Originaly Aired 11/11/03

~ 3.3 - Field Agents ~

Tony comes downstairs from his office to Adam. He asks him about the folders but Adam is still working on the virus itself. Tony says that the only thing they really need to know is that it kills in 24 hours and they already know that. Tony tells him that Jack and Nicole Duncan and a Haz-Mat team are on their way to Singers apartment.

Jack has stopped in his car and he is slumped over the steering wheel. He sits up straight and looks at the time. He goes into his jacket pocket and pulls out that silver case. He rolls up his sleeve and ties the band around his arm, going through the regimen of hitting his inner elbow again and filling the needle. He doesn't get much in there and prepares himself. He squirts out the air and before he can do anything else the vans arrive. Jack whispers 'son of a bitch' and tries to hide what he is doing and manages to get the case into the glove box before a woman about his age gets into his car. He calls her Nicole and they exchange greetings. She says that she has been doing fine until this afternoon. She says that she tried to call him when she heard about Teri and Jack says he knows and he admits that after that he kind of withdrew but he appreciated the calls and thanks her. He starts to drive and she starts to talk about the model that Sunny put out, Nicole disagrees and she says that instead of 9% infection after the first week she estimates 20%. Also the relation of infection to mortality is also higher, 95%. She sounds somewhat shaken and says that she's never seen anything like that. Jack comments absently 'great.' She looks him over and asks if he is feeling okay. Jack says yeah, why? She says simply that he is perspiring. Jack wipes his forehead on his sleeve gives the excuse that he has been going non-stop since noon. He says they are 8 minutes out and wants to go over the quarantine protocol. As he talks she notices the tiny bottle on the floor near her feet that didn't make it back into the silver case. She says no problem.

Michelle is working on the recording of the call about the body. She gets Gael and tells him that she is closing in on the location of the call; she thinks it is from a domestic source. Gael asks if she means inside the US and she says yes. She is piping it over to his system and she asks him to work on it after the meeting. He asks what meeting and Michelle explains that Tony is shifting resources because he is closing in on the virus. Gael leaves Michelle and is stopped by Chloe who needs Gael to get the audio feed up for when Jack needs it. He says Tony has him on something and when she persists he snaps at her that he doesn't have time so stop bugging him.

Claudia is getting changed and as she finishes up Hector appears in the doorway. She asks him if he has thought about how it will be when Ramon comes back. Hector says that it will be the same it was before but Claudia says that things have changed. Hector says that Ramon has only been gone for three months. Claudia reminds him that he has been in charge while his brother was in prison, is he so readily willing to give that up? Hectors cell rings and he leaves to answer it. It is Gael calling to tell him that they are closing in on the package. Hector asks if they are still after Kyle Singer and Gael answers yes. Hector says that they are fine then and hangs up.

Kyle's dad Sam comes in the door and Kyle asks how the interview was. He says that it was fine. Kyle's mother told him that he paid the rent, all three months. Kyle explains that he came into a little money. Sam asks how a 19-year-old kid without a job came into some money. Kyle says that he went to the track, him and a friend knew a goy there and they won. Sam persists but Kyle asks what difference it makes as ling as the rent is paid. Sam asks if Kyle did something to illegal and Kyle says no, he went to the track. Sam says that it is his house and his job to take care of him and his mom. Kyle says that when he gets this job he can pay him back. Sam is angry but Kyle says that he paid the rent and he should be thanking him instead of 'crawling up my ass about it.' He closes the door to his room and locks himself in.

Tony tells all those at the meeting that Kyle has the bag of powder and he thinks he is smuggling drugs because it looks like heroin or cocaine. His licence is up on the screens and Gael is milling about. Eventually he sits down next to Adam. Adam asks about the LAPD and why they aren't going to find Kyle. Tony explains that they are not trained for a situation like this. He continues that Kyle needs to be approached with care since he has no idea what he is carrying.

Kyle's parents are outside his room talking about what Kyle has done. He has heard enough and he packs his bag, grabs some money and the drugs and is ready to leave. Kyle comes out and his parents stop talking and ask where he's going. He doesn't want to stop on his way out the door but his dad makes him. He asks what's in the bag. Kyle doesn't want to show him and looks to his mom for help but she tells him to do it. Sam takes the bag and opens it up. He starts to go through it and quickly finds the drugs. He turns to Kyle and asks what this is, coke? Heroin? Kyle says for him to give it back, 'I need it.' His dad asks if he's some kind of junkie but Kyle explains in a panic that he's just delivering it to a guy. Sam presses him for a name but Kyle won't give and tries to take the bag form his dad. It falls on the floor and Kyle gets out the door while his dad is on the floor. He looks behind him and sees a fan that has fallen over and the cut open bag in front of it.
Tony is still taking and Chase brings Zack Parker in behind them. Tony lets the meeting go and Kim goes after Chase. He finishes with the instructions about setting up for Parker and says he'll be there in a minute. Kim asks why he isn't with his dad and Chase says that he sent him back here. Kim asks what else could come from Parker, Chase says nothing, that's the point, and "he's making me sit out." Kim asks why? Because of them? Chase says that he's protecting him but he's not the one he's really protecting. Kim asks if he is blaming her but Chase doesn't know. He says that they shouldn't have told him. Kim asks what he would have preferred, them sneaking around until they got caught? She says that he'd have the same response no matter when they told him. Chase leaves after Parker.

Salazar is in his cell and Jeffery the guard comes to get his dinner. Ramon says that the food is exceptionally bad today and asks if there are laws about cruel and unusual punishment. He tells Jeffery to call Annicon and that he is ready to talk.
Annicon is outside on his phone on the way to the car. The guard calls and identifies himself as Jeff Benson, Salazar's guard. He wants to see him and says that he's ready to talk. Annicon will be right there.

At USC Wayne is on the phone and David comes and says to get a refund from whoever sold him that crap handing the folder over. Wayne says that ignoring it isn't it going to make it go away, she purgened herself and that is a felony. David is walking away from this but Wayne encourages him to get prepared for his, no matter what happens Keeler is going to bring this up at the debate. Has Anne told him everything? David says she has, Wayne asks if he is sure. David accuses her of taking every chance to get her out because he doesn't like her. Wayne admits that he doesn't like Anne but he needs to prepare for this. Wayne looks sternly at Wayne and leaves.

Annicon gets to Salazar and Salazar asks him if he asked his friend Jack Bauer what is going on? When Louis doesn't answer Salazar says that he didn't tell him, did he? He says that it must be very hard being kept in the dark. Louis has heard enough and says that he used up his patience an hour ago. Salazar says that he is like a dog with a bone, once you bite in you don't let go. Salazar says that when he's out of here he doesn't want him going after him. Salazar says that in a few hours he's going home. Louis asks how and Ramon says that Hector is a good brother. Louis says that he'd better have a key to his place; Salazar assures him that he does and when he turns it all the time he has spent on Ramon will go away just like that and he snaps his fingers. Ramon continues that he wanted him to hear it from him and for it to be the last thing he ever heard. Suddenly a nightstick hits him over the head and Jeffery chokes Louis with his nightstick until he stops struggling. Hector looks satisfied and Jeff looks at the floor. Hector says that his son will be returned to him now. Jeff looks away and then walks away from the body.

Kyle's parents are deciding what to do about Kyle. His dad wants to call a lawyer but his mom suggests that if they leave it alone it might go away. Sam is sceptical and Helen gets mad, she asks that if they call the police and get a reward then they'd be able to pay the rent. She apologises for that comment saying it wasn't fair. Out the window there are men in chemical suits and we hear a chainsaw firing up. There is a cut in the door and a hole is made. Helen takes off with the bag and the agents enter in a flurry. Sam is on the couch with a gun pointed at him and Jack comes in yelling 'Kyle Singer!' Sam says that he's not there. He kicks in the bathroom door and finds Helen flushing the powder down the toilet. Jack yells and pulls her away but it is too late, most if it is gone. He tells Tony that the virus is out in the sewer system and in the air. Tony tells Michelle to shut down the sewer from ground zero and get the fire department over there. Jack announces that he has a level three hot zone.

3:28 David is waiting as Anne comes in. She asks David what is wrong and David explains. The FCC investigation into her ex husband is going to be brought into the debate. Anne assures him that she knew nothing about what he was doing and that she didn't know the research was falsified. Her ex is changing sides from what he swore to in court eight years ago. She tells David that he has a reason to be suspicious; the people have betrayed him that he trusted most. She says she is not Sherry and says that if there is anything less then complete trust between them&Davis says that he does trust her. Anne says he should. His phone rings and it's Wayne. He tells him he's with Anne and Wayne says there might be a way to make this go away. He wants to see him alone.

Tony comes out of a room and talks with Sunny. They agree that they should be able to contain the virus. Tony says that they lucked out and Sunny says that they were due for some luck. Adam stops Tony and asks about getting the wind vectors in case the virus was airborne. Tony tells him to call meteorology, Dam looks lost so Tony tells him it's local 212. Tony continues to walk and Michelle stops him and says that the local news picked up the story about dead body and she asks what he wants her to tell them. Tony says nothing and keeps walking. Now Kim stops him and says there is a call for him, it's Warden Mitchell at the prison.

At the Singers there are people in suits everywhere at least one working a laptop. The Singers are inside a plastic room and Jack goes to them. He explains that they may have been exposed to the cordilla virus. They are somewhat frightened and Jack tells them that they are quarantined until they know more. His phone rings and Jack excuses him self and answers. Jack says that Kyle may have been exposed. Tony is less interested in that but informs Jack that he knows this is a bad time but something has happened that he figured Jack would want to know about. Jack asks what it is and Tony tells him that Louis Annicon has been murdered. Tony says that a guard who says that the Salazar's had his son murdered him. Tony says that he knows how closely they worked to bring down Salazar but Jack is starting to panic. He shows sign of pain and then tells Tony that he'll have to get back to him. Tony asks if he is okay and Jack again says that he'll get back to him. He takes off running through the plastic walls and hits a shower. He turns through it with his arms up and finally exits, unzips his suit and vomits immediately.

Back in the plastic a tech tells Nicole that these results can't be right all the samples are negative and there is not even a trace amount of the virus. Nicole goes after Jack who is still getting himself together. She walks right through to him and he asks harshly what she is doing, she hasn't showered down. Nicole says there is no need the powder is harmless. They tested five samples that didn't even have traces and the Singers aren't infected. Jack sits and is thinking; he says that it doesn't make sense. Nicole is upset about this and asks where they start looking. Jack doesn't know and thinks some more. He asks her if she said that the virus is only alive in crystallized form or in a human body, which she confirms. Jack asks what if the virus is inside a body. Nicole asks if it would be walking around infecting people but Jack says that it's not contagious yet. Kyle was in Mexico 11 hours ago and Salazar isn't threatening to release the virus for another 3. The virus has a 14-hour incubation period. The math adds up.

Kyle is on the bus gets off while calling Linda. He says that he is in trouble and he needs her help. Kyle explains that his dad found stuff and they got in fight. He left and is at the mall but his dad has still got it. Kyle says that these guys are hard-core and he has gotta make it right. He thinks maybe if he pays them enough they might go away. The coke was worth 20 grand on the street. Linda is reluctant but Kyle says that she told him his dad left money around house but Linda says not that much. Kyle encourages her that anything will help right now. He promises to pay her back, 'I swear to God.' Linda says that she will come as soon as she can.

Kyle walks by a man in a car who is talking on the phone. CTU knows the powder isn't it but they need Singer to make this work. He is instructed that if CTU gets close to grab him.

Palmer is on the phone about Salazar, he is told they are close to containing the threat. Wayne comes over and they start to discuss Ted, Anne's ex. Wayne says that all he wants is money. David says that that is blackmail but Wayne thinks is business. David doesn't like this; he thinks he's earned some credibility. Wayne wants to know if he's seen the polls from this morning. Keeler is catching up and the race is close than it should be. Wayne thinks that in cost-benefit terms this is a no brainer. David says that Anne won't like it but Wayne doesn't really care. He says that she has not been around this like Sherry and Anne will soon find herself on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Wayne says that David can't protect her and tells him not to be a martyr, keep it simple. Wayne says that hey could have the money within the hour. David turns away and thinks about it, he crunches is nose up in thought and then tells Wayne "do it."

They are taking down all the stuff at the Singer's Jack is getting his Jacket on. Helen asks him if they are okay and Jack says yes the powder was harmless. Sam is mad and says that they scared them for no reason. Jack says that they still need to find his son. They ask him about the virus and Jack explains, Helen asks if this means her son could die? Jack pauses and then says yes, that's a possibility; they need to find him now. His mom goes to a drawer and finds that the cell phone that she lent him is gone. She gives the number to Jack who passes it on to Tony. Sam says that this is all his fault; this wouldn't have happened if he had the money. Tony tells Jack that they have people on the lookout for Singer and he gives the cell number to Kim and tells her to start a trace on it. Jack asks one of them to make the call and keep him on the line as ling as possible. Sam asks what he is supposed to tell him and Jack says the truth. He makes the call as Kyle is on an escalator and he picks it up 'Linda?' His dad says no, it's your father and they need to talk. Kyle says that he knows he's mad but Sam says that whatever he did he knows he was just trying to help out. Kyle isn't really interested and goes to hang up but his dad yells for him not to. When Kyle has the phone at his ear his dad says that he has to come home. Kyle catches on that something is up and asks why he sounds different. Sam says that he may have gotten something while he was down in Mexico. Kyle asks how he knew he was there and his dad explains that there are people here. He knows it sounds crazy and while they talk Jack expresses worry to Tony that they are going to lose the kid. Kyle is mad that his dad would tell him he loves him and then sell out to the cops. Sam says that they need to stop this before it becomes an outbreak but Kyle says tat he doesn't feel sick and hangs up.

At CTU they got the trace for him at the mall. Tony says that he's 10 minutes away by chopper he'll go. Jack ensures that Tony will not take Chase and Tony says fine without question. Jack thanks the Singers again and heads out.

Michelle calls Chloe and tells her that she will be in charge because Tony is leaving for a few hours, she asks Chloe to tell everyone in her area. Chase overhears the call and asks Chloe. She says that Jack can't get there so Tony is going. Chase says that he's not even field ops and Chloe says that they are really shutting him out; he must have really pissed of Jack. Chase takes off after Tony as Chloe tries to tell him it won't help. Chase catches Tony on his way out the door and says he wants to go. Tony says no they are handling it. Chase protests but Tony says it was Jack's call and starts to walk away. Chase grabs him by the arm and Tony is forced to face him. Chase says this isn't right; it's because of Kim. Tony remains neutral and tells him to take it up with Jack. Tony boards the copper and Chase heads back into CTU.

Kyle is still at the mall with the man lurking in the shadows.
Chase calls Jack's cell and when his phone rings Jack sees its chase and doesn't pick up. He tells Nicole that he is keeping the line open for Tony. When the message picks up Chase yells 'damn it Jack!' and hits something metal in the office. He storm out of the room and Kim sees him and goes to him. Chase tries to double back but then turns to face Kim. Kim says that she knows her dad can be hard but he'll come around, she knows him. Chase says that she may no know him as well as she thinks and she asks what that means. Chase says nothing. Kim asks if he doesn't think she feels bad enough already? Chase reiterates that they shouldn't have told him. Kim thinks that the only option was to stop seeing each other, which wasn't really an option. By the look on his face she asks 'or is it?' He doesn't answer so she asks what he wants. Chase says that he wants to do his job. Adam comes over and says that Kim is needed because Tony is about to land.

The chopper lands and mall security is jogging out to meet Tony. They think they found him in the rotunda. Tony gives instructions to Bronson and Pierson to get to posts.

Jack and his cavalcade are speeding along. Jack looks bad; he coughs and then squints. Nicole has seen enough and asks 'how long have you been using Jack?' Jack asks 'what?" but Nicole says she did a rotation in rehab, you learn to pick up when someone is using. Jack says that he doesn't know what she's talking about but she says he knows exactly what she's talking about. "How long?" Finally Jack admits it and says 'for a while now.' She looks displeased and Jack says that is the only way he could maintain his cover with the Salazar's. She asks him if he is high now and he snaps back 'no!' She picks up the bottle and holds it up showing it to him, 'it's empty.' Jack challenges that if she is worried about it them turn him in but she doesn't want to turn him in, she is worried about him. Nicole says that she is taking a calculated guess that he is more of an asset then a liability. "Please don't screw this up." Jack's cell rings and he checks the call display to find its Tony. He says he is about to pick Singer up. HE says all the exits are covered and Jack says he should be there in about a minute. He gets out of the SUV and so do the others with him; Jack yells, "let's go!"

Kyle is looking over the railing and the man from the car appears again. Tony is talking to a security guard; the man calls Gael and says that CTU is on site and they can't let the kid get caught. Gael says that it's too hot and yells calling him Gomez as he hangs up the phone. Tony tells the security guard to stay put; he wants to make a clean grab. Gomez approaches from the opposite direction from Tony and walks by Kyle and brushes Tony's arm. Tony goes to Kyle and Kyle asks who he is. Tony says that his name is Tony Almeida; he's a federal agent. The things that his dad told him about him being sick are true. Kyle says that he doesn't believe him and is suddenly looking over Tony's shoulder wide-eyed. The camera moves over slightly and we see Gomez with this gun drawn, he shoots and Tony goes down. Kyle runs off and Tony is left amidst screams and holding the back of his neck, wedding ring clearly visible and blood trickling all down his face.

The screen splits and we see Chase leaning on a railing at CTU looking bored, Helen crying and Sam coming to comfort her and Wayne on the phone with David watching.

Jack is running full out through the mall yelling to "get out of the way, move" as he sprits against the crowd. He runs into one person and Tony is visible on the ground in a sizeable pool of blood. Jack gets to him and as Nicole catches up he tells her that he's been hit in the neck. He asks a guard for his radio and tells them that Kyle is not in custody. He gets on his knees at Tony's head and holds his seemingly unconscious head up and tries to cover the wound with Nicole nearby.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-That is some serious bad timing from the Health Services. Or good timing depending on how you look at it!
-Is Jack wearing different sunglasses now than he was earlier?
-Jack says he's been going non-stop since noon&at that time it was only 3 hours since noon, he's gone non-stop for 24 before!
-It was a nice touch having Nicole talk about Teri, it sounds like they may have been old friends in a previous life.
-I'm not sure 'I kind of withdrew' really covers it there, Jack.
-Could Nicole be a love interest for Jack? I like her, I would peg her as more if his type.
-How's that for irony, when Gael asks if the recording came from inside the US. Michelle has no idea how close the origin was, you know, like in the next room&
-And again I will press that Kim is NOT SAFE at CTU! They are obviously in the business of family of those against the Salazar's so as long as Gael is there (and even after) I'd say Kim is not safe at all.
-Kyle is still a kid, drinking out the milk jug without a peep from his father. I guess he had other things on his mind.
-Sam, Kyle's dad is being very noble and you can tell his pride is somewhat hurt by not being able to pay his family's way.
-The way Gael was milling about during the meeting is so suspicious, but that might just seem more that way because we know he's bad.
-Could Adam ask more questions during the meeting? He's as bad as Kate&oh wait, I take that back.
-Annicon is very soon gonna wish he just got in the car and drove away.
-I guess not everyone can be Jack Bauer - when Jeff was faced with a kidnapping he did what the kidnappers wanted him to do.
-Kyle saying to his dad 'I need it,' were probably just about the worst choice of words in that situation.
-Did they really need a chainsaw to get through that cheap door? I mean Jack went and kicked the bathroom door down pretty easily.
-So, is Anne telling the truth? I for one would really like to know
-Sherry is really taking a figurative beating by all of these people not wanting to be like her&
-Tony fells lucky now? Well I think we should ask him again in about 20 minutes or so.
-Also at this rate Tony will never get across the atrium of CTU. Feeling a bit overwhelmed there Tony?
-Operating a laptop through a chemical suit, that's an interesting challenge - I can hardly even type properly normally.
- So I guess we could stem a few reasons to Jack's reaction when he heard about Annicon&was it
a. His closeness with Louis? - I mean they have obviously been working together
b. Memories when he heard about the guards' kid in danger? Kim seems to be always on his mind.
c. Withdrawal? It would be a symptom - I guess you can pick your vice.
-Why do we always have to see Jack be sick - Season one was at the underground facility after the tazer incident, then season two we had the tazer again and the induced vomiting looking for the chip. I guess we're three for three.
-I know it's not funny but I laughed pretty hard when Jack went speeding out of the plastic and then had to stop to shower. Just the tediousness of it isn't your usually Jack.
-I have a sneaking suspicion that David agreeing to this deal is going to bite him in the ass PDQ (like in the next 21 hours or so?)
-'There is a possibility that your son will be killed.' Possibility? Try like a 95% chance - I think that's more than a possibility.
-I'd be relieved that I'm not infected with a virus, I would not be mad at Jack for protecting the public from an outbreak. Obviously I don't think like Sam Singer.
-Chase IS like Jack. His little tantrum in the office is something Jack would do in a second
-By the way, if he breaks up with Kim then he's a bastard.
-Wow, that is serious mall security. At my local mall we have old guys that probably couldn't secure a dumpster.
-What a landing pad - mall-parking lot?
-Again in the 'have you MET Jack?' category - when Nicole tells him "Please don't screw this up." Honestly, this is Jack.
-What would have happened if Chase went? Well, we'd definitely see Angry Jack.
-At the same time if Chase had gone to the mall it would have been him that was shot not Tony
-Jack has a bigger cavalcade then the president. The only thing is Jack could probably get there faster without them
-Did they find the tallest actor ever to be the security guard with Tony? Carlos Bernard was a full head shorter than him. I'm used to seeing Kiefer shorter than everyone else but not Bernard.
-How did the thug Gomez know that Tony was CTU for sure? Has Gael fed them files as well? What's to say he wasn't some lost soul asking for directions to Foot Locker?
-So, what happened to the security guard? How did he not see the gun and/or not catch the gunman on the way out. That remains to be seen but he'd better of at least given chase to the guy that shot Tony
-And speaking of Chase I wonder if Kim will realize how dangerous this is now.
-ALSO I wonder if Michelle will blame Jack/Chase/Kim about Tony, especially if he dies.
-Just what Jack needs, more guilt