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Tony is trying to explain everything to Chapelle. He is angry and asks if this has all been some kind of game? Tony assures him it's not a game, Jack is back under with the Salazar's and they trust him. Chapelle thinks he should have been informed but Tony is sure Chapelle will understand after they explain everything to the president. Chloe hands the phone over to Tony and says that the president is coming on the line.

David and Wayne are together. David gets on the phone and says that he was told this was an urgent matter. Tony assures him it is but it is kind of complicated and asks that the president try and stay with him. He says that everything that has happened today from Ramon Salazar's prison break to the infected body that was dropped off is part of an elaborate sting operation that was planned and executed by Tony, Gael and Jack Bauer. Palmer asks Tony to elaborate so he does. Tony says that Jack wanted to fill the president in by himself but Palmer doesn't get it, he says that Jack Bauer is a fugitive fom the law. Tony gives him instructions to access a CTU server and in no time there is a video feed of a very composed Jack sitting in his office speaking to a camera. He says very clearly that if Palmer is seeing this then the plan must have worked. He informs everyone that the Salazar's are not in possession of the cordillera virus and asks for them to allow him to explain. Jack tells them about some Ukrainians who have a very deadly virus, more deadly then anything they have ever seen. They were looking to sell it and they only took Jack seriously after he brought the Salazar's into it. Jack apologises for doing this and says that he will accept any consequences. If the President had known about this and it had gone wrong it would have affected Palmer legally and politically. He asks that Tony be able to do his job and says goodbye. David is very angry about the entire situation. He says that keeping him in the dark was a mistake and they will have to pay the price when this is all over. Tony says he understand and tells Palmer that Jack is in Northern Mexico and is waiting to set up a meeting with the Ukrainians. He asks for Palmer's permission to go head and Palmer agrees only because he feels he doesn't have a choice. He threatens Tony that even if the plan works flawlessly they have not heard the last of it. Palmer picks up the phone and slams it down to hang up the call. Palmer is fuming but Wayne thinks he should be as far away from this plan as possible. Jack and Tony were right to keep him out of the loop. Wayne agrees that he will have to punish them for his but he needs to keep in mind that they did the right thing.
Back at CTU the meeting is adjourned. Tony stops Michelle and asks her to do some work for him on the network. Chapelle comes over to Tony and says that he is not so sure this is gonna work out well for him in the end. Tony doesn't seem to care and tells Ryan to get out of his hair and let him do his job. Chapelle chooses now to pull rank and remind Tony that he works for him, not the other way around. Tony answers by suggesting that he call the president and see what he thinks but 'I don't think that he's in the mood for any bureaucratic squabbling today.' Chapelle chooses not to call but warns that he will be watching. Tony is left standing alone, he leans over the table. Michelle watches from a distance.
Ramon Salazar is cleaned up and takes a drink. Jack has gotten changed and comes in the room. Ramon asks Hector to 'tell me how the man who betrayed us in now our friend?' Hector explains that Bauer came to him with an opportunity to make more money then they ever dreamed of. There are a group of scientists from Ukraine that have developed this virus but just want to make their money and disappear. They are asking one hundred million for it but there are people lined up that will pay ten times as much. Hector says that it will be a billion dollars. They had a demonstration this morning, which was the body that was dropped off by Jack Bauer in LA. Jack finally speaks saying that they are not far from them now; the contacts name is Michael Amador. Ramon is unsure and asks, 'what's in it for you Jack?' Jack says that there is 15 million dollars in it for him. He continues that Ramon and him don't like each other but they can still work together. Ramon is amazed, he didn't think Jack would flip sides and he is not so sure even now. Jack explains that, "A few of years ago my wife was killed because of my job, my daughter's never been the same since. Just this last year…you know what I went though to being you in, and what do I get for it? A pat on the back, in the end, a demotion, and a heroin habit," Jack continues that, "I'm tired of putting my ass on the line for nothing. I'm done putting my ass on the line for nothing." Hector gives Ramon the choice. He puts a gun on the table and says that if he doesn't want to go through with it, blow him away. He motions at Jack but cautions him to remember, he is blowing away a billion dollars. Ramon hardly hesitates, picks up the gun and levels it at Jack. As he shoots Hector grabs his arm. He asks if he is crazy? That is a billion dollars. They begin to argue as Hector takes the gun and won't give it back. Ramon asks if Hector is giving him an order and who he thinks he is. Jack calmly interrupts and says that he has to call within the hour or they'll find another buyer. There is too much at stake for them to wait. He tells them that, "you can either shoot me or let me make the call but you'd better decide quickly."
Tony is briefing CTU on the transponder on Jack's watch and his location in Las Nieves. He is at a ranch or farm. Tony starts to delegate and realizes that Chase is missing. Michelle says that Chapelle called him back to CTU and he should be on his way. The meeting is let out and Kim grabs Tony. She tells him that she has talked to Chase and he is ignoring Chapelle's order and going after Jack. Tony concludes that if he goes in there he's gonna blow Jack's cover and they're gonna lose the virus. He wants to try to contact him but Kim explains he has gone dark.
Jack is in a room alone and his curled up on an old bed. He is breathing hard and suddenly the door opens. He sits up and tries to compose himself as the person enters, Claudia. She carries a tray with some food on it and says that Hector thought he might be hungry. She puts the tray down, walks over to Jack and slaps him on the face. She calls him pathetic and asks, "You're still a junkie, aren't you?" She says that it's the only real thing about him. She says that 'it makes me sick to think I ever believed you, you said you'd take me away from here, do you remember Jack?' Jack gruffly says yes, he remembers. Claudia says that there was one small thing he forgot to mention, he was a cop. She says that 'it wouldn't have mattered if you meant half of the things you said to me.' Jack tries to explain that; "I meant everything I ever said to you." But she cuts him off asking if he thinks she's stupid. She accuses him of doing a job. She gives her compliments, he did if very well but 'the saddest thing, Jack, is that you couldn't even be true to that. You betrayed Hector and Ramon, betrayed me and now you betray your people. At times I despise Hector but at least he is true to himself. He knows who he is. You? You are a man without a soul.' Jack wipes his face and asks, "Does Hector know about us?" Claudia answers, "Do you think I'd still be alive if he did?" She asks if he knows where Hector is right now? He is with Ramon deciding whether he should live or die "while you sit here shaking like a leaf". She asks, " Do you need a fix? There's plenty here Jack, do you want me to get you a fix?" Jack looks at her and says no as he shakes his head yes. She puts her hands on his face and kneels down level with him. She says quietly, "Jack…you were a man, once. What happened to you?" Jack closes his eyes for a second and then slowly grabs her hands taking them away from his face. She gets up and silently leaves as Jack stays there. He is hit with a wave of pain and doubles over.
Tony is sending a photo of Chase to Miguel from Mexican intelligence, Tony explains that Chase is acting on his own authority and should be considered armed and dangerous. Tony hangs up the phone and then starts to walk around his office but then becomes faint and falls over. He lay on the ground for a second and then comes to, rubs his eyes and slowly gets up. He takes a breath and leaves his office heading down the stairs. Michelle and Kim let him know that they can get agent Raphael Guieterez to Las Nieves in twenty minutes. They say that there is only one landing strip in the town and Kim is sure Chase will not use it since it is too exposed. Tony tells them to find the most likely landing spot using topographic maps.
Palmer asks Wayne if he has seen Anne. Wayne says no and David says she is worried about her; she was pretty ripped up after the debate. Wayne says that they're all pretty ripped up. They discuss the best way to deal with this issue; Wayne says that his best bet is to be evasive. Palmer says that they are going to wait for all the information to come in and so should Keeler and his people. Wayne will put Berry on it.
Anne takes the elevator and gets off. She knocks on the door to Ted's place and he answers. He thanks her for coming and she comes in his apartment. There are boxes everywhere and Ted explains that he wanted to apologise to her face to face. He doesn't know what he was thinking. Anne wants to cut to the chase and asks where the letters are. He says they are here and grabs his jacket. As he lifts it up a gun can be seen on the chair. Anne sees it and he notices and covers it up. He says it is not meant for her so she asks for who, then? He doesn't answer and she asks if he is thinking about killing himself. Ted tries to tell her that it is for self-defence but she says not to lie to her. She knows some good doctors but Ted says who are they, just high priced phonies to talk him out of what he should have done five years ago. He walks around saying that he is a failure. He asks her not to shed any tears for him he doesn't deserve it. Anne goes for the gun on the chair but so does Ted. They struggle and he gets it. He holds it up to his temple and tells her not to come any closer. Anne wants to call someone but Ted says no. She is a great woman, better than he deserved. He wants her to get out of there. He yells for her to go. Anne says that it doesn't have to be like this but Ted asks how it can be? Can they be 25 again? Anne tells him that what he did was wrong but he can start again, people do it all the time, why not him? Ted pulls the gun away and says that she is really something. He says that if he gave her a few more minutes she may have been able to talk him out of it. She goes at him and they struggle over the gun but Ted again prevails. She falls to the floor and he pulls the trigger, we hear him hit the ground.
Tony is on the phone and tells the other end that they can expect updates from him every fifteen minutes. He hangs up and leans over his desk and looks like he is in pain. Michelle has just arrived in the office and is watching Tony. Michelle says that he should be in the hospital and he looks at her. He says he is fine and asks what she has for him. Michelle hands him a briefing on Las Nieves landing sites. He thanks her and then asks if something is wrong. She says she is just worried about him. Tony leans on the edge of his desk and says 'uh-huh. What is it?' Michelle says this is not the time but Tony asks again what it is. She relents and says that this whole thing that he has been planning with Jack. Before she finishes he says that he is sorry that he couldn't tell her but Jack wanted absolute secrecy. Michelle says that he doesn't have to explain but he wants to. He says that, 'I trust you with my life but this job is what it is.' Michelle says that Jack said he came up with the plan a month ago and Tony admits it was "something like that." Michelle says that she just had no idea that he was hiding something from her. Tony looks at the floor and then Michelle says that it is her problem, leaving him there.
Wayne is in a hallway; he heads into the office and hangs up the phone. He just got off the phone with CTU and says that Delta teams are scrambling now and they will be ready to intercept the virus when Jack gives the signal. Palmers phone rings and its Anne. Wayne gives it to David and immediately she says that it's Ted, he just killed himself. Palmer asks if she is alright and she says no she needs to talk to him. David asks if she called the police and Anne says yes. Palmer asks what he can do to help and she says that Ted wanted her to have letters that exonerate her. Palmer thinks that is second to her well-being. Anne says that she will come over as soon as she is done there. David says goodbye and comes back in to Wayne. He asks if everything is okay and David explains what happened. Wayne's first question is why she was there. David explains that he had letters that get her off the hook. Wayne says that may be a silver lining and continues that he knows he has been somewhat hard on Anne but she cleaned up her own mess and he respects that. Maybe she is learning what it takes to be in this game after all.
Ramon and Hector are discussing the situation with Jack. Ramon doesn't understand why they need Bauer anyway. Hector says he has made the contact with the Ukrainians. Ramon thinks he has an angle but Hector says that 15 million is a pretty big angle. Hector says that he's seen Bauer, he's a shell, there's nothing left, no future, no family and a habit he can't beat. He is not the same person who fooled them before. Their people in the American agencies confirmed that the prison break was real. Ramon questions if they are just going to let him go. Hector asks if he thinks he could just let him go? As soon as they get the virus they will kill him. Ramon thinks they need to be careful with Bauer and they shouldn't underestimate him. Hector assures him it will be easy, it is Hector who has been underestimated. He reminds Ramon that they will make more money today than the entire rest of their lives. Hector says that they don't have all night to decide, they are waiting for the call. Ramon gets on his walkie talkie and tells them to bring Bauer in. Hector asks what he is going to do and Ramon doesn't know yet. Tomas, the thug from the plane, brings Jack in. Ramon says that he doesn't trust Jack and he never will, 'all I want right now is to spill your blood but I won't yet out of respect for my little brother.' Jack explains that they won't be at the number for another fifteen minutes and Ramon says they'll wait. Jack says he won't be sorry. He makes eye contact with Hector and then back showing a little pain.
Tony, Michelle and Kim are hovering around a phone and it rings. Tony answers and it is Raphael from Las Nieves. He says there is no sign of Edmunds and Tony wants to know how big their team is. Raphael asks what team? We see him sitting alone in the dark. Tony asks if he is kidding but Raphael reasons that the Salazar's have lots of influence there and he didn't want to run into any problems. Tony warns that he might have a problem, Chase is one of their more capable agents. He tells him to make sure that he knows he is working with CTU. Raphael sees a plane coming and says that has to be him. He checks the photo again as Tony says to make sure it's him and be careful. He closes the laptop and gets ready. At CTU Kim and Michelle exchange glances. Raphael tells them he is moving in and Tony says again to be careful and Raphael heads out to the plane. He reaches the plane and starts to knock on the hatch and calls Edmunds. Then he opens up the hatch and shines his flashlight inside. He moves through the plane calling but finds it empty. He leaves the plane and says that there is no one there. Tony says he must have spotted him. Raphael starts to move through the bushes calling for Chase. When he gets to his truck he opens the door and suddenly Chase comes out of the dark. He gets Raphael on the ground kneeling and asks who the hell he is. He gives Chase his name and says his ID is in his back left pocket and for Chase to check it. Chase goes and pulls out his ID. Once Chase is happy with that he asks how he knew his name. Raphael explains that he is working with Tony Almeida at CTU and gives Tony's access code. Chase asks what Tony wants and is told that he wants him to call him. He says that it's a matter of life or death about Jack Bauer. Chase, who has let him up, asks Raphael to give him his phone. He slowly gives it to Chase who thanks him. Tony answers on speaker phone and starts to talk. He doesn't get far before Chase says that if he wants him to come back in he's not going to. Before he can finish shots ring out and Raphael is shot dead. Chase hops in the truck that was open and Tony is yelling in the phone asking Chase what's going on and if he can hear him? Chase continues to drive and then finally comes back on the line. Tony asks what's going on and Chase says quickly that Raphael is dead a sniper took him out. Shots come through the windows of the truck and Chase crashes it into a ditch. The phone has fallen to the ground and Tony is yelling for Chase. The fire could be heard at CTU and Kim starts to walk around. Chase is still awake but looks groggily at the lights as about half a dozen trucks park haphazardly around his. The men are quickly there pulling Chase from the vehicle as the others at CTU listen. Michelle looks worried and Kim is upset.
Anne comes to see Palmer. She is stopped by Secret Service and then is allowed by. She knocks and David says for her to come. Wayne is there and looks over his shoulder as they kiss. Wayne asks if she has the letters and Anne hands them over. Wayne takes them to a nearby table and soon says that they are good, very good. It clears everything up once they get authenticated. Anne says coldly that she thought he'd like them. This seems to soften Wayne and says that he's sorry about Ted, he really is. He offers if there is anything that he can do. She thanks him and he leaves them alone. Anne assures David that she is okay, or she will be alright. She says that something at least came out of this and it was suddenly clear to her. She continues that she doesn't know what to say except to just come out and say it. She thinks they need to end things. David asks after what's just happened he can understand why she'd want some time apart. Anne says this day has been awful but it confirms something that she has been wondering for a while. She can't live in his world. The things people do to each other and do to survive, she just can't do that. David says he needs her but she thinks he needs someone who can stand beside him through all this, not behind him and pass judgement on things that she doesn't understand. She tells David that 'you are the finest man I've ever known, and Wayne, God bless him, is just what you need….but it's not for me.' David kisses her and she says goodbye. She turns and leaves and David calls to her retreating back but she does not answer.
Jack calls from at Satellite phone a man by the name of Michael. He identifies himself and asks if he can hear him. He says he can and is glad that he arrived safely. Jack asks where he is but Michael won't tell. Jack asks about the meet and Michael will call him back. Jack says he is on a Sat Phone and gives the number as 34221. Michael says he will hear from him soon and Jack tells Hector that he'd better have his money prepared. Commotion can be heard outside and the thugs are back with Chase. Jack sees him and looks like he doesn't know what to do, jaw dropping slightly. They explain where they found him and that he was with a Federalé. Ramon recognizes him and starts to say that his is Bauer's partner. Jack asks Chase what the hell he is doing there? Ramon thinks that they are together and if he is there others will be there soon. He gives the order to move out. Ramon says that Jack has been working with him all along but Jack says he had no idea that he was coming down there. Jack turns to Hector and begs that he not let his brother piss away a billion dollars. They argue about it and Jack swears he is not lying. Chase is watching closely but Ramon still thinks it has all been an act. Finally Chase asks what the hell is going on here but Jack tells him, 'shut up Chase, you should never have followed me down here.' Chase finally catches on and asks, 'you're with them?' Jack answers with attitude that 'yes, I'm with them.' Chase breaks free from the guards and attacks Jack landing a couple of punches to his midsection. Jack was surprised and before the thugs can pull Chase off, Jack's arm swings back and his watch hits the corner of the wall. Ramon has formulated a plan and approaches Jack. He grabs him and pulls him up by the jacket as Jack winces in pain. Ramon says fine, if he's not with him then kill him, kill his partner. He hands Jack a gun from a box nearby. Jack asks if he wants him to kill him? He looks at them both and says fine, but they'd be smarter to use him for information or as a hostage. Ramon says that Jack keeps saying he is on their side, here is his chance to prove it once and for all. Jack looks at Hector for help but finds no sympathy so says fine and takes the gun. He faces Chase who is now being restrained by a couple of thugs. He says that "you should never have come down here, Chase, you should have listened to me." Chase spits on Jack's face in reply so Jack goes to Chase's right side and holds the gun up to his temple. There is a long pause where Chase waits for it to happen and then Jack pulls the trigger. The chamber clicks but no bullet is fired; the gun is empty. Ramon starts to applaud and comes to Jack saying 'very good Jack, we'll take him with us, lets find out what he knows, break him down and see if anyone else came with him.' They head out of the house.
In the split screen we see Kim waiting, Palmer, and Jack getting in and SUV with Chase and some other thugs. Chase is behind Jack and Chase starts to ask a question. Jack tells him angrily to 'shut up, Chase. If you wanna get through this shut up.' He has taken his watch off and gives it a shake. When it continues to not work he says 'damn it' and shoots a nasty glance at Chase.
Gael enters Tony's office and says that the transmitter on Jack's watch just went dead. Tony swears and says that by the time the assault teams are in place they'll have no idea where he is.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Ooohhh, that explains everything! Mostly.
-You know, I think waiting for this show was surprisingly suspenseful. Usually the over-the-week suspense is caused by these live or die plotlines. This one was a question popping plot that was just as, if not more suspenseful then some of the others.
-I think Palmer is being plain stupid about being angry. Wayne is right, if the plan backfired and Jack got killed or Ramon did or some other thing happened that created pandemonium it would have come back to hurt him. David is overreacting and honestly, it's annoying.
-Talk about night and day. The last time we saw Jack in CTU he looked like garbage. The junk was taking a hold of him and he was a mess. He must have been still using when he did the video because he looks great.
-What would have happened if Tony died? I guess that fits in the 'why we didn't tell Palmer' category. They probably would have tortured Gael to death and then Jack would have been really screwed.
-I wonder if the drugs helped Jack come up with this plan? I have heard that they make people more creative by turning off the little voice in your head, that's why so many great improvising musicians took big time drugs; it stopped the voice from inhibiting their choices. If Jack's little voice was turned off then he would be more prone to coming up with a plan like this one, something this dangerous.
-How does a guy like Chapelle get so high up in CTU? He must have some serious dirt on someone in Washington.
-I'm worried about Tony. He's not Jack, after all. He can't just be dead and then back on his feet in a matter of minutes. In all seriousness he should really be in the hospital.
-I think that Ramon will not let Hector take over that easily. I get the impression that Ramon will be killing Hector before the day is out. Jack said before that he has no weaknesses and that he doesn't care about anything. This power struggle will end in trouble.
-I love how rash Ramon was about killing Jack. Hey, it's only a BILLION dollars. That is a lot of money to blow away and after he thought about it he changed his mind.
-Also, Jack hardly even flinched. He was pretty positive that bullet was going to miss him. I'd be on the ground under the table if a bullet came that close to me.
-A little tip for Tony, probably not a good idea to pass out and then walk down some metal stairs. That would be a hard landing for poor old Tony.
-I have a feeling that the video feed into Tony's office may come back and bite him eventually. Anyone could check it out and see him bail.
-Kim knows how the field agents think, that could be her next assigned position at CTU.
-Now Anne's prints are all over that gun. This could be interesting.
-So, Jack and Claudia…that's interesting. That kind of explains that Kate thing. Either he told her about Claudia and they broke up or he didn't and just dumped her, though I'm sure that it's related somehow.
-I really loved that scene with Jack and Claudia, although the slap could have been a little more real. The lighting was great, both involved did a great job with their lines and it was very emotional. The tension was wonderful and the change in Claudia from trying to be a hard-ass to eventually getting face to face with Jack was perfect. You could see that Jack really cared for her when he was undercover and her words seemed to smart more than the pain of addiction.
-Speaking of addiction, Jack looks really bad. I loved how Sutherland managed to say no while nodding his head and having everything else about him, including his eyes, say yes when he was offered a fix by Claudia.
-I'm not too sure how I feel about Michelle being all uptight about Tony not telling her about the plan. Tony is right when he says that 'this job is what it is.' There are some things that Tony just can not tell her. Does she think other spouses of agents know even half of what their other halves do? Look at Teri in the first season, she openly admits that she has no idea what Jack does to Alan York. Michelle is lucky she knows so much. In the end Michelle says that it is her problem though so I'm unsure how I feel about it over all.
-We can only hope that Jack is expecting the Salazar's to try and kill him after he delivers the virus. The fact that Chase lives may have had a positive side.
-I'm very happy that Kim made the right choice and told Tony that she had talked to Chase. That's one point for Kim in three years.
-Line of the week contender: "what team, its just me." - not quite what Tony expected.
-Do you think it wise for Raphael to be running through the bushes calling Chase like that? He could have just killed him since he was wide open like that.
-Well, telling Chase that it's a matter of life or death about Jack was probably the best way to get Chase to call in.
-Poor Raphael. He spent all that effort to not get killed by Chase and then he gets killed by a sniper.
-That's it, Chase is FIRED from driving getaway any more. He only gets to run away, no driving for him!
-I have to say I'm a little weary of Wayne being so nice to Anne all of a sudden. That's a pretty big change of heart in a shot time. He didn't like her to begin with and then the Ted mess only intensified his dislike. Now everything is fine? It's just too easy.
-Now really, Anne, who breaks up with the President of the United States of America? Especially if it's Palmer, smart, good-looking, noble and the leader of the free world. What more do you want, woman?
-Did I call that, or did I call that? Chase showing up at the Salazar's and Jack having to try to kill him. I'm glad that the gun was empty, I really am. I think Chase is growing on me, but he'll never be a Jack Bauer.
-I loved the look on Jack's face when they brought Chase in. The slight jaw drop and the super wide eyes. Anyone from the Salazar's that was watching would have known that Jack wasn't expecting Chase to show up there.
-Chase was pretty mad at Jack. You gotta kinda feel bad for Jack, after all. He told Chase not to come down there and then he gets punched and spit on by his partner. Not cool. If Chase had died Jack would have probably felt pretty bad that he never learned the truth and died thinking Jack was a traitor.
-I can't believe Jack was going to shoot Chase. I know he had no choice in the situation but could you imagine him explaining that to Kim?