Originally Aired 12.17.02
2.8 - About Time

The police officer that stopped Miguel and Kim last episode is asking Kim who the owner of the car is. Kim tells him that it is Megan's fathers. He asks if he gave it to them and she replies, not exactly, they took it without permission. The cop quickly turns it around and concludes it is stolen. Kim doesn't respond to this but just says she can't believe he killed her. Miguel informs the cop that they left to help Megan because of her dad. He asks why they didn't just go to the police? He asks them why instead he finds them 20 minutes outside of LA? When neither of them answers he starts to read them their rights.
Tony is arriving back at CTU and as they enter Marie asks if it is safe the be in there. Tony responds that it is alright as long as they stay away from cordoned off areas. Tony meets with Michelle and is informed that the final count is 30 dead, 17 wounded and 2 critical. He enquires about Paula but doesn't get any answer, which is answer enough. Bob Warner requests to talk to Tony alone but Tony sends him away and Mason appears. He asks if there is anything new and Tony bongs him up to speed that there is definitely a tie to Ali. He asks how hard he can push and Mason gives him the go to push as hard as he needs to.
Roger asks Lynn if she has a second and then enquires about the privileges given to Sherry. They decide that if she becomes a problem they will let the president know. The fact that she is his ex-wife is a problem before anything else.
Sherry is on the phone and as she hangs up she asks Palmer about Ron Weiland. She was on the phone with people from the network, she asks Palmer the obvious "You didn't detain him, did you?" She reminds him that she is trying to help him so Palmer lets her in on the fact that Ron is going to go public with the story about the nuke. Sherry thinks that he can't just keep him locked up but Palmer says there is precedent for this kind of action. He tells her that he has offered an exclusive to him when this is all over but he didn't want it. Sherry offers to talk to him and she reminds him she has always been good with the media. When Palmer enquires as to what she would say she just tells him she would make it worth Ron’s while not to say anything.
Kim and Miguel are talking about the possibility of sending Megan back to LA. Miguel says that he will tell the officer what they know but Kim discourages this. Miguel suggests that they try and get them to call Jack and let him sort it out with them. Kim tries to get the cop to call her dad when he comes back but he just tells her she can call her dad after she has been processed.
Nina asks Faheen who he is working with in LA as Jack waits behind the curtain getting the translations. Jack becomes frustrated and enters the room as Faheen says that it is too late, the operation will be done. Jack picks Nina up and gives his opinion that this is not working. Nina thinks that it will work, she just needs a little more time. They start to leave and tell them all that they need to set up at CTU. Nina warns that the more he gets Faheen into the system the more he will shut down. When they get to the cars Jack tells the FBI agent, Miller to make sure Faheen gets to the airport and he loads Nina into the van. Nina catches on to what she thinks Jack is going to do and starts yelling that now that he doesn't need her he is going to go and kill her. Miller tells Jack that his orders are to stay with Nina but Jack wants him to forget about his orders, they just need Faheen. Miller approaches Jack and tries to stop him but Jack pushes him away and points at him saying that "this has got nothing to do with you Rick, back off." Another agent gets Jack's attention with his gun drawn saying to "Step away from the car, Bauer." Jack looks back at Miller and his gun is out as well. In frustration Jack slams the car door and moves away.
Paul Koplin, an investigator working with Ralph Burton shows up at the house. He says that he will have to hack the passwords and assumes Kate is authorizing him to do this. Kate ponders a bit about the fact that they got taken in for questioning on their wedding day but the investigator takes it lightly and says that they are required to report any terrorist actions to homeland security right away. He plugs a small attachment into the back of the computer and they get to work.
Roger asks Aramis and Sherry where they are going as they are in a restricted area. Sherry says that she is going to see Ron and she bites Rogers head of because the guys are discussing her like she is not there. She enters the holding room with a simple "Hello Ron." Ron’s response is complete surprise and "just when I thought this day couldn't get any stranger." He tells Sherry about how he will have the story of the year, he has been kidnapped by the leader of the free world. Sherry informs him that there is precedent for this kind of action from the president in times like this. Ron doesn’t care, he's coming out with the story anyway. Sherry baits him by saying "We'd like to release you Ron" but they need him to be quiet. He doesn't think that is makes sense for some watered down story but Sherry suggests that Palmer will let Ron onside the OC for a report. Ron now wants to know why Palmer sent her of all people. How did she get back inside the presidents circle. She simply advises him to take the deal.
There are 3 men delivering the bomb in a larger, old truck. As they speak a tire blows. They are visibly frustrated and they bring out a jack but it has no handle. A guy drives up and offers help, which they accept.
On the plane Nina is sitting across from Faheen trying to convince him to talk. She says that the only way out is for him to cooperate, they are on the way to LA. He tells her that he is not afraid to die. Jack watches and listens to the translation intently. Nina realizes he will not talk and sits back, defeated. The viewers see Nina with the gift card she picked up last episode, then we see Jack continuing to work on his laptop and then Nina puts half of the gift card up her sleeve. She again starts to question Faheen asking how big the bomb is and what time it is supposed to go off. He has no response but then has some choice words for Nina: "You betrayed me, you betrayed us all. Trader." Jack has, again, heard enough and tells one of the agents to go and get Nina. Jack lets Nina know that they are out of time, she needs to be straight with him. She tells him that he was planning this 6 months before she went to prison. He presses her as to if she knew about the nuke and she replies, no. She knew it would be something big, but she didn't know what. Jack asks if there is another way around Faheen, but she says no. Jack asks if he is really willing to die and she assures him Faheen is. Jack looks at Faheen and then looks away from both of them. Nina asks his back "Jack, what are we gonna do?" but he just looks at her and tells the agent to take her back.
The tire is changed on the van and the guys thank the nice citizen who offers to further his help by letting them follow him to a place where they can get a new tire. They say no and try to pay him for his help. He will not hear of it, he just gives them his business card and tells them that he services pools in the area. Just tell someone who may need him.
Cops are talking in their cars over their radios about the story that Kim and Miguel have. They are not bothering to even try to be discrete, he thinks they are just telling stories. Once he is done on the radio the officer turns to Kim and says that her friend has quite the imagination. He presses on to ask if the bomb that is supposed to go off in LA is the reason that they didn't want Megan to go back to LA. Kim tries again to get the officer to call Jack and he finally tries to do something about it, calling dispatch and asking them to put him through to the FBI but the dispatcher says that she hasn't been able to reach them, she's been trying for 45 minutes but there is too much traffic on the lines. He asks himself "what the hell is going on?"

Sherry is giving a progress report to Palmer, Weiland is not playing ball. Palmer knows that he is going to have to let him go eventually and when he does he will have one hell of a story. Palmer dismisses Sherry telling her that will be all. Sherry isn't too happy about this, asking why he is treating her like this. Palmer assures her that this is not about her, he just has more important things to deal with today. Sherry spots a pattern and confronts David about the fact that he is always able to give people second chances, but not her. She tells him that she came there today to tell him that he was right to kick her off the campaign and right to file for divorce. Palmer is taken aback and ask where all this is coming from. She tells him that she was too caught up in the power. Palmer asks "Not now?" and she responds "of course, you know I live it" but now she is aware of what she can and can't handle. David sits back and questions "what are you asking?" Sherry wants to help Palmer and he can consider it a start of a new confidence. Palmer agrees but promises her nothing in return.
The guys that are delivering the bomb are driving again and the driver is upset. He pulls the van over and tells the others that he doesn't want to do this, he doesn't want to kill anyone. The one that is sitting shotgun pulls out a gun and shoots him. They both get out and they pull their friend out and the original shooter takes a bullet in the back and lays dead. The last one takes pulses of his friends and gets back in the truck.
Kate and Paul pull up the transaction records from Bob. He informs Kate that Reza made 4 withdrawals from the account totalling almost half of a million dollars. There was a cheque written to Ali, but Kate suggests that maybe it was just a business deal but he assures her that all of his business deals are terrorist oriented. Kate wants to know what her dads connection is to all of this and she insists that it is not a terrorist one. Paul pulls up Bob's schedule for the day of the transactions and finds nothing. Then he finds a file that he accesses almost daily and it is a government file. Paul tries to open it and it goes into an auto-delete, he pulls the code up and finds coordinates in it. He concludes that the only people that have files like this have government security clearance.
Bob is still waiting at CTU for Tony and when he enters Bob immediately asks why he was kept there so long. Tony ignores him and asks him to sit. It takes a second request for him to actually have a seat and Tony starts the recorder. He then sits across from Bob and asks what information he has. Bob says to Tony that he is not supposed to talk about it, but under the circumstances he thinks he can tell Tony that he is consultant for the CIA. He pulls out a card from his wallet for his liaison contact and asks Tony to call Langley. Tony seems unimpressed by this revelation and asks why he didn't give this information back at the house. Bob scoffs and replies "come on Agent Almeida, you know the drill," he's not supposed to talk to anyone. Tony wants to know what his I3 protocol is and Bob fills Tony in that he was approached because of his business overseas work. Information is passed through his company but he doesn't know what kind. Bob assures Tony that he is a patriot and he doesn't know why he was associated with Ali but Tony isn't buying anything and says that there is a connection and he is going to find out what it is. Tony is finished and leaves Bob alone again.
Michelle is on the phone with Kim and she is looking for Jack. Tony tells Mason that Bob does deliveries for the CIA and he has a legit contact code. Mason concludes that if that is true that means Reza is lying. Tony isn't quick to believe this and assures Mason that he pushed him pretty hard. Michelle stops Mason and tells him that Kim has been charged with murder and Mason quickly tells her to call Jack. He receives the call while on the plane still and Michelle says that she doesn't know how to tell Jack this but Kim is being held at the police station. Jack insists that this is a mistake and tells her to get Mason on it. He is already on the line and Kim spills everything that has happened and pleads for Jack to help her. He says that he is sending someone from CTU over but she wants Jack, not someone else. Jack notices Nina and Faheen speaking quietly to each other. Kim is crying on the phone and wants Jack to come and get her, she needs him there now. Jack asks for the translation and she is telling Faheen that the government went after his family. Kim says again she needs Jack, but he insists that she hold on. Nina tells Faheen that she has the power to save his family and Kim again cuts in but Jack tells her to hold on. The translator cannot hear what is being said now, the voices are too low, so Jack yells down to Nina, "Nina, what did he tell you?" "Everything" is her reply as she stands up and slashes Faheen's throat with the gift card. Jack gets up and over to them yelling "She just slit his throat" Panic ensues as those on the phone, especially Kim, are asking what is going on. Jack gets to Nina first as the other agents get over to them and 2 of them try and keep Faheen alive. Jack goes back to the phone and he yells for them to secure her. As one of them sits Nina down as she says "I know where the bomb is." She wants the plane to go do San Diego and she wants a civilian transport waiting for her. Jack asks in exasperation if George is getting any of this as he is told that Faheen is gone. Mason expresses his displeasure by saying that "I don't like getting dicked around like this," but he agrees that they need to do what she says. Jack tells them that they need to send the plane to San Diego and grabs a hold of Nina, pulls her closer and tells her that they will land the plane, she will tell them everything and they will hold her until they are sure the information is right.
Mason is again stopped by Michelle and she lets him know that they managed to extract a name from the conversation between Nina and Faheen and it is Marco Ashami. She has already connected him to Ali. Mason very deliberately takes off his jacket, rolls up his sleeves and goes right for Reza. He holds him against the wall by the throat and demands to know who Marco Ashami is. Tony chases Mason and slams him against the wall to get him to stop. Mason, while being held by Tony, starts to cough and then struggles free to a garbage can where it seems he gets sick.
Kim and Miguel are waiting to be picked up by people from CTU and Kim asks about Megan. She says that they cannot take her back to LA. The officer asks what Jack told them was going to happen and Kim at first resists but then tells the officer everything. He takes it very well and then leaves them.
Tony enquires if Michelle was able to pull anything else off of the tape but she says no, 99% of it was noise. Tony asks if she is ok and she says yes, she is just running on empty. Tony suggests that she get something to eat and then notices that she is bleeding just under her ear. She tells him that it is someone else’s blood and this makes him concerned. He tells her to go and take a few minutes, get cleaned up and changed. He assures her that she'll feel better and that they will survive this day. She leaves and he looks worried.
Lynn shows up and starts a conversation with the president as he is having a bite to eat. Palmer asks Lynn if she has a problem with Sherry being there and Lynn says that he thinks she is important. Palmer is forward and says that is not what he asked, he wants to know what she thinks. Mike comes barging in the room and goes right for the TV where Ron Weiland is there telling everything he knows. Aramis is supposed to be guarding that room.
Kate is still trying to piece together everything and Paul suggests that maybe Bob was monitoring Reza but Kate doesn't think that fits. Suddenly some guys show up and knock out both Kate and Paul, loading them both in a van and driving away.
Back on the plane Jack sits in front of Nina who is either pretending or trying to sleep. He looks at her for a second and then starts to speak slowly and deliberately:
"Sunday before you killed my wife... Teri and I went down to the boardwalk in Venice...just watching all the rollerbladers and musicians... laughing at the crazy people....spending time together. And Teri sees this snow cone stand... she giggles like a kid and takes off running and she wants to get in line, she wants one... I remember I watching her I just... I couldn't help myself. Then I look up at her and she's talking to this old lady in line behind her and the two of them were laughing and I remember thinking to myself 'how the hell does she do that? How does she strike up a conversation with an absolute stranger and...and they just start laughing like they've been friends forever.' That's a gift...I remember thinking, God I wish I could do that...but I can't. That was Teri, my wife. That's what you took from this world, Nina...that's what you took from me, and my daughter. I just wanted you to know that."
Nina at first shows no emotion and the looks mildly affected by this but then it disappears into contentedness. Jack gets up and Nina watches. Just as he starts to walk we hear something coming and it hits the plane, the passengers get rocked around. One of the agents hits the wall and falls and Jack yells that there is a man down. From the outside we see that the plane is on fire.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-what is the deal with the cordoned off areas at CTU? They keep talking about them and I have a feeling that this may play into the plot at some point.
-Tony asks Mason how hard he can push and Mason answers as hard as he needs to. I really would have liked to see Tony interrogate Reza again. I feel like we missed something because he asks Mason about it and then later he says he pushed him pretty hard, so we definitely missed something that I would have liked to see. Although he can't have pushed him too hard because we didn't learn anything. Either that or Reza is clean, which I think is probable.
-So, if I point at you with my index finger and tell you to back off that means I mean it. Now, what if I point with my index and pinkie finger like Jack did when he was trying to take Nina? Does that mean I really mean it or does that mean I'm a punk-rocker? (insert picture of Sutherland with blue-spiked hair and many many earrings here.)
-Nina just couldn't wait to start talking about what she thought Jack was going to do to her.
-Speaking of which, what was Jack going to do with Nina? Were they going to the airport or was there a stop along the way that she possibly would have ended up dead? Maybe he was going to tell her what he told her on the plane...I wish she would have shut up and let him kill her. She deserves it.
-Again I will ask if there is any significance in the fact that the original investigator, Ralph Burton is not there? Who is the new guy Paul? Is this a factor in the future? Is maybe Ralph dead? There may be more than one group working here, or I just may be reading too much into it and the actor who played him might not be around.
-What did Paul plug into the USB port on the back of Kate's computer? It looked like something like a transmitter or maybe a portable hard drive. It was something that we watched him do so it must mean something.
-The guys that are planting the bomb either need to speak English (we know they can, they spoke to the nice citizen) or they need to subtitle because honestly, time is precious and if I can't understand what is going on I don't want my precious 24 time wasted with stuff that I don't understand. We got the gist of what was going on but I still think we need more understanding or less time spent. Either that or I need to pick up another language.
-So, let me get this straight. There is money floating around all over this operation , they have purchased a nuclear weapon, likely bought some allies and blown a whole truckload of money on this operation but that was the best truck they could get? Sure, whatever.
-Was that tire blown or shot out?
-I really thought that they were going to kill that guy that stopped to help them, and then I realized that this is LA, he might kill them.
-The word 'we' was used 2 times in this episode that made me raise an eyebrow. One was Sherry when she was talking to Ron. "We'd like to let you go, Ron..." We? who exactly is we? Does she even have a say in how this is handled? The second was Nina. She was on the plane and asked Jack "What are we gonna do?" Again, We?? I was totally lost by this comment and you could see that Jack was taken aback by this comment and it hit a little too close to the past for him. Just like old times, huh Jack? Betcha he wished he could have gotten away with her before they got on the plane.
-Hmm, let the police officer think here...Kim and Miguel have this same crazy story about some bomb and now the FBI lines are busy. I wonder if that could possibly mean something like they are too busy giving information to each other to spend time checking on Kim's story. Maybe they are passing intelligence on the bomb. Gee, it seems to fit.
-The whole part with Sherry and David when she apologises to him I didn't like at all. First of all I think she is lying. She did not come there to apologise, she came to try and get involved with him. The way she says "you know I love it." about the power just makes me cringe. The only part that I really liked was the way Palmer was bargaining with Sherry about what she wants with him. That was well written, perfect Palmer, the ever diplomat.
-So who is after the terrorists? We don't know about the tire but we do know that someone shot one of them. Hmmm
-I enjoyed the humanity of the guy that was driving the truck. I think that was really real, too bad he got shot.
-Kate thinks she knows everything about her dad, she is so sure that he doesn’t have terrorists connections etcetera. I wonder how she would react to know he is an agent...
-Bob Warner works for the good guys. So if this is top secret he just carries the card around in his wallet? Also why didn't he tell Tony about it when they were alone at the house? They could have worked it out before.
-It is creepy that he calls himself a patriot...isn't that what Jack called the group of them with Eddie?
-I loved the way Tony is looking after Kim. After all that working on Jack's part to get only Tony working with her they now just finally get a hold of her now.
-So now Kim wants her dad. When everything is fine and she is staying with Gary and Carla she doesn't want to see him. Now that he is indisposed all she wants is him. Bad timing.
-Along the same lines, before all Jack wants to do is help and now he can't even listen to her while she pleads with him.
-I really liked how Mason just went right after Reza. I didn't like the fact that he went and puked in the garbage can.
-Michelle is definitely in on something here. From watching this show for a season already I think that this is foreshadowing. I am thinking that that is not someone else’s blood on her. She has come in contact with something and it looks like the same thing Mason did. When Tony tells her that "We are gonna survive this day" I see that as an open admission on the writers part that one of them will not make it, in fact neither of them might, but I think she won't
-Finally, I was SO happy when they took Kate. Finally somebody drugs her...it's about bloody time! Will she shut up now?
-Sutherlands monologue was, as far as I am concerned, perfectly delivered. Simply transcribing what he said doesn't do this any justice at all. The way the camera was placed, just facing the window, like a silhouette but with more colour, watching him speak. The way Sutherland looks in all different places, down when he is vividly recalling his dead wife's movements and their time together but never for too long. Likewise, Clarke did a great job of looking somewhat moved by this, but then cold again but that may have been a tear in her eye in the end. Good job from both of them.