Originally Aired 2004/05/11

~ 3.22 - The Beginning~

The chase is on at CTU for Tony. Jack goes to Chloe's desk and asks for all the surveillance tapes from every exit from the last ten minutes. He then asks Adam to be checking the traffic surveillance. Chase has caught on and clarifies with Jack saying that he just heard Tony took Jane Saunders out of the building. Jack says yes, he is going to trade her for Michelle. Chase reminds Jack that she is the only leverage they have to find Saunders. Jack snaps 'trust me Chase, I know.' Chloe has found video of Tony leaving three minutes ago and then exiting the parking lot ninety seconds later. Jack tells Adam that he is looking for a silver SUV and then starts to go saying that he'll call them from the car.

Tony is driving with Jane in the passenger seat. He sees that he must stop at a red light, squeals the tires and says 'Son of a bitch.' She sees that he is agitated and asks if he is okay. She says that he never explained why they were transporting her. Tony says he told her but she doesn't think that makes sense. He snaps that he doesn't have time to explain it.

Saunders tells his thug that they have to be ready to move when they are ready with his daughter. He leaves the thug outside the room where Michelle is. She takes the chance to bang on the glass and yell to him that there are 800 people dead or dying at the Chandler Plaza hotel right now because Saunders released a virus into the ventilation system. She tells him that what the media is reporting about it is a cover so that they avoid mass panic. She says that the will be infected along with everyone else and urges him saying that whatever Saunders is paying him it isn't worth losing his life over.

Chase is on his cell phone putting the last of his team together. Kim comes over and she is told that he has the tactical unit set up and until they locate Saunders they are pretty much on standby. He tells her that he needs to talk to her before he goes back out there. She asks what about and he answers 'about us.' He continues that 'I need to know if there is going to be an us.' Kim tells him that she has been thinking and the baby changes everything. He tells her that it doesn't change the way he feels about her. Kim says that they need to forget about her, he has a daughter and a job that won't let him be with her. Chase wants to know if that is her or her father talking. Kim says that her dad would be the first to admit it, he was not the greatest father and it wasn't because he didn't love her, she knows he loved her but it was because of his job. Chase asks Kim if he got out of Field Ops would she consider staying with him. Kim tells him 'I would raise a child with you Chase, but I won't raise one for you.'

Jack is in his SUV trying to intercept Tony. He is on the phone with Adam who says that Tony is no longer on Fifth, Jack tells him to widen the search. Adam is already on it and then says he has him on Vine. Jack makes a turn and Adam says that Tony has hit traffic at Fillmore, he can intercept at Grant.

Jane is with Tony and says that she knows he's lying about where they are going; they are not going to Division. Tony assures her she will be fine but she wants to know where they are going. He admits that he is taking her back to her father. She wants to know why and he tells her that Saunders is holding his wife hostage and he will kill her if he doesn't take her back to him. Jane concludes that basically he is kidnapping her. He apologizes and she asks what makes Tony think that he will let his wife go. How does he know that he won't kill Tony's wife anyways. Tony says that he doesn't have a choice; he wishes he did but he doesn't.

Jack has found them and comes squealing out from a crossroad. Tony sees him and tries to get away but he ends up partially on the sidewalk crashed into some garbage cans. Jack pulls up near the drivers' side and gets out of his car demanding that Tony put the gun on the dash. Jack yells the instruction again as he approaches the vehicle, kicking a metal garbage can out of the way. Tony, sweating profusely, relents and puts his gun on the dash. Jack opens the door and Tony slowly gets out of the SUV. Jack takes the gun and then tells Jane to stay where she is, everything is fine. Tony tells Jack that Saunders has Michelle. Jack seems sympathetic and says he knows. Tony tells Jack that Saunders wants to trade Michelle for his daughter but Jack says he can't let that happen. Tony reminds Jack that he almost lost her once today and he is not losing her again. Jack says to Tony that he's been there and he knows that he's going through. Tony says that Jack handled it the same way; he kept everyone out of it. Jack thinks that it's different; there are millions of lives at stake here. Tony yells at Jack that rules apply to everyone else but not him. Jack wants Tony to calm down but Tony bargains with Jack saying that if he helps him with the trade he will do whatever it takes, even if it means going to prison. Jack can't do it, they need Jane. Tony says then Michelle has to die but Jack says she doesn't have to. He tells Tony about the strike team that Chase is heading up. Tony is hesitant saying that if Saunders sees that he brought CTU into this he will kill Michelle. Jack tells him that he will not know they are there. He asks where they are meeting. Tony starts to walk around and Jack tells Tony that he doesn't have a choice on this, he has to work with him. He asks again where they are meeting. Tony says that Saunders will be calling a public payphone at Taylor and Vine in 5 minutes and he will be getting further instructions from there. Jack puts his hand on Tony's shoulder and assures him that he is doing the right thing. Jack gets in their SUV and Tony stands outside for a minute and then gets in.
David and Wayne are looking at pictures of the containment zones in LA. They are not certain that they have the virus completely contained and they may not know for hours or days. Wayne tells David that the press is starting to ask Gerry more about what is going on and he thinks David needs to release a statement. David says he already has. They have closed the airports and shut down transportation as well as having F-18's patrolling. Wayne thinks that the press is starting to sense that they don't know what they are facing. David reminds Wayne that with the amount of people in LA, if even a small amount of them decide to leave at the same time it will cause panic. They will withhold the truth until the virus is contained. Wayne says that they will hold them off as long as they can. He leaves David alone and soon his phone rings. David is told that Senator Keeler is there to see him. David allows him to be brought in. He buttons his coat and Keeler enters. They say hello and David invites him to sit. Keeler says he would rather stand. David says he was surprised by his visit and asks only somewhat playfully if he is withdrawing from the race. Keeler says he is there with respect to the death of Alan Milliken. He tells David that he knows he lied to the Chief of Police and obstructed the investigation of a capital crime. David says that this is a baseless charge but he has come to expect this kind of recklessness from him. Keeler says it is neither baseless nor reckless. He produces a photo of a pill bottle and tells David that this is the nitro glycerine that would have saved Milliken's life if it hadn't been kept from him. Keeler reminds David that he told the police that Sherry was with him at the time of the death but the prints on that bottle prove otherwise. He says that the last thing this country needs is to have its President dragged through the mid with complicity in a murder. David wants to know what he wants and Keeler wants David's resignation. Not immediately but after the crisis passes David can resign with whatever face-saving reason he wants to give. David tells Keeler to get out. Keeler says he is offering a chance for David to control how his legacy is written. It is a good deal and he suggests that David take it. He leaves.

Tony is driving the SUV and Jack is in the back. After they park Tony tells Jack that Saunders is going to call in 1 minute, he has to go. Jack instructs Tony to reject Saunders' first place for the meeting. Saunders will have a team ready so they need to be able to get CTU in without them knowing. Tony thinks that if he doesn't do exactly what Saunders says he will kill Michelle. Jack says not to give him a choice. Tony asks what if Saunders doesn't buy it but Jack reminds Tony he has leverage, use it. Tony goes to the payphone and Jane questions Jack about what's going on and asks if his wife was kidnapped because of her. Jack says something like that and Jane asks 'And now you want to use me as bait to get to him.' Jack says he will do whatever he has to do to stop the virus. He tells Jane to stay put and he will be right back. Tony, who has made his way to the payphone and hooked up an earpiece for Jack hands it to him as he arrives. They both wait awkwardly until a few seconds later the phone rings. Tony just asks where they are meeting. Saunders asks to speak to his daughter but Tony says no, they can talk at the exchange. Saunders wants Tony to meet in an industrial park 3 miles north of where he is. Tony says it doesn't work for him but Saunders tells him to make it work. He is to be there in 10 minutes or his wife dies. Tony comes up with the story that if they meet there they all die since CTU has redundant satellite coverage of that area. Saunders says that this is not negotiable and he will do whatever it takes to make sure nothing interferes with this day even if it means sacrificing his daughter. Jack has heard enough and hangs up the phone. Tony demands to know what he is doing. Jack says calmly that Saunders is testing him. Tony asks frantically how he knows and Jack says because he knows he will kill his daughter. She is the only reason he will expose himself. Tony snaps at Jack that 'no matter how well you think you know this guy you're not him. This is not a game.' He reminds Jack that his wife's life is on the line. Jack says it will be better if they control the ground that the exchange happens on. Tony says that protecting her is not a priority to Jack. He tells Jack that if she were killed it would be an acceptable loss, wouldn't it? Tony continues, "My God, Jack, didn't you learn anything from what happened to Teri?" Jack has heard enough and with both hands shoves Tony. He points and tells him 'Shut up, Tony, shut up.' Tony doesn't come back to Jack but instead goes towards the car. He gets most of the way there as Jack calls him. Tony turns around and yells back to Jack "Just because you sacrificed your wife for this job doesn't mean I'm gonna sacrifice mine." Jack says nothing but instead the pay phone rings. Jack watches Tony closely as he turns around and meets his eyes. Tony comes back to the phone and answers, "I'm here." He stares angrily at Jack as Saunders says this is the first and last accommodation. They can meet downtown under the Sixth Street Bridge in 30 minutes. He threatens that if Tony brings anyone else he will kill his wife. They hang up and Jack pulls his bug out of his ear. He tells Tony quietly 'You did great.'
Chase is getting ready to leave CTU with his team. They will be invisible until Saunders is on site. They start to go and Kim comes over to give Chase the satellite images of the area. Chase said he wanted a real time feed and Kim says he will have it. They will be coordinating with the Marines. Before he goes Kim tells him somewhat awkwardly 'Look, Chase, please be careful.' Chase tells her not to worry about him, he'll be fine. Chloe is watching the two of them as Chase leaves. Kim comes over to Chloe to ask about the real time satellite feed for the Sixth Street Bridge. Chloe doesn't answer but asks Kim if she thinks Chase is really going to quit Field Ops and start a family. She says he won't. Kim doesn't know where Chloe is getting that from but it's none of her business. Chloe says 'I've known him for three years, you've been dating him for 3 months.' Kim wants to know her point so Chloe tells her 'He might be a great guy but he's just like your father, they're the same person.' He will not be leaving CTU for the suburbs. She tells Kim that the satellite feed will be 10 minutes and Kim starts to walk away. Chloe calls after her that 'I'm just trying to be a friend.'

David makes a phone call to Sherry. She is outside on a sundeck with a glass of champagne. She says that she thought she'd be hearing from him and David accuses her of sending Keeler over there to blackmail him. Sherry tries to sound surprised and asks if he was there. David reminds her that she could go to jail for murder but she tells him that he lied to the police too and obstructed justice. She continues that 'I knew you always wanted to go down in the books, but not like this.' David doesn't understand what this is about, what has Keeler offered Sherry. She says he offered her respect and a seat at the table, what David should have offered all along. Instead 'you call me to do your dirty work and then threw me out like an old pair of shoes.' David tells Sherry that she knows him, better than anyone and she knows he won't be bullied so before this goes too far she'd better ask herself if she is willing to go to jail. Sherry answers that 'I've asked myself that a million times and yes I am. The question I have is, are you?' David doesn't answer her and she says snidely "I didn't think so." She hangs up.

Tony is driving and Jack is on the phone with Chase. He is pointing out the areas that he wants to teams in on a computer and they are coming up on a screen in Chase's car. They agree that there will be no deal if Saunders sees them and the response time for air support is 30 seconds. Jack hangs up and Jane says that she knows her father released the virus in the hotel and that people are dying but do they really think he will do what he is saying and release it all over the country? Tony looks at Jack in the rear-view as he says that if they don't stop him, yes. Jane asks why, there has to be a reason. Jack says that 'When I worked with your father he dedicated himself to saving lives of innocent people but something happened to him. Who knows what but he now believes that our government betrayed him.' She asks if they did and Jack says there's no easy answer. The work they did demanded sacrifices and obviously the one in Bosnia was not one that he was willing to make.

Michelle is by the wall in the holding room on the floor with her back to the door. She is screaming and crying. The man watching her keeps yelling for her to be quiet, no one can hear her. She continues to scream and he goes in the room with his gun out. She turns around to face him and her nose is bleeding, she cries that she's been infected. The thug backs out of the room as she moves towards him. He closes the door but she is close enough so slide a piece of clear plastic between the latches so the door doesn't lock. Outside the thug radios Saunders and says that they have a problem, she has it, the virus. Saunders asks what he's talking about and the thug answers that she must have caught it at the hotel. Saunders says impatiently that they wouldn't have released her without testing her. It's a trick she must be doing it to herself. While the thug talks Michelle has come out of the room holding a brick or something else heavy. She knocks him out and takes his phone and other things as Saunders and his other thug start running to them. She takes off down a hallway and wipes her face off on her sleeve. She looks for a way out. Saunders and his thug split up and Saunders tells him to make sure that she doesn't get above ground and do not shoot to kill. Michelle hides behind a wall as she hears someone coming. Saunders runs by not far away and she starts to go again. She hears the thug coming and jumps back behind the wall. He checks a broken down bathroom and Michelle sneaks away. She flips open the cell phone and sees that she has no service. She breaks out a door and goes up some stairs but when she hits the top she finds she's chained in. She uses the phone to make a call to CTU and Chloe answers. Chloe can just hear static and says 'Whoever this is I have a really bad connection and I have a lot of stuff to do.' She hangs up on Michelle who promptly hears a door above her open. She goes back down as Saunders appears above her.
David is looking at a picture of the pill bottle. Wayne comes in David's office and asks what Keeler wanted. David answers 'my job.' He tells him that Keeler has proof that Sherry was at Alan Milliken's tonight. Wayne crosses the room and David says that Milliken's prescription bottle turned up with Sherry's fingerprints on it. Wayne asks how he got a hold of it and David asks, "How do you think?" Wayne knows it was Sherry and David says he talked to her a few minutes ago and she didn't even bother to deny it. Wayne thinks she is bluffing because if this gets out she goes to jail too. David says so will he and 'She figures I have more to lose than she does, so do I.' Wayne asks what Keeler wants David to do and David tells him that he is supposed to withdraw and that will send the party into chaos, whoever takes over won't have a chance in the election and Keeler becomes President. Wayne sits down and says this is all his fault. David comes around his desk and sits on the edge. He tells Wayne 'Hey, look, we both made mistakes. I'm the one that called Sherry.' Wayne puts his hand on his brothers' knee and David adds his hand on top of Wayne's. Wayne says that there may be a way out of this. David asks how and Wayne says that without the bottle Sherry has nothing, right? David wants to know what he is suggesting and Wayne thinks they should take away the only leverage she has. David asks if he means for them to steal evidence and Wayne offers to call Foxton and he can make this all disappear. All David has to do is give him the okay. David goes back around his desk and sits down and Wayne watches him closely. They meet eyes for a few seconds and Wayne leaves.

Chase is waiting with the teams and Tony, Jack and Jane show up. Jack and Tony get out and Jack tells an agent to watch Jane. The strike teams will be ready in 2 minutes and they will be invisible. Jack is told that he has a priority call from Kim. He answers and Kim says that she has Michelle on the line. Jack asks if she's with Saunders and Kim says she got away. Jack asks for her to be patched through. Jack puts the phone on speaker and she says she got away but they are still after her. Tony asks where she is and as she heads out a door she gives them a location, Wilshire, 1 block east of Olive. Tony tells Chase to get his team there now but Jack says no, don't. He tells Michelle that he wants her to let Saunders catch her again. Tony asks if he is crazy and Jack answers that the exchange has to go down, that way they can catch Saunders. Michelle, now at somewhat of an exit, asks if Jack wants her to give herself up. Jack says yes, the exchange site is secure and it's the only chance they've got. Tony doesn't care, he tells Chase to redirect his team now, that's an order. Jack yells over Tony no. He reminds Tony that he is not in command. Tony shoves Jack away and Jack quickly lands Tony on the ground. He has his gun on him and tells the agents "Get him out of here, NOW!" Two agents appear and grab Tony by the arms. They drag him away as he screams to Jack "That's my wife, Jack, you son of a bitch!" Jane is watching the events from the car as Tony yells again "That's my wife, Jack!" Jack turns back to the phone and tells Michelle that they need the exchange to go through, everything depends on it. If Saunders doesn't have Michelle to trade he is not going to go through with it. Everything depends on it and they are not going to get another chance at this. He asks he if she understands and she says yes. Jack assures her that they are going to do everything they have to to make sure that she comes out of this okay but she has to move now. She agrees and hangs up. She tosses the gun in a nearby bush and runs back towards the building. Saunders has met up with his thug again and as within seconds Michelle has come around a corner directly to where they are. They have their guns on her and she puts her hands up.
Wayne is in an underground parking lot. When he sees him a man gets out of car. He tells Wayne that the thought his was the brother kind of politician that would never lower himself to his level. Wayne says he needs him to recover something, a bottle of medicine taken from a crime scene. Foxton asks if it has been admitted as evidence and Wayne says no. Wayne tells him that it is in possession of Sherry Palmer, the president's ex-wife. He knows where she is now and can partially reconstruct where she has been since it was taken. The time frame is hours, not days. He asks Wayne if it has been authorized by the President but Wayne asks why it matters, he'll get his money. Foxton just wants to know who he's working for. Wayne says the President knows what he is doing but Foxton says 'not that I don't trust you but I'd like to hear it from him.' Wayne sighs and says fine and begins to dial his cell phone. Foxton stops him before he can finish and says that that's proof enough. He gets a bag from his car and they go.

Tony waits outside his SUV as he is told that they do not have Saunders yet. The teams are hidden in various places, Chase and a few others behind some tires. Jane waits inside the SUV and Tony looks around nervously. He speaks to Jack via radio and asks him to promise he won't make a move on Saunders until Michelle is safe. Jack tells Tony that they will move as soon as they have a visual on Saunders. Tony says he knows, 'I'm just asking you to do what you can.' Jack says solemnly "You know I will." Chase tells them that he has 3 cars heading in from the west and Jack says they are coming, he asks Tony if he is ready. Two black and one silver SUV pull in slowly, the last black one behind the first two. Chase says the windows are tinted and he can't see inside. Everyone watches as one of the black ones pulls at an angle and the other two stop. Inside one of them Saunders thug answers his phone and Saunders says to give 'her' the phone. He gives it to Michelle and tells her that he would prefer to turn her over to her husband unharmed but he will kill her if anything goes wrong. The thug gets out of the car and un-cuffs Michelle. Tony is standing behind the front end of his own SUV as the thug slowly leads Michelle out with a gun on her neck. As they slowly walk Tony's phone rings and Saunders tells him that when he sees his daughter he will get his wife. Tony says alright and then goes to Jane. He says he needs her to get out of the car and as Tony walks her around the front he assures her everything will be okay. The thug with Michelle stops walking and Tony instructs Jane to walk over to her fathers' men. She asks where her father is but Tony doesn't know. He tells her that they have to do this and apologises. Michelle is still waiting and Tony tells Jane that he has to trust him on this, he asks her to go. She starts to stiffly walk across the area and then the thug gives Michelle a shove and she starts the long walk back to Tony. The two women pass half way and exchange glances but say nothing. Chase and his team are watching and Tony is waiting eagerly, his hand out to meet his wife's. Tony tells Jack to move on Saunders now but Jack says there is no visual. Chase watches still as Jane gets closer to Saunders' men. Tony waits and Michelle gets closer to him she begins to cry. Jane is nearly there but before she gets all the way she stops. She looks at him and says 'I can't.' She turns around and runs back to Tony. The thug calls her and suddenly Saunders appears. He calls Jane saying that it's okay. The CTU teams now have a visual and move out on Jack's word. Gunfire rings out from everywhere; Tony pushes Michelle and Jane behind him and fires at Saunders' men. The teams come down from the bridge and Saunders has taken off. He jumps over a steep wall and runs away. Jack is in pursuit and calls to Saunders from above. He fires a few times but has no choice to jump down and run after him. Saunders has a chopper coming to get him and the tunnel leads out to the LA River. Jack sees Saunders again and shoots his gun in the air. Saunders turns and fires at Jack and then the men in the chopper do the same. Jack takes cover behind a low wall and radios to Chase. He says that Saunders has a chopper and they need air support. Chase radios Adam who says there are 2 F-18's nearby, call sign Guardian Angel. Chase radios to them and then tells Jack they are on the way, take cover. The men on the chopper call for Saunders to hurry and just before he gets to it the F-18's show up. They promptly shoot at the chopper and the explosion knocks Saunders off his feet. Jack tells the others that the chopper has been taken out.

Tony has made his way to Michelle who is crouched by the back tire of the SUV. He asks if she's okay and Michelle says yes. He kisses her and they hold on to each other, both crouched by the car.

In the split screen we see Jane watching, Tony and Michelle together, Wayne driving with Foxton and David sitting.

Jack has made it to Saunders and calls him Stephen. He tells him not to move. He holds his gun over Saunders and says that there are 11 vials unaccounted for, where are they? Saunders, in obvious pain from the blast, says it's not that simple. Jack tells him 'Stephen, it's over.' Saunders tells him 'No it's not, Jack, it's just the beginning.' Saunders tries to get up but Jack pushes him back down with his foot. He asks where the vials are. Saunders tells Jack, 'you can waste time trying to break me and kill millions of people or you can give me what I wants.' Jack gets on the radio and identifies himself. He tells them Saunders is in custody and walks away from where Saunders lies. He puts his hands behind his head and looks at the sky.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-That was the best recaplet ever at the beginning. It basically sums up the entire last episode in about 2 minutes.
-Why would Chase even bother to tell Jack that Jane was their only leverage against Saunders. I know he probably just said that for the sake of the viewers but it was kind of ridiculous.
-Even though Tony tells Jane that he is fine, he really doesn't look okay. He's sweating and just looks bad. It was unnerving at the beginning because the whole trade depended on him keeping it together.
-Michelle is really good at this being held captive thing. First she tries to convince her thug (with a pretty convincing argument, I might add) to let her go and then pretends to have the virus. Much more points than Kim.
-I'm glad they worked a bit more on the Kim/Chase/Angela angle on this episode, I was starting to wonder if it would go the way of Jack's addiction and Dalton, the CTU agent that evaporated.
-For some reason Kim saying "I have been thinking" made me laugh.
-I know that we know that Kim knows her dad loved her as a child but it was nice to hear her say it.
-I wonder if Chase actually meant what he said about leaving Field Op's for Kim. I guess maybe we'll find out down the road.
-I'm glad Jane asked the question that I've been asking for a while now. How does Tony know that Saunders will be good on his word?
-Jane Saunders' character could be really annoying if played poorly. I was not too sure about the actress that was playing her when we first saw her but she's really grown on me. She's doing a good job and is holding her own with the other great actors on this show.
-Jack has a point here about his Season 1 predicament and Tony's problem now. With Jack and Palmer there were pretty much 4 lives on the line, the 3 Bauer's and David. Here there is pretty much an entire continents population that would probably end up with the virus if Saunders gets away.
-I guess Jack set a bad example for Tony in Season 1. Role models are important, people! ;-)
-Tony's love for Michelle is really touching. Blind and somewhat stupid in light of everything but touching…
-Did anyone else notice there was a lot of touching in this episode?
-Plane Trivia: They must have had big bucks to get these in for the show:
The F-18 Hornet: These 57 Million dollar aircraft are used in the US Navy and Marines and were first used in Operation Desert Storm. They can reach speeds of Mach 1.8+ and can also be found in Canada, Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain and Switzerland.
-Loved the question about Keeler withdrawing. Humorous, a side of David we rarely see.
-What kind of training does Tony have? Jack practically has to walk him through every tactical step of the negotiations and he argues all the time. Didn't he learn this stuff in spy school or something?
-Although, he did think well on his feet about the satellite coverage.
-Was it really smart to leave Jane in the car all alone? They were just at the payphone but still, she could have gotten away.
-Look of the week: Tony's to Jack when he hangs up the pay phone.
-Tony is right that saving Michelle is not a priority to Jack. If it happens, great but I don't think that he's willing to sacrifice millions the way Tony is. If we remember Season 1 when Jack was kidnapped by the Drazens we are all told that Jack was expendable, "Just like the rest of us." It's part of the CTU Agent deal, they do not negotiate with terrorists.
-I'm still nursing a bruise on my jaw from when it hit the floor at this line: "My God, Jack, didn't you learn anything from what happened to Teri?" - I can't believe he went there. That was below the belt.
-They couldn't come up with anything better for Jack to say to that than "Shut up?" He sounds like a 6 year old. "You're stupid!" "Shut up!"
-CTU Service revolver: $1000, Public payphone: $400, Ford Explorer with all the extras: $40,000. Being right about Saunders testing Tony and calling back on the pay phone: Priceless.
-I'm pretty sure Jack didn't sacrifice Teri. It was an unexpected outcome and also, who was at CTU at the time of her death? What's that, TONY? He's probably more responsible than Jack is.
-If looks could kill Jack would be dead. Especially after Tony comes back to the payphone.
-Thinking about Chase living in a house in the suburbs is almost as funny as thinking about Jack there. Hey, maybe Jack can move in with Kim and Chase and live above the garage. They could do a ½ hour sitcom after 24 is over called :30
-We all know that Chase and Jack are the same person, I'm surprised it was such news to Kim. I hope that doesn't mean that Chase will be the next Jack, in other words, take over lead of the show.
-Well, at least in this day Sherry gets to relax.
-Line of the week: Sherry to David regarding him being ready to go to jail: "I didn't think so." Delivered with just the right amount of attitude. That's why we love to hate Sherry.
-I'm really hoping that we get resolution to the Saunders-Bosnia storyline. They have left it out there hanging and they have 2 episodes to clear it up fro is.
-Well, I sure thought Michelle had the virus there for a minute.
-In all honesty, who calls Chloe? Out of all the competent CTU agents there'd be no way on God's green earth that I'd be dialling her desk.
-The casualty of David's reaction was great with Wayne. "Hey look", it's just the job of the President of the most powerful country in the world. No big deal, it's not like the pay was that good anyway.
-David "I was the one that called Sherry." Touché.
-That's the second time David has given an order today without saying anything.
-I was all excited in the promo for this episode. They showed Tony lipping off to Jack about Teri and I fully expected Jack to toss a few punches. In retrospect, I was thoroughly disappointed that he didn't.
-This just proves it: there is no such thing as a non-crooked politician.
-How good would it have been if Michelle couldn't find Saunders and his crony?
-When Foxton asks if the evidence had been admitted yet, he really made it sound like it wouldn't have been any extra trouble if it was.
-I'm really doubting if Wayne is a trustworthy person. Foxton doesn't even seem to trust him and he's a crook.
-So, even though this season (or part of it) was sponsored by Ford we have Tony's glaring GMC Denali and the 3 Yukon's that Saunders thugs drove. It seems like maybe those were leftovers from Season 1, though. Jack drove both a Silver and Black Yukon at different points.
-For someone who's about to kill millions, Saunders is pretty adamant to hand over Michelle unharmed. He would have had lots of excuses to hurt her by now. A mass murderer with a conscience...
-It's pretty obvious who Jane believes and trusts in this whole thing but you can't really blame her, 'yeah, go back to your psycho-killer father, everything will be fine.' Sure, whatever.
-It was weird seeing Tony in a Kevlar vest. The first time in 3 years. We're used to Jack but not Tony.
-Cutest thing ever: Tony waiting for Michelle with his hand out.
-Almost felt bad for Saunders when his daughter ran away from him… almost.
-If I were Michelle and Jane I'd be right behind Tony, not hovering nearby. He's the one with the bulletproof vest and the gun.
-Kinda surprised neither him, Michelle nor Jane got shot in that fire-fight. They were in front of everything and they got out okay.
-Guardian Angel: Couldn't think of a better call sign for the F-18's.
-That was a long drop for Jack and Saunders. How's the knees, boys?

-That was a great helicopter explosion. I'm thinking that Saunders may have gotten a little more singed then he's showing.
-The Tony/Michelle reunion was great. Well worth the wait but I think I see a sunset looming, looks a little Disneyland to me…
-So, what does Saunders want?
-Saunders says this is just the beginning. Could this foreshadow that 'Day 4' will continue right after day 3?