Originally Aired 04/18/03

~ 3.18 - Unbelievable~


Palmer talking with Wayne about Saunders. David argues that they are not above the law and they can not justify the murder of an innocent man. Wayne thinks that Ryan Chapelle is not a civilian but David says that they can't order that he be killed. Wayne sympathizes that he knows this is extreme but it is their only move. He urges David to look at the Chandler Plaza hotel. Saunders will use the virus if they don't do what he says. Palmer wants to know how long they are supposed to let Saunders dictate their actions, how long is he going to hold the country hostage? Wayne answers until they catch him. David asks what if they don't. Wayne assures David that they will but until then their only option is to kill Chapelle.

Jack comes into one of the rooms at CTU where Chapelle is working. He tells Chapelle that he has dropped the hard drive from MI-6 for them to work on. Chapelle says that MI-6 wants a debrief about what happened at their offices. Jack wants to know if they have anything new. Chapelle tells Jack about the phone Saunders is using to contact Palmer and that it is a scramble phone. It will take as long as 24 hours to trace it. This is the only option that they have right now. Chapelle says he is trying to follow the money trail to see if it leads back to Saunders. The hard drive from the computer at the Go Club was a dead end. Chapelle is tracking the money in an offshore account. Chloe comes into the room where they are working and tells Jack that there is a call for him from Palmer. Jack asks that it be transferred into that room but Chloe says he wants Jack to be alone. The call is at station 7. Slightly puzzled Jack heads out of the room with Chapelle and goes to the phone. He identifies himself and there is a pause on the other end. In Palmers office he is told that Jack Bauer is on the line. Palmer picks up and asks Jack if he is alone. Jack says he is so Palmer continues. He says that Saunders called and made another demand and it's a hard one so he is going to be as direct as he can be. Palmer tells Jack that Saunders wants Ryan Chapelle dead. Jack is baffled and says he doesn't understand. Palmer says he wants Chapelle's body delivered to the rail yard downtown. Jack asks why but Palmer doesn't know either. David assures Jack that Saunders was emphatic about the consequences if they don't comply. Palmer tells Jack that 'I feel as though I am crossing a line that I will never be able to step back from.' Jack encourages him saying that he has made his decision and Palmer asks Jack if he can think of another option. Jack doesn't have any ideas unless he can find Saunders before Chapelle's body is due which is 7 am. Palmer apologises to Jack for putting this on him but he didn't know who else to call. Jack says he understands and he will get back to him.
Jack hangs up the phone and goes to Chloe. He asks her what she is doing right now to help find Saunders. She says she is sending information over to division since they are acting as the hub for the intel. Jack asks what the largest base for information they have on Saunders is and Chloe tells him that it is the bank trails. Jack wants her to be working on that. She argues that she will have to clear it with Chapelle first but he tells her to just do it. She whines that 'Chapelle is already mad at me for like 12 things and I'm not gonna add to the list.' Jack is frustrated and says that he wouldn't ask her to do it like this if it wasn't very important so she needs to please do it for him. Chloe finally relents and agrees and so Jack thanks her.

There is a short line of people at the hotel that are entering isolation. The people already there have been bleeding. Michelle is on the phone with Tony and she tells him that 1/3 of the people that are in the hotel are showing symptoms and it is getting worse every minute. She thinks they should have the choice to end their own lives. Tony tells her that the pills will be there soon. Michelle wants to talk and tells him that she realizes they have both been talking around it but Tony cuts her off and says not to go there. She tells him that there is a very good chance that she is going to be infected but he says until they are sure he doesn't want to talk about it. Michelle doesn't press it but does tell him that "I just want you to know that the last three years have been the best three years of my life." Tony is visibly upset and tells her that he should be there with her. She simply says "you are". He says no, it's not the same but she says the best thing he can do for her right now is to make sure those capsules get there. Tony will do his best and she says she knows he will. They hang up and Michelle sees a young girl in line.
Chapelle is pulling up files and Jack wants to know what he's got. Chapelle says that he found and offshore bank account in the Caymans but it's encrypted. Chapelle is frustrated and steams that it's 'another brick wall'. Jack tells him to send it on to Chloe, if anyone can get through it she can. Chapelle snaps that 'it has to be now, Jack, now. Don't you understand?' He then answers his own question saying "of course you understand, you're the one that's going to kill me." Jack tells Chapelle that they are doing everything they can. Chapelle is worried that the information might not even be relevant and Saunders might want Chapelle dead to do with something else he knows. Jack encourages Ryan to think and not to give into this guy. Jack tells Chapelle that with all of them working together they're gonna find Saunders. He tells Chapelle to send the information over to Chloe and he will explain it to her. Jack leans out the door and yells for Chloe's attention telling her that Ryan is sending a file over. Chapelle sits down again.

The line at the hotel to get into quarantine grows and another agent comes around the corner with Phillips, the security man from the hotel. His nose is bleeding and his eyes meet Michelle's. He comes to her and asks for her to please let him call his wife. Michelle shakes her head and says that she's sorry the entire thing is still a secret. He promises that he won't tell her anything and even offers to let their people listen in. Michelle tells him that the order comes directly from the president. He begs her saying that 'I've done everything I can to help you, please. I just want to hear her voice, please' Michelle again says she's sorry and Phillips is led into the quarantine. Michelle clears her throat and asks for their attention. She warns them that what she is about to tell them is difficult to hear but they need to have all the information. She lets them know that once symptoms appear there is no chance of recovery. As the virus progresses it attacks the body's organs, death occurs in less than 6 hours, and it is very painful. The reason she is being so direct is that there is an alternative. There are some pills that will make you fell like you are going to sleep. She tells them that it is up to each one of them to decide if and when they want to use these drugs but they will be available shortly.

Michelle leaves and Sunny Macer comes up to Michelle and says they have a situation. There is a woman who came forward and told them that she can't find the man she was in the hotel with. Michelle makes sure they have checked isolation and Sunny says he is not there. Michelle asks for his name but that is part of the problem; they don't know. Michelle is brought over and introduced to Kathy McCartney who was with the man. Michelle says that she needs her to be honest with them and she says that all she knows was his name which was Bill but she's not even sure if that was his real name. She explains that they met tonight at a club and they really hit it off so they came to the hotel. They booked a room and they fell asleep together. Michelle asks what time that was and Cathy says she knows exactly because she looked at the clock, it was 4:02. Michelle turns to the others and says that if she is right that means that he was at the hotel when the virus was released and must have gotten out before it was completely locked down. Michelle enquires if maybe he is hiding but all the common areas have been swept and all the guests that were in their rooms are accounted for. Michelle orders fellow agent Ed Miller to go to Cathy's room and dust the whole place for prints. She knows there will be many but they have to do it anyway.

Jack asks Tony to open up another socket for Chloe. Tony says okay and then asks how Chapelle is doing. They look at him in the room where Jack left him and he is pacing around. Jack tells Tony that Chapelle is scared. Tony tells Jack that Chase has a strike team that is ready to go as soon as they find Saunders. Also, Tony has ordered a chopper to get Jack and Chapelle downtown since the rail yard is across town. Chloe calls Jack and lets him know that it could take 90 minutes to decrypt the information from Saunders' bank. Jack tells her that 90 minutes is too long so Chloe presses as to what the rush it. If Jack would tell her it would help. He says that he just needs it now and Chloe says that she is doing the best she can. She adds sulkily that 'your tone of voice isn't a morale booster.' Kim comes over and starts to help Chloe out. Jack turns and looks in on the room where Chapelle was to find that he was not there. Jack looks up to the upstairs office and sees it empty as well. Jack sighs 'oh, Ryan.'

Chapelle has made his way towards one of the exits but the guard there says that Chapelle is not allowed to leave. Chapelle asks who the hell he thinks he is but the guard urges him to return to CTU. Jack arrives in the hall and calls Ryan. He turns around to see Jack and 2 more guards. Chapelle demands to know what is going on here and why he is not allowed to leave the building. He explains angrily that he was just going to go outside to smoke a cigarette. Jack looks at him sceptically and Chapelle says that he wouldn't condemn millions of people to death for himself. Jack asks for the cigarettes but Chapelle doesn't show them to him. Jack says that the guards will escort him back to holding. Chapelle snaps 'I don't think so' but Jack says he is not asking him. 'Under the authority given to me by the president I'm ordering you.' Chapelle says nothing but holds up a pack of cigarettes for Jack to see. Jack takes them and Chapelle goes with the guards.
Ed and Michelle are in the hotel room with McCartney. Michelle is talking to Tony on the phone and tells him that a man got out of the hotel. Tony wants to know how and Michelle says it probably happened before they were totally locked down. Health Services has been notified. The biggest problem is that the woman that came forward doesn't know who the man is. They have pulled fingerprints from all the usual places, light switches and other things that he might have touched. Tony tells Michelle to see what else she can get off of this woman. Michelle goes over to her and she apologises for not being able to be more helpful. Michelle asks her to go over everything that happened again when they got there. She relays that they came into the room and she had the key. They didn't turn the lights on or off or touch the blinds, they just started kissing right away. He started taking off her clothes and Michelle clarifies that they are the clothes she is wearing now. She explains that he took her shirt off and then her pants. Michelle notices her belt and asks her for it. She rushes it over to Ed and tells him to try the buckle. He dusts it and scans the prints saying that they all look like hers. He continues to look and then finds a partial thumb that is not hers. Michelle tells him to upload it CTU now and says that if they don't find him the might be looking at an outbreak.
A man arrives at his house, it is William (Bill) Cole. He stands outside for a second and fixes his hair and tie. He lets himself into the room where there is a woman sleeping. She turns on the light when he comes in and asks where he's been. He explains that he told her already that he had a meeting and he said if it went late he wasn't going to come home. She says she was worried suggests that he should have called but he says he didn't want to wake her. He goes into the bathroom and closes the door. He turns on the light and looks in the mirror just as his nose starts to bleed. He grabs a tissue.

Chloe calls Jack over and says that she thinks she's getting something on the bank accounts. Jack comes jogging over and Tony is already listening in. She says that she has access to Saunders' bank account. Jack presses for an address and Kim says that every time Saunders moves money the bank verifies the address. There are several across the country but there is one in LA about 5 minutes from CTU. Jack tells them "good work…great work" and then runs down the hall. He bursts into the room where they are holding Chapelle and says that they think they found Saunders. Chapelle is in disbelief and asks if it was through the bank accounts. Jack says yes, 45 minutes ago he made a call to the bank from there. Chapelle is relived and says 'good, Jack, thank God.' They embrace. They let go and Jack says that they still have to go over to the train yard. Chapelle doesn't get it but Jack says that he knows they have to go until they are sure they've found Saunders. They leave the holding room and as they pass Tony Jack tells him that he will be in contact as soon as they are airborne. They walk through the atrium of CTU and Chloe calls to Chapelle. She tells him that division called to confirm the 3:00 briefing. She asks if it's still good. Chapelle doesn't really know what to say so just says 'sure'. Him and Jack leave.

David and Wayne are in David's office. The door opens and a Gerry comes in. He says that a reporter from the LA Times is asking about an accident at the Chandler Plaza hotel. They ask Jerry what she said to him and he answers that she didn't say much, she was fishing. Wayne and David exchange glances and he says to David that he appreciates that he needs to keep some things from him but if there is something going on it will get out and when it does he needs answers. Wayne says that Jerry is right. David gives him the silent okay and Wayne explains that there was a weaponized virus that was released into the ventilation system of that hotel. Jerry just says 'oh my God.' He asks David when he will go public with this and David answers when they are sure they can contain it. They are doing everything possible to do it. Jerry leaves Wayne and David in the office.

Chapelle and Jack go out onto the roof of CTU. The chopper is there waiting for them. Chase comes out of the building and calls Jack. He catches up to them and says that he heard that he is not coming with them to get Saunders. Jack confirms that it will be Chase and Baker that will get Saunders. Chase doesn't understand, he thought getting Saunders was the priority. Chapelle tells Chase that he ordered Jack downtown for some more questions. Chase becomes angry with Chapelle and yells at him, 'you know what Ryan? All you do is put obstacles in our way. We need our best people out there but all you do is tie us down with your bureaucratic BS.' Jack stops Chase and Chase just shrugs and says 'those are the orders.' Chapelle leaves them standing there and Chase is puzzled. He asks "what's goin' on Jack?" Jack doesn't answer him directly but tells Chase to take care of the strike team. Jack joins Chapelle in the chopper and Chase watches as they prepare to leave. As Jack takes off he meets eyes with Chase and they fly off.
Chase and Baker pull up in an SUV and get out into the parking lot. They are in plain clothes and Chase says they have no visual inside. There are men outside and Baker suggests a sniper. Chase says no, Saunders will know if they miss. He wants to do this up close. Baker observes that it is out in the open and Chase says that Saunders would want it that way. Baker doesn't see how they can get close enough but Chase says he does.

The man that has been with Saunders tells him that they have grounded flights from LA-X. New York, Washington and San Francisco are on the way and he has rerouted Los Vegas. They missed Chicago and Cleveland. He has revised casualty projections, 2-5 million will be dead in the first 48 hours. Saunders says that that is good enough. The other man says that there is a chance that it could spread beyond the Americas. Saunders says 'we'll be fine, don't worry.' The man leaves.

Tony comes downstairs to where Adam is working. He says that they got a result from the thumb print from the hotel but it is only partial. They matched it to 300 men from the FBI data base. Tony tells him to upload what they have to the hotel so the woman can start going through them. Tony is told that Ryan Chapelle is on line 3. Tony answers and Chapelle immediately asks what is taking Edmunds so long. He wants to know if he has called in. Tony says that he is moving into position and Chapelle wants to know what he is waiting for. Tony explains that they want to go in undetected. Jack assures Ryan that Chase knows what's at stake here and he'll go in when he's ready. Tony hooks Jack and Ryan up to the real-time audio for the operation. Jack tells Tony quietly that he has a visual on the train yard. Tony copies and as Jack brings the chopper in to land Chapelle looks worried.

Outside what is believed to be Saunders' hide out a street sweeper drives by. Chase comes wandering around the corner about the same time as an agent shoots from the sweeper and hits one of Saunders' men. Baker kills another one of Saunders men and Chase kills the last one. There is a pause as a truck is backed in and two agents start climbing up the fire escape. Chase and Baker head into the lobby of the building. Saunders has many computer monitors set up and one of them is looking at Chase and Baker. Saunders comes over and sits down checking the monitor a few seconds too late. They head upstairs as Jack and Chapelle listen from the chopper. Graves and Martinez are the other agents and they are coming down from the roof. Saunders is watching his monitors but still doesn't see Chase and Baker. A man upstairs is taken out by CTU and Chase heads down the hall. He sees another guard in the hallway and Chase says they will have to move fast on his lead. Chase jumps out and shoots him as him and Baker storm the hallway quietly. Baker has what looks like black tape and he puts it around the door handle and lock. Once he is set he blows that part of the door away and it swings open. Chase and him move in and ask Baker clears the small apartment Chase sees a small table set up in the middle of the room with an electronic device on it. Baker says the apartment is clear and Chase tells them that there's no one there. He explains that it's a switching node and he's been relaying calls from this location. Chase yells "damn it".

Chapelle and Jack are still sitting in the chopper and Chapelle has his eyes closed. Jack slowly pulls his headset off and Chapelle follows suit. Chapelle doesn't say anything but just looks ahead out the window. Jack's cell phone rings and when he answers it Saunders says "you underestimate me, Jack." Jack calls him "Saunders" and asks why he's doing this. Saunders answers "even if I told you, you wouldn't understand." Jack asks him to 'try me'. Saunders tells Jack to tell his people not to bother to trace the relay, he's already switched. Jack looks down and mutters, "Stephen" but Saunders continues saying that a van will be arriving shortly. He is to leave Chapelle's body with the driver. He is not to attempt to follow the van and if Jack doesn't follow his directions he will release the virus immediately.
Sunny Macer takes the pills into the quarantine area. She asks for everyone's attention and explains that these are the drugs Agent Dessler told them about. She says that anyone that wants to exercise this option can step forward now. No one moves for a few seconds and then an elderly couple emerge from the crowd. Clutching each other they thank Sunny as she hands them the pills. The next person to step forward is a hotel worker.

Ed goes to Michelle and she asks if they matched the print. He tells her that they narrowed the 300 down to a few dozen and McCartney is looking through the pictures now.

Cathy is looking at pictures and after a few she thinks that she has found the man. Michelle asks if she is sure and she says yes, she's sure.
Bill's wife is knocking on the bathroom door. She asks if he is okay and he says he thinks he has some kind of bug. She offers to make some tea but he declines saying that he has to go to the office. He has a staff meeting.

Chapelle and Jack are still sitting in the chopper and Jack sees a black van pull up behind a nearby train. Jack gets out his phone and calls CTU. He talks to Adam and asks if there is satellite coverage on their position. Adam says he will have to readjust but there will be. Jack tells him there is a black van there with no plates. He expects them to take countermeasures but he needs to do everything he can to follow it.
Jack hangs up and turns to Ryan. He says that 'we have to go, Ryan' and Chapelle says he knows. He doesn't look at Jack and Jack slowly gets out of the chopper and walks around the front. He opens Chapelle's door and Ryan says "my legs are shaking." Jack says he has him and he helps him out of the chopper. They move a short distance away and stop walking. Jack asks Ryan if there is anyone he wants to talk to. Ryan answers "you mean to say goodbye?" but Jack says "to say whatever you have to." "I have a brother I haven't spoken to in years." Ryan thinks and then says "I don't have that many friends, just the people at work so… no. There's no one." Jack says quietly "I'm sorry, Ryan, we gotta do this. Get on your knees." Ryan does what he is told and Jack is standing behind him. Ryan quickly asks 'there's no way around this, right Jack? There are no outs here?' Jack answers "Not that I can see." He cocks his gun and Ryan blurts out "wait!" A tear falls from his eye and he asks Jack to at least let him do this himself. "At least give me the dignity of taking my own life. That's something you can do." Jack says calmly that he can't do that but Ryan practically growls "yes, yes you can." He explains that Jack was right at CTU to put him under watch, 'I wasn't going for a smoke, I was going to bolt, but I know, this has to happen.' Jack says that he can't take that chance but with emotion flaring Chapelle says that "I give you my word, Jack, I won't run. I swear. I, I, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared but I'm not gonna run. I couldn't live with myself if I knew I was responsible for the deaths of all those people. You gotta belive me." Jack comes back around in front of Ryan and from a distance we see him do something with his gun and then hand it to Ryan. Chapelle takes it and then takes a few deep breaths. Jack is standing near him as he puts the gun up to his temple, eyes clamped shut. Ryan moves his lips silently and then starts to shake trying to muster up the courage to do it. After a few seconds he pulls the gun down and, defeated, says "I can't." Jack tells him that it's alright and takes the gun back. He again does something to the gun as he moves back behind Ryan. Jack tells Ryan, "I'm sorry we let you down, Ryan." Ryan looks at the sky and Jack has his gun pointed at Ryan's head says "God forgive me." We see Ryan's scared eyes and then from a distance we see Jack pull the trigger.
Chapelle's body falls forward onto the ground.
Silent clock ticks to 7:00

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Wasn't it kind of weird to see Jack and Chapelle just working in the same room at the beginning of the episode? It just seemed so out of place for, esp
ecially Jack, to be doing that. Why wouldn't he go to his office?
-Ah, the return of the Cross Morph pen. I mentioned it in Episode 1 when Jack was using it then.
-I'm sure MI-6 really does want to know what happened at their offices. One second everything's fine and then it's all gone. Another mess left in the wake of Jack Bauer.
-Weird aside but how about when Jack answers the phone with Palmer at the beginning if it went like this.
Palmer: Are you alone?
Jack: Yes.
Palmer: What are you wearing? :-)… call me crazy but the way Palmer asked if Jack was alone I half expected that to follow…
-It almost seems like Palmer was asking Jack if he had any more crazy schemes that might fix this problem. He was so angry that Jack had a psycho scheme at the start of the day, now he's practically begging for one.
-Chloe is my this years Kate. The bane of my 24-existence. Every time I see her on the screen I cringe. I will try and be nice and objective but holy crap she's annoying.
-That said, she did have a great line "Chapelle is mad at me for like 12 things right now, I'm not gonna add to the list."
-It's bad enough that the people showing symptoms in the hotel have to be put in a separate room until they die but at least could they have given them some chairs? They are all just standing around…
-Tony is way to square to say "don't go there". Chase could pull it off but Tony? I'm thinkin' no.
-The emotional moment with Tony and Michelle was really nice. I love these two actors together but I really don't want them to drag this out. They should say goodbye or not say goodbye but either way I don't think it should be too drawn out. We all know it will be sad if Michelle has the virus and there is bound to be some emotion but lets not go overboard here.
-LOTW contender: Chapelle to Jack: "Of course you understand, you're the one that's going to kill me."
-I hate to say this but I think Jack is going to have it worse off than Chapelle. Granted Chapelle is dead but now Jack has to live with the guilt of killing him.
-In all this it was almost nice to see Chapelle lose his cool. Wow, he actually does have emotions.
-I understand the predicament here but why couldn't Michelle let Phillips call his wife? The poor guy has really done everything he can to help CTU out and now they won't even cut him a little tiny bit of slack here? Michelle gets to talk to her husband, why can't Phillips talk to his wife? (Although I guess the Tony Michelle thing is a bit different, but still)
-What ever happened to Margolis, the worker who nearly escaped?
-How often to you look at the clock and then *bang* fall asleep that very second?
-Hey, it's Ed Miller! Everybody say "hi Ed!" You all remember Ed, the agent Jack drugged last year when they were taking Nina to Visalia? He had such great lines as "if you know of any way to shut her [Nina] up that I'm not thinking of…" and the classic "Jac…." As he passes out. Ooh, we like Ed!
-Chapelle was like a caged animal in that glass holding room. Pacing back a forth.
-Chapelle asking the CTU guard who the hell he thinks he is is just classic Chapelle. Ah, how I'll miss him.
-Why didn't Chapelle just show Jack the cigarettes right when he asked for them? Especially if he had them.
-If I'm Chapelle, I'm smoking like a chimney. To steal a line from another Kiefer Sutherland movie "I know smoking is not going to kill me" (Behind the Red Door, see it if you haven't, trust me.)
-Speaking of Kiefer Sutherland, I'm willing to bet that those cigarettes that Chapelle produced to show Jack were Sutherlands pack. Camel is his brand and he is a big time smoker.
-When Tony tells Michelle to see what else she can get 'off of' McCartney, I'm not so sure he meant it in the way it worked out when she took the belt off of her to get the prints. Just a weird coincidence.
-This whole Chapelle hug thing is weird. But it was a little different this time. When he hugged Michelle early in the season it felt forced and unnatural but when he hugged Jack in this episode it felt a lot more genuine. Although, the circumstances are a little more grave now and more personal and that probably has a lot ot do with it. OR, maybe Chapelle is a little more comfortable hugging guys then girls. Maybe that's why he wasn't so keen to call his wife before he died.
-I loved the little bit about the 3:00 briefing. Chapelle just doesn't really know what to say and just shrugs off a 'sure'. Really, though, 3:00 is still like, 9 hours away. Who's in the office that early? AND if the virus thing wasn't cleaned up in a neatly packaged 24 hours (like we know it's gonna be) then he probably wouldn't be doing the briefing anyway…
-Speaking of briefings, is this the same Gerry that Wayne was supposed to be briefing a few hours ago when he was actually talking to Julia? Is Palmer going to bust him on it?
-Chase looks so distraught when he confronts Jack about not going to Saunders.
-It was surprising that Chapelle would volunteer a lie to Chase about ordering Jack downtown. He must have known that Chase would freak like that on him. He just did pretty much the same thing a few hours ago.
-Obviously Chase knows something is wrong and he must know that Chapelle is lying when Jack gets in the drivers seat of that chopper. If Jack was driving and he had been ordered to division there is no way they would ever get there.
-That was supersonic fast driving for Chase and Baker to make it from the roof of CTU at 3:36 to the car and over to where Saunders was calling from at 6:40. It was only 5 minutes away but that was 4 and it doesn't count doing anything else like getting to the car, getting guns or going to the can before they go.
-So, if they sent people to New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Vegas, Chicago and Cleveland that is only 6 vials. Unless they are doubling up (which it didn't sound like) there are still 5 vials that are maybe not being used yet?
-I have a few qualms here about Saunders' location. He was in LA when he gave out the vials (Since his little lackey man just said that they all flew out of LA-X and Saunders was giving them out to them a few hours ago), why would he me in LA himself? It's like Marie Warner last year. Why hold a wedding in the city that you are helping set a nuke off in on that day? Why would Saunders stay in LA if he might get the virus. Also, a line to note, when the lackey says that it might get out of the Americas Saunders says "we'll be fine, don't' worry". Who is we? The UK? Or are we supposed to belive that Saunders by some miracle made it out of the US? Maybe he's in Hawaii or something.
-That is some cool explosive stuff that Baker has.
-Chase has been hanging around Jack too much. Now he's yelling "damn it" soon he'll be yelling "son of a BITCH!" just like Jack.
-"Even if I told you, you wouldn't understand." More mystifying words from Saunders that open up all kinds of doors. I'd like to know…
-So, is Chapelle's brother relevant?
-If I was Chapelle I'd really be wanting to call my wife. He is (and always has been) wearing a wedding ring, but maybe that's just to fend off the ladies swarming him all the time :-)
-Surprisingly, I don't really have all that much to say about the death scene. It was wonderful. The sort of joke or pathetic-ness of the fact that Chapelle doesn't really have any friends to call, his attempt to do it himself but the fact that he couldn't do it. Paul Schluze did a great job of showing all kinds of emotion in a character that regularly is as stiff as a board. If good ole' Chapelle was going to get emotional, this is bang on what would be expected. Great job on his part and I do think that he stole the scene from Sutherland. It maybe was aimed at being about Jack's emotions toward the end but I found myself more held into Schluze's performance. And once again, my favourite show has brought me to tears.
-I don't know about the rest of you but for the few days after this was aired I kept walking around saying "I can't believe they killed Chapelle" whenever I thought about this. Now that's entertainment!