Originally Aired 4.8.03
2.18 - The Chip

The guys are still shooting at Wallace, Jack and Auda. They are taking people down and giving each other directions to the shooters. The car is getting shot up pretty bad and Jack yells for Wallace to pass him the keys. Jack tells Yusuf to cover him and he opens the trunk releasing Kate and tells her to get inside and stay down. Wallace follows Kate and Jack in and closes the door leaving Yusuf outside. He takes cover and moves behind the building. Jack tells Kate to get down and shoves her to the ground. He yells at Wallace, ‘who are these guys?’ but Wallace can only assume that they are the guys that were supposed to have killed him earlier, they realized they didn’t succeed. Jack wants to know how they found him but Wallace doesn’t know. Yusuf calls Jack, after they establish that he’s okay he tells Jack it looks like there are 3 of them down and 3 more still alive. He heads back to the car to re-load and tells Jack that he’s going to find a better vantage point. Wallace wants Jack to get Auda to cover for them so they can get out, Jack wants to call his person at CTU so they can see what is out there. Wallace insists that they do this his way and leaves Jack and Kate. Kate asks Jack if the fact that they are trying to kill them proves that the recoding is a fake? Jack says yes, but not to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Auda radios Jack again, telling him that he thinks he hears another Hum-V coming. Jack convinces Wallace to let him call CTU, just his person, Michelle. He phones Michelle on her cell, she is stressed by the situation and informs Jack that he can’t call her on any agency lines, Tony is watching her closely. Jack first tells her that she was right, the recording is a fake, she needs to work around it, she needs to help them get out of there. He asks her to use the satellite and find out what is facing them outside, there are 3 of them in there and one friendly outside as well at the end of the alley. She says she’ll get back to Jack so he tells Yusuf that they’ll be a few minutes.
Kim asks the officer if Mr. Garcia is going to be alright. The cop thinks so, he’s going to put down that the shooting was an accident, which Kim agrees it was. The cop continues that he’ll still have to explain what he was doing in the store with a gun. Kim watches the ambulance start to go and then confesses that the gun wasn’t his, it was hers. The officer asks what she is doing with a gun? She answers that someone gave it to her earlier tonight. She gives him her name and says that ‘this afternoon I escaped from police custody and I’m a suspect in a murder.’
At district, Palmer and his staff are watching a news report on TV. The report is all about racially fuelled violence that is erupting. Palmer asks Mike to get the National Guard ready. If this gets out of hand they may have to use local law enforcement as well. Palmer then instructs Mike to call Bowden, they may need troops. Mike says they can’t do that, they can’t use marines on US soil. Palmer tells him to just make the call, he’ll deal with the consequences later.
Michelle is working on her computer with the satellite images. Keri comes up behind her and asks what she is doing? Michelle quickly hides her work and says she’s just working on something. She asks Keri if she has the files ready for the next shift? Keri says yes. She’s going to go and see if Tony needs any help. Keri meet with Tony and tells him what she saw. He says that it’s not unusual, they’ve been on ‘mod-sat’ all night.. Keri tells him that she received a call right before that wouldn’t come up in the log. Tony asks if it is open? It might have been division. Keri says it might but Tony doesn’t but this either. He tells her to find out what she was looking at. He watches Michelle get up and move computers.
Wallace and the others are waiting still. Jack radio’s Yusuf and asks what’s happening out there. Auda says they are repositioning. Jack lets him know that they are waiting on the satellite images, it’ll be another few minutes. Jack turns to Kate and tells her not to worry, with CTU’s help they are gonna get out of there, “I promise.” Kate asks what Wallace wants with her. Jack explains that because of her fathers CIA connections, he has variance that allows them to get Wallace out of the country. Kate says that the only way he could get out is if one of them is on the plane with him. Jack responds “I know. Kate I will not let you get on that plane
Michelle is still working trying to find the images she needs. She looks around at Tony in his office. Keri is watching her work from another room.
The police are taking Kim in, she starts to ask questions from the back seat. She wants to know if she can find out how her boyfriend is doing. The cops don’t know anything about it. She then asks about the cop from the accident, if he’s okay. She thinks his name was Brown. The officer driving reminds her that she is under arrest, he advises her not to say anything. She can make a call when they get to the station. Kim sadly asks who is she going to call? Her dad was the one that was flying the plane that had the bomb on it, she doesn’t have anyone anymore.
Keri calls Tony and tells him Michelle is looking at infrareds. Tony instructs her to pull the coordinates off but Keri says Michelle has covered her tracks, she looked at over 100 of them, they can’t tell which one she’s really interested in. Tony tells Keri that he’ll deal with this and thanks Keri. Michelle leaves her desk and goes to the bathroom. She checks there is no one in there and then locks herself in a stall and calls Jack. She says she doesn’t have a lot of time, is Jack ready? He pulls out his Palm Pilot and says yes. She starts sending and says she counts 11 people including the friendly. They are all stationary except one is roaming. Jack gets the info and Michelle asks how much longer he’s going to need? Jack doesn’t know and Michelle says that Tony is really watching her. She hangs up in a hurry when she hears some people come in and leaves the bathroom directly. When she opens the door, Tony is standing there waiting. He asks her if she always takes her phone to the bathroom? Where is Jack? Michelle again says that she doesn’t know. Tony tells her they’ve been monitoring communications all day. Michelle says that Tony needs to call the president and tell him that the recording is fake. Tony takes this as a cue that she has been talking to Jack. She says no and he grabs her arm to stop her from leaving. He reminds her that she works for him, not Jack. Michelle thinks that if Tony could just get past his ego for one second but Tony cuts her off, asking ‘Ego?’ He has a job to do here. Michelle again says that she has no information and Tony lets her go but threatens her warningly saying that she’d better not be lying to him.
Jack shows Wallace the plans and where they bad guys are as Kate looks on. Jack suggests that they go between them and let them fire at each other. Wallace seems sceptical and asks with raised eyebrows ‘with just us firing?’ Jack tosses a look at Kate and says they don’t have another way. Wallace leaves Kate and Jack standing there, she says quietly that she knows how to shoot a gun. Jack hands her a smaller gun, similar to his usual one, and tells her to take it and stay right behind him. Jack then calls Auda and tells him the plan.
Lynn has just gotten off the phone with the Secretary of Defence. He wants to know how long Palmer intends on giving Jack to find the information. Palmer says Jack has until the planes are in position, until they are ready to drop the bombs. Lynn says that they might want to do a pre-strike, Palmer says there will be no pre-strike. Lynn thinks that the Secretary of Defence isn’t going to like that, Palmer says it’s his problem. Mike appears and says that there is a matter that needs his attention. There is a city near Atlanta that is having a great deal of civil unrest. Palmer asks if this is racially motivated and Mike confirms it, most of the population is Middle Eastern. There is an interviewer talking to a man on TV, he is one of the heads of the revolt. His problem is that the people that are living there, even though they are American citizens, weren’t born in the US, some don’t speak English. Palmer asks if the National Guard was on the way, Mike says yes but the don’t have enough bodies. Palmer instructs them to tell the media that something is going to happen there. Send all the National Guard in that area there. We will not put up with racism or xenophobia. “If this is where it’s gonna start, this is where it’s gonna stop.”
Yusuf has his small arsenal ready, including smoke cans. He radios Jack and tells him that he’s all set, he’ll start laying down the smoke and then he’ll draw some fire and go for the car. Auda tosses the cans out, stands up and starts shooting. When Jack hears the fire he leads the others out. The gunfight ensues with a few of the bad guys getting shot. Kate looses Jack temporarily, stops and then hears a man coming up behind her. As he approaches she hides behind a pillar and waits for him to come out the other side. She stands behind him and raises the gun with her hands shaking. He hears her and turns to face her. After a second he is shot and falls. Jack comes out of the smoke and grabs her as Yusuf comes with the car. Jack tells her to get in the front seat and stay down. Using the passenger side door as a screen he fires some more. He either gets a close call or grazed as Wallace gets in the car. Jack gets in last and yells at Auda to go. As they drive the back window is shot out, Wallace has been hit. Jack takes a look at it, Auda watches through the rear-view. Jack quickly assesses that there is no exit wound, they need to get him to the hospital. Wallace says no, they are going to LAX. Jack thinks he won’t make it but Wallace says he will, he tells Jack to stop the bleeding. Jack doesn’t like it but he tells Kate to get him all of the gauze and wraps that are in the first aid kit in the glove box.
Palmer got what he wanted, the city is on all the major channels. He is asked how he wants to handle this, they are still letting the small crimes go, Palmer says that is unacceptable. He wants the law enforced, start making arrests and taking people in. Mike suggests a curfew, Palmer likes this idea. Next Mike suggests that he people need to hear his voice. Palmer likes this too, tells Jenny he’ll be down in a few minutes.
Tony comes down and tells Keri that they have reported automatic weapons fire, check that address with the coordinates Michelle was looking at. Tony goes right to Michelle and asks if that is where Jack is? Is it? Michelle looks at the floor and then says yeah. Tony says they have to call him but Michelle says no. The only way he can get the proof is if CTU stays out of it. Tony says that he doesn’t even know of Jack is still alive. Keri hears this and looks distraught. Michelle gives Tony the number, Jack is on an open channel so they can’t trace it, but he can talk to him. Jack’s phone rings, he’s still working on Wallace. He picks it up and says “Michelle?” He is surprised to hear Tony say no. Jack tells him to stay out of this. Tony asks what’s going on, Jack launches into a mini-explanation, the man will only deal with Jack. Tony asks how Jack knows he not just using him, Jack says because 10 commando’s just tried to stop them. Tony thinks Jack should bring him to CTU but Jack says no, he already told him that he won’t cooperate under those circumstances. Tony says that this is too big for one person to handle, even Jack. Jack has heard enough, says sorry and hangs up.
Kim is led to the police station in cuffs. One cop says he’ll take her, the other asks about processing. The first one says he’ll fill out the report. He takes her into a glass room and takes the cuffs off. He tells her to sit and then he does the same, opening her file. He says it looks like she’s had quite a day. He goes over everything, Kim has an excuse for all of the things and they are all viable. Someone saw Gary kill Carla and they have his prints on the weapon, they’re looking for him now. She’s off the hook for everything, the only thing is Officer Brown. He was badly injured but he’ll make it. She asks “so, I’m free to go?” The cop suggests that someone from CTU talk to the DA to clear up the thing with the accident but yeah, she’s free.
Now Kate is on the phone arranging the flight. She needs a destination, Wallace says Jakarta, Indonesia. Kate needs a name for who she’ll be travelling with, Wallace says his passport is in his pocket. The name is William Patterson. Wallace begins to lose consciousness and Jack tries to strike a deal. He says to Wallace that he can’t take this chance, tell him where the evidence is and he promises to get him out of the country. Wallace just groans “you know what Jack, you were a real bad ass at the warehouse.” He loses consciousness and Jack yells he’s losing him. Jack leans into the front seat and starts to play with the GPS, he’s looking for an urgent care facility nearby. He finds one and tells Auda to get him there, they speed off.
Tony is saying he wants the names off all the guys that were killed. He is told that Kim Bauer is on line 4. Tony picks it up and asks what happened? Kim says it doesn’t matter really but she still might need some help. She tells Tony all about her escape, he says he’ll call the DA’s office. He continues that he’s sure she’d rather be talking to her dad about all this but she’s probably been told that he’s unavailable right now. Kim, stunned, asks “What are you talking about?” Tony realizes that Kim’s been out of the loop says “oh my God, Kim, you still think he died in the plane.” He tells her that George Mason took over for him. Kim wants to know when she can talk to him, Tony says not for a while.
They arrive at a clinic, Yusuf and Jack bring Wallace in, and they go straight for the rooms. The door is locked, the nurse says they can’t go in there but they persist. She says she’ll have to call the police but Jack draws his gun and says “lady, I am the police! Open the door now!” She understands and yells for them to open it. They stagger inside and find a doctor. He is reluctant to help them until Jack starts talking. He says he’s a special agent and this man has information vital to national security. The doctor says it’s just a clinic, this man needs a hospital. Jack pleads with the doctor, he needs to do what he can, please. The doctor sends for supplies.
Kim calls Miguel, he slowly picks up the phone, he is wired into many machines. He asks if she’s okay, she says yes, he says he’s okay. She tells him the good news that the police know that Gary killed Carla, they’re not being charged with anything. Miguel is less than happy, he just says that’s good, Kim thinks it’s great. Kim asks again if he’s okay, he doesn’t sound okay. Miguel says he’s really sorry. She asks him why he’s acting like this? He says that he shouldn’t have let her talk him into doing all that stuff, now he’s there in the hospital. Kim is really confused now and reminds him that he just said he was fine. He says that he’s going to be fine, fin without her. Kim asks what he is talking about? She’s coming to see him right now. Miguel says no, he said it’s over. Kim asks if he means that and he replies yeah, he means it. As the camera pans a different angle we see that his leg has been amputated below the knee.
Tony is working and Michelle comes in his office. He sees her there but says nothing, just continues to work. When it’s apparent he’s not going to talk she does. She tells Tony that she knows the rules, she works for him and if he wants to fire her she wouldn’t blame him. Tony says that it’s not about that. They’re supposed to be accountable to the president. Michelle defends her actions saying that Jack was in an impossible situation proving the recording was fake. Tony asks what proof that is? They have no proof and Jack doesn’t want to be found. He asks viciously “what do you want from me?” Michelle responds that she just wanted to say she’s sorry. Tony answers that she said it and if she doesn’t mind, he’s got work to do. She goes back out to her workspace as he watches, they both look upset.
Palmer is told that the first of the planes should be reaching their target in about 3 hours time. Until then he can order them back. He is told that the sooner they can lock the mission down the happier the Joint Chiefs are going to be. Palmer says that his job isn’t to make the Joint Chiefs comfortable. Mike comes in with a development from Georgia. The National Guard took on a more aggressive stance but the unrest was more than they could handle. Palmer, getting to the point, asks what happened? Mike says that there were two people killed by rubber bullets fired into the crowd. One was one of the leaders of the offending groups, the other was a young boy. The boy was Middle Eastern and was from one of the families they’re trying to protect. Palmer wants to know what’s going on now? Mike says they are arresting people but Palmer may want to think about taking a step back. Lynn protests, if they do they are leaving the people unprotected. Palmer is now pacing the room and asks what the young boy’s name was. Lynn doesn’t know and Palmer snaps “well the boy had a name, find out.” She says she will and leaves the room. Mike tries to soothe Palmer by saying it was a tragic accident. Palmer looks at Mike and asks him to tell the National Guard to hold their ground. He wants the people protected.
Jack washes up, there is a lot of blood on his hands. The doctor puts the x-rays of Wallace up, we can see the bullet. The doctor says that it missed the jugular but caused a lot of damage, the doctor can tie off the bleeders but he can’t get the bullet out, he’d need a hospital for that. He confesses to Jack that he’s not comfortable with this, he asks Jack to at least tell him what it’s about. Jack tells him that it’s to do with the bomb that went off earlier, that’s all he can say. This is enough for the doctor, he wants the nurse to push versed. Jack says no, he needs him to be awake so he can talk. Yusuf quietly gives Jack his opinion, ‘he’s going to die.’ Jack says that they’d better hope not. Kate gets off the phone again and says they have a departure time for 3:45. Wallace says that he’s survived worse than this as the doctor numbs the area. The doctor begins to work and Wallace says it’s done, he’s done. The doctor says no, he’s not, calm down or he’ll have to give him versed. Wallace becomes angry and pushes the doctor telling him to get the hell off of him. Jack comes over and Wallace says that he’s not gonna make it, he can feel it. Jack wants to know where the evidence is now. Wallace says slowly that it’s on a memory chip, it proves it. Wallace is fading and Jack urgently asks where the chip is? Wallace breathes “inside” and Jack asks ‘inside where?’ Wallace breathes out as the machines start to beep, the doctor announces he’s in v-fib. Jack retreats to Auda and Kate and watches as the doctor works for a few seconds and then announces “He’s dead.” Jack looks stunned and Auda looks at the ground. Auda asks “Jack, what are we gonna do?” Jack starts to move around and says “I dunno…I dunno.” Jack puts his hands on his face, leans on the counter below the x-ray board and closes his eyes.
The screen splits and we see Michelle and Tony, Palmer watching the planes over a map.
Jack reappears and looks up at the x-ray. He sees something just below the ribcage on it. Jack stands and goes back to Wallace, pulling the covers back he examines a scar that’s in the same place, it doesn’t look that old. Jack grabs a scalpel from the table nearby and cuts along the scar. The doctor is horrified asking what he’s doing? Jack sticks his fingers into Wallace and after searching for a few seconds pulls out a chip in plastic. “We got it.”

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-How, indeed, did they know where Wallace was? Was he tracked? Did the guy that was knocked unconscious by Auda tell them? Why would he? It seems that the only people that knew where Wallace was are Jack, Kate, Yusuf, Michelle, Wallace and his ally. Either they were tracked or one of those people is feeding information.
-Here’s another thought for you to disregard – What if Keri really did know where they were, she might have lied, Jack may have been caught by satellite or his phone tracked somehow. She may know and be telling. That just crossed my mind.
-Where the heck is Bob Warner?!?!
-When Jack radios Auda his voice cracks a bit. It’s good to know that he is a bit nervous about this situation. I have a feeling he promised Kate that they would get out of there not only for her piece of mind.
-Auda seems to really be a nice guy. I hope he’s not bad.
-The little alarm’s should have started going off when Michelle told Tony that he needs to put his ego aside. Couldn’t have been more right, I’m just glad somebody said it. He really needs someone to bring him down from his huge ego trip.
-Hmm, going to the bathroom to communicate with someone who they shouldn’t be via a Palm Pilot. Have we seen this before? Me thinks so! :-)
-I don’t want to hate Tony, but I’m finding it really hard. I was just starting to like him and I know he’s doing what he thinks is right (like Jack said) but he’s just being a jerk and I don’t like it.
-That guy on the TV gives me the chills. There’s nothing I dislike more than racists.
-The way Kate loaded her gun I almost expected something good from her...almost.
-Kate really didn’t do a good job of staying ‘right behind Jack’ did she?
-I am really confused about the scene before the getaway. Kate points her gun at the guy and he turns around. She has a smaller gun. We see her pointing it high on him and we see him. Then we see a gun firing at him at close range, it’s a bigger gun like Jack and Wallace have. It is not Kate’s gun. Were we supposed to believe Kate shot him? I’m lost. From the angle it had to be Kate, but it was Jack or Wallace’s gun. I believe it’s a mistake.
-It’s good to know Jack could have a career as a doctor… he seems to know enough.
-Could that cop with Kim have been taller? She looked just tiny next to him
-Wow, that worked well for her. I’ll take that into account, if there’s ever a nuclear threat I can kidnap, steal a car (someone find me a Porsche), beat someone up, set a cop car on fire and escape police custody and get away with it…Cool.
-It’s good that Kim finally learned that her dad isn’t dead. I really liked how nice Tony was to her on the phone. He’s not taking his problem with Jack out on her. That’s the Tony I like
-What kind of thing is that for Wallace to say ‘you were a bad-ass at the warehouse? I guess it’s good to know were not the only ones impressed with Jack’s skills.
-Line of the Week: “Lady I am the police!”
-I think it’s pretty obvious that Wallace needs medical attention like, NOW! If Jack hadn’t pulled the gun would they have just let him bleed to death in the waiting room?
-Is Miguel crying because he doesn’t really want to break up with Kim or is it because of what happened to him? When I saw the camera angle and the way he was acting I knew it was something like this.
-We can see that even though Tony has acted this badly towards Michelle he still cares, it became really apparent in the lingering moment when he watched her after she left his office.
-I really like that Palmer isn’t caring what anyone else wants or thinks, he’s working on his own agenda. It’s great.
-I guess it was pointless for Jack to wash his hands, they’re dirty now again anyway.
-When Wallace said ‘inside’ 2 things ran through my mind I) the piece of shrapnel that was supposed to be in his ribs (remember the metal detector last episode) and ii) Nina’s scar on her back. I knew for sure that ‘inside’ was one of those 2. I kinda hoped it was Nina, but that’d be hard to work back into the plot.
-That was pretty gross seeing Jack fish around inside Wallace like that.
-I’m glad they didn’t show Kate in those tense times, we know what expression she would have had, the only one she’s got. Glad they didn’t waste the screen space! :-)