Originally Aired 02/24/03

~ 3.15 - Location~

The agents at CTU are starting to get up and move from their stations. Tony tells Michelle that Nina Myers is dead, Jack shot her. Tony tells her that Chapelle is on his way to talk to Jack. Michelle asks if it was justified and Tony tells her that Jack wouldn't risk the entire operation just to get vengeance. Michelle is skeptical and asks if he is sure about that. Tony doesn't answer.

Chapelle comes into the scene of the shooting and Jack is handing his gun over to another agent. Chapelle instructs them to secure the area and have the surveillance tapes pulled. Jack is now talking to Kim but Chapelle wants to talk to him. Jack tries to ask for a minute but Chapelle insists now. Jack tells him he will be right back and Chapelle starts right away asking 'what the hell happened?' Jack says that she tried to escape and pulled her gun, he pulled his in self defense. Chapelle asks "just like that?" and Jack answers "just like that." Chapelle reminds Jack that she was a material witness in an ongoing investigation and Jack moves closer to Chapelle and tells him that "I know exactly what she was, Ryan." Chapelle says that Division is going to want to certify this and Jack tells him to do it. Chapelle wants Jack to come with him and review the tape. Chapelle leaves Jack standing there and he takes a second. Chase comes over and meets Kim and Jack comes over and says that he will be right back, he has to go with Chapelle. Chase says he will stay with Kim. Kim tells Chase that Nina tried to kill her. Chase tries to comfort her and says that it's over, her father stopped her. Kim admits that she doesn't know what happened. Chase enquires and Kim explains that Jack told her to go and after she did she heard shots. Chase looks concerned and assures her that she is safe and that is all that matters. Nina's body lay half covered still where it fell and Kim tells him that 'ever sense she killed my mother I've been wantin Nina dead and now that she is it is not gonna bring her back. I didn't think I would feel this way.' Chase asks how she does feel but Kim is not sure. Chase urges Kim to come with him and they walk.

Marcus Alvers has the virus in vials and it is now powdered. He is using a black light to check it. Amador is working on a notebook computer and he is checking the security footage for the club that they are in. He sees a man coming down the stairs and tells Alvers that 'he's here.' Amador goes out into the night club part and pauses as a large bouncer opens the door and lets in another man. As they walk back to the room Amador says that she was getting worried, they have a job to do. The other man assures Amador that they have plenty of time. Amador tells him that he is curious as to why he chose such a small target if the objective was to kill mass amounts of people. The man, speaking with an accent, admits that that is not the objective yet. He is asked why then and answers to send a message. He checks the powder.

Tony and Michelle walking into a brief. Tony tells those that are already there that Jack Bauer has shot and killed Nina Myers. Chloe is surprised and says that division ordered that they use non lethal force with her. She is told that it is too late, she's dead but she is not their only lead. Their search for Amador is still active, but Adam thinks they have exhausted all their leads. Tony tells him that's not exactly true. The Russians just sent them some intel that supports the assumption that Amador and Alvers are in LA. Tony puts plans on the monitor for a biological warfare device that was stolen three weeks ago. They think that they may be arming them with vials full of the virus.

The man with Amador and Alvers gives instructions to them on how to work the device that has been stolen from the Russians. He demonstrated with an empty vial how it explodes. Alvers asks what the dispersal radius is and he is told it could be 100 meters depending on wind and weather. Alvers admits that it's better than he thought and the man says that he made some modifications. Amador goes back to his computer and he is asked about Mexico. Amador looks at him, surprise written all over his face. He asks Amador if he thought that he wouldn't find out. Amador tells him that he didn't think he needed to know as long as he got what he wanted out of the deal. The man is angry and asks if he thought that he was stupid enough to believe Jack Bauer was working against CTU. Amador tries to defend himself but the man tells him not to tell him about Jack Bauer. What he did in Mexico was stupid and greedy and "it may have cost me my advantage." Amador says that he is still expecting to be paid and he is then given the authorization code. After he punches it in the number of ten million dollars comes up on the screen. Amador says that it is only half and he is told that the other half will be released after they get the hotel done. Amador doesn't like this, the deal was that they would get it all now but the man says that the deal changed when he went down to Mexico. Amador says fine.

Chloe is looking at Amador's accounts and as Adam walks by she tries to stop him. He tells her he is busy so it better be important. Chloe tells him that she found a thread. A bank account that is in one of Amador's aliases was activated by local server few minutes ago. Adam calls Kim over and Chase is quickly there as well. Chase wants to know how long it will take to get a location and Adam tells him 5 minutes, 10 tops.

Jack getting ready to go back out into the field. Him and Chapelle are in his office and Chapelle is watching the tape of Jack killing Nina. We see on the monitor Jack shooting her but his back is to the camera and her arm and gun is covered by Jack's body. Chapelle is upset and he tells Jack that she was down when he got there. Jack assures Ryan that she was going for her gun and Chapelle accuses Jack of standing in front of the camera to be sure that they couldn't tell. Jack tells him again that she was going for her gun and Chapelle says that 'I wish I could believe you but I don't.' He reminds Jack that there is something called due process, there are judges and juries and laws. Jack is angry and tells Chapelle 'don't you dare tell me about the law, Nina Myers killed my wife and they let her go. She was going to kill my daughter if I hadn't got there.' Chapelle now has to defend the shooting death of a key witness to Division. Chase comes into Jack's office and says, "excuse me sir." Chapelle snaps that they are in the middle of something but Chase says that he assumes finding Amador is more important than anything else. Chapelle asks what he has and Chase explains the account. Jack tells him to get the field teams ready. Chapelle asks about Division, he can't just let Jack stay on duty. Chase snaps at Chapelle that 'I've been working with Jack all day and he's still operating at a higher level than anyone in the field, including me.' Chapelle tells Chase that he didn't ask for his opinion and Chase says, "I'm giving it to you anyway." Chapelle rages, "excuse me?" and Chase says that if this lead turns out to be real they need Jack on site. Chapelle tells them that Division will crucify him if he lets Jack back out there. Jack asks Chase to give them a minute and after he leaves Jack turns to Chapelle and says quietly, "it's your call, Ryan. I understand the position you're in but I give you my word I can do my job." Chapelle doesn't answer and finally Jack accepts that as a yes, thanks him and leaves the office.
Wayne is on the phone with Julia. She tells him that she's scared. They are going to question her next and she doesn't know what to say. Her lawyer is not there yet so Wayne assures her that she's innocent. She tells him that she is not, she let Sherry convince her not to give Alan his medication. She thinks they could have saved his life. Wayne tells her that she doesn't know that. Julia asks if Sherry has said anything to the president and Wayne lets her know that she told him it was an accident. As he talks Wayne walks around a corner and David is standing there. He is surprised to see him and changes his voice. He says the name 'Bill' into the phone and says that the president just came in. Julia says she is scared and Wayne tells her to remember what he said. He hangs up and David asks what Bill had to say. Wayne says that he found out Alan was dead and he wants them to know that he has his support on the Health Care Bill. David says that's good and Wayne starts to leave. David asks him if he talked to Julia yet and Wayne says no. David suggests that he call and get her side of the story. Wayne advises David that they should stay away from her. David asks if he doesn't believe Sherry that it wasn't an accident and Wayne just says that he doesn't like the circumstances.

Jack is getting ready to leave CTU, Chase and him are outside at the car. Kim comes out and tells Jack that they have someone inside the club already, his name is Jim Wong. Also, she gives him an update on the team on a PDA. Chase is watching as Jack asks Kim if she is okay and she says yeah. She asks if Chapelle questioned him and she asks what he said. Jack says that 'I told him that I wasn't sorry she was dead and I wasn't sorry I shot her. She posed an immediate threat to you and to me and to thousands of innocent people.' Kim asks Jack, "You had to do it, didn't you?" Jack is looking at the ground and doesn't answer right away. He finally says "yeah." They hug quickly and Jack says that they have to go. Kim heads back into CTU and Jack and Chase drive away.

Wayne enters a darkened room and crosses it. He turns the lights on and Sherry is sleeping on the couch. She asks what is going on but Wayne wants her to tell him. Sherry says it is late but Wayne ploughs on saying that he knows about Alan Milliken. Sherry admits that it's awful and Wayne says that she told David except not the part about her preventing Julia from giving Alan his medicine. Wayne accuses her saying that she stood there and watched a man die. Sherry thinks that he would have done the same thing if he had been there and Wayne snaps that he wouldn't have been there in the first place. Sherry shoots that she was cleaning up his mess, complex problems sometimes have the simplest solutions. Wayne tells her that David is going to have to handle this and he can't cover this up. Sherry insists that he can and he will. Wayne thinks that she has it all figured out and when she asks he tells Sherry that he told Julia not to talk to anyone until her lawyer got there. Sherry says that as long as she keeps her mouth shut they will be fine.

Julia is taking a drink and a man knocks on the door of the study. He introduces himself as Detective Norris and says that he is sorry for her loss as they shake hands. He sits across from her and says that he would like to ask her a few questions unless that's a problem. She says no, it's just that her lawyer wanted her to wait for him. Norris asks if he said why and Julia just shrugs and says, 'you know lawyers.' The detective says unfortunately he does. The questions are pretty straightforward. He continues that the officer said that she told him she was asleep in bed when the maid woke her up. Julia says yes, her and Alan have had separate bedrooms since the stroke. Norris says that the maid reports a car leaving not long before and that was what woke her up. She got to the window in time to see a light colored Mercedes leaving. Julia says that half of the people that they know drive Mercedes' and they know a lot of people. Norris then asks about the security cameras and if she knows that they are shut down. Julia says that she is not in charge of that, Beatrice arms them. Norris says that she doesn't know anything about it. Julia insists that she doesn't either. He asks her if she is sure and she says yes. He tells her that she doesn't sound very sure. Julia asks what exactly he is implying? She tells him her husband was a very sick man and he died because he was sick. Norris says that is probably true but it looks like he had some help.

Kim is working and is on the phone with Chase who is still in the car with Jack. Tony says they will have the definite location of Amador in a few minutes but they have a general idea. Kim tells him that they need to change their course slightly and Chase gives Jack directions. Kim says she will call with the final address. After they hang up Jack tells Chase that he appreciates what he said to Chapelle. Chase answers that he wouldn't have said it if he didn't mean it. He tells Jack that finding the virus is all that matters right now and everything else can wait. Jack asks if he got to tell Kim about his daughter and Chase says they talked about it. Jack wants to know how she took it. Chase says that he would like to keep it between them if he doesn't mind. Jack says of course he minds, she's his daughter. Chase reminds Jack that Kim is a grown woman. He wants to just stay focused on what they are going to do.

Alvers arrives at the hotel. He is dropped off across the street by a cab. He enters wheeling a large black suitcase behind him and goes through the lobby. As he does he calls Amador and says that he is there. Amador wants to know how long, he just wants to get the job done so they can get the money. Alvers says that it will be done right and "I don't want to be in one of the body bags that they carry out of here."
Sherry's phone rings and the voice on the other end asks if this is Sherry Palmer. She says yes and asks who this is. It is the detective, Michael Norris from the LAPD. She asks how he got the number and Norris says it came from Julia Milliken. He asks if she knows her and Sherry admits to it. Norris asks if she was with Julia tonight and Sherry says no, she has been 'here' all night. Norris asks where 'here' is and Sherry tells him she is at division headquarters with her ex-husband President Palmer. Sherry asks what this is about and Norris says that Ms. Milliken's husband died about an hour ago and she is claiming that her and Sherry were there and witnessed his death by withholding his medication. Sherry accuses her of lying and says that they haven't seen each other in 3 years. Norris clarifies that she said she's been with the president and asks if he will back that. She says she is sure that he will. Norris thanks her and says he will be in touch.
David is in his office with his eyes closed. He appears to be resting. Wayne comes in and gives him a thick folder saying that they are the scenarios from Health Services. David says that there's nothing like a little light reading. Wayne tells him that they are sending a liaison to answer any questions he might have. David says he's sure he'll have some. David asks if there is anything else and Wayne says no. He turns to leave and David calls him. He says that he is his brother, 'I think I'd know when there's something on your mind.' Wayne says that the just wants to make sure that David is okay. He says he will let him know when this is all over. Wayne says the reason that he joined his administration was because he thought he could be an asset, not a thorn in his side. David assures him that he is an asset. Wayne tells him that there are lot of other people that David could have hired and David says that there were none that he could trust as much as him. Wayne's phone is ringing and when he answers it he has Tony on the other end. He informs Wayne as to what is happening and Wayne relays it to David.

Jack pulls up in an SUV and jumps out, Chase at his heels. Jack is given a Kevlar vest before he gets to the other agents already waiting. He introduces Chase to all of them quickly and they show Jack that they are tracking agent Wong. He is talking to them and he is about half way through the building. There are rooms with small games going on, cards and things. They have seen about 15 people already but no targets yet. They tell Wong that there are 3 rooms down the hall and they may be offices. Wong is checking now. He looks and sees a man with two girls and Wong relays that there is an armed man outside the room. A gun cock is heard behind Wong and a man grabs his ear bug and tells him not to move. He leads him into the room where Amador is. Outside they have lost the signal and Jack and Chase take off running into the club. Wong is with Amador and the man that found him puts his gun down but Amador raises his and shoots him. Amador tells them all to get out of there. Jack has entered the club with the others and as they break into the room with Amador, Jack runs directly into him pushing him across the room and into the wall and punches him. Jack wants to know where the virus is and when he doesn't answer he calls Chase and tells him to take him into the other room they have work to do and they don't want to be disturbed by the SWAT guys. Chase takes Amador out of the room.
Jack is waiting while Chase brings Amador in after he pats him down. Amador sits and says, 'you betrayed me, Jack' Jack tells him, 'that's right Amador and you betrayed me too, I'm just better at it.' Amador warns Jack that he has no idea what he is up against, he says that, "he knows who you are Jack." Jack asks what he is talking about, who knows him? "Don't presume to tell me about Jack Bauer, that's what he said." Amador continues that if Jack goes up against 'him' then "you're a dead man." Jack looks slightly confused bit asks where the virus is. Amador says that he doesn't know, he passed it off and he's not going to tell Jack anything. Jack senses that he is scared and asks what Amador is afraid of. Amador doesn't answer but just looks at the floor. Jack says that they can protect him. Amador asks, 'can you Jack?' Jack answers yes. Amador asks, "And my family?" Again Jack says yes. Amador says coldly to Jack, "you couldn't even protect your own." Jack is relatively unfazed but moves towards Amador. He knocks something off of the table on to the floor and gets close to Amador saying, 'I am going to ask you one more time, where is the virus.' Amador tells Jack to go to hell and Jack grabs Amador around the neck from behind and begins to choke him. He calls Chase and puts Amador's hand on the table. Chase comes quickly and gets out his pocket knife. He uses it to cut Amador's hand across the base of is fingers while asking him where the virus is. Amador stops struggling and has lost consciousness. Jack dumps him on the floor and instructs Chase 'when he comes to, do it again.' Jack's phone is ringing and it is Adam who gets Tony who puts Jack on speakerphone so Chapelle can hear too. Jack tells them that Amador has passed the virus on but he won't tell them who has it. Jack observes that he is terrified but doesn't scare easily. Jack tells CTU that whoever has done this knows Jack very well and he tells them to check his contacts over the last few years on both sides of the law. Tony thinks that that is not much to go on even if it is true. One of the agents calls Jack and he tells Tony to wait while he goes over. He is told that they found an incubator but there is no contamination. They are sending it and some hairs they found to the labs. As he relays this he gets called again, this time to Amador's computer. Most of it is encrypted but there is a file that had been accessed; it is the complete design for the Chandler Plaza Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. Jack again relays this to CTU and as Chapelle talks to Michelle in the background Tony asks about an evacuation. They are unsure if he has already released the virus. Jack tells Tony to make sure that no one enters or exits that building. Tony will get teams to the hotel as soon as possible and they want to be sure that it happens under the radar, they don't want to start anything.

They hang up and immediately Adam has Craig Phillips head of security at the hotel on the line. Tony gets him somewhat up to date and tells him not to let anybody in or out of the hotel. The nature of the threat is the possible release of an infectious substance Phillips wants to know if it has already happened but Tony doesn't know. Tony gives him the name of Marcus Alvers and they are sending a photo over. He asks them to do a search, they are assuming that he is inside already. Tony says he is bringing a team and he will call when they arrive. Michelle comes out of the back with her jacket on and a team around her. Tony asks "what the hell is this?" Michelle tells him as the rest of the team continues to walk that Ryan assigned her to the team that goes to the hotel. Tony tries to say no but Ryan tells him that Michelle has more simulation time than anyone else on staff and she has worked these situations before with the DC outbreak. Gael will be second on the team. He tells Tony that he needs to stay there, as head of CTU he needs to be there to pass on any intelligence that comes in. Michelle tells Tony that they are waiting and he calls her back saying that he doesn't care what Ryan says he can get someone from division to take her place. Michelle tells Tony that Ryan is right she should be the one to go. Almost angrily Tony tells her to let him know the second they get their people set.
Michelle and Gael are in an SUV. Michelle is on the phone with Tony. He tells her that Health Services will be there in a while. Michelle presses him for a time and he says about 20 minutes. Michelle argues that they don't have that kind of time but Tony insists that she wait to go in until they get there. They don't want anyone going in without suits. He instructs her "Michelle, you wait, that's an order." She says fine and asks if there is anything else. Tony says no so Michelle hangs up. Gael wants to know what's wrong. Michelle tells him that it's 'just stuff between Tony and me.' Gael says he is sorry and she admits that things haven't been right since he got back from the hospital. Gael tells her the last couple of months Tony and him have been working closely planning this operation. Gael says that 'it's been eating away at him that he hasn't been able to talk to you about it.' Michelle admits that "I just want this day to end."

Phillips is locking the doors to the hotel and he sees a repairman walking with at toolbox. He follows him but is stopped by another security guy. Phillips says that he just saw a guy from maintenance that he hadn't seen before. The other guy says that turnover is pretty high, Phillips wants him to check it anyway. The phone rings and it is Michelle. She is outside with CTU looking at then through the glass in the foyer. Her and Phillips talk and he tells them that no one has seen Alvers and she tells him to start checking the rooms. Seeing all the agents outside Phillips says it won't take nearly as long if she can lend him some man power. She says that they will come in and help as soon as the Haz-Mat suits arrive. Phillips pauses and says that his people don't have any Haz-Mat suits. She says they will bring some when they come in. Gael comes out of the truck and shows Michelle a tablet PC with a picture of Alvers taken off of the security camera from about a half an hour ago. They figure that he may have already released the virus but Michelle says that if he hasn't they can help, they might be able to stop him. Michelle starts to prepare to go in. She turns to the rest of the team and tells them that she can't make them go in because it's against protocol but Alvers is in there and they might be able to stop him. She goes and with varying degrees of hesitation most of the team follows her.

In the hotel the security guy that Phillips sent to find Alvers didn't find him but he sent someone else. Michelle arrives at the door to the hotel and knocks on the glass. Phillips goes to the door and lets her in. She wants to know where they can set up and he points her to a couple of places. He asks her about the suits and she says they will let them know when they get there. Phillips tells her that he thinks he may have seen Alvers and offers to show him. She grabs his arm to stop him and asks him to tells her and she'll go.

Alvers is heading downstairs and he stops in front of a large fan. He opens up his toolbox and pulls out the top rack revealing the vial and timer underneath. He arms the first two buttons and then waits ten seconds and arms the third as instructed. Michelle is coming down and as she looks she sees a pool of blood under a door. She cocks her gun and goes in the room to see a dead security guy on the floor. She hears something start up outside the room and she goes back out. She moves around the corners checking the isles with her gun out. She sees Alvers behind a fence walking and yells for him to stop. He slowly puts his toolbox down telling her that he is just a maintenance man. Once the box is on the floor Alvers takes off running but Michelle heads him off and kicks him to the ground. She has him on his knees and tells him to put his hands on his head. He doesn't comply so she kicks him and he then does it. She puts one handcuff on and then tells him to wrap his other arm around the pipes nearby and then she steps back and tells him to cuff himself. Once he has she moves to him and asks where the virus is. He doesn't answer and she grabs him by the chin and shoves her gun to his head. She tells him, 'if this virus gets out you die just like everyone else.' She cocks the gun and finally he tells her that it's in the central ventilation unit. Michelle radios Gael and tells him what she has learned.

In the split screen we see the device with the virus, Michelle, Jack, Amador, and David talking to Wayne.

Gael is looking around and he finds the device on the other side of the big fan that Alvers put it in. He tells Michelle through his radio that he found it and it's in a vial. She wants him to clear out but he doesn't think that they have the time since it is inside a device. He pulls down the mesh guarding the fan takes a deep breath and reaches slowly under the fan trying to reach the vial. He gets close until it starts turns on and before he can do anything it explodes. Gael gets a face full of the virus.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-And again we are in wonder of Jack and the possibility of him risking a lot of lives to avenge the death of his wife. You would think after season two Michelle would have a little more faith in Jack.
-Chapelle needs to show Jack a little bit of compassion for Jack, and if he's not going to do that he should at least think of Kim. At least let Jack have a minute to console his daughter that nearly got shot.
-I don't think 'just like that' quite covers it there, Jack. It was a little more complicated than a simple self defense move.
-LOTW Contender - Jack to Chapelle "I know exactly what she was." [Regarding Nina] Mostly because of what was probably behind that comment. She wasn't just a material witness, she was a lot of other things too, especially to Jack.
-I was surprised that there was no reaction from Jack when Chase pretty much dismissed him from Kim saying that 'I'm here, you can go.'
-It was interesting to see Kim's reaction to Nina's death. Even more interesting was Chases position. She seems like she is unsure about what Jack did but Chase is right there reassuring her that it is okay and subtly defending Jack (or not so subtlety later).
-I think I missed the step where they turned the virus into powder from the green liquid. I'm pretty sure it could be done with the incubator but we didn't see any of it so it seemed like it was kind of either left to our imaginations or we weren't supposed to notice the change.
-So, who is this mystery man? I have taken to calling him simply 'the man'. Also, what is this message that he is trying to send? Is it a 'look what I can do' kind of thing or what?
-Chloe's one glaring line this weeks still stuck like a thorn in my side, 'division said we weren't supposed to use lethal force [against Nina]'. Well, you don't say…
-So how did the man find out about Amador's venture to Mexico? Does he have connections on the inside too?
-This man obviously knows Jack because he knew that he would never turn against CTU. At the same time, anyone that knows Jacks reputation would probably know that.
-How much money does Amador really need? 240 million in Mexico plus another 10 now AND another 10 after. Even after he splits it with Alvers that's 130 million each. If I were him I would just take my 250 million before the hotel is done and split. There must be something keeping him around, maybe fear of this new guy?
-I wonder if Jack did stand in front of the camera on purpose? That'd be pretty smart and I think that he did. That way he could say that she was about to get her gun and no one would be the wiser.
-LOTW contender - Chase to Chapelle: "I'm giving it to you anyway." - That's pretty gutsy of Chase to talk to his superior like that. Also it speaks volumes about what he thinks of Jack.
-It was pretty nice of Chase to address Chapelle as 'sir'. Too bad he turned and snapped at him, but he started out good.
-Does Wayne really think David won't find out about his lying phone call? Has Wayne actually talked to 'Bill?' If he hasn't hopefully he will actually still be supporting the Health Care Bill and does know about Milliken's death because if he doesn't and David talks to him there will be a problem. To put it mildly.
-David should know when his brother is lying to him.
-LOTW - Jack to Kim: "I told him I wasn't sorry she was dead and I wasn't sorry I shot her." - Wasn't sorry slash doing a little dance inside. Whatever.
-That is a serious loaded question from Kim. "you had to do it, didn't you?" Well, if he says no then Kim thinks he's a cold blooded murderer, if he says yes I'm pretty sure that he's lying.
-I really think Wayne should stop bothering Sherry. Just because he's not allowed to sleep doesn't mean that she shouldn't be.
-Sherry is going to have a some serious cramps and crimps if she sleeps on that little couch for a few hours. Maybe it's better that Wayne woke her up.
-Sherry has a lot of faith in what David will be able to cover up.
-When I see Detective Norris all I see is Candyman. Has anyone else seen those movies? Coincidentally, Xander Berkeley (A.K.A. George Mason) was in the second one.
-Isn't that detective obliged to wait for her lawyer? She requested one so I'm thinking that anything he gets from what she said can be tossed out on a technicality.
-For someone who just stood up for Jack big time, Chase is pretty cold to him in the car.
-The 'Kim's a grown woman' speech from Chase…haven't we heard that before, you know, like episode one of this season?
-That is a seriously nice hotel. I might just have to stay there next time I'm in LA for fun. Oh wait…it doesn't actually exist.
-Well, it looks like Alvers IS going to be in one of the body bags unless they can find a cure.
-Well, it looks like Julia just can't keep her mouth shut, although it seems most of us could figure that out right from the start.
-Sherry better get down to David's office and tell him what he's supposed to say before that detective gets on the phone to Palmer.
-I think that seeing David relaxing in his chair was the closest thing to sleep we've seen him do yet.
-That is one of the best things about this show. In the face of all the catastrophe and disaster there can still be jokes. David's 'there's nothing like a little light reading' is a perfect example. Just enough to make you smile in light of everything.
-Wayne isn't a thorn in David's side yet but wail until he hears that he's lied.
-LOTW Contender - Jack to Amador: "you betrayed me too, I'm just better at it than you."
-Another gutsy move was for Amador to accuse Jack of not being able to protect his family. If there's one thing that can get to Jack it's that.
-So, whoever this guy is must have had time to fill Amador in on Jack's history.
-Again I ask, who is this guy that is working with Amador and Alvers? He almost sounds like a bad Jack. This could get interesting.
-The whole scene with Jack and Chases interrogation of Amador, then the phone call and all that information just felt really rushed, you know? Jack running around with the phone and passing information in one giant call. It just felt weird and unlike the usual stuff.
-Another Phillips? Great. Can we get some new names around here?
-Tony was pretty ready to go out to the hotel, you could see his bubble burst when Michelle told him that she was going.
-Is Michelle in The Matrix? She looks like she could jump right over and be the next Matrix's Trinity in that shiny leather outfit.
-Sorry, did Chapelle say Gael? Who is that? I thought he'd gone home for the day or something since we haven't seen him in about 4 hours but low and behold he drops down out of the sky into an SUV. Maybe he was in the Matrix too.
-So, is Tony mad that he doesn't get to lead the team, that Chapelle overrode him or is he worried about Michelle? I'm hoping it's that he's worried about Michelle but I'm thinking that this is not his problem.
-Ah, Tony, when your wife asks you if there is anything else right before she is going in for a potentially life threatening mission this would be a good time to tell her to be careful and that you love her. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
-Michelle again this year gets to admit that she wants this day to be over. That's 2 in a row for her!
-It's good to know that Tony was feeling something about keeping this thing from Michelle and it was nice of the newly re-found Gael to let her know.
-It's pretty absurd that Michelle has to stand outside the glass and talk to Phillips. "I can see you but I can't hear you!" Talk about cell phone overuse! :-)
-I really liked Phillips and his, 'my people don't have any Haz-Mat suits.' Nice and timid and scared. Very real…
-So, did that that one guy left at the truck after Michelle went in actually go in or just stand there? IN the end he's really looking like the smart one if he didn't go in.
-How the heck did Alvers get that device on the other side of the fan? Did he stop the fan and Michelle heard it starting up or does he have some magical thing that reaches underneath?
-Michelle can kick some serious butt. Impressive.
-It was good to see someone else doing some dirty work for a change. Michelle is really tough and does a great job in the scenes with Alvers.
-Wouldn't turning off the ventilation system be one of the first things that the team would do? If it got outside the hotel through the systems that would be, well, bad. Oh well, hindsight it always 20/20.
-Overall, this episode lacked, well, Jack. His absence could be felt throughout the last half. At the same time it's good that he wasn't at the hotel because that would have been him in there.
-I just wanna take a second and says that I am really enjoying the performance of James Badge-Dale [Chase]. I was a skeptic at first as to whether this partner thing could work but it seems to be chugging along just fine. Sometimes it's a little strained but overall I think it works well. That seems to have a lot to do with Badge-Dale's performance. Every episode he gets better and this one was one of his best yet. He looks rough and beaten from his venture to Mexico and his character is really showing through. I can't wait to see what's next for him and Jack.
-So, the big question is what happens now? The virus is out so is our next direction going to be a cure? Or are we going to go after this mystery man that knows Jack. We have nine hours left and we will have to wait until March 30th to get the answers.

As an interesting aside I learned this week that the man who plays Michael Amador also was in a movie with Kiefer Sutherland called To End All Wars. Ellis has a great web-page with all kinds of neat pictures. A particularly interesting one of him and Kiefer Sutherland on the set of 24 can be found here (a pose you won't see in 24!). Also, a really funny one of Kiefer Sutherland planting a wet one on him on the set of To End All Wars can be found here. I am warning though to those who are more fanatical that the 24 one contains photos from episodes that are not aired yet. I wouldn't consider them major spoilers but they are not things we have seen before.