down. Rae gets to the point and asks Tony "Did you put Michelle's life ahead of public safety or national security?" Tony pauses and thinks before admitting in a whisper "Yes, I did."
Michelle is sitting in a conference room with Gael's wife Theresa. She is crying and clarifies that he was exposed. Michelle says that's right and through tears Theresa asks Michelle if he suffered. She doesn't seem to want to answer but in the end Michelle chooses to not look Theresa in the eye and lie, just as Gael asked her to. She says no. She tells Gael's wife that he was a hero, 'He tried to stop the virus and when he was infected he just kept working, 'till the end.' Mrs. Ortega looks at Michelle and thanks her. She takes Michelle's hand and crying again asks if she can pick up his things. Michelle complies and asks her to wait there. Michelle goes outside the room where Kim is waiting. Michelle explains who is there and as she speaks with Kim, Theresa looks up on the monitor. She sees the file on Stephen Saunders, pictures included.

Saunders is led out of holding in ankle chains and handcuffs. He has gotten changed into a different shirt and he is sat down into a seat at Chloe's station.

The phone near Kim rings and she picks it up. She has been assigned to keep an eye on Theresa Ortega as she packs up her husband's things. Chloe is calling and says that she needs Kim and Kim says where she is. Chloe doesn't really seem to care and tells Kim that Michelle gave her the power to reassign anyone she wants and she wants Kim. Don't make her ask again. Kim says fine and grabs a young passing agent named Barry. She asks him to keep an eye on Mrs. Ortega. He says sure and so Kim tells Theresa to take as much time as she needs. She thanks Kim and is left alone. Nearby another agent asks Barry to sign something for her. Theresa is thinking and seems to be formulating a plan.

Jack is watching the lines of people at the subway station as they take photos of all the male passengers. The camera lingers on one man that meets the description of Rabins. Saunders watches the images come up on the screen at Chloe's station and occasionally asks for a close up of certain ones. Michelle is on the line with Jack and says nothing yet. Saunders keeps saying that he doesn't see Rabins and Jack wanders around the station. They send more waves of images to CTU as they photograph men. Michelle presses Saunders but he says that Rabins is not in there. The man that could be Rabins has his photo taken. Theresa Ortega has finished packing up her husband's things and walks out across the floor. She has an escort but as she passes by the station where Saunders is sitting she pulls a gun out of the box of Gael's things and shoots Saunders twice. Agents emerge from everywhere and take Theresa down while she screams "He killed Gael!" Jack can hear all the commotion through the phone and asks Michelle what is going on. While trying to attend to Saunders with another agent she tells Jack that Gael's wife shot Saunders. Michelle calls for medics as Jack tells her to do everything she can to keep him alive since he is their only connection to Rabins. The agent that is helping takes Saunders pulse quickly and just shakes his head. She calls Jack and he answers 'talk to me.' Michelle informs him that Saunders didn't make it. Jack is angry and relays the message to the others. The photo of the man that may be Rabins on the screen at CTU.
David is being briefed about Saunders and the virus. Joseph tells him that it appears that Saunders was the sole architect of today's actions. Once they catch the last man, Rabins, the threat will be over. David says that if they don't catch Rabins they are back to square one and the virus will be on the market. David tells Joseph sternly "Find him." Wayne comes in the room and asks Joseph to give them a minute. Wayne appears upset but David doesn't catch on. He asks if they found the prescription bottle. Wayne says lowly 'yeah' and walks away from David into the adjacent office. David follows him reminding him, 'that's good.' Wayne starts cautiously 'David, David, something horrible happened and I don't…' He gives up stuttering and comes out with it saying "Sherry's dead." David asks blankly "What?" He moves over to face Wayne and stands close to him. He asks 'how?' Wayne, speaking as if he doesn't believe it himself, says 'Julia, she came in and killed her and then, she turned the gun on herself.' David grabs Wayne putting both hands under his chin and asks, "They're both dead?" Wayne weakly says 'yeah.' David doesn't seem to know what to do. He lets his brother go and wanders over to the couch. He flops down into it heavily. Wayne is still upset but tells David that he's not going to try and pretend that they can put this behind them but the fact is, politically, they're free of everything, Milliken's extortion, his death, Sherry's involvement. David asks in disbelief "You're thinking of the politics of this? The mother of my children has just been murdered." Wayne adds "The woman that I love has just killed herself in front of me." Wayne understands how David is feeling but there is a story here. They can tie all of this together. He comes up with the idea that 'Alan Milliken was having an affair with Sherry. Julia found out and killed her.' David doesn't want to hear this and gets up to go to his desk. Wayne says that his emotions are clouding his judgement. David screams at him "NO!" and then moves over to his desk and sits in his chair. Wayne pleads with him to listen but David doesn't say anything. He just makes some indistinct motions and tells Wayne to leave him alone. Wayne, tears in his eyes, pleads with him. David just stares at him and Wayne leaves David alone. David thinks for a minute and then picks up his phone. He asks Jeannie to get his son and daughter on a conference line.

Jack is instructing another officer to set up checkpoints and assign 10 people per officer to search. He says that no one is to leave unless they are authorized and he wants them to search every purse and pocket. The officer protests that this will take all day. Jack says not if they find him. Jack instructs another agent to search the train tracks 1 mile in either direction. He lets him to and Chase comes over. He is holding two Styrofoam cups in his good hand and offers one to Jack. Jack takes the drink and Chase tells him they have 2 officers at each exit. Is there anything else they can do? Jack says not until they find Rabins. Chase is leaning on a nearby railing and says to Jack, 'Look, Jack, about Mexico, I hope you know I understand you were just doing your job.' Jack tells Chase that it took him a long time to understand that if you want to do this job well you have to stay detached. Chase says to Jack that he has accepted that. He continues that 'I think after today I'm done. I don't want to be detached, Jack. Not from Kim, not from my daughter.' He tells Jack that he is going to request a transfer to the floor. Jack appears somewhat surprised and asks if he is sure about this. Chase says yes, he will still be serving his country but he can take care of the people he cares about. He owes them that. Jack asks what Kim had to say about this. Chase tells him that she is willing to give it a try as long as he's not in Field Ops. Jack smiles at the floor and Chase wants to know what he thinks. Jack wisely tells Chase that he's the last person he should be asking. He says to Chase that it is between him and Kim and whatever they choose he will support. Chase seems satisfied and Jack moves away. He pats Chase on the arm and says, "You're a good man, Chase."

Jack proceeds to look at the men in the lines. Jack surveys a line while a man in the line notices Jack. The man, Rabins, pulls out a large switchblade and opens it where no one can see. He hides it in his pocket. Jack looks off to another line up for a few seconds but then turns back. He looks inquisitively at the line and notices something wrong. He moves closer and is counting with his finger pointing at the men as he does. Jack gets to the officer and says that there are only 9 people in his line. He asks where the other man went. Jack remembers he was in a brown jacket. The officer doesn't know and Jack radios that they have a passenger unaccounted for. He takes off to look for him, Chase not far behind. At the bottom of an escalator they find the bodies of 2 LAPD officers. Jack radio's for transport as screams can be heard from upstairs. The two of them go up and find a crowd of people and another dead man lying on the sidewalk. Jack asks a man standing by what happened. The man says it was a car jacking. Jack wants to know if he caught the make of the car but he didn't. He did see which direction he went and points off down the road. Jack calls for transport now. A black Ford Explorer comes up to them and Jack gets in to drive, Chase in shotgun. As he drives Jack speaks to Michelle. He tells her that they are moving east on 5th and he wants the vehicle check on the name that Chase gives him from the wallet of the dead man: Frank Cassar. Jack wants traffic surveillance and everything they've got.
Tony is still in the holding room and Michelle comes into the room outside and calls Hammond out saying she wants to talk to him. Hammond says he'll be right out and he leaves Tony inside looking at a thick file. Michelle opens the door for Brad and after he passes she exchanges a look with Tony. After they are outside she tells Hammond that Rabins is gone. He wants to know how he got away but Michelle says it doesn't matter. They identified the vehicle as a light blue Malibu and she needs Tony to coordinate the teams. Hammond doesn't go for it but Michelle tries to convince him saying that there's no downside to this. Tony is not a flight risk. Hammond says that he could be brought up on charges himself if he lets Tony out. Michelle argues that they can't lose Rabins so unless he wants to take responsibility and run tactical himself… She urges him 'You're wasting time Brad.' Hammond decides and goes in to get Tony. He tells him that they need him on the floor. Tony looks in the adjacent room through the mirror where Michelle watches. She sighs.

Jack is asking where Rabins is. CTU thinks they have a match on a light green Malibu at Fifth and Owen. Chase asks Adam to zoom in to see the plate. Tony comes back across the floor and tells Jack that he's back in play. Adam gets a match on the licence plate so Tony tells Jack it's him. They turn east on Delmar and Chase sees the car ahead. Jack slides out around a corner and then they move south on Manning. Tony has him and Jack is weaving in and out of traffic as Chase holds on looking scared. Rabins speeds along a head of them and glances at the black bag on the passenger seat. Jack continues to chase Rabins' vehicle and follows him around another corner into a smaller alley-type street. At the end there is a tractor moving stuff and Rabins just slips through, the driver accidentally blocks Jack and Chase. Jack yells "Move that thing out of here, now!" Rabins seems happy that he got away as Jack gets out of his blockage. Jack is informed by Tony that Rabins has been cut off, he's heading north. Jack is 3 blocks behind. Tony says there are 3 vehicles that are going to corner him and then he tells Jack that he is pinned. 3 more SUV's have come out of nowhere and blocked the road. Rabins keeps his cool and throws the car in reverse. Jack is 2 blocks away and yet another SUV blocks Rabins again, he pulls up a walkway right to the doors of a building. Before the car has stopped he has the door open and runs inside. Jack and Chase pull up close behind and parks near the Malibu. They get out of the SUV and Jack says he'll get back to Tony. The building is a school. Jack tells the rest of the agents that they can not evacuate this school, they run the risk of losing Rabins. Jack and Chase and the others move into the school, guns out. Jack instructs a team to the west exit as Rabins finds a door. He's too late, there are already agents outside. Rabins heads upstairs and Jack tells Chase to take his man and search the auditorium. They go and Jack looks up and around the lobby.
Jack walks a hallway alone trying to find Rabins. The intercom gives instructions to students to stay in their classrooms and lock the doors. Jack finds a doorway where the door is closed and there is a window. He quickly moves around and points his gun inside. It is a class of young students and a teacher all huddled together. They collectively gasp at the sight of Jack but he soon puts his gun and hand up. He moves on.

Chase alone is in an empty classroom.

Jack is in what appears to be the staff room; there are some comfy looking chairs and a fridge. No Rabins.

Chase moves into a science lab and looks around. He appears nervous and when a fish tank bubbles across the room he looks at it to see where the noise came from. Before he looks back Rabins jumps out from behind a lab bench and cuts Chase quite deep on the arm. This causes Chase to drop his gun and Rabins begins to punch him. They exchange some hits and Chase manages to knock the knife out of Rabins' hand. Rabins lands some solid punches on Chase and he leans on a desk for support. When Rabins approaches Chase pushes him back into the wall. Rabins slams Chase into 2 lab benches that are lined with glass bottles.

Jack is still in the staff room and radios to Chase saying that the 2nd floor is clear. He asks if Chase copies but gets no response.

Chase has got a hold of Rabins backpack that contains the virus and throws it across the room. They struggle on the ground and the device is hanging out of the backpack. Chase crawls after the bag ahead of Rabins but Rabins grabs him and pulls him back. He climbs over Chase and makes a point of stepping on his bandaged hand. Chase screams in pain and Rabins punches him. Chase does not give up and pulls Rabins back but Rabins elbows him hard in the mid section. Chase does the same thing to Rabins' back and then pulls him off, shoving Rabins away. Chase struggles to get over the bag and vial and he shields it with his body. Rabins limps over to Chase who lay on the ground. He kicks the already injured Chase in the abdomen rendering him unable to fight any more. The device is sticking out from under Chase's body but when Rabins goes to pick it up he finds it fastened to Chase's arm via the clamp that is supposed to attach to the target. Chase groans and Rabins yells in frustration. He thinks quickly and rubs his hands through his hair. Finally he decides and gets Chase's gun from the floor. He points it at Chase and saying nothing he arms the timer. Rabins stands and, still pointing the gun at Chase, cocks it. Chase can only watch as gunfire rings out, 5 shots. He flinches but is not shot, Jack is standing in the doorway. Rabins falls and Jack comes and makes sure he is dead telling Chase not to move. Once satisfied he moves to his injured partner. He instructs Chase to lay still and says that everything is going to be alright. Jack gingerly moves the device that it attached to the arm that was already bandaged from being shot earlier in the day. Chase explains thickly that it was the only thing he could do to keep Rabins from escaping with the virus. Jack looks for a way to take it off but Chase, with his eyes closed, tells Jack not to waste his time. Jack asks what he's talking about and Chase explains that Rabins didn't even try to unlock it. If he could have, he would have. Jack radios to Tony and tells him Rabins is dead and they have the virus. Tony tells Jack to find any secure container to put it in. Jack tells Tony he can't, the device is attached to Chase's wrist. Tony asks 'what?' but Jack says that he needs him to put him in touch with one of the teams that has been able to disarm the device. Tony agrees and Jack carefully helps Chase up. He tells him to just support the device and they start to move to a lab bench. On the way Chase begins "Jack, I don't know how this is all gonna turn out but you gotta tell Kim…" Jack, leaning Chase on a bench, tells him that he is to tell her himself. He tells Chase 'Stay with me and we'll get through this'. Meanwhile Jack tosses a stool aside and starts opening drawers. He finds a tray with some instruments in it and puts it neat Chase. Roger Sommers comes on the line and introduces himself to Jack. Jack calls Roger by his first name and explains that his partner had to attach the device to his wrist. He needs to disarm the timer or get the clamp off. Roger tells Jack that the clamp is titanium and also is hooked into the timer to be tamper-proof. He tells Jack to take the plate off and as he works urges Chase 'Stay with me.' Chase appears to be having trouble staying conscious and is bobbing around. Jack gets the plate off and reveals a timer counting down from 3:51. He tells Roger the time. Roger says that there should be 6 wires, Jack needs to separate them. Hands shaking Jack complies. When he's done Roger instructs him to cut the red wire without making contact with the others. Chase watches Jack wide eyed as he gets a pair of scissors around the wire. Before he cuts it he looks at Chase, 'ready?' Jack cuts the wire and nothing happens. The timer continues to tick down. Jack informs Roger of this and is told that it's fine, that will stop on the next cut. He asks Jack to locate the green wire. Jack rifles through the wires looking and before long looks directly at Chase and tells Roger "I don't have a green wire." Roger asks what colours he does have and Jack tells him, orange, yellow, black and purple. Roger tells Jack that the devices don't match but don't panic. Roger will look into it, Jack tells him to hurry. Jack continues to fiddle with the wires and the timer now reads 2:27. Chase finally says, "Jack, you need to go." Jack says 'I'm not going anywhere without you.' After he meets Chase's eyes he focuses on something over his shoulder. Jack quickly looks back to the device looking like he wished he hadn't looked. Chase turns slightly and looks where Jack was. On the wall there is a fire extinguisher and, behind glass, an axe. Chase turns back and sits for a second but then tells Jack "Do it." Jack says stubbornly 'They're gonna call back.' When Chase tells him he has to Jack yells, "They're gonna call back!" Jack continues to fiddle aimlessly with the device and Chase looks at him and says quite strongly "It's okay." Jack looks at his partner and Chase urges him again with a small nod. Jack gets up and quickly makes his way across the room. With his other hand Chase starts to take his belt off, still in obvious pain. Jack breaks the glass and picks up the axe. He surveys Chase from a distance as he puts the belt around his arm just below his elbow. He puts the end in his mouth and Jack arrives with the axe. He rests it just on the hand side of the device and then looks at Chase. Chase, grunting with anticipation, gives Jack a nod. Jack follows through and takes off the hand. Chase screams in pain and quickly passes out. Jack carefully moves the hand aside and takes the device. He grabs a towel and puts it on what's left of Chase's arm. He leaves him slumped over unconscious on the lab bench and takes off out of the room. Jack runs down the hall with the device in front of him and radio's that he has a man down in the third floor science lab. He needs medical assistance, 'emergency, now.' Jack continues to run down the hall and goes back into the staff room. He puts the virus inside the large glass-front refrigerator and shuts the door. He watches for a few seconds as the last time ticks down and the vial explodes inside. Jack perches himself down on the edge of a nearby chair and tries to contain his emotions
Michelle is working in one of the tech room and the door buzzes, Tony comes in. He asks the other agents in there for a minute and they oblige. Michelle asks Tony what is going on. He tells her that he's back in custody and Hammond is taking him to Federal. Michelle says no, he can't do this, not after everything he's accomplished today. He seems resigned to his fate and says 'Michelle, I put your well being above the country's. Nothing anyone can say will ever change that.' Michelle argues that 'they can't put you in prison.' He says calmly, "Yes they can, and they will for a long time." She is beginning to become tearful and tells him not to talk like that. Tony tells her quietly 'Michelle, don't do this.' He reaches out from where he stands and grabs her, they kiss. He tells her that she's alive and nobody else got hurt because of what he did, 'it's more than what I hoped for. I can live with that, even in prison.' Another agent comes in the room and calls Tony. They separate and Michelle cries as Tony leaves.

Jack is at the hospital and he has just finished thanking a doctor who is in scrubs. Jack's phone rings and when he answers there is a female voice on the other end that tells him to hold for the President. Palmer comes on the line and calls "Jack?" Jack, as always, addresses Palmer as 'Mr. President.' Palmer tells Jack that he wants to thank him for not only what he has done today but for everything. "This country continues to owe him a great debt of gratitude." Jack thanks Palmer. David continues that he put him in an unimaginable position when he asked him to take the life of a colleague, he asks for Jack's forgiveness. Jack tells Palmer that there is nothing to forgive, it had to be done. And it's not the only sacrifice today. David says he understands and asks 'How's Agent Ednumds?' Jack updates Palmer that he is in surgery and it will be a few days before they know if he can use his hand. David says when he's strong enough to talk he will want to thank him personally. Jack thinks that he'll appreciate that. David says to Jack 'it's men and women like you, your courage and level of commitment humbles me. Jack says he'll pass that on at CTU. David says there's something else; he wanted to tell him personally that he has decided not to seek re-election. He says somewhat quieter "This will be my only term." David looks up and sitting in his office is Wayne. Jack says that if he doesn't mind him saying, he thinks Palmer is making a mistake. David tells him mistake or not it is what he's decided. He says to Jack that he hopes when he's a private citizen they can become better friends. Jack says it would be an honour. David thanks Jack again. They hang up the phone and David is still with Wayne. They say nothing an Aaron Pierce knocks at the door. David says 'Come.' Aaron says the motorcade is ready. David thinks for a second and then gets up. Wayne helps David put his jacket on and pats him on the shoulder. David thanks him. The two of them exit the room to the hallway where Secret Service waits. Aaron, Wayne and David walk down the hallway into the waiting elevator. David stands in the centre as the door closes.

Jack waits at the hospital. Kim is shown in by a worker and says hi to her father. They share a lengthy hug and finally Kim asks if Chase is going to be okay. Jack tells her solemnly that they are optimistic. They got him into surgery quickly. Kim is happy and they hug again. Jack tells Kim that he hears her and Chase are going to make some changes. He tells her he's very happy for her. Kim's expression changes to a smile and admits that she thought he was going to be upset. He tells her "I'm so proud of you." He tells her that he's sure whatever choices she makes will be the right ones. She thanks him and then asks if he is going to be okay. Jack is going to be fine, 'There's some things I have to deal with but I'm gonna be fine.' He asks if she is going to wait for Chase to get out of surgery. She says she is and Jack tells her that he has to leave for a little while but he'll be back. They exchange 'I love you's', hug and Jack walks away. He hesitates after opening the door and looks back at his daughter standing there. He takes a long moment, then looks at the ground, but she doesn't notice.

In the split screen we see Chase in surgery, unconscious under anaesthesia, Kim waiting, Tony, David inside the limo with people outside waving at him, Jack walking and Michelle watching them take Tony away.

Alone, Jack makes his way to his SUV. He unlocks the door, gets inside and puts his keys in the ignition. Instead of starting the car Jack sits for a second. He pinches the bridge of his nose and then wipes his face, soon he dissolves to tears. Not saying anything Jack sits alone and cries. He looks down crossing his arms and then bangs twice on the window. Before he can compose himself a voice calls him over the intercom. He asks if Jack is there. Jack doesn't respond and starts to wipe his eyes. The man calls again and this time Jack pulls the radio down. He sniffles and says a gravely 'yeah, this is Jack.' The man says that they got a call from District to start interrogating Saunders courier. They could use his help. Jack hesitates and is called again. Jack says 'yeah' again and the voice asks if he copies. Jack says he's on his way, starts the vehicle and drives away.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-The previously's get longer and longer for every episode. It's almost a good thing that we're at the end of the season or else we'd have about 15 minutes of it.
-It was good of Michelle to told up her end of the deal with Gael by lying to his wife and telling her that he didn't suffer. But, it was SO a lie.
-There is no way that the file on Saunders should have been left up there with an unsecured person in the building, let alone in the room. No wonder everyone inside CTU is corrupt with security like that.
-Wow, Saunders finally got out of that turtleneck. Too bad it wasn't for long.
-When Kim answered the phone from Chloe she didn't say 'Bauer' or anything CTU-ish, you know what she said? "Hello?" Can they do that at CTU?
-Another problem with that storyline, why did Saunders have to be brought to Chloe's station anyway? I'm pretty sure they could have done the imaging through one of the holding rooms. These guys are techie gurus.
-That Agent Barry reminds me a bit of Chase, it's good to know that if Chase/Kim doesn't work out Chase could hook up with Jane (She is a Kim-alike after all) and Kim could see Barry. Talk about workplace tension.
-The way these guys use little inside gags I was extremely surprised that the hat that Theresa had that was Gael's wasn't a Toronto Maple Leafs hat. John Cassar, the director for this episode, is a massive leafs fan.
-Kim must be good at what she does if Chloe chose her over everyone else, or maybe she's just trying to suck up to her boss (i.e. Jack).
-Why oh why did they have to kill Saunders like that? I mean, I'm not saying I could write better than these guys or anything but I think maybe they could write better than that. It just seemed so convoluted and absurd. The entire pretence surrounding it all is just not right. Theresa taking this long to show up, then the images left on the screen, Kim having to go and the other agent getting distracted, her wanting to take Gael's things right now (is that the first thing you think about?), Saunders having to be brought to Chloe's station, her being able to take his loaded gun (does she have a licence for that?) and then finally her being led right past him and fast enough to get the gun out and shoot him twice with the best aim ever to shoot him. If she can shoot like that, she should be an agent.
-It was pretty obvious to the rest of us that as soon as Wayne walked into David's office he was upset. How did David not notice right off the bat? He's only known him for his entire life.
-I'd just like to take a second for DB Woodside (Wayne) and Dennis Haysbert's (David) performance in this episode. Actually, almost every cast member was at their best here now that I think about it. Woodside, especially, did such a magnificent job in the only real scene he had. The chemistry between him and Haysbert was almost visible in this scene. Perfect and completely intense. It's too bad, after that, it looks like they won't be back next season because they are great together.
-Wayne is such a vicious political character. He obviously loved Julia but he still is thinking of his brothers' presidential well-being
-I physically jumped when David yelled at Wayne. He is very intimidating.
-Does Brad Hammond remind anyone else of 'Agent Smith' from the Matrix? It took me this long to see it but its there, just listen to him talk…
-Too bad we didn't get to see Keith and Nicole. They were very enjoyable in Season 1. Maybe in the DVD outtakes we'll get them…
-Jack took the whole 'Chase decision' thing pretty well. Especially since a lot of those choices were ones Jack didn't make to his emotional detriment.
-It's good that they tied up all of the Mexico stuff between Jack and Chase.
-That was just about the biggest switchblade ever that Rabins had.
-It's a good thing Jack was paying attention to the lines. What good was the officer if he couldn't even keep track if this 10?
-What ever happened to Plachecki coming to question Kim? Did she get out of it or did they forget?
-It took 23 episodes for the other agents at CTU to get some reasonably important lines. We met about 4 new agents in the last hour.
-Tony maybe just then, when he had to answer if he put Michelle's life ahead of public security, realizes the severity of what he did…
-I think maybe Chase saying that he wants to be 'taking care of people I care about' probably also included Jack.
-That man on the street was the calmest ever in the face of a carjacking and a death but also the most useless for information.
-Frank Cassar: Man who was killed in the carjacking. John Cassar: Principal director of 24 and director of this episode.
-It sure didn't look like Tony did much in the chase, was it really worth getting him out for that?
-I don't think yelling at the driver if that big vehicle is going to make him move any faster there Jack.
-Rabins seems like an old pro at the car chase.
-Everybody cried in this episode. Jack, Palmer, Wayne, Michelle… I think we need a group hug.
-I love how scared Chase looks at Jack's driving.
-Poor kids that Jack just scared the crap out of there. They look pretty young to be in middle school
-It had to be a science lab, didn't it? With the glass and everything? I guess it had the right tools, though. Also, what kind of science lab leaves all the stuff out like that?
-Chase did a pretty good job fighting with Rabins since he was already pretty badly injured.
-Well, I cringed when Rabins stepped on Chase's hand. I did the same thing when I saw the axe. Actually, I did the classic 'hand up to the eyes' but then I peeked out through my fingers.
-That's the second time today Jack has saved someone by appearing in the room and shooting the bad guy at the last second (Kim/Nina)
-Why did Jack even bother taking Rabins' pulse. He shot him 5 times, I think he's dead.
-Nice touch for Chase to ask Jack to tell Kim something, nicer touch having Jack tell Chase to tell her himself.
-Based on the axe-action and his stubbornness about doing it I think Jack really does care for Chase. Probably a part of the reason he was so upset about it
-How is it possible that the devices don't match? Weren't they all made by the same person in Russia or wherever it was?
-Love how Roger tells Jack not to panic, are you kidding?
-Upon reflection, having Jack ask Tony to find someone to "Disarm" the device, he's actually the one that did the dis-arming… (Sorry, that was really bad…)
-That was really quite brave of Chase to allow Jack to take his hand off like that. It was also good thinking. If he didn't do it then the virus would be out in the school and both of them and most of the kids would end up dead. It really only makes sense.
-The good news is, Chase probably had some nerve damage from having his hand shot earlier in the day so if it doesn't work again it might not be the biggest loss anyway.
-I didn't think it was possible for Chase to look rougher than he did previously.
-So, it seems like maybe Chase's purpose for the season was to be the pain-taker instead of Jack. Since they've done all the nasty stuff to Jack they had to have it inflicted on someone else that Jack cares about.
-I was sad that we also didn't get to see a Jack/Palmer one-on-one scene. If it's true that Palmer won't be back next year we only had a few times when they got to play off each other and they were all in the first season. They are wonderful on the phone together too but better in person.
-Tony is so logical and methodical about the fact that he's going to jail. It seems like he is indeed ready to go away for 20 years. Michelle, on the other hand, isn't quite ready.
-I wonder if David isn't going to be the President anymore that means we won't get to see Aaron Pierce next year either. I'd really miss him.
-Well, Chase finally gets some sleep.
-This was another finale ruined emotionally for me because I was so worried that Jack was going to end up dead. Not from the things that happened in the school but when Jack went out to the car. I spent the entire last 4 minutes waiting for Jack to do something stupid like blow his own brains out. The way he said goodbye to Kim and then spent the little moment contemplating her before he left. Then he trudges out to his car and gets in. He just looks so lost that all I could think about was that he was going to get his gun out and do something crazy. I couldn't really get involved because I was way too worried they were going to kill him off. We know he's thought about it from Season 2. Unnerving, very unnerving. Also, with Kiefer Sutherland running around saying that "… the real time aspect is the real star of the show…" it just got me on the edge of my seat even more than the hand.
-This season was nice, for a change, everything was tied up and we were left with some closure. That is wonderful since we will be waiting for January for Season 4 to start. It's like a wonderful little 24 Package…
-So, I've heard a lot of dissent over the Jack cry. Personally, I thought it was a nice touch and a nice way to end the season. Jack seems to go through his day and not really show any serious effects of what is happening around him. He is human after all and seeing is all catch up with him was a realistic touch. Think about what he's gone through today, in fact, here's a list: confronted about his drug addiction; found out his daughter was dating another field agent, the last thing he wants for her; got news that Louis Annicon had been killed whom he worked close with; saw Tony freshly shot and came to his aide; broke Salazar out of prison; knocked Chase out; caused a prison riot where innocent people probably died; was held hostage and knocked out on the Salazar's plane; nearly killed by Ramon; confronted by the woman he loved about his betrayal; put a gun to his partners head and pulled the trigger; heard him tortured; ran into Nina Myers; was nearly killed by the Salazar's again; was toyed with emotionally by Nina and was forced to kiss her; was almost killed by her; got Claudia killed by having her help Chase; faced his drug addiction with his colleagues and daughter; killed Nina after she nearly killed Kim; had to deal emotionally with the Chandler Plaza hotel and the civilian deaths; heard of Gael's death, a person he worked with over the last year; learned that someone from the Operation Nightfall team survived and that he left him behind; had to kill his boss and co-worker for the last few years execution style; saw his daughter go out into the field on a dangerous assignment where she got into trouble right under his nose; captured and threatened an innocent Jane Saunders; had to track down Tony and force him to put Michelle into danger; took nasty comments from Tony regarding Teri and the choices he made leading to her death; had to confront Saunders face to face; threatened to kill Jane by putting her in the hotel; saw the death his ex-colleague caused that killed hundreds, 'entire families; pulled his gun on a roomful of children; saw Chase after being beat to a pulp and had Chase tell him to cut his hand off to save the two of them; cut Chase's hand off and left him unconscious; gave his blessing to his daughter, his prized possession, to peruse a relationship with another agent, effectively, admitted that she's grown up. I think that's a lot of reasons to cry, don't you? It gave us enough closure to hold over for the next 7 months.

-Mistake: Michelle tells Hammond that it's a light blue Malibu that Rabins is driving but when Jack asks CTU about it he is told it's a light green Malibu.
-Mistake?: While searching the school Jack radio's Chase and tells him that the second floor is clear. He is in the staff room and Chase is in the science lab, assumingly not on the 2nd floor because Jack was clearing that floor. Jack comes to Chase's aide and takes the virus back to the staff room (the exact same fridge and chairs). If Jack was clearing the second floor why was Chase there? Jack didn't go up or down any stairs to get back to the staff room.
-Mistake: Jack is standing at the hospital alone and he has his hand basically under his nose. When Kim comes in, from a further out point of view, his hand is on the side of his neck. Then, when we see the original angle again his hand is back where it was.