Originally Aired 4.15.03
2.17 - Torturous

There is a General informing Palmer, the Joint Chiefs, the Vice President and pretty much everyone else about what is happening with the planes. When he finishes he returns to his seat telling the president that this is consistent with the presidents request for them to strike before he addresses the nation, Palmer snaps that he knows what he asked for. He then reconsiders what he said and tells him that that came out wrong, they have all done a good job of mobilizing the forces in such a short time. The Vice President asks if Palmer is still behind the attack, Palmer answers yes. He then informs everyone else about the information that has been given to him by Jack Bauer, the recording may be a fake. The General says that if they wait on the attacks it gives the enemy longer to get their forces ready, they would be talking about another 20,000 casualties among the troops. Palmer thinks they have no choice right now.
Jack, Auda and Kate are still in the clinic, Jack is trying to get a hold of the president, but they won’t put him through, he’s in a meeting with the Joint Chefs. Jack protests that what he has to tell him may have a direct impact on the meeting but it doesn’t work. Jack then calls Tony but their connection is bad, he can barely hear him. Tony wants Jack to come back to CTU. Jack lets Tony know that Wallace is dead, they have the chip and they are in North Hollywood, about 40 minutes outside of CTU. Tony questions Jack as to if the chip is authentic, Jack is pretty sure. The guys that were after it killed Wallace and it was surgically implanted into him, Jack doesn’t think he’d go to that much trouble if it was a fake. Jack wants Tony to call the president and tell him what he’s found, Tony doesn’t want to call the president until they are sure. Auda calls Jack over and after hanging up with Tony he goes over and looks. Auda has the chip under a microscope and he shows Jack that the chip has a tracking devise on it. Kate doesn’t get it so they explain that they can track their movements. That’s how they found Wallace at the warehouse. Auda thinks he can get the tracker off.
Michelle is talking to Danny on the phone, she assures him that he should just sit tight and she’ll call him when she gets a chance. He is frustrated again and hangs up. Tony arrives at her workstation. She says that there is something wrong with the phones, Tony knows, it’s been like that since the bomb went off. Tony lets Michelle in on the information about the chip, Michelle insists that he call the president but Tony hold back. There is no proof yet but Tony says he’ll think about it.
Auda is still working on the chip and the tracer. He needs a finer point, the one he’s using is too big. Kate grabs a needle off a tray nearby and offers it to Auda. Jack is looking out the vertical blinds with a small, one-eyed binocular. There are a few men getting out of a car outside, Jack realizes these are the men tracking the chip. He asks Auda how long it’s going to take to get the tracker off the chip? Auda answers casually ‘a minute or two’ but Jack presses him, ‘well, which is it, one or two? Auda says one if Jack stops bothering him. Jack tells them that they guys after they chip are here. He has an idea to take the tracer, Auda and Kate can take the chip back to CTU. Jack says it has to work. The men make their way up to the clinic and inside. Auda gets the tracer off and gives it to Jack who quickly pockets it. Jack tells them to meet him at Moorpark and Vine, if he’s not there in 15 minutes, go without him. They need to get the chip to Tony Almeida. Before Jack leaves the room Kate tells him to be careful. The men have a tracking devise, they see that the chip is moving. They follow but one of them notices that Wallace lay dead in a room nearby. He goes in just as Kate and Auda go out the other door. It is slightly open and Auda watches as he goes to Wallace’s body and pulls up the blood-soaked cover. He sees that the chip has been taken. He then leaves after the others. Auda and Kate wait for him to exit the hallway and then leave. 2:09
Mike tells Palmer that there are more people out now and more acts of racism reported. Lynn enters and tells Palmer that there is a call on SAT-COM from Tony Almeida. Palmer asks about the SAT-COM and is told that it is because of the phone problems, all the systems are down. Palmer directs Lynn to put him on speaker and Palmer tells Tony that he also has Lynn and Mike in the room. Tony is frank and tells Palmer that he was conflicted in contacting him about this new evidence. Tony continues that Jack has secured the source recording for the Cypress Audio but they’re not authenticated yet, CTU doesn’t even have them yet. They should be getting them within the hour. Mike asks about the confidence that Tony is instilling in Jack right now since not long ago Jack assaulted CTU personnel and removed a witness. Tony defends Jack and informs them that he had no choice under the circumstances. Palmer inquires about the authenticity of these source recordings, can they be sure that they’re more real than the Cypress Audio? Tony says he’s not convinced, Palmer, cutting him off, finishes ‘but Jack Bauer is.’ Tony says yes, Palmer has heard enough. He thanks Tony for his candour and he says he’ll take it under advisement. After hanging up, Palmer gets up and starts to pace, he is doing some serious thinking. Finally he announces that he’s calling off the attack. Mike wants to talk about it, he appreciates Palmer’s respect for Jack and he knows his reputation. Palmer snaps “I know the man.” Mike wants Palmer to think about his reputation, the people will see the non-attack as a failure, an act of indecisiveness. Palmer argues that he won’t attack just to prove that he’s not indecisive, what if Jack is right? Mike wants to know what if he’s wrong? Mike thinks that the countries in question are guilty of other things, he is “urging you in the strongest possible terms to reconsider.” Palmer wants them to call the general and the Joint Chiefs back to talk with him.
Tony comes down and talks to Michelle, he says that he told the president about Jack. When it gets here, Tony wants to be absolutely sure that the recording is real. Michelle offers to pull the software up now. Starts to go and she thanks him.
Kate is trying to get through to CTU but she can’t, the lines are all busy. Auda makes a comment about the lines are busy because they are strategising to start war against his country. Kate responds that they don’t want war but Auda asks if she’s sure. He thinks that she would think differently if it was her family being threatened. They stop the SUV and park it, Auda says he’ll keep an eye out and gets out.
The bad guys are still tracking Jack. They are wearing earpiece radios, the one that seems to be in charge tells the others “do not kill him until I have the chip. Understood?” They meet in a hallway and find a room that the tracer had stopped in. They kick the door open and go in. Checking the room they find that it’s empty except for the tracker. It’s on the floor in a piece of napkin or gauze. They pick it up and figure out what it is, one of them goes to the window and sees Jack running down the street. They radio each other and tell where Jack’s going. Jack is running flat out, he turns a corner and 2 cars converge on him, one from in front and another from a side road. Jack slides over the hood of the car from the side as he shoots the driver of the second car. Immediately Jack is hit in the back with a taser from the driver of the first car. He hits the ground unconscious as the others arrive. The one that shot him says ‘alright, lets get him back inside.’ Two bigger guys pick Jack up and carry him off.
Mike is on the phone with the General, informing him about Palmers decision bit assuring him that Palmer will address him himself. Lynn enters and he gets off the phone, “more blowback?” Mike answers “and then some.” Lynn asks Mike if he knows anything about the meeting that the Vice President called, Mike is in the dark. Lynn says that he wanted cabinet on hand, and Mike asks what the agenda was but Lynn doesn’t know, she wasn’t invited. Someone on the Vice Presidents staff told her about it, but they don’t know any more. Mike asks if it’s could be about the president’s decision to call off the strike, Lynn doesn’t see what else it could be about. Mike asks if she’s told or is panning to tell the president? Not until they know more, they agree to keep each other
Jack has been stripped down and is lying naked on the cement floor. He is vomiting a lot and one of the men is going over the contents with a metal detector. The one that shot Jack is getting a few sets of implements out, he carefully lays them on the table. A cell rings and the voice on the other end asks abruptly “where’s Stark?” He hands the phone over to the guy with the tools who we assume is Stark as he causally tells them to hang Jack up. The man on the other end is a chopper, his name is Peter Kingsley. He calls Stark Ronnie, he asks if he has the chip? Ronnie says not yet, they searched his clothes and induced vomiting, nothing yet. The man asks if it is Jack Bauer and Ronnie says yes, the man ridicules him, he’s not going to have it on him. He wants to talk to Jack. They have bound Jack’s hands and they pull him up so he’s hanging by his arms, still without clothes. Ronnie holds the phone to Jack’s ear, the man in the chopper tells Jack that he’s a hero here, congratulations. He continues that the world doesn’t have to know about the little agreement that they’re about to strike, he’ll keep it private. Jack asks semi-groggily who is he talking to? The man says “give me a break,” he needs the chip, here’s what we’re going to do. He says he’s going to wire Jack enough money to compensate for any guilt that Jack might have. Jack says that the chip is not for sale. Jack asks how he can justify starting a war just so he can profit from the outcome? Jack accuses him of starting chaos but the man says he’s simply controlling it, the just have to agree on a price, it doesn’t matter that their opinions differ. Jack says that he already gave him the answer. The man informs Jack that when Ronnie’s finished ‘working on you, you’ll feel differently.’ Jack remains stead that his answer is final. The man yells for Ronnie into the phone, Jack calmly says “I think he wants to talk to you.” Ronnie assures his boss that he’ll get the answer. He tells Ronnie that he’s read Jack’s file, Ronnie admits he has too. The man says that Jack won’t be easy to break, they don’t have much time. Ronnie seems remotely eager and says, ‘then let me get started.’ They hang up the phone and Ronnie stands in front of Jack, says calmly “the chip, Jack.” Jack just looks at him, still dangling from his wrists, and says nothing. Ronnie turns away and the others gag Jack with a piece of round wood tied around the back of his head with rope. Ronnie take off his glasses and gets everything in order. He pours some ammonia in a pan, selects a blade and dips the blade in it so it is wet. He goes back over to Jack and holds the blade up so it’s between Jack and him at eye level. Again Ronnie says simply “The chip, Jack.” And again Jack just looks at him. Ronnie, very deliberately, takes the blade and cuts Jack just below his rib cage, Jack lets out a yell.
Michelle is at her workstation, Keri comes over asking if she wanted to see her? Michelle wants Keri to unlock the software so she can get ready to analyze the source recordings. Keri wants Michelle to send it to her screen but Michelle wants Keri to do it here. They start to argue and Tony notices from his office. He calls Michelle and asks to see her. Michelle parts telling Keri to just do what she asked. When she arrives in Tony’s office he asks what that was all about. Michelle dances around the issue but Tony wants to know. He says that he knows that she doesn’t want to tell him but he needs to know about any bad blood. Michelle still doesn’t want to tell him, she thinks that he doesn’t need that, especially with everything happening today. Tony says that’s why he needs to know, he encourages her to tell him. Finally she starts the story. When Keri and Michelle worked together at division they were friends. Michelle introduced Keri to her brother, who left his wife and kids to be with Keri. Eventually she got bored and dumped him. He lost everything, his job, and his family, eventually he tried to kill himself. Tony sympathizes, he says that he’s sorry that they have to work together, but they have to. Tony’s phone rings and interrupts, the voice asks for Michelle. She is told her brother is here to see her, she asks that the be shown to her workstation. Before leaving the office she asks Tony “are we okay here?” and Tony says yes. Michelle makes her way to her station and her brother enters with security. He gives her a hug and she asks if he’s okay? He says yes, she asks what he’s doing there? Michelle obviously is uncomfortable with him being there and/or who he might see. She tells him in a semi frustrated tone that she doesn’t have time for this. He says that he just wanted to apologise to her face to face. She quickly says that it’s accepted and tries to get him to leave. She assures him that she is taking care of things here at CTU. He sees Keri talking to Tony on the other side of the room, he goes right to her. He is instantly mad and Michelle is trying to stop him. He yells something about calling 5 times with no answer. He manages to get a hold of her and start to choke her, Tony is trying and eventually does pull him off. Security is there and starts to pull Danny away, meanwhile he’s yelling “tell them I’m your brother Michelle!”
Mike goes to Lynn, they enter a private room. He tells her that she was right about the meeting, Mike has a source. She asks where the meeting is being held and Mike doesn’t really want to say, but then tells her that there’s a room upstairs, 522. She agrees to meet him there.
There is a medic checking over Keri while Tony looks on. Michelle is off in the shadows and then moves around a corner. Tony notices and goes after her. He catches her and asks where she’s going? She mumbles something about still trying to access the software but then says that she just needs a minute. He stands in front of her, she’s backed against the wall. He tells her that Keri will be fine, he doesn’t think she’ll press charges. Michelle says that it’s her fault but Tony assures her that it’s her family, she couldn’t see it coming. Michelle starts to re-think what she did before, it’s her brother and his kids, maybe she should have told him about the bomb. Tony says that she made the right choice but she thinks that nothing she’s done today was the right choice. She starts to cry and says that she can’t do this anymore. He pulls her into a hug and she cries more, saying she’s tired and scared. They part but are still close, he looks at her and she leans in and kisses him. She pulls away and says that she’s sorry but he then kisses her. After a second we hear Keri call Tony, she’s standing not too far away and she says that Chapelle is looking for him.
Jack is still hanging from the ceiling with the bar in his mouth. He is, I think, vomiting again, he spits out something nasty anyway through the bar. Ronnie asks if they are done but Jack just looks at him so Ronnie cuts him again. When he finishes Ronnie turns his back to Jack and takes some water from a plastic bottle. He turns back to Jack and holds it up like he is offering some to Jack. He moves back towards Jack and holds the bottle up so it’s eye level. Ronnie then takes a tool that looks like a soldering iron, touches it to the bottle and Jack and him watch as the bottle melts from the heat. Jack starts to move around as Ronnie holds the iron up again and then puts it on one of the cuts on Jack’s body. Jack starts to scream and smoke rises from Jack’s body. One of the men watching grabs Ronnie’s arm and says that ‘you’re gonna kill him if you keep doing this.’ Ronnie, now holding the iron close the guys arm, says ‘don’t ever touch me again.' Realizing what’s going on the man lets go. Jack seems more groggy and as Ronnie goes in for another assault with the iron his phone rings again. It is Kingsley, he wants to know if he’s made any progress? Ronnie says that he’s still working on it and Kingsley reminds him that there’s a time issue, Ronnie knows. Kingsley says “get me that chip Stark.” And they hang up.
Mike comes off the elevator to meet Lynn who is waiting in the room they agreed on. Lynn wants to know where the person they’re meeting is, Mike says they’ll be there soon. Lynn asks if there is anything else he’s learned which Mike really hasn’t. He starts to ponder and says that he knew that there’d be consequences, but nothing like this. HE asks Lynn what she knows about section 4 of the 25th amendment. Lynn states that if the majority of the cabinet feels that the president is unfit then he can be removed from office. Lynn is shocked and breaths that Prescott can’t do that. Mike wants to be sure he knows where Lynn stands on the issue with Palmer. Lynn can’t believe it and asks “you’re questioning my loyalty?” Mike tells her that there will be a lot of lobbying among cabinet members, Lynn says it’s the president’s decision to make and she thinks that Prescott should be charged with treason. Mike asks if she’s sure that’s what she wants and Lynn stays with her decision. Mike calls the man that was outside, Mr. Iseberg, and Mike leaves. Lynn’s exit is blocked by the man who is now guarding the door. Mike turns back and says that he’s only doing this because David wouldn’t listen to reason and he can’t let 20,000 Americans get killed because of his indecisiveness. He says that he’s doing this for the good of the country. Lynn is upset and her voice breaks as she says savagely to Mike “You can lie to yourself but don’t you dare lie to me.” Mike leaves and the guard forces Lynn back inside and closes the door. Mike tells the man that she doesn’t get to leave until he says so.
Kate and Auda are still waiting in the SUV for Jack. She’s listening to the radio where the announcer is talking about the racially motivated incidents. Auda checks his watch and gets in the car, he announces they should leave. Kate protests that they should give him another minute but Auda says that they’ve already given him more time then he asked for, they need to get the chip to CTU. Kate wonders what if he needs their help? Auda suggests that they send a car back later. Auda starts the car and backs out and stops suddenly as a fire truck rushes by. Auda asks Kate if she’s okay and a man shows up outside the window of the car. He calls Auda a “towel head” and pulls him out of the car. The man and his friend accuse Auda’s people of trying to set off the bomb, they say that he won’t get another chance. Auda pulls his gun and holds one of them while he demands the other to the ground face down. He then turns to the one he’s holding and says him too. Kate gets out of the car and comes to see what’s going on, Auda tells her to get back in. As she comes around she sees another man picking up a brick. She calls “Yusuf!” as he heads around the truck. When he gets close Kate finally yells “Behind you!” Auda gets hit with the brick and Kate comes around the car. She gets hit with the brick as well and falls over, they return to beating Auda.
Tony calls Chapelle who is in a car. He congratulates Tony on his promotion, Tony wishes it had been under better circumstances. Chapelle says that Mason was a good man, Tony agrees. He gets to the point, they’re busy. Chapelle gets the not subtle hint and says that he just wanted to give Tony a heads up, he’s on the way with a couple of people from division. He thought they could use some help. Tony says that they are okay there, it’s obvious that he doesn’t’ want them there. Chapelle says tat he knows that they’re fine, but he’ll see him in 30 minutes. Tony hangs up and looks stressed out. He then picks up the phone and calls Michelle. He asks her if she’s heard anything about her brother? She says that he’s been sedated, there going to call her when he wakes up. Tony asks how she’s holding up, she says she’s fine, what about him? Tony says he’s alright too. Michelle starts awkwardly to say ‘about what happened, I’m sorry’ Tony tells her not to be, he’s not. She turns around at her workstation to face him in his office and asks really? Tony admits, really. Michelle asks what about Keri? Tony assures her not to worry about Keri, Michelle thinks that she’s not going to let it go. Tony says it’s none of her business, it’s going to be okay.
They are still going at Jack with the soldering iron. He passes out from the pain, Ronnie orders them to wake him up. The men do by doing something to Jacks nose. Jack wakes with a start. Ronnie starts talking as Jack starts to re-focus, he tells Jack that he’s been on Ronnie’s side before, Jack should know that everybody has a limit to how much they can take, everybody has a breaking point, even him. He sounds bored with the whole situation. Ronnie picks up the stun gun and holds it. He asks Jack “I understand you have a daughter, Kim?” He walks in front of Jack and asks “you wouldn’t want Kim to be an orphan, would you?” Jack looks more disturbed by this then anything yet, Ronnie shows Jack the stun gun and hands it off to one of the guys and says “hit him.” The guy gives a few second shock with the stun gun as Jack yells. Ronnie says nonchalantly “again” but the other man protests, “he’s no good to us dead.” Ronnie grabs the stun gun from this hand and shocks Jack again, longer this time. Jack is unconscious again, Ronnie again says “wake him up.” He tosses the stun gun on the table. The guys do the thing to Jack’s nose again, but this time nothing happens. They do it again and still nothing. They check his eyes, Ronnie asks what the problem is? He’s not responding.
The screen splits and we see the guys still beating on Auda, Kate laying semiconscious with a nosebleed on the ground. Mike is with Palmer and Lynn still can’t get out.
The guys lift up Jack’s head and take his pulse under his chin. He announces “he’s dead.” Ronnie immediately yells “Cut him down!” They do and lower Jack to the floor. Ronnie tells them to get some epinephrine as he starts CPR, the other goes to the cabinet nearby. Ronnie tells them to clear the airway, they tilt Jack’s head back. He asks again about the epinephrine, he’s told there isn’t any, he yells “well go find some!” He checks Jack’s eyes again and re-tilts his head. Ronnie pumps Jack’s chest with his mouth still open.

Miscellaneous Thoughts
-The general does a really good job of coming up with the numbers of troops that would be killed, I think I mentioned this before when they were coming up with numbers before. Do they spend a lot of time with this or are they just really good at what they do?
-It’s too bad that Wallace didn’t check the chip before he had it surgically implanted into himself! I think that if I was going to have something implanted into me that had information like that, I would wanna know exactly what was going in on it. Just a thought
-if there’s been a phone problem since the bomb went off, why haven’t we had a problem yet?
-Danny is weird. Creepy Lonnie weird.
-How did the bad guys get into the clinic that fast. Jack had to wave his gun around to get in but they just got to walk right in
-Supreme waste of time #1 – Kate telling Jack to be careful. Did she expect him to go outside, jump up and down and say, ‘HERE I AM!’
-Line of the week contender: I know the man
-I have to say that I’m with Palmer…if they delay the attack he risks the lives of tens of thousands of American troops but at the same time, if the recording is fake, how many people will die for no reason?
-Palmers on a “candour” kick, he’s said it twice now on the phone, once to Tony and once to the Deputy Prime Minister
-how does Kate know the number for CTU?
-Auda makes a good point in the SUV with Kate, but I think that he was a bit too frank, he seems like a nice guy except these remarks. Otherwise I really like him.
-We learned last season that Jack doesn’t like tasers, his experience with the DOD facility was not pleasant. This is just reiterated here, only grosser
-The first question I had about the tracker on the chip was – “why not drop it on the ground and step on it?” Then I started thinking he could have just left it somewhere a little less obvious than on the floor of that room, maybe hidden it a bit better so it took more time for them to find it? I guess it makes sense in Jack’s mind, but for the lowly non-agent I just wondered. The only thing I could come up with is possibly so that they didn’t come after Yusuf and Kate instead of the chip, I think that makes the most sense.
-are they talking about Jack’s official file? How did they get it?
-Line of the week contender – Jack while strung up from the ceiling, naked, coolly says “I think he wants to talk to you.”
-I like the little fight between Michelle and Keri, and then the ensuing conversation with Tony. Finally we get to know what’s going on.
-That definitely explains the problem between Michelle and Keri, I’d be pretty mad if I was Michelle too.
-Tony is getting around really good on his hurt ankle…it’s still gotta hurt a lot if it only happened about 3 hours ago.
-What good would it do for Michelle to tell the security that he’s her brother? Does he think they’ll back off because he’s related to her? “Oh, you’re Michelle’s brother? In that case we won’t take you away for trying to kill someone”
-I don’t think that everything Michelle did today was wrong, she did after all, help Jack get the chip
-I think that Michelle and Tony are really cute together. See, this is a believable relationship, they’ve worked together for a while and they know each other in another context than just a day that a nuke is set to go off, it’s good, I like it. Kate and Jack need to take notes.
-It made me smile when Michelle said that she’s tired. Well it is 2:30 in the morning after all, she should be tired. I think the little breakdown was a really good thing, we get to see that not everyone at CTU is like Jack, Mr Go-all-the-time-never-eat-never-sleep.
-SO, I don’t think Mike is evil ‘per-se’ but he is definitely going against the President because of what he believes in, even if he is wrong
-Jack left Kate and Yusuf at about 2:08 with instructions to leave in 15 minutes if he’s not there. At 2:53 they are still waiting for Jack. Do they not understand the gravity of the situation, don’t they get how important it is to get the chip back to CTU? Auda wants to stop a war on his country but he has the only evidence to stop it and he’s waiting for Jack an extra half an hour!?!?! It’s a nice idea to wait since Jack is a nice guy and everything but they could have been AT CTU by now. WHO DOES THAT?!?!!?
-If Kate had taken a little less time getting around the car, they MIGHT have gotten away, but NO!
-Kate may have well not said anything to Auda, she calls him and then wait until the attacker gets nice and close, THEN tells him to turn around. Useless
-I like the call Tony made to Michelle. It’s like the morning after phone call, awkward and a bit apologetic but he stands by her…good Tony.
-I’m assuming the only reason Lynn doesn’t use her cell to call for help is because the phone lines are all busy.
-I have 2 questions, 1) where the heck are Kiefer Sutherland’s tattoos? He has two armband tattoos with some stuff above them that look really cool. We have seen them last season for Jack and also briefly in the first episode of this season. Are we supposed to believe that Jack had them removed in the last 16 hours? For shame! :-) Also, 2) what happened to Jack’s previous injuries from this day? He should have a bandaged leg, a scab on his head, not to mention probably a scar from the gunshot from the first season.
-Ronnie, the guy that tortures Jack, is so collected. When he gives directions and talks to Jack he is so calm. It was nice to see him panic a bit now that Jack is dead. I assume that if Jack dies and the don’t get the info then Ronnie will be killed by Kingsley.
-All I have to say is that they’d better bring Jack back, and soon!
-For those of us who are not inclined in torture devises: a mini-lesson
-ammonia is a chemical that causes burning on skin when contact is made. Ronnie dips the knife in ammonia at least once, before he starts cutting Jack
-a taser is the gun that was shot at Jack, it runs from a distance of 15-20 feet and works on the same principle as a stun gun. When Jack was being tortured, that was a stun gun. They both work on the principle of metered, pulsed charges going throughout the body. Normally it takes about 2 seconds to take down a suspect with them.
-and hopefully what will revive our hero – epinephrine - A hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla that is released into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress, as from fear or injury. It initiates many bodily responses, including the stimulation of heart action and an increase in blood pressure, metabolic rate, and blood glucose concentration. Also called adrenaline. 2. A white to brownish crystalline compound, C9H13NO3, isolated from the adrenal glands of certain mammals or synthesized and used in medicine as a heart stimulant, vasoconstrictor, and bronchial relaxant.
-I'm not really sure what they used to rouse Jack when he went unconscious. The 24 website calls it "snapping poppers" but I don't know what that is, nor could I find any information about it. I think it's some kind of smelling salt. If you know, email me please! :-)
-okay, somone e-mailed me with some info on this (thank-you tico1267) and we figure that poppers are nitrates. Described on a web-site as "clear yellowish liquids with a sweet smell when fresh. Some have described it as smelling like old gym socks, or like a men's locker room, once a bottle begins to degrade." http://www.allaboutpoppers.com. If this is wrong or you know more than this, let me know! :-)
-4/29 - I knew I had read about 'poppers' somewhere...it was in Rolling Stone magazine. One of the guys in the band Sum 41 is recounting some of is drug-related exploits, this is what he had to say "Not all their drug experiences have been happy ones. 'Poppers.' says Jocz with a shudder. 'Amyl Nitrate. I was hanging with this drug dealer, sampling a bit of everything he had: a little coke, a little E, the whole thing. And he had these poppers. You inhale it, and it makes you feel so good. And it screwed me up for months. I was stuttering, forgetting what I was about to say. Messed up my head.' "