Originally Aired 03/30/03

~ 3.16 - Blown Wide Open~

In the basement of the hotel we see the giant fan that is now circulating the virus throughout the hotel. Gael is still standing in front of it and places a call on his cell phone to the security guard Phillips. Gael says that the substance has been released, Phillips answer is 'Oh my God.' Gael says that he needs to shut down the ventilation systems and Phillips directs him to the fuse panel. He asks how bad it is and then when Gael doesn't answer he asks tensely 'Agent Ortega?'. Finally he says they are just taking precautions and then he puts the phone down and looks into the fan.

Michelle is questioning Marcus Alvers. She wants to know how much of the virus was released and he assures her that it was enough to kill everyone in the building. Michelle asks if there is any anywhere else and he says it doesn't matter, they are all going to die. She again asks if there are any others and he responds that his assignment was the hotel. She concludes that there are others and he confirms that there are 11 others but he doesn't know where they are. Michelle's phone rings and as she goes to answer it she tells another agent to keep an eye on Alvers.

Tony is calling and she tells him that the virus has been released. It was on a timer and Gael was exposed as he was trying to get to it. Tony asks if he had direct contact and she says yes. Tony tells her that he has 14 hours until infection and no one is allowed to leave, they will have a total quarantine. Tony says that they need to have a secure perimeter and Michelle worries about widespread panic. Tony advises her to stay out of sight and LAPD is on the way once it's safe. Michelle says that she just talked to Alvers and he said that there are 11 more vials. Tony doesn't get it and asks if she was with him reminding her that he could have been exposed to the virus. He wants to know how he got out of the hotel. Michelle pauses and then admits that Alvers didn't leave the hotel, he is in the basement. Tony, in disbelief, asks her if she is inside. He demands to know 'what the hell are you doing in there?' He wants to know how far from the ventilation room she was and then orders her to get out. She argues that she can't. There are 7 agents including Gael and a hotel full of people. She is the ranking officer. Tony hakes his head and says, 'Michelle, look…' but she cuts him off and says that she's been exposed and there's nothing she can do. Alvers told her that here were 11 more vials and she believes him. She has to go but tells him to call when he has a working protocol. She hangs up and so does he. Tony sits at his desk and runs his hand over his face thinking.

Amador's hand is getting wrapped up where Jack and Chase cut it while interrogating him. After the agent is done Jack asks to be alone with Amador. He turns a chair around and sits on it backwards facing Amador. He says that they both know they don't have a lot of time so he needs to know who Amador is working for. Jack continues that Amador said he knew Jack and he just asks that he give him a name. Amador tells Jack that he can do what he wants to him but he won't give him anything. Jack ruthlessly tells Amador that they found an incubator with the virus in it next door. He threatens to put Amador in there and open it up. Amador says that then he would die but he still won't talk. Jack's phone rings and when he answers it Chapelle is calling. He gives Jack that update that the virus has been released and Jack tells Chapelle that they have Amador. Chapelle wants to know if the man behind this was working with or against Jack and Jack says that he is trying to get the information but Amador won't talk. Chapelle wants Jack to bring Amador back to CTU but Jack doesn't think it's a good idea. Chapelle suggests that they put him in a room with Richards and he'll talk. Jack reminds Chapelle that they put Nina in a room with Richards and they ended up with three dead agents and no information. Jack asks Chapelle to trust him and when Chapelle agrees Jack hangs up. He goes back into the room with Amador and Chase tells him that they got the readings from the incubator. Jack tells Chase about the vials and the hotel while Amador listens. He tells Chase that Amador will not tell them who he is working for but once they catch him they will turn him over as a witness against his boss. Amador calmly observes 'always thinking, aren't you Jack' but Jack tells him to shut up. He directs Amador to the face the wall and Jack puts a handcuff on him. Jack leans in and says quietly 'knees' and Amador drops heavily. Jack uses the other end of the handcuffs and chains Amador to a pipe. Jack whispers to Amador that 'we'll be right back' and leaves. Amador immediately starts to pull on the pipe and looks around to see if anyone is coming back. In the other room Chase tells Jack that they added a chemical to the virus and it's now like an aerosol. Jack thinks that will be fine for the hotel since most of the windows don't open it will not be able to get out.

Nicole Duncan is on the phone to Tony. She is loading up her vans and they are on the way to the hotel. She says that she is bringing a mobile lab but they will only be able to set it up if the situation is stable. Tony tells her that Michelle will have that covered and Nicole asks 'she's inside? Unprotected?' Tony says yes and for her to get back to him. Chapelle comes into Tony's office and Tony catches him up saying that no one is allowed to leave the hotel; LAPD will have a perimeter when it's safe and Health Services is on the way. Chapelle asks what Tony told them for the degree of force parameters and Tony says it's Chapelle's call. He tells Tony that they are to shoot to kill anyone that attempts to leave the hotel. No exceptions.

Gael tells Michelle that everything is secure and Michelle instructs Phillips to shut down the elevator and the phones. They are sending a jamming signal at the hotel so cell phones will be shut down. They don't want to start a panic. The CTU cell phones operate on a different frequency so they won't be effected. Phillips asks if anyone is going to survive this and Michelle assures him that that's what they are there for. She asks him to shut down the fire alarm as well and he says it's hooked into the main grid. He'll do it. After he goes Gael tell Michelle that they have about an hour before people start to wake up. Alvers is still downstairs and as Gael sits Michelle says that she knows he wouldn't have been exposed if it weren't for her. Gael says that she didn't have them do anything that he wouldn't have done on their own. She moves away and he looks upset.
Phillips finds one of his workers, Margolis, about to leave. Phillips tells him that he can't go, he needs him to work. Margolis says that his wife is a week overdue and he needs to get home. Phillips promises him that he will get him out of there as soon as he can.

Amador is still working on getting his handcuffs undone. He unscrews a pipe that he is attached to and slides the cuffs out. He slowly stands up and slips out.

Kim is working on her computer at CTU. She calls Jack and says that Amador is on the move. She tells Jack where he is headed and Chase and Jack run up the stairs to their car.
David is told about hotel by Wayne, there are about 1000 people there. David instructs Wayne to make come calls; they need to be ready to mobilize State Troopers and the National Guard. They are not to give the official order until they hear from David. David leans over his desk into his hands. Wayne leaves and passes Sherry in the doorway. She seems concerned with David and says that he looks tired. She tells David that she is bringing him a problem but also a solution. He asks to hear the problem and she tells him that Julia Milliken has told the police that Sherry was at the house tonight and had something to do with Alan's death. David asks if she did and Sherry answers "Does that really matter?" David is angry and tells her that 'only you could say that.' She tells him that he has always wanted the truth but he has been surrounded by people that protect him from it. He says he didn't ask for that and Sherry tells him that she's actually going to tell him the truth. He coldly thanks her. She says she was with Julia Milliken who was going to give Milliken his meds but Sherry stopped her. "We both watched him die." David is astounded and tells her that 'that's murder.' Sherry tells him that Julia couldn't keep her mouth shut. She told the police that she was with David at the time of the death. She warns David that they will be contacting him to verify that she was there with him. David assumes that she expects him to do this for her. She tells him it would be a serious mistake not to. If he doesn't she will tell everyone that she was acting on his behalf. David is infuriated and says that people will never believe that he told her to kill Milliken. Sherry agrees but they will believe that he told her to take all necessary measures to solve the problem. She observes that it is a nice sound byte for the media, "all necessary measures." She heads to the door as he says that he never said those words. She tells him to think it over and leaves. He shuts the door with a snap and leans on it, thinking.

Amador is driving and as he does he opens a small leather case pulling out a handcuff key. He watches around him closely as he unlocks the cuffs.

Jack is driving with Chase as his passenger. They are talking to Tony on speaker and he is watching Kim's workstation. They are tracking Amador and Jack who are on parallel streets. Jack tells Tony that they put the transmitter on the bandage in his hand. Tony doubts the entire plan but Jack thinks they didn't have a choice. Amador will be going to his boss to get money so he can get out of there. He also doesn't want to get any closer to Amador, the streets are empty and he would be easily seen. Jack asks Tony if Michelle has finished working on Jack's contacts from the last 5 years and Tony says he put Chloe on it. He admits to Jack "Michelle is inside the Chandler Plaza hotel." Jack and Chase exchange glances and Jack says he's sorry. He tells Tony that they think the virus has been altered and they sent it to NHS to find out. Tony thinks that Michelle might have a chance then and Jack admits maybe. He hopes so. Jack asks Tony to call him as soon as he has anything.

Amador calls Saunders and says that he had just been detained and they tried to make him give Saunders up. He asks calmly if Amador did and he says no, he needs a way out of the country. Saunders asks if Jack Bauer was one of the agents and Amador confirms it. Saunders tells Amador to make sure that he is not followed and says that he knows what to do. Call back when he is sure. Amador makes a u-turn in the middle of the street.

Saunders has briefcases with the virus in each lined up on a table. He shuts a case and gives it to a man standing there. The man asks how he will know when and Saunders gives him a phone. He tells him it will ring twice and to make sure it is destroyed after it's done.

Michelle and Gael are gathering readings over their intercoms from different places in the hotel. Generally they are getting numbers between 30 and 35ppm (parts per million of the virus in the air). When they stop they agree that floors 1 to 5 have 30 ppm or greater which is the same as rest of the hotel, even the lobby. Michelle says that's fine, she'll call CTU if he calls NHS. They both start to dial their phones and Michelle puts the phone to her ear and looks up but when it is answered on the other end she is staring at Gael and says that she'll call them back. She says Gael's name and we see that he has a nosebleed. He feels it and turns from her but as she gets up to help he tells her to stay back.
Gael is alone in a room and has a very bloody cloth. Alvers is still handcuffed in the same spot and Michelle goes to him and asks what the hell is going on. There aren't supposed to be symptoms for 14 hours but she has an agent showing them now. He doesn't think it matters but she reminds him that he's the chemist and demands to know what he's done. He doesn't answer and she asks again. She slaps him and demands that he tell her. He agrees to tell her under one condition. She angrily tells him that he is in no position to be making demands but he says he's the only one that knows what he did and that can die with him. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that 'I know what the virus does, I don't wanna die like that. I'll tell you if you swear you'll kill me once the symptoms start.'

David is in his office taking some pills. There is a knock at the door and he tells them to come. Wayne comes in and tells David that they are unclear about what was released and David thinks they shouldn't announce what has happened until they have more facts. Wayne continues that he just heard from LAPD and they consider Sherry a flight risk. They have a warrant out for her arrest and they will arrest her if he doesn't back her story. David makes it clear that he means he needs to lie. Wayne doesn't think there's anything to think about in this situation. David doesn't agree and thinks he could be convicted of prudery and obstruction of justice. Wayne offers to call the Attorney General and make this disappear. David thinks they'll be deeper in. Wayne argues that he will let her bring him down because of Sherry's indiscretion. David can't believe it and asks Wayne to listen to himself but Wayne snaps at David to grow up. David demands to know who he thinks he is talking to. Wayne answers an ex-President if David doesn't do the only think that makes sense. David challenges Wayne, it's his job to make sure that doesn't happen but Wayne growls that he keeps tying his hands. David tells Wayne that he wants to talk to the chief of police. Wayne doesn't want to do that, he thinks they can get through this. Not listening David tells Wayne to get him out of bed. Wayne storms out of the room as David sits down.

We see Chloe working on her computer. Tony comes down from his office and says that they redirected traffic around the hotel. They are at least ½ hour away from having enough agents to have a perimeter. Kim has Michelle on line 3 and when Tony gets on she tells him that the situation is worse than they thought. She says that Gael started haemorrhaging from the nose and mouth after less than an hour. She says that Alvers added an accelerant and Tony wants to know if he's the only one showing symptoms. She says as far as she knows and she has isolated him in the basement. He asks her if he was exposed to any of his blood, she says no but they tested the air throughout the hotel. The virus is everywhere and she's been breathing it. Tony tells her that they are setting up a hard perimeter as soon as possible. Tony starts softly, "Michelle…" but she cuts him off and tells him that they can't do this now. They need to focus on what they are supposed to do and make sure that no one gets out of there.

Margolis, the worker, wants to know what's going on. He asks Phillips why there are people outside with guns and the doors are locked. Phillips explains that they are federal agents and they are here for a problem. Margolis wants to know what kind of problem but Phillips doesn't know anything else. They have the right to keep them there. All they can do is stay calm and hope for the best. Margolis says that's fine and leaves. After he gets away he starts checking doors looking for a way out.

Gael is cleaning himself up and trying to catch his breath. His phone rings and Michelle asks him how he feels. He says he's okay, he's alright, the bleeding stops and starts and he just feels very weak. Michelle says that as soon as the doctors get there she will send them in. Gael thinks it's to monitor the progress and Michelle adds to make sure he's comfortable. He starts to cough again and tells her to get them there soon. He continues that they're gonna have a hard time keeping people in the hotel once they wake up. He starts to cough again, this time he doesn't stop and from behind we see Margolis hiding behind a pillar not far away. Gael continues to cough and Margolis takes off. He gets around the corner and pulls a fire alarm. Gael asks Michelle what is going on and she tells him she'll get back to him. Margolis finds a desk and in the second drawer there are keys. As he pulls them out he sees something else. He moves a clipboard and uncovers a gun. He picks it up.

Michelle is still in the lobby and tells Phillips that she thought he dealt with this already. She asks him if he can shut it off and he says he can, he has to find the override. Michelle tells one man to get on the intercom and tell people to stay in their rooms. She sends another two to the bottom of the stairs to send people back to their rooms and sends the others to the doors reminding them that no one gets out.
Amador is still driving. He is on the phone with Saunders and says that he's doubled back a few times and the streets are empty. Saunders tells him to park a few blocks away and he'll see a silver Ford waiting with the documents. Amador says that he'll need cash as well and Saunders says that will be there too.

Kim tells Jack and Chase that Amador is making u-turn and heading downtown. Jack orders 'follow teams' to be at a at safe distance. Kim picks up her phone and is coordinating it.

Margolis peers around a corner to find that one of the guards is talking to the others on a walkie-talkie.

Michelle is trying valiantly to send people back to their rooms and the fire alarm is still ringing. Phillips says that the fire alarm system has to cycle down. It doesn't take long for Michelle to overhear a man starting to yell. Michelle is saying that it was a false alarm but he insists to know what's going on. A lady nearby says that she saw people outside wearing gas masks so Michelle has no choice but to explain what is going on. She tells them that she is a federal agent and about ½ an hour ago a toxic substance was released outside the hotel. When she is asked why she didn't tell them sooner she says that she didn't want anybody panicking and rushing outside, they are safe as long as they're inside the hotel. They ask why there's no phone and she assures them that everything will be dealt with. They should all go back to their rooms and everything will be fine.
Phillips grabs Michelle and says that someone got a fire door open. He tells her where in the hotel and she heads off as Phillips tries to get people to go upstairs.

Margolis has made it to the door and is trying to find the right key. Michelle tells him to stop right there and turns around with the gun that he found drawn. Michelle, who was going for hers, has no choice but to raise her hands. She says she is a federal agent and tells him to drop the gun. She tells him that it is not safe to leave and reiterates the story about the dangerous substance outside. He tells her that he knows that's not true and he knows about the man in the store room. He knows that something bad is in the hotel. Michelle tells him somewhat calmly that he is right and that's why he can't go outside. He is upset and asks what she is taking about. She explains that everyone in the hotel is about to get extremely sick. He wants to know how sick and Michelle tells him "most of us are going to die." He shakes his head and says that's not possible. Michelle assures him that it's the truth. He says that he just wants to get home to his wife and at the thought of her he becomes more upset. Michelle warns him that if he goes he'll give it to her. If he leaves he will spread the disease and tens of thousands could die. She asks him if he wants to be responsible for that. He faces the door and Michelle gets close behind him and takes the gun with no effort. She tells him quietly that now that he knows they will have to isolate him. As soon as she tells him to sit down Michelle's phone rings and it is Phillips again. He says that there is a problem upstairs. One of the guests started bleeding from the nose and mouth and the blood keeps coming and they cannot stop it.
David is in office and the Chief of Police comes into the area. Wayne knocks and introduces Chief Hendrix to David. They shake hands and David offers him a seat. David tells him that he realizes this is an unusual hour for this and Hendrix says that this is not a usual case. David assumes he has been briefed on the Milliken case and he says he knows what Julia Milliken is saying. She is implicating Sherry. Hendrix asks David, 'Ms. Palmer says she was here with you, Mr. President, my question is, was she?' David looks him straight in the eye and says that yes she was. Hendrix thanks him and gets up. They shake hands again and the chief leaves. Wayne meets him in the hallway and before the Chief leaves he asks Wayne if there is any reason that he could think of that Ms. Milliken would accuse Ms. Palmer. Wayne just says that people do inexplicable things at a moment of crisis. They exchange goodnights and Hedrix leaves.

David and Wayne exchange looks through the glass. David shuts the book he had open, takes a breath and gets up. He goes straight out the door and into another room where Sherry waits. He slams the door behind him and tells her that the police chief was just there and he told him that she was with him tonight. Sherry assures him that no one will know any different but David says he will. He tells her that what she has done is unforgivable. Sherry tells him smoothly that he called her there because he needed her to do his dirty work. David seethes that she not dare insinuate that he asked her to do what she did, she took a life. Sherry says that he needed help and she gave it to him. She asks that the don't forget that it did work out to his advantage. David practically spits at her "I despise you for what you've done and I despise my role in helping you get away with it. Get out of my sight." He leaves the room and she stands there looking slightly surprised.

There is a man in the silver Taurus. Amador walks up slowly as Jack tells CTU that he has him. Chase and Jack are sitting in their SUV watching from a distance. Amador walks quickly and while he checks in every direction finally gets into the car. The man inside hands Amador a briefcase and tells him that inside are his papers and some money. Amador opens up the case and immediately a detonator kicks in, the case is a bomb. The car explodes as Jack and Chase look on. Jack tells Chase to move and they start running to what's left of the car of the burning car. They have their guns out but they are quite alone. Jack swears and tells Chase to get the follow teams to close the area down and he doesn't want anyone down there except a bomb squad.
Jack's phone rings and he answers 'it's Bauer.' The voice on the other end says 'Hello Jack, I knew you were better than Amador but you're not better than me.' Jack realizes who it is and says that Amador said that he knew him, who is this? Saunders tells Jack that first things first. There are 11 other vials with the same amount of the virus that was released in the hotel and he will release them unless he follows instruction. Jack asks hotly what he wants, money? Saunders says that he just needs Jack to put him in touch with a friend of his.

At the hotel more people are starting to bleed. The same guy that was arguing before realizes that it's inside the building. He grabs something heavy off the ground and, knocking people down, he tosses it out the window, breaking it. People start to get very loud and Michelle shoots twice into the air. This quickly achieves silence and she warns the man that if he tries to leave she will shoot him. He looks at her and then says "no you won't" and starts to run. He gets about two steps before she shoots him twice in the back. She lowers her gun and walks over to his body at the broken window.

In the split screen we see Michelle, Tony at his desk, David at his desk, and Gael with his inner arm out, it is starting to blister.

Saunders speaks to Palmer as Jack listens in. "I'll make this brief. As you are no doubt aware I am in possession of enough of the virus to decimate a good portion of the population of this county and as I've shown at the Chandler Plaza hotel and I will do so unless you follow the instruction you'll be receiving over the next few hours. Do you understand Mr. President?" David says coldly that he's listening. Saunders continues, "You are no longer in control of your country and if you do not use the full power of your office to execute my wishes the virus will be released and it will be impossible to stop. You'll be hearing from me"

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I thought it was kind of humours that we got a 'Previously' for Stephen Saunders. The guy has had about one minute of screen time…
-I liked the answer that they are 'just taking precautions' about shutting down he systems. Good job Gael you only managed to sound completely suspicious.
-Tony's inability to fathom that Michelle is inside the hotel is great. He just won't jump to the conclusion until he is told directly and even then it seems like he doesn't believe it. It's good that Michelle has a cooler head about getting out of the building or else, on Tony's orders, we'd have many infected people.
-It was kind of strange, maybe it's line recycling but they used the line 'and I believe him' twice in two scenes. Michelle says it to Tony about Alvers and Jack says it to Chase about Amador.
-I hardly think that Amador is capable of what Nina was capable of in the way of escaping.
-On the other hand, Saunders is probably capable of the same kind of things. Especially the way Amador is afraid of him.
-Wasn't it wonderful how Jack and Chase set up Amador from the beginning?
-Does health services always travel in three identical white vans?
-I'm happy that Nicole Duncan is back. I think she's a strong character although I didn't enjoy her as much this time around, maybe the novelty's worn off.
-Just out of interest, here's a good definition of "PPM" that I found - "A unit of concentration often used when measuring levels of pollutants in air, water, body fluids, etc. One ppm is 1 part in 1,000,000. The common unit mg/liter is equal to ppm. Four drops of ink in a 55-gallon barrel of water would produce an "ink concentration" of 1 ppm."
-Shoot to kill - what a great order. If that doesn't get across the gravity of the situation nothing will.
-I thought Michelle asked Phillips to shut down the fire alarms? What was he doing? Did he forget?!?!
-It was surprising that the worker, Margolis, didn't pose the biggest problem. That was the original inkling.
-Betcha Amador thinks he's absolutely brilliant for escaping, who gets the last laugh? Jack Bauer as always! Actually, it may have been Saunders this time...
-How long has Kim worked at CTU? This is a pretty heavy operation, are we sure she knows what she's doing?
-So, I'm thinkin' Sherry will not be back, ever, in a pro-David form. Blackmailing the president is probably enough to get her sent away forever.
-LOTW - Sherry to David "Does that really matter?"
-David knows his ex-wife so well, the answer 'only you could say that' is just so true and fits Sherry like a glove.
-While poking around at work (I work for the RCMP) I asked one of our guys about the whole Sherry situation and this is what he told me. Basically, Sherry has not committed a crime. It is not a crime not to help someone and since she did not actually, physically harm him then she is all right. The only exception would be if someone that was a legal caregiver didn't give the medicine because that's what they are supposed to do. Also, the only main hitch is that if there is a 'Good Samaritan' Law that says people have to help but there isn't one in Canada and the guy I talked to said he didn't think there was one in the US either.
-That's a handy little case Amador has with all the keys, can I get one of those at my local Wal-Mart?
-And again, Jack has a plan that no one thinks is a good idea. When will they learn to just trust Jack and get over it?
-Tony is so hopeful grabbing onto any thread of hope he can find for his wife.
-I loved how Jack apologized like Michelle is already dead when he heard. I think we're jumping the gun a bit, (no pun intended).
-There are very few things in life that are grosser than nosebleeds. Couldn't they have found something a little less nasty? Even the welts aren't as bad as that.
-I think I like hard-ass-tough Michelle as opposed to submissive-yes-dear Michelle. It's nice to see her kick some butt.
-We know that Alvers was worried about getting the virus from the start but it says a lot for him to make a deal to be killed before it gets bad. That's rough. That's really rough.
-Michelle will at least probably get some satisfaction out of killing the man that did this to her and everyone else. It reminded me of the movie Phone Booth, the Caller (Kiefer Sutherland, incidentally) asks Stu (Colin Farrell) if he would kill him if he had the chance. The answer is perfect and I thought applies here, "with a big smile on my face".
-What are those pills that David is taking? He seems to be doing that quite often lately and I think we need to be watching what he's doing. The last thing we need is a comatose President because he took to many pills.
-The argument between David and Wayne was wonderful. The brother/advisor thing really showed through. What a pair of greats. Both of them are pretty scary when they're mad…
-I think I'm happy that the only Chloe that we saw this week was her sitting at her computer.
-Michelle doesn't want to do the mushy goodbye thing with Tony but the way the symptoms are going I'm thinking she should be doing it sooner than later…
-Could Health Services take longer to get there?? They caught up with Jack earlier in the season in a matter of minutes. I know it's 'cause they're not sleeping (at 4am) because people in 24-land don't require sleep.
-How did Margolis see the people outside with guns if they were supposed to stay hidden? Are they not hiding well enough or did they just take back that order.
-It sounded like Gael hit the floor when he was coughing and Margolis was behind the pillar. We couldn't see him and I thought that he was done…but then we saw him again so I'm not sure what that sound was supposed to be.
-Who just leaves a gun lying around in a basement drawer unlocked?
-'Follow teams'? That is just about the most un-cool name ever. In a world of CTU, GPS and all kinds of cool sounding names and lingo the best they can come up with for the guys surveillancing Amador is 'follow teams'?
-What happened to the people sent to stop people coming down the stairs? SO fired.
-That's an interesting take on the story. Substance released outside…
-Michelle's gonna need to be a bit faster on the draw than that. Isn't' that the first thing these guys always do is draw their guns?
-Margolis knew that there was something wrong in the hotel but when Michelle admits it he seems like he has no idea what she's talking about. Um, I'm pretty sure you already knew so why is it such a mystery?
-Another movie connection, Margolis says of the virus in the hotel "that's not possible". Anyone seen Pirates of the Caribbean? As Jack Sparrow says, "not probable". As a funny coincidence, the sailor who says of Jack Sparrow, "That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen" followed by the grudging "so it would seem" is the same man that plays Michael Amador. His name is Greg Ellis and he has a really cool official site. Click here to go to it.
-Talk about realism setting in, Michelle admitting, "Most of us are going to die." Had to really hit home.
-We must have a Jimi Hendrix fan in the writing community. The police chiefs name is Hendrix and also that was Mason's password last year when he gives it to Tony over the phone. Oh, Mason. I miss him.
-That is so un-David like to lie. I can't decide which I would have preferred. I think he did the best thing but he also didn't do the right thing. Sometimes doing the right thing, indeed, isn't doing the right thing.
-Who else thought that David was going after the police chief when he rushed out of the office?
-Line of the week: David to Sherry "I despise you for what you've done and I despise my role in helping you get away with it. Get out of my sight."
-How the heck did Saunders know that Jack had followed Amador with that much certainty? He wouldn't' have called him if there was any doubt so who told him?
-Talk about a gambling man, Michelle tells the man in the hotel that she'll shoot him and he answers "no you won't" - would you bet your life on that?
-Well, I'd have to say that this is heating up. I wonder what Saunders really wants out of this and what he is going to have David doing on his behalf? Will David stand by the policy that he does not negotiate with terrorists? When there were millions of lives on the line he said no but I'm wondering if the story is different now?
-The final large question, if the virus is airborne and the window was broken does that mean that it's out? How many people would that effect? This whole thing could be blown wide open if the virus is going to infect everyone.


Amador walking through the plaza.
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