Jack is alone in the bushes looking for Nina. He has his gun drawn. Chase is elsewhere doing the same thing. He sees a light and radios to Jack asking if the light is him. Jack answers no so Chase says he will check it out. Jack warns him to be careful. Chase goes around a corner and he finds the light. There is a dead soldier with the flashlight sitting on top of him. Nina appears and tells Chase to 'stop right there.' She tells Chase to drop his gun and he does. She instructs him to put his hands on his head. Nina asks if he is on a two-way with Jack, which Chase confirms. She tells him to tell Jack that he is code six. Chase tells her that he going to reach into his bag and pull out the two-way. Nina tells him slowly. Chase radios Jack who answers 'yeah'. Chase says that he is code six so Jack asks about the light. Chase pauses and says that it was nothing. Nina tells him to turn it off, not to put it on standby and toss it over. He throws it on the ground and she asks who else is coving the grid. Chase says no one, just Jack. Nina asks about the Delta team but Chase says they have gone north. She asks about Amador and Chase tells her that he escaped with the virus, he ripped everybody off. Nina tells him to move down the hill and he asks where they are going. Nina tells him to just walk but they just get a step in before Jack comes out of the bushes and knocks Nina down with a punch. He asks Chase if he is okay and then to go to the Delta teams and when Chase asks, Jack says that he is going to interrogate her. Nina tries to say no he's not and Jack tells her to shut up. He asks Chase to trust him and says that he will meet him there. Jack holds the gun over Nina, who is still on the ground. She says that Amador still has the virus and she can help them get it. When he goes back to LA he will meet someone and unload the virus. Jack, hand trembling slightly, keeps the gun on her and she says 'I don't want to die, let me help you find him.' Jack pushes the gun out farther but doesn't pull the trigger. He gets his phone out and calls Tony. Tony answers and Jack pauses and then tells him that he has Nina Myers - alive. She says that Amador is headed to LA and Tony asks if Jack believes her. Jack says that he thinks she knows something and she wants to cut a deal. Tony says he will get a Delta plane ready. Jack hangs up the phone and tells Nina to get up slowly.

Chloe wants to offload some files to Adam and Tony asks Michelle if she has everything. Michelle says yes so Tony tells Chloe that she needs to go talk to Chapelle. Chloe wants to know what for but Tony says that she knows what for. Tony calls Kim and asks about the logs, Kim asks him about her about dad and Chase. Tony explains that they are coming back to LA with Nina. Kim thanks him and he answers 'you got it.' She hangs up and looks at Angela.

Chapelle is on the phone and he hangs up when Chloe enters. She says 'here I am.' Chapelle tells her to sit down and Chloe starts right away saying that if he wants to talk about the baby he is wasting his time, she is not going to talk about it. As she sits he reiterates the story of her lying and she says she does want to correct something that she did say, "I don't have a boyfriend." Chapelle is exasperated and says, "Chloe, you're unbelievable." He asks again who the baby belongs to. Again she says she can't tell him so he says that she brought an unauthorized person into CTU and that's a federal offence. Chloe says that it was just a baby but Chapelle says that she's still in violation. He threatens to take the baby down to the lab and run the DNA and tells her that he can do this. Chloe says quickly that she's not telling him but it's not because she's some horrible, evil person, but just don't start sticking needles in her. Chapelle wants Chloe under guard so they can run tests on the baby.

Wayne tells David about everything that has been going on with Amador. He says that he never intended to give up the virus and that they lost six members of a Delta team in the process. David concludes that they lost a Delta team. Wayne tells David that Amador is headed back to LA but it doesn't really make sense, Amador doesn't have a history of terrorist connections. He has primarily been an arms dealer. Before Palmer can speculate, Aaron comes in and tells Palmer that he has a call from Sherry. David says that he'll take it in the other room. He goes to the phone and Sherry quickly apologizes for not calling back. She explains her situation with Kelly and that he disappeared. David asks if he ran but Sherry thinks that someone got to him. David asks if she saw anything and she says no. Sherry admits that she was pretty scared so he tells her to come back to division saying that it is not safe out there. She says that she will come back but there is something else that she has to do first. She admits to David that she has to go and see Julia Milliken. David warns her not to go near Alan, he doesn't want her going there at all. She explains what she thinks about Alan possibly having to cover up the disappearance of Kelly, if he was rushed he may have made mistakes and if he did she needs to capitalize on that before he has a chance to fix them. She just wants to talk to Julia and says that she will stay away from Alan. Sherry reminds David that he asked her to help him and she asks him to let her do that.

Chase is helping out loading a plane when Jack and Nina arrive. Jack explains that she is willing to help them find Amador. A soldier named Mike comes up and introduces himself to Jack. He says that the Navy was nice enough to re-route a C130. Jack says that they are taking the prisoner back to LA. Chase asks Jack if he is sure he wants to leave but Jack is sure. He says that they need to find out who wants the virus and where they are. As they start up the plane Jack and Chase get on.

Amador is on his own plane and makes a call. A man named Markus answers and Amador tells him he will be there in an hour. He confirms that he has the virus and tells Markus to be ready. Amador hangs up the phone and rests his hand on the case containing the virus.
Julia's cell rings and Sherry is on the other end. She tells Julia that she is almost there and asks where Alan is. Julia says that he is in the bedroom but he is not asleep, he was just talking on the phone but she doesn't know who to. Sherry wants to enter undetected and asks how. Julia tells her to come in through the gate, the code is 4132. She can park and come in the service entrance. Sherry asks that Julia disable the security cameras but Julia doesn't know if she can. She is told to find a way. Julia looks in the mirror and checks herself and then heads out into the bedroom. Alan is lying in bed. She observes that he is up late and he says that he had a call from Singapore from Ken who still can't figure out the time change. Julia says she isn't coming to bed yet, she just put on some tea. She takes off Alan's glasses for him and kisses him on the cheek. As she crosses the room he tells her that he knows she felt demeaned earlier but that is behind them now. Julia knows it is.
Nina is sitting cuffed at the hands and at the feet over her boots. As she sits there Jack comes over and says that he let her live so tell him what she knows. Nina says that Alvers is a dealer on the west coast. When Nina was researching the deal every time Amador went to the west coast he washed all his deals through Alvers. Nina claims to not know his first name or how to contact him but they are connected. Jack is satisfied and turns to Chase who is on the phone. Jack asks if he is on with CTU and Chase says yes. He hands the phone over and Jack gives Tony the name Alvers. He tells him to cross-reference it with everything. Jack tells him he got it from Nina and Tony says he will get back to him.
After he hangs up, Jack goes to Chase who is cutting off the bandages on his hand. He holds out the phone but Chase tells him coldly to keep it. Jack looks over his shoulder at Nina and then asks how the hand is. Chase snaps for him not to worry about it, it's fine. Jack says, 'look Chase you and I have been through a lot today so why don't we try and move past it and do our jobs'. Chase is angry and accuses Jack of not trusting him. He didn't tell him about his deal with Hector. Jack says that it couldn't go past Gael, Tony and himself. That is the only way he knew he could contain it. Chase asks if Jack thought that he wouldn't come after him and Ramon? "I didn't know whether to save you or kill you." Jack is becoming angry and says that he expected him to follow his orders. He pauses for a second and then quietly says, "but I probably would have done the same thing." Chase reminds him that, "you put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger." Jack says that he made a judgment call that Ramon Salazar would not give him a loaded weapon and that he was testing him. Chase wants to know what if it was loaded, then what? Jack explains that he had to finish mission. He tells Chase that if you do this job long enough you have to make choices and you don't know you made the right one until the scenario plays out. He reminds Chase that if they don't stop this virus the would as they know it will change forever and that fact is the only thing he has to keep in the front of his mind and he knows that. Chase seems to accept this answer and suggests that they keep pressing Nina, she must know more. Jack says he will wait to see if the Alvers lead is real first. Chase watches as Jack walks away.

A new tech at CTU says that he did a check for Alvers. He tells them that Amador met him at Cambridge and they were suspected of manufacturing weapons grade anthrax. There have been 14 sightings of them together in Europe and East Africa. They will need more manpower from division, which Tony okays.
Jack receives the call from Tony saying that it will take a while to find Alvers. Jack says he will see what he can do from his end. He hangs up the phone and tells Chase that 'we're on.' They go over to Nina and Jack tells her that her lead for Alvers was real. Nina says of course it was but there's no way CTU will find him before he meets Amador. She says that she knows more than what she said he did. His full name is Marcus Fredrick Alvers. She has a number that he can be found at through an Internet socket. Jack asks Chase for the SAT phone and Nina tells him the number - 1775531. She says he will hear a fast busy signal but don't hang up. Jack says he hears it and Nina tells him to press and hold 9 for 3 seconds. Jack does and she asks if he hears a tone. Jack confirms and she tells him to enter 95731*6. He does this and the phone rings. She says when the ringing stops he will get a series of numbers and that will be IP address. He says it has stopped but there are no numbers. Nina tells him to wait.
At CTU Adam's system is starting to crash. Everywhere he looks terminals are going down. His phone rings and it is the tech room, they are spiking all over the place. Adam says he will get back to them. Michelle comes down and says her system is locked. Adam call a tech but they don't know what's going on either.
Nina is watching Jack who is starting to dial the phone again. She tells him that there is no need to dial again, once was enough. He asks what she is talking about and she calmly tells him that he just triggered a worm that will bring down agency connectivity. Jack walks over to her, holds her against the wall by her throat and demands to know what she has done.
Tony comes downstairs and tells all of CTU that a worm has infected their system everyone is to shut down their sockets now.
Jack is on the phone explaining to Tony that Nina embedded the worm in a part of the drive that she knew they would never upgrade. She knew their system better than anyone. He tells Tony to get Chloe onto it but Tony says she has been asked to step aside. Jack asks why but Tony says it's a long story. Jack doesn't think this is a good time for this, hackers around the world are have been waiting for this and their agents will be targets by morning. He hangs up with Tony and goes back over to Nina. She wants to go back to Mexico and then she will give him the kill code. Jack says that's not gonna happen. She tells him in 30 minutes terrorists will have access to their files. Jack says that is assuming their people cant stop it. Nina tells him "I invite you to try."
Tony is outside the room with Chloe in it talking to Chapelle. Chapelle dismisses the agent standing guard and tells Chloe that there is a work eating it's way through their network; he asks if she can stop it. She says she can if it hasn't destroyed too much of the data. She heads downstairs and tells Adam to close all the gateways except 12 and 14. She gives instructions to people around her.
Sherry pulls up to Milliken's house. She enters the code for the gate and it opens. She shuts he lights off and drives into center of the driveway keeping right. She parks and walks away from the car through the grass and climbs over a low wall. Julia is inside the house sitting at the table looking nervous. Sherry knocks on the glass door with her nails and Julia jumps and then opens the door. She says that she is not comfortable with Sherry being here and asks what she wants. Sherry says that she knows about Julia's marriage and she knows about her life. She just stays with Alan because of the money and the security. Julia tells her "I don't need a drive through shrink," so unless she has a reason, Sherry suggests murder. She tells Julia about Kelly and that she knows Alan is involved and Julia is going to help. Julia wants to know why she would do that. Sherry tells her that it is her ticket out. If Alan goes to jail she gets everything. Julia asks what Sherry wants her to do and she wants access to his phone calls. Julia says he makes all of them from his cell behind closed doors. Sherry wants the cell but Julia will not get it from his bedroom since she doesn't even know if he is asleep. Sherry asks if she wants to be free of him but Julia says she is scared. Sherry says she isn't and rushes in past Julia asking where the bedroom is. She quietly enters the room where Milliken sleeps. Sherry slips off her heels and carries them as she silently moves to the other side of the bed and grabs the cell phone off of the nightstand. He stirs in his sleep but doesn't wake as Sherry leaves the room.
Chloe is in the tech room giving instructions. Adam comes in and she asks if the gateways are open, she is trying to see definition of the kernel. Standing beside Adam she says that 'it's sad that I have to do this knowing that you and Kim stabbed me in the back.' Adam asks what she would have done and Chloe says that she would have had faith in a fellow worker. Adam doesn't think so and says that she is the biggest rule freak of all. Chloe says that 'I think I've done a pretty good job of breaking rules trying to protect that baby and a friend.' Adam asks what friend but Chloe says the virus is speeding up and gives out more instructions.
Sherry is talking on her cell giving the numbers from Milliken's cell to a friend. The last number is 555-0191. She thanks the person calling him Brian and asks that he call her back. She explains to Julia that she is having the calls tracked and if they can be connected to Kelly then they have their evidence. Julia wants to know what to do and Sherry tells her nothing, just go to bed like nothing has happened. She hands the phone back to Julia and starts to walk away. Alan rolls around the corner in his chair and asks Julia what she is still doing up. He is quickly distracted by the presence of Sherry and says that he is disappointed in Julia. She says that she didn't ask her there and Sherry admits to taking his cell phone. Alan gives a small smile and says that he assumes she is here because of what he is doing to David. Sherry says fine, if he wants to talk about it in the open she asks him about Kevin Kelly. Milliken says that it rings a bell and Sherry says it should since he ran over Kelly's daughter, paid him off and made him disappear tonight. She says that he can chew on that some more or they can end it now and he can back off David.

Jack's phone rings as he is having some water. It is Chloe for Jack. After Jack moves away Chase gets up and goes to sit with Nina. He says to her, "Nina, I've heard all about you, I know what you've done and how you've managed to stay alive is impressive, buy if you try and play Jack one more time he's gonna kill you." Nina asks smoothly, "is that so?" Chase smiles and answers 'yeah'.
Jack pouts Chloe on speaker and sits a laptop in front of Nina. He says they have 3 minutes until the entire system goes down and she needs to stop it now. Nina thinks that's impossible but Chloe starts to explain it. Nina asks who she is talking to and Chloe identifies herself. She asks Nina what to do so Nina tells her to put in login ID CIS27a, for the security level hit esc, 6. Chloe does and Jack asks if that stopped it. Chloe says no and then tells them it is slowing down. Their simulators give them just over 20 minutes. Nina says that it has slowed down but if Jack doesn't turn the plane around he can expect their undercover agents around the world to start dying. Jack tells her that what is going to happen is that they are going to go back to LA and she is going to prison.
Milliken raging at Sherry saying that he made the father of her children president of the United States. Sherry yells back that he didn't do it for David. She tells him angrily that he is just a small man. She asks him why he thinks his wife had to go out and find another man. She yells that no one in their right mind would find him attractive and he is just his money. Milliken is having trouble breathing but Sherry storms on. She calls him a little boy a pathetic, scrawny, sickly, little boy. He is gasping for air and asks Julia for his medicine. She starts to get them from a nearby counter but Sherry stops her. She grabs her hand and says that this is her way out. He continues to gasp for air and makes it to the counter and into some pills but is unable to take them in time. He falls to the ground and stops breathing.
Milliken lay dead on the kitchen floor. Julia says to Sherry that they killed him. Sherry corrects her that they didn't kill him, they watched. She tells Julia that Alan was a sick little man and his body gave out and there was no one around to help him. She tells Julia that she is free and that's all she needs to think about. She has to make everyone believe that this was an accident. Julia is in shock and says that she doesn't think she can do this. Sherry is very serious and tells her that she doesn't have a choice. Sherry tells her that 'unless you want to spend the rest of your pretty little life in prison she needs to do this.' Sherry instructs her to go into the bedroom and in about an hour she can come out for a glass of water and find him. That's her story. Julia asks who to call and Sherry answers knowingly 9-1-1, that's what she'd naturally do right? Julia asks Sherry about her and Sherry says that this is very crucial. If anybody suspects that she was there, there will be an investigation and both of them will go to prison. She was never there. She asks Julia if she understands but Julia doesn't answer. Sherry asks if she understands what she is saying. She needs to her Julia tell her she understands. Finally Julia does and Sherry picks up her bag and starts to leave.
CTU is still trying to get their systems running. Tony wants to know what's going on but Chloe doesn't know. Tony tells her that if she can't stop it he needs to tell Jack to reroute the plane. Tony calls Jack and Jack wants Tony to tell him they've got a handle on this thing. Tony says no and they have no choice but to do what Nina wants. Jack says that is not an alternative and they can't keep giving in to her. He goes to Nina and says that once the damage is done she's not gong to be able to cut her deal, give him the kill code. Chase wants Jack to think about it. They should just give her what she wants right now and just make it right later. It's not worth it. Nina says they can slow it down but she is not giving the code until they go back to Mexico. Jack has lost Tony on the phone but they can hear the plane idling differently. Jack asks Chase what's going on and Chase answers that they're going back up. Jack goes into the cockpit and asks the pilot what he is doing. He explains that he has directions from Tony Almeida to go back to Mexico. Jack draws his gun and points it at the pilots' head from behind the seat. The co-pilot is up but Jack pushes him away saying, "don't even think about it." At CTU Tony can see what the plane is doing and asks the pilot about it. He tells Tony that Bauer will not let him turn the plane around; he has a gun on him. Tony says to put the phone on speaker and he asks Jack what he is doing. He orders him to turn the plane around; it's an order from Division. Chloe may have something on the worm but Tony tells Jack that their agents are going end up dead. Jack says turning the plane around will just take them farther from where they have to be. Chloe is still trying and they think they may have it; the system looks like it's back up. Chloe says that's not it, what they are seeing on the monitor isn't real. Finally it stops and the system restarts itself. Chloe says they have it. Tony tells Jack that they are back up, fully functional. Jack takes his gun off of the pilot and says that he can file a report with his commanding officer. He goes out and moves right to Nina. He leans over and says that all their systems are up and running. Nina says that she doesn't believe him but Jack smiles and says "I don't care what you believe." He sits beside her.
In the split screen we see Milliken on the floor dead, Wayne sitting, David working and Amador on the plane.
Chloe is talking to Adam as they leave the tech room. Chapelle comes over to Chloe and congratulates her on great work stopping the virus. She averted what could have been a major loss. She says she knows and asks if Jack and Chase are coming back soon. She starts to head away but Chapelle says that the whole thing with the baby isn't just going to go away. What she did will look good but she is being handed over to LAPD. She looks upstairs and sees people taking Angela away from Kim. Chloe asks who that is taking Angela and Chapelle says its Child Protective Services, they have custody of her now. She gets their attention and tells them to stop. She finally tells Chapelle that she'll tell him who the father is but she says not to ask who the mother is because she doesn't know. From upstairs Kim watches as Chloe and Chapelle speak. We hear Chloe say that she swears she's telling the truth and Chapelle calls the woman from Child Protective Services Barb, and says that 'we are going to hold on to her a little longer, they just got some new information'. He asks Chloe why she didn't tell him this before and Chloe says that he didn't want her to tell. She apologizes. She starts upstairs and passes Kim. Kim says she heard she stopped the virus and Chloe says she did. Kim asks about the charges and Chloe says that it was a mistake. She is trying to get upstairs but Kim tells her to wait. She asks Chloe who the father of the child was. Chloe comes back down a few steps and says "Chase."

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Talk about the fastest hour on TV, this one just flew by, didn't it?
-Even I knew that Chase shouldn't have turned around like that and looked directly at the dead guy with the light. He's obviously dead for a reason and the person that did it probably isn't that far away.
-Jack is always asking Chase if he's okay…I think he's the one that's really doing some babysitting around here.
-Funniest question ever: Chase to Nina - "Where are we going?" - does it matter? You're ending up dead anyway if she gets away with you.
-There's no way Jack could not have known that Chase was in trouble from the sound of his voice so I'm glad they had him there.
-3 times in 3 seasons now we've had Jack with a gun on Nina and him ready to shoot her and he still hasn't done it…I wonder if it's deeper than just needing her alive. Even Chase is impressed with her ability to stay alive.
-Okay, who was researching this stuff for CTU? They have all the resources but Nina knows way more than they do.
-The Kim/Nina meeting should be interesting…I wonder if Jack and Kim will interrogate her tag-team style.
-Chloe's revelation of: "I don't have a boyfriend", definitely not the biggest surprise of the season.
-I think you can see that Chloe really does care for Angela so she must belong to someone she knows.
-What happened to those DNA tests? Did they take them and send them off or was Chapelle just bluffing to get Chloe all riled up?
-I was intrigued by the C130 plane so here's a little bit that I could find out about:
-C-130 "Hercules"
-one of the most successful cargo planes with its innovative design in which traces of "Kelly" Johnson's works may be found.
-US Military started using them in December 1956
-Originally marketed as a new and innovative cargo plane design with the great power output of turboprop engines
-Used on gunships, drone carrier/launch/control, missile tracking, space capsule retrieval, mapping, search and rescue, STOL research, weather reconnaisance, refueling tanker (including helicopters), assault transport, and command/communications. In addition, a stretched version was built for civilian cargo hauling.
-can transport up to 92 combat troops and their gear or 45,000 pounds of cargo.
-can deliver its cargo by parachute or by low altitude ground-cable extraction without landing.
-Twenty-eight C-130s were also converted to side-firing gunships, called AC-130 "Gunship" and they were primarily used for night attacks against ground targets during the Vietnam War.
-Technical specs: Crew - 4/5, 92 passengers, engines - 4 x Allison T-56-A-15 turboprop, power 3085kW, wingspan - 40.4m, length - 29.8m, height - 11.7m, start mass - 79,380kg, empty mass - 32,800kg, max speed - 587km/h, ceiling - 6900m. I can't take credit for this info, it came from here...

-We never did find out if David okayed Sherry's little venture to Milliken's. I hope he did for Sherry's sake.
-I guess David did get himself into all of this stuff with Sherry, he knew what she was like but I'm gonna feel bad for him if she brings down his presidency.
-Just so we know, the guy that is playing Macus Alvers name is Lothaire Bluteau (click here for bio). He appeared in the movie "Dead Heat" with Kiefer Sutherland (which, coincidentally was filmed in my city). He played the jockey Tony LaRoche. I'm wondering if Kifer got him this gig, I know he got Lou Diamond Phillips the Warden DeSalvo part in Season one…
-I can't really tell wheter I feel bad about Milliken's death or not. He seemed like a real jerk and he was going against David but I'm not sure I like him dead.
-Chase's question - if the gun was loaded, then what? I thought was pretty funny. Well, first, you wouldn't around to give Jack a bad time about it…
-Chase's anger is kind of like Michelle's anger about Tony not telling her. I guess since Jack doesn't have a wife Chase gets to be the one mad at him. The major difference is Chase might have ended up dead because of it.
-I guess that answers the "did Jack know the gun was loaded" question.
-LOTW contender: "I didn't know whether to save you or kill you." - Chase to Jack.
-I wonder if Chase is going to get a bit of revenge on Jack at some point, he seems like he hasn't really forgiven him.
-Who is that new tech?
-Interesting fact: Fredrick, Marcus Alvers' middle name is also one of Kiefer's middle names (Full name Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland)
-I can't believe Jack just blindly followed Nina's instructions. Who does that?
-If Tony had told Jack the story he may have been able to clear up the Chloe thing…or at least Chase probably would have got the picture from Jack's side of the phone conversation.
-Jack is scary with Nina but I think we've seen him do that before…the last time he interrogated her in season 2.
-LOTW contender: Nina to Jack - "I invite you to try."
-Okay, so it has been 3 years between season 3 and 2 and it months between seasons 1 and 2. That comes out to four and a half years. I'm thinking that they would have scrapped their systems at CTU at least once in that amount of time; they do need to be on top of technology and all.
-Another LOTW contender: "I don't need a drive through shrink," - I thinks most of us could use one of those.
-I loved Julia's nervousness. It is a great contrast to Sherry's complete fearlessness.
-I also thought it was pretty cute that Sherry just walked right into the house like that.
-What ever happened to Gael?
-I was noticing that Penny Johnson Jerald gets the credit of "special guest star" in the opening. Does that mean that she's going to be around longer than the other guest stars or what?
-So, Amador picked up another cell, but it didn't answer the question about how he knew about the first one.
-Sherry is so going to get busted for going to Milliken's. Not only will the cameras being turned off raise an eyebrow (if they were even turned off) but also she traipsed through the wet grass…footprints much? Also, I hope she remembered to take her jacket with her when she left.
-Sherry is great, and evil. SO much fun.
-LOVED the "rule freak" comment about Chloe from Adam. So now Chloe's "A little weird" but she's also a "rule freak"
-Wow, is Jack actually having some water? What is this world coming to? First he says he needs to use the bathroom (although he doesn't) and then he has water…what's next for Jack, food?
-Another great line from this one (wow, lots this week), "Nina, I've heard all about you, I know what you've done and how you've managed to stay alive is impressive, buy if you try and play Jack one more time he's gonna kill you." - I HOPE SO!
-actually, I'm not so sure I want Nina dead. After all, she is a great part of plots and also every hero needs a mortal enemy.
-Chloe identifying herself to Nina was kind of weird. Why should Nina care? Will this mean something down the road?
-I laughed when Julia asked Sherry who to call.
-I'm very intrigued by Chase's "make it right later" comment to Jack.
-In retrospect I think Jack made the right choice. If they don't stop the virus a lot of people would die. How many agents could possibly be killed if the hackers got into the system?
-Have we ever seen that kind of smile from Jack like the one when he sat down next to Nina? Maybe season 1 episode one at the house or maybe season 1 episode 23 when he found out Teri was pregnant but even those didn't seem as wide and genuine as this one. It made me smile.
-I think I found a mistake. When Jack leaves the cockpit he puts his gun away and tells the pilot to file a report with his commanding officer. Then, when he comes back to talk to Nina he is putting his gun away.
-Did Jack know about Chase's kid? Is this a reason for him to not want Kim with him?
-If Chase and Kim get married that makes Jack the step-grandfather for Angela. That is just weird.
-When Chloe was talking to Chapelle I was sitting there saying "Chase or Jack, Chase or Jack". It had to be one of them.
-I guess this may be an acceptable excuse for the baby.
-I love how Chapelle changed from calling Angela "it" to "her" after he found out it was Chase's.
-How does Kim date Chase for 3 months and not know he has a kid? Has she been to his house? In his car? Looked in his wallet?
-It's funny that this show was about a different kind of "virus" than the one that Amador had. Many different kinds of viruses out there.
-Does anyone know what "Code Six" means? Email me if you do.


Originally Aired 02/010/03

~ 3.13 - Viruses~

Left: Lothaire Bluteau

Right: A C-130