Originally Aired 4.22.03
2.20 - Live or Die?

In the upstairs that the clinic we see people in the waiting room watching a TV. The reporter is talking about the bomb as everyone watches. The thug is looking in the cupboards for the epinephrine. The doctor brings in a patient that has a cut on his head. He finds the thug and asks what he’s doing. He answers that he’s looking for epinephrine. The doctor reminds him that this is a treatment room and he has a patient. The thug shoots the patient and asks where it is? The doctor says it’s in storage, he says ‘lets go.’
In the basement they are now shocking Jack, Ronnie is slightly panicked and asks for more joules. He tells Jack “you’re not gonna die on me you son of a bitch.” His phone rings and he tells the other guy, Raymond, “it’s Kingsley, you talk to him.” Kingsley asks to talk to Stark but he’s busy. He asks if he has the chip yet, Raymond says no, it’s under control. Kingsley asks what he hears in his voice? He demands an answer. Raymond says that Stark may have got a little carried away, Bauer is flat lining. Kingsley gives Raymond the go to take over, if Ronnie can’t do it then he can do it himself. Raymond, with mild surprise, says okay. They hang up as they continue to shock Jack. The thug enters with the doctor, Stark asks where the epinephrine is, and he says the doctor has it. They hold a gun to the doctors head and say “if you can’t revive this man, you’re dead.” He tells them that he needs Jack on the gurney and he gets out the epinephrine. Stark orders the doctor to give him as much as he can take. He keeps urging him on, ‘lets go lets go!’ The doctor holds the needle over Jack’s heart and pauses, looking apprehensive. Stark yells, “what are you waiting for? Do it!” The doctor stabs Jack with the needle and injects the contents into he heart. Stark tells them to give him the paddles and the doctor charges them and hits Jack. The doctor announces that he’s still in v-fib, Stark says shock him again. He shocks him again but he’s not convinced, the doctor says it’s too late, it’s not gonna work.’ Stark yells again and he shocks Jack again. Finally there’s a rhythm on the monitor, the doctor encourages it, saying ‘come on…’ He announces that there’s a sinus rhythm, he needs saline. Ronnie looks very relived that Jack is alive and Jack starts to cough and move his head around. He opens his eyes and looks wildly around, snapping his head back and forth. Ronnie now asks Raymond what Kingsley said who answers “he said I’ve just got promoted.” He draws his gun and shoots Stark dead. The doctor looks shocked as Raymond approaches Jack. He says quietly to Jack “You thought death would save you…you’re not going to die until I kill you myself. Now where is that chip.” Jack, who is still struggling to breath and looking around, doesn’t answer.
The Vice President is convening the cabinet within the hour, he is speaking with Mike. Mike seems kind of hesitant about the whole thing, he says that he had to put Lynn under guard, it won’t be easy to pull this off. The vice president sympathises with mike, he says this will be difficult for everyone, Mike replies that he hopes he’s doing the right thing. The vice president says that this is not the way that he wanted to assume the presidency, he hopes that Mike isn’t wavering. His job is to make sure the cabinet votes in favour. Mike says that his job is to get a vote, not to sway the results. The vice president says it was a poor choice of words, same end. He’s doing the right thing, history will recognize that. They hang up the SAT-COM and Mike puts it away in a drawer. Immediately Palmer walks in and asks about Jack. Mike says he’s heard nothing. Palmer tells Mike that he knows he thinks what Palmer is doing is wrong but Mike’s standing by him means a great deal. Palmer is ready to go and asks Mike to send Lynn into his office. Mike says that she went for a few minutes downtime, she wasn’t feeling well. Palmer says its fine then, he’ll go over it with Jenny.
Lynn is banging on the door to the room she’s in trying to persuade the person on the other side to let her out. Realizing that this is doing nothing Lynn turns and surveys the room. She picks up a fire extinguisher and breaks open a large cabinet. Inside she finds, basically, a bunch of junk. A drill, an old duffel bag with papers in it and what I think is a welder. She tries it and it works.
The men on the street are now robbing Auda. He looks really bad and bloodied up, but he’s conscious, barely. The last one left grabs his wallet as the others get in the SUV that Kate and Auda brought. The last one surveys the chip, he doesn’t know what it is. The head one says just bring it, lets go. Auda moans to Kate quietly that they’ve got the chip. She gets unsteadily to her feet and approaches them, they took something that was hers. The head redneck, Mark, asks what she was doing with him anyway. He says that ‘the only thing worse than these people in our county are people like you.’ Kate says that she just needs ‘that plastic thing.’ It’s got information on it. She starts to get mad, “it’s not worth anything.” Then she says that she’ll pay them for it. She has money at her house. They agree but Mark says first he’s going to put Yusuf out of his misery. He draws his gun and sits on his stomach facing Auda. He puts the gun on Auda’s face and says “this is for messing with our country.” Kate is yelling for him to stop, the others are also not too big on this. He pulls the trigger but the gun just clicks, there was no bullet. They laugh and get in the SUV leaving Auda but bringing Kate with them. After they’ve gone Yusuf, in obvious pain, turns himself over and crawls on his elbows to a pay phone nearby. He manages to get most of his body into the booth and pull himself up so he can reach the receiver. He dials by feel 9-1-1 but only gets the message saying that all circuits are busy, try again later. He lets go and falls back against the wall of the booth.
Jack is still laying on the gurney. He looks like he’s having trouble staying conscious as he breathes deeply. Raymond tells the doctor to give him more epinephrine but he is hesitant. He says that Jack’s already had too much, you don’t want to strain his heart. Raymond says he’s strong, he can handle it. The doctor draws it but before he can administer it Raymond tells him to prepare a syringe of beroglide. The doctor protests, he’ll collapse Jack’s lungs. Raymond tells him to just do it and he does. Raymond approaches Jack and holds his gun to Jack’s cheek. He explains that ‘this beroglide stuff, this will paralyse your diaphragm…makes you feel like you’re drowning until you tell me where the chip is.’ Jack says painfully that he already told him that he doesn’t know where the chip is. A phone rings in the background, one of the thugs says that it’s Kingsley for Raymond. After he walks away Jack turns to the doctor. He says quietly for him to untie the ropes that are still biding Jack’s wrists. The doctor asks ‘what’ and Jack again wants him to help him loosen the ropes. They’re far enough away that they’ll think he’s working on Jack. The doctor says that Raymond will kill him, Jack breathes that he’s going to kill him anyway. They were going to kill millions of people earlier today. They don’t have any time, Jack encourages him, come on. The doctor comes around the other side of Jack and starts as Jack coaches him as to which direction the rope goes in. After a few seconds Jack says that ‘he’s coming’, the doctor goes back to Jack’s arm. Raymond asks what he’s doing? The doctor says that he had to take out Jack’s IV first. Raymond orders him to get the beroglide, start him off with 2cc’s. The doctor looks like he’s sorry and then injects it into Jack’s arm. It only takes a few seconds for Jack to start gasping and having a difficult time breathing.
In the split screen we see Jack trying to stay conscious, Palmer and Mike thinking.
Michelle meets Chapelle as he arrives at CTU. She tells him that Tony went to IT, he’ll be back in a minute. Chapelle asks about the phones and is told that the whole grid is down, as well as the most of the cell service. He tells them that they should save SAT-COM for emergencies since they are sharing it with half a dozen other agencies. Tony shows up and Michelle leaves them to talk. Chapelle congratulates Tony and says ‘good work.’ Tony asks on what and Chapelle says on Bauer, he heard that Bauer was trying to change their position on the Cypress Audio. Tony looks troubled as Chapelle says that he’s glad their not letting the ‘tail wag the dog.’ Tony says that Jack may not be wrong about this, he’s still in the middle of an investigation. Chapelle is impatient and says that he doesn’t want to hear it. They are about to bomb the Middle East into next Wednesday, he wants all Tony’s people on that. Tony again says that he thinks Jack is on to something, Chapelle snaps at Tony saying that George Mason might have given you this job for now, but you’ll need my blessing to stay on. He assumes that’s what Tony wants. Tony says that he just wants to do what’s right. Chapelle again tells Tony to put everyone on domestic response and leaves Tony. Michelle looks on.
Lynn has devised a way to start a fire. She lights a garbage can full of papers with the welder and puts it on top of the cabinet so the smoke detector will pick it up. It starts to beep so the guard on the other side of the door enters. As he does it is smoky and Lynn hits him with the fire extinguisher. She runs to the elevator and pushes the button a bunch of times. Abandoning that she heads to the stairs with the guard in pursuit. She starts to run down flights with him following. Eventually he catches up and grabs on to her. She struggles and with her back to the railing she pushes off of him. The momentum is enough for her to fall over the railing and down the gap between the stairs. From the guards vantage point we see her laying there, it is at least 2 stories.
Palmer is trying to get through to the Vice President, Prescott. When he is told that he’s unreachable Palmer is very frustrated. He hangs up the phone and calls for Aaron. The secret service agent at the door looks somewhat surprised and enters. Palmer instructs him to close the door and then motions for him to sit. He asks how many administrations he’s worked for, Aaron replies, with a hint of pride, that he started in Regan’s 2nd term. Palmer says that he hasn’t been able to get a hold of his vice president for quite a while, what does he make of that? Aaron doesn’t really know what to say so Palmer asks “should I be jumping to conclusions?” Aaron says, rather accurately, that he’s not qualified to answer that. Palmer seems to just be looking for his opinion, reminds Aaron that he’s been doing this for over 20 years, is Prescott planning something behind his back? Aaron speaks into his mic, he says that he’s going ‘20-10’. He informs Palmer that he thinks he made all the right choices today but Palmer says that’s not what he asked, is Prescott coming after him? Aaron answers that he doesn’t know, but “you’ve got good instincts, sir. I’d listen to them.” Palmer thanks him and Aaron leaves. Palmer watches him go.
Kingsley is working in his office and 2 suits show up. One of them says that Max isn’t happy. Kingsley says that Max can be unhappy, we’re all entitled to our opinions. They tell Kingsley that they’re angry that they pulled out of the strike. Their plan was contingent on it. Kingsley assures them that they pulled out temporarily. Palmer won’t be able to withstand the pressure from his people or the public. They say unless Bauer has already got the chip to his people. Kingsley says offhandedly that Bauer won’t be a problem.
Jack is breathing fast and is still in obvious pain. Raymond says, ‘tell me where the chip is and I’ll make it stop.” The doctor is standing away and says that he’s going to kill Jack. Raymond says no, he just going to wish he stayed dead. He punches Jack twice in the face and Jack spits blood. Raymond yells at Jack to tell him what he wants to know, the doctor has looked away. The thugs at the door say that they’re going to hear him upstairs, Raymond yells for them to shut the door then. Raymond instructs the doctor to double the dosage. Jack makes eye contact with the doctor as he moves to the table and starts to prepare the syringe. Jack says to Raymond “I’ll tell you where the chip is.” Owing to the fact that he just got punched in the mouth, he sounds like he’s got marbles in his mouth, he then bangs his head on the gurney, he’s frustrated and obviously didn’t want to tell. Raymond comes over to Jack and leans over him. Jack mumbles as if he’s trying to speak and then starts to make words groggily. He gets out their taking the chip to before he breaks again, Raymond asks where but he never learns where. The doctor comes behind with the syringe full and sticks it in Raymond’s neck. He gets it emptied before Raymond throws him off. Jack tries to get his ropes undone as Raymond goes at the doctor, but then drops to his knees. Jack has undone his ties and stands. He pulls Raymond’s gun out of the holster and then uses his bare foot to nudge Raymond to the ground. Pointing the gun at Raymond he then turns and points it at the doctor who cowers behind the counter. Jack asks, “how long does he got before he’s dead?” The doctor answers as much as 15 minutes. Jack puts his pants on and then shoots at the door. The 2 thugs come back in from outside and Jack shoots them. Jack turns to Raymond who is really struggling for breath still on his back. Jack points the gun at him and says “tell me who was on the other end of the phone and I’ll make it quick.” Raymond gasps and struggles and finally manages to get out the words “Peter Kingsley.” Jack shoots him with two shots. He turns around back towards the gurney and falls to it to keep him on his feet.
Mike enters the room with the president and closes the door. Palmer also instructs him to have a seat. He’s been feeling a little disconnected from his people in the last hour. Mike launches into self-defence saying he’s been busy. Palmer says not from him, but from Washington. Palmer thinks Prescott has been avoiding him. Mike says that he’s sure Prescott has been being pulled in many different directions but Palmer reminds him that they were and still are on the brink of war. He is the commander in chief and if he calls there’s only one way to go. Mike gets the point and says he’ll get Prescott. Before Mike can leave, Palmer asks him to get Lynn. The numbers are outdated on the speech he wants her to do it. Mike says that he’ll get her and takes the speech from Palmer. Mike re-enters his office and goes right to the drawer with the SAT-COM. He reaches Prescott and is stressed out. He tells him that Palmer is looking for him. He says that David Palmer is not a stupid man, he’s going to figure it out. He’s already asking about Lynn. Prescott says that he’ll contact Palmer.
Jack walks out of the clinic, still without shoes. As he’s walking he calls CTU to talk to Michelle. He only gets out ‘hi Michelle, it’s Jack’ before she can’t hear him anymore. He starts talking just in case she can hear. He tells her that he’s going to the meeting place that he told Kate and Yusuf to go, they are supposed to be bringing the chip to CTU. Jack has gotten into one of the cars that Ronnie’s men had and prepares to go.
At CTU Michelle approaches Tony and says that she thinks she heard from Jack, but he didn’t get any information out before he was disconnected. She says that she out an auto trace on it in case he tries to call back. Tony suggests that she go and see if it was a landline or a cell which she does. Chapelle comes now and asks what that was all about. Tony tells him what he knows but Chapelle doesn’t care. He told Tony that he doesn’t want Jack distracting Tony or his staff. He is irrelevant. Tony doesn’t agree. Jack has proof that will be here within the hour. Chapelle suggests that Tony let Jack produce it. He wants Tony to ‘keep his eye on the ball.’
Palmer is talking to Prescott finally. Palmer tells Prescott that he knows they aren’t seeing eye to eye on this. Prescott says that any negative comments were behind closed doors, away from the press. Before they hang up Palmer asks if there is anything Prescott wants to tell him? Prescott says no, Palmer says that his door is always open. After they hang up Palmer says that he still doesn’t trust Prescott. Mike asks what Palmer wants him to do but at this point Aaron comes in. He apologises for interrupting and says that Lynn has been injured, she fell down some stairs. They think she might have been running from a fire in an upstairs room. Palmer is concerned, Mike looks under severe stress. Palmer asks how she is, the on site physician says that she’s critical. Palmer wants to see her and Aaron leads the way, Mike slowly follows.
Tony wasn’t to know what Michelle found out about Jack. She says that the called form a cell, somewhere between Encino and Studio City. Tony thinks that he may be coming to CTU, Michelle asks if he want her to pull up the satellite but he says no. That would just raise red flags with Chapelle. Michelle asks if maybe Jack would have tried to contact the local police department? Tony says maybe, if she can do it without being detected check it out. The downtown precinct.
Jack arrives at the meeting place. He parks briefly, looks around and then decides to leave. Before he gets away he stops the car and backs up, parking where Yusuf and Kate did. He staggers out of the car and goes to Yusuf. He calls him and without opening his eyes Yusuf begins to speak. He mumbles that ‘they took the chip, Jack… Jack asks where Kate is? Who took the chip? Yusuf answers that they took it to her house in Hancock Park…She offered money in exchange for it. Jack encourages Yusuf, he wants to go. Yusuf murmurs that he’s not gonna make it. Jack keeps telling him to hang on but Yusuf tells Jack to go, go get the chip…get the chip. Jack again tells Yusuf to hang on but he’s now unconscious. Jack, realizing that he’s dead, says “I’m sorry…I’m sorry.” He gets up leaving Auda there and gets backing the car.
The rednecks get Kate out of the car. They don’t believe that Kate lives here, by herself. They get to the door and she doesn’t have a key. She is held to the siding and asked again if this is really her house? She tells them that there’s a spare key under the pot with the rather large plant in it. They retrieve it and open the door. Now the alarm system is going off. She stands in front of it for a few seconds so they ask what the code is. She backs off and says 51224. One of them punches in the numbers and they continue into the house.
Palmer rushes out with his entourage to where they are loading Lynn into an ambulance. He asks if she’ll live and is told that it’s too early to tell. Palmer wants to talk to her. Mike says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Palmer snaps that he asked the doctor a question. The doctor says that she’s in and out of consciousness, but he isn’t stopped. Palmer comes to her side and Lynn starts to cry. She is badly bruised around her eye and head. Palmer leans in and says ‘it’s me, David Palmer.’ He apologises and then realizes that she’s trying to talk. The doctor pipes up that she took a severe blow to the head, she has a concussion. Palmer returns to Lynn and tries to coax whatever she’s trying to say out of her. Palmer is fixated on her face but she manages to raise and hand and point in Mike’s direction who is standing behind Palmer. Mike realizes and grabs her hand saying that it’ll be okay in a rather stiff fashion compared to Palmers compassion. The doctors want to go and Palmer says okay, go. They load her up.
Jack is still trying to get through on his cell.
Tony is looking through a file and Keri comes over and stands behind him. He takes no notice until she talks. She says that Chapelle is going to find out. Tony asks about what, Keri says that he told them not to spend any more time looking for Jack but that’s all him and Michelle are doing. Tony asks why she isn’t working on the field intel? Keri knows what he’s trying to do and tells him ‘don’t shine me on, I’m just trying to help you keep your job.’ Tony asks by doing what? Keri says by not saying anything. Tony goes back to his file and says ‘well don’t say anything then. Keri pauses and then says that she wants something in return. Tony looks back at her and asks “and what would that be?” Keri says that Michelle worked for her at division, things worked better that way. That’s why things have been so messed up there today. Tony concludes, ‘so you want Michelle’s job…’ Keri says that she assumes that Tony want to keep his job. He looks down and gives the Tony ‘yeah.’ He calls Chapelle over. When he gets there Tony says that Keri has something she wants to tell him. Chapelle asks what it is? Tony looks at Keri then at Chapelle, he waits for her to say something. Chapelle loses patience quickly and says ‘well?’ It’s obvious Keri wasn’t going to say anything so Tony says that she was trying to extort a promotion out of him by promising to keep her mouth shut, is that about right? Keri decides to defend herself and says that Tony and Michelle have been working to find Jack and she was giving Tony the courtesy of a warning. She says she was going to tell him. Chapelle tells Keri to go and starts on Tony. He thought he made himself clear, they are past Bauer. Tony says that he doesn’t think they are. If Chapelle doesn’t think that Tony is qualified then he should relieve him from his duties right now. Chapelle appears to have backed down and says that that won’t be necessary. Tony thanks him and starts to leave. Chapelle stops him and says not to thank him, he just doesn’t have anyone to take his place right now. He says hotly “I don’t like insubordination.” Chapelle leaves Tony standing there. He looks at Michelle who isn’t’ too far away and was watching.
Kate opens her safe in her bedroom. Inside they find a pile of money. Mark brings it to her and asks what it is. Kate replies that it’s 20,000 Euros, it’s as good as cash. The rednecks don’t care, they want ‘real’ money. He tosses the Euros aside and another finds a wad of American cash. It’s $1,500. They go back and pulls out some jewellery, one asks if he thinks it’s real, the other replies sarcastically “no, they keep the fake ones locked up.” They ponder what to do but Kate just wants the chip. She says they had a deal but they seem to think that as soon as they leave she’s gonna call the cops. Mark says that he can’t get locked up again and pulls his gun. The others don’t want them go shoot Kate but he says that he can’t get locked up again. He goes to shoot her but one of them grabs the gun, Kate takes off. The shots are fired into the walls and they soon take off after Kate. Kate hits one of them with a lamp before she makes her way to the front door. She manages to get it open before one of them catches her. She hits him but doesn’t get away. Mark has shown up and the one holding Kate asks for his gun. Before he gets it the camera angle changes and we see Jack standing outside. He shoots the one over Kate. Mark grabs the gun and runs down the hall. Jack asks Kate if she’s okay and she says yes. He asks how many rooms are at the end of the hall, she replies 2, a master bedroom and a bathroom. Jack tells her to stay down and goes after them. He has his gun drawn and yells that all he wants is the chip. Mark lets 2 shots go through the door as Jack takes cover. He gets closer on the outside, the other one inside looks worried. Jack introduces himself and says that he is a federal agent and all he wants is the chip. Mark says that he just shot his friend, does he think he’s going to believe him? Jack says that right now he doesn’t have a choice. Mark threatens that if Jack comes in the room “I’ll smash this thing. I’ll put it right under my foot.” Jack stays where he is.
Tony has rallied CTU personnel and is sending them searching for Jack. Chapelle sees this.
Mike is on a video phone with the cabinet and Prescott and a few others. Prescott wants to get started. He thanks them for assembling and says that they were probably wondering why he asked them here and why he asked them to keep it to themselves. One of them asks why they are starting without the president? Prescott answers that this is a closed meeting. Another asks ‘closed to the president?’ Prescott answers that that is the point, Alex. He continues that to some of them this will be a surprise, to some it will be a relief. He believes that based upon his response to today’s events, that David Palmer is unfit to continue as president of the United States. Mike looks on silently.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

-Well, I guess the guy in the clinic doesn’t need treatment,
-love the answer to the doctors question – He says he’s looking for epinephrine like he’s looking for the cheese. It’s totally calm…what do you say to that…oh
-another promotion by killing. We’ve got quite a spree here, first Dan and now Ronnie.
-At the beginning of this episode, right after the scene where the doctor is taken by the thug AND right before they lift Jack on to the gurney, Sutherland is obviously wearing pants. When he lifts his mid-section up as they shock him to try and bring him back to life, they come into the view of the camera, they look like sweats or something with an elastic waist. They’re definitely black.
-Jack’s dead head also moves to a different position when the doctor is shocking him.
-Stark has completely lost all composure now and I think he should have. He probably knows his boss well enough to know what’s coming.
-When they were trying to save Jack I totally had a Flatliners flashback. It was the same idea, we just need Oliver Platt saying “that is a truckload!” when they draw the epinephrine and it’ll be complete!
-Death would SAVE Jack? Right, okay. I don’t think it’s a choice, ‘okay, ill just die.’ How about NO?
-Mike looks really guilty when Palmer enters the room. He should have known.
-“this isn’t the way I wanted to assume the presidency”…I get the feeling the vice president would have taken any way to get the presidency. This just worked out nicely for him.
-They also semi-recycle footage from the last episode. When Lynn is in the room trying to get out. At the end of last episode, in the split screen before they announce that Jack is dead, Lynn goes away from the door, walks over and opens the same filing cabinet in the same place in the room. It isn’t locked this time but some of the contents are the same. This time, the first time we see Lynn she gives up on the door, goes over to the same filing cabinet and takes off the handle with the fire extinguisher. She doesn’t try it first. There is only enough room for 1 of those big filing cabinets in that room and they’re both in the same place, not in view of each other.
-oh Yusuf. He just looked so rough. Nobody driving by would stop and give them a hand?
-what kind of sick joke is that? When he pulled the gun and ‘shot’ Auda, but then there’s no bullets…
-it’s good that Jack has realized not only where he is but what he needs to do to get out.
-Even in his somewhat altered state I would hope Jack, the man that his profile said majored in English, would be able to come up with a better sentence than “how long does he got before he’s dead?”
-Wow Kate actually was useful…actually, I’m not sure it was useful, it just looked useful next to her usual ‘blindingly stupid.’
-The guy that plays Yusuf does a great job of looking as bad as he does.
-Picture this - Yusuf hangs up the pay phone and then it rings again. He picks it up and it’s Kiefer Sutherland as the caller…
-beroglide – this drug does not exist. The produces of 24 made it up, thank God. It sounds awful.
-It’s really nice to see Tony sticking up for Jack to Chapelle. Tony admitting that he wanted to do the right thing instead of the thing that may seem right to those in command shows a lot about Tony’s character that seems to continue from last season. He’s a little hard to sway into believing something, but once he does he’ll go to any length to see it through.
-I was also impressed on the character continuity for Chapelle. Straight out of last season.
-Fire extinguishers – not just for fires anymore! Lynn uses it to open the cabinet and then uses it to hit the guard. Talk about multi-purpose!
-anyone whose ever seen a movie knows that if you want to get away you DO NOT use the elevator. Not only do you have to wait for it to get there, but they can stop it as it goes. Honestly, Lynn, we know you’re important and all, but you need to take the stairs.
-It’s good to see that Palmer still has some friends on the inside. Some people, like Aaron, still believe what he did was right.
-I really like Aaron the Secret Service agent. He seemed really humbled by Palmer asking him in to his office. Also, I like his accent.
-So, if Kingsley thinks that Palmer isn’t going to withstand the pressure, that makes me think that he doesn’t know that there is a conspiracy on the inside to remove him from office. Therefore the vice president must not be working with these guys, he just wants the strike simply for retribution. Either that or they are working with these guys but the only person who knows is this mysterious Max character.
-Kingsley telling them that Bauer won’t be a problem may ultimately lead to his death, since, in fact, Bauer is going to be a problem.
-It was interesting to see Jack go commando, I guess that suits his commando-like personality. The lack of shoes just completed the outfit.
-who else thought Jack was going to shoot the doctor? I was like ‘what?!’ but then he just asked him a question. No wonder the doctor hid.
-Speaking of the doctor, good job! What would Jack have down without him?
-what a recovery from Jack. The man goes from dead to killing people in about 55 minutes.
-Too bad Yusuf couldn’t’ have that kind of recovery.
-I really liked Yusuf, I think Jack will probably end up feeling responsible for this death, too. After all, Yusuf wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for him
-I doubt Kate could lift that plant to get the key out.
-Did anyone remember last season? The Bauer house had a security system code that Teri couldn’t remember because of amnesia. Kate just couldn’t shut hers off because she’s stupid.
-Lynn looks rough, it’s too bad that Palmer was so fixated on her face because she had a really good idea about pointing to Mike, though.
-With her personality it must be rough actually knowing what is happening.
-If she dies Mike is totally responsible.
-Speaking of Mike, this might give him enough fuel for a second thought about what he’s doing.
-Palmer is such a caring man, I couldn’t see him sending anyone to war
-So, the Euro, as of today (April 24th, 2003) is worth 0.90662 of a US dollar. That means at 20,000 Euros that redneck just threw $18132.40 US on the floor.
-Tony’s getting brave, putting his job on the line to help Jack. I think Jack could have used it a bit more about an hour ago.
-I was disappointed when I thought Chapelle backed down with Tony, not that I’m happy that Tony’s going to get in trouble, but its just not Chapelle’s character. When he ended up sticking to his guns I was happier.
-I like how Tony totally busted Keri with Chapelle
-So if Chapelle sacks Tony, could this be an opening for Jack at CTU?
-I think Chapelle is in on something…I don’t know what, but something…He really doesn’t seem to want them to find proof that the Cypress Audio is fake. This would be a good window to turn him into a bad guy.