Originally Aired 5.13.03
2.23 - Pending Attacks

Tony and Michelle are walking, in the halls. Tony asks how Chapelle is and is told that he is unconscious but he’s starting to stir. Tony says that the drugs he gave him won’t last long, he’ll need more soon. The chopper is on the way to Jack, it will be there in about 10 minutes and then it will be back at CTU in about ½ an hour. Keri hasn’t asked yet, but she will soon. A guy calls out to Tony and says that Brad Hammond from division is on the phone. Tony takes the call, Brad asks very bluntly ‘where’s Ryan?’ Tony lies that he doesn’t know, Brad snaps that Ryan went to CTU three hours ago and now he can’t get a hold of him.. He can’t think of a reason that he would be out of contact during a national crisis. Tony says that he has told him everything he knows but he’ll get Chapelle to call him as soon as he sees him. Michelle asks what that was about and Tony says that they know something is up over at division, they have to get Hewitt here as soon as possible.
Jack is chasing Alex through a series of tunnels in the building. Jack is carrying just his flashlight and is calling for Alex, also carrying a flashlight. Alex starts to knock out the lights hanging from the ceiling. Jack yells to him that if he doesn’t come with him, Kingsley will kill him, ‘you know that.’ Alex stops briefly and pulls a gun down from one of the beams that was wrapped in cloth. He whines to Jack that he ‘just did what they told me to do, I didn’t know what was going to happen'. Jack yells that the only way out of this is with him, he can take Alex to CTU and he can testify. Jack sees Alex but Alex takes off again. He demands that Alex stop running. As he gets to the top of a staircase Alex starts to pull some boards off of part of the wall, it is a barricaded window. Jack is at the bottom of the stairs and when he starts to talk to Alex, Alex hesitates to hear what he’s saying. Jack encourages him, the chopper is on the way so they can take them to CTU, he bargains ‘if you help me stop this war, I’ll help you stay alive, I promise.’ Alex doesn’t accept this but says nothing and breaks through the wood to the outside. Jack gives chase and reaches the top of the stairs, hand on this gun in its holster. He squints into the sun, and he’s out of breath.

Peter Kingsley is in his office. He is receiving acupuncture around his forehead while he talks with ‘Max’ on the phone. They agree that they need to get this stuff done. They hang up and Kingsley asks a girl what she found. She wasn’t able to find anything pertinent, she encourages Kingsley to remember that all of the evidence and also Alex were supposed to be vaporized last night. Kingsley says that there will be nowhere for any of them to hide if Alex talks. He’s not going to let some ‘pimply faced techie ruin this.’

Jack is chasing Alex on the roof. He has gone up a level using a ladder. Jack sees him and calls after, giving chase. Alex sees him coming and pulls up the ladder, Jack jumps to try and catch it but misses, slamming up against the wall. He recoils and grabs his chest over his heart, breathing fast again. He regains composure and is relegated to scaling the wall using a pipe that is fastened on. Alex has taken off again and Jack is labouring to keep up. He jumps a small wall and again grabs his chest. Jack finally catches up and Alex is at the end of the chase, there is nowhere else to go. Jack calls that there’s nowhere else to run, it’s over. Alex turns his back and pulls out the gun Jack can’t see. Jack says that he promises Alex will be safe, ‘I give you my word.’ He turns to Jack, revealing the gun, who tells him to drop it. He says that ‘if you try and shoot me I’ll have to shoot you back and I promise I won’t miss, but I don’t want to do that. I can’t stop this war without you.’ Jack pleads that he’s a smart guy, please. Alex thinks about it for a second but then levels the gun at Jack. Jack has no choice but to shoot back, but he aims for his leg and hits Alex above the knee. Jack quickly puts his gun back away and Alex whines “you shot me…you shot me.” He wobbles back and forth as Jack approaches him and Alex falls over the edge landing on his back, the fall was about ¾ of a story. Jack comes down and quickly gets on his knees over Alex. He calls his name and Alex is still conscious. Jack instructs him not to move and Alex asks what happened. Jack says that he fell and makes is way to the leg wound. As he starts to check it Alex starts to lose consciousness and Jack makes sure he’s still awake. Going back to the leg wound Jack checks it and says that he didn’t hit an artery, ‘you’re not going to bleed to death.’ The chopper will be there soon, Jack asks if there’s any part of his body that hurts other than his leg. Alex at first says no and Jack smiles, ‘good.’ After a second Alex says that “my head feels wet.” Jack says ‘let me see,’ and reaches behind his head, lifting it up. Jack feels that it is indeed wet, there’s a small piece of a pole that is sticking out of the ground and Alex banged his head on it when he fell. Jack checks his hand and sees the blood, he realizes what’s happened. He takes Alex’s hand and sits beside him, they wait.
Jack calls CTU from the rooftop. He tells Tony that Hewitt’s been hurt, he needs emergency medical assistance. There are no medics on the chopper but there should be a medical bag, ‘can he handle it?’ Jack says yes, he hopes so. Tony informs him that he may not be able to contact him after this, Chapelle became a problem so he had to take him out. Division is on to them and he sending Michelle off site. He can find her on channel B, node 1212. Jack repeats it and then says he has it. Tony wishes him luck and he goes back to Hewitt who is whimpering in pain.

Michelle meets with Tony as they walk casually at through CTU. Tony hands the keys to her for a van discreetly and when they enter the hallway he hands her a code to get through the firewall, the van has a range of a few blocks. They part and Keri stops Michelle a little ways down, asking her where she’s going. Michelle answers calmly that she’s going out to her car and when Keri accuses her of leaving she says she’s going to get something. Keri tries another tactic and asks if she’s seen Chapelle. Michelle says no, Keri’s looked everywhere but she can’t find him. Michelle snips that if she sees him, she’ll tell him. Keri leads 'and if you don’t…’ Michelle asks what that’s supposed to mean, Keri says that it’s her job to monitor communication, she called Chapelle into one of the rooms for a meeting with Rudin, but she just asked Rudin and he said he didn’t want to see Chapelle. Michelle says that of course he wouldn’t have admitted it to Keri, his system wasn’t loaded properly and it was her fault. Michelle warns her not to mess with her business.

A man enters Palmers holding room and Palmer looks happy to see him. He gets up and calls him Brian and asks how he found out about this. The Attorney General called him and said that Palmer might want counsel. He’s been told everything about the 25th amendment, Palmer immediately asks if what they did was legal, apparently, it is. they can declare the President incompetent without any further explanation and appealing it will be a lengthy process. Palmer says that they don’t have time Brian says he can’t make it any shorter. Palmer says that this isn’t the time for legalities, the country is about to go to war under false pretences. Brian says yes, but no one outside the room believes that. Palmer gives Brian the information about Peter Kingsley, Brian’s hands are tied but Palmer suggests that he untie them.

Michelle calls Tony, Keri is on to them. Michelle says that they need her out of the way, keep her occupied. Tony sees the group of suits from division come around the corner and hangs up the phone. He approaches Hammond and shakes hands, asking what he’s doing there. Hammond says that he told him on the phone, where’s Ryan Chapelle? Hammond sends the agents form division in all different directions and Tony asks what he’s doing. Hammond answers that they are locking him down. Tony asks why and is told that Hammond hears that he’s supporting a rogue agent against orders. Tony asks where he heard that, Hammond replies that one of his own agents turned him in. He turns to go and leaves Tony standing there, he sees Keri in the distance.

Mike is on a cell phone talking with Prescott (I think). The man on the phone says that the flyover space is critical Mike doesn’t think David will help them. When they hang up Brian goes to Mike, he asks him how David is. Brian replies that David believes that what he did was right, he will vigorously appeal. They know the Cypress Recording was falsified and they think they know who did it. This stops Mike and he asks by who. Brian says that his name is Peter Kingsley, he has oil interests both here and abroad. Mike wants to know if there’s any proof but Brian says no, they can’t access the intelligence. Mike says that Palmer is locked down until the news about Prescott has gone public, he apologises and starts to walk away. Brian stops him and says that ‘I remember when you signed up for David’s campaign over 20 years ago. That’s a lot of history to just throw away. I know you think what you did was right but let him try to prove his case, you owe him that.’ This makes Mike think and then he says fine, he’ll have Colleen set up an incoming only access, he won’t be able to transmit messages. Brian thanks him. }

Hammond is going through all the rooms with Keri in search of Chapelle. He asks what one of the rooms are, Keri says it’s one of their two holding rooms. They open the door and Hammond goes inside and then comes back out. Satisfied, they go down the hall to the next room. They establish this is the other holding room and Hammond tries the door, it’s locked. Keri tries her card twice to unlock it, it just buzzes. Hammond has seen enough, he lands a few solid kicks on the door and it opens, alarms ringing. Chapelle is laying on the concrete floor looking like he’s just come to, Hammond rushes over and begins to help him.

Jack is still sitting on the roof of the building next to Alex, now holding his one hand in both of his. Alex is silent and Jack encourages him to ‘keep talking to me.’ Alex obliges and asks what’s happening to him, everything’s going blurry. Jack assures him that everything will be okay, he just banged his head. The chopper can be heard approaching and Jack says that they’re coming to pick them up, Jack leaves Hewitt and tires to flag the chopper down.

Chapelle is being examined, Keri is on the phone. She informs him that the chopper is there to pick Jack up now, does he want him detained? Chapelle says no, no more resources on Jack, just get the chopper back to CTU now. Michelle relays the message and the agent on the chopper can be heard saying they’re just about to land. Jack is on the roof guiding them in to land but they stop, hovering in the air. Jack yells ‘what are you waiting for?’ The agent that was talking with Keri says that they’re not picking them up, the other one says okay. Jack runs parallel to them along the roof and yells at them ‘what are you doing? Land the damn chopper, my witness is gonna die! Your orders are to pick us up!’ The chopper starts to go away from the building and Jack yells ‘Dammit!’ He picks up the phone and calls Michelle, he demands to know what’s going on, the chopper won’t pick them up. Michelle tries to explain that it was called back, but Jack “…[doesn’t] give a damn, I need the chopper, Hewitt is dying!” Jack runs back to Alex and there is blood coming from Hewitt’s mouth now. Jack kneels over him and takes his pulse, the look on Jacks face tells us he’s dead.
Jack calls Michelle, he instructs her to be ready to interface with Alex’s computer. He sounds quite upset by the events and Michelle asks about Hewitt. Jack says he didn’t make it, and then after a pause finishes, ‘he’s dead.’ Michelle says that she’s sorry, Jack, voice lower, says to just call him when she’s ready.

Mike comes in to Palmers room, he needs to speak to him about national security. Palmer says somewhat bitterly that he’s not the commander in chief anymore, it shouldn’t concern him. Mike explains that the planes have been spotted and they need a flyover. The Prime Minister will grant it on one condition, he speaks to the president directly. Palmer realizes that he can’t know Palmer isn’t the president anymore since the American people don’t even know yet. Palmer says “That wouldn’t be right, would it?” Mike says that the strike will continue with or without Palmer’s help but now that they’ve been spotted it’s very important that they move quickly, they only have minutes.

Sherry Palmer is sitting in Alex’s loft on the couch in discomfort from her wound. Jack comes back in through the door and right away Sherry asks why he left her there like this, “I’ve been stabbed.” Jack wants to look at it, Sherry warns him to be careful. Jack says that she’s lucky, the wound is superficial and the bleeding has stopped. He gets some clean wrapping for it and Sherry asks where Alex is. Jack says he fell, he’s dead. Sherry asks what they’re going to do now, Jack replies that she’s going to help him. Sherry asks help him do what? Jack says they have one last play, get Kingsley. Sherry says that it’s far too dangerous, they’ll never get close. Jack says he won’t but she will. Kingsley doesn’t know that Alex has been killed. Sherry is not about to do this, he has evidence that would implicate her, and she won’t do it. Jack starts a sentence, saying “Ms. Palmer you…” but as he rises from his seat he falls back down clutching his chest and knocking a lamp on the floor. Sherry is concerned and asks what’s going on. Jack says it’s nothing but the tone of his voice and lack of breath says different. Sherry says ‘don’t tell me it’s nothing,’ so Jack, still in pain, says that “my heart stopped when Kingsley’s men were interrogating me.” Sherry, in a mother voice, says that “your heart could be damaged, you need to get to a doctor.” Jack, now able to get up, says not until they get Kingsley. He goes to Sherry and says “Ms. Palmer, you will help me, I’m not going to give you a choice.” Sherry challenges ‘you wouldn’t dare hurt me.’ Jack answers ‘make no mistake about it, I will do what I have to.’ Sherry realizes she has no way out and asks what he wants her to do. Jack says that he wants her to offer to trade Alex for the incriminating evidence on her. Sherry wants to know how he’s going to get proof, Jack says he’ll get it. Sherry asks how, Jack says that Hewitt’s going to talk to him.

Kingsley, speaking to Max on the phone, says that it’s safe to assume the recording didn’t make it into government hands, the bombers are still on course. Max asks if they intercepted the government agent? Kingsley says no. Max asks if they got the last of the evidence, if they found it yet? No, but Alex will be found and eliminated. Max answers “clean this up, Peter.”

Tony sees Chapelle looking groggy and walking with other agents. Tony tries to hobble away but everywhere he turns there are more agents. Finally they catch up with Tony and he puts his hands behind his back and is cuffed. Chapelle says that he doesn’t have to tell him he’s under arrest, where’s Michelle Dessler. Tony says that she didn’t know anything about this or what he was going to do. Chapelle isn’t buying it, he tells a nearby agent to release a report and a memo to find her. Keri pipes up that she can find her, they can backtrack the access code. They take him out of the main area to a holding room as everyone watches.

Michelle is on the phone with Jack, she says that she’s into Alex’s system, just hit ‘escape’ and she’ll be in. Jack does and Michelle starts going through the files. Jack explains that Alex told him that he created a program that can recreate anyone’s voice as long as he has a sample. Michelle thinks that she found it but she’s never seen anything like this system before. Jack says that he needs anything with Hewitt’s voice on it. She tries a file and plays it, asking if that’s Hewitt. Jack says no so she keeps looking. Jack asks Sherry when she last talked to Hewitt, he probably recorded it. Sherry says that it was around 12 last night, Jack wants Michelle to sort the flies by time and date created. She does and finds one that might fit. She starts the tape for Jack and it is Alex and Sherry, she is trying to make a deal with him. After a bit they have enough data, the program is ready to go. Michelle hears the people outside, she’s trying to explain to Jack what file to look for, meanwhile telling Jack that they’re getting closer. Jack has it loading, he asks what he’s looking for, she replies it will be a playback interface, they’re almost there. The agents pull open the doors to the van and tell Michelle to take her hands off of the keyboard. Jack says that he has the information but Michelle is now in custody, they cuff her and lead her away.
Palmer comes off of the elevator, Mike behind, just like old times. Palmer greets a lady saying ‘hello Heather,’ and she answers ‘hello Mr. President.’ Palmer turns to her with a half-smirk and she says ‘I’m sorry.’ He says it’s alright, Heather. David goes in and sits, Prescott, on a screen, is told “Mr. President, we’re ready.” Prescott says ‘David, I realize how difficult this is, we appreciate your help.' Palmer replies that he believes that they are making a ‘gross and tragic error. I’m doing this for the men in those planes.’ They patch the Prime Minister through and Palmer says ‘Mr. Prime Minister.’ He answers ‘Mr President, I’ve been trying to reach you for some time.’

Kate arrives at the Matheson’s. She goes in and calls for Kim, looking around. Kim spies Kate and looks at her, Kate goes upstairs. Kim makes a bit of noise and Kate comes back down. Kim pops up and asks shakily ‘who are you?’ Kate answers ‘I’m Kate Warner. Your father sent me to come get you.’ Kim raises the gun and asks how she knows that. Kate replies that ‘you shot a man and it was self defence, your father, Jack Bauer, asked me to come and get you and take you to CTU.’ Kim believes this and asks how she knows her dad, does she work at CTU? Kate says no, her family was involved in what happened today. Kim seems sceptical, ‘out of all the people he would have called, he calls you? I’m supposed to believe that?’ Kate says she doesn’t know, he trusts her. She moves towards Kim and says it’s okay. Kim lowers the gun and Kate says ‘the sooner we leave, the sooner you and your dad can be together.’ She puts her hand on Kim’s shoulder.

Michelle is pacing the holding room her and Tony are locked in, she sits next to Tony on the table. She asks what he thinks they’ll charge them with. Tony answers that ‘they could push for treason of they wanted to.’ Michelle asks if he thinks they will, Tony says that it depends on how big of an example they want to make out of them. After a pause Tony says that they can’t prove that Michelle was in on it, he says that he’s just going to tell them that she was helping Jack under his orders. Michelle says no. Tony asks with attitude, “What do you mean, no?” Michelle says that “I did what I thought was right, I still believe that…and I won’t let you lie for me.” She moves her hand over onto his, he grabs hers and they continue to sit.

Palmer comes back into his room, Mike says “David, thank-you. I know how difficult that must have been for you.” Palmer asks how much longer Prescott is planning to keep him there. Mike says that it won’t be until after the press conference, he asked that it be earlier but there’s only so much he can do. Brian requested low security access on your behalf, I want you to know I granted it.’
Kate is driving Kim who asks what’s going on with her and her dad? Kate is hit off guard by this question and asks ‘excuse me?' Kim answers ‘out of everyone he could have called he called you…there has to be a reason.’ Kate says that she doesn’t think he trusts very many people, Kim answers that ‘he trusts you.’ She continues ‘is it true you guys just met today?’ Kate says, yes, well yesterday really. Kim says that she doesn’t resent it or anything, looking out the window she admits that ‘I just want him to be happy…it’s been a long time.’ Kate asks ‘since you lost your mother?’ and Kim says yeah. Kate confesses that she lost her mother too, when she was about her age.

Sherry tells Jack that she really doesn’t think she can do this. Jack encourages her, she’ll do fine, just say what he planned out, make the call. Kingsley is talking to his assistant, there’s still no sign of Hewitt. His phone rings, it's Sherry Palmer. Kingsley asks if they are on a secure line, Sherry affirms it. She wants the tapes that he made of their conversations, he needs to give them to her. Kingsley asks why he would do that? Sherry says because she has Alex Hewitt. Kingsley asks where he is, Sherry says for him not to insult her intelligence. Peter wants to talk to him. Sherry says that her bodyguard has him locked in another room, when Jack is ready and gives the okay, Sherry says into the phone ‘okay, you can talk now Alex.’ Jack has the computer say ‘Mr. Kingsley, it’s not what you think, they came in with guns and threatened to kill me, please.’ Kingsley ties to ask what he told them but Sherry’s back on. Kingsley wants to talk to him again but Sherry says no, she’s not going to go on so that he can trace the call. Kingsley demands to speak to Alex again or there’s no deal. Sherry warns ‘don’t try my hand,’ she’ll make sure everyone knows what went on. Peter gives the ultimatum, either put him back on or the deals off. Jack is saying no, Sherry looks confused but she obliges saying ‘then it’s goodbye Peter.’ After a pause Peter relents and says fine, they agree to meet on neutral ground, the LA coliseum, just her and Alex. When they hang up Jack tells Ms. Palmer that she did very good work, lets go.

Peter is pondering the situation at his office, he tells his assistant that he thinks this is just bait to draw him out into the open. He doesn’t have any choice but to play this out. Scott will have shooters in place, Sherry Palmer and whoever she’s with won’t make it out of there alive. After that he’s getting out of the country and suggests that she meet her in Lisbon next week. She likes this and they hug. He tells her that he’s enormously grateful. Before the scene ends Kingsley grabs a knife off of the desk discretely.

Jack is driving the SUV with Sherry, she wants to know what kind of support they will be getting from CTU? Jack says nothing. Sherry doesn’t believe this, ‘you don’t expect to do this alone?’ Jack says that as soon as Kingsley admits to it, CTU will back him up. Sherry doesn’t like this situation, she practically yells at Jack that Kingsley will have people there, this is crazy. Jack starts to squint and breath heavily, he’s trying to focus. Sherry asks if he’s okay and again he answers he’s fine. Sherry sees what’s happening and says ‘you keep saying that but your not, pull over.’ Jack protests that they don’t have time, they have to keep moving. He winces again and bumps his head on the headrest and brings it back up.

The screen splits and we see Palmer sitting, Tony and Michelle in the room, Kim looking at Kate and Kingsley in his office standing over his assistant who is lying apparently dead on the floor.

Jack is now holding his chest, he pushes his head into the back of the headrest again and then starts to grunt. He’s in considerable pain and with his free hand cranks the wheel. Sherry is calling his name as she grabs the wheel, they narrowly miss a U-Haul in an oncoming lane. Jack is now yelling in pain and not even trying to drive, Sherry steers the SUV off of the road, through a fence and into the LA river.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Hammond from division is pretty sharp and he knows exactly what’s going on. He’s obviously all over the history between Jack and Tony, either that or Keri had already talked to him at the beginning of the show.
-it seems as though Alex was ready for this chase. He already had created the passageway and planted the gun and decided the escape route.
-I guess he was just running because he was scared, but Jack seems like he’d really help him. He probably just doesn’t know he can trust Jack, but it wasn’t a wise decision to run
-Kiefer’s voice cracked when he was yelling at Alex. Had they maybe done this take a couple of times? Voice starting to go?
-‘Max’ is very young, much younger than expected. He must have had parents in the business to be this important this fast. Kingsley’s old enough to be his grandfather.
-About Kate’s age, wouldn’t you think?
-Kingsley must be a stress case…acupuncture? I hope that assistant knew what she was doing.
-The assistant looked suspiciously like ‘Mandy’ from last season, although it wasn’t.
-Jack is really having a rough time when he’s chasing Alex…I thought that was going to be it when he missed the ladder
-What would it prove for Alex to shoot at Jack? Did he really expect him to not shoot back?
-On the same note, Alex sounds so shocked when Jack shoots him… “you shot me?” …what did he expect, Jack to wait until Alex shoots him.
-Line of the week contender: Jack to Alex “You’re not going to bleed to death.” – this is GOOD news?
-Line of the week contender: Alex to Jack “My head feels wet.” – indeed.
-Keri: Don’t we just love to hate her?
-I thought we might get a female replay of what Jack did last year when Mason locked CTU down…it was a smooth trick where he pretends to give his keys to the person at the door, then he drops them and punches him. I’d like to see Michelle land a punch on Keri.
-Brian tells Palmer that no one “outside this room” believes that the Cypress Audio was fake, does that mean Brian believes him?
-That’s not completely true, Jack, Tony and Michelle believe that the Audio is fake, too. In all fairness, Brian doesn’t know that.
-Tony is getting around really well with the ankle problem. I could buy the last episode, standing and possibly limping around but I don’t think he’s getting around THAT well that quickly
-So I was right, Palmer and Mike have some history, about 20 years of it.
-Jack just can’t buy a break. Another 30 seconds and it would have been too late for them to get called back
-I think Jack just called Michelle for someone to yell at about the chopper. He didn’t even listen to the explanation she gave, he just kept yelling.
-I think Jack took the Hewitt death rather well considering everything he’s been through.
-I really love the irony of them needing Palmers help about the flyover.
-Did Jack take some medical courses while he was at college? That might be part of his military training as well, but he seems to be really good with wounds.
-He also, then, must have known what was going to happen to himself, or at least had an idea, even I could read the signs, and that’s saying something.
-I’d like to take a second a draw a parallel between Jack and Teri. When Teri was having pain last season Kim kept asking what was wrong and she would almost always say “it’s nothing, I’m fine.” Now that Jack is in considerable pain and he keeps getting a shot of it here and there he keeps telling Sherry that he’s fine in the same sort of manner. The stubbornness trait is evident…no wonder Kim is the way she is.
-Did anyone else think that the way Sherry said ‘doctor’ was kind of weird? It was like ‘dk-tor’ it skeeved me out.
-I wonder what the rest of that conversation between Sherry and Alex contained? She looked a bit worried.
-The Cypress Audio was pulled off of the hard drive from Syed Ali’s house at about 10:41pm. Palmer was informed about it shortly after along with Mike. So, either Sherry has a contact inside CTU or someone is still in contact with her on Palmers staff. She was on the phone to Alex just over an hour after they found the Cypress Audio. Either that or the Audio was planted by someone, somewhere and she knew that it would be found so she knew that she had to make the deal with Alex. She must have gotten the information about Alex through Kingsley, it’s too late at night to get my mind around this right now…but it’s fishy. The bomb was going off about the same time Sherry talked to Alex.
-Kim is great and sceptical of Kate. She asked the exact question I’ve been asking since last week, ‘out of everyone, why would Jack send Kate?’
-I don’t really blame Jack for having a trust issue now, good character continuity.
-Line of the week contender: Kim to Kate “Do you work at CTU?” -Riiiiight.
-I said it before and I’ll say it again, Michelle and Tony are a good couple, I like them, they’re believable.
-Mike’s trying to kiss up to Palmer now a bit…could it be because he knows that the ‘incompetent’ plea will never hold? He wants to keep his job.
-I definitely sense some hostility between Kate and Kim, especially from Kim. It might just be the acting, I really enjoyed Elisha Cuthbert’s performance in this show.
-It’s good that Kim wants Jack to be happy, I think we all do.
-So, how does Kate know that Teri died? I’ll give it the possibility that she was told somewhere along the line, but I don’t like it and I’m going to chalk it up to one of those things that just doesn’t add up. I still stand by something isn’t right with Kate.
-Toyota Echo - It was really fuuny for me to see Kate driving one of those because I think they are stupid and useless, kind of like Kate.
-Sherry really does do a good job with Kingsley. I was impressed.
-I wonder what kind of dirt he has on her, anyway? What is on the recordings? Was she in on all of this plan?
-So, what happened to Sherry’s bodyguard? Did he just curl up and die in the corner?
-So Kingsley was in on the bomb but he’s still in LA? What’s going on there? Maybe he got there after, we never saw him until they were on the way to catching Jack.
-I’m again, happy about the realism of Jack and the heart attack. We realize that he can’t be in ICU at a hospital somewhere for the last few hours but the drama of him ‘dying’ was unmatched. It’s good to see that they didn’t just bring him back and be done with it. On the other hand, poor Jack!