Originally Aired 2004/04/20

~ 3.19 - The Swap~

Jack is standing over Chapelle's body gun still at his side. The black van drives over to them and as soon as it approaches Jack moves around to the front of Chapelle's body and brings his gun up aiming at the van. Inside the van another man also draws his gun and points it at Jack. No one fires as three of the men get out of the van. They are completely dressed in black and have masks covering their faces. The first one keeps his gun on Jack and one of the others pulls out a small black device and scans Chapelle's body from the feet to his head and back. When he is satisfied he says that there is no tracker. Two of them pick up the body and head towards the van. The last one with his gun still out tells Jack through an accent that if he tries to follow them Saunders will release the virus. They leave Jack standing there and he puts his gun away and pulls out his phone. He calls Wayne Palmer's cell phone. When he answers Jack identifies himself and says that Chapelle's body has just been picked up by Saunders' people. Wayne thanks Jack and they hang up.

Wayne goes to David and says that 'Ryan Chapelle is dead'. David sighs and heavily and fiddles with his hands. He says grimly that he ordered the death of one of their agents, 'one of our finest.' He continues that as unthinkable as it is he had to buy some time to protect civilian lives. David says that "I will not cave in to any more of this terrorists demands." Wayne admits that they don't really have a choice as long as Saunders has the virus and is willing to release it. So far 700 civilians are infected and they're all going to die. Unless they are willing to accept more loss of life he doesn't know what they are going to do. Wayne admits that he has them in a corner. David tells him to convene the cabinet.

Tony comes downstairs and Chloe has worked up the money trails that Chapelle had on his system. Saunders has a daughter in Santa Barbara that he has been giving 10 thousand dollars to every month. Kim has her drivers license up and says that she is 19 and goes to school there.

Tony's cell phone rings and Jack says solemnly "it's Jack." Tony asks urgently what happened and Jack admits that Chapelle's dead. His body was picked up by 4 people in a black van with no plates. Tony tells Jack about Saunders' daughter and says that it was a thread that Chapelle was working up on his own. Tony tells Jack that she is 19 and goes to school in Santa Barbara and he was just about to call the local police to have her picked up. Jack says no, that's not the right play. If Saunders has a daughter he is going to do everything he can to protect her. He probably will have people watching her so they need to just do a plain site swap. Tony doesn't think that they have time for this but Jack says they have to do something soon or they are going to be completely paralyzed. They hang up and Tony asks Chloe to find a tier list of tier 2 and 3 doubles for Jane Saunders. Chloe argues that they just started the file on her but Tony just tells her to do it.

Tony calls Michelle and asks if she has the test results yet. She says that she won't know for another hour yet since they had to send them back to the lab instead of doing them on site. Tony asks how she is feeling and she tells him that she thinks she's okay. He presses her if she has had any nosebleeds or has anything on her skin. She says no. She continues that NHS has everything under control there at the hotel but she wants to keep busy. Tony says that Adam is working on citywide containment and says that he will send some of his work over there. Michelle notices Health Services rolling a body out as her conversation with Tony ends.

CTU now knows that the man from the hotels name is Bill Cole. His wife has been uncooperative but she told him that he came home and then left early for the office but it doesn't open for another half an hour. Chase is going to be interrogating her.
Jack is flying the chopper back to CTU and is told that Palmer is on the line for him. Jack asks that he be patched through. Palmer asks Jack if he worked with Stephen Saunders before. Jack admits that he did, on the Victor Drazen mission that David sanctioned. David voices concern over what Saunders said before to him which was that here is 'a big even to come'. Jack doesn't know but he does know that right now Steven Saunders is in a vengeful state of mind and any demands he makes right now are going to be detrimental to American security. David enquires as to what Jack thinks Saunders will do if he doesn't meet his demands. Jack says that when he worked with Stephen Saunders he didn't think he was capable of mass murder but today he probed he is. Jack thinks that Saunders will release the virus if they don't follow his demands. Palmer thanks Jack and they hang up.

Chloe comes up to Tony's office and gives him the list of the top 10 agents that could double for Jane Saunders. Tony looks down the list and says that none of the agents there are in LA. Chloe says she knows, the closest one is in CTU San Francisco. Tony asks to see the second tier list and Chloe grimly hands it over to him. Tony looks at it and then asks if she is sure that it is right. Chloe says she double checked it when she saw the results. Tony looks out of his office and sees Kim working at her station. Tony calls down to Kim on the phone as Chloe watches. He asks Kim to come up to his office. Chloe asks 'you're not thinking of using her, are you?' Tony thinks they don't have a choice and Chloe suggests that he talk to Jack first. Tony will take care of it and Kim has arrived at his office. Chloe leaves and Tony tells Kim to sit down. He tells her that they need to question Jane Saunders without her father knowing. Kim asks what he needs and Tony says that Kim is about the same age and build, her facial features are different but they can disguise her. Kim concludes that he wants her to pose as Jane Saunders. Tony says that they have just started the plan but if everything goes right it shouldn't be too dangerous. He is not going to order her to do this. Kim says that she has seen everything that's happened today and she knows that if he had a better option he would take it. Kim says she is fine and she'll do it. Tony asks if she is sure, Kim answers she's positive.
Kim is coming down from Tony's office, him right behind her. She heads to her station and tells Chloe that she is leaving for Santa Barbara in a few minutes and she is going to transfer Chloe her information. Chloe says that she knows what's going on and she already called Jack. Kim says that's good and Chloe makes a comment about field work not being a good idea. Kim tells her that she is not doing this to be a field agent, she is doing this because there is no other choice. Chloe admits that she knows this and that is why she didn't fight Tony harder on it. Chloe says that 'I'm not so out of it that I don't know he doesn't respect my opinion on tactical matters' but she says she is behind Kim 110%. She continues that she really hopes nothing bad happens to Kim. Kim asks her if she is coordinating the operation from inside and Chloe says she is. Kim tells her bluntly that she should probably start preparing since there are about 2 dozen agents waiting for COM codes. Kim turns to go and only hesitates slightly as Chloe tells her "I like your energy, Kim, use it." Chloe asks Adam to send her a list of personnel working on the Jane Saunders operation but Adam says he can't because he's monitoring Chase's interrogation of Bill Cole's wife. Chloe sighs that 'this thing is out of control'.

Chase is questioning Ms. Cole about her husband. He asks her if she saw any nosebleeds or skin lesions and she doesn't seem to understand what is going on. Chase explains that he was exposed to something when he was at the Chandler Plaza hotel this morning. She says that he wasn't there, he was with a client but then she understands. She mutters 'he did it again, that bastard did it again.' She goes on to say that if that's the case she hopes he did catch something and that he is going to die. She gets up and tries to get to the door yelling for the agents to get out of her way but Chase tells her that he needs her to stay calm because he can't let her leave. An agent comes out of the bathroom with a Ziploc bag that has a bloody tissue in it. He tells Chase that the blood is still tacky which means that it's fresh. Chase tells another agent that he needs him to contact every hospital in a 30 mile radius.

Bill is at a local pharmacy. He is picking up and reading all the packages while holding a towel to his bloody nose. He gives up and goes to the pharmacist explaining that he's had a nosebleed for about an hour now. He is told that they don't have anything for that there, he'll have to go to the hospital and have it cauterized. Bill doesn't have time, he has to go to work. He thanks the pharmacist and as he turns to go he bumps into a lady on her way to the counter.

Kim and Tony are getting briefed about Jane Saunders. She works part time at the campus library in the mornings. Jack comes into CTU and asks Chloe where Tony is. Chloe says that he is with Kim and Jack wants to know why Kim isn't working the satellite track with Chloe. She just tells Jack to ask Tony. Jack proceeds toward the room where Kim is being briefed and Tony sees him coming. He comes out and meets Jack who immediately wants to know what Tony is doing with Kim. Tony says that they came up with a list of matches for Jane Saunders. Jack asks dimly who it is and Tony says that he's not going to like it; it's Kim. Jack looks over Tony's shoulder at Kim in the room, scoffs and asks "my Kim?" Tony admits that "I'm not crazy about it either" but she matches both physically and geographically. Jack says calmly that he is not sending her out into the field. Tony says she can handle it and she'll have a safety net. Jack says sternly for Tony to find someone else but Tony reminds him that Jack said himself that they need to get Jane out without Saunders knowing, Kim is their best shot. Jack says that she's not doing it. Tony tells Jack that it's not up to him and it's Kim's decision. Jack says fine, he'll order her not to do it. Jack takes a step towards the room and Tony stands in his way. Jack grabs Tony and shoves him. They struggle and Tony ends up with his back to a nearby wall. He yells at Jack "she doesn't work for you Jack, she works for me". Chloe and Kim are both watching closely as Jack stares Tony down and slowly points right at him seething "don't." Jack turns and goes into the room where Kim is. He tells the agent to get out of there while Kim pleads with Jack not to do this. Jack yells at the agent "get out of here or I'll throw you out myself" as he runs at him and pushes him out of the room. As he does Tony yells at Jack. After the other agent is gone Tony tensely tells Kim to talk this over with her father. If he needs to abort this he needs to know now. He'll be outside. He leaves without a word and Jack starts on Kim. He yells at her that 'I know you think you're doing the right thing but this is not gonna happen.' Kim argues that somebody has to do this but Jack storms that this someone will not be her. Kim says defiantly that she is the best match but Jack yells back that she is not a field operative. Kim tells him that 'I have weapons training, this decoy work, Saunders' people won't even come close to me.' Jack says that she doesn't know what she's talking about. He tells her that that is if everything is to go right in this scenario which is not a chance he's willing to take. Kim says that he's not taking it "I am." Kim comes around the table and Jack grabs Kim puts her against the wall. He holds her by the arms and yells right at her 'the reason why you've got this job, the reason why I gave you this job is so I could make sure that you'd be safe'. Kim is upset and tells Jack that 'I this job it because I wanted it, not because you wanted me here' Jack looks defeated and Kim is crying. She says that "I know that this is hard for you but this is not your decision. This is my job, better yet, my duty. It may not be safe but I'm doing it." Kim leaves Jack standing in front of the wall as she pauses at the door and then leaves the room.
Jack and Kim come out onto the roof of CTU where a chopper is waiting. The chopper is ready to go and Jack says that as soon as they land there will be someone there to do her hair and makeup. He asks if her COM is getting a clear signal and Kim, motioning to her ear, says it is. Finally Jack pulls out a gun and hands it to his daughter. He says that he got this for her. He doesn't think that she'll have to use it but "if you do, don't hesitate." She says okay and gets in the chopper. Jack gets in the other side and they lift off.

David goes into a room where his cabinet is waiting. He thanks them for assembling on such short notice and he understands that they have already been briefed on the cordillera virus but they don't know of 2 new developments. Wayne takes over and tells them that there was a vial of the virus released at the Chandler Plaza hotel. They have an ID on the perpetrator, his name is Stephen Saunders and he is a former MI-6 agent. He says he has 11 more vials of the virus and will release them unless his demands are met. Wayne is asked what his demands are and he says that the first was that David use the words 'the sky is falling' in press conference and the other was the termination of one of their agents. Prescott asks why and Wayne says that they are looking into it. Another member asks what Saunders' response was when David didn't comply? David answers "it devastates me that I had no choice but to comply." He explains that ½ hour ago his body was turned over to Saunders' representatives. David tells them to open their files to CTU-LA, give them whatever they need.

Chloe is working on her computer and she stops Tony as he walks by. She says she is trying to get into some DOD files for Jack and she needs authorization from Chapelle. She wants to know when he's coming back. Tony says that he's not and Chloe asks what he means. Tony sighs and asks for everyone's attention. Once he is satisfied they are listening he says that 'I'm sorry to have to tell you that Ryan Chapelle was killed in the line of duty about ½ hour ago. I can't give you any more details but I'll be assuming Ryan's responsibilities until we hear from Brad Hammond at Division.' Tony continues as Adams phone rings that there will be a time to pay proper respects to Ryan but now is not the time. Adam says that he has Chase on line 5 and he transfers it to a closer phone so Tony can answer it. Chase tells Tony that they are almost certain that Cole was symptomatic when he left the house. They don't know much more but they are taking his wife into isolation. Behind Chase we can see her being brought out of the house on a plastic stretcher. Chase asks to be transferred to Kim and Tony tells him that she is on assignment. Chase jumps at him and asks what kind of assignment. He tells Chase briefly about the Saunders operation and Chase says that Kim is not a field operative. He demands to know what she is doing out there. Tony is agitated and snaps that he doesn't want to hear it. Chase presses the issue and Tony tells him to back off. She is on her way to Santa Barbara with Jack. Chase asks 'Jack signed off on this?" but Tony says it's not up to him, it's Tony's call but yes he did. Most importantly she accepted the assignment. He says he's going to transfer him over to Adam.

In the chopper Jack and Kim are doing their best to not look at each other. Jack turns to Kim and says that he is sorry about what happened earlier and about grabbing her but 'I just don't think what your doing is right.' He says that he needs her to understand something, in the field he is in command. He asks if she understands. She doesn't answer and he asks again. She says yeah, she understands.

In the emergency room there is a TV on where they are covering the events at the Chandler Plaza. Cole comes in and asks a lady behind the counter how long he will have to wait. She says it shouldn't be long. He sits down in the waiting room next to another man and looks at the news report. The reporter is standing outside the Chandler Plaza and says that whatever was released there is very deadly and there have been body bags spotted. This gets Cole up and he goes back to the desk. The woman tells him to wait but he says that it is important. He says that there's something seriously wrong with him, he was at that hotel as he points to the TV. She suddenly understands and pointing at a fax on the wall says 'oh my God, you're him'. Cole is staring back at his picture. The woman behind the desk stops a doctor and says 'the man we're supposed to isolate, he's here.'
Saunders is working on his computer and his phone rings. He answers it and the man on the other end is one of the ones in the black van. He says that they just ID'd the body and it is Chapelle. The fingerprints match the file. Saunders says good and orders him to dump the body. He hangs up and the man Saunders is with asks if he took care of his problem. Saunders says he did and then asks the man to make sure that Jen is not out of their sights. A man sitting in a car is watching Jane Saunders and is warned that the next few hours will be crucial. The man says he will be with her and follows her car.

David is still with his cabinet and one of the men, Joseph, tells him that they have started down a slippery slope. David cuts him off and tells him to quit with the euphemisms, what is he trying to say. Joseph raises concern that David has ordered that a government official be killed and Wayne steps in and says that they are not there to second guess David's decisions. David says that no one is more aware than he is of the moral ambiguity of his actions but he made the decision to protect the citizens of the country. The cell phone next to David rings and he picks it up and shows the cabinet members the phone saying that it is Saunders. This is how he contacts him. David says he has to take it and then leaves the room. He answers the phone just 'yes' and Saunders says that he has confirmed the ID of Chapelle's body. "It will be disposed of, respectfully". David says that 'I know who you are, Mr. Saunders.' David says that his only way out of this is to relinquish the virus. Saunders says that's not going to happen. David asks what he wants and Saunders answers 'to make America clean again. You see, Mr. President, the world hates America and for good reason. I won't bother going into details, you know better than I the atrocities your nation commits. You and I are going to dismantle the military machine that exports its ugliness all over the world.' David asks how are 'we' going to do that. Saunders says that 'we will start with where it gets the dirtiest. Something I know a little bit about, covert foreign nationals. In 32 countries across the middle east and Asia your government has grade A through H intelligence consultants.' Palmer tells Saunders that they are citizens of the countries in which they reside. Saunders says no, they are spies working against their countries at the behest of the American military machine. Saunders demands the names of all of them loaded by way of a website, sylviaimports.com, in 45 minutes he will release 2 more vials of the virus in major cities and this time they won't be in hotels where they can be contained.

The helicopter with Jack and Kim inside lands and there are 2 agents waiting. One of them comes up and introduces herself to Jack as Rachel Forrester. Jack shakes her hand and then introduces her to Kim. She tells them that they've set up a staging area outside the library where they won't be detected. They get in a black police vehicle together and drive away.
Chase is giving directions to everyone around the area. They are quarantining the block and they will be patrolling it. Tony calls Chase and tells him that they found Bill Cole. He is at an Urgent Care Facility at Laurel Canyon & Moorpark. Chase knows where it is and then asks if Kim is in play yet. Tony says they just landed in Santa Barbara.

Jack and Kim are still in the back of the police vehicle. An agent is working on Kim while another tells them that they have the library under surveillance. The staff knows what's going on and there are about 10-20 people inside. Jack says that at least one of them belongs to Saunders. They have taken over the surveillance cameras and have narrowed the possibilities down to 5 and sent them over to Tony Almeida. Kim has been fitted into a wig and Jack asks to see her. She turns around and Jack reminds her that she is not going to fool anyone up close that knows Jane Saunders. He advises her to keep her head down and as Jack looks at the photo of Jane he realizes that the wig is darker than Jane's hair colour. The agent says that it's the best they could do on such short notice. Jack says that they have to match every detail as close as possible; her life depends on it.
Chase is interrogating a very overwhelmed Bill Cole. He asks him through the glass how many people were in the pharmacy. Cole doesn't answer and Chase presses him asking about customers. Cole says there were some other people. Chase asks how many but Bill looks off into the distance saying he doesn't know. Chase tells him tensely that if they do not identify and track down everyone that he has been in contact with they are going to have a city wide epidemic. He asks how maybe people but Cole still doesn't know. Chase hits the glass and says 'think'.

The agents are watching the library from a trailer in the trees close by. Jack has a Styrofoam cup of something and is watching the monitors in the dark. Students are working at tables and off in the shelves. Jane is in the staff area and is checking out a book for someone. She thanks him and then goes around the outside of the staff area saying hi to another worker as she passes. She starts putting away a stack of magazines and an agent appears out of nowhere spilling her drink on Jane. She is apologetic and Jane says that she is not supposed to have drinks in there. The agent says she will throw it away as Jane wipes off her pants. He heads to the bathroom as a man in the stacks wearing a red shirt watches. Jack notices him watching Jane and tells the agents to watch him closely.

In the bathroom Jane goes to the mirror and then looks for some paper towels to wipe her pants. She finds them empty and another agent posing as a cleaner says she was just about to refill those. She hands Jane some towels and then after she has turned back around the agent comes from behind to Jane and holds a towel with chloroform on it over her mouth and nose. As Jane passes out the agent that spilled the drink comes in and helps rest Jane carefully on the ground. They give the all clear and Kim comes out of the stall in a white shirt and black pants.

Jack is waiting impatiently in the trailer with the other agents for Kim to emerge from the bathroom. Jack talks to no one in particular saying 'come on' and Kim finally emerges wearing Jane Saunders' clothes. Kim walks over behind the counter and sits down where Jane had been sitting previously working on the computer. Jack notices the same man in the red shirt that had been watching Jane. He tells Kim into her earpiece that he is there at 3 o'clock. She needs to angle away slowly. After she does Jack tells her good.

Tony just got off the phone with Chase. He says that after Cole left the hotel he went to his house in Burbank. Adam takes on the briefing and says on the way there he stopped at a gas station but according to him and his wife he was not symptomatic by then. At 7:20 he went to a pharmacy and asked the pharmacist, a Sam Tyler for anything that could help him. At the time there were 3 others in the pharmacy. One of them was Ann Schwartz. She had been a customer there for years so they had her on file. NHS is on the way to her house, she has 3 children. Chloe asks about the other customers and they do not know who they were. Also, it gets worse. There were 6 patients at the Urgent Care Centre that left before the quarantine hit. Between them and the staff they could be looking at 75 people in their immediate families. If any of them are at a mall or a supermarket when they become symptomatic then this will be impossible to contain. They have set up quarantines in 2 neighbourhoods in Burbank and department heads are to report to Adam. The team disburses and Tony is left looking at the numbers.

Jack waits and continues to watch Kim as the agents finish handcuffing Jane in another room. Jack is pleased and says that it looks like this worked. He tells them to continue to monitor Kim and come and get him if anything happens. Jack goes into the room with Jane and closes the door. She is starting to stir and is now wearing the white shirt and black pants that Kim had on before. He puts his hand on her chin and lifts it up and then leaves her to go to a case on a nearby counter. He opens it up and pulls a small package out and then breaks it under her nose. She comes to with a cough and asks Jack what is going on. She wants to know who he is so she tells him that his name is Jack Bauer and he is a Federal Agent. She is not in any danger. She asks what he wants and he says that he needs her help. They need to get in touch with her father. She partly shrugs and tells him 'so, get in touch with him, what do you need me for?' Jack admits that they don't know where her father is but they think she does. She asks what this is about. Jack answers that 'you don't know who your father really is, do you?' She is on the defensive and says that first of all she hardly knows her father and second, whatever this is, it's not legal. Jack becomes frustrated and tells her that she had better listen to him carefully. Her father is involved in terrorist activity. He killed hundreds of people this morning and he is threatening to kill millions more. He says that she is going to cooperate and there is a lot at stake and not a lot of time. Jane tells Jack that she is not going to say anything until she talks to a lawyer. Jack, who has backed away and is having another drink, gives a little smile and says 'there is no lawyer, there's just you and me.' Jane claims not to know anything about her father. He comes into town twice a year and she doesn't know where he lives. Jack wants to know how she contacts him but she says he usually calls her. Jack is watching her closely and says 'you're lying to me, Jane.' He tells her there's no sense in protecting him, she will just get herself in trouble. She turns it around and says that Jack is the one in trouble, he is breaking the law. Jack is becoming angry and leans right in her face. He tells her that 'you have no idea how far I'm willing to go to acquire your cooperation.' She gets upset and asks Jack what he is threatening to do. He yells at her to tell him where her father is and she continues to yell, now for help. One of the other agents comes in the room and calls to Jack. He roars back "What?" and she tells him that 'red shirt' is approaching. Jack comes rushing out leaving Jane alone. The man is at the desk and Jack tells Kim not to turn around. Jack demands to know where the librarian is. The man is trying to get Kim's attention and she says just a minute. He says he needs help to find a book and Kim says just a sec. Jack tells her in her ear that she is doing great. He asks his agents for a close up of him. The man is impatient and asks 'can I get some help here?' Kim brushes him off again saying 'Just a minute.' The librarian finally arrives and Jack tells Kim to slowly get up and make her way to the bookshelves. He tells her to stay out of the mans eye line until they find out who he is. She obeys and heads deep into the bookshelves with a small stack of books. She comes to a corner and takes a second to compose herself. She leans on a wall and dumps the books that she has on a random shelf. Meanwhile in the trailer the camera has moved off of her and Jack and the other agents can no longer see Kim. Kim takes a couple of steps to go and a man comes around the corner. He asks if she works there and then asks for some help finding a book. They get in between some stacks and he pulls a gun on her and shoves her against the shelves. He threatens her that if she screams for help he will kill her now. He asks 'who has Jane Saunders?' He asks again but Kim says she doesn't know what he's talking about. In the trailer the camera has come back but Kim is gone. Jack realizes something has gone awry and heads for the door of the trailer. The other agents are given a 'go' as Jack jumps the steps and takes off at an all out run towards the library.

In the split screen we see Jack continuing to sprint, Tony working, Bill Cole looking bad and then Saunders.

Jack makes it to the building and goes up the stairs. The man that has Kim is outside with her and she struggles. She gets a hit in and his gun falls to the ground. Jack is around the corner of the building and has his gun out already. He can see Kim and the man struggling and yells at students around to get down. They continue to struggle and now Kim has her gun out as well. Jack gets around the side of the building where they are but has no immediate shot. Before he does Kim's gun goes off. Jack yells Kim's name and she continues to stand toe to toe with Saunders' man. Jack has enough time to panic a bit before the man staggers and falls to the ground, Kim has shot him. Jack yells for her to step back and she does. Jack tells the other agents that the subject is down and then asks Kim if she is okay. She says she is fine and as Jack tries to keep the man alive Kim says that "Saunders is going to know we have his daughter."

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-The very beginning of this episode felt very intense for something that had so little action.
-what kind of accent did the man that picked up Chapelle's body have? He kind of almost sounded like Ted Coffell from Season 1 (the banker that Jack kidnapped in his own limo). I'm wondering if he has a connection to Serbia as well of if he's just a random thug with an accent.
-Why was Chapelle working up the daughter lead on is own? Or, was it just sort of on it's own since it was connected to the money. He must not have known that Saunders had a daughter before he died because that would have been one of the first things he told the others when Saunders ordered him dead.
-If Saunders is giving his daughter $10,000 a month why on earth would she have a job at the campus library?
-Another Ted Coffell connection: When Jack talked to Tony in the chopper I was forcibly reminded of the scene after Coffell died and Jack talked to Nina. He had that same sort of defeated-upset, near-tears manner that made that episode shine through. This made it nice to see that Jack actually cared for Chapelle, or at least someone did.
-I again can only ask what Chloe's story is? Is there a reason why she is so intensely annoying? I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the actress, in fact, it shows her talent. The fact that she can be that annoying that well shows that she must be a great actress.
-The whole 'wait out the test results' thing for Michelle is interesting. I was frustrated that it takes that long to find out about Michelle's results since it was a matter of minutes when they tested the Singers but I guess it could be chalked up to the new strain.
-So, Wayne says that there are 700 people infected at the hotel right now. So, at this point that means that there are still 200 that are going to become infected that haven't yet. Is Michelle one of them?
-So I guess Bill was his real name. Kathy McCartney will be happy…
-Jack has the best messaging system ever. He gets patched into the president and never has to take calls that he doesn't want. Nice.
-I am so, just, confused over this entire supposed Operation Nightfall thing and that Saunders was supposed to be part of it. It's just a lot of information to disregard. Also, Palmer is very familiar with Nightfall after the whole Day 1 thing. He doesn't sound the least bit surprised to learn that Saunders, who was supposed to have been killed, is in fact alive and well and seeking revenge.
-It's kind of strange to think of other CTU's in other cities, isn't it? Do they all have days like this or just LA?
-Why is it that Kim looks weird on the phone? When Tony called her and she picked up the phone she just looked weird, like she'd never used a phone before…it might just be that the phone is really big-looking next to her head… I don't know. It just looks strange.
-isn't it great how Kim is almost exactly like Jack? She doesn't; want Tony to beat around the bush about what he wants her to do, she just wants to be told.
-Although Chloe is annoying I couldn't help but agree with her wanting to talk to Jack before they send Kim into the field.
-I will not rip apart Chloe and Kim's confrontation at CTU. I will not rip apart Chloe and Kim's confrontation at CTU. I will not rip apart Chloe and Kim's confrontation at CTU. I will not rip apart Chloe and Kim's confrontation at CTU….
-"this thing it out of control" - truer words have never been spoken, there, Chloe…
-I laughed out loud when Cole's wife said she hopes he dies. Be careful what you wish for, there, lady, it just might come true.
-How come Chase gets a cool looking HAZ-MAT suit? All the others have those funny blue ones but Chase gets a neat-looking black one.
-Well, at least Bill apologizes for bumping into that lady. He probably killed her but at least he was nice about it. I was also impressed how nice he was to the pharmacist. Most people get angry when they don't get what they want but he kept his cool.
-It was at least smart of Chloe not to tell Jack where Kim was. She knew he would flip out, but didn't we all?
-Tony has a lot of guts getting in Jack's way like that. The man just killed is own boss. He's on a streak and has already had a pretty rough day. When he pointed at Tony and the look on his face when he said "don't" was downright scary. Also, I don't think Tony would be much of a fighter in his condition.
-LOTW Contender: Jack to Tony: "Don't"
-That poor agent that was briefing Kim. He was just doing his job but ended up in the middle of the argument with Jack.
-Tony was pretty scary himself when he yelled at Jack in the conference room.
-Kim's a pretty good argue-er. It must be a trait she got from her dad. It was impressed by her fast three points. 3 good reasons why she can do it it. It's decoy work, ii. She's weapons trained and iii. Saunders people wont come close to her. Way to go.
-So, the infamous Jack Bauer. Man of action, super-agent, practically unstoppable and indestructible taken down a notch by his own daughter.
-How many arguments has Jack lost in 3 seasons? I think that might have been the first.
-Well, I guess the swap sounded like a great idea from the chopper, there, Jack. How do you feel about it now?
-Throwing the duty line at Jack, ouch. His duty was partially the reason Teri died and also partly the reason that he had not previously been around for Kim. Fair is fair I guess.
-That gun that Jack gives Kim is the same kind that Jack used to carry. I wonder if it's his old one?
-When David and Wayne went into the room where the cabinet was waiting I cringed. In retrospect, the stuff from last season with David getting the axe as the President was just, really, kind of boring in comparison to what was happening with Jack. This time at least it has been not too long.
-From what I could see most of the cabinet members are the same people as last season. I like the little things. Good stuff. I still don't like Prescott, though, the Vice President.
-Tony just can't win. First thing he has to go toe to toe with Jack over the Kim thing and then he has to hear from Chase. He's just trying to do his job.
-Should be interesting to see what happens if Chase tries to take a strip off Jack for letting Kim go out into the field.
-I hope Chase is far enough away from that house to not contract anything. He was practically right outside Cole's door for crying out loud.
-How could they not notice that Bill was the same guy from the picture? Do they get them often enough that they don't really look at the photos? Cold could have come and gone and they wouldn't have even noticed if he hadn't said anything.
-It would be really nice if the good guys picked up Chapelle's body somewhere and he got a proper burial. Since he had to die so horribly it would be nice if at least that worked out.
-Holy flashback to last season. The cabinet second guessing David. Now THERE'S a big surprise.
-Hey, by the way, you all really need to check out http://www.sylviaimports.com/ (the URL that Saunders gives David). It'll make you smile.
-I wonder if Chase is at the same Urgent Care Facility that Jack was tortured in last season. It was near Moorpark and Vinelyn (where he was supposed to meet Yusuf). Good think Jack didn't have to go.
-Since when will there only be about 10-20 people inside a university library? The library at my university (University of Victoria) probably staffed about 20 people at a time.
-The man who plays Bill Cole is such a great actor. He did a wonderful job of looking totally and completely defeated and like a deer in headlights at the thought of dying.
-Wow, Jack is having another something to drink. That's a record, twice in 1 day…
-I hope CTU didn't move that white trailer onto campus. It's supremely obvious.
-Did they really think Saunders would be stupid enough to send someone that conspicuous to watch Jane? The guy stands out like a sore thumb. There are way more early 20-ers than anything else at universities. If Saunders wanted someone to blend in he would have sent, well, the guy he actually sent…
-Here's hopin' that CTU will be able to contain the virus.
-Now there's a shock for you, waking up in a dark room in clothes that aren't' yours, handcuffed to a chair with a man you've never seen before. Too bad, she seems like a nice girl but they need what she knows.
-Another great lawyer line from Jack.
-Jack yells at another unsuspecting agent while he's with Jane. They're gonna really stay out of his way soon…
-I'm really wondering what the deal was in the guy with the red shirt? Was he going to try and pick Jane up or something?
-Librarians everywhere gasp at Kim just putting that stack of books down randomly like that.
-I'm wondering if Saunders had been watching the cameras at the school as well. IF he had control then he would hag been able to give his man the 'ok' to pick Kim up like that.
-There would be some serious scared students. They're just trying to get their homework done and there's Jack waving a gun around and yelling.
-I think I know how Jack felt after Kim's gun went off. Between the shot and the man showing signs that he'd been shot felt like about 10 second the first time I saw it. After I knew what was going to happen, like when I watched it to write about it, it really wasn't that long, but the first time felt like eternity.