Originally Aired 5.6.03
2.22 - Allies

Sherry is looking around Alex Hewitt’s apartment. She concludes aloud that he’s not there and sends the man with her to go and look for his car. Jack looks on hiding behind some shelving. Jack looks worried, we can just see his eyes between the shelves. Sherry looks nearly right at him, but doesn’t see him.
Prescott is being informed by a General that they have not yet lost the element of surprise in their attack. He has photos of the primary targets as of 10 minutes ago, they are still relatively unguarded. Prescott says to proceed as originally planned and the General answers, “yes, Mr. President.”
Palmer is being held, he is standing at the window. Mike enters and Palmer looks angrily at him. Mike says that he needs his key code and calls him ‘sir’. Palmer asks Mike how much longer Prescott is planning to detain him for? Mike says just until after the press conference when Prescott announces what has happened and that they are attacking. Mike asks again for the key code, he says that it belongs to ‘president Prescott’ now, it’s protocol. David pulls out what looks like a two-fold wallet, opens it and then closes it again, tossing it on the table. The man that came in with Mike goes to the wallet and pulls out the white card, leaving the red one. He pops it into a small machine he has with him and tells Mike it’s confirmed. Mike looks at Palmer sympathetically and leaves David there with Aaron, the Secret Service Agent. Palmer returns to looking out the window.
It seems that all of the CTU staff is coming in the conference room for a meeting. Michelle asks Tony why Chapelle called the meeting, but Tony doesn’t know. He says that Chapelle just told them to save their work and get in there. Chapelle comes in and starts to speak. First off he tells them that this information is confidential. It will be made public in the next few hours, the cabinet has invoked the 25th amendment, and Jim Prescott is now president. Tony wants to know why, Chapelle says that it doesn’t matter, it’s not relevant. Tony thinks it is. If the president was taken out of office because he doesn’t want to go ahead with the bombings that makes the stuff that Jack is doing more important than ever. Chapelle tells Tony that he has standing orders from division that there are to be no more resources devoted to Jack. Tony bursts out “why is everyone so afraid to look at all sides of this thing?” Chapelle informs Tony that everyone here today has done an excellent job of averting disaster. Tony interrupts but Chapelle says to let him finish. The success is mostly due to the technical team, the same team that proved the Cypress Audio was not forged. There are times when you have to let go. Not every hunch turns out, Chapelle continues that ‘Bauer’s chasing a ghost.’ Chapelle lets them go and Michelle asks Tony ‘what now?’ Tony says that he has to talk to someone on Prescott’s staff, when Jack comes in with the proof they have to have someone to take it to. Michelle tells him to be careful, if Chapelle finds out he’ll be in lots of trouble. Tony knows.
The man with Sherry comes back and announces that his car is gone. Sherry says there’s nothing left here, they have to find Hewitt. The turn to leave but Jack comes out of hiding. He tells them to stop and punches the man. Jack crouches over him and asks who he is? He looks to Sherry but Jack wants him to look at him, he asks again. Sherry says that he’s her bodyguard so Jack punches him out. Sherry realizes who it is, saying “Jack Bauer.” His response is to tell her to stand up. Eventually she does and he turns her around, searching for weapons. She says she’s not armed, when Jack is satisfied he tells her to take a seat. He goes back to the guard and handcuffs him to the fence/wall. He turns on Sherry and asks what she’s doing here. Sherry replies that she’s trying to help David, Jack says that she’s no longer a part of his life. Sherry tells Jack to not believe everything he reads. David asked her to pool her resources and find out what’s going on. Jack baits her into revealing everything she knows about Hewitt and the Cypress Audio. He goes and closes the door, then asks how she knows. They begin to argue, she doesn’t appreciate the way she’s being treated by Jack and he doesn’t care. After some yelling he lets a shot go into the wall just behind Sherry. This makes her quiet and Jack says that he’s not a politician, he’s not going to debate with her. She admits that she knows they have been working on the Cypress Audio for the last 6 hours, she continues to explain that she knows everything about the conspiracy with Kingsley and to oil. As she speaks he notices movement out the hole that he put in the wall and tells Sherry to take a seat. She puts a few more holes in the wall and yells “Come out!” A man emerges through the doorway, hands first. He looks at Sherry and calls her Ms. Palmer, this is Alex Hewitt. He says that she said she’d help him. Jack tells Alex to go and sit with her and he joins her on the couch. She starts to talk to Alex, telling him quietly not to talk to Jack, he’s a Federal Agent. Jack yells at her to ‘shut up’ and grabs Alex, pinning him against the wall in another room.
Jack is speaking with Alex. He accuses Alex of taking the voice samples and creating the Cypress Audio. Alex says that he didn’t say that, he already told Ms. Palmer that he’s not saying anything else until I see a lawyer. Jack replies “I am your lawyer, son.” Alex changes strategies and says that he’ll only talk to Ms. Palmer. Jack looks confused by this and asks, “Why her? How is she involved?” Alex says that he only met her today but she’s the president’s ex-wife, she’s got connections high up, she can help him. Jack seethes that “I’m the only one that can help you now.” He asks for Alex’s keys and then asks which one locks the door to this room. Alex tells him and Jack leaves to speak to Sherry, locking Alex inside.
Jack goes to Sherry and asks what she is doing here, and don’t tell him it’s to help the president. Sherry says fine, it’s to protect herself. Kingsley paid Alex to make recordings, he has audio of her too. Jack concludes ‘so you’re in on this, you’re working with Kingsley.’ Sherry says that Kingsley assured her that the bomb would never go off. Jack demands “what were you thinking? What the hell were you thinking?” Jack picks up the phone, Sherry asks what he’s doing. Jack answers that “I am a sworn Federal Agent, you just confessed to a federal crime.” Sherry advises Jack to put the phone down, Jack asks for Tony. Sherry says that she is the only one who can get Hewitt to talk, for that she wants full immunity. She tells him again to hang up the phone, she will tell him everything. Tony has now come to the phone but Jack says that he’ll have to call him back. He turns to Sherry and says simply, ‘start.’ He grabs a chair and slams it down, yells ‘start’ this time and sits down. Sherry admits to wanting to bring down the presidency. She was angry for what he did to her, ‘I worked tirelessly to put him in office. I sacrificed my career and family.’ Jack says then she wanted revenge for what happened, what about Kingsley. Sherry says that Kingsley was about money. A war would triple the value of his oil. Jack asks, so the only reason she came here was to make sure no one can connect her to Kingsley.’ Sherry repeats that she came here to protect herself. She wants immunity. There’s only one person that he needs to prosecute and he’s in that room. Otherwise, it’s just her word against his. Jack looks up at her, comprehension all over his face, and suddenly stands. He goes and unlocks the door and lets Alex out, he says ‘she’ll talk with you.’ Alex goes right to the couch and sits next to Sherry. He starts nervously that she said he’d be okay.
Palmer decides he needs to talk. He asks Aaron Pierce, the same Secret Service Agent if he thinks Palmer is unfit to run the country. Pierce says that he’s under orders not to discuss this with him. Palmer asks if he’s under orders not to listen, Aaron says ‘no, sir.’ Aaron sits across from Palmer and Palmer starts to talk. He says that he assumes that he remembers Jack Bauer? Well he’s got evidence. Palmer continues that ‘I was removed from office because I believe in Bauer. If it wasn’t for him, Los Angeles would be a killing field right now. If Jack finds evidence then they are at war with 3 innocent countries.’ Aaron says that ‘if Jack Bauer finds the evidence, them I’m sure vice president Prescott…I mean the president would turn the planes around.’ Palmer asks with a hint of fun “I thought you were under orders not to speak to me.” Aaron smiles and says “I’m doing my best, sir.” Palmer appeals to Pierce, he needs his help. He needs to get in touch with jack and see if he’s secured the evidence. Palmer says that if he remembers right, he has a son in the navy. Aaron says yes, he does. Palmer thinks that ‘it’s a fine thin, to defend one’s country, you should be proud. Let’s make sure the cause he’s fighting for is a just one.’ Palmer says he needs a Sat-phone, a secure line.
Michelle hands Keri some paperwork and asks her to file the report for her. Keri asks why, Michelle snaps she doesn’t have to explain herself to her. Keri says that she thinks Michelle is helping Jack. Michelle is very angry and asks Keri if she’s sure she wants to do this, come after her. Does she want the gloves to come off? Fine. Tony comes over and asks what’s going on, after an explanation, Tony just says to tell her why. Michelle says fine, she has been asked to help then with the power shift, she’s going to be on the phone for the next 2 hours. Keri observes that is sounds like a promotion and leaves. Michelle turns to Tony and asks if he thought she believed her. Tony answers flatly, ‘no.’ Keri has gone to Chapelle. She says that she doesn’t think Tony Almeida is fit to run CTU. He’s got Michelle off the book and she thinks they are trying to help Jack. Chapelle looks her over and then thanks her.
Jack is calling CTU. Tony picks up and Jack asks if the president is still holding off on the attacks? Tony informs Jack that the president has been pulled. The cabinet used the 25th amendment and Prescott is now president. Jack reminds Tony that he’s trying to bring in evidence, is Prescott not going to listen? Tony just knows he’s now waiting, get it quick. Jack tells Tony that he has Hewitt, send a chopper and they’ll get this sorted out. Tony says he’ll do what he can but Chapelle said no more resources should be devoted to this. Jack snaps “Just deal with it, Tony,” Hewitt is the only chance. Sherry is still talking to Alex, she says that they both made a mistake but they’re lucky because they need them. Any deal either of them makes will include the other. He thinks she might be lying but Sherry says that she’d never lie to him, she’s the only one looking out for her interests. Alex asks about Jack. Sherry says that ‘I can handle Agent Bauer. He’s very low on the food chain.’ Alex will get full immunity. Sherry goes to Jack and says that Alex will come in and testify. He can demonstrate the technology in a matter of minutes. Jack says that’s good, the choppers on the way.
Michelle is telling Tony that Chapelle won’t let them have the chopper, Tony says that Jack has the man that made the recording, and Chapelle can’t ignore that. Michelle reminds Tony that Chapelle can do whatever he wants. Tony tells Chapelle what Jack has found, Chapelle says let him get the evidence then. Tony says they need a chopper, he’s too far away. Chapelle changes the subject and tells Tony that he’s been reassigned. Tony wants to know where, Chapelle says he’ll tells him in a few days. Tony has become a liability and he has 15 minutes to clean out his desk and get out.
Alex brings in a laptop and some other stuff. Jack watches closely and then asks what he’s doing. Alex says that he needs to rebuild the comb filter, it should take about 20 minutes. When he testifies he’s going to make a recording right on the spot. Jack says that’s good and pats Alex’s shoulder. Alex says then he’ll be free to go. Jack says he’ll be fine. Alex seems disturbed and asks Jack why he’s being so nice? Before it was all Alex’s fault, he thinks Jack and Sherry cut a deal. Jack assures him they didn’t, Alex says he wants it in writing if he can’t have a lawyer. Jack says there’s no time for his lawyer. Sherry suggests that they have federal council meet them wherever they’re going, it’s just one phone call. Jack sizes her up and Alex says yeah, ‘we want federal council.’ Alex then decides he wants to talk to Jack, Sherry is reluctant but Alex says that they said he was the only one that could make this happen, he wants to talk to Jack alone. Sherry goes and Jack asks what’s going on. Alex asks ‘is she trying to screw me or not?’ Jack says no, she’s trying to help. Alex wants to know why, Jack says that she thinks he was tricked into doing something. Alex concludes that she thinks he’s innocent, and ‘I think she likes me.’ Jack, now smiling, says yeah, I think she does.
In the top of the split screen is Alex working and Jack standing behind him. Jack is having chest pains, at first holding one hand to his chest, then adding the second one and breathing deeply. Pain is evident.
The officer that was driving Kim has parked at the Matheson’s, she declines his help, it will only be one suitcase. Kim comes in the house and turns on the lights. She stops and looks at a picture of Carla and Megan on the table, then continues upstairs.
Tony packs up his desk as Michelle talks to him. She asks what explanation Chapelle gave, Tony says he has his own people, he doesn’t need him. The Sat-Com rings and Tony answers it, it’s David Palmer. Tony says ‘Mr. President, what can I do for you?’ Palmer says he needs to speak to Jack, Tony asks if he can hold on, Palmer says for a moment. David is being watched by Pierce and he is hiding behind a wall, where the security camera can’t see him. Tony calls Jack’s cell and says that he has president Palmer on the line. Jack asks how they are doing on the chopper, Tony replies he’s working on it. Jack says work faster. He’s patched through to the president, Palmer quickly tells Jack that he’s been unseated. Jack informs him that he knows for sure the Cypress Audio was forged. He has the man that did it, they’ll get the proof to the White House. Jack says that there’s something else. After hesitation he says Palmers ex-wife is there with him. Palmer wants to know how that happened? Jack pauses and Palmer calls Jack, Jack answers yes, sir. Palmer says ‘you can’t talk’ and Jack clips his words, ‘no, sir.’ Palmer warns “Don’t trust her, Jack, do you understand?” Jack says ‘yes, Mr. President.’ Palmer wants to talk to Sherry, Jack hands the phone over. He asks what Sherry is trying to do? Sherry says she’s trying to help, David says that she lied to him. Sherry thinks it’s not always about the truth, Jack and her are the only ones that can help him. Palmer warns to stay out of his way, and wants to talk to Jack again. Palmer says he needs Jack now, Jack understands and Palmer hangs up. Alex still has 6 minutes left on his program, Jack wants the chopper now. Tony says he’ll have it and hangs up the phone. Tony is holding himself up over his desk, he looks up at Michelle and says ‘I’m gonna need your help’
Kim is packing up her things, the cop is on the phone, and Gary Matteson peeks around the corner.
Mike comes in to where Palmer is being held. He asks where is it, but Palmer is playing dumb, 'where is what' Mike pleads with him 'David don’t make me do this, give me the phone.' Palmer studies him for a second and then goes to the desk and pulls out the phone. He takes a few steps and tosses it to Mike. Mike orders the agents to 'place Pierce under arrest'. Palmer doesn't like this and says 'Mike, don't. I coerced him into doing it' Mike says that he didn’t coerce anyone. Palmer tells Mike that ‘you should be the one putting yourself on the line, instead it was him. Mike is sympathetic and says that he tried to be a friend, Palmer says that he doesn’t need a friend, he needs someone to do the right thing. They move towards Pierce and Palmer says “I’m sorry Aaron.” Aaron says that ‘there’s nothing to be sorry for Mr. President.’ They take him away and leave a new, unfriendly looking agent.
Kim is packing up her things at the Matheson’s. She goes out into the hall and Gary comes upstairs with what is unmistakably a police belt. He pulls the gun out of it and then throws the rest of it aside. He is in the master bedroom where he unscrews the bottom of a lamp and pulls out 2 Ziploc bags, one containing money and the other one looking like it contains drugs. He starts to pack, pulling shirts out of a drawer and his passport. He shuts the drawer quite hard and Kim hears. She calls ‘officer? Is that you?’ She goes and looks in the bedroom but sees nothing. She calls ‘hello?’ but there is no answer. Satisfied, she returns to her room as Gary comes out from around a corner.
Tony calls Michelle and asks if she’s ready, which she is. He says let’s go. She dials Chapelle’s office and tells him that Rudin needs you in holding room 2, the COM is out so he can’t call. Chapelle says he’s on the way. Keri watches Michelle leave and then Chapelle comes down the stairs. He gets out his key card and lets himself into the room. Michelle is standing there waiting, Chapelle asks where Rudin is as the door closes. Tony comes out and grabs Chapelle from behind. He puts a chloroform rag over Chapelle’s mouth and nose until he is unconscious. As Tony lays him down he tells Michelle to go and send the chopper to Jack. She leaves and Tony draws a substance from a bottle into a syringe, apparently intending to inject Chapelle with it.
Sherry wants to know when Jack’s people are getting there. He assures her that it will be soon. Sherry confesses to Jack that it’s not just out of her own desire to stay clean that she’s doing this, it wouldn’t look good for David’s presidency. In light of the days events, her problems seem obscenely petty. Jack says that there’s something she hasn’t told her about Mr. Palmer. Sherry asks ‘Mr. Palmer?’ and Jack says yes, Mr. Palmer. The cabinet invoked the 25th amendment, he continues that ‘you got your wish.” Before Sherry can defend herself Jack’s cell rings. He answers and it’s Tony, the chopper is on the way. Jack concludes then that Chapelle is on board with them but Tony, packing up his things over the unconscious Chapelle, says ‘not exactly.’ Jack asks what he means, Tony says that it’s better if he doesn’t know. Jack accepts this and says that they are going to need to get the Attorney General involved, Ms. Palmer is going to want to try and cut a deal since the testimony incriminates her as well. Jack continues that this needs to go like clockwork, there’s no margin for error here. He hangs up the phone with Tony and then looks around the room. Sherry was listening to Jack’s end of the conversation and says that Alex won’t be saying anything without her permission. Jack tells her that Alex will do the demonstration and after that she is free to try and cut any deal she wants. Sherry doesn’t think that’s what they discussed, she starts toward Alex. Jack grabs her arm and stops her. He informs her that ‘the conversations end here.’ She is not to talk to him. Jack warns her ‘don’t try me Ms. Palmer. Take a seat on the couch.’ He pushes her away and starts to look away and blink, like he’s having trouble focusing the room.
Kim goes to the window and looks out. She sees the cop, he appears to be dead in the bushes. She then sees Gary and, dropping her bags, takes off into a room. Gary hesitates outside and then follows. He turns on the light and doesn’t see Kim. He enters the closet and starts to talk to Kim. He says ‘you know this is all your fault, don’t you? Carla would probably be alive if it wasn’t for you…probably.’ He has pulled down the stairway to the attic inside the closet, he slowly starts to climb, gun first. He continues to talk, saying to Kim ‘you think I wanted to hurt her…I didn’t…I loved her.’ As he reaches the top of the stairs she hits him in the head with a roller blade. He falls to the ground and then a few seconds later Kim comes crashing through the roof landing right on the unconscious form of Gary. She gets up and backs herself into a corner like a scared animal. She first reaches over and takes the gun that Gary let go of, then the cell phone that is nearby. Kim dials the number for CTU and gets Michelle. She needs to talk to Jack and when Michelle says he’s not there Kim says to please find him, it’s an emergency. Jack is locking all the locks at Alex’s and his phone rings. When hearing who is there Jack says to put Kim through. As soon as she speaks he knows something is wrong, he asks what’s going on. Kim explains that she’s at the Matheson’s and Gary is there and he had a gun. He killed the officer that she came with. Jack asks where he is now, Kim replies that he’s passed out. Jack instructs her to get out of the house, now. She starts to get up but Gary moves Kim tells Jack in a panic Jack wants Kim to shoot him. He tells her calmly ‘I want you to grab the gun, point it at his chest and pull the trigger.’ Gary has turned over now and calls her a ‘little bitch.’ Kim points the gun at him dropping the phone, screams through clenched teeth and pulls the trigger. Gary falls heavily. Kim picks the phone up again and Jack asks if she did it? Kim says yes so Jack says “I want you to shoot him again, shoot him now.” Gary is still moving around so Kim repeats again. This time he is totally still. Kim is very upset and picks up the phone but says nothing, then says ‘dad?’ Jack asks if he’s dead, Kim says yes. Jack says that he’s going to send someone to go and get her, go and wait downstairs now. He hangs up the phone and immediately dials again calling Kate Warner’s place. Alex starts to stir in the loft, he says it’s taking too long, he wants to go. Sherry goes to him and says that they are going to help him, without them he doesn’t stand a chance. Kate answers the phone, she is in the bath. Jack explains that his daughter’s been in a self defence shooting, she may be in shock and he asks Kate to take the officer he left with her, go get her and take her to CTU. Kate tells Jack that she sent the officer home. Jack is devastated by this news, he mutters ‘son of a bitch’ and lightly bangs is head on a pole. He says that the doesn’t know what else to do. Kate volunteers to go and pick Kim up and Jack says okay. He instructs her to call the police and have them meet her at 12 Bluetree Drive, it’s not far from Kate’s house. Jack notices that Sherry and Alex are speaking and he yells at them to separate as he makes another call. He gets though to CTU and asks hurriedly for Michelle or Tony. Alex was trying to leave and Sherry stops him. He grabs a screwdriver and plunges it into Sherry’s midsection. He takes off into a hole in the wall that was covered by a blanket-like hanging. Jack abandons his phone call and Sherry, clutching her middle, says ‘help me.’ Jack looks at her, then at the hole in the wall and decides to go after Alex

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-We know that Sherry has connections up high, but how did she know what kind of car he drove? I guess if he had a file it might have been in there, but it seemed a but weird. Wouldn’t they have checked on the way in.
-‘President Prescott’ just sounds wrong. You could tell that he liked being called Mr. President, he got this gleam in his eye.
-I really get the feeling that there was a tight friendship between Palmer and Mike, the way Palmer looked at Mike…it gave me the chills. He really let him down, and Mike doesn’t seem to feel to good about it.
-Palmer had this thing about standing and looking out windows. He did it quite a bit last season as well, not only out the window, but out on the porch as well. It’s like is ‘ponderous’ stance.
-Why is it so different when Michelle tells Tony to be careful and when Kate tells Jack the same thing?
-Tony rocks, just thought I should say that. He always works really hard and most of the time he just gets screwed over. Case and point, Tony believes Jack. Tony helps Jack. Tony sticks up for Jack with everyone. Tony gets reassigned and loses his job as head of CTU. All this because he is willing to seek the truth.
-Why does everyone look to Sherry Palmer for answers? First her ‘bodyguard’ then Alex.
-Even though Alex said that she just spoke to him for the first time this morning, for some reason, I don’t believe him. Either they’ve known each other before or he’s really trusting really fast.
-I guess Jack is still a ‘sworn Federal Agent.’ I mean it’s been a while, but I guess it still stands, even though he was inactive.
-Line of the week contender: Jack to Alex “I am your lawyer, son”
-Another Line of the Week contender: Palmer to Aaron “…I believe in Bauer…”
-Aaron Pierce is SO cool. It’s pretty obvious who he thinks the president really is.
-Sherry is the missing link. She, as far as I can tell, is the only one that’s involved in both the presidential takeover plot and the oil conspiracy.
-When Michelle said she was going to be on the phone for the next 2 hours, I was immediately thinking, ‘well, that only leaves us ½ an hour of Michelle. I’m glad she was lying.
-Speaking of the lie, I didn’t think she did that bad. Tony was really blunt with her.
-Keri is completely Chapelle’s kind of person. Maybe they should hook up.
-Sherry would lie to anyone as long as it benefited her self.
-Jack is low on the food chain? Right, okay, it’s not like the fate of the entire world is potentially resting on his shoulders or anything.
-Tony’s I’m gonna need your help reminds me of Jack’s, I’m gonna need a hacksaw.
-Palmer was completely right about Mike, he should be the one helping him, not Pierce
-It looks like Gary has been planning for this day for a while
-It’s nice to see Tony taking a page out of Jack’s book, attacking a director? Reminds me of what Jack did to our old friend Mason last season. That was pretty…um…well…ballsy.
-I hope Tony knows what he’s doing with those drugs, the last thing they need is a dead guy in charge…again.
-The guys at CTU seem to have everything in speed dial, in fact, they are speed dial freaks, but when Michelle calls Chapelle in Mason’s old office, she dials the number manually. It’s not like Mason was her old boss or anything.
-Tony did a good job of attacking Chapelle without his crutches. I guess it was an adrenaline thing that kept the pain away temporarily. If you look close you can see his crutches resting on the wall behind him.
-Definitely better if Jack stays out of what Tony has done.
-I’m impressed with Kim’s resolve. She killed Gary! Go Kim!
-Now there’s some fatherly advice ‘how to kill your psycho-killer employer.’ Do they offer parenting classes for ‘how to coax your teenage daughter into killing her psycho-killer employer over the phone’? That would be valuable.
-We’re learning you can knock people out with pretty much anything…roller blades…fire extinguishers…what next?
-The entire Kate in the bathtub thing bothers me, and this time it’s not to do with Kate in her uselessness. A few of the highlights are (a) What was she doing in the bath anyway? The woman just found out that her sister conspired to blow up LA today, Reza is dead and her father is (we assume) still being held at CTU. I could maybe buy a quick shower but I can’t understand why she would take that much time before going to be with her father. Kate seems to be a pretty emotional person and she has been pretty much a basket case until right now (b) She sent the cop home. WHAT?!? Why on earth would she do that? She was already captured and ‘tortured’ by someone today for not knowing anything, doesn’t she think that there might be people still out there? There may be people that can connect her to everything, especially what she knows about the Cypress Audio. Also, I’m pretty sure that cop would have been under orders to stay with her and if we’ve learned anything from this show it’s that most people in government (excluding Jack and now Tony) will follow orders unless breaking them has a direct positive impact on their lives (see George Mason in season 1). To quote a Kiefer Sutherland movie “We follow orders or people die” (Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men) (c) How did Kate know Kim’s name? I think Jack said her name to Tony on the phone when they were going to the mosque but I would be very surprised if Kate picked that up. He never said ‘Kim’ and ‘daughter’ back to back. She has a pretty good memory. Finally for this, (d) we never got to see the rest of that room…I wonder what it contains? The only part we got to see is an extreme close up of Kate’s head and hand. Amazing. I just hope that this will not turn out to be a gaping plot hole, like one big enough to drive a GMC Yukon into. It just didn’t feel right.
-One final Kate note (she’s getting a lot of attention for that short of a scene). Okay, if you are obsessed with this show you probably heard that the writers divulged that Kate would be written in as Jack’s love interest this season. Even if you didn’t hear that, it is pretty apparent that this is what Kate was created for. Also, if you are obsessed to the point of trying to find out what’s going to happen then you probably know that the writers are always tight-lipped about everything. Even the cast doesn’t know what’s going to happen until they get the script for the episode. The cast members are not allowed to say anything about what they’ve already filmed, as Kiefer Sutherland said during a pre-season interview, “There’s about 16 people from Fox ready to stun gun me from here,” if he reveals anything. Later in the same interview when Leno wants Sutherland to admit the problem for the season is a bomb Kiefer says “you wanna get me sued.” (He does eventually admit that the problem is a bomb, but then he says the trouble begin when he leaves the interview) So if they are so tight on security, why would they reveal something as important as Kate and Jack? Maybe it’s just a red herring to make us not look at her as a potential bad guy. Or, maybe I have too much time on my hands and think too much about 24.
-On an aside, when I re-watched that Leno interview to get the exact quote from Sutherland, he tells them that he used to live in a part of LA called…Hancock Park. That’s where Kate’s place is.
-I do believe that Jack is not well. He looked as though he is having some pain while he is standing over Alex in one of the split screens. He was rubbing his chest. Also, he winces when he gets off the phone and he always seems to be short of breath, breathing heavily. I think our hero might be in danger still.
-Jack is really testy in this episode. He’s really very angry and aggressive towards almost everyone, including Tony who is really just trying to help. Could this have something to do with the torture thing? Or is Jack just not a morning person? They should have left him dead a little longer, that counts as sleep, right?