Originally Aired 3.25.03
2.16 - Back From The Dead

A mushroom cloud is forming over the explosion and all of the workers at CTU watch from what we can assume is a satellite shot. The room is silent.
Palmer is still looking out the window from Air Force One, watching intently. He still thinks Jack is in the explosion. Mike is watching from a distance and then Lynn enters and looks outside from beside Mike. Palmer looks down.
Kim is still sitting in the forest crying, and watching the explosion. She gets up like she is going to leave and walks to the curb but again she sits with her back to the explosion and cries again, mumbling ‘oh, dad…’
Meanwhile, Jack lights red flares and throws them out around him, soon the CTU chopper shows up and Jack looks happy to see it. It comes in slowly and Jack approaches it, shielding himself from the flying sand and he gets in. The pilot says that he has orders to take Jack back to CTU and Jack says that’s affirmative. Now he needs to get a hold of Tony Almeida, he needs to get a hold of Kim and tell her that he’s still alive. The other agent says that all radio transmission is down, Jack will have to wait until they get there.
Tony gathers all of the workers around for another chat. He tells them that George Mason asked Tony to thank them in advance for their work today, they saved millions of lives. He continues to say that to say that this has been a long day would be a major understatement but there is still work to do, the Cypress Recording needs work the president is basing decisions on what they find. After they disperse, Auda approaches Tony and tells him that he is supposed to call his office and give them an update but she has nothing to report except that he’s been excluded. He reminds Tony that they gave them the safe house under the condition that Auda would be included in the investigation. Tony is very pointed and informs Auda that he will tell him what he can when he can. Right now Auda can tell his office whatever he wants. Auda storms off and Keri comes over observing accurately that ‘he doesn’t look too happy.’ The audio guys are waiting for Tony to meet about the recording. Tony says that Michelle is in the interrogation room right now with Syed Ali, they’ll have to start without her, the president is waiting.
Syed Ali is listening to the tape that was found in his place. Michelle shows him pictures of the men that are implicated in the recording saying that he plotted with them, 3 officials from different countries, one of them his, on April 5th. She asks him if there were others present at the meeting that didn’t speak? Ali says nothing but Michelle says that anything he won’t say now, he will tell them in Guantanamo under less comfortable circumstances. Ali says “tell me what to say and I will say it.” Michelle asks what that means, Ali responds that it doesn’t matter what he says when they have the tape. Michelle again threatens that he is going to Guantanamo so he speaks again. He says that the bomb was a Second Wave operation. He never met those men, he wasn’t even in Cypress on April 5th, in fact he was in Berlin.
Tony enters the conference room, the techs have finished the analysis of the tape. The tech tells Tony that they got voice samples from Syed Ali and each of the officials, deconstructed them and compared them to the ones on the recording, they are genuine. Tony asks if they could have been created by different conversations pinned together? The tech says no, if this happens then there are artefacts left behind, inconsistencies that would tip them off. Tony asks them flat out of there is any way that the recording isn’t real? The tech says that anything is possible but they have the best equipment and the best technicians available, he thinks it’s real. Tony clarifies that these three officials sat in the same room with Ali and conspired to detonate a nuclear bomb on US soil. The tech affirms this with a simple yes. Michelle enters the room and tells them all that Ali denies that he’s ever met the leaders, he wasn’t even there. Tony doesn’t want to believe what he says, he still thinks they killed on of his sons. Michelle says that she believes him but Keri jumps in and says that she doesn’t have the experience of making that judgement. Michelle is angry, she defends her judgement saying she sat mere feet away from this man, she believes he is a broken man without the resolve to lie. Tony says that he’ll tell the president all of it when he calls him.
On Air Force One Mike informs the president that CTU managed to get the bomb within meters of the coordinates they set. Palmer says that’s good, what are the casualty estimates? Mike responds that there will be no direct casualties, or close to it. Palmer says simple ‘mmhmm.’ And then tells Mike that he wants to give Jack Bauer’s daughter his personal condolences. Mike says somewhat happily that he won’t have to do that, Jack wasn’t piloting the plane. Palmer asks how that happened and Mike says the details are still sketchy but someone else was piloting. Palmer exhales in relief and Lynn enters. She tells Palmer what CTU found out about the recording. Palmer asks for them to get the Joint Chiefs ready and Mike responds that they’re already on standby. Palmer asks them, “I don’t see a way around this, do you?” The room doesn’t answer so he continues, he wants to issue a statement that there was a bomb but there were no casualties. He also wants to alert congress, they will meet in a few hours and he will be asking for a formal declaration of war
Tony comes to Michelle who says she needs another 15 minutes with Ali’s stuff, she wants more data points. Tony, seeing her stress, asks if she is alright? Michelle says that she is fine but she is obviously lying. Tony tells her that she knows that things got a little tense between her and Keri before but Michelle cuts her off, she says she can handle Keri. Tony tells her that she doesn’t have the training to read a guy like Ali and he shouldn’t have sent her in there. They are sending Ali now.
Palmer says they can start a full scale ground assault on the areas that had collaborated to bring the bomb to the US. General Bowden says that they can get a rolling start, they already have troops in the area to start strategic strikes on their military centres. Palmer wants to know how soon they can be a go, can they have it ready before he goes on the air in a few hours. Bowden says yes and Lynn enters the room. The deputy Prime Minster is on the phone, he has called a few times. Palmer reminds Lynn that they are about to invade his country. She thinks if Palmer doesn’t talk to him he will get suspicious so Palmer agrees. He leaves the meeting and goes into the hallway. The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) says that he is glad that they have stopped the bomb and Palmer tells him that they caught one of his citizens, Syed Ali, the DPM agrees with Palmers actions, he is an outlaw, he will be behind any prosecution that they take with him. Palmer says he would expect nothing less. The DPM thinks that Palmer may be under pressure for a response and Palmer assures him that if he is worried about an unfounded response he doesn’t need to be. Palmer ends the conversation with ‘you’ll be hearing from me soon.’
Tony waits while they lead Syed Ali out of CTU. As they do Jack comes around the corner, he is back. Syed Ali sees him and starts to put up a fight, yelling and kicking, he wants Jack. Tony says ‘hey Jack’ and he’s glad he’s okay, Jack says thanks, he’ll get out of his way as soon as he finds Kim. Tony gives him a card with a name, Sergeant Griggs. Jack thanks Tony and says that Mason said he put him in charge. Tony says yes, trial by fire. Jack tells Tony he’ll do great and Tony promises they’ll catch up later. Jack leaves Tony and beelines to the phone and calls Griggs, he’s not there. Jack is frustrated that this isn’t his personal line and he gets another number. Michelle comes over and tells Jack that she’s glad he’s okay but she is having a problem. She doesn’t want to speak out of turn but she believes that Ali is telling the truth, he didn’t meet with the leaders of those countries. Jack brushes her off and says he is trying to get a hold of his daughter. Michelle tries again, Jack broke him and he can read Ali better than anyone here or at Guantanamo. Jack finally agrees, he gives Michelle the information to try and find Kim. Outside they are loading Ali up with many agents around. Jack comes tearing out the door after him, he just wants to talk to him for a minute. The agents allow this and leave Jack for a second. He comes up beside Ali and says quietly “I want you to know we didn’t kill your son, we staged it.” When he gets to Guantanamo they’ll let Ali talk to him. Now Jack needs to know something, is the recording real? Ali looks at Jack and says that ‘what I told the woman was true.’ Jack walks away from Ali and just then there is a gunshot. Ali has been hit in the head and is on the ground. Jack faces him and the direction the shot came from, leaning on the truck next to another agent. The agent starts to move away and Jack grabs him and says “get back here”, does he have a radio on him? He does and Jack tells them what happened.
Jack says they have set up a perimeter with LAPD. Tony ponders how anyone knew where he was and Jack says that lots of people knew, all the agents. Tony now wants to know who would want him dead? The countries that had to do with the Cypress Recording? Jack thinks maybe, Tony says they had the most to lose. Jack says he doesn’t know and Tony immediately accuses him of talking to Michelle. Jack says no, he talked to Ali. Tony asks if he is willing to take the work of Ali over all the experts? Jack thinks he was killed for a reason and Tony needs to find out if the recording was fabricated, he needs to keep the door open, assign a few men to it. Tony snaps at Jack that he doesn’t have any men to spare. Jack reminds Tony that the president is going to make some serious decisions based on the information from this recording. Tony gets really mad at Jack and says not to lecture him about responsibility, Jack thinks “going against the grain is some kind of virtue.” Jack becomes defensive and asks why is he talking to him like this, he’s just trying to help. Tony says “I don’t need your help, Jack.” He appreciates everything Jack has done for them today but he thinks it’s time to get his daughter. Jack looks confused but says yeah, fine, and re-enters CTU as Tony takes the phone call that has been waiting for him.
Kim finds a store that is closed, she tries the handle and it is locked. She goes to a payphone that is at the front of the store and dials a number, all the circuits are busy. A guy comes up behind her and asks if there is some kind of problem? Kim, realizing that he is working in the store, asks if she can just use the bathroom, she’ll be really quick. He agrees.
Palmer is meeting with the Joint Chiefs still and Bowden is telling them that there will be minimal casualties for the air campaign, overall the amount of deaths will depend on how long the war lasts and if they use chemical or biological weapons against them which Bowden thinks he will. Palmer wants some numbers, casualty estimates. Bowden says for ground assault for a 5 week campaign would result in 10 to 30,000 American casualties. Palmer looks distressed by the news and asks if China and Russia enter against them? Bowden finishes that there is no upper limit, but that’s unlikely. The phone rings and Lynn answers it. She presents the phone to Palmer, ‘it’s Jack Bauer.” Palmer asks for them to excuse him as he takes the phone and walks out of the room. Palmer says “Jack, it’s good to hear your voice,” but he is in a meeting with the Joint Chiefs. Jack assures him it’s important, Syed Ali has been assassinated. Palmer wants to know by whom but Jack doesn’t know but he thinks it’s to do with the Cypress Recording. Palmer says that it was authenticated but Jack says it’s never 100%. Palmer asks if there is any proof and is told ‘not yet, just Ali’s word. He says he was in Berlin. Jack just wanted to tell Palmer that he thinks the recording is a fake. There is no hard evidence except his denials. Palmer assures Jack that he doesn’t want to take military actions based on erroneous material but he can’t stop it based on conjecture. Jack asks how long he would have if he wanted to get proof, Palmer says the military action is only hours away, Jack had better do it soon. Jack says yes sir, thank you and hangs up.
Michelle is on the phone with Jack, he tells her the president won’t stop the military action without proof. There has to be another way to get the truth. Michelle tells Jack that there is an agent from one of the countries here, at CTU. Michelle tells Jack that they struck an intelligence sharing agreement earlier in the day but Tony doesn’t want them talking to him. Jack asks for his name and says he will pull up his file. After Jack hangs up the phone Kate comes into CTU with agent Baker. She doesn’t believe her eyes when she sees Jack standing there and calls his name. She says that she thought he wasn’t coming back, Jack admits, neither did he. Kate starts to ask ‘how did you…?’ but Jack just says it’s along story. They establish that they are both fine and Baker comes up. He tells Jack she needs to be debriefed and Jack says okay. Before she leaves Kate lamely tells Jack “I’m really glad you’re okay.” Jack says thanks and she leaves, he looks again.
On Air Force One the Joint Chief’s have good news according to Mike. Palmer tells Mike that none of this is good news. Mike says that General Bowden wants to go through their strategies, Palmer resists, he needs a few minutes. Mike asks how long and Palmer sort of snaps at him, when he’s ready. Mike, sensing something is wrong, asks “what is it Mr President?” Palmer says he just had a telephone conversation with Jack Bauer, Palmer thinks he is moving to fast. Mike tells Palmer that his ability to analyze a situation is greatest strength and his greatest liability. Palmer calmly says that he doesn’t want to make a mistake that ‘our children, and our children’s children will pay for. Mike reminds him that all the intelligence says the recording is true, Palmer finishes, all but Jack. Mike doesn’t think they can let this incident go without some retaliation. The people will want action. Palmer becomes frustrated, :we will not do this to satisfy anyone’s blood-lust.’ Mike assures him they aren’t, it is because they detonated bomb on American soil, and they have proof. “What if the proof is a lie?” When Mike says it isn’t Palmer responds “Are you sure?” Mike decides to leave, he says he’ll tell Bowden Palmer will call when he’s ready.
Jack enters the bathroom at CTU, Auda is there. Jack casually checks the stalls to ensure no one else is present and introduces himself. Auda has obviously heard enough from the CTU agents and tells Jack that if he is there to give him more excuses, he’s not interested. Being careful not to divulge anything he shouldn’t, Jack asks if there is any way the information from Ali’s safe house could have been compromised before it arrived at CTU. Auda doesn’t answer that question but only tells Jack that the fact that they are not telling him anything makes him think that the evidence is incriminating to his country. Jack says that he knows he is asking a lot and Auda agrees, in fact, Jack is asking too much. Auda leaves Jack standing there. Almost right away, Jack’s cell phone rings and the voice on the other end says “hello Jack” Jack asks who this is and he answers ‘the only person who can prove that Syed Ali wasn‘t in Cypress in April meeting with the leaders. The recording is bogus. Jack asks how he knows that and the man answers because he planted it there. That is why he had to kill Syed Ali. Jack now wants proof that he was the killer. The voice coldly says that “I almost had to kill you, too,” but he moved at the last second. Jack asks what he wants and he says Kate Warner. Jack wants to know why (he’s not the only one) and he is just told to get her out of CTU and bring her to a warehouse, he is given the address. Jack doesn’t think he can do that, he access is limited at best, ‘you’re resourceful.’ Jack again asks why he wants Kate and is again told to bring her to the warehouse, just the 2 of them, in half an hour. Jack tries to change the plan, that isn’t enough time, but the man hangs up. As he does we see his hand and arm as he holds his cell phone, the distinctive ‘Coral Snake’ tattoo on the inside of his wrist.
Kim is still in the bathroom at the store, she is cleaning up and she hears a noise outside. She leaves the bathroom and there is a guy at the door, he wants in. The worker tells him to find another store, there is one 10 miles up the road. The guy on the other side is desperate, he wants in the store, he’ll pay double. He keeps knocking on the door so the worker goes and calls 9-1-1 mumbling that they always come out at night, all kinds of crazy people. Kim says that ‘it’s starting’, this arouses the suspicion of the worker, he asks what’s starting. Kim tries to brush it off, she says nothing but he persists. Before Kim can answer the window smashes and the guy that was trying to get in before goes for the worker. Kim is yelling for them to stop but they fight. Finally Kim shoots the gun into the air. This gets the job done, they stop fighting but now he has set his eyes on Kim. She tells him to just go but he starts to advance on her. He wants the gun, he ways he’s not going to hurt anyone. Kim , with the gun pointed at him still, tells him to go again. He grabs the gun and easily takes it from Kim, tucking it in his pants. He takes a cart and goes shopping, leaving Kim.
Michelle answers phone to Jack saying “hey, its me Jack.” Michelle asks if Auda was helpful and Jack says no, he’s got some trust issues. Jack tells Michelle that he’s right behind. He lets her know that there may be another way to prove the recording is a fake, but she’s gonna have to trust him. Michelle agrees.
The guy at the store is loading everything up after his little shopping spree. He tells the clerk again that he should have let him in, he demands to pay for his purchases. While the clerk works the man demands that they turn the TV on. The reporter is informing the public that there was an explosion and that it could only have been caused by a nuclear explosion. The guy says true, his brother works at USGS, he heard people talking about it. Finally the cops show up and the clerk goes for the gun. The man shoots the clerk in the struggle, the cops demand that he put the gun down but instead he goes for Kim and holds her at gunpoint.
Michelle goes into the interrogation room and gets Baker. She says that there are pages missing from a transcript that division wants now. Baker protests at first but then complies. He apologises to Kate, he says he’ll be right back. After Michelle leaves, Jack enters. He tells Kate that he needs her to come with him now. Kate says that she still has an hour or two with agent Baker and then with her father, she reminds Jack that he said everything was fine. Jack says it isn’t fine, he’ll explain in the car. As they leave Keri notices what is going on and calls Tony. She tells him that if she is not mistaken Jack is trying to remove Kate Warner from CTU.
Jack and Kate take the stairs down to the parking garage. Still in the hallway, a guy appears and gives Jack a set of keys, space 11. Jack thanks him, his name is Brian. They make their way and a door opens and Tony comes flying out, scaring Kate. He asks Jack “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Jack says he doesn’t have time to explain but Tony levels his gun at Jack and says “lets find the time.” Kate is scared again and looks at Tony like he’s crazy. Jack tells Kate to stay against the wall and tells Tony to put down the gun. Jack says not until he tells him where he’s going. Jack says he’s sorry, he can’t. He asks “who do you think you’re kidding, Tony? You’re not gonna shoot me, put the gun down.” When Tony doesn’t Jack approaches him slowly and says again to put the gun down. This time Jack throws a punch and grabs the gun. As Tony goes down we see him turn his ankle/leg in and we see it break. Jack goes to Kate and says they have to go. As they have their backs to Tony he yells for Jack.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-How many of those flares does Jack have? I’d like some of those for my next party!
-Why does Jack put his hand on his hair as he goes to the chopper? It’s almost like he was trying to either hold on a hat (that he wasn’t wearing) or worried about his hair-do.
-Tony is really good at speeches for the CTU workers. That’s 2 he’s done now in about 45 minutes. I think the novelty might wear off soon.
-The fight between Keri and Michelle was interesting, I wonder what the story is between these two? Really the suspense is killing me. I trust that we will learn what is happening sooner rather than later.
-I love how Jack casually walks into CTU after he gets dropped off by the chopper. He’s totally nonchalant like nothing has happened….“yeah, I just narrowly survived a nuclear explosion in which a co-worker died, not to mention nearly dying at gunpoint by the killer of my wife a few hours ago and also helping terrorists blow up CTU a couple of hours before that. Just another day at the office.”
-Syed Ali looks really rough, couldn’t they get him a change of clothes? I guess since nobody else gets to change all day (except Nina) then neither does he.
-I thought that it was a really nice thing for Jack to tell Ali that they staged the killing of his son. I think this shows a lot for the character of Jack and what kind of person he is.
-I really am disappointed that Syed Ali died. I quite enjoyed the performance of the actor that portrayed him, I can’t think of a single scene he was in that was poorly acted or that I didn’t like (all Kate references aside). You know, towards the end he looked so pathetic that I nearly felt sorry for him. Nearly, maybe if he hadn’t conspired to blow up most of LA he would have got some more compassion.
-Where exactly does that agent think he’s going? I don’t know about you but when I see someone shot my first instinct is definitely to run out into the line of fire. Where did they find that guy?
-Tony is being a real jackass in this episode. I know it is probably all to do with the motive for the fight in which he breaks his leg but still. What a jerk.
-The scene with Carlos Bernard and Kiefer Sutherland in the parking lot after Ali dies was played perfectly. There’s Tony, power-hungry and bossy, going up against Jack who is only trying to help. These guys did an awesome job of this scene and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
-Line of the week 1 – “why are you talking to me like this?” –Jack to Tony in the parking lot
-When Palmer picks up the phone from Lynn and says right away that it’s good to hear Jack’s voice, Jack hasn’t spoken yet.
-Palmer tells Jack that he’ll have to get the information now about the Syed Ali/Cypress recording. Really? I was thinking he would, you know, go home, have a shower, get Kim, maybe go on a date with Kate, get some sleep, wash the car and unpack. Then, maybe if there was time he would get on trying to prove the recording false. Because the president isn’t waiting for this information before he declares war or anything.
-As far as I’m concerned, Jack runs the country. Palmer doesn’t’ want to make a move until Jack decides he thinks the recording is real, he practically runs CTU while he’s there. Palmer answers to him.
-If I were Tony, I’d be taking as much help as I can from Jack. Tony has to remember that Jack did his job for who knows how long.
-Just for the record, I totally believe Ali. I think the 7th coral snake is all bad and Syed Ali wasn’t in Cypress, BUT, what was he doing in Berlin? If we remember right, Nina had a connection in Germany, I wonder if this is a segue to bringing Nina back.
-I love the way Jack kind of gives his head a shake when he’s talking to Michelle and she says there is an agent from one of the counties here. He’s like here at CTU? No, Jack, here on the plane that blew up.
-When Kate asked Jack “How did you…?” I half expected some answer like “ha ha, I’m superman, I am INVICNCEABLE!”
-The conversation between Jack and Kate was a bad bad conversation. They’re like awkward Junior high kids that don’t know what to say to each other. Are you okay? Yes, are you okay? Yes, I’m glad your okay blah blah blah. Might as well be “what do you wanna do?” “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” “I dunno, what do you want to do?”
-I don’t blame Auda for not sharing with Jack…I wouldn’t either.
-Line of the Week #2 “He has some trust issues.”
-Kim almost spent 20 minutes in the bathroom at the store. If that was fast I’d hate to see slow. I can just imagine Jack at the door waiting for a shower in the morning…Maybe that’s where he got all the yelling practice “Kim! We’re running out of time…Open the door!”
-Okay, Kim. We know you know how to use that gun…Shoot that bastard!
-Or Kim can just hand it over. “here you go, why don’t you shoot someone?”
-There are at least 2 recycled ideas from last season that I could see here.
a) The phone call from the coral snake. Jack should be used to calls from people he doesn’t know by now. Between Gaines and Drazen last year he’s a pro now.
b) He tells Michelle that she’ll have to trust him. That should be causing red sirens to go off in peoples heads.
Not that I have a problem with recycling ideas. Desperate Jack is one of my favourites. I loved last season and things like this really bring the intensity up.
-I’m very curious about the implications of the Michelle/Jack alliance…Does that mean that dinner is off between Michelle and Tony?
-I really love Jack’s reaction when Tony pulls the gun on him. He just smiles, I know you wont shoot me. I don’t; think I could be that confident.
-I think that the sound that they put in there when Tony broke his ankle/leg was the grossest thing I’ve ever heard. I get shivers just thinking about it. The only thing that compares to that is the sound I heard when I wrecked my knee playing basketball. Eww.
-I was preparing for this for a while, since I heard that Carlos Bernard broke his ankle in a skiing accident. I think it’s safe to say that the accident happened during the time that they were shooting this episode since we don’t see any of Tony’s legs after the first few minutes. When Tony and Jack meet outside after Ali is killed, they are using the strangest camera angle, assumedly so that the bottom half of Tony is behind the vehicle. It’s not all that weird unless you are looking for it, bit watch the episode again, you’ll pick it out. I just wonder whose ankle that was.