Originally Aired 1.7.03
2.9 - The Sander

Ron Weiland is on TV, still talking about the fact that he as detained for 6 hours. Sherry Palmer is on the phone trying to find a source as she watches Ron on TV. David enters and is very angry. He goes towards Sherry and demands to know what is going on. She plays dumb and says "you tell me." and David does, he accuses her of letting Ron out. She defends herself saying that if she had the resources to get him out, which she doesn't, why would she?. She goes on to swear on the lives of their children that she didn't do it. Before we can see what Palmer thinks, Mike comes in with some disturbing news. They leave the room to a computer where Palmer is shown the surveillance tapes, they show Aramis letting Ron out of the room. Palmer deduces that whoever Aramis is working for is trying to stop them from finding the bomb.
Jack is on the badly wounded plane that is jarring all over the place. All the passengers are buckled in, including the agent that was knocked out at the end of last episode. Jack informs the passengers that they will be going down any minute and he needs to get the coordinates to George. Jack gets on the phone and informs CTU that he doesn't know what is going on. They think it may have been a bomb but they are unsure. They do know that they have found a safe place to crash land on a riverbank. He gives the coordinates to Mason, Tony and Michelle who are all listening in. Jack turns to Nina and tries to convince her to give them the location of the bomb. They may not survive the crash and they need to know, Jack reminds her that they have complied with everything she has asked for. When she resists Mason wants to talk to her and Jack puts him on speakerphone. Mason tells Nina that she got her pardon, what else does she want? Nina is set on the fact that Jack will kill her but Mason tells her that is what Phillips, the other agent, is there for, to protect her. She argues that he can't protect her from Jack but Jack seems to not really care, he gives her his word that he will "not harm her in any way", his only interest is finding the bomb. Nina doesn't buy it but now the other agent jumps out of his seat and points his gun at her. He wants her to do one last good thing with her life and tell them where the bomb is. Jack is yelling at him to put his weapon down and go back to his seat and the pilot comes over the intercom to tell them they are going down. Jack tries to hurriedly tell Mason that they are going down now and the coordinates will be off but he is cut off on the CTU end by a loud bang and then they just hear static. Mason looks upset but Michelle seems to take it well. Tony, on the other hand looks very disturbed as he pulls off the headset like it contains something awful.
Palmer re-enters the room that Sherry is in and apologises, letting her know that Aramis was the one that let Ron out. Again Palmer apologises saying he is sorry that he jumped to the wrong conclusion. She is very reasonable saying she doesn't expect his attitude towards her to change overnight and she accepts his apology. She then asks what he is going to do, to which David replies that he is going to talk to the press, he may have to go after Ron’s credibility. Sherry doesn't like this and reminds him that it is based on fact, she wants him to tell the truth since that is what he does best. He pulled it off with Keith and their divorce but the look on David’s face makes her ask what he is thinking. David seems to be pondering and says he was just wondering if she has really changed or if she has just gotten better at pretending. She looks like she has a few words for him but Mike again interrupts. David is told this time that Jack's plane has gone down but there are no details yet. Palmer just utters 'my God' and leaves the room.
Jack rolls out of part of the pane wreckage landing solidly on the ground. He is in visible pain and his holding his side as he gets up and takes a few steps. He doesn't get far and falls down again. Jack looks down and discovers a large piece of tree lodged in his thigh which he slowly pulls out with a bit of a yell and tosses it aside. He stands again looking at the remains of the plane and tries to walk away, using the plane to help him. Jack spots Rick, the other agent, and goes to him. Rick is still in his chair and Jack has to move a piece of the plane to get to him. Rick wakes with one word "Meyers" and Jack tells him that he hasn't found her, he doesn't even know if she made it. Rick looks pretty rough but tells Jack he has to find her but Jack is already in motion grabbing Rick’s cell and his keys as he wonders off. He doesn't get far until he sees another chair from the plane, face down at the bottom of a small slope. Jack goes down and flips it over unveiling an unconscious Nina. He unlocks her cuffs on her feet and unbuckles her seatbelt, tossing the chair aside. She is not breathing and he, surprisingly, starts to try and revive her. He moves her tongue aside and gives her three breaths as he listens for her to breathe on her own. Finally she gasps in and coughs, turning over away from Jack. He collapses beside her and coughs as well but then tries to get up as he winces.
Michelle is checking images taken from the ground around the time the plane was shot down. Mason comes in and she shows him what she has found. "They were shot down?" was Masons reply to seeing the image as we see a drip on the monitor, and then a few more as Mason sniffles we realize he nose is bleeding. Michelle doesn't look too concerned and Mason makes a quick exit from the room. Just after he leaves he is approached by Tony wanting to know why he put Bob Warner and Reza back in the same room. Tony tells Mason that he had them separated for a reason, but Mason says they were only apart because he told them to do it. Tony is obviously mad that Mason has gone behind his back and questions why Mason, who was trying to save his own tail before, is now back at CTU all gung-ho for saving the city. Mason tells him to back off but Tony won't hear of it, 'not today'. Finally Mason confides in Tony asking him if he remembers the warehouse. He lays out the clues and Tony picks it up asking 'you were exposed?' Mason confirms this and Tony, still not sympathetic, asks how long he has. Mason quietly replies he probably won't be alive by this time tomorrow. The news seems to now register with Tony who says he doesn't know what to say and that he's sorry. His tone of voice is gradually changing to worry as he asks if anyone else knows. Mason says no, just Jack and now him and he'd like to keep it that way. Tony asks if he needs anything but Mason just wants him to do his job and leaves him standing there.

Bob and Reza are now sharing a room and they are both silent. Mason comes in and goes over what they know which is they both claim not to know anything. Mason tells Reza to sit down but Reza says he'd rather stand. Mason tells him again to sit down and then physically does it for him. Mason is mad and asks him where he thinks he is. Mason proceeds to tell the two of them that they found the place that the nuke was assembled and there they found a bill from their company which he shows them. Neither of them gives anything away at this revelation and so Mason continues, offering them a deal. The first one to talk gets immunity, this is a one-time offer that is only good for the next 10 minutes.
Miguel and Kim are still at the police station and the officer says they will be leaving in just a second. Miguel seems like he knew the cop had been lying, asking "what did I tell you?" The officer says that his captain overruled the call to CTU but Kim protests reminding him that she told him about the bomb. He is now very disbelieving, practically mocking Kim by saying "yeah, I know, a bomb." They again encourage him to call CTU but he declines, he says he is a cop and he as his orders. Kim still believes that her dad will fix things but Miguel is doubtful and speculates that maybe Kim was right about her dad, he is really messed up. She now seems to have forgiven him and sees the light. She tells Miguel "Everything I've said about my father was because I was angry and I blamed him for what happened to my mom." Miguel thinks "Maybe you were right," but Kim isn't hearing of it, "No," she says, "It wasn't his fault, he did the best he could, it just all turned out wrong."
Reza and Bob are still at CTU, but Reza is in dismay. He asks Bob if they can keep them here without a lawyer but Bob has little response. Reza is angry and yells at the walls that he has nothing to hide, he hasn't done anything wrong. At this he turns to Bob and asks what about him, does he have anything to hide? Bob assures Reza he doesn't but Reza presses on wanting to know who made the authorization then. Bob has heard enough and tells Reza not to interrogate him, that is exactly what they want but Reza is not asking for them. Outside, Mason, Tony and Michelle are watching the specometer of their voices and Tony observes out loud that Reza is steady where Bob is everywhere. Reza is becoming more and more upset by the second as he yells at Bob that a nuclear bomb pretty much concerns everyone and he is beginning to think that all the generosity and acceptance is a load of crap. Bob calmly advises Reza to sit down and shut up before he says something that he is going to regret for the rest of his life. Reza accuses Bob of lying to him but Bob just turns his chair slightly away. Reza jumps up and goes to the camera where the agents are watching and says he can track the order through the database at the office and as they come to get Reza Bob asks him not to do this.
Michelle asks Tony where Mason is but Tony doesn't know. She asks Tony to tell him that the team is 12 minutes from the site of Jacks plane crash. Michelle wants to know what is going on with Mason but Tony plays dumb. Michelle asks "he's sick, isn't he? He's got some kind of radiation poisoning." She says that she put the clues together, he was throwing up in the bathroom according to another agent, he got a nosebleed in the other room and besides, she says she can read Tony's face pretty good by now. She asks how bad and Tony just answers "Pretty bad." She asks if he can still run the place and Tony says yes, he thinks so. Michelle says that isn't good enough but Tony stands up for him saying he wants to do his job like he's never seen before but he assures Michelle that as soon as he steps out of line he'll deal with it. Michelle doesn't think Tony needs to be babysitting Mason but Tony doesn't care and ends the conversation.
Sherry stops Lynn and lets her know she makes some corrections to the speech she wrote but Lynn is not grateful. She gets right into Sherry about how she got a copy of it since David hasn't even seen it yet. Sherry got it from Penny but Lynn is still angry and lets Sherry know that she is only there because Palmer thinks she can help but she needs to back off. Sherry is now angry as well and responds with "put your back down, Lynn." and proceeds to tell her that she is not here to trespass, she is here to help and that is why she came to Lynn with the corrections instead of going right to David. Lynn says that that sounds like a threat but Sherry brushes it off and lets Lynn know how important this speech is, Ron could bring down his presidency. Lynn says she knows and Sherry thinks she owes it to David to look at the revisions as she throws it aside and leaves the room.
Jack is getting the survival stuff out of what is left of the plane and as he exits he goes and uncuffs Nina from a part of it she was held to. The two of them head out as Jack visibly limps but they don't get far until they hear some people. They are in camouflage and speaking English but instead of helping they walk over and kill Rick, the other agent. At this Jack demands to know from Nina who they are and if they are here for her. She doesn't know who they are but there is one approaching them which Jack kills with the flare gun. This has gotten the attention of the others and Nina looks like she is going to go for the dead soldiers gun but Jack yells at her to not even think about it, to get going and he takes his gun and ammo, they can take cover in the creek bed. As they run he enlists her to run recon and handle the ammo because there are so many of them. He reminds her that if she screws him now, they are both dead.
Kate is still unconscious in a room and there is a man on the phone speaking in another language. He finishes and goes to wake Kate up. When she comes around he offers her some water or tea and he calls her by her name. She asks how he knows her name and he assures her he knows more than that about her like that she got a degree from Stanford so she asks who he is. He introduces himself as Syed Ali and asks if she knows who he is? She says she has heard his name but she knows nothing else about him. He doesn't believe her and asks what she found in her fathers files, she was looking in places she doesn't belong and must have seen something. She plays dumb and says she knows absolutely nothing but Ali still isn't buying it and leads her into another room where Paul, the investigator, is being tortured. Kate flips and Ali says that they know her father but what did she see and who did she tell. Kate and Paul stand their ground saying they didn't tell anyone anything because they saw nothing. Ali continues saying that "nothing can get in the way of this sacred day," but both Kate and Paul again say they know nothing so the man doing the torturing fires up the sander and the appropriate yelling ensues
Jack and Nina are still getting shot at with Jack lower than Nina as she gives coordinates as to where the shooters are and he fires at them. He needs more ammo and we see Nina pull two out of the bag, pocket one and tell Jack that this is the last one as she tosses it to him. He fires the rest of them off and then tosses the gun aside, going for his regular gun and taking down a few more. The CTU chopper shows up and takes out the rest of them as Jack keeps telling Nina to get down. Jack moves out ahead and is watching making sure none of them are still alive but behind him Nina grabs the gun that he had thrown aside, loads it as Jack realizes what she has done and stops in his tracks. She points it at him and tells him to drop his gun as he looks defeated and angry with himself. She warns him again to put it down, saying she doesn't want to shoot him just yet but she will if she has to. She shoots in the ground around him and the CTU crew come over the embankment with guns drawn at Nina. Jack tells them not to shoot her, she is the only one that knows where the bomb is. Nina wants to talk to the president.
Kim sees Megan walking and she calls her over. Megan steps away from the officer and runs to Kim. They hug as the officer catches up with her. Kim asks Megan where she is going and is told she is going with her moms sister, Emily. Kim asks where she lives and Megan says she lives in Santa Barbara, is Kim coming? Kim says she will be there soon as Megan is led away by the officer to her aunt. Kim and Miguel ponder how far away from LA Santa Barbara is and they figure it is about 100 miles. Kim is happy that she will be far away as Megan waves goodbye.
Marie is sitting, waiting as Reza, Mason and Tony are leaving to go to the office. Michelle approaches them and gives them the information about Jack and Nina so Mason and Tony send another agent with Reza to the office. Reza pipes up to Tony that he wants to talk to Marie, they were supposed to be married in an hour. Tony complies and Marie comes over and hugs him. He is in cuffs and she tells him that a lawyer is coming but he won't be needing a lawyer, he awkwardly tells her that her dad might be needing one, though. This snaps her out of her upset state as Reza explains that he tried to use him, both of them. She doesn’t believe him but Reza ploughs on saying that one of them is connected to all this and he knows it isn't him. He says he's sorry and he loves her but she is very upset and doesn't understand how Reza could turn on her father after everything he's done form him and walks away from him as Tony says that they need to go.
Palmer and Mike are around the phone, Palmer decides Mike should talk to Nina first, she shouldn't get access to the President until they get something in return. Mikes voice is heard by Nina and Jack through a walkie talkie set on the ground nearby. Nina reminds him she wanted to talk to the president but Mike stands by that he is not available. Nina threatens that he must put him on if they want to stop the bomb but when she is told that Mike's been given power to negotiate she begins to talk. She lets them know that what she wants is non negotiable, she will tell them where the bomb is in for exchange for immunity. Palmer puts his hands in the air, they've already granted her a total pardon. Nina goes on the tell them that this is for a crime she hasn't committed yet and when Mike enquires her response is, "The murder of Jack Bauer." Jack takes this news well, in fact, Palmer looks more upset about it than Jack. Nina continues that if they add that, she will tell them everything. Mike asks what happens if they don't comply but at this Jack says they have no choice. Mike asks if that is Jack calling him Mr Bauer and Jack responds by asking Mike to tell the president that he sees no other choice but to accept the deal. At this Palmer wants to talk to CTU on a secure line. Mason is in charge with Michelle in his office and Tony pacing in and out of the room. They ask if there are any alternatives or weaknesses that CTU know about that they can exploit but there are none. Mason deduces that she knows Jack and if she doesn't kill him now, he will find her and kill her later. Palmer becomes formal and asks "so in your assessment, Nina Meyers is our best chance", Mason sees this as their only chance. Palmer is now visibly frustrated with the situation that he has been put in and looks lost for a response. Mike avoids his eyes as Palmer makes an indistinguishable noise and gets up from the desk, moving to the window. Palmer gets on the phone with Nina and very deliberately speaks "Miss Meyers," if the information you provide leads us to the interception of the devise, "you will get everything you ask for, you will be pardoned, in advance, for the murder of Jack Bauer." At this, the gravity of the situation seems to hit Jack, who looks at the ground as Nina replies "I can live with that." Jack is in a hurry, and says "Start talking, Nina," and she does, giving them the information about Ali that they already have, which Mason tells her. She then gives them an address which is new to them. Palmer reminds her that she is not to take any action until they have put their hands on the bomb. Nina agrees to this and a touching conversation between Jack and Palmer ensues...
Palmer: "Jack?"
Jack: "Yes sir,"
P: "Is there anything you want me to do?"
J: (Holding back tears) "Please make sure my daughter is safe, sir, tell her that I love her..."
P: (With clipped words, trying not to show emotion) "I'll do that."
J: "Thank you, Mr. President."
P: "Jack..."
J: (Interrupting) "Mr. President, please, you don't need to say anything, sir, there was only one right choice and you made it."
P: (Backing away from the phone, whispers,) "...sorry Jack."
Palmer again goes to the window and while he looks we see a tear fall from the side as Mike assures him that he did the right thing. Lynn enters the room quietly and says the press core is waiting. Palmer takes out a perfectly folded napkin and wipes his eyes and heads out. Before he leaves he looks at the speech and tells Lynn that she likes the changes she has made to the speech as Sherry looks on.
Ali and his associate are still torturing Paul in front of Kate who keeps insisting that they don't know anything, how can she tell them what they don't know? Ali finally says he believes her, pulls out a gun and kills Paul. He tells his associate that if she knew anything she would have told them, kill her.
Back to Nina and Jack who is still on his knees as Nina is perched in a corer with the gun pointed at Jack still. She tells him that it won't take them long to find Ali and provokes Jack, asking "This isn't how you though it would end, is it Jack?" But Jack looks around and sees something that makes him resolute, "this isn't over yet."

Miscellaneous Thoughts

-I don't know if it is just me, but I still don't trust Sherry, maybe I'm just not as forgiving as Palmer...I'm more like Lynn.
-All I know is she'd better be telling the truth because she just swore on the lives of their children...that’s a pretty big deal.
-All this fancy stuff that happens around here I couldn't help but wonder if that was really Aramis that let Ron out. He never looked right at the camera and the picture didn't seem all that clear...body double?
-I had to smile when Nina said that Rick couldn't protect her from Jack. Oooh, the big bad Jack...sorry about your ego there Rick.
-Do we really think that if things had transpired differently Jack would have kept his word to Nina not to hurt her? He seems like a man of his word but that’s a pretty big word. I guess she didn't believe him anyway.
-The more I see of Tony, the more I like him. This guy is a good actor working with a great script and doing an awesome job but getting not a lot of recognition. Good on ya!
-How’s this for dedication - the first word out of Rick’s mouth being Meyers...I don't know but I think for me it would have been "ouch" or something more along those lines...he did just survive a plane crash after all
- For some strange reason I really don't think that Rick needed to remind Jack about Nina. I don't know, maybe it’s just me.
-That was pretty gross when Jack pulled that large piece of tree out of his leg. I found that grosser than the head in the bag by far.
-I really loved Jacks fall/roll out of the plane. And the judges give him...a 9.5 for that one!
-I laughed out loud when Palmer asked Sherry if she is just better at hiding her deceit this time around. I really like him
-What would she have said to that if they hadn't been interrupted? Me thinks we missed out on some good 'angry Sherry'
-Although I know that this is not the time to be worrying about things like this but before Jack resesitate Nina he stuck his fingers in her mouth, I guess to move her tongue aside, but his hands are SO dirty. That is really nasty.
-I was really hoping that he wasn't going to save her. I would have loved it. Who cares about the bomb, as long as she dies.
-After he revived her and she turned away from him, they were both out of breath, lying side by side looking pretty rough. Back this up a few years and remove some clothes and it could be deja-vu for these two.
-Just a show of hands, how many female Kiefer fans wished they were Clarke during that scene? Be honest!...that's what I thought
-I get the feeling Tony is really a sensitive guy, he seems to take death really hard (it's not something you want to take lightly,) and he seems to care. The thing is sometimes he can be a real hard-ass and he's good at that too.
-Every time I hear them talk about immunity this old survivor fan thinks of that immunity idol...somebody needs to get one of those for this show
-Kim has come a long way to forgiving Jack in the last few hours hasn't she?
-So, what is with Reza and sitting. That is the second time the agents have had to cause an ordeal to get him to sit down. Bruised tailbone or something? Really, what's up?
-I'm pretty sure Miguel was the one that suggested that they tell the cop about the bomb, wasn't it? Now he's all acting like it was Kim's idea
-Miguel has a lot of nerve talking about Jack like that. I don't think that it's that good of an idea to bad-mouth your significant others' parents, that is reserved for when you're married and they're your in-laws. You can knock them then as much as you want.
-Can they really hold Bob and Reza like that? It seems pretty unfair to me
-As far as I can tell Michelle is the Tony of this season. She wants Mason gone, is involved with a superior at work and is basically in the way. Does that mean Tony’s the mole?
-Love the catfight between Lynn and Sherry.
-Jack couldn't have found anything subtler than a flare gun to kill that guy with? Honestly, you don't have a gun, maybe even a silencer? That would be pretty good in this situation since they need to get away.
-How does Ali know Kate’s father? Future connection? Is he the one dealing with them?
-Ali calls this a 'sacred day'. Not only does that worry me but it also makes me think there might be a connection with something else here.
-I wonder who they think Kate and Paul told?
-Betcha Paul is ticked that he ever went to Kate’s...Where is Ralph Burton? That should have been him.
-I will never look at a sander in the same way.
-Jack, Jack, Jack, how could you trust Nina, even after she tried to grab the soldiers gun. Eeeediot
-Nina’s response to the deal with Palmer "I can live with that" !?!?!? They couldn't come up with anything better than that? Apparently Jack won't live with that and I doubt she will very long either.
-I'd bet Palmer is regretting even getting Jack involved in this day now.
-Finally I just want to say how touched I was with the exchange between Palmer and Jack. That was really powerful and emotional moment for the show, Haysbret has proven time and time again that he is right in the same league as an actor with Kiefer Sutherland and this, I think, was the best example of that.