Chapelle at CTU asks about area around Amador. Adam says there are vehicles and bodies but they don't know who is there. Chapelle asks about Chase and is told that they are going in to pick him up now.
The chopper is coming in to land and Chase, Sergio and his father wait. Chase looks better than he has previously but still holds his hand to him. As the chopper lands an agent who identifies himself as Captain Reiss, jumps out and asks Chase what his status his. He says that he was shot in the hand but he's fine and has two people coming with him. The agent tells Chase that they spotted some vehicles moving this way. Chase says that it must be the Salazar's and they can't know CTU is down there, they have to go now. Chase goes to Sergio and his dad and says Hector is coming, they have to go. Claudia's dad doesn't want to leave her there in the truck like that but Chase says that Hector is coming and he has to think about his son. He is holding Sergio and kisses him on top of the head. They move towards the chopper and fly out.

Wayne and David are at division. Wayne picks up and phone and call Milliken. He identifies himself and says that he thought that he had more balls than to threaten him through his brother. He asks Milliken if he can't talk to him man to man? David comes in and wants to know who Wayne is talking to and he grudgingly answers that it is Alan. David reprimands him asking him what the hell he thinks he's doing and Wayne answers that he's cleaning up his own mess. David speaks into the phone and tells Milliken that he will not fire his brother and he will not lose his health care bill. Alan tells David that right now he is three votes short. David tells Milliken that he doesn't want to go to war with him but Milliken says that he doesn't have a choice. On any other issue he would bend over backwards to accommodate Palmer but not on this one. David says gravely that if Milliken continues he is going to have to face up to the consequences and he is not going to like them. They hang up and Wayne tells David that Sherry will be there in five minutes. He asks David if he really wants to bring her into this but he says that they are in a street fight here and they both have to be focusing on what is happening in Mexico. David tells Wayne that 'if Jack Bauer doesn't intercept the virus then we are dealing with an international crisis.'

At CTU they are in a meeting and Adam is showing them pictures of Amador. They discuss moving in now to get Amador but Tony doesn't want to because he may or may not have the virus, they need to be sure. Once they have word they will send the teams in. Adam says that the Delta teams asked for a picture of the woman that Jack is working with. As he changes the screen Tony tells him to wait but it is too late and the picture of Nina comes up on the screen, much to the shock of Kim. She says Nina's name in disbelief and Adam asks 'you didn't read the operations brief?' Kim, shell-shocked, answers, "No." Tony asks Michelle to finish the briefing and asks Kim to step outside with him. Tony tries to explain that he wanted to tell her sooner but he couldn't find the time. Jack is working with her to try and secure the virus. Kim says that 'she killed my mother, my father can't even pretend to work with her.'

Nina and Jack are still kissing; Jack is still handcuffed to the chair. Nina pulls away and says, "I'm sorry Jack" and he leans into her and they kiss again. Again Nina pulls away and repeats, "I'm sorry, Jack, I wanted to think you'd changed but I can feel it, you're lying." She's still close and Jack kisses her again but quickly she pulls away and he lets out a small grunt. She says calmly that, "you haven't forgotten anything, you despise me and you'd do anything to get me to go along with your plan." Jack quickly looks around and notices quite a few broken chairs on the floor and then says that it's not true. Nina says that she knows he's still with CTU so why would she let him set her up? Jack quickly stands up and head-butts Nina and she falls to the ground. Jack runs backwards into the wall smashing the chair and finds a piece of wood from the chair still through the handcuff. He uses it against Nina's neck and, leaning over her, tells her 'you believe whatever you want to but I need this deal and right now you're the only person they're going to deal with.' He stands up and says that he will still honour their original deal and she will get her 20 million and she gets to keep breathing. Nina wants to know what happens when her buyer doesn't get the virus but Jack says that right now, her buyer is the least of her worries. With the handcuff still dangling from his hand he reaches out and helps her up.

Hector and his thugs arrive at the truck where Claudia has been left. One of them gets in the back and checks for a pulse, he quickly announces that she's dead. Hector orders him off the truck and hops up to see for himself. He goes to Claudia's body and kneels beside her. He hugs her and starts to cry. Slowly he puts her down and demands that they find Edmunds. He yells at them to find him.

Tony is telling Gael that the Mexican authorities are pissed off because they weren't notified earlier about this. Gael's phone rings and it is Hector. He explains that Edmonds escaped and killed three of their men. Gael says that he hasn't called CTU and he found out that he is rogue. CTU doesn't know where he is. Hector wants Gael to call the second he hears anything. Hector dials the phone again and Ramon picks up. Hector asks if he is still with Bauer and Ramon says he is waiting. Hector wants to call the deal off because Edmunds escaped and they don't know where he is. Hector explains that Claudia was with him and she is dead. Ramon says that he's sorry but they have business to do. Hector thinks Chase will call CTU as soon as he can so Ramon encourages him to find him before he does. Hector says it's too dark and now this is too dangerous. Ramon says that it's always been dangerous. He tells Hector that he promised the buyers the virus and if they don't deliver Ramon's reputation and everything that he worked for will be ruined. They hang up and Ramon's phone rings again and it's Jack. Ramon says that they are clear so Jack tells him to come back to the church. Ramon asks if the woman agreed to work with them and Jack says that he'll explain when he gets there.
Aaron Pierce knocks and then tells Palmer that Sherry Palmer is there. David sits and thinks for a second and then says to show her in. Pierce leaves and David looks at his desk. When Sherry arrives he stands and moves around to the centre of the room. Aaron leaves and David invites her to have a seat. She says that she'd rather stand. There is a large amount of awkwardness about them. She asks how tings are with Anne, David says fine. Sherry answers "good, I'm glad, you deserve a little bit if happiness." David observes that she's looking well, but somehow, different. Sherry smiles and says older but David says that's not it, she looks, calm. She says that she's tired but she's not sure how calm. He tells her that he knows these last few years have been difficult but she says that they were not as difficult as they could have been and she has him to thank for that. She says that 'it was you that kept me out of prison and away from public humiliation. I lost a lot, but most of it, I discovered, really wasn't that important to begin with. It surprised me, imagine that.' She smiles and David chuckles a bit. She asks him what's funny. David says that when he wanted her to pull back she was a shark but Sherry says "I can still be whatever you need me to be." She takes her jacket off and he helps her. She asks if this is a problem with Milliken and David confirms yes. She says to tell her about it.

Jack is working on a laptop and Nina is tied up. A vehicle pulls up outside that gets both their attention. Ramon comes in and walks past Nina without saying anything going straight to Jack. He asks 'handcuffs? I thought you were gonna gain her trust.' Jack explains that it will take a little longer than he'd hoped. He hands Ramon her gun and he smiles and takes it. Ramon says that Amador better call soon because Jack's partner got away. Jack, leaning over the computer says "you should have let me kill him when I had the chance." Nina is listening to their conversation. Ramon says that for some reason Claudia was with his partner and she ended up dead. Jack is stunned and asks what he's talking about. Nina is watching very closely now as Jack says dryly "tell Hector I'm sorry." Ramon says he can tell him himself when he gets there. Jack, trying to cover his emotion, says for Nina to come over to open the file so Amador can verify the funds. When she doesn't move he slams the chair on the ground and says "now."

David is finishing explaining everything to Sherry who concludes that Alan wouldn't budge. She clarifies, 'so you want me to find something you can use against him.' David says that he's always known that she knew things that she didn't tell him because of their friendship. Sherry says that he does have skeletons, one in particular but she warns David that it's a big one. David wants to know what it is but all he needs to know is that if he plays this card then him and Alan Milliken will be enemies for the rest of their lives. David says that as far as he is concerned their friendship was over when he tried to extort him. Sherry says she can help him.

Chase is getting patched up by another agent and Sergio and his dad are waiting around. Sergio asks why Claudia died and his father answers so the could be safe, his sister was very brave and now they don't have to worry about Hector anymore. Sergio says that he liked Hector. Reiss is on the phone and when he hangs up Chase wants to talk to him. He gets up and tells the guy working on him that that's enough. He's not finished but Chase moves away finishing the wrapping himself. Reiss tells Chase that they are moving because of the information they got from the tracker on Amador's cell. Chase says it's too easy for him to dump his cell they need a visual on him. Chase is told that he is getting evacuated with Sergio and his father this isn't his problem anymore. Chase says that it's been his problem for the last year. Reiss says Chase needs medical attention but Chase says he's not going anywhere.

Adam tells Chapelle that they are picking up the vehicles moving and he is instructed to put the teams on alert but don't move in until they are sure he has the virus.

The cars have arrived to Amador and he is given a case. He puts it on the hood of one of the vehicles, opens it up and pulls out a small container, about the height of a pop tin but only about a quarter as thick. He uses a flashlight to look inside and then he turns it upside down. The green liquid inside has particles floating around in it and seems to meet Amador's approval.

Wayne appears and Sherry is looking out a window. They hug and Wayne asks what she is doing there. She says she is waiting for them to set up a station. He says that it is good to see her but to be blunt he doesn't think she should be there. She says of course and that's because she is there about his indiscretion with Julia. She says that she's not judging but he doesn't believe it. Sherry doesn't want to play these games; they are both too good at it. Wayne gets to the point and says that he wants her to just do whatever it is that she does, stay around for a few hours and then tell David that she wasn't able to find anything about Alan Milliken. Sherry says that if she were to do that the only way out of this is for him to resign and David doesn't want that. Wayne asks why she cares and Sherry says because 'he needs someone like us, someone who isn't afraid to pull a punch every now and then.' She tells Wayne to save his breath and she will fix this up, he needs to make sure his brother gets re-elected. Wayne cautions her not to forget how dangerous Alan Milliken can be but she says that he was the one who forgot.

Tony is in his office on the phone and Kim comes to the door. He waves her in and then hangs up. She asks him if there is any more information on Nina Myers. Tony says not yet. He tells her that she's gonna have to try and put her feelings aside. She doesn't know how she can put her feelings aside and how her father could. She tells Tony that "I spent that last three years of my life knowing that the woman that killed my mother was pardoned by the president and that she's out there living her life… and is wrong." Tony says that he knows. Kim asks if she is violating her agreement, she is buying and selling the virus. Kim tells Tony that they can't let her get away this time. She has to pay for what she's done. Tony doesn't want to get ahead of themselves but she wants him to promise to make it happen. His phone rings and it is Chloe, she wants Kim downstairs. He looks at her and she goes but before she leaves he calls her and says, "I'll do what I can." She thanks him and leaves.

Chloe is typing and her phone rings, it is someone asking for index keys for the Salazar file. She says that he's not authorized for that and she will be down with them in a minute. Kim comes up and Chloe asks if she can do her work from up there. Kim says yes so Chloe gets up and says 'this is Angela, she's just been fed so she should sleep.' Kim says that she can't have a baby here but Chloe says that Chapelle thinks she had someone pick her up, she will be back in 15 minutes.

Nina is still sitting there and Jack is working. She calls Ramon and he goes over to her. She says that Jack isn't who he thinks he is. He's still working with CTU and he's setting him up. Ramon asks if he thinks that his brother and him are that stupid? They made sure that he was alone and he warns her not to think of undermining this deal. The phone rings and Ramon calls Jack over. He looks at Nina and tells her to take the call but if she says one wrong word Ramon, who has the gun ready, will kill her. Amador is calling and he wants the information for the account. She gives him the access and account number and verifies with his thug that the funds are ready. Amador tells her to meet him in the northern most building at an old mine in an hour and ten minutes. He will have one man for security and she can do the same. They hang up the phone and Jack pockets it without Ramon noticing. Ramon says good, they'll leave as soon as Hector arrives. Jack moves away from Nina and Ramon follows.

Amador puts the virus in the back of the truck inside another case and then makes a call. He says that he has the virus and the exchange will happen in an hour. They leave.

Adam is working and says that Amador is moving east. Gael pressures Tony that they should move in and arrest him. Tony is frustrated and says that they've been over this they have to wait until they are sure they have the virus. Gael says that Jack can't just pick up the phone; the Salazar's are watching him. Tony doesn't know how Jack will get through but he'll find a way.
Wayne tells David that the Mexican government should know what they are doing. David says no. Pierce comes in and says that Alan Milliken is on the phone for him. David says thanks and puts him on speaker. Alan asks right away what the hell he thinks he's doing. David asks what he's talking about but Milliken says not to screw with him. David says that he didn't pick this fight. Alan says "you think you can enlist your psychopathic ex-wife to manufacture lies about me in order to bring me down." David warns him to keep his hands off his health care bill; the thing with Wayne is over. Milliken says he is looking at pictures of them right now from about an hour ago. David explains that Wayne was trying to get Julia to talk some sense into him. Alan warns David to pull Sherry off of this or the health care bill would be the least of his problems. They hang up and David says that Alan is scared. Wayne says that he's at the most dangerous when he's scared. David goes to leave and pats Wayne on the shoulder telling him to tell the Mexican ambassador that he'll be calling the president directly.

David leaves the room and goes to Sherry. She is on the phone telling the person that she's not deaf, she just wants to talk about Chagrin Falls. She asks for the message to be passed on and she can be reached there. David says he just got off the phone with Milliken. Sherry says that the blowback happened quickly, he must be pretty upset. David asks what Chagrin Falls is and what happened there. Sherry says that she will tell him but she has a lot of work to do in a very short amount of time and she has to get to work if she is going to pull this off.

Jack is working with Hector on a map showing him the best place to put their men. Hector comes in and says that they didn't find Edmunds but Jack says they don't need to. Even if he had called in CTU wouldn't be able to get down there in time. Hector asks what if they are already there but Jack says that Gael told him he was acting rogue. Hector asks why Nina is tied up but Ramon says don't worry she'll do what she's told. Hector wants Ramon to speak to him in private and Ramon leaves Jack and gets close to Hector. Hector is telling Ramon that he doesn't like this, it is not the plan. Ramon says that just because Claudia died doesn't mean that he should chicken out. Ramon reminds Hector that it was his dealing the first place and they don't have a choice to go through with it. Jack leans over and, under the table he dials the phone. Michelle, not really paying attention, picks it up and says her name. Jack carefully puts the phone in his pocket and walks over to the Salazar's. He says that he doesn't want to interrupt. When Michelle hears his voice she calls Tony over and puts her phone on speaker. He says that they have to move out now since and gives the location of the mine as well as it's distance from where they are. Jack leaves them and Hector still doesn't want to sign off on this mission. Ramon tells him to call his men and get them to meet up with them. Ramon pulls is cell out of his pocket but the batteries are dead. He asks Jack where the other phone is. His eyes widen for a second and he pulls it out of the pocket and folds it back over before Ramon can see. He passes the phone on.

The Delta teams are moving out and Chase is getting ready. He is told that Bauer got through to CTU and they are keeping their men outside but are sending a forward observer. Chase asks if they picked anyone yet and Reiss says no. Chase volunteers and says that he knows the Salazar's. Reiss asks about his hand but Chase says it isn't combat it's observation. He relents and says fine. He tells the others to get him ready.
Ramon, Hector, Jack and Nina are leaving. An argument breaks out between Ramon and Hector, Hector asks Ramon to stop talking down to him. He says that he got him out of prison but Ramon says Bauer got him out and now that he's back Hector is to take orders like always. Hector looks upset by this and as Jack is cuffing Nina she says, "you can't control this, Jack." Jack tells her to just get in the car.
Kim is with Chloe's baby and it is crying. Chloe comes upstairs and asks what Kim did to her. Kim insists that she did nothing and says she's getting out of there.

Downstairs Michelle, Chapelle and Tony are walking across the floor discussing the meeting that will take place in 53 minutes. They hear the baby crying and Tony asks 'what the hell is that?' Chapelle knows exactly what it is and moves up the stairs. Tony asks Michelle to take care of this for him. Chloe explains to Chapelle that she told him she doesn't have anyone to watch her. He says that she already had a warning and now she's suspended. Chloe says it was only a verbal warning. Michelle asks to talk to Chapelle and they step into Jack's office. She explains that for this meeting they are going to have to use visually enhanced coverage and Chloe is the best they have at that. Chapelle asks if she is telling them that they have to let this woman raise her child at the office because they don't have anyone else to do the job but Michelle is just saying that they should deal with Chloe's child care issues another day. They go back out and Chloe says she has work to do and needs someone to take care of her kid. Chapelle, defeated, says "give her to Kim."
Chase is taking off, he is in all black and ready to hide in the dark. He is told it will take them 90 seconds to get in after he gives the okay.

The Salazar's and Jack pull up and they all get out. The rest of the men are in there but there are not many. Hector is told this is all they could bring. Hector says it's not enough. Ramon reminds Hector that Amador is only bringing one man but Hector says that's what he says, it may not be true. Ramon accuses Hector of trying to stop the deal because he lost his nerve. They continue to argue and Nina and Jack watch closely. Jack says that if they want this deal to happen they have to be there 20 minutes before Amador. Hector turns to Jack and says that the deal is off.

In the split screen we see Chapelle, Chase, Chloe, Sherry Palmer working and Jack.

Ramon puts his hands on either side of Hector's face and says that he needs to listen to him. If they bail out now on their buyers they'll lose money and respect. Hector says at least they will have their lives. Hector pulls his brother's hands off of his face and tells his men that they are leaving now. When no one moves he yells "now!" Nina and Jack watch and Ramon tells Hector not to do this. Hector puts his chin up and turns away. Ramon calls Hector again and again and finally he draws his gun and fires. Jack is stunned and Hector falls to the ground. Ramon looks back and meets eyes with Jack and then looks back at Hector. Jack is standing there next to Nina shocked.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Okay, now really, if the chopper saw Hector driving I think Hector would have seen the chopper.
-Also, those are some seriously bright lights that the chopper pilot was in no hurry to turn off.
-In the time that it took for Chase to convince Sergio's dad to leave Claudia I think he probably could have got her on the chopper.
-Line of the week contender: "I'm shot in the hand but I'm fine." - Chase to Riess. I guess it's all relative, huh? Fine-er than being dead?
-Chase did a lot of healing in about 10 minutes. When he talked to Tony on the phone last episode he could barely stand and now he's ready to spring back into action? He does idolize Jack, Mr. Insta-heal.
-Okay, see if you can follow me here. When Adam brought Nina's photo up on the screen at CTU it was an enlarged drivers licence or passport or something, right? The name shown on there read "Sarah Berkeley". Not long after starting filming season one, Sarah Clarke (A.K.A. Nina Myers) married co-star Xander Berkley (A.K.A. the loveable George "Nuclear" Mason). There hasn't been much information about her changing her name, but she may have done it officially or the whole thing may have just been for fun. In any event that could be her real drivers licence if she did change her name or the creators may have just been seeing if we were paying attention… WE ARE!
-I was really impressed with Elisha Cuthbert's acting in this episode. I was very impressed to see what she could do when she was not faced with psychos. Both times she was talking with Tony I was thinking "who IS this? Where did this actress come from?" and then I realized that it hasn't been her that's been bad, it's been what her character's been doing…. but I still hate the new haircut.
-Speaking of new haircuts that I hate, one word….Sherry.
-I laughed out loud about the segue between Kim saying that her dad could never work with Nina to her dad kissing Nina. Cute.
-Poor Jack, I think he just wants to get some play…
-I loved how it seemed like Jack kept tying to convince Nina with another kiss. It's like in his mind he's thinking 'okay, I can do this…I just need one more try…'
-I guess Jack can't do anything after all.
-Upon reflection that was really smart of Nina. Cruel, but smart.
-For the record, that kiss lasted 2 weeks and 9 minutes. :-)
-That was some nice thinking, breaking the chair like that. Bravo, Jack.
-Neat Samurai move by Jack with the stick…was he taking lessons from Miguel?
-Well, at least he helps her up…
-Was Sherry wearing her wedding ring around her neck?
-LOTW Contender - Sherry to Day-vit "I can still be whatever you want me to be." - ahh, it's good to have Sherry back.
-Jack did a great job of covering up how he felt about Claudia and Sutherland did a great job of acting it. Good stuff.
-The bad news about that whole thing is that there is no way that Nina doesn't know. We saw way back in season one that she can read Jack like a book, therefore we can only hope that what she knows doesn't come out at the wrong time with the fact that he is in love with Claudia. Although, I guess with Hector being dead there isn't a huge amount to worry about.
-Well, I for one, would like to know what Alan Milliken's deep dark secret is.
-Just so we know, if you didn't already (I know I didn't) Chagrin Falls is in Ohio. Click here to see their page.
-It's good that Sherry's deviousness can come in handy.
-That's a nice LED flashlight that Amador has… I was just playing with one at work the other day that looked a lot like that…
-I knew Chase wouldn't leave Jack out there like that. It would be a too nice of an end for him to pack up and go home to be with Kim.
-I hope that there is a lot of bush cover around the meeting area because I think that it is safe to say there will be three different groups hiding here - The Salazar's, CTU/Chase and Amador's people. It would be interesting if Jack came across Chase while crawling through the bushes… "Fancy meeting you here."
-I have a really bad feeling about Chase going out there by the way. He could really get killed in a lot less than the 90 seconds it will take the team to get there.
-This episode felt like forever "next time". We were pretty quickly told that nothing significant was going to happen with the virus until 12:45am. We are destined to wait and then very likely destined to cliff-hang for another week after that.
-Watching Amador with the virus was pretty scary, actually. I was surprised how effective that was.
-It's pretty radioactive green, isn't it? Also, it's got chunkies in it…eww.
-At least Tony believes that Jack will find a way to call in. I guess he's seen what Jack can do.
-Was Amador talking to his employer or is there someone else involved here?
-I keep getting this weird thing crossing my mind that maybe Amador is working for good guys too from the US or another country and he is trying to bring down buyers too. I know that this is really, really unlikely but after the little (huge) bad-guys-are-actually-good-guys from before my mind is searching for a creative way out of this…call me crazy.
-LOTW contender: Alan to David: "you think you can enlist your psychopathic ex-wife to manufacture lies about me in order to bring me down."
-Jack had better hope Ramon doesn't check the call history on that cell phone.
-Is is just me or did these words sound weird coming from Sherry? "Good, I'm glad, you deserve a little bit if happiness." She's the cause of most of his misery.
-I guess Jack would be honouring his word if he got Ramon to kill Nina.
-Just a thought here, I realize that the Nina storyline has to end eventually and I have a feeling it may be this year. Does anyone else feel that Jack HAS to be the one who kills her? It just wouldn't be right if it happened by accident or someone else did it, it needs to be Jack, or she needs to kill him but we can't let that happen.
-I wonder if Kim knows that she wasn't the only one affected by Nina. Tony was dating her. I know that's not as big as her killing Teri but still, she should show a bit of compassion.
-I thought it was really nice that Tony agreed to do what he could to get Nina.
-Chase got clean really fast and then dirty again so he could go and hide in the bushes.
-So, everyone seems to agree that Milliken is dangerous but how dangerous? I think we're gonna find out.
-I found it interesting that Sherry kept drawing parallels between herself and Wayne. Is this significant?
-Interesting pairs of brothers we have here showing brotherly love. David won't fire Wayne and is too noble to let him go. Ramon, on the other hand, is in the middle of the power struggle with his brother and ends up killing him. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum.
-I'm sad that I'll never get to hear Hector say Clowd-ia again.
-I loved how Jack was standing there with his mouth hanging open after Ramon shot Hector and then, like he realized what he looked like, closed it. It was just kinda funny.
-Three words about Ramon and Hector - I called it. (Not to be cocky or anything)


Originally Aired 01/27/03

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