Chase is still hanging in the Salazar's shed. He is strung up by his wrists and he looks pretty bad. The man in charge, Eduardo, grabs a cattle prod from a nearby table and shows Chase what it can do. He asks how many more are coming but Chase doesn't answer. He asks if they are "Americano's" or "Federale's" or both. Chase still refuses to answer so he nods to the other man who lifts up Chase's shirt and the man zaps him with the prod.
Adam, Michelle and Chloe are in a conference room as Tony comes in and asks where they are. Adam says that they may be able to reposition a satellite but it will take two circulations. Tony says that will take too long. Gael's phone rings and when he checks it he sees it's Hector. Tony says to get the trace going and once everyone is ready, Gael answers. Hector wants to know what's going on and Gael says he was at Division, he just got back. There are no problems and he is back at CTU. Hector asks if they suspect they are working together and Gael says that they wouldn't be having this conversation if they did. Hector quickly explains what happened at the auction and says that a woman named Nina Myers outbid them. Gael makes quick eye contact with Tony as Hector continues to explain that Bauer says that he knows her and he is going to try and get to her. Hector passes the phone to Jack and Gael looks very relived to hear from him. Jack gives the number as 011525532240135. Gael takes a second to quickly ask Jack if he is all right and Jack confirms he is and asks Gael to get back to him as soon as he has a location on Amador. Jack passes the phone back to Hector who says that Bauer's partner showed up. Hector says that he is alive for now and they are trying to get out of him whether he came alone. Hector asks Gael if he did but Gael explains that Chase is Field Op's and he doesn't have access to their information. Hector snaps at him to get it. Gael tells Hector that it is a good idea to keep Chase alive at least until they find out if there are others coming. They hang up the phone and they have a location on the phone. It is about four miles out of where they last had Jack, Tony tells them to run a progressive triangulation on Amador's cell. Tony leaves the room and goes right to Kim. He tells her that they found her father and he is under with Salazar's. He says Jack is fine and Kim thanks him. She asks about Chase and Tony explains that they have captured him and they re holding him. Tony's guess it is so they can interrogate him. Once they get the virus they will go in for Chase. Kim understands and thanks Tony for not keeping this from her. The conversation is over but Tony doesn't leave. Kim asks somewhat awkwardly if there is anything else but Tony says that he was just making sure she is okay. He leaves Kim and as he walks Michelle joins him. She asks if he told Kim and he says he did. She asks if he told her about Nina and he says he did not, she doesn't need to know about that now.
The SUV's pull up to the Salazar's ranch and Hector, Jack and Ramon get out. Jack says there will be 10 minutes on the track so Ramon tells Hector he will call their clients and let them know there has been a delay. Hector, while stuffing his gun down the front of his pants, says that he is going to see if they are getting anywhere with Jack's partner. As he starts to walk away he passes one of the trucks and Sergio, Claudia's little brother, comes out and stops Hector. He explains that his sister said that she is going to take him and his father away from Hector. He asks when and Sergio says soon. He says that he doesn't want to leave Hector. Hector assures him that he would never leave him. He instructs him to go back to bed and not to say anything, he will talk to Claudia. Ramon and Jack enter the house where Claudia is. Jack goes to her and, while watching his back, asks how Chase is. She says that he is holding on. Jack says that he has to go with Ramon to get the virus but as soon as she gets a chance she needs to get Chase and get out of there. Chase knows how to get in touch with the teams. Hector comes in and goes over to Claudia. Jack has backed out of the room and is listening from not far away. Hector asks her if she is planning on going somewhere. Claudia says no but Hector tells that Sergio says she is packing a bag and telling him that they are going away. Claudia comes up with a story saying that he was being bad and she was trying to keep him in line. He said that he wanted a gun like his and when she said no he got nasty, so she scared some sense into him. Hector accepts the story and says that Sergio is a good boy and for her not to scare him. Claudia tells him not to encourage him to play with guns. As Jack has been listening outside, he sees Sergio peeking out through the curtain. Hector leaves and outside Ramon calls Jack; it is time to go. Jack leaves as Claudia watches.
Michelle comes into Tony's office and closes the door. She starts to talk and says that she owes him an apology.
He says she doesn't owe him anything. If she thought he wasn't fit to perform his duties then it was her job to report it. But, she should know that he would never risk the effectiveness of this unit just to prove how tough he is. She starts to say that she felt…but he cuts her off and says that he knows what she felt. The phone rings and Tony answers it on speaker. The voice on the other side wants Michelle downstairs.
Chloe is on the phone and is distraught. She asks what the person means? She can't just get up and leave. Finally she agrees and hangs up.
The men are still beating on Chase, Hector comes in and one if the men says that Chase is stubborn. Hector tells them to move and gets out a knife. He cuts Chase down and he falls to the ground. They drag him over to a wall and Hector says that CTU doesn't have his travel plans in their record? He slams Chase on the wall when he doesn't answer. Hector says to tell him and this will all be over. Again Chase says nothing so Hector draws his gun and puts it to the palm of Chases' hand and fires. Chase screams and buckles and they let him fall to the ground. Hector starts to leave and says to keep at it. If he doesn't crack soon, use gasoline. Chase appears to be unconscious as they drag him away from the wall and leave him lying on the ground.
Palmer asks a man in his office if all agencies are up to speed and is told yes. Wayne comes in and wants a moment with David. Wayne says that he just got off the phone will Sullivan and he's pulling. Palmer has lost 3 and if Milliken doesn't call off his dogs they are not going to get health care passed. Wayne says that he is showing that he has the ability to start and stop Palmer's presidency. Wayne says that he can't lose the debate and the most important bill of his presidency, he would be handing Keeler the election. Wayne says that he will quit but David says no. Wayne admits his affair with Milliken's wife was stupid and wrong and David agrees with him but they can't let this happen. There has to be a way to get to Milliken. David's phone rings and he picks it up
Chloe is on the phone and coming down the stairs. She snaps at the person on the other end asking if they can follow instructions, calling him Justin. She goes out the back door of CTU and there is a car there. A young girl gets out and Chloe says that she has every right to be angry with her. The girl says that she told her it was a family emergency and Chloe snaps, 'well, now there are two family emergencies.' She opens the back of the car and there is a baby in there. Chloe takes it saying hello and leaves the car telling the girl that her job is in serious jeopardy.
Hector comes back to join Jack and Ramon. Ramon asks him what he learned from his partner and Hector says that he can take a bullet through the hand without saying anything useful. Jack looks concerned as the phone rings. Jack talks with Gael who says the have located Amador, they are moving west and are not far from the ranch. Hector doesn't want to let them get too far ahead and says to get everyone ready. Jack says that's not a good idea. They do not want to ambush Amador unless they are sure he has the virus with him. Jack wants to go in alone but Ramon assures him he is not going anywhere alone. Ramon tells Hector to stay there and takes the phone from Jack telling him that he is driving.
Claudia is with Sergio and asks if he is still not asleep? She says everything is okay and he smiles. The door opens and Claudia peeks through the curtain out to the living room. She sees Hector sit down and try to unwind. She pulls the curtain tight, grabs her jacket and leaves the building. Outside she catches a glimpse of Jack and Ramon leaving and then sees her father who is smoking near a truck. She goes to him and her father says that he doesn't know what they want with that man. Claudia doesn't know but he is still alive. She tells her father to get ready and to get Sergio. She takes a cigarette from the package he has and then tells him to do something to the truck so they can't follow them. Claudia leaves her jacket hanging on the truck and heads toward the shed that they have Chase in. Her father tells her to be careful and then gets into a nearby truck and gets to work. Claudia gets to the outside of the shed where one of the men is standing. She asks him if he as a light and he answers yes. He puts his rifle down and turns around slightly as she picks it up and hits him in the head with it. He is knocked out and she starts to drag him away.
Wayn enters a nice resturant where Julia is waiting. He sits across form her and says that it's been a long time. Julia says hi and Wayne thanks her for meeting with him. Julia says that she thinks he is here because her husband is asking for the president to fire him. Wayne says that it's about more than his job. It's about the presidency; it is not fair to the people of the country if the president is exploited. Instead of answering to that Julia says that 'I do love it when you get all noble,' She then asks what she is supposed to do? Wanye answers that everyone thinks Alan dominates her but the truth is he needs her. He suggests that he make him think that she'll leave him if he doesn't back down. Ulia says he'd never belive it but Wayne says o make him beklive it. Julia grabs his hand and says that she missed him. She asks if he missed her? Wayne asks what difference it makes and hse kleans in and kisses him. He pulls away and says to stop. She asks again if he thinks of her and finally he admits that he does. He thinks about her but it doesn't mean anything. She says that she thinks of him and it does mean something. Wayne says that he didn't come here for this but Julia says that she wants something in return. She likes being Mrs. Alan Milliken but that doesn't have anything to do with her and him. She asks him to come back to her. That is what she wants in return. She says that it worked before, it can work again. She reaches out and touches his face but Wayne says that it never worked for him. She looks down and then says she is afraid that she can't help him. She gets up and leaves him sitting here.
Chase is lying on the ground and Eduardo tells him to 'talk to me, you bastard.' He grabs some gasoline and dumps it on the hand that Hector shot. He tells Chase that if he doesn't talk Hector will talk it out on him. Claudia comes in and tells Eduardo to back off. He lets go of Chase who pulls his wounded hand to him. Claudia says that Hector thinks he might talk to her. Claudia goes over to Chase and stands with her back to Eduardo who is near the wood-burning oven. Claudia tells Chase to 'tell these men what you know and your suffering will end.' While she speaks she leans over and hands Chase a knife from the kitchen. Chase, for show, asks why he should trust her. She answers, 'because if you don't these men will burn you alive.' Eduardo, who is behind her, smiles at this. She gets up and as she does she grabs the can of gasoline that was being used on Chase and throws it in Eduardo's face. He is temporarily surprised and Chase takes the opportunity to stab him numerous times. They both fall and Chase rolls off his body onto the ground next to him. He tells Claudia to check his pockets, he has a phone and that there is a gun on the table. She follows his instructions as he pulls himself up and picks up a canteen. He pours the contents over his hand and whimpers with pain. He then moves to the oven and starts to pull out a metal rod that was sitting in it. She asks him what he is doing and he answers that he has to stop the bleeding or he could die. He puts it on the wound and smoke comes up from his hand. She looks away and when he is finished she helps him to his feet and says they have to go. Chase asks for the gun and she helps him walk out of the barn. He is having trouble containing himself and occasionally grunts and squeals from the pain.
The two of them near the truck and Claudia's dad has just finished putting Sergio in the truck and then helps Claudia get Chase into the bed of the truck. The two of them get in the back and Claudia's father gets in the drivers seat. He tells Sergio to get down and Claudia gets under her jacket, Chase tries to bend down. Two men approach and ask Claudia's dad where he is going. He explains that Hector wants him to pick something up for him. One of them draws his gun and moves around the back, as he does, Chase shoots him and his friend. Hector hears the shots inside and gets up and runs outside. Claudia's father starts to speed away, hatch open on the truck. Hector starts shooting and as they get out of range he runs to his truck and tries to turn it over. It won't start and he pulls out a mess of cords from under the dash. Chase is breathing hard and finally turns to Claudia and says "thank-you, thank-you." There is no response and he looks down at her seeing she is not moving. He pulls her hair back and finds a gunshot wound in her head. Chase says nothing but looks into the front seat of the truck and sees her father.
Chloe is working in her office and Chapelle comes upstairs. Her child is on the ground in the car seat. She gets up and walks away from her moving toward Chapelle. She tells him that the teams are in position and continues to draw him away from the baby. He instructs her that as soon as they hear from Chase he wants the Attorney General, Division and everyone else conferenced in. She says yes and Chapelle stars to go but hears the baby. He asks what that was and she say nothing. The baby makes another noise and then Chapelle knows. He turns around and looks betide the desk seeing the kid. He asks, "is that your child?" She confirms it is but says that she is not interfering with he wok and also there is no rule saying she can't have it there. Chapelle says that there is no rule because it's common sense. He tells her to "get it out of here." He turns to leave and she tells him that 'parents are a protected group, Mr. Chapelle, this isn't fair.
Gael gives Jack the instructions on where Amador is and Jack tells him, 'good work.' Jack tells Ramon that Nina will be with them soon or she already is. He says that he must isolate her and they pull over the car. Soon an SUV with Nina in it drives by. They both hide in the vehicle and then Jack asks to see the night scope. Nina gets out of the SUV with the same thug. Jack counts three men there and is ready to go. Ramon tells Jack that he is not to be out of his sight. Jack says that he is trained to do this. Jack says that if he goes in himself he might succeed, if they go in together then they will both get killed. Jack tells Ramon to go and wait by the road after he is in the building. He leaves the truck and Ramon gets out to watch with the night scope. Jack sneaks over and then starts to cross the road. A few steps in he hears another vehicle coming down the road. He dives off into the bushes headfirst and curls up pulling his jacket over his head. After the vehicle passes Jack gets up and creeps along with Ramon watching. He reaches the front of the building and sees a thug. Ramon watches closely as Jack crosses another pillar. The thug draws his gun and starts to walk. Jack watches through the window Nina and Amador talk. He tells Nina that he will call her in about half an hour. Nina protests about jumping though all the hoops but he assures her they are to protect them. Jack leaves and starts to walk a bit faster when someone says 'freeze' it is the thug. Jack throws his hands up and says that he is unarmed. He calls for Nina and Jack grabs him and the gun goes off. This attracts Nina and the other thugs. Two come around the corner shooting but their friend is in front of Jack. The first one shoots him and then Jack, falling with the dead first thug, shoots back and kills the other one. Nina loads her gun and the last thug and her head through the corridor. Jack picks him off and he goes down. Nina has her gun but Jack tells her to put it down. He instructs he to get back in the church and she does. Jack follows with his gun still out and tells her to take a seat. She does and he tells her not to worry, if he wanted to kill her she would be dead by now. He hears something and turns around with this gun drawn. It's the last thug that Jack had jus shot and as he turns Nina hits him hard in the face with the metal briefcase that she was carrying. Jack falls unconscious on the ground.
Adam runs up the stairs to Tony's office and announces that it's Chase on the phone, he just called in. Tony picks up and asks Chase where he is. Chase is standing in what appears to be the middle of nowhere and the Ford that they drove is smoking. Chase explains that the truck broke down but they are about 15 miles out of the Salazar camp. When Tony asks he tells him that Jack has gone with Ramon Salazar to get the virus. They are tracing the phone to get his location and Tony says there should be a rescue chopper there in about 10 minutes. Chase says that they need to know he is bringing 2 people with him and the body of the woman that helped him escape. Tony asks who it was and Chase says that it was Hector Salazar's girlfriend. Chase asks Tony to tell Kim that he will call her as soon as he is on safe ground. Tony agrees and they hang up. Chase is having trouble staying standing and hobbles over to the bed of the truck and leans over onto the open back. He looks up and Claudia's father is holding her and crying speaking words in Spanish.
Jack is now handcuffed to a chair but still unconscious and Nina grabs him by the chin and flings his head up. He comes to and she asks if he isn't here to kill her, why is he here? Jack doesn't answer but looks at the man sitting in the corner nursing his wound and says he needs to see her alone. Nina says that's not gonna happen so Jack asks how much her buyer is paying her. Nina answers two million and Jack says the Salazar's are willing to pay her a lot more. Nina asks how much more and Jack says at least 10 times as much. Nina is intrigued but asks what happens when she doesn't deliver the virus? They will hunt her down and kill her. Jack says that with that kind of money you could disappear and never be found. Nina wants to know about Jack and he says that he is getting enough to disappear. She tells him that he is not the type to sell out and doesn't believe he could switch sides. Jack says that he lost everything. 'When I went under with the Salazar's I gave them my soul and what was waiting for me, nothing, no one.' Nina asks about Kim but Jack says quietly that she never forgave him for what happened to her mother. He plans on giving her most of the money. Nina seems to believe this and asks that if he is working alone, what is going to stop him from killing her the first chance he gets. Jack says that he just broke Ramon Salazar out of an American prison. He can't ever go back there. He just wants to get his money and disappear. The thug in the corner starts to try and get up and says to Nina that 'this guy shouldn't be breathing. Kill him or I'm calling in.' Nina pulls her gun out and levels it at Jack's forehead, barrel touching him. She takes a second; steps back, and squares herself while Jack waits with his eyes closed. Quickly she turns the gun and shoots the thug in the corner. Jack looks relived and she asks "What are you up to, Jack?"
Wayne enters Palmer's office and says that he just met with Julia. He wanted to see if she would help. David seems uninterested and goes back to work. Wayne sits and tells David that she said no. Wayne says he has been thinking and Palmer doesn't have an alternative. Wayne says that this is his mess and he will clean it up. He wants David to let him resign. David says that he may ask for Wayne to resign when this is all over but he will not do it because Milliken is forcing him to. He has been doing some thinking too and if Milliken wants to play dirty he can too. He asks Wayne to leave and then looks at the phone. He dials a number from memory and the phone rings in a darkened room. After a few rings a person comes into the camera focus and Sherry Palmer picks up the phone. Palmer identifies himself and Sherry immediately asks what is wrong. Palmer says that he needs her help and Sherry says she is listening. He says he is downtown and he needs to see her tonight. Sherry wants to know more but David says he can't say over the phone but it is about Alan Milliken. Sherry understands and Palmer says he will send a car.
In the split screen we see Ramon in the car, the people at CTU waiting and the chopper coming in to get chase.
Jack is still bound to the chair and Nina hangs up the phone. She appears to be thinking and then puts it down and approaches Jack. She says that he really did break Salazar out of prison. Jack explains, "I'm not the man you knew before." Nina drops to her knees in front of him and says that she doesn't know about that. Her hands are on his knees. She says for 20 million dollars she is going to keep an open mind. She starts by saying, "so Jack…" and runs her hands up his legs as he glances down. She says that if they are going to do this she needs to know one thing, "are you gonna be able to forgive me for killing Teri." Jack says that 'I told you, if I wanted you dead you would be already. All I want is to do this, finish this deal and disappear for good.' She looks at him and he draws back slightly. She starts to move towards him and there is a pause until finally, they kiss.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-That's a really neat tattoo that Chase had. I wonder if it's make-up or actually Badge-Dale's.
-Watching the first few minutes of this episode I am really reminded of the Jack-torture scene from season two. Some if it was practically identical and it seems as though Badge-Dale watched it and tried to do the same thing because his expressions were nearly the same too.
-It's good to see Gael can think on his feet, especially about keeping chase alive to Hector…
-A little guilt for Tony there, keeping the Nina thing from Kim like that, especially after she thanked him for being forward with him about the issues. Oh, look, what's that over the horizon? An ugly confrontation maybe?
-Claudia just keeps proving herself again and again. Good cover story about the gun, especially since we saw that plotline earlier…now if we can only make sense of the Chloe-baby plotline we'll be set.
Line of the week contender: I would not risk the effectiveness of this entire unit just to prove how tough I am!
-I think Tony is being really sensible about the entire 'wife thinks I'm a macho freak' plotline. I was really surprised that he was not more mad than he is…but maybe it will come back to get Michelle in a more subtle way later.
-I'm thinking that Chase is pretty rough right now. The whole shot in the hand thing has gotta suck. And then having to cauterize it, for yourself?!?! That's some intense pain.
-Just a bit of research on hands, numerous muscles, ligaments, and sheaths can be found within the hand. The muscles are the structures that can contract, allowing movement of the bones in the hand. The ligaments are fibrous tissues that help bind together the joints in the hand. The sheaths are tubular structures that surround part of the fingers. (http://www.nyp.org/health/cd_rom_content/adult/orthopaedics/handpain.htm)
Unfortunately on the page I looked at there was nothing about gunshots through the hand, strange, huh? ;-) but I do imagine Chase would have some movement problems in there after this.
-Okay, we get the idea, David is noble and will not be played blah blah blah but could we go somewhere new? Please? I think the return of Sherry will be significant and will probably lead us in that 'new' direction, but still…
-Claudia is tougher and tougher, I like her! She's a good match for Jack, tough like him, knocking out thugs with guns and stuff…good show, finally a woman that can stick up for herself.
-On the same page, she's really thinking by getting her dad to fix the trucks…
-I am really nervous about all these people sticking their guns down the front of their pants. I'm just really hopinh the safety is on 'cause you could do some real damage…
-Did James Badge-Dale do a good job in the scenes were Claudia rescues him or what? I was completely and totally impressed….BRAVO! Not to mention Claudia, she was just awesome.
-I laughed at the slasher sound effects that were added when Chase killed Eduardo…I don't think that little knife would make that much noise…
-Any bets on how Jack is gonna react to the death of Claudia? I think they'll both be having a side-order of guilt with this one along with Hector since he did the shooting.
-Line of the week contender: "get it out of here." - Ryan Chapelle
-I think Jack and Ramon are just a little obvious sitting on the side of the road there…you would think Nina would have noticed.
-Jack's dive into the bushes was just great…perfect form, I give it a 10!
-I'm lovin' the H2 Hummers in these episodes…
-Hasn't Jack learned his lesson about turning his back on Nina?
-Line of the week contender - "Convince Me" - Nina.
-I've got bets on Chase not getting on that chopper…too easy.
-If I hadn't seen the preview I would have been practically wetting myself watching Nina hold the gun to Jack like that…unfortunately I saw the preview and knew Jack survived to 'the kiss'…Don't ask me how I feel about Fox right now….
-So, what's the history with Sherry and Milliken? Interesting…
-I am SO happy that my 2 favourite baddies are back, Nina and Sherry…b-e-a-utiful!


Originally Aired 01/13/03

~ 3.10 - Convincing~