Originally Aired 12.9.02
2.7 - The Meeting

Jack and Nina get out of the giant truck and Nina starts talking telling another agent that Jack drugged Ed and for them to call Mason. The agent that she was talking to turns to Jack and asks if he is in the van. Jack replies that he is and he will come to in about 20 minutes with a headache. Jack tells the agent, Doug, that he owes him and then tells Nina, who looks totally mortified to get on the plane. The two of them board the plane and it closes up. Harris and Phillips are there from the FBI, Harris introduces them to Jack and says that he knows what Jack did to Ed but Jack tells Harris to do his job and to stay out of his. Harris informs Jack that his job is to make sure this runs smoothly and he tells Nina to consider him her chaperone. Jack enquires about some technical things and he is assured that everything is already done and ready to go.
Marie starts a conversation with Kate, telling her 'way to go'. Kate says that she wishes that she hadn't found anything and she wants to know why they are asking their dad questions now. Marie replies, with attitude, that it is because she started a witch hunt in their family. Reza walks by and tells Marie to come with him. As they walk down the hall Kate asks Reza's back what he told them, what did he accuse their father of? Reza tells Kate that it is his company, not his. Kate demands to know what that is supposed to mean? She accuses him of trying to cover his own ass. Marie tries to but in to get them to stop fighting but Kate snaps at her to stay out of it. Reza comes to Marie’s defence, telling her not to talk to Marie like that. Reza goes on to say that he has done more for her father than she will ever know and all that he has ever received from her is suspicion and resentment. They launch into a full out argument with Reza yelling that "I don't know any terrorists!" but he did connect their father to it. Marie has heard enough and yells for both of them to stop and leaves the room leaving Kate and Reza there. He tells her nice work and then follows his fiancée leaving Kate completely stunned, standing there.
Sherry is on the phone and Mike finally shows up. He receives a hug from Sherry and he asks what she is doing there, did David ask her to come? She replies no, she just showed up on her own. Mike tries to make small talk and then leaves her, telling her that he'll see her later. In the office Lynn is on the phone and when she hangs up she announces to the president that they need to talk about Ron, the reporter that he has locked away. His production crew is looking for him and Mike walks in and suggests that they make up a story. He says that there is precedent for presidents to take actions against the press at times of national crisis. He thinks they should leak a story that he went to Portland on an emergency. Palmer sends Lynn to work on it and after she leaves, Mike expresses his surprise that he lets Sherry stick around. Palmer says it is just for the time being.
Mason is heading upstairs to his office and Michelle catches up with him. She has just gotten off of the phone with Ed Miller. Mason asks how things are going with Jack and Nina and Michelle responds "I don't know, Jack drugged him and then got on the plane without him." Mason asks "Please, tell me you're kidding." They conclude that they can now only wait and hope that Jack doesn't put his revenge before saving all of those people. In the end Mason defends Jack asking 'what can I say, the guy's a little craze but he gets results and we need big results.' As they part and Mason finishes climbing the stairs he starts to cringe. Once he reaches the top he unbuttons his shirt and has a look under his arm where there is a rash beginning.
Mike is expressing to Palmer that he doesn't trust Sherry, especially about this alleged conspiracy. He suggests that Sherry may have her own agenda but Palmer assures Mike that she is on a tight leash. Mike wants to look into the scheme himself suggesting that the country needs Palmers attention because of everything that is happening in LA. Palmer thinks about this for a second and then suggests to Mike that he start with Roger. Mike thinks that Roger has been Palmers ally, but Palmer reminds him that he was Eric's boss and they have been on the same page. Palmer confesses that he is hoping Mike will prove him wrong and Mike agrees he will get to work as soon as he is settled in.
On the plane Jack is informed that they will land in 10 minutes as he gets back from getting changed. Jack wants to know from Nina how far from the airport Faheen is and she says she will tell him when they land. He grabs Nina and pulls her close, reminding her that they are on a tight schedule and asks again how far it is. Harris pipes up that they need her to cooperate and threatening her doesn't help. Jack lets her go and says fine, tossing her some clothes he tells Harris to get her changed. He un-belts her and they start towards the back of the plane but Jack stops them saying that she doesn't leave his sight. She starts to get changed in front of Jack with Harris' help while facing Jack. From behind the viewers see 2 distinct marks on her back. Meanwhile Jack attempts to busy himself with a small black bag and then finally he looks. 2:12
Mason is on phone and talks to Michelle asking if there is a location for Faheen yet? She says no and they hang up. Mason brings out a crumpled piece of paper, studies it and then dials. This connects us to a young man working in a coffee house on the beach. His cell phone is ringing and he picks it up, the voice on the other end identifies himself as his father, Mason. His son has no response which makes Mason ask if he is still there. Mason says he knows it has been a while and John informs him that it has been 3 years. Mason can't believe it has been that long and then says it was his fault. John says he doesn't want to see his father but Mason says he needs him to come in to CTU. John wants to know what is going on but Mason resists telling him and so John cuts the conversation off telling Mason that he is in the middle of something and will call later.
The small plane lands and Jack gets his sunglasses on, tells Nina to get up and cuffs her. He leads her out between the FBI agents to another group of them. After the introductions they decide that they need to know where they are going to be going. Nina gives the name of a thrift store and they head towards the vehicles that are waiting. Harris wants to know what to do with Nina and Jack responds that she stays with him. Harris offers for their goys to watch her but Jack already has a plan, they are going to use her. Harris wants to know how but Jack just says he will see and Nina looks worried.
Mike and Roger say hello to each other and Mike starts talking about Reybern. Roger thinks that Palmer was right to dismiss him but Mike points out that Palmer has fired someone he appointed, Mike thinks it takes character to accept that. They banter a bit more and Roger says he has a busy day, but Mike is under instructions to help Roger and he agrees.
Palmer gets an update from Lynn about the nuke situation, telling him that CTU is doing the best work. She informs him that Jack is still involved with the search and Palmer thought he was dismissed. Lynn informs him that no, in fact he is heading the team that is looking for Faheen along with Nina. Palmer repeats what he has just heard, asking if Jack and Nina are working together and Lynn assures him this is true, saying she thinks he volunteered.
Jack is getting ready while the others decide where to enter the store. Nina says no the front, that gives Faheen time to commit suicide before they get to him. J wants to know why he left LA and fled to outside the blast radius if he is so willing to give up his life. Nina says it is because he doesn't want to be collateral damage but he would die to not divulge the plan. There are no chances for this, they need him alive. He turns to Nina and informs her that she is going in. Nina says that will never work, he thinks she is in jail. Jack replies with "You'd better make him believe that you got out." She thinks that he will never believe her, on the day that his bomb is set to go off? Jack throws daggers saying "You're a good liar, Nina, the only way he's gonna know is if you tell him." Jack tells her they just need 30 seconds. Nina says he's going to know and he’s going to turn to gun on her before she even says hello and then he's going to turn the gun on himself. Jack stands and studies Nina for a second and then says "We'll make sure he doesn't turn the gun on himself." and then closes the car door.
Mason is in his office and talks with Michelle. There is a call from Tony who quickly fills Mason in on everything he has learned from Reza and Bob. Mason tells Tony to bring them both in and then they will separate them and turn up the heat. Tony clarifies that Mason is giving him permission to arrest these people and Mason says yes. Tony asks on what charge but Mason doesn't "care if it's j-walking, just bring them in." Tony hangs up and asks the other agent to get Bob as he goes after Reza. Tony asks Reza to come with him, but Reza catches on asking if he is being arrested. Tony tells him that he is not arresting anyone, yet, but he is coming with Tony either way, so it's up to him. Bob appears and asks Reza to go for him. Marie refuses to leave Reza saying that they have already ruined her wedding day they are not going to separate her from her fiancée as well. Before Bob leaves he tells Kate to call their tax attorney and he will know what to do. As well she is instructed to call the guests and let them know.
Palmer is meeting with Lynn, Mike and Sherry. Lynn is the last to arrive and it is pretty obvious that she doesn't want Sherry there. Palmer cuts to the chase and informs Lynn that this meeting is about the possibility of people in his own camp working against him. Lynn is somewhat taken aback by this revelation and she is even more unbelieving when she is told that Roger may be part of it. Palmer admits that things have been happening too fast today. Lynn questions why Roger? Palmer says that they helicopter crash solved a lot of problems for him today. Sherry says that Lynn may not know this but Roger has been having secret meetings with the minority, but in fact, Lynn did know this, she was part of them. They were to do with questionable allocations in the armed forces. Lynn hadn't told Palmer because it wasn't going to happen for another 2 months but she has all the information on the meetings and offers her notes to Palmer. Mike has put together things that may be able to help with the matter. Lynn and Sherry share a glare.
Kate is on her dads computer at home. She is trying to get into his financial records but she needs a password to access it. Finally she picks up the phone and dials from memory, getting the office of the private investigator that she had hired, Ralph Burton. The man that she had dealt with is not there but the man who works with him is familiar with her file and offers to help. Finally she tells him that she needs her dad's passwords.
Palmer, Sherry, Mike and Lynn leave their little meeting and Sherry catches up with Lynn, stopping her. She waits for Mike to get out of earshot and starts with Lynn saying that she feels that she is uncomfortable with her because she does not know her. Sherry reminds Lynn that David did not get to where he is by himself, he had competent people around him his entire life and she acknowledges that Lynn is one of them, although maybe not the best but she is there right now. Sherry asks Lynn to have some respect for those who put him in office. As Sherry says this Lynn sees Palmer watching them and then Lynn leaves. Palmer and Sherry meet and Palmer tells Sherry to step lightly, she needs Lynn. Sherry tells him that she will behave, promise, but Palmer isn't buying. He informs her that she does not have a lot a friends here today and it seems like every time he turns around someone else is telling him to get rid of her. Sherry wants to know why he doesn't and David says because she may be able to get him information that no one else can.
Jack tells the driver of the car him and Nina are in to slow down and Jack tells Nina to get out and she does. There are agents everywhere and after driving about a half a block Jack gets out of the car as well. She enters the store and Jack puts an ear piece in so he can hear. He starts to talk to Michelle as there are agents everywhere.
Nina enters the store and talks to a quite rude woman who asks if she can help her find anything. Nina says she needs to see Mamud but the lady plays dumb. She asks her to tell him that Nina is here to see him and this rings a bell. The lady looks surprised and then tells Nina to wait and goes to an intercom. After her back is turned Nina grabs a $50 gift card off of a nearby table. Outside more agents show up and inside the woman takes Nina into the back and we realize that the necklace that Nina is wearing is a camera. Jack is only getting static from his portable TV but his intercom is still up, he asks Michelle to tell him what is going on. Nina gets frisked and they are speaking a different language. Jack asks what they are saying and Michelle reads off of the computer that is translating the conversation, He thought she was in jail and Nina tells him she escaped. There is a man peeking through some curtains, they speak a bit more and Nina follows the man into a room. They speak in Arabic, Nina is visibly emotional but he is not and the agents are having a tough time making out the picture, it is very poor quality and Jack wants to know who it is she is talking to. One of the agents wants to know if Jack wants them to go in but Jack says no, he wants to be sure it is Faheen. Back inside, he seems to accept Nina and he hugs her but all of the audio goes dead now so the agents enter the store. A van crashes through the window and agents enter from all sides. Everyone in the store seems to have a gun, even the woman who greeted Nina. They slowly head upstairs and find Faheen unconscious and Nina nowhere to be found. Jack tells them to secure the building and Jack goes in pursuit of Nina with his gun drawn.
Jack is still after Nina and he turns a corner and finds a guy that has been bloodied up and Nina’s camera. She is going upstairs and comes across a locked door. She draws a gun and is going to shoot the lock but from behind her we hear "Drop it!" Jack has arrived and is pointing his gun at her as she comes down the stairs. He holds the gun ready to shoot at her as she slowly turns around, putting her back to Jack, puts her hands on her head and sinks to her knees. Jack is right behind her, gun still drawn and hand shaking. He toils with is emotional struggle as he looks as though he is going to shoot her, his face shows a decision that he will shoot her, and then his face softens and we know he won't do it and he looks more upset and emotional as he cuffs her instead as she looks relieved.
Miguel is driving Gary’s car as Kim talks to her aunt Carol with Megan asleep in the back seat. Kim tells her aunt that she will be there in 4 or 5 hours but there is a cop behind them that pulls them over. Miguel tells Kim to play it cool but Kim reminds him that they are in a stolen car. The officer gets out and comes to the car, Miguel speaks first asking if he did something wrong. The officer says he was speeding and asks to see his licence and registration. Miguel gets his licence out and the cop asks for the registration too. Kim says truthfully, that this is her bosses car and she's not sure where he keeps it, but she finds it in the glove box and they pass it to the officer. Mason is in his office and his son is brought in in handcuffs. Mason thanks the officer and John asks what the hell he is doing. Mason says he told him he needed to see him but John shuts him out telling him "if you are looking to bond here, dad, having your son arrested probably isn't the best way to do that." Mason says that he understands if he is angry, but John cuts him off saying he isn't angry, he just doesn't care. He wants to know what he is trying to do here. Mason tells his son that he has a bank account with a couple of hundred thousand dollars in it that not a lot of people know about and John can have it. John wants to know what Mason expected of him, in fact, he doesn't want it Masons money, this doesn’t fix anything. Mason says to give it to his mother then, he's sure she'll want it, the point it that he won't be needing it. John asks "why is that dad" and we can see that he is starting to wonder and crack, he goes on to say that Mason can't bring him in and offer him a small fortune and then not tell him what is going on. Mason looks at his son and then says simply "I'm dying, John." He immediately starts to become emotional, calling Mason a son of a bitch through his held back tears and then he composes himself again, looking away and then back. He asks if it is cancer or something and Mason just says something like that, yeah. Mason tells his on that something bad is going to happen in LA today and he needs to leave town, go to Phoenix and stay with his mom, it's too dangerous to be here. John starts to protest but Mason grabs him and hugs him and John at first hold out but then, frustrated, says damn it and hugs him back in tears. Mason, still holding him, tells him that he is a good kid and he hopes he didn't mess him up too bad. They break apart and Mason tells him once and then yells at him to get out of here with Michelle watching from below. Mason returns to his office and tries to compose himself but dissolves to tears saying 'oh God'
The officer is still there but back at his car. Kim says that they can't go back to LA and Miguel wants to know what is taking so long. Finally the cop comes back and gives the stuff back to Miguel. He asks who the kid is and Kim says she is her Au Pair. The cop doesn't know what that is and Miguel fills him in that 'she baby-sits her', but the cop says he wasn't talking to him. He lets them off with a warning but warns him to slow down. As he gets to the back of the car he looks back and sees what is obviously blood dripping just near the tailpipe. He calls back for them to wait, step out of the car and open up the trunk. As Miguel goes around we see a split screen with Jack leading Nina out of the store and Mason still crying in his office. Back to one screen Miguel opens the trunk and the officer tells him to put his hands on his head as Kim is trying to get out of the car. Now the officer is yelling instructions to both of them and as Kim comes around she sees Carla’s body in the trunk. She screams "oh my God, he killed her" as she backs away and starts to lay on the ground with Miguel. All of the commotion has awoken Megan who starts to get out of the car bit Kim yells to get back in the car. Megan looks on as the officer is pointing his gun at Miguel and Kim who are lying on the ground.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
-The look that Kate had on her face after Reza and her argued was great. It was just like "hey, I just implicated my father, wow, I should have minded my own business." It was great.
-I think that Reza is an overall good guy. I don't think he is in on anything. I will base this simply on the fact that he stuck up for that dim-wit of a fiancée of his when Kate snapped at her. Remember I said good guy, not smart guy.
-The Mike and Sherry dialogue is great. I recognize that "Wow, I haven't seen you in a while and I hoped I would never see you again but here you are and I have to be nice to you" expression from personal experience. (Giving and receiving)
-Didn't I just ask where Mike was? Wow, ask and you shall receive huh? Okay, lets try this...where is my million dollars :-)
-Did Mike's head get bigger in the last year or am I crazy?
-Mason's "tell me your kidding" was just perfect
-It was nice to see Mason defend Jack to Michelle even if he was just covering his own ass in the long run. I guess Jack trusts Mason now so its good to know that thus far his loyalty hasn't been unfounded.
-Upon watching an old episode this week I stumbled across an interesting quote from Sherry. It was in the last few episodes of season one (one of the last 4) and David discovers that Sherry is acting against him using Patty. Sherry accuses him of being paranoid and thinking that everyone is conspiring against him. If we are using the character continuity that we have seen previously then chances are the whole thing with the group of people allying against Palmer is just to get Sherry in a position of power. She knows his weaknesses.
-I really don't like the agent Miller. He is a real pain in the but. I guess Jack needs someone to keep him in line sometimes, but why does it have to be now?
-I am not forgetting the possibility that Nina may have somehow turned the agents that were on the plane.
-I liked and didn't like the fact that Nina had to change in front of Jack. This showed just how determined Jack is to not let Nina get away but, honestly, did she have to face him. Even though this gave us a couple of interesting ideas such as a) she is not intimidated by him (at least when Miller what there) b) she thinks that maybe he will take pity on her because seeing her change might bring back memories of when they were together and/or c) We get to see some interesting scars and cuts on her back that may or may not play into the plot somehow.
-Good idea by Jack to use Nina to go into the store. Great expression of hers when he tells her this
-Palmer's reaction to the Jack and Nina situation, I thought, was surprisingly uncharacteristic. He seems like he does not trust Jack in this situation, working with Nina. He probably would have had evidence to feel this way somewhat, but he seems like he wants to do something about it which is kind of Un-Palmer-esque, especially where Jack is concerned. He seems to give Jack all the breaks he needs.
-My favourite line of this episode by FAR was when Nina tells Jack that Faheen will shoot her before she can even say hello and then he'll turn the gun on himself and Jack's ever-so-cool response is "we'll make sure he doesn't turn the gun on himself." It took me a second to get it and then I laughed for about 10 minutes.
-When Tony was on the phone with Mason at the Warner’s, I'm not sure, but I think he could have asked Mason if he wants them to arrest them louder. I don't think the old lady up the street heard that, never mind the Warner’s who is was talking about.
-There’s the good old Mason "I don't care if it’s j-walking..." Good stuff.
-When Tony takes Reza and Bob away and Bob gets Kate to call their tax lawyer, that is a great tone from Kate, just like 'dad, you've gone totally crazy, he's a tax lawyer.
-So that sentence pretty much implicated Bob saying that 'he'll know what to do' means that they had a plan of action for if Bob ever got busted. The plan if action might very well involve destroying some records or something along those lines.
-I think Lynn and Sherry take the prize for the most conspicuous hatred of all and it is absolutely awful.
-Sherry definitely didn't get the answer she was expecting in a couple of situations in this episode, a) being when she is in the meeting and she drops the bomb about Roger meeting with the minority and Lynn already knows. This was supposed to be the nail in the coffin and then b) She asks Palmer why he keeps her around if all the people want her gone and he replies because she may be able to get information that no one else can. I think she was expecting something a little more...um...intimate.
-I'm wondering if there is any significance in Kate calling and not getting through to Ralph Burton. This was a bit of time spent that may or may not have been wasted depending on who the guy that she talked to is. If it was pointless then I am mad because, as we all know, time is of the essence.
-I cringed when Sherry told David "I'll behave" I don't like her.
-It is nice to see that Palmer still isn't talking any crap from Sherry.
-Lynn does a great eye roll when Sherry stops her in the hall after the meeting.
-When Jack drops Nina off and then they drive about 1/3 of a block and then Jack gets out...is that supposed to prove something? Why didn't they just get out at the same time because anyone with eyes can see they just got out of the same car.
-I think the agents should have work bright pink and announced their every move as loud as they could. They were so obvious it was completely ridiculous.
-The lady who greets Nina at the front of the store was nice, that is until she whips out the Uzi and starts shooting at people. Then she's a bad-ass mother. Anyone wearing that dress should not be shooting a gun that big.
-Nina picked up a $50 gift card and I believe that she hasn't used it but will, possibly to try and hurt Jack or someone else.
-All the technology and Jack's little TV craps out. What is up with that?
-I really wish that they had used subtitles when Nina was talking to Faheen because I really want to know what they were saying. It was obviously emotional but what was it?
-They should have shown us the CTU translator, that would have been courteous
-I was really wondering if Nina did Faheen too, I mean she did pretty much everyone but Mason at CTU so...
-The scene when Jack finally finds Nina after she gets away is great. The only thing that I found possibly questionable is why was there a gate there? Who does that?
-I was waiting, hoping and praying for Jack to shoot Nina in that stairwell. I was positively yelling at my TV "Shoot her!!!!" Even after the large hesitation his face was still angry as he was thinking about what she did. It wasn't until his expression actually changed to sadness and emotion that I knew he would not shoot her. We all know that he has no problem staring at his victim for a while before he shoots him...anyone remember Drazen?
-Nina's expression was great as well in this scene, she looked like she knew he was going to shoot her and she was just waiting for Jack to pull the trigger, but then when she gets cuffed it was like 'sweet relief'
Mini Lesson:
-Visalia is approximately 183.9 miles out of LA. This is a 3 hour and 14 minute drive, mostly using highway 99.
-The shortest commercial flight I could find was 1 hour and 44 minutes
-Bakersfield is about 1/2 way in between Visalia and LA. I wonder if Mason was really following up a lead and we are going to Bakersfield at some point.