Originally Aired 2004/05/18

~ 3.23 - Searching~

On the site of the Saunders take down the agents are rounding everything up. Tony talks to another Agent while Michelle does the same thing. Chase is getting his shot hand re-bandaged and Jane waits nearby. They got verification from Saunders computer that there are l1 other vials across the country but the tech working the computer says that they likely will not be able to get to the files since they are set up with a program that deletes them if they detect unauthorized access. Jack asks Saunders where the vials are and Saunders tells Jack that he's wasting his time, the information is not in there. The vials are in the hands of dedicated men, true believers. Jack asks what they are believers in and Saunders tells him that they believe that the greatest threat to world peace comes from this country. Jack challenges Saunders saying that there are 800 people dead at the Chandler Plaza hotel; does Saunders think they were a threat? Saunders says that they are just the first causalities of war. Jack moves closer to Saunders and asks, "What happened to you Stephen?" His answer is that 'I was abandoned by the people that I work for, as you'll be some day.' Jack looks at the ground and Saunders says that his message will be heard within the hour. Jack asks what he is talking about and Saunders tells Jack that his couriers are in failsafe mode and can not be called back and Jack will not be able to find them unless he gives him what he wants, which is to be on his private plane and a Presidential guarantee of safe passage to North Africa. Jack tells him that it's not gonna happen. Saunders sizes up Jack and gives him a half smile. He says, 'I know what you're thinking, Jack. The Bosnian Secret Police worked on me for 2 years and weren't able to break me, you think you'll be able to break me in less than an hour?' He tells Jack that he doesn't have a choice. Jack turns away from Saunders and radios to be brought Jane.

A few agents approach Tony and one of them tells him that he's going to need his gun. Tony pulls it off of his belt and hands it over to the agent. He mumbles to the others to frisk him and one of them shoves him up against a nearby cement wall and starts to pat him down. Chase was watching from the ambulance nearby and comes over. He tells the other Agent, 'You don't have to do that, take it easy, he's one of us.' The agent tells Chase coldly "Not any more." Jack sees the commotion and comes to ask what's going on. The agent tells Jack and Chase that he got orders from Hammond to take Tony into custody. They now have affixed cuffs on Tony and Jack tells him he's sorry. Tony tells him to just take care of business and assures him that he'll be alright. They lead him away and Jack pats him on the arm. Jane comes to Jack and he asks her to talk to her father. He needs her to tell Saunders that she scared and she doesn't want him to do this. Jane agrees to try and walks over to her father. Jack and Chase watch closely and she approaches Saunders. She eventually looks up and meets his eyes and tells him that she knows what he's doing and she knows he can stop it. She asks him to. He tells her calmly that he won't let them use her to manipulate him. She tells him that despite everything that's happened she loves him and she's asking him to please not let this happen. It doesn't make any sense. Saunders tells her it doesn't to her because she hasn't seen what he's seen. She tells him that she knows he thinks what happened to him was the government's fault and maybe it was but the people he's affecting are innocent. Saunders tells her that this has to happen for things to change, they must change. Jane wants to know how he can do things like this and he answers that it's for her sake, and for her children's. She is horrified at the prospect but he tells her the world will be a better place when it's over. She takes his hands, which are bound with handcuffs and begs him to not do this. He says that he doesn't expect her to understand but one day she will and she'll look back and thank him for this. He is hoping for her approval but instead she whispers 'oh my God.' And runs off. He calls to her and tries to follow up his stopped by agents. She runs right past Jack and Chase and Jack calls her but then radio's to get the chopper ready, they are on the move.

Sherry Palmer is sitting out on her porch. Her home phone rings and she looks at the call display and answers. David is on the other end and says that he was thinking over what Keeler has offered her, a seat at the table. Sherry admits that it's something like that and David thinks there may be a seat at his. Sherry says it's too little too late. David tells her that he thinks it would be in both of their best interests to hear what he has to offer her. She says she's listening but David doesn't want to do this on the phone. He instructs her to meet him at a park by an old baseball field. He gives her a time and she says she can try to arrange it. He tells her that she will be there. Sherry doesn't think that he is in any position to be making demands. David tells Sherry that he has a schedule and if he starts to make changes people will notice and neither of them wants that.

When Sherry hangs up David calls Wayne. Wayne is waiting in the car with Foxton and David says that Sherry should be leaving soon. Wayne says that he knew she'd go for it. David tells Wayne that 'She's enjoying having me over a barrel, I can hear it in her voice.' Wayne reminds David that they have a better chance of finding the bottle the longer Sherry is away for. David says he will do what he can to keep Sherry with him and then before he hangs up he tells his brother "Find it Wayne."

A chopper is flying away and Jack and Saunders escorted by guards move towards the Chandler Plaza hotel. Jack motions towards the hotel and tells him take a look at his handiwork. He tells Saunders heatedly that he murdered all those people, whole families. Saunders says that sometimes fires need to be lit for a cause but Jack doesn't want his justifications. He says this is over and asks Saunders to tell him where the vials are. Saunders asks Jack if he wants to send him inside the hotel, he is prepared to die for his cause. Jack radios to Chase and he soon gets off another chopper with Jane. He leads her over and she looks kind of confused. Chase himself looks slightly unnerved by the situation and Saunders asks Jack what he is doing. Saunders looks at Jane and she asks why they brought her here. Jack says coldly that she should ask her father; it's up to him. She looks at him and asks 'Dad?' Jack demands that Saunders tell him how to find the other vials or he will out his daughter in the building. Saunders argues that she has nothing to do with this but Jack yells back, "Neither do the people in those body bags." Jack threatens that this is his one chance. Saunders shakes his head saying 'no it's not.' Jack again says to tell him how to find them. Saunders tells Jack 'You know you can't do this, Jack, you're a government agent.' Jack hasn't heard what he's looking for and orders Chase to take her into the hotel. Chase starts to move her towards the entry way to the hotel and he hands her over to two agents in biomasks. She screams and shoves to try and get away from the agents. Jack yells to Saunders "Everything that happens to your daughter is because of you." She's screaming and pleading for him to stop them and Jack again asks for Saunders to tell him where the vials are. Jack turns to Saunders and tells him over Jane's screams that 'If your daughter is infected I'm going to make you watch her die.' He turns and watches the agents as they drag Jane closer to the entrance and into the tunnel. Saunders screams for him not to do this and then finally after Jack tells Saunders that he has run out of time he yells for Jack to stop and admits that he will tell him. Jack closes his eyes in relief and then turns back to face Saunders. Jack asks how to find them and Saunders says that carriers have been tagged with GPS locators so he could track them to the drop. Jack asks where the locator codes are and Saunders answers that they are in his head. Jack asks him sceptically, 'You memorized all 11?' Saunders confirms it. He orders CTU to get Jane out of the tunnel and Saunders and Jack move away.
They have set up a station outside the hotel and Chase informs Jack they have picked up 10 of the 11 signals. They don't know about the 11th. Jack asks Saunders where the 11th one is and is told it is in LA. Saunders doesn't know the target, though; they were just instructed to choose a place that would inflict mass casualties. Jack asks for the name of the man and Saunders tells him that he goes by Arthur Rabins but he can probably assume that it's an alias. They will get him working with a sketch artist for a description. Jack and Chase prepare to move Saunders out and Chase asks about Jane. Jack tells him to leave her there. He gets Saunders up and he exchanges glances with his daughter and goes. Jack calls Adam at CTU and gives him Rabin's name. He then asks if Division sent anyone over to replace Tony yet and Brad Hammond is just coming in the building. Adam transfers Jack to the nearest phone and Hammond says he has been briefed. They are alerting police and NHS across the country. Jack informs him the last vial is in LA with a man that is using the name Arthur Rabins. There is no predetermined target. Jack has wandered away from the others on site and tells Brad that he knows they took Tony Almeida into custody but now that his wife is safe he thinks he might be a real asset to them. Hammond says that he will not be given any special treatment. Jack is frustrated and says that 4 & 1/2 years ago he was in the same position Tony was in today. Victor Drazen had kidnapped his wife and daughter and he went outside CTU. No one put him in prison. Hammond tells Jack that the situation is different now but Jack argues that the outcome will be the same. Hammond says that Tony put the entire operation at risk. Jack tells him that this operation started over a year ago with Gael, Tony and himself. Gael gave his life for it and he had to become an addict to maintain his cover and now they are taking Tony to prison. Jack tells him 'It's wrong, Brad, and you know it. You should be putting a medal on him, not handcuffs.' Hammond is unsympathetic and tells Jack dryly that he can testify at his hearing. They have work to do.

Tony is led into CTU in handcuffs with two guards. He looks at the floor as most of the employees look at him. Adam and Kim both look somewhat surprised and Chloe seems angry. He is led down the hall to the holding rooms and Michelle doesn't notice until after he's almost gone, she can only see his back. He is led into one of the holding rooms and sits down on a chair. He says nothing but holds his hands out so the guard can take the cuffs off and when the guard leaves Hammond is there. Tony immediately asks about Michelle and Hammond says she's there at CTU. Tony wants to talk to her but Brad tells him not yet. Rae Plachecki is coming from the Attorney General's office to take his statement and he is entitled to have a lawyer present if he wants. Tony says he doesn't need a lawyer, "I did what I did." Hammond tells him that 'What you did is punishable by the death penalty.' Tony seems bewildered and echoes "Death penalty." Hammond asks what he expected, he committed treason. Tony says that wasn't his intent but Hammond reminds him he facilitated the escape of the man who ordered the death of Ryan Chapelle and millions of citizens. He then tried to neutralize the only leverage they have on him by taking him back his daughter. Tony wants to know what the bottom line is. Hammond tells Tony that he will testify that his record is long and mostly distinguished. With luck, the best he can hope for is 20 years. He leaves Tony alone.

Wayne and Foxton are waiting in the car near Sherry's place. Wayne thinks she is taking her time so she can make the President wait. His phone rings and Julia is on the other end. He tells her that he told her not to call but she doesn't have anyone else. Wayne cannot help her now. She tells him that the police are coming to arrest her for murdering Alan because they don't believe that Sherry was there. She asks Wayne if the President is backing Sherry's story. Meanwhile, Foxton has been watching while Sherry exits the house and gets in the car. Wayne tells Julia he doesn't know but she tells him not to lie. He says there's nothing he can do right now. She begs him not to hang up but he says he will call as soon as he can. By this time Sherry has left the house and has gotten in her car and driven away. Foxton is out of the car with Wayne and moving towards the house. Julia is scared and tells Wayne that they loved each other once, she asks him to help her. Wayne says he has to go and apologizes, he hangs up. Foxton is waiting outside the car and Wayne meets him. He follows Foxton towards the house with his suit jacket in his hand.

Julia is sitting by the phone and looks like she might be crying and she is thinking of something.

Wayne and Foxton make it to the door of Sherry's and Foxton picks the lock and lets them in. Wayne puts gloves on and as they cross the room he muses 'The Chief of Staff to the President of the United States is now committing a burglary.' Foxton says that it's a historic moment. Wayne says Sherry can never know that they were there. They get to work and Wayne tosses his jacket on a chair and starts searching.

Chase calls Jack over and shows him a monitor. It is a live video feed of the take down of San Francisco. They eagerly unpack his bag waiting to see if the vial is in tact. They finally get it open and see that it is in tact and has not been released. Chase says they have 1 down.
Wayne comes out and talks to Foxton. He asks Wayne if he has finished looking though the kitchen and Wayne admits he looked twice and found nothing. Foxton is looking though the medicine cabinet and makes a comment about the chemicals. He says that it is there and they'll find it. Wayne asks how he can be so sure and Foxton answers 'Because I'm a professional and she's not.'

David is waiting for Sherry and she walks towards him past the Secret Service. They exchange somewhat cold names and David wants to walk. Sherry isn't interested and just wants to get to the point. She asks what he decided. David has decided to give her what she wants, a place in his administration. She says that this is what he implied over the phone but she thought she was here for more specifics. David looks at her and tells her she will be his 'defacto right hand' and she will be involved in all major decisions. She is interested and asks how. David says she will be one of his primary consultants. Sherry raises her eyebrows and asks "Consultant?" She turns and says "Good bye David." He is bewildered and asks where she is going. She tells him angrily that she will not be relegated to an informal role so he can ignore him whenever he wants. David doesn't understand and asks her to just tell him what she wants. She tells him that she wants a permanent position in his administration and in his life. David doesn't understand and so she clarifies, "I want to be your wife again." She continues 'I don't expect to have the physical intimacy that we used to, well, maybe in time, but I really want to be Mrs. David Palmer again. The First Lady, right beside you in Washington, wherever you go.' David takes a couple of steps away and admits that he doesn't know what to say. Sherry says he can start by saying yes or she walks for good. David looks puzzled and she asks if he is prepared to have her as his wife again. She waits for his answers while he thinks but no answer comes. She takes a few steps away but he grabs her arm to stop her. He tells her "Yes." She gushes "Really?" She touches his face and works down to his tie. She hugs him and he weakly puts his arms around her. David thinks they should talk about the details and work out how they can expose it to the public. She wipes a tear and stands back to look at him. She starts to sense something and says 'wait a minute, I, no, I know you a little better than this. Something is not right, you're making this all too easy, there is something else going on here.' David says that he's giving her what she asks for. She says no, no he's not, he's toying with her. She doesn't know what it is but she doesn't care. David is to consider the offer off the table and she tells David that 'John Keeler will be the next President of the United States.' She walks out past Aaron.

Once Sherry is out of sight David pulls out his phone and calls Wayne. Foxton and him are still searching the house and David tells Wayne that she is on the way back. Wayne says he needs more time but David says that she knows something is going on and won't stay with David any longer. Wayne tells a still searching Foxton that they have to go. Foxton says he is not done but Wayne says that Sherry will be there soon. Foxton sees something and moves to the stairs. He lifts them and it opens into a hidden wine cellar. Foxton appears proud of himself and moves into the cellar. Wayne relays to David what they found and follows. Inside there is wine and a safe. Wayne asks if he can open it in time and Foxton says that he won't be able to crack it. The electronic safes have a main override and he knows a guy that can get the code. Wayne asks how long it will take and Foxton, pulling out his cell phone, says it depends how long it takes to get him on the phone. Wayne says they are running out of time.

Jack and Chase have a feed from New York where they are containing their vial of the virus. They are told that Seattle and Los Vegas have been found and so has Denver but the courier was making a call when he was killed. They don't know whether he was able to complete the call or warn others. Jack says they need to find that out.

At CTU Adam has a signal from the LA tracker. Chloe asks for him to transfer it to her and she calls Jack. She updates him and tells him where Rabins is. Jack asks her to find a list of probable targets based on his location. Chloe is on it and says it's probably the California Centre. Jack says that makes sense and they are on the way.
Michelle enters what was Tony's office but now Hammond is occupying it. She tells him that she just went to see Tony and they told her that he was denying her access. Hammond tells her that he is a prisoner but Michelle reminds him that she is his wife. He did what he did to save her life. Hammond is aware of that and because of this he is charged with treason. Michelle says she knows he broke protocol but because if him they were able to get Saunders. Hammond tells her that they had Saunders two hours ago and Tony let him escape. Michelle obviously was uninformed about this and Hammond capitalizes asking her if she didn't know. He tells her that they had him but Tony let him get away by moving the units. Michelle defends Tony saying that it was an impossible choice but Hammond thinks it wasn't. He had a sworn duty to protect the people of this county. He asks Michelle to put herself in his place and if she would have done the same thing she should resign right now.

Jack talks with Chloe while Chase drives them. She tells them that Rabins, carrying the vial, is heading north at 40 miles an hour. They should intercept him in 1 minute. She eventually tells them that they should be right behind him. They make a turn and should have a visual on him but there is no one in front of them. Chase asks if she is sure he is still in a vehicle and Chloe asks how else he would be travelling 40 miles/hour. Chase thinks this isn't possible but Jack, looking out the passenger window and seeing a sign for the subway says it is. Jack says he is underneath them; he's on the subway. Jack asks if Chloe can stop the train before it hits the station and she says she can. She logs onto the system and stops the train. Jack asks if Adam has found a photo of Rabins yet but he hasn't and the sketch from Saunders is still on the way. Jack asks for 20 UC (undercover) operatives and a Haz-Mat team to be sent to the station.

Foxton's cell rings and he answers and is given the override codes for the safe. The first one, 6-7-6-7-6-5-8, does not open the safe and Wayne watches eagerly. The next one given is 2-2-8-7-6-7 and it doesn't work either. Wayne hears something upstairs, it is a car. Sherry is home. Wayne goes back to Foxton who still has not opened the safe. He tells her that Sherry is there but Foxton tells him to be quiet. Wayne urgently says they need to get out of there. Foxton opens the safe and quickly rifles though the contents; there is no bottle. Wayne says they should go but Foxton didn't come all this way to leave empty handed. They have come back into the main house and Foxton hides in the kitchen. Wayne is left standing in the living room as Sherry enters the house. Sherry is puzzled to see him and wants to know what he is doing there, what's going on? Wayne says nothing is going on but Sherry demands an answer. She sees the cushions on the couch all out of order and suddenly figures it out and says that David sent him. She understands now why David wanted to meet her. She admits to be surprised to find Wayne there doing his dirty work, she has never done anything to him. She continues to press him until Foxton comes out of his hiding spot and surprises her with a punch to the jaw. Sherry falls to the floor unconscious and Foxton starts to frisk her looking for the bottle on her. He turns her over and then feels it. He lifts up the back of her shirt and reveals the bottle taped to the small of her back.
Jack and Chase are at the subway station and there is a message over the intercom saying that there is a delay. There are agents all around Chase in undercover clothing. Chase leads a pack of them upstairs and around the station, Jack sits himself down on a nearby bench and waits. Chase moves around the other side of the station and Jack says he has a visual on Chase. They are all in place and Chloe says she is ready to move the train. Jack makes sure that both teams are in position and Jack gives his teams another description of their target. White male, mid-30's, dark hair, brown eyes, pretty nondescript. He is speaking into a hands free earpiece that every team member has. Jack tells Chloe to release the train and Chloe passes the order on. Jack continues to sit on the bench and Chase moves like he is going to board the train. As it pulls up Jack looks semi-casually inside. Chase waits as Chloe says that Rabins is moving off north. Chase is tracking a group of men that are walking in the right direction. Chase follows them up the stairs and asks Chloe if she can get an altitude on the target. She says she can triangulate and when she does she confirms that he is moving up. Chase says he has 10 remaining white males and Chloe says he is moving west. Jack directs the team split off at the main base. Rabins is now moving south and descending and heading right to Jack. Jack has a visual and there are 4 remaining white males. Jack orders the teams to close in and then asks Chloe what she has. Rabins is moving west and then he stops. A remaining man is standing by the map of the systems. Jack tells the others that he has an ID and he is at his 6 o'clock looking at the map. Jack is initiating takedown. He gets up and moves over towards the man, gun drawn and hidden behind his back. He pulls his gun and asks the man where it is. The man claims to not know what he's talking about and Jack kicks him over and his bag falls nearby. Chase is near it and asks Jack if he should wait for Haz-Mat before he opens it. Jack says no, either the vial is in tact or they're all already contaminated. Chase starts unwrapping things and finds a cigarette package in the bag. The man that was carrying it begins to protest that he doesn't smoke but Jack tells him to shut up. Chase dumps out the contents of the package and finds no vial, just the GPS transmitter. Jack realizes that Rabins must know they are on to them. He wants the station shut down now.

Wayne and Foxton have left Sherry's house and are getting in the car. Julia drives up to Sherry's and Wayne tells Foxton to stay there. He asks where Wayne is going but he tells him just to stay there.
Sherry is coming to in her place and is just starting to get up off the floor when she see Julia come in. She is very upset and tells Sherry that the police think that she killed Alan. Sherry, rubbing her chin, tells her that she told her to keep her mouth shut, it's nobodies fault but her own. Julia has heard enough and pulls out a gun pointing it at Sherry. Sherry asks what she is doing and tries to persuade her she doesn't want to do this. Julia says she is going to jail. Wayne comes running in the front door straight at Julia and Sherry. He tells her to put it down. Julia says that Sherry should be the one who goes to jail, her life is ruined. Wayne thinks they can work this up but he is told to shut up. Julia tells Sherry that she has been lying her entire life and she is not going to lie her way out of this. Sherry says no, she will go to David and he will pardon her. Sherry explains she was just with him and she's going to be his wife again. He'll do whatever she says. She promises Julia that she will not spend a single day in jail. She asks Wayne to confirm. He makes an indistinct motion. She says that Julia will now have everything she's ever wanted, freedom, Alan's estate, she asks her to think about it. She'll be set for the rest of her life. Wayne watches eagerly as Julia slowly starts to lower the gun. Sherry coaxes her saying 'good, real good.' Before the gun makes it all the way down Julia brings it back up and shoots Sherry twice in the midsection. Sherry falls and Wayne goes to her side. Julia cocks the gun again and Wayne, who is over Sherry, turns around. She tells Wayne "I'm so sorry." She puts the gun to her own head and pulls the trigger. Wayne yells "No!" and scrambles to Julia's body. He is almost in tears and holds her head to his chest.

In the split screen we see Tony, David pacing around holding his cell phone and then Jack taking a position at the end of the platform.

Chase comes to Jack and tells him they've detained the whole station, no one has left since the train came in. Jack tells him to set up a team securing the tunnels.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-I think that Saunders' vindictiveness might not be directly reflective of Jack leaving him in Kosovo. He left him because he thought he was dead, sure, but the government probably knew that he was a hostage and didn't want to make the trade or give in to what was required to get him out.
-A parallel to this, in Season 1, when Jack was being held by the Drazens, the US government didn't want to make the trade for him, either. He would have been abandoned just like Saunders says now. The person that got him out of that mess: Nina Myers. She called David Palmer so Jack could be freed.
-Saunders little half-smile at Jack was great.
-At least we got a bit of background on the whole 'Where Saunders has been' thing but I'd still like to know more. Always more…
-Too bad for Tony. I really felt bad for him when they tossed him up against the wall and frisked him like a common criminal.
-It was also really nice to see Chase come and try to tell the agents off. Finally, the nicest part was to see Jack try and almost make amends for what they previously went through. He obviously did understand what Tony was going through and having him tell him that he was sorry I think maybe encompassed more than just he was sorry that he is going to jail.
-Jane seems like such a nice girl. The expression on her face when Saunders tells her that he is doing this for her was great. It showed that she really had no idea what he father was in to. She was mortified at the thought that he would think he was killing all those people just for her.
-It takes a big person to forgive your mass-murderer father.
-The entire daughter storyline is really great. It shows us the more humane side of Saunders, especially when he asks her for her approval, his little, 'yeah?' was great. He looked pretty crushed when she freaked out and ran away instead of accepting what she had to say.
-Sherry is such a diva.
-At least David knows Sherry as well as Sherry knows David. He knew that she was really enjoying having him need her again.
-Its kind of weird how passionate Jack is about families. He got really uptight when he pointed out to Saunders that he killed entire families.
-Line of the week contender: Saunders to Jack re: Jane: "She has nothing to do with this." Jack: "Neither do the people in those body bags!" Touché.
-Saunders thought he knew Jack's limits as a Federal Agent but either he was wrong or Jack just doesn't care any more.
-I'm thinking it's just that he doesn't care since Chase looks equally as surprised about the whole thing.
-Saunders must be somewhat like Jack, or Jack is just using what he thinks would be the most hurtful for him. Telling him that everything that happens to his daughter is because of him is something that would make Jack stop pretty much anything he was doing.
-Indeed Jack was not sent to prison but also, as Jack said last hour, the circumstances were different then but he was right in that the outcome will be the same. The bad guys have been taken down.
-Ah, so Jack does know about Gael. We never saw him get told that his co-conspirator in all of this had been killed.
-It was almost heart-warming to hear Jack tells Hammond "You should be putting a medal on him, not handcuffs."
-Heart-warming. A word not usually used to describe 24.
-For some reason 20 years doesn't sound much more appealing than the death penalty.
-How does Julia know for sure that the police are coming to arrest her? Did they call ahead of time just to say 'hey, we're coming to arrest you?' That would be just perfect. A bit of warning so she can take off to Mexico if she wants.
-Speaking of Mexico, wouldn't that be the ideal solution for all this? Not like she doesn't have enough money in Alan's bank account to disappear forever.
-I love the little throwback to Season 2 when Hammond tells Tony that his record is "Long and for the most part, distinguished." You know, for the most part, other than drugging his superior (Chapelle) towards the end of Season 2...

-Line of the week: Wayne to Foxton upon entering Sherry's place: "The Chief of Staff to the President of the United States is now committing a burglary." Foxton: "It's a historic moment."
-Wayne couldn't have looked through the kitchen twice that fast. No wonder he didn't find anything. He came back to Foxton in under 5 minutes.
-Foxton obviously doesn't know Sherry very well. I think he underestimated her just a bit. She's been manipulating situations and being devious her entire life. Lots of practice at it.
-Although Sherry wanting to be the First Lady didn't really surprise me, in fact, it was what I was expecting, it still startled me hearing her actually say it.
-What was David going to do if Sherry hadn't figured out he was lying? Was he really going to marry her again? I'm thinking no and we'll probably never know now.
-The Secret Service at the baseball diamond was just really funny. There's one standing near home plate. Probably not waiting for the rest of his team to show up.

-Foxton is sure a handy guy to have around, isn't he? I still don't trust that he will keep his mouth shut but he really knows what he's doing.
-He had the best expression when he discovered the wine cellar.
-Jack was pretty casual when he said they'd need to find out if the courier got through to the others.
-So, in seasons 1 and 2 we had the cursed contractor programmers (Jamey Farrell and Paula Schaffer), now we seem to have the cursed heads of CTU. If you count Season 1 Jack where his wife dies then Season 2 Mason who gets exposed to radioactive material and is killed in a subsequent nuclear explosion, Tony getting shot in the neck and then Chapelle filling in for him being ordered killed. Now we have Tony again being faced with the possible death penalty. These are truly cursed men. I hope Hammond
-Speaking of Hammond, could HE be the higher up mole from Season 1 that set up Jack's team?
-Who else is pretty sure that Michelle wouldn't have done what Tony did to save him? As Carlos Bernard said on '24 Inside', 'the guys are always more in love then the girls.'
-I love how Foxton hid when Sherry was coming but Wayne was just left standing there completely exposed.
-What would Wayne and Foxton have done if Sherry hadn't been shot? She saw them and they stole the bottle right off of her.
-Smart place to hide that bottle. Never underestimate Sherry.
-Foxton punched a girl. Scumbag.
-Does no one else hear the CTU agents talking to themselves around the station? I know there are lots of psychos in LA but still…
-Jack sounds pretty bored with the entire subway operation, the tone of his voice gives it all away.
-There's those Camel Lights again, Kiefer Sutherland's brand…
-That poor guy that they stopped and took down. Jack better at least apologize for hitting him and telling him to shut up. All he was probably doing was going to work or something.
-It seems like Wayne really cared for Julia. The way he went running into the house showed us that.
-Sherry is such a manipulator. Always manipulating everyone.
-So thought Julia was going to shoot Wayne. I think Wayne thought Julia was going to shoot Wayne, too.
-It seems as though 'Shot in the head' is this years 'torture.' We had Russian roulette, then Ted kill himself, then Claudia shot in the head and now Julia. Gory, real gory.
-Well, at least Julia got to do what I think we'd all like to have done at some point over the last few seasons: shoot Sherry.
-I hope they actually did contain the train station unlike when they "contained" the mall but everyone got out.