Originally Aired 2004/05/04

~ 3.21 - Grey Area~

There are agents all over the place outside the building that Saunders is believed to be in. Jack, like before, puts his gun away and exchanges it for a bullhorn. He calls out to Saunders saying that this is his final warning. He is to come out of the building now. There is no response from inside and as Chase watches Jack gives the instruction "Smoke him out." Chase relays this to the teams yelling for them to release the tear gas. Agents shoot through the windows and smoke becomes visible. Jack says to send the agents in and Chase relays that message as well. Jack waits outside as Chase follows the other agents into the building, putting a gas mask on. Jack sees Agent Baker running nearby and calls him over. He wants to know why he doesn't have his team on the south exit and Baker explains that CTU said that Jack needed him out front. Jack asks why and Baker explains that there was a blind spot in the front of the building. Jack gets on his COM unit and asks Chase if there is any sign of Saunders. Chase is deep in the building and has nothing yet. Jack turns back to Baker and asks who gave the order to move the teams. Baker says it came from Tony. Jack tells Baker to move his team back to their mark and then calls Tony. He explains what Baker said and chews Tony out. Tony tells Jack that someone from his team must have made a mistake with the intelligence. Jack tells him that he should have cleared the move with him and he reminds Tony that he has tactical command in the field. He tells Tony that 'if you can't run CTU you need to replace yourself with someone who can.' He hangs up on Tony and then radios Chase for him to check in. Chase tells Jack that they've searched the whole building and Saunders is not there. Jack wanders out from the truck and yells 'Damn it!' in frustration.

Chloe tells Tony that Saunders is not in the building and she asks what Tony meant by saying that someone in his team made a mistake. Tony brushes it off and Adam says that he is checking the satellite images. Tony says that he will do that himself and tells Adam to keep working with Chloe. He goes into a nearby room and pulls up the satellite images from just minutes ago. Saunders can be seen walking down the street and Tony highlights all the images and deletes them. He looks at what he's done for a second and then his phone rings. He answers it and Saunders is on the other end. Saunders wants to make sure the he covered his tracks with the satellite images. Tony says that he did what he wanted him to and asks where his wife is. Saunders tells him not so fast. Tony should know by now Saunders likes to do things in phases. That was phase 1 and now he wants his daughter back. Tony admits that he wants his wife back as well. Saunders thinks that there shouldn't be any problem then. Saunders asks where Jane is and Tony tells him that she is on the way there. Saunders threatens that if any harm comes to his daughter his wife will die. Tony makes the deal saying 'I'll do my part, you do yours.' Saunders answers 'that's the spirit' and meanwhile the phone in the room Tony is in is ringing. Adam is asking if Tony is there.

Tony picks up the phone and Adam asks if he is okay. Tony says he's fine so Adam says the President is waiting to speak with him. A woman asks Tony to hold for the President and he comes on the line. David asks Tony if what he heard is true. Did they lose Stephen Saunders? Tony says it is indeed true and Saunders knows that they are holding his daughter and 'she's obviously very important to him.' Tony tells him that Jane is on her way into CTU. David says that he doesn't have to remind Tony how much security they need to have around Jane. She is the only thing standing between Stephen Saunders controlling the government. David asks Tony to keep him posted.

After David hangs up he goes into a nearby room where Wayne is watching a monitor with Gerry. There are reporters interviewing Keeler about lost sponsors. David asks who he lost and Wayne names them for him. Apparently they were not pleased with the way Keeler put a negative spin on David withdrawing from the debate. David says that they don't have time to deal with this right now and asks Gerry to excuse them. Wayne follows David leaving a mystified Gerry standing there.

Jack and Chase are leaving the site that Saunders was. Chase is on the phone and when he hangs up Jack asks what they said. Chase doesn't understand this, CTU says there was a problem with the satellite. Jack tells Baker and two other teams to stay behind, him and Chase are going to CTU and he wants to be there with Saunders daughter when he calls them back. They drive off of the site and Chase wonders aloud how Saunders got away. He asks Jack if he thinks he might have access to their tracking. Jack makes a call to Chloe and she tells Jack that she is analyzing the phone call from the carrier. Jack asks if there is any way that Saunders could have been routing the call like he did before but Chloe says no. She has Saunders counterfeit signature so if he does that again she would know. They hang up and Jack says that 'something is not right here.' Chase just looks at Jack.

Jane and Kim pull up to CTU with the other agents, one of them Agent Rachel Forrester. Jane is mystified and asks if this is CTU. Kim answers yes and Kim is then told that her father and Chase on their way back to CTU. She asks if they are with Saunders but is told no he wasn't in the building. Jane asks if Saunders knows they have Jane and she is told yes.

Inside CTU Tony introduces himself to Forrester. Tony says they will be putting 'Ms. Saunders' in a holding room. Forrester thought it was going to be a White Room but Tony says no. They go and ask Kim reassure Jane that she'll be fine Tony asks Kim how she's doing. Kim can't believe Saunders escaped. Tony tells Kim that Rae Plachecki is coming to talk to her about the library shooting. Kim is okay with this and then tells Tony that she head the news about Michelle. Tony tries to look unfazed and asks what news. Kim answers the news that she is not infected. Kim says that she's glad Michelle is okay and leaves Tony.
Chloe is working at her station and sees the missing frames. She realizes this is not right and goes over to Adam. He is talking on the phone and discussing symptoms of the virus and is crying a bit. Chloe says Adam's name and he doesn't say anything to her and instead continues to listen to the woman on the other end panic. Chloe tells Adam that she needs to talk to him now. He turns and snaps at her that he is talking to his sister. Chloe asks stupidly "The one that got infected with the virus?" Adam tells her that he's not even going to answer that. Chloe says that she will wait, it's really important and she needs him to finish up ask quickly as he can. Adam turns back to the phone and tells his sister that he will have to call her back. He tells her he loves her and then hangs up and turns to Chloe. She tells him about the missing satellite images and that they had to go missing from their end. Adam asks if they had a glitch at just the wrong moment and Chloe asks sceptically how likely that is. Adam answers grimly that it's not likely. He asks if she has told Tony about this and she says she wants some more information first. She asks him to check all this personnel to find out if the deletion came from his side and he clarifies that she thinks there is a mole inside CTU. She says that this is the only thing that makes sense. He should do that and then call his sister back.

Tony goes past a CTU guard into the room where Jane is. He calls the guard Pete and says he just needs a few minutes alone with her. He goes in and asks how she is doing. Jane wants to know why she is being treated like she did something wrong. Tony apologises and says that he is just trying to keep her safe. Jane has figured things out and says that the one place she is not safe is there. They need to use her to get to her father so threatening to kill or hurt her is the only tool they have to use against him. She dares Tony to tell her that she's wrong. He sits down on the table in front of her and tells her that she's right. They need her father to believe that they are willing to do anything to get to him but he tells her that they are not going to hurt her. He tells her "I give you my word." She asks "Your word?" Tony says yes. He runs this office and he will personally protect her. Jane asks "What about Kim's father?" Tony asks what about him and Jane answers that he scares her and she thinks he's going to hurt her. Tony assures her that no one is going to hurt her and his phone rings. He answers it and it is Saunders. He asks Tony if Jane is alright and Tony, facing the wall and speaking very quietly, says that she's there. Saunders wants Tony to put her on but Tony says no. He tells Saunders that he has his wife and he wants to talk to her first. Saunders hesitates and Tony tells him that 'If you so much as touch my wife I will slit Jane's throat.' This changes Saunders' mind and tells Tony to hold on. He goes into the room where Michelle is being held. She is tied and has tape over her mouth. Saunders approaches and rips the tape off. He tells her nicely that he is sorry for her discomfort but it should be temporary. He tells his thug to un-cuff her and as he does Saunders says that she is going to be talking to her husband. She is to tell him that she is fine and she is being treated well, nothing more. Saunders hands the phone to Michelle and she says 'Tony.' The thug has a gun pointed to Michelle's head and Michelle tells Tony that Saunders won't let her say much. After she says what she is supposed to she quickly tries to get in not to let him do this, please. Tony hears that before Saunders takes the phone away from Michelle. Tony, in return, puts the phone in a speaker unit so Jane can talk to Saunders. He tells her who is on the other end and she calls Saunders Dad. She tells him that they are saying terrible things about him. Saunders tells her that that is what they do and she is not to believe any of it. She asks him about the virus in the hotel that is killing hundreds of people. She begs him to tell her that he didn't do that. Saunders tells her that the US government distorts the truth and tells lies. She again asks if he did that and Saunders just tells Jane that he would never do anything without good cause. Tony takes the phone and tells Saunders that that is enough, let's do this. He tells her it will take 30 to 40 minutes for him to get Jane out of there so Saunders tells Tony to contact him when they are out of CTU.

Adam informs Chloe that someone from Tony's group deleted the satellite frames but it was an unknown login. Chloe's phone rings and Sunny Macer is on the other end. Chloe is somewhat surprised to hear from her and asks what she can do for her. Macer asks if they have heard from Michelle in the last half hour. Chloe says no she thought she was supposed to be with them. Macer says that Michelle asked to be taken to County instead but she's not there either. Chloe doesn't know and they say goodbye. Chloe makes another call and asks for the person the phone to call the Agent who is with Michelle. In a few seconds the voice on the other end says that he is not answering. Chloe says that he has to answer, he's on duty. The voice again says he's not and Chloe says that she heard him the first time. She hangs up

Adam is talking to Tony in the room outside of Jane Saunders' holding room. He informs him about the security breach and Tony says they have to lock everything down. They are discussing when to do it when Chloe comes in the room. Tony asks what it is and she says that something is going on with Michelle. The agent with her isn't answering his pages and no one knows where she is. Tony comes up with a story that he overrode the order from NHS so she can work. He explains that he needs as many warm bodies as he can find. He says he will call Macer and tell her. Adam has gone and Tony tells Chloe that he will send her the phone call that he just had with Stephen Saunders. She clarifies that he just talked to him and Tony says yes. She says okay and asks about the recorded voices on the call. Tony says that they are scrambled and therefore useless. She agrees to do this and he asks her to do it in Tech 1. She asks why and Tony says that he doesn't want Adam to know about it because it's his job to do this but she's better at it. She turns to leave and then stops at the door and asks why he said that. Tony shrugs it off and says because it's true. She leaves.

Keeler is walking through his campaign headquarters with a man that muse be his advisor. They are discussing if what they did was right but it has now backfired. They have made their way into an office and the man says that everyone assumed that the National Security excuse was a cover. Keeler says that apparently it wasn't and the man knows since the alert level has been raised to red and all the airports have been shut down. They say that Palmer still hasn't told the public all the details and they will call a man named Alex at the Pentagon to find out. Keeler may have to issue an apology. The phone rings and the man answers it. He asks the person on the other end what this is about. He says for the person to finish and then turns to Keeler. He says that it's Sherry Palmer and she wants to come there in 5 minutes. She didn't say exactly why but just that it is a high-value proposition and she wants to talk face to face. Keeler says this should be interesting.

Jack and Chase have arrived at CTU and as they enter Chase says that he is going to offload the information onto the systems. He leaves Jack who then calls to Adam. Adam comes over and informs Jack that Tony is with Jane Saunders, Kim is waiting for debrief, he is working with NHS and Chloe is in Tech 1. Jack asks why she isn't in Field Op's and Adam asks if Jack has talked to Tony. Jack asks 'about what?' and Adam answers that someone in his group wiped out the satellite images from when Saunders escaped. Jack asks in disbelief "What?" but before Adam can get into it another agent calls to Adam. She is holding a phone and says that NHS wants coordinates now or they're going to have to widen the quarantine zone. Adam tells Jack that he has to get on this and leaves Jack standing there looking around CTU.

Tony tells Jane that the may be moving her in a few minutes to Division. She asks what that is but before Tony can answer the phone rings and Jack is on the other end. He says that he wants to see him outside the observation room. Tony leaves and Jack asks him what the hell is going on. Jack continues that Adam told him that he thinks he has someone inside working with Saunders. Tony says that Chloe is checking the status logs but Jack wants to call Division and get Spec Op's down there. Tony doesn't think that this is a good idea and doesn't want to raise a red flag for the person who is working against them. Jack agrees and says that they will work it up together. He tells Tony to call someone from Division to pick up Jane and Jack says he will call Brad Hammond at Division. Tony tells Jack that he has 30 minute calls with him anyway so he will just let him know then. Jack says okay and that he is heading back up to Field Ops. Jack watches Tony go and then crosses the floor to Adam. He asks Adam if Tony has the 30 minute status calls booked with Hammond and when Adam pulls up the itinerary he tells Jack that if they are they're not on the books. Jack thinks for a second and then leaves.

Sherry is led into Keeler's office where she receives a kiss on each cheek from Keeler and is then introduced to Mark King. Sherry only knows him by reputation and then tells Keeler that she is here on a private matter. Keeler kindly dismisses Mark and Sherry starts saying that she heard about his lost endorsements. He brushes it off as daily fluctuation but she thinks that his campaign is imploding and when the press is finished he will look like a desperate candidate gasping his last breath. He goes on the offensive and tells her if she just came here to give him a hard time… but she says no, she came because she can guarantee him a win in November. He looks intrigued and she tells Keeler that what she is about to tell him she will deny to her grave if he tries to hold it against her. She asks if they are clear and when Keeler doesn't answer she asks again. He nods and she says 'good.' She tells him 'David Palmer is an accessory to murder.' Keeler asks whose murder and Sherry says Alan Milliken. Keeler argues he died of a heart attack but Sherry says he didn't have to. If he had been able to get to his nitro glycerine which was an arm's length away and was kept from him by someone. Keeler asks how she knows this and she says calmly that "That someone was me." Keeler has heard enough and says that Sherry better leave. She asks him why, so he can watch his career leave with her? She doesn't think that he could have got this far without getting some dirt under his fingernails and she asks him to indulge her. It won't take but a moment. Keeler agrees and Sherry continues her story. She says that David Palmer lied to the Chief of Police to provide an alibi and she can prove it through her word and that bottle which is hidden in a very safe place. Keeler asks Sherry if she realizes that this incriminates herself as well and she will go to prison. She says David would as well. He lied to the police to save himself but all Keeler has to do is go to David and tell him about the bottle. He will drop out of the race and the party will be thrown into turmoil. Nobody will be able to touch Keeler come November. Keeler then asks 'And for all this…?' Sherry finishes that he will put her on the White House staff. Nothing so high that it would raise too many eyebrows. Keeler doesn't get it and asks her 'all this to be a midlevel staffer in my administration?' She crosses the room and tells him shrewdly that 'You and I both know that it would be a little more than that.'
David is looking stressed out while he talks on the phone about the casualty projections. They are going up. Wayne comes in, David hangs up and Wayne says that he just got off the phone with his source at Keeler's staff. Sherry was just there meeting privately with Keeler. David wants to know about what but Wayne says they don't know. Wayne was hoping David would have some idea. David says that he doesn't know what she is doing but they can't worry about that now while all those people are dying in LA. Wayne admits that he doesn't like it and wants David to put someone on it. David tells him no. They brought Sherry in to fix a problem and look what happened. David says they should let it be and they will hear soon enough.

One of Saunders' techs is working in an empty room. Saunders asks what he sees and the man says that they are trying to locate them using the cell phone triangulation. Saunders asks if they can do that and the man says it's slower but they're starting to get close. Saunders says they have to stop them and beckons his man to come with him. They go into the room where Michelle is standing by the wall and the man goes to grab her. She flicks his hand off of her and he pushes her down into the chair. Saunders tells her that her office is using the phone to find them. He asks how they are doing it. Michelle doesn't answer but instead says that if he kills her they won't know. Saunders tells her that she is an attractive woman and he is sure her husband would like her back without disfigurement. Michelle is not telling him anything so Saunders tells the thug that he wants to talk to Almeida. He hands to phone to Saunders and tells him to keep it short. When Tony answers Saunders tells him that he is going to paint him a picture. A sharp knife tip is drawing blood from his wife's face and unless he stops what he is doing to find Saunders in 30 seconds she will be unrecognizable. Tony hangs up with Saunders and then calls Tech 1 where Chloe answers. He tells her to shut down the trace but Chloe questions why, she is just starting to get something. She does what she is told but then says she wants to unscramble the audio. He again tells her no and says he will explain later.

As Tony hangs up the phone Jack comes in and asks what he is doing. Tony says he is trying to pick up a thread. He has quarantine zones springing up all over the place and he's treading water here. Jack doesn't respond to that but asks Tony why he is lying to him. Tony asks what he is talking about and Jack explains that he just got off the phone with Hammond and he doesn't have any meeting scheduled. Tony admits to Jack that he screwed up earlier. He should have checked before he pulled Baker off the post. He didn't check and by the time he'd realized the mistake, Saunders was gone. Tony says "I know this is big, Jack but I promise you I will offer my resignation when this is over." He says that right now there's too much going on. Jack tells Tony that making a mistake is one thing but covering it up is another. Jack says that he can't let him stay in place and he is taking control of CTU. Without much hesitation Tony says okay and he'll have Adam send over everything to his group.

Tony leaves Jack and goes around the corner and leans on the wall taking a few breaths. He gets out his phone and dials but before he talks Adam comes around the corner. He hands Tony a disk and says that it's the list. Tony asks what list and Adam says the list of people that can't account for their time when Saunders got out. Tony says vaguely 'Right.' But Adam doesn't understand his lack of interest, one of these people is working with Saunders. Tony tells Adam that he is not in charge of CTU anymore. Jack and him thought that it'd be best if Jack took over so he is to send that list to Hammond. Tony takes off and once he gets away Tony makes a call to Saunders. Tony tells him right away that he's got a problem. "Jack Bauer just relieved me of my command." He explains that Jack found out that Tony deleted the satellite frames. Saunders suggests that Tony get his daughter out of there. Tony says that he might not be able to do this but Saunders threatens if he doesn't get Jane out of there his wife will die, just like Chapelle and just like all the people at the Chandler Plaza. Tony begins a sentence saying 'If I can't get her out…' but Saunders finishes it saying that Michelle will die. He instructs Tony to call him when he's safely away.
Jack goes into the room where Kim is waiting for her debrief. He says he needs her help and she wants to clear it with Tony. Jack says it's okay he stepped down. Kim asks what he means and Jack says that he is hiding something from him and he needs to find out what it is. He asks her to track communications and anything that flags higher than a code 2. She wants to know why he wants her to do it and he says that he doesn't know who else he can trust. He tells her she can do it in Field Ops and asks her to come with him.

Tony is in his office and his phone rings. Chloe is calling and tells him that she has good news. She found a way to pull the voice track on his call with Saunders. She has not listened to it yet since she is still running the program. He gives her a hollow 'Good work' and Tony watches as Jack goes into the office and makes a call to Adam. Tony listens in on his phone as Jack tells Adam to send all his stuff to Kim's computer since he has her checking something for him. He also asks where Chloe is and says that he needs her in his office. When Adam hangs up Tony calls him right away saying that he is on the line with Chloe and asks for a pass code which is given as BCF 19. Tony thanks Adam but before they hang up Adam tells Tony to tell Chloe that Jack wants to see her in his office. They hang up.

Tony goes to his computer and starts to work watching Chloe work in Tech 1. She listens to a bit of the conversation with Tony and Saunders and she hears Tony say "you have my wife." She doesn't believe it and listens again to find she heard right. She picks up the phone but finds that she can't call out, the phone doesn't work. The computer screens turn black and the words 'lockdown' come up. She hangs up the phone and moves across the room to get out. She tries the code on the door but it doesn't open. She begins to bang on the door and yells 'Help! Somebody! Tech 1! I'm locked in!' Tony looks somewhat disturbed by what he's done but just leaves his office putting his jacket on.

Jack comes out of his office and asks for the attention of the agents working. He says that from this point on he is taking command of CTU, Field Ops and Communications. Tony Almeida has stepped down. As Jack speaks Tony crosses the floor relatively unnoticed and goes into the holding room where Jane is. He is met by a guard and Tony says he is taking Jane to Division.

Jack tells the agents that their focus is on finding Stephen Saunders.

Tony calls the security guard Pete and with his papers out tells him to call Division if he doesn't believe he is supposed to be taking her.

Jack instructs the agents on the floor to get involved in finding Saunders.

Tony uses a handheld tazer to render the guard unconscious and walk past him into where Jane is waiting.

Jack sets the agents back to work telling them to find this guy.

Tony is with Jane and says that they are leaving right now out the door that is nearby. He swipes out and leaves.

Kim tells Chase that Chloe hasn't refreshed her system in 15 minutes. Chase immediately finds that strange and says that she never forgets to do that. Jack just happens to be nearby and watches.

Tony is rushing Jane out and she asks about the guards that they were talking about before. Tony says that the don't need those guards, there will be some on the streets.

Chase tells Jack that he can't get a video feed on Tech 1, someone has blocked it. Jack understands and says that they have a hostile inside. He tells Kim to override the access code as him and Chase go running down the stairs. Chase is on his radio and asks for a 20 on Chloe O'Brien and a sweep of the building. They have arrived at Tech 1 and Jack tells Chase to cover the back exit. Jack enters a code (0000#) and the door opens. He has his gun drawn and is pointing it at Chloe. He demands that she step away from the computer. She puts her hands up and explains that Tony locked her in here, Saunders has Michelle and he is using her as leverage to get his daughter out. Jack tells Chloe tensely not to move and while he holds his gun on her with his left hand gets on his radio with his right. He asks for a 20 on Tony Almeida and then asks again. They don't have him. Jack brings his gun down and asks how long ago it was that he locked her in. Chloe says 10 minutes.

Tony drives out of CTU in a white SUV with Jane in the passenger seat.

Jack is in the main area again and tells them to lock down the entire building. He tells Adam to get every satellite trained on them so they can know who's leaving. Another guard is there and Jack asks about Jane Saunders. He is told both guards are down. Jack says 'Tony' under his breath and runs out of the building. He asks exit security for a 20 on Tony Almeida and as agents flank the parking lot he is not there.

Tony calls Saunders and sys that he's got her. Saunders wants to know how long until the satellites find them and Tony says about 30 minutes. Saunders instructs him to be at the North East corner of Taylor and Vine. Tony says 'yeah, right.' And hangs up.

In the split screens we see Wayne, Keeler, Kim working with Chloe. Then Michelle, Jack, Chloe, David, Jane and Keeler

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Was I the only one that spent a good amount of this episode yelling at the TV?
-Why does everyone keep asking if Saunders knows CTU has Jane? David was told last episode and Jane was there when he found out on the phone. Her and David both ask during this show if he knows they have her.
-I loved the menacing "Smoke 'em out." From Jack and then Chase's translation into soldier terms, "release the tear gas!" It just doesn't sound as nasty.
-Wasn't it great who Chloe immediately went on the defensive when she heard 'mistake'? She's probably thinking, "I'm not gonna get blamed for this, what mistake?"
-Poor Baker, he runs all the way around the building to be told to go back.
-Who else thought Jack's head was going to explode when he yelled 'Damn it' at the beginning?
-Tony is not so good at this hidden agenda thing. He just plain acts strangely and is constantly lying. Good thing he stepped down and left CTU or else he would have had to start writing down who he told what to keep it all straight.
-It seems like Adam picked up on something since he asked Tony if he was okay. Is he the next field agent?
-Didn't take David long to find out that Saunders got away.
-If I were Tony I wouldn't be so sure that Saunders would give Michelle back. Here he is ruining his career and aiding in the death of millions for probably about a 50-50 chance that he is going to get her back anyway.
-Hey, guess what? Election stuff with David? Not interested! I don't think I could care less if David loses the next election all I care about is finding out where Saunders is and what's really going on at CTU. Maybe it's just 'cause I hate politics but it just seems so… time consuming.
-Jane seems so incredibly impressed by CTU. Come on, Jane, it's just a building.
-Kim took the meeting with Plachecki a little better than Jack did, huh?
-Wasn't Tony's expression great when Kim said she heard about Michelle?
-That's 2 for 2 snaps at Chloe. When Adam tells her "I'm not even going to answer that" made me laugh out loud.
-Do they have like, no chair budget on this show? It seems every time someone sits down they sit on a table
-Line of the week contender: Jane to Tony regarding Jack: "He scares me."
-Tony gives Jane his word to protect her. I'm thinking that he probably gave his word that he would protect his country as well but I don't see that happening.
-Well, case and point, Tony threatens to slit Jane's throat mere seconds after the promises to protect her.
-When Saunders apologized to Michelle for her 'discomfort' I was reminded of Gaines apologizing to Teri in season 1.
-It's obvious that Michelle doesn't want all this to happen just to save her.
-First Tony wants a lockdown then he doesn't. Make up your mind!
-An ironic analogy - Tony needing as many warm bodies as he can find. Not so funny for those agents that are not so warm any more at the hotel.
-Also, really don't care about Keeler. I almost left the room when he had to follow him and his minion around their office. Hey, guess what? Don't care!
-I'm glad that agent that talked called Adam away from Jack hasn't been a major character. She's awful!
-I loved Jack's stunned expression when he is told that someone inside is working with Saunders.
-It was also funny how Jack keeps looking around CTU as if trying to spot the person working against them. As if they're going to jump out wearing an "I'm with Saunders" t-shirt, waving.
-It shouldn't have taken a Jack Bauer to figure out that Tony was lying here.
-Does CTU not have an underground parking lot anymore? Maybe after it got blown up last season they opted to not rebuild it.
-For a second at least Keeler was smart enough to not want to get involved. Unfortunately for him Sherry talked him out of it.
-Sherry should not be able to use the phrase '..gasping his last breath' this soon after watching someone do that exact thing.
-LOTW contender: Jack to Tony: "No, you made two."
-And again like season 1 Jack is in a position where he can't trust anyone. Good thing he has Kim inside this time instead of Nina.
-Everyone on the CTU planet has a cell phone but Chloe doesn't?
-Speaking of furniture budgets, does Saunders have one at all? He has 2 chairs and a foldable table in that empty apartment.
-I really want Jack's office. His little porch where he goes to give his 'I'm in charge' speech was just so cool
-I really liked watching the ending of this episode with 2 things happening at once. I hated trying to write it out.
-Is Chloe that predictable that if she forgets to refresh something they know something is wrong?
-Hey, by the way, where did Angela, Chase's baby get to?
-Is this the first time we've seen a tazer that didn't involve Jack getting taken out?
-For all Chloe's weirdness she faired really well in the face of the business end of Jack's gun.
-Do we think Jack could hit something left handed like he was holding the gun in Tech 1?
-I was completely thrown for a loop by the change in ending. The six way split screen was cool but I kind of felt ripped off since we didn't get any more story after that.
-For a while in this episode and through most of last it was really great that it seemed all the plotlines had merged together for the exact same thing. With the re-entrance of Sherry that all changed but it was kind of enjoyable while it lasted.
-The good thing about this is that almost all the scenes are joined together. Someone does something then calls someone else and tells them about it and then hat person does something else and makes another call etcetera.
-I was surprised by Tony's actions in all of this, but then not at all. I've always said Tony was a compassionate guy and I guess this whole thing kind of proves it. He's sensitive and emotional. It's the wrong line of work, it seems.
-They should really start asking CTU employees if they would be willing to lose their significant other on the job application. It should really be question number one.
-Well, if things keep going like they are Jack and Tony can be president and vice president of the "I lost my wife at CTU" support group. I think Tony, being as sensitive as he is, would need support of some kind.
-I'm not really sure Tony thought this through all the way. He is really jeopardizing the lives of millions and millions of people by smuggling Jane out of CTU. Is that really fair? Also, if you were Michelle, would you be okay with that? She gets to live while millions die. I'm pretty sure that she's come to grips with death in the last few hours so she would be okay dying in the line if duty. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the was (1) Angry at Tony for doing this. He made the choice for her and I'm sure she wouldn't be happy with it, especially after seeing what the virus can do first hand. But she would also be (2) Relived. She gets to live, even though the circumstances might not be the best.
-The bad news is, if Michelle does get out of this, chances are Tony is going to jail. Also, isn't treason an offence that they can seek the death penalty for? Tony might not make it out of this.
-Well, I guess this blows the "walking off into the sunset together" ending that I didn't want for them. It's kind of too bad, but it looks like Tony might be leaving ht show. I mean, unless Jack can get him out of this in the eyes of the law he is in serious trouble.
-I wonder if Michelle would continue to work at CTU if Tony goes to jail? Or would that put a damper on her willingness to protect her country, having her county put her husband in jail for saving her.
-I kind of like Tony better than Michelle so it's too bad, as far as I'm concerned that it worked out that way.
-Did Sherry really mean what I think she meant when she was talking to Keeler? It sounded like she maybe devising a way to become first lady, since she blew it the first time...
-So, this is really a grey area. Tony is saving his wife: that's good. Tony is possibly aiding in the killing of millions: That's bad. So he's helping a bad guy but he's still, technically, a good guy. Who knows what's going to happen in the end.