Originally Aired 2.4.03
2.11 - The Mosque

Kim is running from the scene of the accident and we hear a chopper in the background, then we see it. She looks up and tries to get out of sight of if so they cannot catch her. She is out of any city, there are no buildings or anything.
Reza is laying shot on the ground and Marie packs her gun back into her purse, she seems to have regained her composure. She pulls up the computer, opens the side panel and removes the hard drive, adding that to the collection in her purse. Her phone rings and she answers it, it is none other they Syed Ali. He tells her that there is a problem, Two of his workers are dead and they were supposed to pick up the trigger. He asks her to get it and bring it to him, their mission depends on her now. He says he is counting on her and she says she'll take care of it, he replies he knows she will. He tells her she needs to change her appearance and she says yes as she passes by the dead agent and leaves the office. Syed Ali enters a mosque and is greeted.
Jack and Kate are driving and Jack says that he just needs her to ID Ali and then they will transfer her back to CTU. She nods and he sympathises that he knows how difficult this must be. Kate asks Jack what is going on but Jack says that he isn't at liberty to tell her any more than he already has. She becomes a bit angry and runs over the fact that Ali took the liberty of kidnapping her and CTU took the liberty of arresting her father, she thinks she has earned the right to know. Jack gives her that there is a terrorist threat due to Ali but she wants to know what kind? Jack tells her it is nuclear and she uses the same expression as ever as Jack watches her absorb this information. Jacks phone rings and it is Mason. He asks how things are and then tells him that Kim was in a car accident when she was being transferred. After Jack establishes that she is okay he wants to know what she was doing with the local authorities anyway, they were supposed to send people to get her. Mason tells Jack that by the time they got there she had already left with what may have been a deputy claiming jurisdiction on a murder case. Mason says that Kim ran off after the accident but Mason is unsure whether she was running from the local authorities or from LA. Jack is frustrated and reminds Mason that he promised he would take care of this, "you gave me your word." Jack practically begs him to find her and Mason tries to console Jack by telling him that she is outside the projected blast radius but Jack just tells Mason to find her. When he gets off the phone Kate asks what that was about. Jack lets her know that is was about his daughter and she wants to know if she is involved in all of this. Jack answers quickly and forcefully no and so Kate concludes that she is in some kind of trouble then.
Mike tells Palmer that the evidence against Roger Stanton is in-actionable, the connection between him and Bauer’s plane is still circumstantial but Palmer doesn't want to allow him to interfere anymore. There is not time for a warrant but Mike suggests that they take him out of play now and they'll deal with the legal ramifications tomorrow. Palmer seems to not believe that Sherry was right, his own people were working against him. Mike thinks that Stanton will not be easy to break and the president may have to expand the limits. Lynn is outside on the phone talking to Sherry. Lynn says that she cannot disturb the president right now but Sherry protests that David can't keep her out of the loop, she is the one that tipped them off about Roger. She wants to know what he is doing about Stanton but Lynn doesn't know, she is sure that if the president wanted their input he would ask for it. Sherry tells Lynn that she took credit for her changes in Palmers speech and she is okay with that but all she is trying to do is help David get through this day. Lynn says she will see what she can do.
Jack gets Kate out of the car where there is a team waiting for action. Jack tells them that Kate is to stay with him and is given a badge on a chain as they start to plot what they are going to do. They agree that they can't just storm the mosque because he will take his own life before they can get to him. They must wait for them to finish and them take him out surgically. Baker, the same agent that was at the house, is doubtful and reminds Jack they are working on a hunch, he might not even be at this mosque. Kate pipes up that she will go on and identify him. Jack dismisses this saying he doesn't feel comfortable with that but Kate persists. She says they are all in a bad situation and she wants to help. Jack asks doubtfully "Do you really think you can do this?" and Kate replies yes, she wants to help and Jack tells them to get the schematics of the building.
Roger is working on his laptop and his access is denied. He tries again and gets the same result. Mike tells Palmer that everything is in place so Palmer gives them the okay. Three men enter, they are from the military, and they go right to Roger. He looks confused and asks Mike what is going on. The decorated soldier speaks telling Roger that he is placing him under arrest for conspiracy to commit treason. Roger plays dumb and asks what he is talking about. The two soldiers stand him up and he tells them "hands off." He demands to speak to the president and is told that he'll get his chance. Roger moves towards the glass office that Palmer is in and looks at him before he is led away to the elevator. Lynn enters Palmers office looking slightly perturbed and tells David that Ms. Palmer has been trying to reach him for the last 1/2 an hour and David says he knows. Lynn says she is on line 7 right now and after Lynn leaves, David picks it up answering 'yeah Sherry, what is it?' She is relieved to get through to him and wants to know what he decided, did Roger admit to having Jack Bauer's plane shot down? David says no, they don't know any more than they did an hour ago. Sherry tries to challenge his decision but he isn't hearing of it. He says he doesn't run his decisions past her, she is not on his staff and she is not his wife. Sherry reminds him that that was his choice and David ends the conversation, he'll see her soon.
Michelle gets off the phone with the FBI as Tony comes and sits down on a desk nearby. He starts an awkward conversation with "what we were talking about before..." Michelle says that she shouldn't have put him on the spot like that but Tony, to Michelle's surprise, says he's glad she did. There's been something hanging between them since she started here and the thing is he made a decision a while ago to keep his office life and his personal life separate but just as he gets this out the phone rings. Michelle gets off and tells Tony there is a problem in room 7, Tony says that's Bob Warner. He gets up and heads down the hall with Michelle watching him. We can hear Bob yelling. Tony enters the room and there are 2 guards holding him back. As Tony passes the chair he picks it up and slams it down again, telling the guards to sit him down. Bob continues to yell somewhat incoherently about being held illegally and Tony tells him to calm down. Bob makes a bit more sense now saying desperately that whatever Reza told them, he's lying. Tony asks Bob if he wants to have a conversation or does he want him to lock him up for the rest of the night. Bob asks where his daughters are and Tony replies that Marie left CTU about 5 minutes after Reza so Bob asks what about Kate? When Tony doesn't answer right away he asks if something happened to Kate? Tony says that she is with one of their agents and he is going to have to trust them.
Jack is giving Kate instructions using a map of the mosque. She is to enter and go to the women’s prayer area in the back. As she passes she needs to look and see if she can see Ali. She only gets one shot at this as when she leaves they will have their backs to her. If she sees him she is to leave by the fire exit and they will be waiting. They start to walk and Jack turns to Kate asking if she is sure about this. She says yes so he hands her a small device telling her that if she feels that she is in danger at any time, press the button and it will send a distress signal to his radio, they will come in immediately. And be careful. She leaves Jack and crosses the street, entering the Mosque. She is greeted as she walks in looking really suspicious. He tells her that the prayers have already begun and she says sorry she was late, there was traffic as she takes her shoes off revealing red toenails. He asks her if she has prayed with them before and she says yes, but it has been a couple of months, she's been away. She walks by the men trying to see them from behind a semi-transparent partition. She walks slowly and stops as she sees Ali. He looks not directly at her, but he would be able to see her out of his peripheral vision. She abruptly turns and walks towards the women as Ali sees her for sure this time. She manages to drop the panic button Jack gave her, picks it up and makes a beeline for the door, As she exits on to the street, still without shoes, Jack jumps out from behind a wall and grabs her wrist, holding her against the wall. He covers her mouth and says quietly "It's me, its Jack." He lets her go and asks if she is okay, to which she says yes. Pointing at the building she says that he's in there, Syed Ali is in there. Jack leads her away.
Mike tells Palmer that Rogers last call was to Virginia, they weren't able to get a number but it is a Langley prefix. Palmer concludes that it was the CIA. Palmer enters the room that they are holding Roger and he stands. Palmer tells him to sit down and Roger, looking humbled, does. Palmer starts by saying that they have it all, he reactivated OP-COM and used it to communicate with Colonel Samuels as little as 2 hours ago. They connected Samuels to the mercenaries that tried to kill Jack Bauer. It seems like he wants the bomb to go off and if people die he will be executed, if not he will spend life in prison. Palmer says he want to find the bomb so he offers him a deal. "You tell me everything, and I mean everything" and he'll forget it. Roger will still get his pension, immunity, no one will ever know about it. Palmer asks if they have a deal and Roger sits for a second and then says that he doesn't know what he is talking about "Mr. President", he claims he's done nothing wrong and he doesn't know any more about the bomb them Palmer does. At this Palmer leaves.
Jack gives a description of the person they are looking for to the other agents, Kate and Jack will be upstairs waiting. When she sees Ali exit she will tell Jack who will radio Agent Baker and he will tell the troops to move. No one is to move before and they are to shoot to wound only. There are 19 minutes left before the service is out and Jack asks if everyone is clear, they can't afford any mistakes. Everyone moves to their positions and Jack and Kate move to lookout and she is given and CTU jacket and some binoculars. After looking for a few seconds Jack turns to Kate and says "what you did for us in the mosque, I thought it was really courageous, thank-you." Kate looks at him and says "are you kidding me? I'm still shaking." but Jack assures her that she did great. There are 17 minutes left.
Kim is walking around in the bushes, there is no chopper noise now but she is visibly tired. She hears something off in the bushes and it is something breathing. She sees a cougar through the bushes and she runs away. The cat chases her as she tries to get away around rocks and bushes but as she is running she steps in a trap. Kim falls and tries to pull herself free but has no luck and as she looks up she sees the cougar on a rock. It makes a noise at her and she (rightfully) looks scared.
Palmer is in the car and they are going to what appears to be a more secluded area. When they arrive Palmer gets out and walks across the lawn, telling the agents to stay back. He meets a man he calls Ted who asks if Palmer wanted to see him. Palmer says yes and asks him a series of questions. How long has he been with the secret service? Ted answers 5 years. They establish that Ted worked on some 'other' operations under the CIA that he was reluctant to admit to at first. Palmer wants to make sure Ted understands the gravity of the situation and he says yes. Palmer asks if he knows Roger is no longer the head of NSA and Ted heard he was arrested. Palmer tells him that what he is going to ask him to do falls outside his job description but Ted wants him to cut to the chase. Palmer says he is asking him to extract information from Roger so Ted asks, if he resists, how far is he permitted to go? As far as you have to is Palmers reply.
Michelle calls Tony urgently. She just got off the phone, their agents at Warner Enterprises are dead and so is Reza, a janitor found them. Michelle says that the last time she talked to one of the agents, Macabe, Marie Warner was there. Tony asks if she was there during the shootings and Michelle says she was the only one to leave the building in the last 40 minutes.
Tony picks up the phone and calls Jack, asking him if he is still with Kate? Jack confirms that he is indeed still with Kate so Tony tells him that he has some information and he needs to keep the conversation one sided. Jack says okay so Tony tells Jack they are all dead and there is strong evidence that Marie was the shooter. Jack says he under stands and Tony asks if Kate has been contacted. Jack says no but Tony thinks they should treat Kate as an unknown. Jack steps away from Kate and says that Ali's men would have killed her if they hadn't gotten there. If they were both in on it they would have known. Tony tells Jack that it is his call and hangs up. Kate gets Jacks attention and asks if they are still holding her dad? Jack answers yes. What about her sister, has anyone heard about her? Jack says he doesn't think so.
Marie, who has dyed her hair, finds a set of lockers at Marko's work. She approaches the foreman and says that Bill told her he was the guy in charge. He corrects her and says he is the foreman but she doesn't care. She needs to get something out of her boyfriends locker. He asks who her boyfriend is and she says Marko, but not anymore, they had a fight last night. The foreman asks if that is why he's not at work and she just says it was a pretty bad fight, she still needs to get something out of his locker. The foreman resists, he can't go opening lockers but Marie asks can't or won't? She grabs his hand seductively and says that she would show him her appreciation and she'd show it first. He asks what she means and she returns the question 'is this your office?' He says yes and she asks if is has a lock. The foreman understands and they go in.
Roger is set up with his feet in a pail of water and Ted has the electrical paddles like the ones used in hospitals. Ted tells him that time is of the essence. He asks Roger, slowly and deliberately what his agenda is and who else is involved. There is no answer so Ted shocks him. Ted returns and turns it up. Who else knows about the bomb Mr. Stanton? Who have you been working with. Roger answers he doesn't know anything and receives another shock. Ted asks again "Who are you working with Mr Stanton?" Palmer is watching on his laptop.
Tony enters the room with Bob who asks what is going on with Kate? What is she doing with one of their agents? Tony looks solemn and tells Bob that Reza is dead. Bob reacts typically and Tony says that he and three of their agents were shot and killed at his office. Bob asks what about Marie, is she ok? and when Tony answers he starts to fall apart saying 'please tell me she's okay.' Tony ploughs ahead saying that he's sorry to have to tell him this Mr Warner but we believe Marie committed the murders. Bob doesn't believe it and accuses Tony of trying to trick him.
The mosque is letting out and Jack tells all teams to be alert, they're coming out now. Jacks asks Kate if she can see him yet and she says no, then wait, he might be with some other men, she can't see his face. Jack encourages her to take her time and be sure. When she sees the men split and one put on a baseball cap she is sure it's not him. Jack begins to look worried and Kate says she doesn't see him. Jack says to keep looking, he has to be in the crowd. Finally the greeter appears and Kate says that he would normally be the last one out. Jack radios the people out back asking if he's there and they say no. Jack swears at nothing in particular and then turns on Kate asking "you would tell me if you saw him?" Kate looks baffled and says of course and noticing the way Jack is eyeing her asks why he is looking at her like that, as if she's suspicious. Jack tells her to relax, obviously deciding that she is telling the truth and says that Ali must have seen her. Jack radios Baker and tells him to secure the building hands off he binoculars to an agent standing by and enters the Mosque. Jack identifies himself to the man in there as a federal agent and he has a warrant, they have identified an international terrorist that may be there. The man asks if he has a search warrant and produces one saying "yes I do, sir." We hear a noise in the background and see red coming from another room. Jack and Baker move towards it telling Kate to stay behind and as they enter the room there is a man sitting in the middle of it on fire. Baker puts a blanket on him as Jack gets the fire extinguisher and they put the fire out. The man is now on the floor and they turn him over. He is definitely cooked and Jack says the clothes match, Baker says he's dead. Kate is in the room and is completely grossed out by the scene. Jack wants Mason on the line, Ali has killed himself.
We move to a split screen and we see Marie getting into the locker, Bob looking through a CTU file looking upset and then we go back to Jack who is looking at the body. Jack tells the person on the other end of the radio that he'll get back to them and kneels by the mans feet. Jack says that these clothes don't belong to this man, the pants are 3 inches too short. Jack gets back on his radio and tells the other agents to maintain their positions, Ali is still in the building.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-For the first time ever I got a warning about viewer discretion before the show, after every commercial break.
-So obviously Ali knows Marie very well, he calls it 'our' mission, she must have helped plan it.
-nice purse Marie, what else has she got in there, a couple of grenades? She's got quite the collection now, gun, hard drive...
-I cannot believe that she shot and killed her fiancée. Brutal. Talk about tough love.
-So, I can handle it if Marie is in with Ali, but answer me this one question: Who the hell plans a wedding in a city that they are planning to blow up ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING?!?! This must have something to do with the plot, either that or the writers really screwed up.
-Another indication Marie knows not only Ali, but his associates, she knew exactly where to go when Ali said the trigger was at "the place that Marko works".
-I had a little reminder/flashback of last season; Mason isn't keeping Jack in the loop about Kim. This is not new material. I would have hoped Masons word would actually be worth something, especially in his dying hours.
-good answer about Kim, Jack, flat out rude 'no' when Kate asks if Kim is involved.
-Sherry and Lynn are like siblings, very very cranky and bitchy siblings, constantly fighting for a parents attention (Palmer in this case)
-I love Jacks outright doubt with Kate when he asked her "Do you really think you can do this?'. When exactly did Kate grow a spine?
-Remember last season... the last time a civilian went into an operation we ended up with a stabbed Drazen, although that worked to Jacks advantage in the end. Without the injured Drazen there wouldn't have been a bargaining chip for his own life.
-I think David knows more about Sherry's position than we know. How did he know Sherry was looking for him?
-Is Michelle really bad or are we just supposed to think she is?
-I absolutely love the stuttering unsure about my feelings Tony...it's just great and well played by Mr Bernard. Of course, then he goes and plays bad-ass-Tony with Bob and does that with even more energy. Classic.
-Tony neglected to mention to Bob that Kate isn't with any agent, she is with THE agent.
-I think the only thing less subtle than the team outside the Mosque is Kate inside the Mosque. She may as well have walked in completely naked or walked up to the prayer leader and tapped him on the shoulder, got everyone’s attention and said "Hi, my name's Kate Warner. Syed Ali kidnapped me and there are about 20 federal agents outside looking for him. Which one of you is him?"
-So we see the agents give Kate a jacket that fits her completely perfectly, how many agents have we seen that are exactly Kate's build anyway? They just have them laying around somewhere? The question I have is, what about the shoes? She took them off in the mosque but we didn't see her get any back.
-When Kate left the Mosque and Jack grabbed her, I was forcefully reminded of when Jack showed up to save Kim and Teri and pinned Teri against the wall the same way.
-I wonder if Kate really had prayed there before...she may be in on it after all? Either that or it may have been Marie, they are supposed to be sisters. Or maybe the greeter was on drugs (i.e. seeing things)
-That was a pretty sweet deal that Palmer offered Roger. You could tell he was considering it. Bet he wished he'd taken it by the end of the hour.
-Did anyone else think it sounded wrong to hear Palmer say execute? It just wasn't right, completely out of character.
-Another tie in to season 1, shoot to wound only - anyone remember Teddy (I think that was his name)?
-If Kate and Jack keep this up I'm going to need a bucket. All this mushy stuff is crap. In lines like "you did great" you can hear me retching in the background.
-ooohh, Kitty! (anyone else seen Monsters Inc?)
-If I hadn't seen the previews for this episode I would have been totally lost with the Ted stuff until we saw Roger and him.
-Oh Marie, if only you father could see you now, hoaring yourself for the cause of blowing up all of LA. What would he say?
-I love the look the foreman gave when he realized what Marie was talking about. He looked like he had just been told Christmas was coming twice a year from now on.