Left: Jack and Chase in Jack's office, Right: Tony

Originally Aired 11.04.2003
3.2 Secrets Revealed-

Jack is in his office and the camera sees a picture of Kim.  Jack is at his desk and he glances behind him.  He is sweating still and he spots the needle on the floor.  He looks like he is thinking for a second and then crawls on all fours across to get it. He sits with his back to the wall, picks it up and ponders it for a second and then smashes it into the side of his garbage can, throwing it inside.  He then goes to the floor and picks up the rest of his mess throwing it in the garbage too.  Finally he comes to the small bottle that contained the drugs.  He looks at it, shakes it and then looks at the garbage.  Instead of adding it Jack picks up the silver case and puts the bottle inside where we see an extra syringe.  He closes the case and looks at the garbage, then to the case again.  He brings his knees up to his chest and looks at the floor, still holding the silver case.

Wayne is on a videoconference with Tony.  They discuss the outbreak of the virus; Sunny is on another videoconference line and speaks directly to Wayne through the monitor. She tells him about the type three pneumonic virus.  She brings up pictures of the decay of the target and the symptoms it shows.  Tony reaffirms that the casualty projection is bleak.  Wayne can’t seem to wrap his mind around this saying that he thought we knew all of the biological threats that were out there, how could this happen?  Sunny says that it is new and something that has been engineered.  Sunny tells Wayne that it will be devastating if released.  Wayne says that the policy of the country is to not negotiate with terrorists and he knows the president, the will not let Salazar go.  In light of this Tony would like to get his team to work.  

Kim places another call to Jack.  She tells him that she found something on Goss and she also wanted to talk to him.  Jack asks if something is wrong and Kim says that it’s something personal.  Jack says that it’s not a good time; he will come down when he has a moment.  Chase has entered the room and Jack hangs up and walks across the room saying that they got something on Goss.  Chase stops Jack by holding out the papers in his hand to Jack’s chest.  “You didn’t shoot up, did you?  What you think you can hide it from me?”  Jack answers that he’s not trying to hide it form him, he’s trying to quit.  Chase says wisely “You can’t just quit” Jack says that “I’ve been tapering off and now it’s time to stop.”  Chase tells him that it doesn’t look like its time.  Today is not the day to need a fix.  Jack dismisses him to go work with Chloe but Chase persists and asks what’s wrong with the methadone program?  It’s slow but it works.  Jack has heard enough and answers, “I am not going on record with this addiction, do you understand me? Right now you’re the only one who knows about it and it’s gonna stay that way.”  Chase doesn’t get it and assures Jack that it’s nothing to be ashamed of; Jack did it in the line if duty and the only way he could get close to Salazar was doing junk.  No one is going to get on him for that.  Jack abruptly says that this conversation is over and walks past him and out the door.

On Chase’s way out of Jacks office Chloe stops him.  She is worried about the Salazar situation and doesn’t understand, he’s only one person.  Chase brushes it off and says that Kim is bringing up a modified list of Goss’ associates.  Chase looks back at Jack and goes to his workstation.  Kim comes up the stairs and looks into Jacks office and proceeds to Chase.  He tells her that he heard her talking to Jack while he was in his office and asks why she wants to tell him today.  She says that it’s not a big deal.  Chase disagrees saying ‘not only do I work for him but I’m also a field agent, it’s the last thing he wants for his daughter.’  Kim is perplexed and asks how he knows that.  Chase says that he talks about things like how he was never there for Kim, or her mom.  Kim has a different thought; it might make him happy that his daughter has found someone that she loves.  Chase sits for a second and then tells Kim that he loves her too but today is not a good day.  Chase asks a question about the file and then Kim goes to Jack’s office.  She knocks on the glass door and enters.  The first thing she does is ask if he is okay.  He says yeah, why?  Kim tells Jack that Chase said he was really stressed out.  Jack looks a bit worried and asks what she means.  Kim says that it’s the Salazar – terrorist threat.  Jack looks somewhat relieved and says yeah.  Kim wants to talk now so Jack invites her in and tells her to sit down.  He closes the door and Kim exchanges a look with Chase through the glass as they sit on the couch.  Kim starts ‘after all we’ve been through I find it very difficult keeping things from you.’  She ploughs straight ahead that ‘Chase and I have been going out for a while and it’s starting to get serious.’  Jack sighs and sits back on the couch looking at his shoes.  Finally he speaks, ‘wow.’  Kim says that they both wanted to tell him by Chase thought it would cause a problem between them.  Jack obviously has no idea what to say so he asks how long they have been together.  Kim answers three months and Jack is non-committal to either positive or negative.  Kim says that ‘I really care for him, dad.’  Jack again sits forward and Kim bravely asks what he thinks.  Jack hesitates and then says he doesn’t know.  ‘I’m really…surprised.  I’m sorry, with everything that’s going on today…’ Kim says to forget it, her voice is not angry.  Jack says that he’s glad she told him.  Kim gets up and kisses him on the cheek, the exchange ‘I love you’s’ and she leaves him sitting there.  He looks like he has come up with something to say but she has already left.
Kim goes to Chase and says that she told him.  Chase asks what he said, Kim answers ‘nothing’ and looks slightly upset.  Jack is watching them and looks away.

Sunny is on the phone to Michelle, she says that it looks like the virus was delivered in crystallized form; it would be a white powder.  Michelle asks if it would look like cocaine, which Sunny confirms, that may be the strategy.

Back at the pool Tim tells Kyle that he is not doing this. Kyle says that he’s his best friend and Tim thinks he should have talked to him about it before he went and bought a bag of coke.  The phone rings and it’s Zack, the girls in the background are asking questions. Zack asks if Kyle has the powder and Kyle says yes.  He wants Zack to go over the plan one more time, Zack does with reluctance, and he is supposed to drop it off at 7:30.
Jack has gotten changed and is putting his gun back on.  Michelle phones up and says that they have an address on Goss from two months ago.  Jack says to send LAPD over but they are not to go in until Chase and him get there.  Jack tells Chase through the glass that they’re on and he puts his jacket on while he walks down the stairs, Chase doing the same thing behind him.  Michelle is telling someone on the phone to make sure LAPD knows to stand down until they get there.  Tony comes over and asks if there is anything more recent on Goss.  Michelle says that they could spend another hour looking but they might not get anything.  Tony tells Michelle to put transmitters on Jack and Chase so they can work it up in real time.  Chase and Jack are getting some large guns out of a locker and Michelle comes over and gives them a file to read on the way over.  They finish at the locker and Kim comes with a first aid kit.  Jack heads away and Kim tells Chase to be careful.  Without looking back Jack says impatiently “lets GO Chase!”

Jack and Chase exit CTU as a truck pulls away.  Jack says that they need to wait till they get there and see the set up.  Chase has other things on his mind and says that he knows Kim told him about them and he wanted to tell Jack, he just couldn’t find the right time.  Chase says he thought Jack should know – it’s getting serious.  Jack says coldly that ‘that’s what she said’ and gets in the car.  Chase can be seen through the window slumped down thinking.
Palmer is still at USC; Wayne tells him that there is little change.  David says to give CTU “Carte Blanche” whatever they need.  David wants to cancel the debate, Wayne says no.  They get threats every day, what does David think he could do if he put his full attention on it?  David wants to make sure that Wayne is not advising him out of fear that his image will suffer.  Wayne says that it will suffer.  Senator Keeler, David’s competition, is here.  David goes and shakes his hand for the cameras.  They banter about preparation for the debate like they are old friends.  Palmer says that he doesn’t want to keep him; he has some last minute cramming to do.  They shake hands again and Palmer leaves.  David beckons Wayne over who was talking with someone that entered with Keeler.  Wayne tells him that he will give him a call but when he catches up with David he asks what he was doing.  Wayne says that there may be an opportunity but he will not elaborate. 

Jack and Chase are driving; Jack is still sweating it out.  Chase looks at Jack and dripping with sarcasm says, “I’m sorry if you think I’m not good enough for your daughter but I can’t help the way I feel.”  Jack asks Chase why he thinks he put Kim at CTU behind a desk working a computer?  ‘So I could keep an eye on her and to make sure she’s safe,’ he continues with disgust, ‘NOT so she could be with a field agent.’ Chase accuses Jack of treating her like she’s 12 years old; Chase reminds her that Kim is a grown woman. Jack tells Chase that, “you’ve seen what this job can do to you, what it’s done to me… it’s ruined every relationship I’ve ever had.”  Chase thinks that it’s just Jack but Jack cuts him off saying “No, no, it’s the job!”  Chase says, “I don’t think so.”  But Jack asks ‘what the hell do you know? I lost my wife because of this job, and I almost lost Kim too.  I am not going to let that happen again.  I will do everything I can to protect her.  You can not have a normal life an do this job.’ Chase clarifies, ‘so you’re saying I shouldn’t have a relationship with anyone…’ Jack says “that’s exactly what I’m saying…and especially not with my daughter.”  Jack’s phone rings and its Louis at the prison.  He says he is calling because he wanted to move Salazar but he can’t because there is a lock from division.  Jack can’t tell him why but Louis persists and after reminding him that Jack is not the only one that gave up a chunk of his life for this. Finally Jack says that the information does not go anywhere but Salazar might walk because he has someone with a lot of leverage.  Louis says that he will get back to Jack.  Jack hangs up and turns back to Chase telling him that he’d better start thinking about what we’re going to do when we get there, they’ll talk about the issue later.

Louis goes through the cellblock with 2 guards straight to Salazar.  He sends them in to get him and when he emerges he starts to speak Spanish.  Louis answers in English that no, he hasn’t found him a new lawyer, how about an execution date? Ramon looks surprised and says, ‘someone is not happy.’  Louis asks what Ramon knows but Ramon plays dumb, ‘about what?  Hector? Have you heard from him? How is he? It’s his birthday next week and I don’t know what to get him.’  This lands him a baton to the stomach.  After he recovers he says that something is happening and he does not have a doubt that Louis will come looking for him, especially after the death of his wife Elise and his sons Domaz and Rustus.

Wayne is on the phone with Tony who has nothing new to report until they hear from Bauer.  Wayne thanks him and David leaves the press until after the debate and Wayne says that that went well, David agrees that it did. They discuss the threat, Wayne says that it may be a bluff and that dropping off a body is one thing but being able to infect a city is another. David brings up the opportunity that Wayne spoke about earlier but Wayne says that he’s not sure it’s something they need to discuss. Palmer concludes that either it fell through or he knows David is not gonna like it so he’s proceeding without him.  Wayne says that he doesn’t want to divert his attention but David persists saying he can walk and chew gum at the same time.  Wayne gives in and asks what if they could get a hold of Keeler’s playbook, the things that he are going to try and trip David up on, everything. David asks how they would get it but Wayne says that he doesn’t need to know details. Keeler comes in to prepare. David tells Wayne that he knows that there is no way he would ever agree to that. Wayne is adamant that he is not pulling a Sherry and stealing it but David doesn’t care, he reminds Wayne that he is not in private sector anymore and he has to get used to how his administration works.  Wayne says that he is just trying to give his administration another four years.

Michelle is in the washroom washing her hands; before she does she takes off her wedding ring.  Kim comes out of a stall and they talk about being all caught up.  Kim stops Michelle and wants to know if she can ask her something about her and Tony.  Michelle says okay and Kim asks if they have a problem working together in the same office.  Michelle says no, why does she ask? Kim doesn’t want to answer but Michelle talks her into it and Kim admits she is dating Chase and her dad isn’t’ too happy about it.  Michelle tells Kim that he is just trying to protect her, “but ultimately it’s between you and Chase.” Let know when finish. Tony stops Michelle and asks about the locations in Mexico and Michelle says Chloe is working on it.  They also want to work a search in case Hector was stupid enough to show his face.

Hector places another call to the man in the dark room.  He asks if he is still in place and if the debate is still on, the answer to both is yes.  Hector says that we’ll see what kind of tough guy he is with a couple of million lives on the line.

Claudia and her father are arguing and Hector comes over to see what is going on.  Claudia says it’s nothing but he presses her and she finally says that her father is not happy about how she lives her life. Hector assumes that it is that he doesn’t like her being with him and asks him if he thinks is daughter is too good for him.  Her father answers no sir.  Hector turns and tells Claudia not to talk with her father like that again; he slaps her.  She quickly slaps him back and says that how she conducts herself with her father is her business.  He grabs her wrist, smiles and kisses her.  When he finishes he says ‘good’ and leaves her standing there.

Chloe gets off the phone and calls Tony.  She tells him that Jack and Chase just arrived but they are not using the transmitters, Jack said they would take to long to set up.  Tony says whatever; just get him any information that comes in.  Chloe says that he doesn’t have to yell, Tony says that to one is yelling she just needs to keep him up to date.  Chloe tells him that she already said okay.
Jack and Chase are walking and they meet with Detective Fisher.  He assures them that no one went in they have 30 people in there and Goss’ place in on the corner on the third floor.  Fisher asks what they want for backup and Jack says none, the two of them can sneak in without a fight.  Fisher asks if they are sure, they are.  Jack cocks his gun and they go in.
Jack and Chase in the warehouse are walking.  They her loud music and they see a girl shooting up in her foot.  They have paused and are watching her, Jacks expression is difficult to discern but Chase looks appalled.  They continue and meet a guy who says that this area is not open to the public.  The two of them get him against the wall and Jack goes down the hallway.  He gets about half way until the man chase is holding yells out.  Chase promptly knocks him out and catches up with Jack.  They are firing guns and Chase goes in asking Jack to cover him.  Chase kills one guy and the second one takes off.  Jack sees him run by and yells, “Chase, we got a runner!”  Jack takes off after him down a flight of stairs and with gun drawn.  He sees him and runs after him shooting the whole time.  Jack gets him and he falls down a short flight of stairs landing on, well, a landing.  It is Zack and as Jack approaches he starts to yell that he has nothing on him.  Jack says, “Shut up, stupid or I’ll let you bleed to death right here on this landing.”  Jack yells to Chase who finds them and comes down the stairs.  Jack asks who David Goss is; Zack says that he scores from him sometimes.  Jack says not anymore, he’s dead.  Jack asks who was his supplier but Zack doesn’t answer.  Jack enlists Chase’s help who promptly steps on the fresh gunshot wound.  Zack starts talking, they guys name is Carlos Correjta.  Jack says he is one of Salazar’s mid-level distributors.  He works out of Tijuana and was supposed to call Zack tonight.  Zack had to find a mule, someone clean to bring a small bag of coke across the border.  Zack continues that it is crazy because he was paying ten thousand dollars and the coke wasn’t even worth that.  The mule is named Kyle Singer and he still has it.

Kyle is getting dressed and he hears voice outside.  He peeks out the window and sees the landlord talking to his to mom.  He hands over a final notice, he wants the rent by tomorrow or he will start the eviction process. She assures him says she’ll have it in a couple of days. Kyle goes into his bag and gets some money out of a stack he has in his bag.  There is a girl in his bed, we learn later her name is Linda.  Kyle goes downstairs and asks his mom how much they owe.  She says $1800 but his father is going to talk to uncle Sanford.  Linda is upstairs looking in the bag and she quickly finds the coke.  Kyle catches the landlord and clarifies the amount they owe.  He peels off the bills and says that from now on if he has a problem talk to him or his dad, leave his mom out of it.  He expects the receipt in the mailbox.  When he comes back his mom asks where he got the money.  Kyle says it doesn’t matter, they needed it and he got it. ,

Tony comes down the stairs and asks for everyone’s attention.  He needs to know everything about Kyle Singer and most importantly where he likely to be right now. Tony says to report anything back to Jack.  He dismisses them with a snap.
The coke is in the bag, as Linda gets dressed.  She can’t believe that Kyle would be this stupid.  What is he going to help by dealing drugs?  Kyle says they needed the money but Linda wants to know where his parents are going to get the money to bail him out of jail.  Kyle says that she is right and he knows it was stupid but he did it and he’d in this now.  He is going to make the drop tonight and he promises her it will be over.  Linda says she isn’t waiting for it to be over, its over now.  She leaves his room and goes right out the front door.  He chases her but she has gone.  Kyle’s mom asks what is going on but he says they just had a disagreement and to forget about it.  His mom doesn’t think his dad will take forget about it for an answer.

Palmer enters a room with Anne and apologises.  He tells her that he is having her security upgraded and he needs her to learn all she can about type three pneumonic viruses.  She says she knows a bit and he gives her an update about everything that is going on.  He mentions Sunny but Anne already knows her.  Her initial reaction is to get David out of LA, this is not something the secret service can protect him from.  He tells her again to get as much information she can and they embrace.  There is a knock at the door and it is Aaron.  He says that his brother would like to speak with him and he would like David to come to him, he has something to show him.  David kisses Anne and says that he’ll see her later.

Jack is on his phone saying he is going to go check Kyle Singer out himself.  He gets to Chase and tells him to take Parker back to CTU.  Chase asks about Kyle and says he’s coming.  Jack says no he’s not and heads for his car. Chase accuses Jack of trying to get rid of him but Jack says he’s not.  Chase asks if it is about Kim and grabs Jack’s arm and spins him around.  Jack is unimpressed and says that this kid has got a bag of coke that’s got the virus in it, he needs to find him and stop him from putting it into circulation.  Chase knows, he is going to help him.  Jack is on the move again and tells Chase that ‘you can’t have it both ways Chase, my daughter cares for you so I need to keep you out of harms way.’  Chase asks if he’s kidding but Jack answers that he is to take Parker back to CTU, that’s an order.  Jack gets in the car and drives away leaving Chase standing there in disbelief. 

Wayne is on the phone and David comes in and tells everyone else to leave.  He asks Wayne what it is and Wayne puts his hand on a folder on the table.  David asks what it is and Wayne slides it over to David.  He tell him not to be angry but there is something in there he needs to see.  David says there is nothing that he needs to see; Wayne says that it’s about Anne.  Palmer fires back that Keeler is too smart to play the race card or the girlfriend card.  Wayne says grimly that it is ‘something that, if true, could damage all of us.’  He implores David to just take a look at it.  David holds his hand over the file.

We see Anne, Ramon Salazar, and Jack

The man in the dark room is on the phone again with Hector.  Kyle is still at the house; Ramon is just waiting to come home.  The man puts the monitors back to CTU surveillance and stands up moving out onto the main floor of CTU. Kim walks over to him and calls him Gael.  She tells him Chloe has been looking for him, she is in IT.  He says all right

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I found it really sad to watch jack crawling along the floor like that.  Seeing the hero reduced to that was quite depressing.
-By the way I loved Sutherland in this scene – deciding what to do, you van practically see him thinking.
-So, assuming he didn’t toss the case with the rest of the drugs in it he can always finish later. 
-Cool double teleconference with Sunny talking to Wayne thought CTU…talk about technology
-Will Palmer really not negotiate with terrorists?  Isn’t that exactly what he did with Nina last year?  Not only that but at one point he bargained with Jack’s life.
-Jesus, Kim, it has been about 2 minutes since you last talked to your dad and told him you wanted to talk to him…do you think he forgot?
-I kinda like that name for the drugs – Junk
-Chase does have appoint about the program…I guess Jack just doesn’t want to show the weakness to everyone
-I’m with Chase; this is a bad time to be telling Jack this kind of thing.  Not only is he dealing with the drugs but the day, too?
-I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I just can’t see Jack hanging around the water cooler talking about relationships or especially how he has failed his family.  He has been written as such a private person that it just doesn’t work.
-“Happy that his daughter has found someone that she loves”?!?! Has Kim MET Jack?
-I think it was a nice touch when Kim shows up at Jacks office and asks if he’s okay – he thinks she knows what’s going on. 
-What kind of half ass drug dealer tells someone OVER THE PHONE exactly what they are doing for their drop? Umm…not ever.
-Chase is like Jack’s double.  He wants to be like him, this was very apparent when they came down the stairs both putting their jackets on.
-It was nice for Tony to want to work up in real time – aha, events still do occur in real time! :-)
-Well, that is certainly a handy little giant gun cabinet in the middle of CTU there.  That was a very large gun that Jack was packing too…I wonder if it was just for show or if he’ll get to use it.
-When Chase tells Jack that it is getting serious he sounds like he has an accent.  I like it!
-It was kind of strange hearing Wayne tell David that they get threats like this every day.  This was David’s position last year to the press about the nuclear threat.
-Kim a grown woman…that’s an interesting take on that!
-Chase is pretty brave going up against Jack like that about his career and relationships.  How can he says that Jack was at fault for his and Teri’s relationship failing?  He is right, she died because of his job and now that Jack has finally stopped blaming himself Chase is blaming him.  Kate on the other hand was probably more Jack than job.
-Jack says an interesting ting in the truck with Chase, that he would do anything to protect Kim.  Now that Kim has said that she cares for Chase and Jack wants to protect Chase to protect Kim (follow me there?) then are we set up for a potentially Armageddon-like ending?  Who’s seen that movie? *ARMAGEDDON SPOLIER Remember how Bruce Willis sacrificed himself so that Ben Affleck’s character could live a happy life with his daughter?  Replace Bruce with Kiefer and Ben with Badge-Dale…I hope not, though, not only would it be cheesy but we need Kiefer!
-Way to keep a secret Louis the guard at the prison…I’m not sure that’s what Jack had in mind when he told him that he didn’t want that information to go anywhere.
-Salazar could potentially be after the family of Louis but Louis isn’t the one that put him in jail - that was Jack.  I think Kim may be in substantial danger at CTU with Gael there.  Not only that but Kate may be in trouble as well or anyone else related to Jack.
-If anyone has a better spelling for Louis’ boys’ names could you let me know?  I speak no Spanish….
-Line of the Week Candidate: Wayne Palmer, “I’m not going to pull a Sherry and steal It.” – nice Wayne!
-I’m pretty sure that the advice that Michelle gave Kim about Chase is not what Jack would have wanted her to say.  Again with the Armageddon thing.  It may just be between Chase and her, especially if Jack is out of the picture.
-Claudia looks pretty close to her father’s age, doesn’t she?
-I like Claudia; she’s got some serious attitude.
-On the other hand, I don’t like Chloe.  Not only is she annoying but she’s inconsistently written.  I don’t think she could go off on Jack like she did an hour ago and then be that worried about the virus.  She seemed like a tough person, but now…not so much.  Not to mention the whole Tony-yelling thing.  Tony doesn’t yell, who is she kidding?  What is her deal?
-Okay, when Chase and Jack were in the gunfight and Jack took off after Zack there was no Chase to be found…I thought for sure that he had been shot.
-Worst line of the season thus far: Jack to Zack “shut up, stupid.”  Excuse me?  I’m sorry; I thought you were Jack Bauer.  You know, the guy with a line for everything that is consistently on his toes ready to save the world?  I must be mistaken.  I mean really, is that the best they could do?  The bleeding to death on the landing was Bauer but ‘shut up stupid’ must have been the drugs speaking…or maybe the writers are doing some of that…
-Speaking of classic Bauer – stepping on the gunshot wound?  Holy pain!  And now Jack doesn’t have to do it, he has Chase for that!
-Kyle Singer (Riley Smith) has such cool eyes…did anyone else notice how intense the colours are?
-When Tony dismisses the CTU employees he snaps and everyone moves!  I wish I could make people do that when I snap!
-Tough call for Linda to leave Kyle like that…he does have a heart of gold since it’s all for his family but I don’t think he went about it the right way.
-Did everyone notice all that food waiting for Palmer when he met with Anne?  Looked real good…. I just hope Jack and Chase had lunch.
-So, where is Anne from?  How does she know Sunny?
-I think that Palmer upgrading Anne’s security may not have been the best thing to do…this isn’t her field.  Why not get a specialist?  I guess that’s the joy of being president.
-When Chase stopped Jack outside the drug house the way he spun around and shot daggers at him I thought for sure that he was going to clock him.  That would be a good fight, Jack versus Chase…Maybe in the future
-What is Anne’s secret?  Is it real or is this something orchestrated by Wayne to get her out of Palmers life?  Something is definitely awry here.
-Now, the big question – Gael.  I don’t even know where to start with this plotline, let’s look at it this way
a) If Jack was working that closely with Salazar how would he not know about Gael if he were working in CTU before?
b) If he applied after Jack was finished with Salazar, how would he ever get through security clearance?  The government is very thorough and especially after the while Nina/Jamey thing I can’t see it getting any easier.
c) What is his purpose there?  Obviously surveillance and getting and inside scoop on what is going on but may he be there for Kim or Jack?  To take them out of the picture? 
d) Least pressing – he hasn’t been working very much in the last few hours now has he? And what about the cameras in the room that he was in?

Body Count:

1. David Goss - Salazars - 1:00pm-2:00pm
2. Doug Shea - Ramon Salazar - 1:00pm-2:00pm
3. Zack Parker’s Friend – Jack/Chase – 2:00pm-3:00pm