Originally Aired 2004/04/27

~ 3.20 - Red Herring~

CTU is being briefed by Adam on the expanded quarantine zones. They located 2 more people with the virus and they are in Silverlake and Hancock Park. They have now quarantines 3% of the city and it will grow exponentially if they have not been total.

Tony thanks Adam and tells the employees that he knows they are all tired. Some of them have been working for 24 hours straight but he doesn't have to tell them how serious this threat is. They can not drift. He continues saying that "If there ever was a worst case scenario, this is it." They are switching their plans from prevention to containment; the virus is out.

Jack wanders over to where Kim is sitting on a bench near the university library. He sits himself down next to her and asks if she is alright. She tells him that she's fine. He says that 'I'm sorry it had to go down like this.' Kim asks Jack if the man she shot is dead. Jack confirms that he is. She asks him what's going to happen now. Saunders is going to know that they have Jane. Jack doesn't have a chance to answer before his cell rings and it is Agent Forrester calling him. She says that the Saunders girl has calmed down and he might want to try talking to her again. Jack hangs up the phone and pulls Kim to him and kisses her on the head. He leaves her sitting on the bench.

Wayne is outside David office and hangs up the phone. David, inside his office is still on his. After he hangs up David asks him what is going on with Jack. Wayne tells him that the operation wasn't a complete success. David looks somewhat perturbed as Wayne tells him that they got Saunders daughter out but they were unable to remain covert. CTU estimates that Saunders will know within the hour that they have her. They may plan to use Saunders daughter for information but they need to think about Saunders latest demand. Wayne perches himself on the corner of David's desk and says that giving the names of the foreign operatives as Saunders has asked would be an act of treason. David is aware of this but he thinks Saunders will release more of the virus if they don't do what he wants. David just wants to wait and find out what Bauer gets out of Saunders daughter first.

Jack takes the handcuffs off of Jane Saunders. She looks semi-grateful and rubs her wrists as Jack sits down backwards on a chair facing her. Jack asks 'you know what just happened? A man who your father hired to protect you just tried to kill one of my agents." Jane asks if Jack killed him, a man that worked for her father. Jack tells Jane that she is a smart girl. She can look out in the other room and there are Federal Agents that are here to protect people. He says he knows it's hard for her to believe what he is saying about her father but he is going to show her some things to help her change her mind. The sooner she stops resisting the sooner she can help him start saving lives. Jane asks why her and Jack answers 'because you're Stephen Saunders' daughter.' Jane says that he can't just say these things and expect her to believe him. Jack says that he knows. He tells her "the truth is, I knew your father. I worked with him. He was a good man. But something's happened to him." Jack tells her calmly that all he cares about is finding her father and stopping him from doing what he's doing. He pleads that he can't do it without her, he needs her help.

Saunders is with his minion and he is told that Palmer still hasn't sent the list. Saunders says that he still has 15 minutes. CTU is trying to use IP locators to find them through the domain name. Saunders asks, 'we're protected, right?' The man says they are so Saunders says 'good'.

Jack is with Jane and tells him that she is going to show her who her father really is. He shows her on a nearby screen photos of Operation Nightfall. The first is of Jack, Saunders and four other men all dressed in black ready for the mission. The second is of Jack and Saunders, Jack pointing off into the distance. He shows her the building that they hit in Nightfall and tells her that he thought her father was dead when he left. He says that 4 years ago her father contacted her to tell her that he was alive. She says yes, a couple of months after her mother died she got a call from him. He told Jane that he was living under an assumed name and for his protection she couldn't tell anyone she had talked to him. Jack asks if he told her why Saunders called. Jane says it was because he missed her. Jack quietly says that he understands that. Jack continues with the mini-presentation showing her more recent pictures of Saunders with different terrorists, one of them a biologist that is in prison. Jane says that he could have been with them for any number of reasons so Jack offers to play an audio file and starts the clip of Saunders speaking with David. The clip is Saunders threatening David and he says that he has already released a vial of the virus and begins to talk about the American military machine. He talks about sylviaimports.com and threatens to release the vials in 2 major cities. Jack shuts it off and says that he is threatening 2 more vials. 1 vial has already been released at the Chandler Plaza hotel. Jack brings up a live feed from the hotel where there are people everywhere. They are bleeding and generally look like they're dying. Jack says they will be dead in the next 2 or 3 hours. There are 800 people infected and Jack shows a few slides of what happens as the virus progresses in a human. He tells her this is how the 800 people will die. Jane is upset by this and says "I don't wanna see anymore." Jack immediately leaves the projector and sits near her. He looks at her and says "I don't wanna see any more either." Jack says that she can help them put a stop to this. He begs her watching her closely. She pauses and then says "I have a phone number. He told me to use it day or night if I got in trouble." Jack asks if she has ever used it before, she says no. Jack says 'we need it.'

Michelle is walking the halls of the hotel and hears a woman screaming. She comes around the corner and is being dragged by 2 agents in masks. She screams that "I'm okay" and she doesn't want to go in there with those people, she doesn't want to die. There are people watching her fight and after the agents put her in the room they close the plastic divider. Michelle keeps walking and goes into a room where she has a small office set up. She sits down and then touches her nose out of paranoia since there is nothing there. Sunny Macer knocks on the door and says Michelle that she just got a call and the lab results are on their way to the hotel. Michelle nods as Sunny leaves.
Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce gets off the elevator and comes down the hall accompanied by 4 more agents. He comes in the room where Wayne and David are and says that he's sorry to interrupt as the agents disburse to the corners of the room. David senses something is wrong and asks Aaron what this is. Aaron tells David that based on the information that they just got from NHS they believe that Los Angeles is no longer safe and they'd like to move him out of there. David says that he'd rather manage matters from there. Aaron, rather sheepishly, says that he's afraid this isn't a request. David asks 'excuse me?' Aaron informs him that Secret Service is invoking Section 32 and are preparing Air Force 1. David suddenly understands 'you're ordering me.' He steps over behind Wayne and asks what he thinks. Wayne says that he doesn't know the specifics of the law. David asks who has to sign off on this and Aaron says it is his and Chief Curtsman. David thinks about this and then asks for a word in private with Aaron. He says alright and they step into David's office and shut the door as Wayne looks on somewhat confused. Aaron speaks first and says 'Sir, I'm sorry for appearing to overstep my bounds but it's my job to protect you.' David kindly asks him to listen. He has been with him since the beginning and he doesn't have to apologise. David says that the crisis will end and the thinks that the people of this city and country will be stronger knowing that their President stood by them shoulder to shoulder. David says that he's asking Aaron as a friend and a fellow citizen to protect him but do it here in LA. David asks "can you do that for me?" Aaron answers "Yes, sir, for you I can." David thanks him and they shake hands and go. Aaron goes back out and nods to the other agents and they leave the room. David is left in his office toying strangely with his hand. Wayne says that the conference call is about to begin.

Tony and Jack are both waiting the Presidents arrival on the line. David addresses Tony as Mr. Almeida and asks if he thinks they may be able to locate Stephen Saunders. Tony says that this is true but to do it properly may take 15 minutes or longer. David clarifies that there is no way for it to happen in the next few minutes but Jack says 'no, sir.' David says 'gentlemen, time is upon us.' David says that this is the place where he will draw a line in the sand. David will not give in to Saunders' latest demand. Jack concludes then that leaves the to use Saunders' daughter as a hostage and hope that that will stop him. David understands and says alright. He tells them to get to it and gets 2 yeses from Tony and Jack. Wayne asks David if he is sure he is doing the right thing. David ponders it for a second and admits to Wayne that the only thing he is sure of is that they can not be taken over by this madman.

Tony wants to know how long Saunders has to stay on the line to get the trace. Jack says it will take one minute. They decide that Jack should be with Jane when she calls in case he has to jump in the line. Jack says he will get back Tony. He tells Jane that she needs to call her father and keep him on the line for at least a minute. Jack asks if she can do that but she wants to think about it for a few minutes. Jack tells her they don't have time for that. Saunders is threatening to release the virus in minutes.

Saunders asks his minion if the money is there yet and is told no. He says that time is up and picks up a cell phone. He dials and when the man answers on the other end Saunders tells him to "Release San Francisco." Before he can finish his conversation another nearby cell phone rings. Saunders says that it's his daughters line and tells the man on the phone to wait. He tells his minion in the room to find out where this is coming from and then answers "Jane?" Jane tensely says yeah and hi to her father. Jack watches closely as Saunders asks her what's wrong. He told her to only use this phone in an emergency. She tells him that she is scared and wants to see him because of all the talk about the alert being raised. He assures her telling her to 'stay where you are, you'll be fine.' Saunders asks Jane to hang on as his worker tells him that the call is being monitored. Saunders asks if he's sure and his minion says that the signal is splitting, they must have Jane. Back in the trailer Jack is told that they just got a hit on their trace, Saunders knows they are tracing the call. Jane asks what to do when he gets back on the line and Jack tells her to just keep talking. Saunders comes back and asks her kindly 'There's a man named Jack Bauer with you isn't there?' She asks what he's talking about but her tone gives it away. Saunders instructs her to hand the phone to Jack. She says 'Dad' but he presses 'you heard me.' Jack motions for her to hand the phone over and he says quietly "I'm on the line, Stephen." Saunders tells Jack that he knows what he has in his possession and he knows what he is capable of. Jack looks up at Jane and threatens "you know what's I'm capable of, too." Saunders looks angry and somewhat abruptly hangs up the phone and Jack asks if they got a lock on the call. They were using passive triangulation to try and get the signal after the call. Adam still works and Tony presses Adam who says he's trying. Chloe is helping as well. After a few seconds as Tony and everyone else wait somewhat impatiently. Finally Adam has it and gives the address as 12904 Collins. Jack is already moving to leave and will be airborne in minutes. He tells them to take Jane to CTU and have her fully protected. Jane asks what Jack is going to do with her father and he answers that he is going to stop him. He tells Kim to go with her to CTU.
Sunny Macer comes in and tells Michelle that she has the test results. She hands Michelle and the other agent in the room each envelopes with official seals on the top corners. Michelle thanks Sunny who gives nothing away in her expression and leaves the room. Michelle slowly opens the envelope and unfolds the paper. She looks at the two-columned paper and she takes a sharp breath and nods. She appears to be holding back tears and finally picks up the phone and dials while sniffling. Tony's phone rings at CTU and answers "Almeida". Michelle says 'it's me' and Tony asks urgently what's going on. After a pause she tells him "I'm okay. I'm not infected." Tony is alone at CTU and asks if she is sure. She says she is, they did a swab and a blood test, she is going to be fine. Tony smiles and leans on a wall. He says that is fantastic and he wants her to get out of there as soon as she can and away from anyone that is infected. Michelle tells him that those of them that didn't come down with the virus have an immunity to it. They will be taken downtown to NHS and will be under watch for 18 hours. It is just a formality, though. Tony says he will get there as soon as he can but she urges him to stay at CTU and she can work from downtown. He says that she doesn't have to work but she wants to help them. Tony says okay and then after a pause says her name. She says 'yeah?" and he begins to weep. He tells her through tears that "I can't believe I almost lost you." Michelle nods and says that she almost lost him too, 'but we're still here.' She has to go but will call him from NHS. Before she hangs up he tells her "Hey. I love you." Michelle tells him that 'I love you so much' and they both pause then Michelle hangs up. The other agent in the room with Michelle crinkles up his paper and sits back in the chair grimly. He covers his face with his hands.
Gerry is giving the press a bit of information. He says that the President is about to tell them if there is any relation between the raised alert and what is happening at the Chandler Plaza. David and Wayne are speculating about Saunders knowing about CTU having his daughter. When he found out he broke off communications. The good news is that CTU has a position. David asks about the confidence level and Wayne answers that Saunders knows their systems and he has them in a tough corner.
David goes into where the press is waiting with Gerry and tells them to be seated. David tells them that the alert level was raised to red and there is a possible biological attack on American soil. He tells the press core that the best way for the citizens of this country to ensure their safety is to go home. If they are at work, go home, if they are at home, stay there. The press question him about what has occurred already but he is not giving any new details. A female reporter begins to pressure David about the lack of information coming out of the office and Wayne gives Gerry a small sign. He goes over to her and begins to try to tell her to be quiet. David says for the people to be in control the press has to be in control. He urges them that if they want to do their jobs best they are to listen. He reiterates that the best defence they have is to say go home and stay there to await further instructions.

Jack talks to Chase and they are more than 10 minutes out of Saunders' place. Chase asks if Jack thinks Saunders knows that they are on to him. Jack doesn't think so, he probably thinks that it would take at least 90 seconds before they could trace him to a location. Jack tells him to make sure that they don't tip him off with the men. Jack wants Adam tracking the building on the satellite to find out of anyone is going out or in.

Saunders minion wants to leave. Saunders tells him no. Osterlind is the mans name and he tells Saunders that he said himself that it is likely CTU knows where they are. Saunders says yes and if that's true they have their position on satellite and would be able to track them if they left. Osterlind asks if they are just supposed to sit there and wait for CTU to show up. Saunders says that it will be easier to disappear when there are more bodies outside. He says he is not waiting around and heads to the door. Saunders yells his name and slams his desk which has a gun strapped underneath it. He tells Saunders "I'm leaving, Stephen." Saunders pulls the gun out from under the desk and shoots Osterlind dead. Saunders moves over to the window and looks outside. He makes a cell phone call to a man he calls Kevin. He asks him if 'she' has left yet and Kevin answers no. Saunders says she will so stay on her, they will need to do it soon.

Jane asks Kim where they are going as they get into the back of a car together. Kim tells Jane that they are going to LA. Jane clarifies that LA is where Kim's father said there was an outbreak. Kim says yes but they are going somewhere safe. Before they drive away Kim sees a man behind the police line that appears to be trying to watch them. Kim shakes it off like she saw nothing.
Kim and Jane are still in the back of the CTU car. Jane asks Kim where in LA they are going. Kim says CTU and explains that it's a government agency. Jane says that she still can't believe that her father is a terrorist. Kim listens quietly as she says that 4 years ago when she found out her dad was alive she was so happy, she had a father. She let herself believe all that he wanted her to about him. That he was a wonderful man. Kim asks how often see saw her dad and Jane tells her a couple of times a year. Sometimes he would surprise her and he would always bring her something. "It was perfect, like he knew." Kim thinks maybe he did know. Jane asks what she means and Kim explains that he had people watching her. He knew more about her life than she probably was aware of. Jane asks 'what am I supposed to do with all those feelings I have, this person that I loved doesn't even exist.' Jane asks what is going to happen to her father. Kim answers "My dad's gonna try and bring him in."

Jack talks to Adam on the phone and is told that LAPD on the way to where Saunders is and no one has been in or out. Jack says he will be there in a few minutes.

Chloe is on the phone at CTU and asks the person on the other end if they are absolutely sure and she then thanks them and hangs up. She goes straight to Tony who is in a briefing with 2 other agents. She says she needs a second and he says he'll be a minute and continues. She says she needs his attention now so he reluctantly tells them to go ahead and he'll catch up. He asks what is it and she explains that she was working on the quarantine list for the new areas and she found a Sarah Kauffman. Tony asks "Who's Sarah Kauffman?" and she tells him it is Adam's sister. He asks if she is sure and Chloe says yes. She has tested positive in a medical sense and she's gonna die. Tony starts to head toward Adam and Chloe asks 'you're not going to tell him, are you?' Tony says that he has to and she argues that it will interfere with his work. Tony cuts her off and tells her blatantly "Chloe, I'm getting real tired of your personality." She takes it well and says that she's just trying to help and he tells her that if she wants to help she can get back to work. Tony goes to Adam and asks him to come along. He says he is working on the sat feeds but Tony tells him that Chloe can do it. Adam wants to know what it is and Tony just tells him to come. They move away from the workstations and Adam asks if he did something wrong. Tony tells him no so Adam continues to bombard Tony with questions. He demands to be told what's going on and finally Tony tells him that he has some bad news for him. He tells him that his sister Sarah is in one of the quarantine zones. Adam asks 'what?' and Tony clarifies that he has a sister named Sarah. Adam asks if they are sure it's her and Tony says yes, Chloe verified it. Adam asks that she be kept away from the people who are infected but Tony tells him grimly that she's infected. Adam asks 'Are you saying Sarah's gonna die?' Tony tells him that it looks that way. Adam doesn't seem to know what to do and Tony tells him that he will give him a chance to talk to her but he needs Adam to stay on until the crisis passes. Adam doesn't say anything so Tony continues ' 'cause we need ya here.' Adam says 'yeah.'

Saunders is talking on the phone and tells them that he is completely surrounded. The man asks how he knows and Saunders says that the security guard across the way does rounds every 15 minutes and he missed his last rotation. The man asks Saunders what he is going to do and he says he is going to wait until Bauer gets there.

Chase is briefing with the LAPD. Jack drives up and comes over to the others. He asks what is going on and Chase tells him that they have taken over the other buildings and they have snipers on the roof. Jack asks about the phones but Chase says they didn't jam them because Saunders would know. Jack asks about infrared and is told that they can't get through the walls. Jack looks around at the other buildings and says "He knows we're here." Chase asks how Jack knows and Jack answers "Because I would." Jack does think Saunders is still there but Jack doesn't know why. They make it clear that no one is to go until they get their orders. They send 3 men to each exit and warn them to assume Saunders has taken defensive measures. Chase orders all teams to 1st position and repeats this is a go.

Jack and Chase hang outside of an SUV with their guns at ready while the teams move in. They do so quietly, some in vehicles and other, like Agent Baker, on foot. Jack and Chase are shielded by the door of the SUV as they pull out in front of Saunders' building along with many others. Jack watches the window closely where Saunders is supposed to be and then puts his gun away and gets a bullhorn. He says "Stephen Saunders. You are completely surrounded." Jack tells Saunders that the President will not give in to any more of his demands. He needs to remind Saunders that they still have his daughter. Jack appeals to him, 'Stephen, it's over. The only way you are getting through this thing alive is to come through the front door with his hands on his head.' Saunders mutters to himself, "That's not exactly true, Jack."

Kim and Jane are still in the car on the way to CTU. They are stopped at a railroad crossing while a train passes and a motorbike pulls up beside them. Kim looks at the driver who is dressed in all black and their eyes meet. She quickly looks away.
Michelle going out of the Chandler Plaza with the others that are not infected. She looks around and then gets into a white van with 2 other people. A man shuts the door and they drive off.

Chloe is working on her computer, sighs and then gets up and goes to Adam. He tells her not now he's running a COM. Chloe says she knows what he's doing and tells the man beside Adam, Robin, to take over for him. She marches Adam up to Tony and says that she has to report some bad news. She says that Field Op's lost 2 satellite feeds because Adam forgot to separate the channels. Chloe continues that Adam shouldn't be there and they've lost about 30 seconds of footage. It would have been more if Chloe hadn't noticed and reset everything. Adam argues that the didn't forget and says he can prove it. He moves to a computer and in a few seconds it beeps at him. He says, "I thought I…" and then says Chloe's right, he forgot to separate them. Tony goes over to Adam and tells him 'alright, look, you made a mistake, but what I need to know is if you can get through the rest of the day without making another one.' He says he's fine and Tony says okay and leaves. Chloe tells Adam that he wants him to know that she doesn't agree with Tony's decision and because of that she is going to check his work every 10 minutes in case he screws up again.

Outside the building where Saunders is Jack and chase wait. Chase asks Jack what does he want to do? If Saunders isn't in there then they are wasting a lot of time. Jack tells him to maintain position.

Jack's phone rings and it is Saunders. He congratulates Jack for finding him and Jack tells him 'Stephen, it's over, come on out.' Saunders says it would suit him better if Jack came in and got him since he'd hate to be in the crosshairs of all those unstable CTU snipers. Saunders says that he has 11 more vials of the virus, that would mean millions dead. Doesn't that effect Jack a little bit? Jack tells Saunders that the President made his decision and Jack works for him. Saunders says that in that case does Jack mind if he thinks things over. Jack says fine and while he is thinking it over he should think about his daughter. They hang up and Chase tells Jack that they just confirmed through CTU that Saunders is in the building.

Saunders works on a small satellite tracker where he can see the people around the building. His phone rings and Saunders asks if 'it' is done. The voice on the other end says it is and Saunders says alright, he needs to stay on the line.

Tony's cell phone rings at CTU and he answers "Almeida." Saunders is on the other end and instructs him to 'listen to me very carefully Agent Almeida.' Tony asks who this is and Saunders identifies himself. He tells Tony that before he makes any tactical errors he needs an update on the situation. Saunders tells Tony that he needs him to go to a private area that has direct COM's with the teams in the field and open a socket to IP address and he will see why he is doing this. Saunders encourages Tony to just trust him and do it. Tony has made his way to a private computer and as he follows the directions Saunders says 'By the way, Tony, I'd like to offer you congratulations you on your wife eluding infection from the virus.' Tony senses something and asks heatedly 'How do you know about my wife?' Saunders tells Tony again to get on that site. Tony finally arrives on the site and it brings up a live video feed. Michelle has been bound and gagged and is being held by men in a dark place, likely the van that she was loaded into. Saunders tells a shocked Tony that 'I don't know what they're doing to her Tony but she will be left barely functional so that she can be returned to you.' Tony is immediately emotional and whispers dangerously "I'll kill you, you son of a bitch. I'll rip your damn throat out." Saunders tells him quickly that they are short on time so he'll brush past that last remark but Saunders threatens, in 15 seconds Michelle will be dead unless Tony moves the 4 agents on the ground at and the sniper to the front entrance with a code 9. Tony argues that Jack Bauer is running the operation and he has no authority. Saunders asks 'no authority, really?' Saunders asks Kevin, his thug, if Michelle is still conscious. He confirms it and Saunders orders him to "take an eye out." A man moves a large blade towards Michelle's widened eye and Tony panics. He yells "No, wait, stop!" Saunders passes it on and tells Kevin to hold for a second. Tony says it's going to take some time, Saunders gives him 30 seconds. Meanwhile, Saunders has been packing up and he picks up a black case and leaves the room.

In the split screen we see Tony thinking, Wayne and the reporters arguing, Jack and Chase outside, Kim and Jane and Chloe working at CTU watching Adam.

Tony contacts Agent Baker and after identifying himself tells him to switch to channel 3. He tells Baker to code 9 his team and use this channel in case Saunders is listening to them. Tony tells Baker that he has a satellite feed that Jack doesn't have and they need to move to the front of the building. Baker says okay, and that 4 CTU personnel are moving. Tony says no, they are all to go including LAPD, now. Baker moves his team out.

Saunders calmly walks to the back door and watches his satellite tracker as the little dots representing the agents move away. He walks out undetected and heads down the street.

Tony is alone in a hallway at CTU. He wipes his eyes and sniffles and then looks around. Seeing no one there he leans his head back and bumps it on the wall.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-After all that time it was pretty scary to hear the words "The virus is out."
-One of the containment zones, as they said at CTU is Hancock Park. That's where Kate Warner was living in Season 2. Yusuf directed Jack there before he died in the phone booth. Do we have an emotion Jack/Kate goodbye coming up? I sincerely hope not…
-How about this for a twist, when Jack was interrogating Jane, he says something like 'because you're Stephen Saunders' daughter'. How good would it be if she looked at him blankly and said "No I'm not."
-Jack and Jane. Couldn't they come up with anything better than that? I mean, Stephen Saunders is an international terrorist. He's a pretty creative guy coming up with all these plans to kill millions, you think he'd be able to come up with a bit more of a creative name than 'Jane'. No offence to any Jane's out there but its, well, for lack of a better term, very "Plain Jane"…
-Anyone else find it weird that Aaron is supposed to protect David? He's like half his size.
-So, David draws the line on Saunders after he has Chapelle killed. I guess it worked out with getting Jane before more of the virus was released but it still makes Chapelle's death feel kind of senseless.
-Did anyone else think it was kind of absurd for Saunders to tell the man on the other end of the phone that his daughters line was ringing. Does that guy actually care?
-How could Saunders be so sure Jane would be fine at the university?
-So Jack is tracing the call with Jane and Saunders. Saunders knows Jack is tracing the call with Jane and Saunders. Jack knows Saunders knows Jack is tracing the call with Jane and Saunders. Get it?
-Saunders to Jane: "You heard me" - spoken like a true father. He's making up for some lost time bossing her around like that.
-If the way Jane and Kim went to CTU is fully protected I'd hate to see not protected.
-That was the longest few seconds when we didn't know if Michelle had the virus or not.
-When did they do a blood test on Michelle?
-Why did it take minutes to get Sarah Kauffman's test back but hours to get Michelle's?
-It was so nice to finally hear Tony and Michelle exchange I love you's. About bloody time.
-I also loved this entire scene. I love these 2 actors together. Tony and Michelle are wonderful together but I am sad to say that one of them still has to die. There can be no happiness in 24-land.
-Sucks to be the other agent in the room with Michelle. He doesn't need to make a phone call to his other half so we know what that paper said.
-That's a good tactic from David to send all the citizens home. Saunders won't have anywhere to strike if there are no large amounts of people anywhere.
-That press chick needs go or calm down. Either way she really needs to be quiet.
-Do the Secret Service agents have a set of Secret Service Signals so they can figure out what the heck is going on?
-Wow, Kim actually has a body count 2 seasons in a row. The little girl is growing up, isn't she?
-If the circumstances were different that little exchange with Jack and Kim at the university could have been so normal. Just a father talking to his daughter. This moment of sanity and bonding between them was a nice touch.
-I'm surprised it took Saunders that long to realize something had happened to Jane. They had to practically tell him. If they hadn't made the call I wonder how long it would have taken.
-The scenes with Jack and Jane were so well done. I loved how then, Jack wasn't a tough CTU agent or a killer but seemed more to be nothing more than a man that wants to stop the senseless killing. The look in his eyes says it all.
-Again with the Operation Nightfall. As a summarized a couple of episodes ago there were supposed to be 6 men on Operation Nightfall and there were only 5 pictured in the photo Jack showed Jane. It was kind of neat to see the pictures though.
-So, how did they get that audio of the President talking to Saunders. That call was made on Saunders 'secure' phone that he gave David. They might have planted a recording device on it but they haven't mentioned it before now.
-Aaron Pierce, as usual does a great job. I thought the scene with him and David was wonderful. Bravo Glenn Morshower.
-I got a bit worried about the whole thing with the secret service demanding that David go, a bit of déjà vu from last season when the President was forced out of office.
-Things will be bad if David ends up contracting the virus from somewhere… actually, I think that David should have just gone out of LA. He was obviously thinking about it because after Aaron left he was playing with his hand that was attacked last season.
-Pierce did a great job of giving an order to the President without actually making it sound like an order.
-24 must have a huge helicopter budget this season. Every time we turn around they are using a chopper for one thing or another…
-I thought that was a weird statement from Saunders about more 'bodies' outside. Are these alive or dead bodies? Is there a vial of the virus in the building somewhere (remember there are still some unaccounted for.)
-It was nice to see the continuity of Tony telling Adam about his sister. If we remember from Season 1, Tony always wanted to tell Jack when his family was in danger but Mason wouldn't let him. No there's no one to stop him.
-Line of the week (actually, year as far as I'm concerned), Tony to Chloe: "Chloe, I'm getting real tired of your personality." Bravo.
-By the way Chloe took that really well, like maybe she's used to being told off like that.
-Did anyone else laugh out loud at Adam standing there with his mouth hanging open? I know it's insensitive but it was still funny.
-Um, Chloe didn't watch those monitors when Adam left with Tony. Anything could have happened. Was this on purpose?
-LOTW contender "He knows we're here… 'cause I would." - I think Jack and Saunders are very similar in their abilities as soldiers. It makes me wonder if there's a thread between the similarities between Jack and Salazar and Jack and Saunders…
-That is a neat trick with the SUV's and Jack and Chase, but did anyone notice if Jack put his bullet-proof vest back on? It sure didn't look like it and you think that he would want to be a bit more protected, but I guess it's his funeral…
-Very humorous that they spent all that effort to move in quietly but then Jack gets on the bullhorn. Funny stuff.
-The red herring with making us believe that Jane and Kim are going to get Kim-napped was great. I thought all the way that Saunders was calling about them but in great 24 form he was not.
-How funny would it have been if the motorcycle rider at the railroad crossing was Mandy?
-Best feeling ever: Leaving a building where you had been 90% sure that you were going to die and going outside. Worst feeling ever: realizing once you're in a van that you are kidnapped and will likely die.
-What happened to the other people that got in the van with Michelle at the Chandler Plaza?
-Wow, another nameless CTU Agent gets a name: Robin.
-Did Adam actually forget to separate the channels or is there sabotage involved here? He seemed like he was confident. Also, who's to say for sure that Adam's sister is even infected. I'm suspecting Chloe here but it would be incredibly un-24-ish to make it that obvious…
-Is is just me or did Kim's hair get an inch or 2 shorter this week?
-Why did Saunders want Jack to come in the building to get him?
-Carlos Bernard's performance in the last few minutes was wonderful. I especially loved the way he threatened to rip Saunders' throat out.
-Oh, by the way, if any of you watch the show ER you will likely notice some familiar faces these days. Last week the man who played the hospital worker, Ken Sung, in psychiatrics was played by Daniel Dae Kim (i.e. Agent Baker). Also, Elizabeth Corday's <ahem> second boyfriend, Dr. Lawson, the surgeon, is played by Paul Blackthorne (i.e. Stephen Saunders) - I nearly died when I saw him on ER.
-The little joke with Saunders brushing past the nasty remark from Tony was classic 24. Always a smile in the face of disaster.
-How generous of Saunders to give Tony 30 whole seconds to move the teams from the exit, what a nice guy.
-So, the big question I have left about this week and the entire plot is who was in on this? How did they know Michelle was not infected? Is there still a higher up mole in the government that is leaking sensitive information? There must be a lower level one (like on the Chloe or Adam level?). I'm betting somewhere along the line there is both. The fact that they broke the rules of what we know before makes it hard to connect the dots and try to come up with an answer since the old answers have now changed…
-Finally, I just wanted to say that it really is feeling like the show has hit it's stride for the last couple of episodes, doesn't it? In true 24 fashion things are now flying around, doors are opening constantly while others close. The questions are beginning to heat up and the next few hours will hopefully hold all the answers. After all that time that we waited around for things to happen we are kicking it up a notch. It feels like all of a sudden the writers came up with all these great ideas that they are trying to jam into the end of this season. I'm looking forward to it.