Originally Aired 12/09/03

~ 3.7 - Mind Bender~

Kim is being held in Tech 1 by Gael. He stops her from talking by putting his hand over her mouth. He tells her that he wants to ask her a few questions. He reminds her that this room is soundproof and 'if you scream it won't do anything but make me mad, and you don't want to do that.' He asks if they're gonna be alright and she nods. He slowly takes his hand away and gets out the duct tape. She asks what he is doing to her dad but he doesn't answer saying that he is going to ask the questions. He wants to know how long until they expect her to be finished but she doesn't answer. He draws his gun and says for her not to make him ask again. This time she answers with attitude that she doesn't know, ten minutes. After that she is doing utility work. She tells Gael that what he's doing isn't gonna work but he puts tape over her mouth and proceeds to delete all of the information on the computer he had been working. The erase will be done in about 11 minutes.
Michelle walks over to Adam and she tells him that Tony is out of surgery, she is heading over to the hospital and Gael will be in charge while she is gone. She asks him to send some information to Gael's system and Adam seemingly grudgingly agrees and gets to work. Michelle wants to know about Jack but Adam lets her know that Chase lost him, they have alerted LAPD but he thinks that they're going about this the wrong way. Now that there is no threat they should just saturate the media and hope Jack gets the message. Michelle says that the president doesn't want the media to know about the treat so it's up to them to find Jack. Michelle's phone rings and its Gael. He is calling form Tech 1 and explains that Kim ran into a few problems so he will be a while. Michelle is insistent that he goes to the meeting that Chapelle is holding in the conference room. He relents and prepares to leave Kim alone. He tells her that he is watching and he shows her him Palm Pilot where you can see the room they are in. He tells her not to try anything and turns the chair around to face the wall. He leaves her there and she is still trying to speak. On the other side of the door he hooks his Palm Pilot into the keypad for the room entry. He overrides the access code and walks away.
Michelle is still getting stuff transferred over for Gael and Chapelle comes down and starts the meeting. He tells them that there is no longer a bio-threat and Kyle Singer who was thought to be carrying the virus is completely healthy. Now their main objective is to find Ramon Salazar. Gael slips in the meeting and Chapelle jumped on his lateness, he thinks that if he is going to be taking over for Michelle he needs to be on time. Chapelle asks about finding Jack and Adam says that they've lost his trail. Chapelle asks about Chase and is told by Michelle that they are assuming he is heading back to CTU. Chapelle says not to assume anything.
Ramon is on the plane with some girls. He is offered a drink of champagne but declines. One of the thugs opens a door to another section of the plane and goes in. As he leaves the door open Ramon can see Jack unconscious on the floor. After the door is closed Ramon looks down and then back at the door. He looks across the way at a bottle of champagne and then gets up and picks it up. The thug, Tomas, gives chase to Ramon who opens the door to Jack and starts to pour the champagne on Jack's face. Jack wakes quickly, obviously startled and he tries to focus. Ramon informs Jack that the party is going well; he wanted him to know that. There is something else, for some reason Hector wants Jack alive, 'maybe he wants to kill you himself, maybe he wants to watch me do it, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. Thomas starts to pull at Ramon and get him out of that room leaving Jack there. He rolls over.
Chase is driving his truck still triyng to find Jack. He is talking to Chapelle and explains that him and Jack backpocketed some of Salazar's contacts that are not on the books. Chapelle wants Chase abck to CTU, he protests. He can't do that because as soon as Salazar hands Jack over to his brother they're gonna kill him. Chapelle says that Jack may be already dead but Chase is not gonna stop until he knows for sure. Chapelle again says that he wants Chase back there, now. Chase asks why and Chapelle admits that he knows Jack has been using heroin and since Chase is his partner he must have known as well. Chase says that he had no idea and tries to sound surprised. Ryan doesn't believe him but Chapelle says that the only thing that matters is finding Jack but he can't do that from CTU. Chapelle gives him an ultimatum: 'if you even want a chance of keeping your job get back here, do you understand?' Chase confirms that he understands and hangs up the phone. He continues to drive.
Adam calls Chloe and asks if she knows where Kim is. Chloe doesn't know but both of their servers are still lagging. Gael walks by and and Adam asks if he is going back to Tech 1. He is not right now and wants to know why. Adam says tha the needs something from Kim but he can get her. Gael says that she is not there, Chapelle asked her to take a mirror drive. He offers to get her to call Adam when she gets back. Gael presses as to what he needs and Adam snaps that he needs to find Jack. Maybe Kim can give them some more information. Gael heads over to Michelle and she gives him information on the way things run. Gael is half listening and is watching Adam make some calls. He calls Tech 1 and Kim hears the phone. She manages to roll herself away from the wall and over to the phone. She is taped to the chair and manages to get the phone off the hook by pulling to cord. Just as she does Adam hangs up. Michelle is still talking as Adam crosses the room and heads to Tech 1 himself. Gael asks Michelle if Tony is out of surgery and she says yes. Gael asks if he is going to be okay and she hopes so. Adam has arrived at tech 1, he gives the code and swipes his card but it doesn't open. He tries again to no avail. He picks up the phone and calls Michelle. He asks if Gael is still with her and she confirms it. He explains he can't get in the room and Michelle asks if Gael changed it. He says he did not so Adam asks her to override the code, it's tweaked. Gael starts to back away and Michelle continues to talk to him. In a few seconds she realizes that he is gone. Adam gets into the room and looks around for a second before hearing Kim. He comes over and pulls the tape off of her mouth, the first thing she says is, "Adam, it was Gael." Gael walks what would-be casually through the area at CTU. He heads up some stairs into a security guard so he hops the railing and heads in another direction. He comes into a hallway and there is another security saying that he has no visual. Gael gets behind him and knocks him out with a punch to the back. Gael continues through a doorway and knocks another guard out. He comes around the corner and there is another guard. He pulls his gun and Gael tells him to put it down, don't do it. Two more guards get off on the elevator and we hear Michelle call Gael. He turns around and there is another pair of guards on the way with Michelle behind them. Gael warns her not to get in his way. She tells him that external security is already in place and if he steps outside he knows what will happen. He drops his gun and one of the security men holds him against the wall. 7:14
In the split screen we see the presidential cavalcade, Jack rolling over on the plane, Chase driving and Gael sitting in an interrogation room.
The presidential cavalcade is driving; Wayne gets off the phone and updates Palmer. He says that they haven't found Jack Bauer yet and they're not even sure if he's still in the city. Palmer says that he's not in the city. His plan was to take Ramon Salazar back to his brother even if it cost him his life. Wayne says that their intelligence and military are working overtime on this; they have other fires to put out. They roll into division and get out of the cars. Anne is waiting and she again apologises about Ted and the debate. Palmer says that he doesn't want to hear that. Anne says she is the one that told him to stand up to him and maybe she was wrong. Palmer assures her that it wasn't wrong. Wayne gets David and says they have a lot of work to do.
Michelle comes in and watches Gael through a mirror window. She says to Chapelle that she still can't believe that Gael could be a traitor. She asks if he has said anything yet but Chapelle says that they are sweating him first. Michelle says that she wants to go and be with Tony to be there when he wakes up. Ryan says that they just uncovered a mole inside CTU; they don't know how badly they've been compromised. He needs her there. Michelle says that he can give any extra work to Chloe; Ryan says that Chloe is a pain in the ass. He says that if she thinks she's expendable. She says that she just wants to be with her husband. Ryan finally allows her to leave.
Ryan enters the room with Gael and as he walks by he touches his shoulder. He says coolly, 'you had us Gael, but now we've got you. Are you working alone or are there others?' The man that came in with Ryan is unpacking a briefcase, Ryan says that he knows Johnson and he knows what Johnson does. Chapelle continues that he is going to tell him what he knows; the only question is how hard he wants to make this on himself. Ryan tells Gael that Kim says that he was monitoring a plane that had Jack Bauer on it. Gael says that he has nothing to say. Chapelle says that "if it's the last thing you ever do, you gonna tell me where that plane is landing."
Ramon is dancing with a girl on the plane; he looks over her shoulder at the door where Jack is contained. Another girl comes over who is sparsely dressed and Salazar continues to remove clothing. Ramon is still distracted by Jack's presence and Ramon leaves the girls. Thomas comes over and tries to stop Ramon. Salazar asks why Hector wants Bauer alive? Thomas says that he didn't say. Ramon answers that every time Bauer takes a breath it is an insult to me. He spent three months in prison because of Jack. Thomas assures Ramon that Hector will feel the same way so Ramon gets a hold of Thomas' gun and says then he is sure he won't mind. Thomas continues to try and get Ramon to stop so Ramon asks if he is giving him an order. Thomas says no, he works for him and his brother and he loves and respects both of them, he asks why he won't respect the one wish of his brother when he arranged his escape today. Ramon takes a few more steps and then stops. He hands his gun back over his shoulder to Thomas and says that he hopes so. He asks him to pour him another drink, Thomas answers 'yes Ramon.'
Jack is awake now and he tries to sit up. He has trouble other than the handcuffs and flops back down on the floor. He is trying to catch his breath and pleads with the guy watching him, Pedro. Pedro is watching a portable DVD player and turns away from Jack saying that he's not supposed to talk to him. Jack says fine, then listen. He says that he risked his life getting Ramon out of prison, he needs to talk to him before he gets too wasted, and 'you know how he gets.' Pedro says yeah, he knows, 'I hear he got really drunk once and threw some guy off a plane. You might be landing before we do, Jack.' He continues to resist Jack finally saying that 'I'm not talking to you, you're a dead man.' He puts his headphones on and turns away. Jack tries again to sit up but cannot. He falls back heavily and winces. He starts to cough some and then really starts to cough badly. This gets Pedro's attention and as he stands up Jack starts to shake like he is having a seizure. After a few seconds of flopping around Pedro gets really worried and comes over to Jack. Quickly Jack grabs him with his legs and cracks his neck; Pedro is dead. Jack draws Pedro's gun and aims it at the door as it waiting for something to happen. When the party continues Jack realizes that no one heard what he did. He searches for the handcuff key and unlocks himself. Jack gets up and crouches nearby aiming the gun at the door.
Palmer and Wayne are with Jerry, he is advising them about the Anne situation. Palmer thinks that tit shouldn't be hard to prove her innocence but Jerry says that Anne is going to hurt him. They dismiss him and Wayne offers his advice. He says that he does have some perspective on this thing and asks if Palmer wants to hear it. He says that he does so Wayne starts right away, "distance yourself from Anne" David wines like he's heard this before but Wayne says that he used up the public's trust with Sherry. He has to respect the people who voted for him.
Anne is outside and her phone rings. It is Ted and he wants to talk. He wants to meet with her. Anne wants to know how Ted intends to fix this. Ted says that he has the documents to prove her innocence things like letters and memos. She offers to send someone over to get them but Ted snaps at her "No." He threatens that they will do this his way or he will burn them right now. She agrees to go but says that he better not be wasting her time.
Chase pulls his truck into a suburban neighbourhood and stops in front of a house. He gets out and walks up the pathway looking around. He arrives at the door and looks in. He looks like he's thinking for a minute and then rings the bell. Through the window we see a man wiping his mouth with a napkin. He drops it on a table and opens the door. Chase calls him Simon and says that he needs to talk. Simon knows Chases name and says that he's sorry; he's having dinner right now. He tries to shut the door but Chase pushes it open and grabs him by the neck. He pushes him into a den and shoves him down on the desk. Simon's family is watching from the kitchen and he tells them to go upstairs. Chase, still holding him down, says that Ramon Salazar broke out of prison today. Simon says that he told Chase and his partner that he was a legitimate businessman. Chase says that he didn't come here to bust him he just needs to know where they are. Simon tells Chase that they left about two weeks ago. Chase asks if he's tapped into their money supply and taps the computer. Simon says yes. He lets him up and they want to take a look.
Ramon is sitting with the girls but not really paying attention to anything. There is a gun on the table next to a glass of champagne. Ramon looks over his shoulder at the door and then back at the gun. He picks it up and gets up. Thomas chases him telling to just wait a few minutes and they'll be there. Ramon doesn't care. He gets to the door and as he opens it saying, "are you ready to die Jack?" As he opens the door Jack grabs his arm that was holding the gun and takes it from him. Jack turns Salazar around and holds the gun to his neck, holding Ramon in front. Thomas and the other thug have their guns out pointed at Jack. Ramon tells Thomas to shoot him but Jack tells them to put the guns down. They do but Ramon is still confident that everything will be fine. Ramon says that there's no way out of this. His brother has an army out there waiting. Jack sits Ramon down and Ramon continues to question Jack. He calls Jack the big American hero but Jack tells him to shut up.
Hector is getting many people into cars and trucks. Claudia comes over and asks what he is doing, why there are so many. Hector says it's just in case. He hasn't herad from Gael. He gets in a car and they go.
Johnson is working on Gael. He gets a needle in his neck as Chapelle watches from the ccorner. Chapelle says that "I would love nothing more than to hang you as a traitor and watch you jerk 'till you're dead…but I'm a realist." He offers for Gael to tell him what he wants to know and they'll cut a deal. The cell phone rings that is Gatl's things and Ryan looks at it. He asks if that is Hector but Gael doesn';t answer. Ryan runs out of the room and yells to Adam to bring a tracking node right now, it's Hector Salazar calling. Adam tells Kim to bring the laptop and they run into the room and set it up. Once they have the ear pices attatched and everything set up Ryan holds the phone and tells Gael "one wrong word and I'll make you regret it." He opens the phone and holds it to Gael. Hector immediately asks where he has been. Gael tells him that Raomon is on his way to him. Adam, Kim and Ryan are listening to the conversation as Hector asks about Bauer. Gael says he doesn't know. Hector is angered by this and asks 'what do you mean you don't know? What hve you been doing?' Gael looks right at Chapelle and says that they put him on something else, they're watching him. They say their goodbyes and Chapelle asks if they got the trace, Adam says no.
At the hospital Tony is waking him. Michelle comes in the room as the doctor opens the curtain. Michelle says hello and looks relived. Tony asks how she's doing, Michelle says that he scared the hell out of her. Tony says he knows and he's sorry. Michelle asks how he's doing to the doctor who tells them that they couldn't have hoped for a better surgery, he may be able to go home tomorrow but he wants to keep an eye on him for today. Tony asks if they can have a few minutes and the doctor says of course. He exits the room and Tony asks Michelle if the president let Salazar out of prison. Michelle looks surprised by this question and ssays no, Jack Bauer broke him out and they think he did it so the president wouldn't have to make the hard choice. Tony says that he needs to speak to Gael right away. Michelle doesn't get it and Tony by the look on her face asks if something happened to him. Michelle says that Gael has been working for the Salazar's. He has been using Tech 1 to monitor their actions and when they found out he tried to run. Tony starts to try and get up saying that she has to get him over there right away. Michelle is trying to stop him and calls for the doctor. He comes back in and sees tony half out of bed. He says 'Mr Almeida, what are you doing?' He tries to physically put him back in bed but Tony says he needs to get out of there. He can release him to CTU medical. The doctor says he can't do that but Tony says that if he's worried about liability his wife will sign him out. Michelle looks like she doesn't want this but Tony pleads that if he ever needed her to trust him it's now.
Chase and Simon are working on the money flow for the Salazar's. They traced to the account of David Gomez, Chase already knows about him. They find 720 thousand in a new account in Las Nieves Mexico. Chase pulls up a map and finds that it is just over the border. Chase says that has to be it so Simon asks if they're dne. Chase says not quite. He wants Simon's private plane cleared for take off.
Chloe comes in the bathroom where Kim is washing her hands. She asks Kim if Gael hurt her, Kim says no. Chloe thinks it's cazy that Gael was at CTU for 2 years and another 5 with the FBI before that and he was a traitor. Kim doesn't know and brushes Choe off but Chloe persists. She says that she wants to tell her that she doesn't think her dad's a bad person and she's sorry if she said anything to offend her. She finishes with, "there, I said it." Kim's cell rings and it's Chase. He asks if she's alone and she exits the bathroom and says yes. He explains he is heading to Las Nieves and he is sure Jack is taking Ramon there. Kim says that it's the other way around, they are taking Jack there. She explains about the video she saw and about Gael. Chase asks immediately if Gael is talking but Kim doesn't know. Chase says that CTU has been compromised and she can't tell anyone that she has talked to him. Kim asks about telling Chapelle but Chase says especially not Chapelle. He has to go dark but he will call back when the time is right. He asks Kim to promise him that she won't tell anyone that she talked to him. She does not promise but wishes him luck and hangs up.
Ramon and Jack are on the plane still, Ramon asks if Jack thinks he's gonna land the plane and arrest Hector? Even the great Jack Bauer can't take on 50 men by himself. He suggests that Jack land and then turn around and go home but he can't do that either since he is a fugitive. Ramon wonders aloud where Jack will go, he doesn't think a third world country will suit Jack. Jack tells him to shut up.
The plane is coming in and Hector rolls in with his cavalcade. They start to park.
At CTU Tony stalks in with Michelle in his wake. When Adam sees him he gets to his feet with his mouth hanging open. Kim notices and follows suit. Tony gets to Adam and asks where Chapelle is. Adam says he is with Gael. Tony looks frustrated and asks where. Adam tells him they are in interrogation A120. After Tony leaves he turns to Kim and asks, 'what the hell is going on?' Kim doesn't know. Gael is still being interrogated. As he receives another injection Ryan says for him to, 'talk to me, you son of a bitch.' Tony is at the door and says 'door' as someone opens it for him. As soon as he enters he tells Johnson to stop. Tony wants Johnson out of the room and then Ryan. Chapelle wants to know what's going on, he doesn't care what's going on between them he is staying right there.
The plane has landed as Hector waits anxiously. The door opens but nothing happens. Hector moves closer to it and calls to Ramon. When no one comes out he motions the troops forward. Soon the pilots' come out, then Tomas and the other thug. Hector asks Thomas where Ramon is and he starts to explain but Jack emerges with Ramon in front of him, Ramon yelling "Kill Bauer!" Hector asks 'what are you doing Jack?' Jack says, with fear in his voice, that 'your brother tied to kill me on the plane. What's with all the guns, this is not what we talked about!' Hector yells at the troops to lower their guns and they do. After, he releases Ramon with a shove and tells him to go see his brother. He still has his gun pointed at Ramon as he walks to Hector and they embrace. Ramon asks what's going on and Hector promises to explain leaving Ramon as he approaches Jack. He says "Good work, Jack." Jack turns the gun around and gives it to Hector. Jack blinks and looks strange as Hector reaches around to give Jack a hug. As he does you can see his matching tattoo to Jack's on the inside of his left arm. Hector lets Jack go and tells him to come they have work to do. Ramon is confused and asks what Hector is doing but he simply says to come, he will explain everything.
In the split screen we see Ted with a gun, Chase boarding a plane and Palmer sitting.
Jack walks from the plane and pulls up his sleeve exposing his tattoo. He pushes a button on his watch. Back at CTU Gael's Palm Pilot beeps. Gael says, "He's in." Ryan demands, "What are you talking about, who's in?" Tony explains that it's Jack. Gael and him have been working to get him back undercover with the Salazar's. That signal means he's in. Chapelle says that he doesn't understand but Tony is insistent, he will explain everything but right now they have got to call the president.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-Do they really have duct tape lying around in every dark room at CTU? Where did that come from?
-I love how Kim can cop attitude in every situation including this one. She's thinking 'I've been through much worse that this before, Gael, bring it on!'
The only downside to this episode is that I had to spend all Wednesday cleaning up because my head exploded at the end
-I get the impression that Adam is none too happy that may have Gael been taking over CTU. Just his facial expressions when it's talked about were not too welcoming. He may feel ousted because the original plan was to get them all to run the place.
-That's the handiest Palm Pilot ever. It might be a bit too convenient that there is a plug in the bottom of the keypad though.
-Normally it wouldn't be too bad to be woken by alcohol but I guess this is an exception.
-I think Jack thinks he's going to die after Ramon leaves. He may have been looking forward to an hour sleep on the plane ride but now he has to formulate a plan and stuff. It's a lot of work saving the world.
-That is serious partner dedication to toss the career away for your partner. Too bad that his probably going to be a big mistake. Let's think about this. If Chase is going to go down to Mexico to get Jack and Jack has pledged his allegiance to the Salazar's then it is safe ot assume that Chase will get found by the Salazar's and Jack will be given the job of killing him, or infecting HIM with the virus. Something like that or Chase will somehow otherwise screw up Jack's mission.
-What did that guy do after Gael dropped his gun? He hit him so hard it looks like he took a run at him from about 50 feet.
-I guess the non-traitor thing explains why Gael didn't kill any guards on his way out. I was really starting to think that he was a nice terrorist because he didn't shoot every guard he came across like Nina did.
-Michelle is pretty positive that Gael is not gonna shoot her, huh? No gun no nothing. Do they even give her a gun?
-That is the same bad limo background as we saw in season 2. Couldn't they come up with something more real looking?
-I hate to say it but I agree with Ryan. Chloe is a pain in the ass…. no that's not what I actually was going to say. I think that Michelle should stay. She committed to staying and seeing this thing through.
-Chapelle actually isn't too bad of an interrogator, for an office nerd.
-Can they show that kind of thing on TV? I know this is Fox but those girls weren't wearing much.
-I like Pedro's joke - 'apparently he got really drunk and threw a guy out of a plane once.' Cute.
-That was such a convincing seizure that I thought it was really Jack.
-Also that was a seriously impressive piece of legwork by Jack to kill Pedro.
-I think maybe Palmer should be listening to Wayne. He may not like it but too bad. He's gonna have many years to be with her when he's done being president but for now he should just back off.
-Ted is annoying, as a matter of fact so is Anne. I think I don't like her.
-That was a very Jack-ish thing for Chase to do all barging into Simon's place like that. It was a really good idea.
-I'm glad that Jack knows what Ramon was going to do. He obviously learned enough about him when he was undercover to know what he would do in a situation like this.
-LOTW "I would love nothing more than to hang you as a traitor and watch you jerk 'till you're dead…but I'm a realist."
-Now that's more like a CTU phone tap - they didn't get it.
-It was weird to see Ryan running and kind of come apart like that. He's usually super collected.
-I've never had neck surgery but Tony sure seems to have a lot of mobility for just getting shot and having an operation.
-I loved Michelle's reaction when Tony asked her about the president. I think she may have been expecting a profession of love or something but instead she gets national security. Good stuff.
-This is like a re-live of Bernard's soap days. It even looked like a soap opera!
-What is up with Tony's voice?
-Ramon thinks Jack can't take on 50 men by himself…sounds like a challenge.
-I love that look that Tony gives Adam when he asks where Chapelle and Gael are.
-Why did Adam stand when Tony walked in? Is it a sort of superior officer thing or more of an 'I don't believe my eyes' thing.
-Also, is Tony wearing the same shirt that he was at the beginning? If not, where did he get that one.
-I think I may have mentioned this before but it looks like Carlos Bernard has gained weight between last season and this season. I can't decide if that is the reason or if his shirts are just one size too small this time around. Wither way there is a little bit of a belly there that wasn't before. I don't really care either way but I just thought I'd point it out.
-I seriously thought that Tony was a mole as well. I know it was just jumping to conclusions in the thick of everything but it really was set up to look like it. From the time he wakes up he is asking about Gael. Then, it culminated when they exchanged that little glance right after Tony got there. I was seriously expecting that when we went back to CTU we were going to see Tony take Chapelle out and try and get away with Gael.
-I hope we get to learn the story about the tattoos that Jack and Hector have.

-This arises a whole new set of questions.
1. Did the president know about this operation?
2. If he did, what was the deal with Jack and his 'last assignment'? Was that just for show?
3. If the president didn't know, who authorized this assignment? The order had to come from somewhere.
4. Is Wayne involved in this?
5. Will the fact that this was a sanctioned assignment get Jack off the hook for breaking Ramon out of prison?
6. How was Jack hiding this from Chase?
7. What is the real objective of the day? If Kyle doesn't have the virus then what is the bigger plan?
8. Why didn't Claudia know about Jack bringing Ramon down? This is obviously something that Jack and Hector had worked out ahead of time. If so, why is this a 'change of plans'?
9. What IS going on here?
-Well, at least none of the characters in the show seem to have a clue what is going on here, either. These guys have a lot of explaining to do.