Originally Aired 2.25.03
2.14 - The Real Bomb

At the airport taking the agents are playing around with the fake bomb, moving it around and opening the box. The pilot is sat down by agents and Jack asks "where is the real bomb?" He asks again still with no answer. Jack asks if he speaks any english, again no response. Jack gets on the radio and says they need a translator.
Mason is at his desk and looks worse than ever. He pulls a bunch of his hair out and looks even more disturbed. He picks up the first aid kit and looks in the mirror under the lid. Mason's phone talks to him, its Michelle saying that she got through to Jack on line 2. Jack tells him that there are no new leads and Mason asks about the plane and Jack says it's clean. He wants Mason to use a reverse time satellite to see if anything has left the airfield. Mason says nothing, just takes a drink and sits down. Jack starts to panic a bit and calls "George? George are you there? Are you alright?" Fimally Mason answers in a frustrated tone, "yah, I got it, reverse satellite." Jack says that he is sorry for everything that happened but if he needs to step aside he should let someone else take over. Mason says there is no one else but Jack asks what about Tony? Mason insists that he can handle it. He tells Jack that there was a 7th commando that wasn't there with the ither. Jack says that he agrees, he examined the wounds on the others and three of them definitley knew the shooter but the other three had a struggle. Jack hangs up with Mason as the other agents find a wallet on the pilot of the plane. There is no ID but there's some money. He starts to talk, but not in English, and Jack is frustrated, he wants to talk but there's no one there. "Where the hell is my translator?"
Bob is still at CTU, waiting. He is given the phone that Kate is on. She tells him that she is fine, she is helping an agent. Kate asks if they told him about Reza and he says he does know, he can't believe what they are saying about Marie. Jack interrupts and tells Kate that he needs her help as a translator, the first bomb wasn't one. Kate tells her dad that she loves him and hangs up.
Mike is getting filled in with Palmer, Sherry looks concerned and asks about the bomb. David tells Sherry about what Roger told him but she plays dumb, she doesn't know anything. He tells her that the people tracking the bomb are all dead, he then asks if he is telling her something she already knows? He demands that she tell him now. He goes on to ask if she has done the 'unthinkable' if she has put herself in a league with Roger Stanton? She says that they never met until this afternoon but David cuts her off, he know's that's not true. She starts to talk, to formulate a story to defend herself but Palmer tells her to just stop it, they are teetering on the brink of war that will lead to the death of millions and if she knows anything as the president "I order you, no, as someone you claim you love, I'm asking you...Help me Sherry." She turns to him and says that she got a phone call a few monts ago in the middle of the night from a friend high up in NSA, Roger wanted to speak with her so they met in a park in Virginia. She continues with many questions from Palmer, he wanted to recruit her, he wanted to know who was loyal to David, where he was weak. David finishes for her, and you told him. Sherry says yes but she only did it to gain his confidence, she was doing it for him. Palmer walks away from her and she starts again, she wants him to give her 30 minutes to prove to him that she did all of this to protect him, not to hurt him.
Kate is translating for the pilot, he did this for his family. Jack asks who "they" are and after the second time he says Syed Ali. Jack asks if he knows about the second bomb and Kate asks him but doesn't get any response. She tells Jack that he must have a different dialect. He tells her to keep trying which she does. As Jack turns the translator arrives. Jack calls Kate off and she turns to him and apologises. He tells her that she did great, Jack sends her back to the controlled area with agent Baker. Jack returns to the suspect and the translator and asks again if he knows about the second bomb, this time with more malice. He says that he doesn't know anything and Jack advances on him. Kate is outside with Baker and she sees a line of people that are outside another building. She asks him what they are doing and is told that they are checking everyone out, they've locked down the entire airport. Baker leaves Kate, he needs to go do something, and Kate sees Marie go in the building.
Lonnie and Kim are trying to kill time in the bomb shelter. She says that she can't believe that the bomb went off. Did he hear how many people? Lonnie says he doesn't know, it just went dead. Kim says she needs to get in touch with her dad as she starts to get up. Lonnie assures her that she will but they don't know which way the cloud will travel. He says he will try to get in touch with some people as he goes over to the radio. He starts to play with the dial and gets talk radio. He reaches around and unplugs the antenna. Kim asks what they said and he tells her that the radiation must be interfering with the antenna, it could be hours before they know anything. Kim asks what is going to happen to them and Lonnie assures her it will be okay. She admits she's sceared but he tells her not to be.
Mason comes down and meets the new analyst, Keri. She goes to shake is hand and he erupts into a coughing fit so she withdraws her hand. She tells him that he looks worse than she thought; she is taking over for Paula. She wants to make it clear that everyone needs to keep their hands off of her system. She asks him whom she is supposed to report to and he says himself. She says that rumour has it he won’t be around that much longer so who does she report to? He answers Tony Almeida or, as he starts to cough again, Michelle Dessler. She asks him if he said Michelle Dessler and he says yes, why? Keri says that they used to work together but Mason doesn’t really care. He asks “and you’re telling me this why?” He asks if there is going to be a problem and then turns to leave. As he does he blacks out and falls over. Keri comes to him and asks if he is okay as he comes around.
Kate is in the airport looking at all the people in the security area. She’s looking for Marie and finally sees her behind a door. Kate gives chase and is stopped by a security worker. He won’t let her through but she says it’s important, its her sister. He still won’t let her through and so she pulls out her CTU ID badge, she’s with Jack Bauer. The guy lets her through and as she passes she asks him to get a hold of Jack, tell him Marie Warner is here, he’ll understand. She goes out back where there are lots of planes around, she is searching for Marie. She goes around a corner of a building and there is Marie. She says to Kate that she needs her badge. Kate asks her where she has been, everyone’s been looking for her. Marie calls Kate a stupid idiot, why did she have to go snooping around? Kate asks Marie what is going on so Marie launches into an explanation. She tells Kate that she’s always treated her like some helpless animal but then she opened her eyes. She was pathetic, just like Kate, until she met Syed. He showed her the lies and hypocrisy of her life and of people like their dad. She tells Kate that he works for the CIA. She says she knows that and she has some things to say of her own. She asks Marie, “You think dad’s the enemy now, what are you, 6 years old?” She says that they turned their lives upside down after their mom died and for what? So she could be brainwashed? She tells Marie to wake up, she’s about to become the biggest murderer in history. Marie slaps Kate and she falls to the ground. Marie is toying with a gun and Kate asks her what she is going to do? She looks to Kate and says again for her to give her the ID. Kate says no and Marie says fine as she starts to affix the silencer. Kate tells Marie that she doesn’t believe that she’d shoot her. She tells Marie that there is a nuclear bomb in the city and no matter what she believes she doesn’t want all those innocent people to die. Marie tells Kate that this is more important than her life, than Kate’s life. She takes aim at Kate and there is a shot fired, but not from Marie’s gun. Jack is approaching and has shot Marie in the arm. He yells at Kate to stay down as him and a few other agents approach. The others pick a sobbing Marie up as Jack goes to Kate saying “I take it that’s your sister.”
Marie is yelling and crying as they drag her into the hangar. Kate asks Jack why he doesn’t treat her; give her something for the pain? Jack says that she is just going to have to trust him and let him do this his way. Millions of lives are at stake and she’s the only one who knows where the bomb is. Surely Kate can understand that. Jack enters as they have cuffed Marie to the chair. She’s stopped crying and Jack asks calmly “Where is the bomb Marie, the real bomb?” She replies, “Go to hell you bastard, I’m not telling you anything.” Jack gets close to Marie and says softly, ‘do you want to know why the pain is so severe? The bullet is still lodged in your arm right up against the bone, here’ and he squeezes her arm. She screams and this attracts Kate’s attention outside. Jack continues, ‘tell me where the bomb is and we’ll get you something for your arm. Please Marie, just tell me where the bomb is.’ Marie simply says no. Jack says that she thinks this will help her cause but he doesn’t think she can justify it, killing millions of people. Marie tells Jack that nobody in this country is innocent, she’s not afraid to die. Jack gets close to her again and says that he’s seen people that are willing to die for a cause; he’s looked them in the eye like he is with her now. “You are not one of them. Where is the bomb?”
Lonnie sits down across form Kim, he looks awkward then says that he’s going to check the radio. Kim asks him as he gets there, if he has any sugar for the coffee that she has in front of her. He says yes, in the back corner on the shelf there. Kim finds it and sees a covered up TV. She asks him if it is on the same antenna as the radio but Lonnie has his headphones on and can’t hear anything. She decides to check it out and turns it on. She finds a newscast, then a baseball game, and then another newscast talking about the weather in LA. She shuts it off and covers it up just in time. Lonnie turns back to her and she holds the sugar up. He tells her he still can’t find anything.
At CTU they have found the 7th commando, his name is Jonathan Wallace. Tony asks if they have sent this to Jack yet and is told that it is on the way. Keri comes to Michelle and says hello. Michelle is cold and asks what she is doing here? Keri says division sent her over to replace Paula. She tells Michelle she looks good but Michelle says to stop it. If she is here to replace Paula then technically she works for Michelle. Keri says fine, give her an order. Michelle says fine, start analyzing this stack.
Mason goes to Tony and asks if he has a second. Tony says sure and they move away from his desk. Mason comes right out and says that he thinks it time he stepped down, “I’m not feeling so hot here.” Tony says sure, “Anything I can do?” George says yeah, tomorrow, when this is all over, tell everyone that it was an honour working with them and what a great job they all did. Tony says sure. Mason continues saying that what he said this morning about wanting to get out of there, he didn’t mean it. He hands Tony a card saying “here”. Tony asks what it is and Mason says that it is the access codes to division and CTU. Tony says he can’t have this; only directors can have this kind of access. Mason replies, “That’s you, you’re the new CTU director.” Tony still protests Mason can’t promote him, only Chapelle can do that. George says he just got off the phone with him; Tony’s the new guy. Tony starts a thought “Listen, George, I…” but Mason cuts him off with a “hey, don’t…Good luck.” George turns to leave as he slowly walks out holding his briefcase, making eye contact with a misty Michelle on the way. Tony is left standing there playing with the access card. A silent 9:35 ticks off.
Tony is in his new office, Masons old. He is on the phone with Michelle to tells him that he needs his codes in this system. She tells him that everyone is waiting downstairs. Before he goes he rolls up his sleeves and heads down the stairs. He stops at the bottom and addresses the group. In case they haven’t heard George Mason was exposed to a lethal dose of plutonium this morning, “I’m afraid he doesn’t have much time.” He has left the office and he won’t be coming back. Tony says he will be taking over for now. On a normal day they would be mourning George, Paula and the others that have died today but they can’t, the still have a nuclear bomb to find so lets get to work. They disperse but Michelle stays behind. She tells Tony that was a nice thing he just did. Tony brushes it off and asks how things are going at the airfield? She says that Jack is interrogating Marie now.
Jack is trying to interrogate Marie but he is standing over her saying for her to “stay with me, Marie.” He leaves to talk to another agent, he says she it going into shock, Jack needs her lucid. When asked how long he says 5 minutes should do. He leaves them and goes to Kate, he wants her to talk to Marie, to try and bring her back to some sort of reality. Kate doesn’t know, she’s not the Marie she knew this morning. Jack convinces her and they go, he does warn her that she’s going to be a little groggy because of the painkiller. He asks her if she’s alright and she nods. Kate goes and kneels down in front of Marie. Marie says that she doesn’t need her, get away. Kate asks why she wont’ help them? Marie says that she is going to help them, help them to stop being part of the problem. Kate asks if it is okay with her if their dad and her die today? And Marie answers that she killed Reza and she loved him, why would she care about Kate and their dad? Kate says because they care for her, she can help stop this, “I’m begging you, please.” Marie starts to cry again and whines about her arm. Jack enters and goes for Kate, he takes her away. He goes back to Marie and says, “that’s the Demerol wearing off, tell me where the bomb is and I will give you more.” Marie is still crying and sobs “Katie, make him stop.” Kate replies “No, you make him stop.” Jack says that its only going to get worse, tell him where the bomb is. Finally Marie says something useful and blubbers that it’s in a suitcase. Jack asks where the suitcase is and Marie says in a van. They decipher that it is a green van and that it is headed downtown. The info is given to the others and Jack asks when it is going to go off. Marie says in 3 hours. When Jack asks how she knows she admits she set the timer. Jack goes on to ask what the timer looks like and this throws Marie off, she asks “what?” Jack says a bomb that size wouldn’t have a timer. Marie is flustered and tells Jack they’d better get going now but Jack says why, she said he had hours, right? He stands away and starts to think, why does she want them all to leave the airfield? The bomb is still there, isn’t it? He gets on the radio and tells all of them to start a grid search of the airport and he leaves. Kate re-approaches Marie and Marie says that they’re not going to find it in time, we’re all going to die.
Palmer is told the call is ready; he and Sherry are about to speak with a CIA operative on a secure feed that no one else knows about but them. Palmer enters the room and sees a man named Steve on a TV; Palmer asks what his involvement is in this. He explains he got a phone call about 4 months ago from Sherry; Roger Stanton was trying to recruit her to work against Palmer. Palmer asks if he has been building a case against Roger for the last four months, why didn’t he say anything. Sherry says that they didn’t want to connect this to Palmer in any way because of what they were doing they could have ended up in jail. Palmer is told that Sherry and Roger met and upon asking is told that they met in a hotel room for the first few months, Sherry finishes with “I didn’t sleep with him.” Palmer responds, “I didn’t ask.” Palmer concludes that he doesn’t have the time or the energy to figure out whether he can trust Sherry but Sherry says that he has to trust her, his presidency is in danger. Sherry puts her hands on his arm and says that he needs her. He slowly moves her hands off and says if she resists in any way he’ll have no choice but to put her under arrest. The agents show up and lead her out of the room. Lonnie is getting ready for the night and he tells Kim that it can get a little drafty in there, she can sleep in the bed. He asks Kim if she is okay and Kim says yes. Lonnie says “you are still worried about your family, aren’t you?” He offers her the tip of trying not to think about it too much. He tries to make conversation and asks if she grew up in LA? She says yea, her foot is still hurting, does he have any Aspirin? He says sure and turns his back to her. She hits him with something metal and she holds it to him saying that he is going to let her out of there right now, she knows the bomb didn’t go off. Lonnie takes it from her and she is definitely afraid. He puts it down and says that he’s not going to hurt her he just wanted some company. She doesn’t understand, if he wants company then why does he live all the way out there? Lonnie says that this is where he belongs, he wants her to stay. Kim replies that she doesn’t want to stay, he asks why not? Is he not good enough? Kim says it doesn’t have anything to do with him but he thinks that she thinks he’s psycho. Kim tells him that she doesn’t know if he’s psycho, she doesn’t know him. She asks him to her let her out of there, please. He looks wounded and then grabs a gun out of a box nearby. She starts to back away as he loads it but then hands it to her saying “here.” Kim asks what and Lonnie says for her to take it, there are cougars out there but if she fires a shot in the air it will take off. He tells her to go out the front door and turn right and she will see a deer trail, follow it. Kim thanks Lonnie and as she walks away he asks if maybe she’ll come back some time? But Kim says “I don’t think so” and she leaves.
Jack is in the hummer driving around in the airport and sees some commotion. He is told over the radio that they are shooting, they have one hostile down. Jack stops and they bring them team in. They slowly open a bag that was in the back of the truck and after they do Jack asks the tech what they have. He says it is definitely nuclear and there’s a trigger, this is it. Jack looks very worried and gets on his radio, first he identifies himself and then says they need to start a level one local evac now. The screen splits and we see Kate with Marie, Palmer, and Kim. We go back to Jack and the team, one of them says that “it’s armed.” Jack asks how long they have but the tech says he can’t tell, it could be any second. Jack looks away, thinking

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-How long has the guy that was driving the plane been in the US? If you are in a country that doesn't speak your language for any amount of time, you can’t help but pick up some of the words.
-Mason does look bad. The only positive I can find about it is we don't have to see him look any worse.
-Bob must be pretty bored and pretty anxious; he’s been waiting at CTU for a heck of a long time now.
-Sherry is so full of it. I don't like her. Bad news.
-Bucket, dude. That’s all I have to say about Kate and Jack. Bucket.
-Did she really need to translate the word "Syed Ali'? That was pretty self-explanatory, I thought.
-Its good to see good old comic Mason, even in the face of death. -Keri is rude and indignant and I don’t like her. She’ll fit perfectly in at CTU.
-Ok Marie, give me the gun, I’ll shoot Kate, and I won’t waste any time.
-If Marie doesn’t quit whining and crying, I’m going to shoot her too.-Kate doesn’t believe that Marie will shoot her? Hello, she just killed her fiancé, I’m pretty sure she’d have no problem wiping out her whiny sister.
-The more I see Kate and Marie together the more I believe Marie. Kate keeps hanging this thing about leaving her life to take care of Marie over her head. It would almost be enough to make me want to blow up LA (almost)
-I almost feel bad for Marie when he grabs her arm…almost
-So what’s the story between Michelle and Keri? Interesting but there are more important things about.
-The silent clock was a nice touch for Mason to leave the office for the last time. I think the last time this happened was when Jack found Teri.
-I’m glad that Tony got the promotion. Good call
-If I was Tony, I don’t think I’d want that office. The last person to have it is dying of radiation, and soon, and the one before, well, he’s not in very good shape either with the loss of his wife and all. He should stay just where he was, thank you very much.
-Quick thinking, Jack. Way to read what Marie is thinking
-I liked the line from Kate (yes, I said Kate), “no you make him stop”. That was the brightest thing she has said all season combined.
-I simply don’t know what to make of Sherry, I still think she’s bad but I really don’t know.
-I think Lonnie pretty much classifies as psycho in my books, but maybe I have a looser definition than Kim.