Tony and Michelle - Note the Wedding Ring

David Palmer - Alive and well

Jack Looking Rough at CTU

1:00pm - 2:00pm
Originally Aired: 10.28.03
3.01 - Jack On Smack

The first thing we see is Palmer and the events that happened at the end of last season.  As he lay on the ground the black place card comes in and reads “Three years later” 

Kiefer’s voice comes on and the familiar “The following takes place between 1pm and 2 pm” Then, “Events occur in real time.” 

A blue Ford 15 passenger sized van is driving.  There are three men inside, driver, passenger and one working in the back on a small bomb.  He is really sweating it out and is visibly nervous about what he is doing working with a screwdriver.  He activates the bomb and the little blue light comes on.  The van recklessly pulls up and the man in the back pulls out a switchblade and cuts open some clear plastic.  The van backs in and we are told via words that this is “National Health Services – Los Angeles” They get out and drop a body unwrapping the clear plastic like a carpet and allowing the body to be exposed.  The bomb is affixed to the door and they all hop in the van and speed away.  The bomb goes off and a security officer comes and sees the body.  Immediately he is on the intercom calling for more security.

We move to a prison facility.  A hand is put on a print-reader, print is scanned and a picture of Jack comes up.  The camera moves up and we see Jack scowling at the officers.  Next Chase steps up and gets scanned as Jack waits impatiently. They move down the corridor, Jack in front, looking like something out of a lawyer show.  Ramon Salazar is led down the cellblock by two guards; he is in shackles. Jack and Chase continue to walk and Jack lets a cough go.  Chase asks ‘you okay?’ Jack answers that ‘I won’t be okay until we get this thing signed.’  Chase mumbles ‘that’s not what I meant’ and Jack throws a glance in his direction but without eye contact.  They reach the others who are waiting; Salazar has already been sat down in the room waiting. Jack asks what the changes are and a man by the name of Louis (pronounced Lou-ee-se) answers that he wants to be moved to a class two facility.  They say that Salazar wants to go to Florida but they are unwilling to give him this.  Chase says to just give him what he wants.  Jack agrees saying that he is unstable and they don’t know what he’s going to do; they want him to talk.  Louis acknowledges that they (Chase and Jack) have spent the last year bringing Salazar in and Jack asks to talk to Louis.  They step aside from the others and Jack says that if Salazar doesn’t talk they haven’t accomplished anything.  He says that he didn’t lose a year of his life to arrest a drug dealer.  Jack assures Louis that Salazar does business with terrorist cells; their only objective is to bring them down.  Louise says that the deal is already done and Salazar will take it.  Jack and him join the others again, looks at Salazar and tells Louis that he’d better be right.  Salazar’s lawyer, Douglas Shea, goes into the room with the agreement.  Salazar asks with a smile if that is his life that he’s holding in his hands. Shea drops the folder on the table in front of him and says that it’s ready.  Salazar is less interested in the agreement than he is with the mirror-window.  He gets up and walks over and asks ‘are you in there, Jack?’  Shea says to forget about him but Salazar, looking into the mirror near Jack, asks ‘how could I forget about the man that put me here, pretended to be my friend.  I’m concerned about you Jack, things you did to put me here.  I wouldn’t wish on anyone…let’s face it; you’ll never be the same, neither will I.  We are in the same boat now.  I’m about no name names Jack, it’s a big moment for us and it makes me happy.  We are connected now, maybe we always have been.’  Jack looks disturbed by this address by Salazar, he watches Salazar very closely.  Salazar sits back down and Shea starts to point out the changes.  He is uninterested and trusts that Shea did a good job.  He says he needs a pen unless they want him to sign it in his own blood.  Salazar chuckles about that and tells Shea that he has been a good lawyer, a good guy, but he doesn’t think that he has what it takes to keep his mouth shut.  Suddenly Jack understands but it is a split second before Salazar stabs the pen into his lawyers’ throat.  Jack, Chase and Louis move towards the door demanding that it be opened.  When they get to him Salazar says that this is all Jack’s fault and what happens next is on him.  Chase is angered by this and grabs Salazar by the throat pushing him up against the wall asking ‘is that right you son of a bitch’.  Jack gets a hold of Chase and pulls him off and yells at him to take a walk pointing to the door.  Salazar is led away but he is still yelling to Jack ‘what happens next is on you Jack!’

Another F-150 is outside the hospital labelled as the Haz-Mat unit (Hazardous materials).  Everyone is in chemical suits and the body is lifted onto a stretcher contained in plastic.  A younger doctor approaches in the suit and is told that this has her name on it.  There is a piece of duct tape across the chest of the dead man and the name ‘Sunny Mercer’ written on it.  She wants a full panel on the body but she tells a nearby helper that she thinks this is the PNP virus. The guy asks if that is the one that they have been experimenting with, which it is.  That is probably why it was addressed to her.  Sunny says she will call Director Almeida at CTU.

Inside CTU Tony walks over the CTU crest of the floor and goes to Michelle.  He asks her if the president has gotten to University of Southern California yet and Michelle says just about.  Adam, a new tech comes over and says that he has a problem with Chloe.  Adam says that if Field Ops wants something they are to ask Tony and then Tony will ask him.  Adam says that he will not have other people in his stuff.  Tony asks if there was any damage done.  Adam goes on fuming so Tony asks again.  Finally Adam answers no, there was no damage done.  Tony tells him to lighten up or he’s going do drive the rest of them crazy.  Adam settles for throwing a nasty look up to Chloe.

Michelle is now in one of the rooms, she has a phone call for Tony.  It is Sunny.  Michelle takes the opportunity to ask if he has heard from Hethrob yet.  As she asks she grabs his arm.  The camera focuses in on a wedding ring on her left hand and then moves over to Tony’s wedding band.  Tony says that he is sure she will get the job and Michelle says that she’d better and that he can’t go to Virginia without her.  Tony takes the phone and it seems that they know each other well.  She tells him that she is not happy to be right but they have a body infected with the cordilla virus.  She says that once the host is dead it is not contagious and Tony asks if they have an ID on it and he tells her to send the information over to CTU.  He thanks her and after hanging up tells Michelle to initiate a level one protocol.

At the jail they are watching the tape of Salazar killing his lawyer. Jack is fidgeting with his fingers and leaning on a table while he watches.  The question is posed that if Salazar wanted to kill his lawyer he could have done it any time over the last three months, why did he do it now?  Was it because he was cutting his deal?  Jack doesn’t think so.  They pause the video on Salazar smiling at the camera.  Jack calls CTU and asks for Tony.  He questions if there is anything going on and Tony fills him in about the body.  They are waiting for someone to take responsibility for it.  Tony asks if Jack thinks that it is connected to Salazar and when Jack doesn’t answer right away Tony asks if he’s still there.  Jack says he doesn’t know.  He hangs up with Tony and tells the guards that he wants copies of all four surveillance images.

The Presidential motorcade makes its way onto the campus of USC.  There are suits everywhere and Wayne Palmer is waiting.  The students are held behind fences and they applaud when the president appears from his limo.  He waves and smiles and goes straight to Wayne who calls him Mr. President. David asks if everything is ready and Wayne replies that the advance team is still in there.  David is causal about it but Wayne had been angry.  He says that he fired Judy over it.  The President goes back to the press and answers some questions.  They ask about the debate and Palmer says he is ready.  Another reporter asks if he is uneasy about returning to LA, this is the first time back since the attack.  David says not at all.  LA is a great city and he would have been back here sooner if events allowed it.  David and Wayne leave the press and re-enter the building.  Wayne starts to talk about the debate but David stops looking at the ground.  Wayne realizes he’s not there, doubles back and asks if he’s all right.  David says he’s fine but Wayne looks sceptical.  He offers to call a resident doctor but David says that he’ll wait for Anne.

Jack and Chase are leaving the jail.  Louis wants to talk but Jack says for him to call.  Louis protests to Jack’s back that Salazar killed Shea for a reason; he thinks they should go put the screws on him.  Jack finally turns and says that he will not talk after what just happened in there. Jack again says for Louis to just call him and Chase and him leave.  Chase asks Jack what else Almeida said about body? Jack puts his sunglasses on and seems to ignore Chase.  Chase asks again what Tony said and then asks tells Jack that he never answered him before when he asked how he was doing.  Jack answers,  ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’  Chase persists, ‘you know what I’m talking about.’  Jack looks at him but before he can respond his cell phone rings. It is a secretary with a call from Kate for Jack.  After some thought Jack says to put her through.  Kate asks, ‘Jack?’ and Jack says Kate’s name. It is obvious that Chase knows all about this and he looks away.  Kate says that she found his leather jacket that he thought he lost.  Jack answers that that’s good but he doesn’t seem happy.  Kate offers to bring it by or send it but Jack says it’s okay, he’ll send someone to get it. There is an awkward silence and finally he asks her how she is. Kate looks at the sky and says ‘you know it’s hard…I miss you.’  Jack tells her that he’s really sorry and to take care of herself.  They hang up and Chase asks how she is.  Jack answers that she’s fine so Chase asks if they are talking? Jack says not really and Chase seems to think he’s crossed a line saying ‘I know, it’s none of my business.’ Jack says that he didn’t mean it like that and that she’s just trying to return some of his things.  After a short silence Jack starts to pull at his shirt collar and starts to sweat.  He asks Chase if he has any water.  Chase gives Jack a strange look and reaches into the back.

  Tony is talking to Michelle and he is told there is a Larry Hurst from Langley on line 2.  Michelle and Tony exchange meaningful looks and Tony picks up.  He says very little, lots of ‘uh-huh’ and then you can hear the voice at the other end saying ‘tell Michelle I’m sorry.’  Tony hangs up and tells Michelle that they don’t have a job for her right now because there will be no new funding until after the election.  Also, he needs an answer from Tony by the end if the day.  Michelle tells Tony that this is a major career move; he should call them and tell them yes. Tony asks semi-sceptically ‘and you’ll come along as the wife without a job?’ Michelle answers, ‘I’ll go anywhere with you as long as I don’t have to cook.’ Tony smiles and says,  ‘sweetheart if to promise not to cook I will take you with me anywhere.’ He continues that if they don’t have a job for her, he is not interested.  A call comes through for Tony from Homeland Security.  Michelle leaves him alone and goes to Kim.  We hear her before we see her but she is working at a station.  Michelle asks her if she has done a capability search before on Eastern European cells?  Kim says yes so Michelle gives Kim her access code and Kim gets started.  She starts typing and asks Adam, who is stationed across from her, two questions about what she is doing.  He answers her with some rolled eyes. 

We are moved to Los Nives, New Mexico.  Hector Salazar is talking in Spanish to another man about a horse.  Hector says that it’s ready; he can see it in his eyes.  He turns to the woman next to him, Claudia, and says that it reminds him of her.  She asks almost playfully if he is saying he had to break her?  He says no, it was her that broke him.  A man on the phone Hector says that they have the body; Hector says to give him ten minutes and he’ll make the call.  He is watching on monitors what is happening outside the hospital.

Michelle gets off the phone; she sends the information on the body to Adam.  Michelle tells him to send the info to Kim so she can help with the identification of the body.  Adam insists that he doesn’t need her help but Michelle tells him to do it.  Michelle leaves and Kim says that she is open; send the file.  Adam says no.  Kim wants to know what his problem is and Adam answers that it is that everybody here got their job because they earned it; Kim got it because of her dad.  She looks angry and leaves him alone but soon his system is locked.  He calls someone else and asks if their system is down which the answer is no.  Kim mentions to him that it wouldn’t be because someone changed the ownership but since she’s incompetent and only got the job because of her dad, it wouldn’t be her.  She will only unlock it if he sends the data to her as well.

Jack and Chase come back into CTU, Jack goes upstairs.  Chloe gives Jack what she got from the prison files.  He asks about date keys but she couldn’t get them because Jack would have to ask Tony who would have to tell Adam to give it to him.  Jack is at his desk and visibly frustrated.  He asks Chloe if she is kidding but Chloe matter of factly says no, in fact Adam is completely anal about those kinds of things and he hates women.  Jack squeezes the bridge of his nose and tells her to just get it for him.  He tells her to close the door as she leaves.  Jack picks up some messages from his desk but he is shaking so much that he gives up on reading them and puts them down.  He tugs on his shirt collar and he is sweating.  Jack starts to show pain.  He hunches over his computer and says ‘oh my God.’  He looks around and takes a few deep breaths trying to get through it.  His phone rings and it is Michelle.  She says there is a teleconference from health services, is he going to come down?   Jack grunts into the phone that she should patch it through, he’ll stay up there. 

Kim enters a back room at CTU and pulls out a screen and starts to work on something.  There is a man lurking around outside the room.  We can only see him through the glass that is not clear.  He silently enters the room and sneaks up behind Kim.  She turns and almost walks into him and it is Chase.  Kim jumps and then says he scared her.  They kiss and he asks what she is doing.  Kim answers that she is refreshing a drive.  She asks him about Salazar and if he was there when it happened.  Chase says he was there, it was pretty crazy.  Kim asks about her dad and Chase says he’s okay.  Kim says that she was thinking about telling him today.  This gets Chase on the defensive; he thinks that this might be a bad day.  Kim doesn’t think so, she reminds him that they agreed to tell him if they were together for two months and it’s been almost three.  Chase agrees and this makes Kim happy.  Chase says that he wants to do it.  They kiss and soon someone comes in the room.  They try and cover quite badly for what they are doing. 

Sunny is informing Tony that the strain of PNP is weaponized.  It is not contagious for 14 hours after it is contracted.  After 20 hours the carrier becomes incapacitated and in 24 hours they are dead.  Tony wants to know what the epidemiological consequences are.  Sonny says that a hundred a day in two days there are a thousand carriers.  At the end of the first week 9% of LA will be infected which is over a million people.  All of them will die within 24 hours of infection.  Tony wants to know how they would release it into the general population but Sunny doesn’t know.  That is the million-dollar question.  They don’t know who has it or how they will release it.

Kyle Singer is in his room with a big Ziploc bag of drugs.  The music is on loud and there is a knock at his door.  He quickly stashes it in his bag and pulls out a magazine.  He beckons the person in, it’s his mom.  She tells him that Tim is down at the pool.  Also she wants to know if he can take her to the doctor this afternoon.  Kyle doesn’t seem to want to, he asks where dad is.  He is at an interview so he asks if Norma can do it.  His mom seems kind of offended and asks what is so important.  Kyle gets up and goes to his closet saying that he had things that he wanted to do.  She says she will call Norma and leaves the room.  Kyle stashes his bag underneath his desk.

Palmer is preparing for the debate. There are questions coming at him, one about his health and if he can do it for four more years.  A question about his ‘weakened state’ spurs him to give his morning regiment.  Wayne tells them to stop and comes in saying that he doesn’t think David should have to defend himself.  Wayne thinks they should remind the public that Palmer managed to arrest the man behind the attack and expose his organization all while in this weakened state.  Wayne leaves David who says to the others ‘and mom called him the timid one.’  Anne Packard appears and Palmer says there’s my doctor.  They shake hands and she asks how he is.  Wayne says that he seems tired but David says he’s just jet-lagged.  Anne asks how the debate is going and Palmer answers with a smile ‘I’m definitely winning the run-through.’  She has grabbed his hand and pulls back his sleeve revealing a scarred hand and wrist.  She affixes a blood pressure machine and it beeps, the numbers are good.  Wayne’s phone rings and he walks away, Anne asks Palmer how tired he has been.  Palmer insists that he’s fine but she wants to take some tests.  Palmer says no, no tests.  She agrees to leave it for now but she wants a full work up when they get back to DC.  Wayne comes back and asks to talk to David alone.  They move away and Wayne fills him in on the body.  He says that they don’t know all the details but it looks like criminal action.

Jack is working on his laptop, he asks Chloe through the intercom where the transcripts are.  She tells him that they’re in the directory.  Jack is angry and says that he wanted it with the rest of the file from Salazar.  Chloe says that she’ll do it.  Jack gets up and crosses the room, leans out the door and tells her that if she can’t start getting things right the first time let him know so he can find someone who can.  Chase is watching the action from his station as Chloe follows Jack back into his office and tells him that she wouldn’t think to do it that way so if he wants it done a certain way he’s going to have to spell it out for her.  Jack has heard enough and yells at her ‘damn it Chloe, just do it!’  She turns on a dime and leaves his office landing at her desk.  Jack continues to work very aggressively and Chase comes in, closing the door behind him. Jack wastes no time and says he needs him to replace Chloe for him.  Chase says she’s the best analyst they have.  Jack argues no she’s not, she’s slow.  Chase seems to be searching for words as he says that she may be a little…weird but she knows her stuff. Jack doesn’t answer so Chase continues, he tells him “you look like hell.”  This got Jacks attention and he asks ‘what’d you just say to me?’  Chase looks like he is saying this against his better judgement but continues that they are on an active protocol, he needs to know if Jack is up for it.  Jack lets out a little scoff and says “I like working with you Chase, you’re a nice kid, but don’t you ever come into my office and talk to me like that again, do you understand me?”  Chase says that he is just saying that Jack is on edge.  He is about to fire Chloe for no reason.  Jack seems to get it and he looks out at her, she is not working but looking distraught.  Jack gets on the intercom and calls her.  She answers ‘yes?’  He says that he’s sorry that he took her head off before; he’s just having a bad morning, okay?  She says okay and Jack looks back to Chase who says that there is one more thing he wanted to talk about.  The phone rings and Jack is told they got something on Salazar.  He gets up and asks Chase what he wanted to talk to him about.  Chase says it’ll hold.

Michelle is giving instructions to the CTU employees about security breaches.  Jack and Chase come down from Jacks office, Kim, who is in the back, asks Chase if told Jack? Chase admits he didn’t but there’s a lot going on.  He promises that it will happen. 

Tony has received an anonymous phone call.  It came into the FBI and the play it for Jack and Chase.  An altered voice says that by now they have received the package and they know that they have a type 3 PNP virus.  They want the release of Ramon Salazar in the next 6 hours. If they don’t comply they will release the virus into the general population.  They cannot trace the call; it came from a scrambled satellite signal.  Tony wants to know who Jack thinks would do this.  Without missing a beat Jack says Hector.  He was next in line in the organization and he went under as soon as Ramon was arrested.  They own properties in South America and Mexico but the Mexican government will be of no help.  He asks about the body, do they have prints and dental records for it?  Tony says no, Michelle is working on it but there are no teeth and the fingers had been clipped.  Tony suggests that they interrogate Salazar about this but Jack says no, he has no response to physical interrogation and he doesn’t care about anyone including his own children.  The attention is brought to Kim’s workstation where they have found an ID on the body.  He was a drug dealer named David Goss.  He was an informant for the DEA but it seemed that he flip-flopped back and forth.  Jack tells them to find all of his contacts in the last week and he asks Tony to work it from the Salazar side as well.  Jack tells Chase to come with him to see if there is anything new on Hector.  Jack says good work and leaves, as there is David Palmer on a monitor behind them.

Hector is driving a Jeep with Claudia as a passenger; there is a big truck backing onto the site.  Hector asks what this is and is told they are the ones they didn’t use. The men are wearing masks and they the dump about a dozen bodies into a ditch.  Hector asks casually if they are sure this will not affect the soil but he is assured that it will be fine.  Claudia turns away and Hector spits bitterly.  They speak some more in Spanish but this visibly upsets Claudia.  The men start adding gas as Hector and Claudia get back in the Jeep.  Claudia turns to him and asks why she has his father doing this for him.

Doug the warden asks Ramon why he killed Shea his lawyer? Doug says that he is in a US prison; if he wants his conditions to improve he had better start talking. Why did he kill his lawyer? Ramon says that he killed him because he didn’t want him talking to Doug.  He asks ‘about what’ and Ramon answers ‘about anything.’  He continues to challenge Doug and asks, ‘it’s eating at you isn’t it? You have me in chains with two tough guards waiting to beat it out of me.  Do it’ When Doug doesn’t respond Ramon smiles and says, ‘you are no fun.’

Hector and Claudia pull up at a big house.  She gets out and goes in the house, he calls after her.  Finally she stops and he asks what’s wrong.  She tells him that her father is the ranch foreman and he promised her that he wouldn’t be involved with any illegal activities, not in his illegal business.  She says that he broke his word and that hurts her.  He wants to make it up to her, he offers to give her father time off and an extra months pay.  She tells him angrily that that is his solution to everything, to throw money at it.  She walks away as he calls to her but she closes the door behind her.  Hector makes a cell call and asks the same guy in the dark room if he has called the FBI.  He asks about their friend, he says he is keeping an eye on him.

Kyle’s and his friend Tim are lounging by the pool, Tim asks Kyle about the girls in Tijuana.  Kyle says that that is not why he went there.  Tim asks why then and Kyle says that he didn’t want to tell him before in case something happened; he asks Tim if he remembers Zach Parker from high school.  Tim says yes, didn’t he get busted for coke?  Kyle says that Zach set him up with a guy.  Tim asks if he is selling dope, he is obviously not comfortable with this.  Kyle says that a guy paid him five grand to bring some over the border and another five when he delivers it.  Tim is sceptical but Kyle says that his mom is on dialysis and his dad is out of a job.  They are about to get evicted from their crappy apartment.  He asks Tim if he wants to come with him and pick it up.  Tim says no but Kyle just wants him to think about it, he just has to wait in the car.

Palmer asks when the FBI got the call and Wayne informs him it was about 20 minutes ago.  They don’t know much just that they want Salazar.  David asks if he should cancel the debate.  Wayne says they haven’t raised the alert but they are talking about sending them out of LA.  Aaron, the secret service agent from previous seasons, comes in and says that Dr. Packard is here.  Palmer originally says to send her away but then says let her in.  Wayne asks Dave if he really wants to do this right now, David says yes.  Anne comes in and they go into a separate room.  She presents him with a bottle of pills that will help his energy.  He resists but then takes them.  Anne says that he seems upset but David shrugs it off, he says it’s going to be another one of those days.  Anne asks what that means but he says he has to get back.  He touches her chin and draws him close, they kiss.  When they are done he leaves her sitting there. 

Jack is working on his computer; Chase is leaning on the counter behind him.  Jack is angry and says there is something wring with his system.  Chase comes over and says that he just needs to ‘control-x’ out of it and Chase does it for him.  Jack gets up and says to just patch it into his office.  Jack sits down, coughs and Chloe asks Chase what Jack’s problem is today.  Chase says nothing and goes into Jack’s office. Jack snaps that the timeline doesn’t make sense; it goes from December to February.  Chase asks Jack what he is trying to do.  Jack doesn’t get it and snaps that he is doing the same thing he should be trying to do, solve this problem.  Chase sits across from Jack and looks at him and says that he is going to be honest with him, “I look up to you. I’d take a bullet for you if I had to but right now I’m gonna hold the mirror up.  You were under Salazar for six months.  I know what they did to you and I know what you did to yourself.  You can’t make that go away overnight.”  Chase now has Jacks attention.  Chase continues, “You think I didn’t know?”  Jack looks at his desk and instead of yelling he says quietly “you should mind your own business, Chase.”  Chase says that, “All I’m trying to say is that I’m here for you but today is not the day to try and prove that you’re all better.”  He says that it’s about to hit the fan, they both know that.  Chase encourages him, “so do what you gotta do man.”  Chase stands and walks toward the door, before he leaves he turns and says, “get your head straight so we can do our work.”  Chase leaves and closes the door behind him.  Jack looks like he is holding back tears and then resolves to act.  He uses a remote to darken the glass in his office, gets up and goes into his locker.  At the top there is a small black case.  Inside the case is what looks like a silver cigarette case.  When Jack opens it, inside there are a variety of things.  He pulls out some tubing that Jack ties around his bicep after he rolls his sleeve up exposing a large tattoo on his left forearm.  He hits his inner elbow a few times and is labouring with this; he pulls a needle out and uses his teeth to pull off the lid.  Picking out a small bottle he fills the needle with a dark brown substance (believed to be heroin).  The screen splits and we see Palmer, Ramon in jail and Kyle.  Jack returns to full screen and taps the needle and tests it into the air.  He turns the needle around prepares to inject it.  Suddenly his phone rings and Kim’s voice fills the silence.  “Dad?  Are you up there?”  Jack takes some deep breaths and answers in a grunt ‘yes’ Kim asks if she can come up, she needs to talk to him about something.’  Jack says, “Not now sweetheart, I’m in the middle of something.”  Kim says to call when he has a couple of minutes.  Kim hangs up and Jack starts to concentrate on what he’s doing.  He holds the needle over his arm and starts to shake violently.  He holds it there shaking and then suddenly pulls away.  He squirts the contents out onto the floor and then throws the needle into the corner.  Disgusted with himself he throws the rest of the case away as well and slams his fists on the desk.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

Initial Impression:
Well, season three started out more on pace, I think, with season one.  No random killing by Jack (although there was the killing by Salazar) and a pretty deep delve into the personal lives of the characters.
Jack is single again.  That’s good as far as I’m concerned as long as we see very little Kate.  Although I do have to comment that she was completely lacking ‘the expression’ in her short scene.  I was impressed.  I don’t like the drug addiction.  I mean, I think it is a very strong plot angle that is pretty feasible.  There are things planted in Jack’s past that lead me to buy this twist.  He would have to take drugs if he was going to be convincingly undercover with Salazar.  Jack, of course, would want to apply himself in every way possible to his cover.  He was probably on meds for his heart condition, which I think we briefly revisited in this episode.  If he found that getting high helped the pain in place of or as well as his meds then that could work. Also, Jack has this teenage invincibility complex.  He’s fine as long as he’s alive and there’s nothing that can hurt him.  I can see him thinking that he could theoretically take the drugs while under Salazar and then not have an addiction.  He’s Jack Bauer.  He’s tough (Built Ford Tough?)  In his mind he thinks that he can kick it no problem.  Now when we see him he is coming to grips with this problem and he’s angry, he’s frustrated.  He can usually solve or cope with all his problems…. but what about this?  He has always been able to one way or another deal with his own issues and overcome his emotions, his problems and any issues he has and get the job done.  He’s strong; he can handle it (name that episode) I also think that there is an element of letting Kim down as well.  It really came into obvious view with the phone call before he was going to shoot up.  He now wants to be a good father for her and here he is doing something that is a real problem in his line of work.  Not to mention that he’s serving as a mentor for Chase who may very well one day become his son in law (unbeknownst to Jack at the moment).

First Impressions (You never get a second chance after all)

Wayne Palmer – He is too small and his voice is entirely to high to be Palmers brother.  Call me picky but I can’t help it.
Kyle Singer – A good kid in the wrong place.  It’s like the question would you steal food if your family was starving?  Would you take seemingly easy money if the alternative was homelessness/ill/dying parents/bankruptcy.
Adam the new CTU tech – Gay.  In so many ways.  Not to mention he’s a jerk
Chloe – Bitch.  Tough and cranky.  How else would she stand up to Jack like that?  I kinda like her, though.  She’s got spunk
Dr Anne Packard: I at first thought she was kind of a prude.  A little stuck up.  Either her or Wayne will probably be stabbing Palmer in the back at some point this season.
Ramon Salazar: Exceedingly happy.  The guy is just way to chipper to be in jail
Chase:  After what I heard about him being reckless I felt he didn’t really live up to that.  I felt him to be somewhat restrained and maybe square around the edges.  It might be just Badge-Dale working into the role.  He seems like a smart and brave kid, but he really needs to button up that blue shirt!


- I loved the way they reintroduce Jack.  It was neat so see.
-Possible Mistake: Why are Jack and Chase wearing the same clothes as they are in their palm scan pictures?  Wouldn’t they be recalling government flies?
-Jack talking about losing a year of his life is good for us Jack supporters.  If he would like to have it back that probably means that he would like to have the time back, maybe he is not semi-suicidal anymore?
-as soon as Salazar talks about blood I knew he would kill his lawyer, it just fits.
-Chase and Jack have an interesting relationship.  Chase’s attack of Salazar completely reminded me of season 1 Jack. I think that he really cares for Jack, you can see it in the way he approaches him and is so forward with him and also that he will go after someone who is giving Jack trouble.  It’s a nice change.
-Director Almeida has an interesting ring to it…I don’t think I like it, it sounds really strange.
-New tech Adam? Yeah, I hate him.
-And yet another season where Jacks main car is an SUV.  This time, though it’s a Ford, of course.
-I like Jacks’ new shades.  I’m not used to seeing Kiefer in anything but aviators.  The thing about these ones is you can still see his eyes.
-Another Tony, for some reason when Chase says Agent Almeida or just Almeida it sounds weird.
-I assume that Kim doesn’t have a code because she’s pretty new.  But should Michelle really be handing hers out?
-Salazar is very happy to be in jail, isn’t he?  Definitely the jovial sort
-So, who is the mystery gut in the dark room?
Line Of The Week: Chloe of Adam:  “he’s completely anal about that kind of thing and he hates women.”
-I like Chloe; she’s got plenty of attitude.
-Who are they trying to kid with Chase sneaking up behind the glass to Kim?  You could see his blue shirt for miles.
-I’m pretty undecided on the married thing for Michelle and Tony.  I think that this could lead to a death.  If Tony is going to Virginia for a job then they will be leaving the show anyway, right?  Why not go out with a bang?  I also think that it may be Tony that kicks it since he’s been in the show longest.
-When Tony says Sunny’s name in the first call it really sounds like he’s says ‘Honey’
-Jack’s fidgeting at the jail was driving me crazy. 
-Does Tony know about Jacks addiction?  I seem to think no since he probably would have said something
-As Palmer shows up at USC, gee, I wonder which ones are the students and which ones are the Secret Service Agent’s? Maybe the dark suits and glasses give them away.
-The cooking thing is so cute with Tony and Michelle.  The only thing is Tony stole Jack’s line calling her sweetheart.
-Epidemiological – that is a big word
-Kyle is totally suspicious in his room when his mom comes in.  I know if I were her I think I would know something was going on.
-Wayne Palmer definitely looks like the timid one.  He’s about half the size of David.
-Palmers scar on his wrist is interesting.  I assume they had to operate to stop the infection and that is the scar left.
-Just so we all know, when Jack is in his office before he yells at Chloe he is holding a silver, Cross brand Morph pen.  I sell them at one of my jobs and now I have to get one.
-Speaking of my job, I empathize with Chloe when she cannot read Jacks mind.  I find that most people that approach me in retail expect me to read their mind.
-No matter how cracked out they are, Chloe, is that any way to talk to your boss?
-The phone interrupts important conversations 2 times in this show.  3 times in one hour, I hope that’s all we’re going to see of it.
-I’m finding it really hard to get a read on Jack’s feelings towards Salazar. He obviously despises him because of his terrorist connections but it also seems that they may have had a good friendship while Jack was under cover
-So we know Salazar has children because Jack says that he has no soft spot for them, I wonder where they are and if this will come into play later.
-I don’t call having the crap kicked out of me fun, but whatever you think, Ramon
-Line of the Week: “You are no fun.”
-If Claudia feels that strongly about getting involved in his illegal business why is she with him in the first place?
-Kyle has pure motives for his money scheme, it too bad that it had to come to that.
-When Palmer tells Anne that it’s going to be one of those days I felt that was kind of cheesy.  I dunno, we already know that this will be a long day for everyone involved, do they need to express it?
-Again, I’m not sure how I feel about Palmer and Anne Packard.  I think it’s good for him to have moved on from Sherry but she doesn’t seem like his type.
-Jack is yelling about his timeline in his office?  I don’t know what he’s yelling about, December to February makes sense to me.  You know, like, in order? 
-Kiefer said that there would be 2 years between the seasons on Letterman the night before the premiere.
-It was nice that they started in the USA for the first time in three years.
-What if that tech blows up the van in the first minute of the show?  They all die and the body is never deposited.  Sounds good!
-As they leave the body drop there is a strategically placed New F-150 sitting there on the left.  I expect when the DVD comes out in widescreen we’ll see more than just the front grill.
-last time we saw someone in shackles it was Marie.
-Wayne just doesn’t look like a Wayne.  He also doesn’t really look like he could be David’s brother, either.
-So, going by the Apple=good, Dell=bad theory Adam must be bad, he uses a Dell.
-Jack on the other hand is using the newest Mac, a G-5.  Apparently they’re the fastest computer ever.
-In fact, Kim is incompetent, but that has nothing to do with her locking Adams system.
-I have a question about Jacks pain while he is sitting at his desk.  Do we think this is from his heart condition or from the drugs?
-So it definitely seems that Wayne does not like Anne.  There is a lot of tension here and it will be interesting to see where it goes.
-So, I kinda hope Adam the tech kicks it soon.  He’s already getting on my nerves.
-Bring back Milo!
-It almost seems like, as an actor, Badge-Dale was intimidated by Sutherland.  His scenes with Kim were very free and loose; you could really get the character.  His scenes with Sutherland, especially the first one in the office, were very uptight, like he’s afraid to be Chase. 
-That tattoo is HUGE!  I was expecting something reasonably small and unnoticeable, not that giant one.  It takes up his whole forearm.  For anyone who missed the info on that, Kiefer Sutherland actually went and got that tattoo for the season.  He has let 24 brand him instead of doing makeup for it all the time.
-So a little bit on heroin addiction.  Just for background here are the long term effects
· Bacterial infections
· Abscesses
· Collapsed veins
· Infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS and hepatitis)
· Infections of the heart
· Joint and muscular problems
And symptoms of withdrawal
    ~increased heart rate
    ~Abnormal heartbeat
    ~Heart attack
    ~Sudden, sharp blood pressure increase
    ~Extreme depression
    ~Suicidal behavior (
since Jack already has a heart condition this is not a good idea.

Body Count:
1. David Goss - Salazars - 1:00pm-2:00pm
2. Doug Shea - Ramon Salazar - 1:00pm-2:002