The very pretty car Jack got away with Ramon in, a Mustang Mach 1


Originally Aired 12/02/03

~ 3.6 - Confusion~


Jack is flying the chopper with him and Ramon; he plays with the buttons and gadgets. Ramon, looking impressed with the technology, asks if they have enough fuel to get to Mexico. Jack says that they're not going to Mexico. If they make a run for the border they will force them down, he tells Ramon to trust him.
Chase is speeding along in his truck looking at the sky. He has Chloe on the phone and says that he wants Jack's location. Chloe says she is sending it to him and a monitor pops out of his dash, the coordinates come up. Jack is heading west towards downtown, Chase says that he is doing that because he knows they can't shoot him down over a populated area. Chase urges Chloe that he has to get through to him; she may be able to override the system to get to him.
Chapelle is arriving at CTU and talking on the phone. The man on the other end is coordinating the attack on Jack's chopper. They have 2 choppers after Jack but he is not heading south but towards the city. Chapelle says that they have got to force him down, shoot him down if necessary but they cannot do it over the city. If Bauer lands he will be difficult to catch.
Ryan approaches Michelle and says that division wants a senior agent in charge. She tells him everything that is going on and that they need to contact Jack and tell him what is going on. Ryan wants a meeting with all the heads as soon as possible.
Michelle goes to Adam and tells him that there is a briefing. Adam asks Kim to take over for him and help Chloe anchor the lists so they can get into the chopper. Adam goes and Chloe says that she is sorry that she lost it in the office. Kim asks if she told Michelle about the drugs and Chloe says yes. Kim asks what is going to happen but Chloe doesn't know, everything came in just after.
In the meeting Ryan is explaining that they will make every attempt to contact Jack but Salazar's terrorist connections are a real threat to this country and they can't just let him leave. If it comes down to it both Jack and Salazar are expendable. Michelle asks why they aren't focusing on any other options but Ryan is convinced that there is no other choice. Chapelle continues that if Jack lands with Salazar they have no use for him; they're going to kill him.
Hector is trying to call Gael and when he doesn't answer he starts to slam his phone around. Claudia is in the room and Hector asks why he can't get a hold of Gael. She suggests that maybe he can't get away. Hector needs to know what's going on with Ramon. Claudia says that the government is probably releasing him. Hector says no, he didn't want to tell her that the plan has changed. Jack Bauer is going to deliver Ramon Claudia is shocked. She says 'Jack Bauer, that is a joke.' Hector says no but Claudia asks how that is possible, Ramon will never accept help from the man who put him in prison. Hector tells her that Jack is an enemy to his own country for doing this. He assures her not to worry and that he has plans for Jack Bauer. Hectors phone rings and it is Gael. He can't talk long but everything will be decided in the next few minutes. Hector slowly close the phone and then smiles to himself.
Adam is walking through CTU and Kim catches him. She asks what Chapelle said; Adam said he said a lot of things. Kim asks about her dad and if they are going to shoot him down. Adam says if they have to they will but they won't have to if they can contact him. Adam gives Chloe some more things to try and Michelle calls Kim over after she finishes a conversation with Chapelle. She tells him that Ryan and her feel that she shouldn't be there until the thing with erh father is resolved. Kim says that she is qualified but Michelle says that isn't the issue, her emotions are. Kim says that once her dad knows they have Kyle Singer in custody he will give Salazar up. Kim begs her, she's a resource, don't do this. Michelle finally agrees but after Kim is gone Ryan comes back and says that if they have to fire on the chopper he wants her gone.
In the chopper the radar is beeping. Ramon asks what is going on and Jack explains that it's the military; they will have a lock on them in the next 3 or 4 minutes. Ramon asks what that means and Jack says that he assumes they have orders to shoot them out of the sky.
Chase calls Chapelle and says that he heard he approved the use of force against Jack. Chapelle confirms this and Chase asks if the president has been informed of this. Ryan doesn't think it's relevant and the president is in the middle of a national debate. He doesn't need his authorization; Bauer just broke Salazar out of prison. Chase thinks it might be the smart move since he has a personal relationship with Jack and he's saved Palmers life more than once. Palmer has interceded on Jack's behalf before. Chapelle says that the system doesn't accommodate personal relationships so Chase snaps back, "that's right Ryan. And after you shoot Jack down you can personally explain that to the president." He hangs up. Chapelle walks around and then answers the ringing phone. The person calling is the man in charge of the choppers in pursuit of Jack. He says that they are about to make visual contact and asks if they can fire. Chapelle reluctantly says that they are not to fire until they hear back from him.
Keeler and Palmer are still debating. Wayne's phone rings and he answers it, it's Chapelle. He tells him that they found Kyle Singer and he is believed to be the only carrier of the virus. They still do have the Bauer situation to deal with. He lets him know that Jack has taken the chopper and he's afraid that the only way to get him will be to shoot him down. Wayne says that his brother is not going to like that and Chapelle says that's why he's calling. Wayne reminds Ryan that David is in the middle of a national debate. Chapelle says that Bauer is about to be over downtown. If he lands Jack will be able to disappear with Salazar. Wayne will get back to Ryan and goes over to a table where there is a microphone. He speaks clearly into it and tells David's ear bug that the bio threat has been eliminated and Jack and Ramon are n a chopper on the outskirts of the city and it may be necessary to shoot him down. He asks Palmer if he is prepared to authorize this. Keeler is just finishing a question and Wayne and him are waiting for an answer. Wayne asks what he wants to do and Anne gets up from the couch. David's eyes widen and he makes a quick decision. He addresses Keeler and his fellow Americans. He says that he has just been informed of a pending national emergency that needs his immediate attention therefore he must withdraw from this debate. Wayne is immediately angered and turns to the people sitting around the room saying that he needs this room clear. When there is little movement Wayne yells, "Get these people out of here!"
Kyle is being wheeled into the car facility. He is in plastic and is putting up a good fight. He is asking in a panic where they are taking him? No one answers him so he asks why no one will talk to him. Finally he starts to call for help but this doesn't get a response either. He wants to know what they are doing and as a new crew takes over wheeling him he finally gets an answer. Nicole Duncan introduces herself and Kyle asks about Linda. Nicole assures him that she is in another part of the facility and she's fine. She explains that the virus has a 14-hour incubation period and if he hasn't shown symptoms then he is not contagious. His parents will be fine as well. Kyle wants to know what is going to happen when he becomes symptomatic and when she hesitates he concludes that 'it's that Ebola thing, isn't it. It's gonna eat me alive.' Nicole doesn't deny this and promises that they will keep him as comfortable as possible. A tear rolls down is cheek.
IN the choppers they have a visual of Jack and Ramon. Jack realizes and says that they have locked on to the heat signal. They don't fire and Ramon asks why. Jack doesn't know.
Chase is still following the chopper and he wants to know what is taking so long to get in there. Chloe says that she can't make the servers go any faster.
On the phone they need an answer form Chapelle, they have 4 minutes before collateral damage becomes an issue. Chapelle is still waiting for the president.
Palmer is walking and the people are speculating if there is really any emergency. Anne is being rushed in the other direction with the other staffers. As they pass David doesn't look at her. Once he reaches the room where Wayne is he pulls out a bottle of pills and very deliberately takes two. He chases them with water as Wayne looks away. After a pause Wayne grows impatient and says that he's sorry but they don't have a lot of time here. David says that eh can't give the order to kill Jack Bauer. Wayne reminds him that they can't let Salazar go either. David wants to know if Wayne is worried about Salazar or is he worried about who Jack will tell if he survives. Wayne admits that that is part of it but also Salazar has proven he can be a threat. David says that Jack Bauer sacrificed everything to do this. Wayne says that he has to think like it's not Jack Bauer in that helicopter. He says that it's his call and he has to make it now. David says to get Chapelle on the phone.
They are one minute from the no fire zone. David asks why they can't force down the chopper but Chapelle says that they can't communicate with it. Bauer is forcing their hand. In 60 seconds he will be out of reach. David finally agrees, 'you have my authorization' Chapelle goes to the Major and says to shoot Jack down. The choppers are radioed and Jack notices.
Chloe asks what is happening; Michelle says they gave the order. Kim is obviously upset by this. Jack is trying to get away from the choppers and it is working. They have no shot on him. The cat and mouse for a short time and they finally get Jack in their sights. They are over the core now so they again ask and are told not to fire.
Chapelle comes downstairs from Tony's office and tells everyone to fall back to 'b' protocol. Wherever Bauer lands he wants to be on top of it. Jack checks behind him, he's going in to land.
Chase is practically panicking and asks Michelle what's going on. She tells him that they're not firing he is over the city. He asks if they are on the frequency yet and Michelle says they are getting close. She realizes that Jack is putting the chopper down and has to go. Chase quickly says to 'get me to Chloe.; Michelle does and he asks about the frequency. She is working on it. He keeps egging her on impatiently. She says any second now but Chase says there's no time, he needs to get into the chopper before it lands.
Jack lands the chopper on the street and finally Chloe gets the frequency. She puts Chase through and he starts right away saying that they found Kyle Singer he doesn't need to be doing this. As he speaks from the inside of the chopper we can see Jack and Ramon running away down the street and down some stairs to the subway.
In the split screen back from commercial we see Tony in surgery.
Sam and Helen Singer arrive at the facility and Nicole Duncan greets them. They can see him through the glass getting worked on and an IV. She tells them about his condition and that their options are limited. Sam asks if he is not sick yet, why can't they treat him? Nicole says that once you are exposed and start to incubate the virus there is nothing they can do. Sam asks how long it's going to be and Nicole says that they haven't got the tests back yet. Sam doesn't like beating around the bush and asks that she please just give him an idea. She says they are looking at hours, not days. Helen wants to see him and Nicole says of course. She goes into a room leaving the Singers behind. Sam starts to go but Helen doesn't move. She says she can't. Sam says that he needs to know that they're not mad at him. Kyle is getting his temperature taken. Nicole goes to the intercom phone and says that his parents want to speak with him. They go to the glass and the men in the room with him help him up and over. Nicole says that he can hear them through the intercom and she leaves them alone. Kyle comes over to them and Sam says that the doctor told them everything. Helen says that maybe they're wrong, maybe it's not as bad as then think. Kyle says they're not wrong and he deserves what he's getting. Sam says no, he deserved a father who would make money and bring it home so he wouldn't have to. Kyle says no but his father apologises. Kyle says that, 'I love you, you've always taken care of me, and I know I've never told you this but you make me feel safe. Even now, you make me feel safe,' Kyle is crying now and says, 'you did the best you could, dad.' He puts his hand on the glass and his parents do the same, Kyle admits that he doesn't want to die.
Chase drives up and gets out of his car. There are cops everywhere and after Chase identifies himself one of them says that they were seen running into the station about 5 minutes ago. Two trains have gone but they have been stopped and are being searched. Chase says that they are not gonna be on the train. He calls Kim at CTU and wants the schematics around the area and emergency exits between where he is and Grant. Kim finds the only one, it's one block away but he'd be better off on foot because the roads are one ways. Chase hangs up and starts running as the cop asks him if they are coordinating with them or not. Chase is running full speed and is nearly knocking people over. He has his hand on his gun and darts out into traffic.
Kim gets up and goes over to Michelle. She gives her an update about what she just told Chase. Michelle goes to another computer but Kim doesn't leaves. She asks tentatively that they know not to use lethal force, right? Michelle says somewhat coldly that the mandate is still the same, to stop Salazar. When she looks at Kim she softens and says that now they can probably do it without harming her father.
Chase stops at an open grate and looks around. He calls Michele and says that they got out of the tunnels they need to redeploy all their people to this area and seal if off in a 10 block radius.
In a parking lot there is a valet taking off to park one. Jack and Ramon jog on to the lot and Jack goes to the board with the keys. He looks over them and quickly picks one with an alarm. He points the remote and pushes a button and we hear a beep. They start to walk and the car is a brand new blue Mustang. Jack tells Ramon to get in and gets in the drivers seat himself. They drive off
Palmers news Channel is on and they continue to speculate why the debate was cancelled. Wayne admits that they still haven't found Bauer or Salazar but they are placing a net around the chopper. David says that hopefully they will get picked up without incident. Wayne thinks that it is likely that they got away. He has to stop thinking about Bauer's welfare. The media now knows about the break out and David is going to have to go to the media and explicitly denounce what Bauer did. David defends that Jack put his life on the line to stop this virus and they are going to hang him out to dry. Wayne says that letting anyone know what happened would do his campaign and his office irreparable damage. Wayne says that David knows it's true and he's sorry but he's just gonna have to let Bauer go Wayne leaves David sitting and he sighs.
Jack is speeding along in the Mustang and makes a call. Ramon enquires and Jack says he's calling the pilot. Hector gave the FBI final instructions in their last call and they are circling waiting for the pick up. Ramon says that CTU knows about it but Jack says not for long. He gives the pilot a secure cell number and the pilot says he will call Jack back. He checks with Gael about the authenticity and a buffer from CTU and then calls Jack back. They set a place to meet in Santa Margarita. After the calls end Ramon smirks and says "You really are the best Jack." Jack doesn't have much to say so Ramon continues. "When you were down there with us I had no idea you were an agent. We accepted you, you didn't have to put a needle in your arm. You did it for other reasons, the same reason as all junkies, to kill the pain. What's your pain Jack? What does the needle make go away?" Jack looks at him then back to road.
Michelle is telling someone on the phone to get all the men out of downtown. There is another phone ringing and Michelle answers it. The doctor is there and says that Tony is out of surgery. There is no nerve damage and the wound was entirely vascular. Michelle is hesitant and asks if that's what they were hoping for. The doctor confirms this and says that he should recover fully. He is going into post-op now and he should be awake within the hour. Michelle thanks him and says that she will be there.
Chapelle was hovering not too far away and Michelle tells him that it was the hospital on the phone Tony will be okay. She looks at the floor and Chapelle leans over and hugs her. She looks mildly surprised and he says that this is good news. He asks about the INS alerts and want Gael to run a search on local air traffic, they may come up with something.
Michelle calls Adam and is told that Gael is in Tech One. She asks Adam to send him to her. She hangs up the phone and looks happy.
Gael is watching the plane. An alarm sounds and it signifies that Adam and Kim are coming. He minimizes the screens and as they enter Adam is talking about system updates. Adam lets Gael know that Michelle wants him in her office but Gael wants to know what they are doing. Adam says he is showing Kim how to deal with the log backup. Gael offers to do it, he is faster then her but Adam urges Gael to go see Michelle. He exits and Kim watches Gael's screen, a question window pops up. She then turns her attention back to Adam. He finishes and leaves saying that he will see her in a bit.
David is working with his staff members and Anne enters. He asks her for a minute and then finishes up what he is doing with a speech. He gets up to go and meet her; she asks if everything is okay. He says that they made some fast choices that he couldn't do on stage but it's all okay now. Anne apologises about Ted and David says it's okay. They didn't sink to their level and in the long run it will pay off. Wayne is watching from the other room and looks displeased. David says he is concerned about Anne but she reminds him that this all happened because of her. She is fine. David says, "Yes, yes you are." The kiss briefly and Wayne comes over. He says that there is a press conference coming and the quick polls hit them hard. Wayne thinks that those who were on the fence about voting may have just moved over to Keeler. Anne says that this is ridiculous, Wayne says that this is not medicine and for her to stay out of it. Anne is angry and says, "I am it." Wayne starts to respond but David has heard enough. He stands up between them and says that he has heard enough. He tells Wayne that Anne is not going anywhere and they are not changing strategies. Wayne starts to protest saying, 'but David…' David cuts him off and says that, "Right now, it's Mr. President." Wayne leaves them and Anne turns to David saying that 'I may not agree with his bedside manor but he has the right idea.' She thinks that maybe they should hold off until after the election. David says that he needs her; she says that she is there. They hug and then Wayne shoots them a nasty look.
Kyle watches as Nicole gets the results of his tests. She looks confused and asks the girl that brought them if she is sure. She confirms that they've checked them three times. Nicole calls CTU and says to put them through to her cell. Kyle watches as she goes through to his parents. She tells them something that Kyle cannot hear and then they start to come into the room. Kyle sees and gets up; he asks what's going on. Nicole says that there is no trace of the virus in his blood. They ran the tests several times and had them checked at another lab. She adds with a smile that he's clean. Kyle receives a hug from his parents.
Nicole's phone had been ringing and when she answers it Chapelle is on the other end. She passes on the information about Kyle and he asks if there is any way that it wouldn't show up. She answers only if he was never infected. Chapelle asks if the whole thing was a bluff but she reminds him that the body that was dropped off that morning was very real. Chapelle wants to know "what the hell is going on here?" but Nicole doesn't know, why doesn't he tell her.
The blue Mustang speeds on to the runway where the plane is waiting. Jack stops the car and two thugs run out, guns drawn. Jack puts his hands in the air and Ramon removes Jacks gun from his waist. Jack wants to know what's going on and Ramon answers, "You didn't think I'd let you deliver me and leave." He tells the goons to get him out of the car. They pull Jack to his feet and Jack yells to Ramon what the hell is going on? He looks slightly panicked but the thugs knock Jack out with a solid blow from behind. He slumps forward and they drag him over to Ramon, feet dragging on the pavement. Ramon draws the gun and holds it to Jack's back saying 'thanks for the ride, Jack.' Before Ramon can pull the trigger someone from inside the plane calls Ramon. He tells him that Hector said to being him back. Ramon pauses and then says fine, let's go. Ramon turns and one of the thugs hoists Jack onto his shoulder and walks him up the stairs, passing him off to another guy at the top, into the plane.
Kim is still working and she turns to look in the monitors; she sees Gael at someone else's workstation so she goes to the computer that he had been working on. The question box asks 'are you sure you want to exit' and she clicks 'no'. This brings back all the screens that Gael had been watching, the President and most notably the plane. Kim goes to that one and clicks the forward arrow while she watches the Mustang pull onto the runway and the thugs pull Jack out.
Ramon is sitting on the plane and Jack is still unconscious on the floor. Ramon is nursing his cut lip from the jail fight and Jack rolls over heavily onto his back, eyes closed.

Kim is still watching and after the thugs knock Jack out she enhances the picture and it is clear that it is Jack. She sees Ramon with the gun and them load Jack. She has seen enough and in a panic picks up the phone. She punches a few numbers but then the door opens. She sees black shoes and grey pants and quickly says, "Adam, Adam there's something seriously wrong…" but before she can finish Gael comes around the corner and says coolly that he just remembered, he forgot to close that file. He pulls a gun on Kim and points it at her.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-Jack is thinking, good job about going over town with the chopper. I was equally impressed that Chase knew right away what he was trying to do.
-I love how impressed Ramon looks at Jack flying the chopper.
-I think Chase got a better car deal then Jack. He has the sponsor car with the really cool gadgetry in it. It is extremely reminiscent of Jack's SUV in season one.
-Badge-Dale is definitely warming up to the role of Chase. I was really impressed with his panic as he searched for Jack and his impatience with Chloe.
-"Jack will be difficult to catch/impossible." I mean really, I'm pretty sure Jack would be able to disappear for good, especially even if he was by himself. It would be harder with Ramon but he could still do it.
-So, based on the perceived temperature in the chopper this must be taking place in the summer. Jack and Ramon are sweating pretty good.
-That is the quietest chopper ever, besides maybe the one that shot Kingsley at the end of last season. Jack and Ramon are having normal conversation.
-So if Chapelle was just going to show up and take over for Michelle, she could have just gone to be with Tony.
-That's a very astute observation of Chapelle to realize that the Salazar's will kill Jack. Too bad Jack didn't realize that.
-The line that worries me, Hector Salazar: "I have plans for Jack Bauer."
-Kim's argument to Michelle, 'I'm a resource.' Jack pleaded that exact case to Chapelle in season one. Like father like daughter?
-Chapelle said that if they fire on the chopper he wants Kim out of there, but when they were about 2 seconds away from doing it, Kim was still there.
-I'm pretty sure that was more of Ryan's decision than Michelle's to want Kim out of there, even though Michelle says it was 'our' idea.
-They're all worried about Kim's emotions, what about Michelle's emotions? Her and Tony's relationship may be getting in her way but I guess its not as grave but still…
-Chapelle is just having a weird day, first he calls Jack 'Jack' and then he gives Micelle a hug.
-By the way, that was just about the stiffed hug ever. Its like he didn't really know what to do and then she was totally lost as well.
-Does anyone else sense some tension from the Chapelle side there? I think he might be thinking he missed out on something here.
-Great idea David, not only commit political suicide by withdrawing from the debate but also don't save Jack. Great job.
-Does anyone else get the impression that Wayne is running the country?
-They really know how to freak a kid out don't they? Can't anyone talk to Kyle?
-What is the significance of Palmer's pills? It was really obvious that we were supposed to see this but why?
-Does Wayne honestly think that Jack would tell anyone about their agreement? Obviously he hasn't met Jack.
-I don't think that it is really fair that Palmer didn't get all the facts from Chapelle. He didn't know that they could get in touch with the chopper in the next little while. He may have reacted differently if he had the whole story.
-Talk about bad timing - Thirty seconds earlier to get in touch with Jack and this would have been all over.
-Chase is really really intense in this episode.
-Kyle's goodbye was extremely emotional, even though we've only known him for about six hours now. Poor kid.
-Why does Chase run with his hand on his gun? Is he going to shoot some random pedestrians?
-And the valet is fired as well. Bet the owner of that mustang is mighty angry!
-Speaking of that Mustang: NICE car! That is a Mach 1 if anybody is interested.
-Working in an industry similar to this, I have learned very quickly to always trust my instincts about bad guys. Why would Kim not be telling someone about this somewhere right away? Two hours ago she knew that something was up with Gael but she maybe doubted her instincts and chose not to say. Nine out of ten times her first instinct would be right.
-Was that Jenny working on David's speech? I think that's 2 staff members that are carry-overs now, Aaron and Jenny. Now, if we could just figure Lynn out I think we'd be complete.
-Word of advice to the Palmer camp: Can't we all just get along? First it was David and Sherry, then it was Sherry/Lynne/Mike, now it's Keith/Anne.
-I'm rolling my eyes at the re-use of the "now it's Mr. President" line. It was not wonderful the first time this time it was downright painful.
-Jacks gonna need new shoes after this, the totally wrecked the toes! Maybe he can steal some thug's pair after he kills them
-One word for Jack, OUCH! That clock to the head is going to leave a mark.
-At least we're not the only ones who have no idea what is going on around here. Chapelle and Nicole don't know and Jack is pretty confused about what's up with Ramon as well.
-I have no idea what Jack expected. Even if he did get away from the Salazar's where would he have gone? He can't stay in the US, he's an outlaw.
-Again with the great technology at CTU, did you see how clear that image of Jack got when she enhanced it?
-Why did those TV's in the room with Kim make little snapping noises when the picture changed?
-Lesson to Kim - look before you start spilling your guts about what you've learned about a traitorous employee.
-Only Kim could get Kimnapped AT CTU. On the positive side, if he doesn't pull a Nina and kill her and run, it won't be very long until someone comes looking for one of them.