The plane that is carrying Jack, Chase and Nina lands in LA. There is an escort waiting for them. Jack exits the plane first closely followed by Nina. A man from Division approaches Jack and introduces himself as Mike. Jack tells him right away that he doesn't want Nina out of his sight. Mike is prepared for this it seems and says they have transportation waiting he can ride with her. A cell phone rings on one of the agents and it is given to Chase it is Chloe from CTU. Chase tells Jack that he'll take another car and he can go ahead, Chloe is uptight and quickly tells Chase that everyone at CTU knows about Angela. She tells him that the babysitter flaked out with a family emergency and she had to have Angela dropped off at CTU. Chase doesn't seem to like that she is at CTU but Chloe tells him that she went through a lot for this already. With Chase's sister out of town there was no one else to watch her. Chase thanks Chloe and she tells him Angela is downstairs until he gets back. He pauses and then asks gravely if Kim found out. Chloe pauses and Chase asks again; finally Chloe confirms it for him. He asks how she reacted and Chloe answers "Oh gosh, Chase I think she's kinda pissed." Chase tells her he is on the way back.

Chapelle briefs the rest of the CTU team about Amador having the virus still and that he is believed to be coming back to LA with it. He has enough of it with him to take out a major metropolitan area. Adam was researching the information about him but has only come up with that he is likely going to meet with Alvers. Chapelle wants to know why that is all they have and asks about the Interpol data. Adam admits that the data tracking is behind and Tony says its because it was not kept up while he was down. Chapelle asks Michelle why not and she explains that she didn't think Europe was a priority but Tony snaps that obviously it was. Chapelle asks that they ease up on the mistakes of the rest of the night and dismisses the meeting. As Michelle packs up Tony comes by and tries to talk to her but she just walks away.

Wayne gets off the phone with CTU. He tells David that the virus may be in LA and David thinks they should be prepared. Security has been alerted. Wayne wants David to rest but before he can say anything his intercom squawks and he is told that Sherry Palmer is there. David says to see her in and then tells Wayne that he wants a conference call with all the appropriate people to deal with the virus. Sherry arrives and says hello to Wayne but he doesn't respond and just walks out past her. After he is gone David says that he asked her here to help him, not to make things worse. He did not want her go to Milliken's. She says that she didn't go there, instead she called Julia and asked her to tell her what Alan's recent calls were, but she wouldn't do it. David gets up and goes over to Sherry saying that she doesn't take no for an answer and he wants to know what she has been up to since they last talked. Sherry repeats that she made some calls from her cell phone from the side of the road. David says she could have done it from there but Sherry says that she didn't want to wait, she didn't want to give Milliken a chance to cover his tracks. David says fine and walks away from Sherry. He tells her that he has other things to attend to and she asks if there is anything else. David says that it so she leaves. David sits and thinks looking like he knows something is not right.

SUV's and an armored vehicle arrive at CTU. The back opens and Jack and Nina are inside with another agent. Chapelle is waiting as they help Nina out and he instructs that she be taken to Interrogation 819. Jack asks about her and Chapelle says they are handling it. Jack tells Chapelle that they know what Nina is capable of, they need to be careful. Chapelle is sending Jack to get checked out. Jack assures him that he's fine but Chapelle doesn't think so. Jack catches on and asks what this is about. Chapelle says that they think that he has been injecting heroin. He challenges Jack and says "tell me I'm wrong, tell me." When Jack doesn't respond Chapelle says, "that's what I thought." Jack again says that he's fine but Chapelle insists that he get checked out. Jack tells him that he's wasting time.

Inside CTU Adam tells Kim that her dad is back and Chase is a few minutes behind. Kim gets up and starts to walk in the general direction of the door and quickly it opens. Nina is led into CTU in shackles with two guards. Kim stands there watching as Nina sees her and they meet eyes. Kim says nothing as she is led by and just as Nina passes, Jack comes in the building. He goes right to Kim and hugs her. She is shaken and while being held by Jack, Kim observes that 'she's here.' Jack tells her quietly that, "I know, sweetheart." He continues to comfort Kim as he watches Nina over Kim's shoulder. She looks over her shoulder and sees them together.
Jack and Kim are still together at CTU and he says that he has to debrief but he will see her in a minute. He turns and takes a few steps but Kim blurts out "dad, I know about your drug problem." Jack stops in his tracks and turns to face her. She asks why he didn't come to her with this. He reaches out and asks her to come to him. She does and they embrace again. He tells her that he is sorry. Jack admits that he was embarrassed and that it wasn't her problem. He didn't want her to worry. Kim asks somewhat sharply if it is over and Jack answers "no, not exactly." He tells her that he thinks he's gonna have to go into a program to get some help. He kisses Kim's forehead and says, 'I'm so sorry.' He tells Kim that Chapelle wants him to go to the clinic and get checked out. He leaves Kim and walks by Chloe who tells him that she is glad he is back. Things were difficult without her. Adam is also watching Jack.
Chase enters CTU and meets some agents quickly. Kim sees him come in and Chase sees her but she walks away.
Julia is sitting up in bed and a servant comes up into the kitchen where Alan lay dead. She calls his name but there is no response. She calls for Mrs. Milliken who quickly gets up and goes out to the kitchen.

Jack is having blood drawn in the clinic and Chase comes in. Jack asks would-be casually how his hand is and Chase answers that it's fine. Chase asks Jack how Chapelle found out but Jack doesn't know but it doesn't matter. Chase informs Jack that Almeida is going to interrogate Nina and Chase is going to follow up. Jack wants to know anything as soon as Chase does. The medic has taken the needle out of Jack's arm and tells him to keep pressure on it. Chase hesitates and then tells Jack that he is about to find out something about him and it's not going to make him happy. Jack asks what he is talking about. Chase asks the medic to excuse them and he leaves. After he does Chase tells Jack, "I've got a daughter." Jack gets up still holding the bandage and Chase explains that it was sprung on him a month ago when her mother split. He says it is a long story so Jack asks if Kim knows. Chase confirms she does and Jack asks "from you?" Chase says that he hasn't had a chance to talk to her about it yet and Jack tells him to 'square this with her, Chase, you understand?' Jack tells Chase to get back to him and Chase says he will.

Nina is waiting in a room looking bored. Michelle comes into the other side of the room on the darkened side of a two-way mirror. Dalton, the new tech, tells her that everything is a go. Dalton asks if Tony is doing this and Michelle confirms it. He asks if that will be okay with her because him and Nina went out. Michelle grumbles a short yeah and Tony enters. He asks if they are set and is told yes. Tony asks for high-res on her eyes since she's tired she may give something away. Before he goes he asks Michelle if they are alright and she says yes.

Tony enters the room with Nina. She muses that she didn't expect to see him today. Tony says that she knows what they have on Amador and Nina says that she already told Jack everything that she knows. Tony says that now he wants her to tell him. Nina calmly says "first Jack, now you, what does that remind me of?" Tony mentions Alvers and as he does he leans on a chair. His wedding ring is clearly visible and Nina observes that it's a nice ring. She asks, "Who's the lucky girl?" Tony doesn't answer and Nina continues "I hope you did a background check, you don't wanna make the same mistake twice." Tony tells her equally as calm that she is going back to prison and that she may be executed as a traitor. He tells her she is stalling and that means that she knows something. Nina tells him that he is very incisive and she hopes that his wife appreciates that about him. Tony doesn't address this but asks her to tell him about Alvers. She says that she doesn't know him personally. Tony tells her what they have: medical records and an alias. The records show that he had an MRI on his knee, some prescription antibiotics and he was treated for HIV. In the other room they can see that Nina's pulse is spiking. Dalton observes that "someone hasn't been using protection with Marcus Alvers" and Tony is told this through an ear bug. He quickly tells Nina that he has been alerted to his, that something about the medical records excites her and "something tells me it's not the knee."

Amador enters a bar after he speaks to the doorman in a foreign language. He goes directly to Alvers and they wander down a hallway away from the people. Alvers says that he doesn't understand why he had to risk all of that in Mexico; he should have just come there directly. Amador thinks that 240 million dollars made it worth his while. Alvers asks about Nina and Amador tells him that if the bomb didn't kill her he is sure her buyers took care of her. Alvers says that he hopes so; she can point to both of them. Amador says that they'll be long gone before anyone starts looking.
Chase tries to talk to Kim but she attempts to walk away. He says that he knows they haven't talked since he got back and he knows what she must be thinking. He wants to explain. Kim doesn't know what she is thinking but she is glad Chase is okay but… he has a baby. They have been together for over three months and he didn't tell her. Chase tells her that he didn't know he had a baby. About a month ago he got a call from a girl that he dated a year ago. She tells him that she has a baby and he's the father. She was in trouble and left Angela with him. He was afraid to let people find out. Kim asks why he told Chloe and Chase says that her and his sister are helping to take care of her. She is a good friend. A woman approaches and tells Chase that Angela is awake. Chase turns back to Kim and tells her 'all I know is that I love you and I'm falling in love with Angela too.' He leaves her standing there and just outside the room someone hands Angela to him. He can be seen holding and talking to her.

Jack is asking Chapelle about Nina. Jack is worried that she may be able to manipulate their interrogators because she knows their protocol. Chapelle assures Jack that Tony knows what he is doing. Jack wants to get back to work now that the physical is finished but Chapelle is hesitant. Jack tells him that they both know that is blood work is probably going to test positive for opiates. He humored Chapelle with the physical and now he is done. Chapelle tells Jack that someone from the Inspector Generals office is there and wants to talk with him. Jack says that this is not the time but Chapelle tells him it is, they have to see if he can go back to work or not. Chapelle gives a tug on Jack's arm and says, 'come on.' Jack doesn't move but then gives in. They enter one of the rooms and the woman waiting introduces herself as Rae Plachecki. There is recording equipment set up and she tells Jack that she is on his side here and this is to prove that his addiction was necessary to keep his cover. Jack, still standing by the door says quickly, "It was necessary." He turns to Chapelle and asks, "Are we done now?" Chapelle tells him to sit down and he grudgingly does. She starts the equipment and announces the time and that her, Jack and Chapelle are present. She begins by asking him to tell her about his cover with Ramon Salazar.

Tony asks Nina when she met Amador. Did she know him when she was working at CTU? Nina looks at him and doesn't answer. Tony asks her to tell him something. He asks her what kind of deal she expects to get? She has betrayed everybody she knows including him. She murdered Jack's wife, helped terrorists explode a nuclear bomb and now she's helping to unleash a deadly virus into the general population. Tony admits that 'I don't understand this. What do you want and what is it that you get out of being a mass murderer?' She again doesn't do anything but watch Tony. After a moment she informs him "your neck is bleeding." He touches the gauze that covers his wound and then picks up the file off the table, gets up and leaves the room. He re-enters the room with Michelle and Dalton. He asks Tony what he wants to do he thinks that they can take her down to another room, room 7 and they can hook up more devices to get more readings. Tony says no, it is not secure enough. He asks about Darren Richards, and asks that he be sent in. Richards comes down the stairs with his briefcases. Tony goes back into the room with Nina and Richards comes in. As he starts to set up Tony leans on the window and casually introduces him to Nina saying that he joined them after she left. She says hello to him but he doesn't answer and instead proceeds to get out some large needles. Tony tells Nina not to take it personally, he doesn't talk much. As he prepares Nina remains composed but looks down.
Rae is still interrogating Jack. She recites back to him that he did not start working with the Salazar's until February but he began sticking needles in his arm in December. She says that that is six weeks of shooting up for no one's benefit. Jack tells her that he was trying to pass as a junkie and he had to be prepared. The Salazar's are constantly around these types of people and if he couldn't handle the drugs they would have known that he was a cop and they would have killed him. She says that in January there was still no meeting on the books with the Salazar's; it could have been a year before he started with them. Jack asks what she is saying and she just says that she is trying to get incontrovertible proof that he did this for his job. Jack is angry now and yells, "What do you want me to say? I did drugs to get in with these people and I got in with them." She tells him that she will put that down but she doesn't know if that will fly. The big ting is that he never told anyone, not even his partner. Jack has calmed down and says that she knows his history. 'I have had a very difficult time since my wife passed away and it would have been misinterpreted.' Chapelle walks over to the table and pushes stop on the tape recorder. He suggests that they put down that Jack didn't start using until after the first meeting. Rae says she is okay with that but Jack says no. He appreciates what Ryan is trying to do but that is not what happened. Chapelle says that he is just trying to save them all a little bit of paperwork but Jack insists that he has nothing to hide. He tells them that this job demands results and he provides them. He asks if he can get back to work but is told not quite yet.

Alvers is on his phone and when he hangs up he tells Amador that they will be there in an hour. Amador is fine with that just as long as the have enough time to get out of the country before they let it out.

David comes into a meeting and tells the men to be seated. He tells them that 5 hours ago he went public with a statement about a potential threat that had passed. Well now it looks like that statement was premature. He asks them 'do we or do we not have a threat.' Brad Hammond (a character we've seen before) says that they can't be sure. David tells them that they have to be prepared for this. A man on a monitor thinks that they should get this threat out in the open but David wants to talk about the downside of it first. He tells them to start looking at the options of letting the threat out in the open versus keeping it contained. He asks that the guidelines from Health Services for what to do about the virus be issued internally for now. David tells them he will be in his office.

Wayne comes in and meets David and asks Aaron for a second. After he goes Wayne says that Secret Service has just received a phone call from the West Los Angeles police department. Alan Milliken was found dead 15 minutes ago in his home. All signs point to a heart attack. David says that it's not possible but Wayne says apparently it is. He asks David what Sherry told him happened with her. Wayne asks where she is now and David tells him that she is resting. David leaves the room and asks Aaron to take him to Sherry. As they walk David asks when Aaron's shift ends and Aaron says it has already but he stayed on, he sensed this would be a difficult day for him and he wanted to be there for him. David tells him he appreciates that. David enters the room where Sherry is laying down under her jacket. She asks him what is wrong and he tells her that Milliken is dead. She asks for details but he suggests that she tell him everything. She asks what he means since she told him that she didn't go there. David reiterates that she told him that she made calls form her car and he offers to check her phone records and her car. Sherry takes this well and tells him that he asked her to take care this. If he is going to have records checked he should check his own first since he called her and she is there because of him. David asks seriously what happened. Sherry looks away and says went to the house. Seeing David's look of anger she says it was just to speak to Julia. Alan interrupted them and there was an argument and he had a heart attack. David seems angry but does not yell, he tells her there is going to be an investigation and she will need the truth. Sherry warns David that the truth isn't going to save them. The only thing he needs to remember is that she was there in his orders. That will be the only thing that will play out in the New York Times for the next 6 months. David asks what she did to Milliken and Sherry answers that she did nothing, absolutely nothing.

Adam comes over to Kim's station and tells her he has brought up the feed she asked for. The screen comes up and it is the Nina interrogation room. Adam thinks that she doesn't know anything and that they are going to have to find Alvers by themselves. Kim wants to know what she can do to help. Adam brings up the places the cities that he has been in for just a few days at a time. He asks her to cross-reference it with their databases.

Jack is telling Rae that he doesn't know why has to go through this explanation again when Chase comes in for an update. He tells him there is nothing new. They suspect she knows something but she is not cooperating. Chase tells them that Richards is working on her right now. Jack voices his concern that he doesn't think that anyone should be with her that hasn't worked with her and knows what she's capable of. Chapelle assures Jack things are alright, all Richards does in inflict pain.

Michelle and Dalton continue to watch as Nina takes another needle in the neck. Tony asks, "How much more this do you want to endure, Nina." Nina half mumbles that, "I think this is about it." Richards is just about to go in with another needle when she jerks back and it plunges into the wrong place. She is bleeding badly and Tony gets over to her and tries to cover it. He says that she hit an artery and Michelle calls medical from the other room.
David tells Wayne what Sherry said and he asks he David believes her. David says that, 'I'd be a fool to believe what Sherry ways to save herself but I can't imagine she could do that.' Wayne says they have to assume the worst. David says that they will also have to assume that Julia was somehow involved in all of this. Wayne is quick to defend her and says that 'Julia is not the same kind of person Sherry is.' David cautions they wait until all the information comes in. Wayne tells David that he has to go over the morning brief with Jerry and excuses himself and David, looking weathered, watches him go. When he gets outside Wayne immediately calls Julia. She is outside the house and the ambulance and police are there. She tells him she was just about to talk with an officer. Wayne wants her to tell him what happened. She tells the story more or less as it happened, that Sherry was there and Alan started to gasp, he gets angina. She tried to get him his medicine but Sherry stopped her and then she couldn't move, they just watched him die. Julia says she killed him. Wayne tells her to be quiet and call Milliken's lawyer. He advises her not to say anything until the lawyer gets there. She wants him to come and be with her but he says he cant right now he has to keep his distance but he promises to help her.

The stretcher bearing Nina is wheeled into the medical facility at CTU and Tony is still with her covered in blood. He watches them work and hook up an IV to put her under. She ever so slightly moves her left hand and cuts off the supply. No one notices and she closes her eyes. Once Tony figures she is out he turns to leave. He instructs the other agents not to leave unless they hear from him directly. Meanwhile, the doctors have wheeled over the tray of implements.

Rae says she is finished and Jack is asked if he has anything to add. He does not and just as he finishes Tony comes in. He has Nina's blood all over his face and clothes and Chapelle exclaims, "My God, Tony." He tells them that Nina has tried to commit suicide with the needle. Jack immediately demands to know who is with her. Tony tells him not to worry he saw her go under but Jack again asks who is with her. Before Tony can answer the alarms are sounding and Jack takes off at a run out of the room. In the atrium, Kim gets up and people start to move around. Jack has his gun drawn and enters the clinic. There are bodies strewn and Jack asks one lady that has been stabbed but is conscious which way she went. She points and Jack goes. Chapelle calls for a lockdown. Kim seems to be panicking and walks aside into a hallway. As she does she looks down a stairwell and sees a security guard on the ground bleeding. She goes to him and checks his pulse. She then takes his gun out of the holster.

In the split screen we see Sherry, Wayne, Jack with his gun tacking Nina and Milliken's body being brought out.

Kim finds an open door ajar and she hears noises inside. Nina seems to be flicking switches. Kim says, "Nina, drop your gun and put your hands on your head, now." She turns and looks at Kim. She asks her what the hell she is doing. She tells Kim, "You don't want any part of this." Kim tells Nina to shut up but she tells Kim to turn around and walk away. She says that "If you leave now you won't get hurt." Nina slowly raises her gun. Kim warns her not to do it, "I swear to God I will shoot you." As Nina has her gun level a shot rings out. Jack has appeared in the doorway and shot Nina. Jack tells Kim to back up. He instructs her to go back into CTU and tell them that they have Nina. Kim tries to tell Jack something and says, "Dad we need…" but Jack cuts her of and urges her, "just go please baby, just go." Jack goes to Nina who is lying on the floor. She is slowly trying to get to her gun while also trying to catch her breath. Jack says coldly that "Do don't have any more useful information, do you Nina." She tells him that she does. As he stands over her she continues to try and get to her gun and he sees it. He tells her, "No, you don't." Jack watches her and shoots her three more times. He continues to hold the gun up and exhales.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

--Wow, overall, that was pretty satisfying.
-At least this time Jack didn't have to argue to stay with Nina.
-That was quick of Chloe to get to Chase that fast.
-There were so many great quotes from this episode!
-LOTW contender: Chloe to Chase: "Oh gosh, Chase I think she's kinda pissed."
-Tony was not very nice to Michelle there. I think that it was okay to agree but not okay to scold her openly. Chapelle is enough of a critic for all of them.
-So, does Tony have multiple personalities? He is always mad then apologetic; he snaps at someone and then is all mushy. It just doesn't make sense.
-As David said to Lynn in Season two - "I am the president of the United States, did you really think I wouldn't find out?" Sherry should have been a little more honest with David the first time and then maybe she could have got some sleep. At least she should have been smart enough to know that David could have traced her cell phone calls. At the very least she should have told David that Julia decided to help and gave her the numbers. Then she could explain the call to her friend that does the cross referencing of Alan's numbers.
-I guess that answers the question I posed last time: David did not give his approval for Sherry to go to Milliken's.
-Aww, look how gentlemanly they are helping Nina out of the car like that…or maybe that's because she's in shackles and can't walk properly.
-Jack has big time 'I told you so' rights with Chapelle and everybody else that wasn't all over Nina like they should have been. I guarantee you that if Jack had been allowed to be watching Nina none of that would have happened the way it did.
-Finally the confrontation about Jack's drug problem. I was wondering if it had gone the way of Gael, you know, gone but not forgotten…
-Another Daddy-daughter moment with Kim and Jack, this one more powerful than most others. I loved Kim's reaction to Nina's arrival. She just doesn't seem to know what to do. Nina was calm and collected as always, her entry could have been carbon copied from the one last season when she arrived and stared down Jack the way she stared Kim down now.
-That was pretty bold of Kim to bring the drug thing up to Jack like that.
-I'm happy to see that Jack admits that he needs help to kick the addiction but I'm wondering if he would have said the same thing had Chapelle not found out.
-Kim was also pretty hard on Jack; she had some anger in her when she asked if the addiction was over. Come on, Kim, cut the guy some slack.
-Trust Chloe to take an emotionally charged scene like the Jack/Kim drug addiction/reunion and beat it to death with one sentence.
-Jack has almost as much of an audience in CTU this time as he did when he came back in Episode 1 of Season 2.
-I don't know why but after all this I found it quite disturbing seeing Jack having blood drawn. I think it was because of what he was trying to do to himself at that location on his body before, or maybe I'm just nuts.
-This is the episode of brush-off's. Wayne and Sherry, Tony and Michelle, Chase and Kim…
-I thought it was sweet for Chase to square the kid thing with Jack first.
-I didn't really think about the whole Michelle/Tony/Nina triangle until it was brought up. I didn't think it would be a big deal…until I heard what Nina had to say to Tony.
-So, was Tony asking if him and Michelle are okay because of what happened earlier or because of the Nina interrogation?
-That's below the belt: "first Jack, now you, what does that remind me of?"
-And another point for Nina: "I hope you did a background check, you don't wanna make the same mistake twice."
-Tony gets another shot below the belt with: "something tells me it's not the knee."
-So, round one with Nina and Tony, Nina comes out on top - 2 points to one.
-Amador looks so out of place in that seedy bar it's ridiculous.
-So, I guess that explains how Nina knew about Alvers. If they had been an item or something like that then she would have been able to track Amador better.
-240 million dollars is a really good reason to do a lot of things….
-Okay, I'm not much for babies but Chase was really cute with Angela. Now we just need Jack to meet her…
-Well, that also explains why Chase defended Chloe to Jack in episode one.
-I was really looking forward to Rae, the interrogator of Jack, to give a date along with that time for the recording. Shot down again.
-I loved Jack's little standoff with Chapelle and his insistence that he get back to work. That's the Jack we all know and love.
-That was a great little summary of Nina's exploits by Tony. At least he's been paying attention.
-I think I'd really like to know Nina's motives. Hearing her wrap sheet from Tony made me wonder whether she has always been like this or something really horrible happened somewhere along the way to make her change.
-At least she's somewhat compassionate still, she told Tony about his neck.
-AND what was the significance of this? Is this a sign that Tony is on his way back out from some sort of complication?
-Those are some big needles that Richards has…
-How many 'Richards' are there? Wasn't the one that was shot in Season 2 at Warner enterprises named Richards as well?
-Why was David taking pills? Is he on the way down as well?
-Not that I don't believe Jack or anything but do we really think that he did this just for his cover? Ramon tells Jack that they would have accepted him either way but if Jack hadn't met Salazar before he started doing the drugs then he wouldn't have known that. He may have just done it to be safe. But then, why wouldn't he quit after he realized that he would be okay not doing them? OR, is there a deep inner meaning here that Jack wanted to escape from his everyday life and the death of his wife and he used the drugs to do that? We may never know.
-Oh, angry Jack, haven't seen that in a while.
-Holy crap! Was that Chapelle offering to break a rule? Not only break a rule but doing it to help Jack Bauer? Have we stepped into an alternate universe here or something? What has changed about Chapelle since Season 1 that would make him want to help Jack?
-That is such Jack's character to not want to lie about it. That's one of the things I love most about this show, great character continuity.
-Coupling the Chapelle 'lie' with the Chapelle 'hug' makes me wonder what he is up to.
After the break in the split screen we see David taking some pills.
-is that a tape recorder? A digital camera and a tape recorder…yeah, sure, whatever.
-Great, now we wait for another meeting with Alvers and Amador. I'm so excited. (can you detect my sarcasm?)
-At least that little conversation assured us that they are letting the virus out soon.
-I'm glad we got to see Brad Hammond again. He was in Season 2 and showed up at CTU after Tony and Michelle took Chapelle out.
-I'm also glad that David is allowing the option of telling the public about the virus. If he didn't it would be somewhat repetitive.
-I didn't see Prescott, the Vice President at the meeting…
-If secret service received the phone call about Milliken then why did Wayne want Aaron, the head Secret Service Agent, out of the room? I'm sure he already knew.
-Well, at least somebody got some rest. Sherry had a little cat-nap. How appropriate.
-That's nice of Aaron Pierce to stay on and help David out. But, as always, I am suspicious of his motives.
-It seemed a bit strange for Sherry to mention the New York Times. Everything in the 24 life is centered around LA and it struck me strange that that is the paper she would mention. IS there life outside LA in 24-dom?
-Sherry's answer to David's question about what she did to Milliken was SO funny…nothing indeed. You know, didn't help him, didn't kill him…nothing.
-LOTW contender: "I'd be a fool to believe what Sherry ways to save herself" - David to Wayne.
-I thought it was rather interesting how fast Wayne was to defend and then counsel Julia on all of this. I wonder if his allegiance to David will waive.
-I was surprised that Wayne was so quick to take the 'holier-than-thou' position about Julia. It almost felt like, 'well, my girlfriend can't be nearly as malicious as yours.' It felt very much like Wayne was insulting David's choice of companion more than just insulting Sherry.
-It's a little early for the morning briefing, isn't it Wayne? Or does he always get up at 2:45 am and talk about it?
-David looks stressed and I think this may be significant.
-That was a smooth move of Nina to cut off the IV but that would seriously hurt if they started to do any work and she was still conscious.
-As soon as I saw that tray I knew what was going to happen. It was just so ominous sitting there next to her.
-This has been widely speculated but I can't let it go. If Nina knew Alvers and was upset about him being HIV positive then we can venture a guess that she thinks she may have contracted it. We all know that she would not get that worked up over him since she is pretty cold blooded. Tony has an open (covered) wound and has her blood all over him. It just fits, you know?
-I loved Chapelle's little freak out when he saw Tony. Beautiful. I may hate his character but he has some great moments as an actor.
-What was Kim thinking? Just wondering around like that? She is giving Nina the open opportunity to kill her.
-I thought it was kinda creepy that Nina told Kim to go and she wouldn't get hurt. This is the woman that promised Teri a very similar thing.
-We all know that Kim is capable of using a gun and probably had to go through some training to get into CTU. She should have just shot her. But, at the same time, she is not her father. I don't think she would kill unless it was a really good reason
-I'm thinking that the end of Kim's sentence: "Dad we need…" is something along the lines of 'her alive for information.' Hopefully Kim won't be angry at him
-What was Nina thinking? I think that she really didn't want to kill Kim and maybe would have let her go. Could you imagine Jack if Kim was killed by the same person that killed his wife? If she shot Kim and then they caught her Jack would kill her the instant that he saw her. He can control his emotions but that would be too much. Also, if they didn't catch her he would hunt her down and kill her. It's as simple as that. She would have killed his entire family. Wife and (technically) two kids. She'd be dead meat.
-It's kind of poetic that Nina died in a crappy back room at CTU much like the person that she killed to start this entire thing off.
-Line of the week (year) - Jack to Nina: "No, you don't" - The bad news is, that may or may not be true.
-So, I guess we'll never find out what Jack whispered to Nina in that field in season 2. Too bad, I'm sure it was juicy.
-That was some really sweet revenge for Jack. Hopefully now he can really put Teri's death behind him and move on.
-Also, hopefully he'll still have a job. We all know how many security cameras are in CTU.


Originally Aired 02/17/03

~ 3.14 - Revenge~