Originally Aired 2.18.03
2.13 - Insane Plan


The cops are moving towards the airport and Jack, who is driving a car with Kate and him in it, answers the phone, it is Tony. Jack asks Tony if Kim had contacted them yet? and Tony says no, they sent out a search but he doesn't understand why she hasn't tried to contact them yet? Jack figures it is probably because they are looking for her as a murder suspect and she doesn't want to go back to LA. She won't reach out to them, they have to find her. He reiterates to Tony to do everything he can to find her.
Kim is walking with Lonnie on the way to his cabin, she stops because her ankle is bothering her. He suggests that they go to the ranger station to have it looked at but she says no, she told him already that it is not safe for her there. He says that's fine, if she doesn't want to go back, that's good enough for him.
Palmer enters the room where they had been working on Roger. He looks at him and asks if he is ready to tell him everything he needs to know. There is no answer so Palmer turns to Ted and gives the command for him to continue then. Just as he gets to the door Roger starts talking, they knew about the bomb weeks ago. Palmer turns around and tells Ted to leave. He stands before Roger and asks what does he mean, he knew? Roger explains that they let it in, tracked it all the way, and allowed it through customs and to the terrorists. Palmer doesn't seem to believe what he's hearing and just asks 'a nuclear bomb?' Roger tells him there is no way it would ever go off, there was a special ops team tracing it all the way. Palmer confirms that it was Col. Samuels team and Roger says they were going to stop it, at the last possible second. Palmer doesn't understand, he asks what he is trying to do, start a war with the Middle East? Roger informs Palmer that he was the fence post and now he gets it. Palmer accuses him of trying to hijack his presidency but Roger says he was "just trying to give it some balls." Palmer says they need to contact them but Roger says no, they can't, their communications went dark a few hours ago. Palmer asks where they are and Roger divulges that it is Norton Airfield, LA.
Lonnie and Kim have arrived at the cabin. He points out that the shower is there but don't be too long, there isn’t a lot of hot water. There are clean clothes and towels in there. Kim doesn't even move and he tells her there is a lock on the door as well. Finally that gets her moving and she leaves, Lonnie gets the fire going.
Tony tells Michelle that division says they have identified 3 more Second Wave terrorists, there is a team assigned to each. Mason comes down the stairs from his office part way and tells them all that they have just got a second confirmation that the bomb is at Norton Airfield in LA. He wants every field agent over there now.
Jack is still making his way to the airport with the caravan of cops. Mason gets on the phone to him and while he wraps his arm up he tells Jack that there is a new wrinkle in this. Jack asks quietly what kind of wrinkle and Mason lets him know that there is a hostile military group there, Coral Snakes headed by Col. Samuels. Jack says that’s the group that shot down their plane but why are they helping the terrorists? Mason says they're not helping them they just want to be the first to find the bomb and they're going to treat anyone that gets in their way as an adversary. Jack suggests to Mason that they just tell them to stand down but Mason passes on that they went dark a few hours ago. They're a rogue unit. Jack asks where they are but Mason doesn't know. He wishes he could narrow it down. Jack doesn't like this and says this is bad news, Mason says maybe their best chance of them finding the bomb is still Jack getting past these guys. When he hangs up Kate asks what is going on but Jack doesn't know, they haven't been able to locate her sister.
Marie is with the last bomber in the hangar still and Marie is ready to leave. He tells her if she drives north she should be fine. She asks who is going to fly the plane and he says he is. As she gets to the door she sees the caravan of agents and cops arriving. She turns back and tells the pilot that they found them, what are they going to do?
Jack pulls up, gets out of the car and goes around, opening the door for Kate. She looks totally lost. He turns to her and says that he knows she's seen some terrible things today but "I'm going to need you just a little longer," in case they find her sister. Jack asks Baker to escort Miss Warner to the secured area and thanks him. Jack is approached by another agent who found all the information on the group that they are dealing with. He asks Jack what the situation is and Jack lets him know that they want to find the bomb and are going to treat them like hostiles. Jack meets with the group of men and tells them all to wear ID tags since there will be many of them around an open area. He tells them that there is a nuclear bomb somewhere on site and he is assigning three sub-units, 1 team sweeps, 2nd is in the air and the third is to wait for his orders once he gets a 20 on the bomb. He tells the other man in charge to set up his teams and leaves.
George tells Tony that there is a little problem, Brad Hammond from division is on the way over, he wants them to move out and run everything from there because of the problem this morning. Tony protests the whole thing and Mason agrees. Tony says that they just don't have time to "give these idiots from division the grand tour." Mason agrees but says they're just going to have to deal with it.
Kim has showered and changes in to a white tank top. She checks out her cuts and bruises in the mirror and then leaves the bathroom. Lonnie asks how she is feeling and she replies she's a lot better, thanks. Lonnie encourages her to have a seat and she does. Lonnie is dishing out something he has cooked and Kim asks him why he lives up here like this. He replies he got sick of the LA scene and Kim asks why he just didn't move to a small town. He changes the subject and presses Kim as to why she can't go back to LA. Kim says that he wouldn't believe him but he presses and she tells him that her dad works for the government and he told her that there will be a nuclear bomb detonated in LA. Lonnie actually smiles and Kim asks what he is smiling at? Lonnie stands up and walks around while he says that he knew it, he's been telling people about this for over a year but no one listened to him. Kim asks if he knew about the terrorists and he clarifies that he didn't know about these ones in particular but he knew it would happen. He assures Kim that they are far enough away but Kim is concerned about the fallout. Lonnie sits at the table again and says he has something to show her, after they eat.
Lynn is with Palmer and they are discussing what Bauer is doing. Lynn says that this isn't good, they have 2 highly trained US military groups going after each other. Palmer isn't too concerned, he says CTU has a good presence. Mike enters and informs them they have found a covert like between Stanton and Bruce Gluck. Palmer says that he is a Michigan Senator and Mike asks what Palmer wants to do. He says that Sherry knows Gluck, she worked with him, bring her in. Mike makes sure that Palmer means to bring Sherry here, into the secured area? Palmer says yes and Mike and Lynn exchange looks and then both start to talk in protest about the issue. Palmer doesn't care, he says just do it.
Michelle asks Tony if he knows they are bringing division in and Tony says yes. She asks about George and Tony is pretty sure that once they get a look at the shape he's in they'll probably yank him. They both look somewhat distraught.
Jack is told by one of the agents that they have found tracks of 5 different pairs of army boots, less than an hour old. Jack tells him to get the team ready to move on his signal and they enter the building, Jack first. He motions them in the building and directs them silently in a search. They head upstairs and Jack stumbles upon a dead soldier. Inside the room he finds a few dead soldiers. Jack, without saying anything, goes directly to one of the men and picks up his arm looking inside his wrist. Upon examining the tattoo he finds there he tells the other agent that these are definitely Col. Samuels men. The agent asks, logically, if there are Col. Samuels men, then who's tracking the bomb?
Mason is wrapping his arm up again, it looks even worse this time. He stands and puts his jacket on over top but he has some difficulty and this actions results in many groans. He straightens his tie. Tony and Michelle are giving the tour to the guys from division and Michelle is defending their systems and their team. Mason appears and the guy from division comments that he was starting to wonder if they were running without a leader. He says he hears Mason isn't feeling well as they shake hands and he grabs Mason's arm as a friendly gesture. Mason gets smart and says that a bad day for him is better than a good day on his side of the fence. He wants Mason to start shipping people over to division. Mason says it doesn't make sense to waste time to send people over an hour and a half away. He asks one of the workers to show the man from division their computers and how well they're running and heads toward his office. When he gets to the stairs he pauses and looks down at his arm, there is blood visible through his jacket where his arm was touched.
Lonnie leads Kim to a spiral stairwell that goes down. He starts to go down but Kim stays at the top, she's not sure. He assures her not to be scared, come on. They go down and down and they get to a door. It is heavy duty and he opens it up and turns on the light. He tells her it is a bomb shelter. You can survive down here for a pretty long time. Kim asks if he built it himself and he says yes, it wasn't so bad after he dug it out. He turns away from her to a coffee pot and she looks around. He tells her he is sort of a coffee junkie. He smells the coffee beans and offers Kim a smell as well. When he turns again she looks on more of the shelves and starts to see a pattern. There are things like dynamite, grenades and things like that. She takes off out of the shelter and back up the stairs. He realizes she is gone and goes up the stairs calling her. He finds her sitting on the couch and asks if she is okay? She says she just got a little claustrophobic. He observes that she is shaking and she thinks that she shouldn't be there. She says that he lives all by himself way out there and she just thinks she should be with her family. She apologises if she hurt his feelings and he takes it well and says she can do whatever she wants.
Sherry appears coming down a hallway in a little car. Lynn is waiting to take her below to get to work. Lynn gives her 2 cards so she can gain entry to restricted areas, Sherry asks what made the president change his mind? Lynn stays out of it and says she'll let him tell her. Once she gets down into the OC she is not to directly interface with anyone, if she needs anything she can see Lynn. Sherry doesn't take this well and repeats that Lynn wants her to run everything by her. Lynn defends herself saying that she is trying to maintain some sort of protocol. Sherry accuses Lynn of trying to stay between her and the presidents inner circle. She thinks Lynn should forget all of this protocol junk and say what is on her mind, she doesn't want Sherry there. Lynn says that she was appointed by the president of the United States because of her credentials, she doesn't know what kind of credentials Sherry has but if she wants to quit playing games then fine, "I don't like you and I don't like you being here." Sherry takes this well and just responds, "Well, now we are communicating."
Lonnie has packed a bag for Kim, she says she will get it back to him. He dismisses it and tells her to stay close to him, the highway is about 15 minutes from there. They hear something outside and Lonnie concludes that it is the park ranger, Mike. He asks Kim what she wants him to do and she says that he will just send her back to LA. Lonnie goes out to greet him and they are on good terms. Mike tells him that he is looking for a girl that ran away from the highway. Lonnie plays dumb and asks why he is looking all the way out here? Mike says it is because she was in custody for kidnapping and murder. Mike looks in the window and sees 2 glasses on the table, this causes him to ask if Lonnie had company. He says that Doug was there earlier, Mike asks if he is still mad, Lonnie says no, it was just a card game. Mike agrees but he did empty his wallet. Mike leaves and Lonnie heads back inside to Kim and questions her, kidnapping? Murder? Kim says that she didn't do it, she swears. She asks if they can stay there for a couple more minutes, at least until he clears the area. Lonnie agrees and Kim takes this chance to thank him saying she was really lucky he was here, he's been a good friend, thank you.
Palmer is telling Sherry that he wants to track any meeting that involves both Reybern and Stanton. He says that he will have Lynn set her up with a workspace and Sherry says that Lynn has been really helpful. She starts to thanks Palmer, calling him Mr. President. David apologises and says he didn't mean to sound rude, he appreciates her help. Mike comes in and tells Palmer that Jack found the coral snakes commandos. Palmer asks if it is over then but Mike has bad news. All 6 members of them had been killed before he got there. Palmer asks about the bomb and then enters the room Roger is in. He tells Roger quickly that all his men are dead and there's no sign of the bomb. Roger replies "that's impossible." and David continues to question him. He says that Rogers insane plan backfired, they were their last chance to find the bomb and now they're dead. He tells Roger that "you're misguided but you're not crazy", he doesn't want this bomb to go off. Roger agrees, of course not. David asks who else knew and Roger says no one. David says that someone killed 6 highly trained commandos, that doesn't sound like the work of suicide bombers. This caught Rogers attention, "you said 6?" David says that's right and Roger informs him "there were 7."
Tony is informed that they have gotten the tail number on the plane, it is either N34 G5 or N34 G6. They find the hangar that N34 G5 is in and call Jack to tell him. He had been looking at plans on the hood of the hummer and upon receiving the information packs up and gets in. Marie is sending a truck away and she re-enters the hangar, wishes the pilot good luck and opens the door. Jack and his team see the plane exit the hangar and they chase him. Jack gets on the radio and tells the others he is heading for the north runway, cut him off. Part of the team parks in front of the runway and Jack wants to catch up to the plane in the Hummer. As they gain on him Jack gets out into the back of the car and shoots the wheel out. The plane veers toward the Hummer which swerves out of the way and then back next to the plane. Jack then shoots again, this time at the pilot, and hits him in the arm. The plane stops and Jack leaves the Hummer and approaches the plane telling him to put his hands in the air, his hands up, above his head. He instructs him to keep his hands up as Jack gets close and looks in the back of the plane. Jack says that he's got it in the plane, get the nuke emergency team now.
Mason is given clearance to run things as they are until the threat passes, after that they'll re-evaluate. Mason heads back up to his office and coughs badly. He suggests that Mason should see someone about that cough, Mason turns and says he appreciates the concern.
Lonnie is listening to his scanner radio and Kim comes out of the bathroom. He claims to have been looking for stuff about her APB, he'd hate to get her out there and then find a roadblock. He jokes that it looks like she's not going to make the 10 most wanted. He suddenly starts to play with the dials and says 'oh my God, it can't be.' Kim asks what’s wrong and starts to panic. Lonnie says all the LA stations went to static and then another county was talking about a flash, now they're gone too. Kim goes to the window and says she doesn't see anything but Lonnie gives her the headphones and tells her to listen. She listens as he works the dial through complete static. Kim heads towards the door and says she's got to go and find her dad but Lonnie stops her saying they have to get down below. He leads and she follows him.
We see a weather chopper flying over LA and hear a man talking about the clear night in LA
The bomb team is working on diffusing the bomb while Jack watches close by. They are having trouble and one of them mutters that the trigger is set to permanent default. He stands up and Jack is all over him asking what he is doing? Is he going to be able to disarm it? He says it doesn't look like it so Jack gets on the radio and tells them to clear the north runway. They ask Jack what he is doing and Jack replies that if they can't diffuse the bomb "I've got to get it as far away from LA as possible." The timer starts to speed up and the tech says that it is tamper-proof. The first tech starts to pull around a part of the bomb and the second one says not to touch that, he'll detonate it. The first tech looks at him and pulls the wires out. Jack asks what just happened and he answers nothing, this isn't a bomb, it's been made to look like one. The radiation reading was probably from the box, this is probably where they bomb was kept.
David re-enters Roger's room and says that 'there's no bomb at the airport, Roger. Now, if there's something you haven't told me, something that could save lives...tell me now. Please Roger. Roger finally speaks and just says "Ask Sherry." David looks at him and asks what he said? Roger repeats it, "Sherry, she's the one you want to talk to." The screen splits and we see Sherry working.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-Roger looks rough in this episode but surprisingly better than last time
-I think Palmer has been taking yelling lessons from Jack. That was so good. It made me jump
-Did anyone else catch Jacks condescending tone towards Mason when he asked ”why don't we tell them to stand down?" You could have followed that with "you big idiot!"
-That was record time for Jack to get around the truck and open the door for Kate. He must have sprinted. It was a nice gesture but I had to get the bucket back out.
-It was a nice switch to have Tony as the one who was hostile and irrational and Mason as the one that calmed him down. Good change in rolls but I wouldn't go around speaking too loud about "those idiots from division", the place is wired after all.
-I have yet to be able to get a read off of Lonnie. He's just creepy, but he can't be that bad, he doesn’t have friends. I'm not sure what to take him as. He's obviously got a couple of extra jokers in his deck.
-Who, exactly, could smile when they hear about a nuclear bomb in LA. Chalk that up on the weird side of Lonnie.
-So, maybe Kim could just get on a rooftop on downtown LA and start yelling that there is a nuclear bomb. I think that is the only way she could have told more people.
-Did the agents that Jack briefed when he arrived at the airfield already know about the bomb? If not they took it really well.
-I think that the appropriate time for Lynn to tell Palmer about what she knows about Sherry would have been before she came down into the OC, but I don't know (can you feel the sarcasm?)
-I think Palmer misses Lynn’s point about the 2 tactical teams going against each other. I am pretty sure her point should have been that there are going to be a lot of unexplained deaths of soldiers that could be avoided.
-The agent that asked Jack "if these guys are dead, who's tracking the bomb..", he was awesome. He just had one line and he totally sold me.
-So lets send Jack in first but with the least stuff to protect him. Brilliant idea.
-There was some really neat camera work in the warehouse. I especially liked seeing them walk from under the grates.
-Mason did a really good job of hiding how sick he is. Way to tough it out.
-Hey, maybe Lonnie is from the northwest. That would explain his thing about the coffee.
-How long was David married to Sherry? They were high school sweethearts right? Well I think that by now he should be able to tell when she is lying to him. When Sherry said that Lynn had been helpful, even I knew that she was lying. Last season Nina busted Jack for lying and they couldn't have known each other nearly that long. What’s the story?
-Amen David, insane plan indeed.
-Holy cow, nice hummer. The PD where I live doesn't have one of those.
-After the ranger, Mike, left Lonnie’s I'm pretty sure that Kim walked directly in front of the window. He would have been able to see her still.
-I think that the door to the hangar that Marie was opening is the slowest door ever. They need to replace that thing in the worst way. It took like 10 minutes for it to go up. Lets go people! :-)
-If division got the CTU workers out of there then that would get them out of the blast radius. I would be all for moving out to division if I worked at CTU. Lets go now... :-)
-Jack is going to do what with the bomb?!?!? My heart nearly stopped when he said that he needs to clear the runway so that he could get the bomb as far away from LA as possible. I didn't know what to do or think. 12 hours ago this guy wouldn't even stick around CTU to help out, let alone sacrifice himself for LA.
-Speaking of 12 hours ago, I bet 'Aunt Carol' is mighty worried by now