Tony and Michelle are a CTU. He asks her if they are ready to go and is told yes. Tony stresses to Michelle that this is their one chance at getting the virus and the team needs to be aware of that. Michelle says they are aware. Tony says this is going to happen in the next hour. Michelle says they know. He doesn't need to remind her that they don't need another mistake. Realizing how he sounds Tony sighs and asks quietly if they have heard from Jack in the last hour. Michelle says no, he is still with the Salazar's. Chloe watches as Michelle leaves Tony.

Hector is bleeding badly and one of the thugs is over him holding a towel over the wound. Ramon walks over, gun still in hand and says that he should have listened to him. Jack and Nina watch intently as Ramon tells Hector that he built this empire and he is not going to let anyone destroy it, not even him. Hector tries to say something but it makes no sense. The thug says that they need to get him to a hospital but Ramon says no, there will be questions. The thug says that he will die if they don't take him but Ramon knows. He stands over Hectors body and shots him again. Jack looks away and Ramon looks up away from his brother. Jack goes to Ramon and tells him that he's sorry but they have to go. Ramon takes it well and says that when they are done he wants him to have a proper burial. They start to move and Nina starts to talk. She says that Hector was right and Ramon is making a big mistake. She says that Jack is setting him up and still works for CTU. Ramon turns to Nina and there is a tear in his eye. He says strongly that he has heard enough. He warns her not to say his brothers name ever. He turns to the others and tells them to get going and do the deal. They load up the vehicles.

Sherry peeks around the corner as David finishes a meeting. Wayne walks by her on the way out but says nothing. Sherry knocks on the door and David says yes. She comes in and says that she found the leverage she was looking for. David asks what the leverage is and Sherry says again that it's better for him not to know all the details. He says all right and then says that he heard she denied the Secret Service escort. She says that the person that she is meeting may scare if she brings along extra people but she can take care of herself. David assures her that he knows she can. Before she leaves she tells him that she still believes in his presidency and if Alan Milliken is threatening his ability to lead this country he will be stopped. She leaves David to think.
Tony has the location in Mexico. He says that the Delta teams are two minutes away. As soon as Jack confirms that it is the virus they will move but not until then. Tony is told that there is still no transmitter from Jack but they will get a signal from Chase. Chloe explains that she wrote a program so they can keep in contact with him. They will be told what is happening and then they will move in taking precaution to keep the virus safe.
Chase is setting up in the bushes. He puts out a small black antenna and is just in the middle of setting it up when the cavalcade with the Salazar's pulls up. As soon as they stop Jack tells Ramon to get his men out of sight before Amador gets there. Ramon says that he knows and as they unload Chase watches. Jack has headed away into the building and as Ramon is near, Nina says to him that Jack is still working with CTU and she can prove that he is setting him up. Jack realizes that they are talking and tries to watch from around a doorframe. Nina gets Ramon's attention and he asks, "really?" She says yes, she worked for them for 7 years and she knows their protocols and how they will play this. She encourages him to send a man out. Ramon asks where they would be and she says that they would be either at the higher ground or at the tree line to the east. Ramon sends two men out to check it out. Chase sees them coming.

Adam comes up to Kim and they exchange some information. He notices the child and asks, "what's that?" Kim says that it's a baby. Adam answers that he can see that but why is it there. Kim says that it's Chloe's. Adam looks puzzled and says that Chloe doesn't have a baby. He explains that he was on the team that investigated her when she was hired and she definitely doesn't have a kid.

Jack is in an old building and he is looking for a lookout place. He pulls a board off of what used to be a window and looks out into the night with his night vision. He sees in the distance the meeting area. Jack turns back around and looks as Ramon sits Nina down. Ramon gets on his walkie talkie and calls for the men to call in. The first one answers quickly but the second, Pablo, does not. Ramon calls Pablo again and again but to no avail. Nina starts to talk and says that they got to him, he's dead and they're coming for him next. Jack catches on and comes over asking what she told him, what has she been saying. Finall,y Pablo checks in and says that there is no one out there. Ramon advises him to keep his eyes open. On Pablo's end the camera backs off and Chase is seen behind Pablo. He knocks him out. Ramon tells Nina that there will be no more lies. Jack returns to his window and Ramon says that Amador will be there in 15 minutes and she will do the deal. If she makes a mistake there will be three snipers aiming at her head. If she wants to live make sure the deal happens. Nina says fine.
Kim is working and Chloe comes up and asks how Angela is. Kim tells Chloe that she knows Angela is not her kid. Kim asks who the baby belongs to and Chloe says that it is her boyfriends' child, his name is Eric Binder. She says that he is not taking care of the baby because that is the first place that her mother would look. Chloe quickly explains that Eric's ex-wife is dating a guy who has a drinking problem and they think the baby is getting abused. She says that the mother is in denial but Eric has called Child Protective Services to do something about it. Kim concludes that the baby has been kidnapped and Chloe admits that technically that is true, but it is just for the night. Kim says that 'kidnapping is a felony.' Chloe says fine but if the baby goes back to her mother and something happens to her it will be Kim's fault. She tells her to think about it. Michelle comes upstairs and wants Chloe for some work. Chloe tries to say in a minute but Michelle insists now. She starts to leave and Chloe doesn't immediately follow. Michelle asks if there is a problem. Kim hesitates and then says 'no, no problem'
Sherry Palmer knocks on the door of a RV. She calls inside for Mr. Kelly and he comes to the door and lets her in. He seems nervous but invites her into the living room. He offers her a drink and she declines, he pours himself one straight. She says that they appreciate his help on this and he clarifies that by 'we' she means the President. She says she is indeed acting on behalf of the president. He asks what he can tell her and she says that he can explain exactly what happened. He asks what she thinks happened so she answers that she thinks Alan Milliken was driving the car that hit and killed his daughter 12 years ago. Kelly says he wouldn't know. Sherry says that he testified that he didn't see anything but she thinks what he saw implicates Milliken. She produces a paper form her purse and shows it to him saying that 3 weeks after the accident there was an account set up and Maritime Bank and she thinks it was to keep his mouth shut. She tells Kelly that this is a chance to set everything right. Finally he admits that he saw the whole thing and he wrote down the plates and everything but when he went to tell the cop he was taken aside and told that his daughter is dead and there's nothing he can do about that but if he keeps his mouth shut there will be a pay off, a big one. He continues that he said that he didn't see who killed his daughter. It was blood money and he took it. Kelly stands and goes to his kitchen to get another drink. There is a gun on the counter. Sherry says that they are going to have a press conference and, as she slides him his drink, says that he is going to have the chance to tell his story. Kelly says that he is not going to do this for nothing. She starts to talk about money but he says no, he's already made that mistake. He says that his son who is his only living child is in jail doing a life sentence for murder. He wants him let out and providing that he will tell anyone who wants to listen what really happened.
Jack is still looking out and Nina sits in handcuffs in her chair. They are alone and Nina tells him that she doesn't care what Ramon thinks; she knows he's still working for CTU. Jack wanders over to her and says that his interests happened to coincide with the Salazar's. She says that he may have convinced everyone else of that but not her. Jack threatens that 'if you keep shooting your mouth off you're gonna get yourself killed.' Nina says that it doesn't matter. Once Ramon gets the virus he's going to kill both of them. Jack goes back to the window as Ramon comes in. He thinks they should get going and takes the handcuffs of Nina. She grudgingly takes the laptop in the case as Ramon instructs one of the thugs that if there is a problem, kill her first. Jack listens and watches as they leave. Ramon comes over to Jack and Chase watches from outside. He explains that Nina has left the building and she has one of Salazar's bodyguards with her. Tony back at CTU instructs that the teams be sent to their final marks and for everyone to get set; this is it.
Tony is listening in at CTU and is told that Chase is 300 metres from the location of Nina. His phone rings and when he answers it Kim is there. She wants to talk to him in private it's about Chloe. Tony agrees and they set their meeting place as Tech 1.

David is talking on the phone to Sherry who is outside Kelly's place. She explains to him what she has found about Milliken and lets him know that Milliken was driving drunk and hit a woman and just drove off. The only person that saw it is Kelly. David asks if he will swear to that and Sherry says he will as long as his son, Patrick Kelly is released form prison. He is 4 years into a life sentence. David says he will get back to Sherry and hangs up the phone. David asks Wayne what he thinks but Wayne says that he knows what he thinks. David should not be involved in this. Milliken will back off if Wayne resigns. He asks David to look at what Sherry has done already and she's only been back a short while. Wayne doesn't think it is a good idea to grant a quid-pro-quo pardon, he thinks he would be abusing his power. David doesn't understand how Wayne could be in favour of paying Anne's ex-husband but not dealing with this. Wayne tries to say it is different and then says that he has David's best interests at heart. David says that he knows he is loyal to him but if someone wants to get down in the mud the only way to fight is to get down there with him. Wayne asks if he is going to grant the pardon but David doesn't know.
Tony comes into Tech 1 and Kim is there with the baby. Tony sees it and says that if this is about the baby he doesn't have time for it. Kim says that this is not Chloe's baby and frankly she thinks she is delusional. She explains that she told Kim that her boyfriend was the father and she has been ran through Child Protective Services but there is no record of the claim there. She says that she talked to Chloe about it but she seemed on the verge of losing it. She thinks that she may be unstable. Tony looks at the monitor and sees Chloe working. He tells Kim that he needs her to take a step back, here. Kim says that her father and Chases' lives are in her hands. Tony tells Kim that she is their only lifeline to Jack and is the only one capable of filtering the audio. They do not have an alternate person so she has to be kept in place. Kim asks about the parents of the child, they must be going out of their minds. He tells her with a note of finalization that she is gong to take care of that child until the operation is over. He starts to leave but turns back to say that he isn't happy about this either but they need to hope that she can hold it together until they get the virus.
Sherry goes back to the RV and calls Mr Kelly. There is no answer inside the RV. She goes in and looks around seeing that the place looks like it had been ransacked. There are papers all over the floor and the gun is gone from the counter. She realizes that there is something wrong and turns around to go. When she puts her hand on a wall she gasps seeing blood there. She takes off and walks quickly to her car. When she gets there she is looking for her keys while down the alley a car starts and the lights turn on. Unable to see the driver she gets nervous and starts to pull stuff out of her purse, unloading it onto the hood. Finally the car gets to her and she sees that it is two elderly people. She watches them closely as they drive by and then gets in the car and drives away.
Chloe is listening and Chase says that he hears something. The Hummer that Amador is in has arrived. Jack tells Ramon that Amador is arriving and everybody watches. They get out of the car and Amador has the case in his hand. Tony gives the instruction not to move until they are sure it is the virus. Amador enters the shed and Nina asks if he has it. Amador says yes. He pulls out the vial and hands it to Nina who puts it in a machine. She says that it will take about five minutes for verification.
Chloe is having a problem at CTU; she has run out of audio filters. Adam knows where there are some more and sends them to her. Tony is talking to Wayne on the phone who insists on knowing what's going on. Tony tells him the exchange is going to happen any moment. Wayne says that the pentagon is furious that they have to play catch up on this mission that began as a secret between three CTU agents. He assures them that they will be held accountable. Tony says that's fine but if he is calling to reprimand him he is doing both of them a disservice as he needs to concentrate on what's going on. Tony tells him that there are half a dozen delta teams down there. If there were any more they would run the risk of being seen. Wayne presses Tony to explain the plan so Tony reluctantly runs through that Amador, the seller will be selling the virus to Nina who, unbeknown to him, is under CTU's control. Wayne wisely observes that a lot of things have to go perfect for this to work. Tony say that they are pretty sure that they have their bases covered but Wayne says pretty sure isn't going to do it.
Chase is still watching and says that he is about to get confirmation. The machine beeps and Nina says the signatures match. Chase confirms to CTU that it is indeed the virus and Amador takes the vile and says that he will hold it until he is sure the funds are in place. As he takes it and Nina is given a phone, he turns his back to walk away and puts the vile in his front breast inside pocket. Nina doesn't notice and makes the call. She hands the phone to him and the voice on the other end says the transfer is complete. He is satisfied and hands her the case. As he leaves Chase tells CTU that Amador is leaving the building and he left the case with the virus in it with Nina. He gets in his SUV and drives north. Tony, Adam and Michelle are listening to Chase's description. Tony tells Delta teams to pick up Amador. Nina leaves the building carrying the case when suddenly in mid-sentence the line goes to static and they can no longer hear Chase. Chloe gets up and starts to change the channel; Tony is frustrated and wants to know what is going on. As Chloe works Adam asks her what she's doing and thinks she's crazy but she is sure the channel is modulating. She gets back to her station and tells Tony that it should be working now. Tony tries repeatedly asking if Chase copies and he answers that yes he does. The delta teams are given the okay as Ramon and Jack come out of the building to meet Nina. As they get there Ramon tells her she did a good job and takes the virus. He looks at the vial but Jack doesn't want to wait around. He tells Ramon that they need to go now. Ramon gets his gun out and points it at Jack's head. He says that they don't need him anymore; his brother is dead because of him. Chase tells CTU that they are going to kill him; he can't wait for delta teams to get there. He fires and hits Ramon. Tony ties to ask what is going on as gunfire rings out through the channel. Chase says that Delta is there, he's moving in. Jack grabs a knife from one of the thugs and stabs him with it and then throws it at another thug and hits him. Nina is running and Ramon is getting away with the virus as Jack sees him. He chases after him away from the shots. A chopper flies overhead and shoots creating a large explosion from a tank on the premises. Chase tells the teams that Ramon has the virus and Jack is after him. He takes a team with him and they follow Jack.
Julia Milliken's phone rings and it is Sherry Palmer. She identifies herself and apologises for calling so late. Julia says it is late and asks coldly why she's calling. Sherry says she knows what her husband is doing to David but Julia says she can't do anything. Sherry talks about Alan being too controlling to let her go but Julia wanting to leave. Julia accuses her of making a lot of assumptions. Sherry says she knows and she also knows how she can get out without giving everything up. She should know Sherry well enough to say that if she can make something happen she can do it. Julia is interested but can't leave the house to talk. Sherry says that she will come to her.
Jack is perusing Ramon in the bushes and he hears something behind him. He turns with his gun ready and Chase calls out for him to hold his fire. As soon as Jack realizes who it is his expression changes to one of concern and he asks if Chase is alright. Chase says yeah, he's alright. He says that he lost Ramon but they are not too fire on him until they get the virus. He says that he would have headed towards the river but he could have gone back the other way. Chase sends some of his team away and he follows Jack and radios the chopper overhead. Soon the chopper has a visual and Jack and Chase approach Ramon who is on the ground in pain from his gunshot wound. Jack tells him that it's over and there's nowhere else for him to go. Ramon says that he doesn't want to go back to jail and Jack says for him to put the cylinder down and they will talk about it. He says that he doesn't want to have to shoot him and Chase behind asks Jack to say the word. Jack waves him off. He tells Ramon that he has the authority to cut a deal, put the cylinder down. Ramon looks gravely at Jack and starts to lower the container. Jack talks to him and tells him nice and easy. He gets it close and suddenly the sound of electronics is heard, Ramon looks up and the container explodes. Jack and Chase are knocked back to the ground hard from the force. Jack is coughing and in pain. He rolls over and asks if Chase is okay. Again Chase says yes and Jack asks for his phone. Chase throws it over and Jack sits up wincing. He dials and asks for Tony. Right away he says they do not have the virus. The cylinder Ramon had was rigged with a bomb, which means that Amador must have planned this and probably has an escape route. Delta teams need to know. Tony asks if there was any chance Nina had a part in this and Jack says no the bomb was meant for her. Tony says that Amador is two clicks west of there.
The Hummer with Amador inside pulls off into an area with the road on one side and some rocks and grass on the other. The Delta teams pull in behind him, three vehicles with soldiers inside. They all have their guns trained on Amador and one of the men yells for him to get out of the car. Amador calmly obeys and his driver gets out as well. The soldier tells him to out his hands in the air and again Amador does. He stands there and the soldier warns him that if he moves a muscle he's dead. They move towards him slowly and Amador watches. Before they get to close he makes eye contact with one of the men in the Hummer and then nods ever so slightly. Gunfire appears out of the trees and as Amador jumps back in his vehicle a group of men in the bushes take out the entire team. Amador comes back out of his Hum-V and pulls out his cell phone. He drops it on the ground and smashes it with his foot. He gets back in the vehicle and they drive away.
In the split screen we see Amador diving, Sherry driving, David sitting, Jack and Chase running through the woods and Tony on the phone.
Adam goes to Tony and tells him that the signal on Amador's cell phone just went completely dead. Tony radios to Jack who answers with Chase nearby. Tony tells them that Amador ambushed Delta 3 and they don't know where he has gone. They were tracing him using his cell. Tony tells Jack that there is no satellite coverage of the area at this time. Jack hangs up with Tony and is asked what he wants to do. Jack realizes they have to find Nina. He tells Chase to take his team one way to high ground and he will cover the area they are in. Chase moves out with his team
Amador is in the Hummer and he turns the interior light on. He opens a case and pulls the cylinder out of his pocket that contains the real virus. He stores it safely in the case and turns the light off

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I think the stress is really getting to Tony. He seems really worked up. I do understand that this is a big deal, I mean, this could potentially wipe out most of the planet if it gets out, but still
-A point for Tony, he seems really concerned about Jack there, I wonder if he has been told/knew about the addiction and is sweating it, or maybe he's just worried he's gonna screw up
-Well, at least Ramon does care…he shed a single tear for his brother.
-I think Sherry has come a long way in the last few years. Pulled away form everything she seems like a much more decent person now. I wonder if it's just an act.
-For someone who can take care of herself she sure does stupid stuff - ALWAYS have your keys ready.
-Ramon's men are not very good at the stealth thing. They should have just worn neon when they went looking for Chase.
-Line of the week contender: Adam "what is that?" Kim "it's a baby" Adam, "I can see that." If you could see that, why did you ask?
-Who is the owner of this child? Feel free to jump to crazy conclusions and open speculation - Amador? Chase? Jack?
-If Kelly got a huge pay off, where did the money go?
-That guy is a bit freaky
-LOTW contender, Jack to Nina 'if you keep shooting your mouth off you're gonna get yourself killed.' - Just the delivery by Jack was perfect.
-I found myself pretty excited when Tony finally said 'this is it' and got everyone ready for the meet. Essentially this is what we've been waiting for since Jack got to Mexico.
-I'm really starting to get the feeling that Wayne is up to something. Especially since the word loyalty came up. Also he has the worst timing for talking to Tony and insisting that he know what's going on.
-Is child protective services really open this late? Kim said that she talked to someone there.
-This answer to this child question better be good. If this is a red herring I'm gonna be mighty po'd. Chloe better have a serious meltdown or this child better belong to a terrorist otherwise this is a waste of time
-I loved the anti-climax of the car at the trailer park. Especially since some of that footage was used in the preview for this week.
-What happened to Mr. Kelly? Is Sherry gonna get framed for something here since her prints are all over that RV? Who is watching Sherry to find out where she went? I think it's safe to say it's Milliken's people but they're good to get in and out like that? Salazar's people need to take lessons from them
-Wayne and his astute observation that a lot of things have to go perfect for this mission to happen. That's a big fat NO KIDDING. He is not helping Tony pull that off by keeping him on the phone like that.
-I love how Chase's voice cracks as he tells Tony that it is the virus. Really cute.
-How did he know from there what that tiny writing on the screen said when it confirmed that the virus was real? I know he had nigh vision but when we 'looked through' there is no way he would have been able to see that.
-Okay, now honestly, who doesn't watch the vial?? I thought these people were trained in this kind of thing? I don't think that there's any way Chase could have missed that, not to mention Nina. Amador didn't even OPEN that case that she handed him (that we saw).
-So the big question about CTU is where was Chapelle when all of this was going down? He seems really good at getting in the way of everything, he's from district and is supposed to be watching this but he's nowhere to be found. I wonder if that's significant.
-How could Tony be so mad at Chloe for the channel modulation thing? It's not her fault. I just thought it was pretty harsh. At the same time I LOVED that Adam thinks she's nuts. Great :-)
-So, are the Delta teams on a first name basis with Jack and Ramon? Chase kept calling them by their first names over the intercom. It just seemed weird because it's military; they are supposed to use last names.
-It must have just choked Jack up to have to let Nina run off like that…
-Okay, I am pretty glad that Chase was there for Jack. At least he doesn't hold a grudge or he would have been shooting Jack, not Ramon.
-Did anybody else find this totally absurd? "put the cylinder down and we'll talk about it" Not gun, grenade, knife, no, no, cylinder. I know it was supposed to be deadly but still, it was kinda funny.
-Speaking of kinda funny, I found Amador standing three with his hands up like a cactus REALLY funny for some reason…I can't really explain it…
-I'm not as sure as Jack that Nina doesn't have anything to do with it. She could have somehow maybe signalled Amador about the whole thing, but probably not.
-What if Amador put a little bit of virus in that vial so when it blew up it infected everyone around her too. That's what I would have done if I were a well-dressed, Hummer driving and newly rich international terrorist.
-So, now a whole new set of questions arises like what are Amador's intentions? Was he told that the cell phone was being used to track him or did he figure it out because it just makes sense? How are they going to get the virus now? Most importantly - What is going to be the driving plot for the last 12 hours? - I hope it's not waiting around for more meetings because this one was "The Big One" the big meeting and now we are supposed to kick it into high gear…right?


Originally Aired 02/03/03

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