Originally Aired 12.3.02
2.6 - Rollin'


Jack is still watching Nina through the monitors with a look of complete loathing on face as she is sitting, waiting for something to happen. Mason comes down from his office and goes towards Jack. He informs him that Palmer signed the pardon and as soon as it gets to CTU they can start the interrogation. Jack walks back to the monitor and Michelle hands him the file. Jack curtly tells Michelle that he doesn't need it while Mason looks on.
The Presidents caravan has arrived and Palmer and Lynn get out of the car. There are countless reporters there all throwing questions at Palmer to which he states that he cannot tell them anything until the victims families have been notified. Jenny asks them to try not to speculate and as they walk away Palmer tells Lynn to make sure that no one says anything to the press except Jenny. Before Palmer walks into the cabin, the viewers see from behind the unmistakeable reflection of Sherry Palmer. She stands when he arrives and says "Hello David." Palmer immediately wants to know how she got in and she reminds him that they were married and there are some people there that still respect her. She says that the reason for her visit was not about them anyway and when he presses her she looks at Lynn and doesn’t want to divulge anything when they are not in private. Palmer quickly shoots her down saying that he doesn't have time today even if he was interested in what she had to say. Sherry just wants 5 minutes as Palmer turns to leave she asks to his back if he ordered an evacuation of Military Personnel out of Los Angeles. This stops him dead in his tracks, he turns back and asks who told her that. Sherry again asks for 5 minutes and he relents saying that he will call her if she waits there. Palmer then goes to Lynn and enquires if she knew anything about this, which she did not, but she will look into it.
Tony is still with Reza and Reza is becoming less and less cooperative with him. Reza accuses Tony of racially profiling him but he actually grew up in London. Tony, obviously, already knew this and goes on to tell Reza of a Mosque that looks for people that were educated in Western society who are from London and have passports so they can fit into the US. The location of this Mosque is Reza’s hometown, London. Tony is getting more and more frustrated and asks Reza, with some attitude how is racial profiling is now. Reza states that he wants a lawyer and Tony just says "no".
Palmer asks Roger if they have found the black box from the helicopter crash to which the answer is no. He asks Lynn to get him the Prime Minister on the phone and Palmer says that this was no accident. Roger agrees and voices his concern that the Prime Minister may not have been happy that they cooperated with the US. Palmer expresses concern of another possibility and Lynn reads his mind, saying that we could have done it. Palmer wants and independent investigation set up to find out exactly who is in the loop. The pardon for Nina comes through on the fax machine and Jack takes it. He gives his plan to Mason which is to show it to her and then get all the information he wants, even the stuff she doesn't want them to know. As they walk towards the room Mason reminds Jack that the last time he let him interrogate someone, he shot him in the heart. Jack assures Mason that he is not making a mistake. Jack opens the door to the room Nina is in and just looks at her with complete hatred. He looks at the camera and then closes the door. He walks slowly to her and she kind of watches him. Jack sets the pardon down on the table and looks right at her form across the table. Nina almost looks sad for a second and Jack stops and looks back. Finally, Nina breaks the icy silence saying to Jack, let's keep this simple, I need to be on a plane now to stop this. Jack enquires as to if there really is a contact in Visalia or if she just wants to go there because it is out of the blast zone. Nina will not reveal her source until they get there but Jack says he will not make a move until he believes she is credible. She again states that it is in her interest to be helpful but Jack is still a sceptic. He tells her that she is worse than a traitor, she has no cause. She doesn't believe in anything and would sell anything out to the highest bidder. When she has little response Jack becomes enraged and turns the table over. He demands that she "stop[s] wasting my time give me a name." Nina, knowing how things work at CTU, reminds him "if you lay a hand on me you'll be taken off the case." Jack sits across from her and there is some silence. Finally Nina says, with an air of cockiness, that he is just going to have to follow her lead. This is the straw that breaks the camels back for Jack and he grabs Nina by the throat and moves her against the wall, holding her there and choking her. He gets close and whispers "You are going to tell me everything I want to know or I swear to God I will I will hurt you before I kill you, and no one will stop me, do you understand me?" In the split screen we see Mason and Michelle coming and they barge into the room, demanding Jack let her go. He does, turns and walks out of the room, leaving Nina gasping to regain her breath. Mason catches Jack and tells him he is gone and to get out. Jack asks why, looking somewhat puzzled and Mason says because he lost it in there. Jack reveals the rest of his theory to Mason which is that she thinks she is in a good position right now and he is just trying to give her someone to answer to. She needs to think that Jack can do anything he wants to her and they won't stop him. She needs to think that Jack will put his revenge above finding the bomb. Mason has scepticism written all over his face and asks "And you won't?" Jack's response is "George, look at me, there is no emotion here. Look at her." and he points at the monitor where they can see Nina looking visibly shaken up. Jack begs Mason to give him 5 minutes and to raise the thermostat 10 degrees. Mason reluctantly agrees and Jack thanks him. Mason still looks as though he thinks he made the wrong choice.
Kate enters Marie’s room where she is sitting crying. Kate thinks they need to talk but Marie stands by her decision for her to heave. Kate says she is not leaving and that Marie can be angry with her but they still need to figure out what they are going to do. Marie wants to know what about and Kate says they may have to cancel. Marie flies off the handle and accuses Kate of not wanting Marie to get married. Kate just wants to cancel the wedding today, but not the marriage. They jump into what is probably an old argument, Kate saying she dropped out of school to take care of her and their dad after their mom died and Marie thinks that is just an excuse for the fact that she doesn't have a life of her own. She thinks that now that she doesn’t need Kate anymore she is mad and can't handle it. Now Kate is upset and Marie yells for Kate to stay out of her life.
Kim and Miguel are heading up the stairs at the hospital. Miguel asks the very sensible question, how long do they have until the bomb goes off. Kim admits she doesn’t know so Miguel asks what if Megan doesn't want to come with them and again Kim doesn't know. As they reach the top of the stairs Kim sees Gary and hides. The same doctor from before talks to Gary and tells him that they pressure on Megan’s brain was caused by an injury. Gary is anxious to go but the doctor says she will not be released until there are questions answered. As she walks away Gary tries to make a call and she tells him there are no cell phones allowed in here, in interferes with the equipment. Gary enters Megan’s room and dials the phone anyway. As he waits she asks him if he is still mad at her. He assures her that he is just tired. His assistant picks up and Gary says he needs 2 tickets to Mexico, she tries to persuade him not to as he has meetings to attend but he tells her to cancel them.
Nina is still waiting in her little room. Jack enters again, stays by the door and asks her "Who is the man in Visalia?" When she does not respond he unloads 2 bullets over the top of her head. He shouts the same question at her and this time she does respond, shakily saying Mamud Faheen is the man in Visalia. Jack tells Nina that they have his name, but she says she knows where he is. Jack asks what the nature of her relationship to him is and she tells him she was introduced to him through Wald. She didn't know that she was part of a plan for a nuclear attack but before she was put away she started to hear rumours of a substantial attack. Jack deliberately walks towards her with his gun still drawn and affixes it to the side of her head. While she sweats it out she tells Jack that she will not tell him where Faheen is until they get there. Jack cocks the gun and she tells him that the deal she made won't do her much good if she is dead. Mason and Michelle are watching intently in the monitors as Jack turns and walks out of the room, leaving Nina alone again.
Lynn tells Palmer that Sherry was right, an hour ago the evacuation started. Lynn also managed to uncover that the order came from Roger. Palmer gives the order to return the forces to bases and he goes to his office asking Roger to follow. Palmer tells him what he has found out and Roger admits to ordering the troops out, he got the order from Eric and though that Palmer authorized it. Roger realizes that he should have checked all of Eric’s plans with Palmer and admits he was wrong.
Gary is tying Megan’s shoes and is trying to get back in her good books saying things like "You know how much daddy loves you." etcetera. He says he is sorry she got hurt and that they are leaving now, he tells her if anyone tries to talk to her, pretend like she is asleep. A nurse shows up and tells him there is a call for him that can be taken at the nurses station. Gary wants to take it in Megan’s room but there are no phones. Before he leaves Gary tells Megan to say where she is and not to move. Gary answers the phone and it is Miguel posing as a guy from accounting saying that they lost his billing information. Gary wants to do it later but Miguel insists on doing it now.
Meanwhile Kim appears in Megan’s room to a happy-to-see-her Megan. Kim asks if Megan trusts her and Megan says yes. Kim says they need to go because she loves her and she wants her to be safe. After a pause Megan agrees and they leave. Gary is frustrated with Miguel and says that they will finish later and hangs up. Gary returns to the room to find it empty. He asks a nurse where she is but she doesn't know, she thinks maybe they went to radiology. Gary insists that the find her and is visibly becoming mad again. After the nurse leaves he punches the door. 1:28
Kim and Megan are going down the stairs and Megan asks where they are going. Miguel pops out of a door and Megan freaks out but is easily calmed down. She then stops and says that she changed her mind, her dad is going to be really mad at her. Kim convinces her that they need to go because of her dad, so he can't hurt her anymore. We see Gary angry at the nurses for not being able to find Megan and then we are taken back to the stairwell where Megan follows Kim again. When they leave the stairwell they hear a call at the nurses station for them to watch for Megan and then a guard says that he is on that door. The three of them duck into the closest room and Miguel peeks out the blinds and shakes his head, no.
Jack is informed by Mason that there will be ten men on the ground in Visalia. Division has loaned them some men and he is sending Miller along with Jack and Nina. Jack seems personally offended by this and asks "Do you really think I would sentence all these people to death just for the satisfaction of killing her?" He assures Mason that he will do his job and Mason says he is sending Miller to make sure of that. Jack watches Nina leave, escorted by guards. He seems to go back into his vacant expression until Mason starts to cough again which snaps Jack out of it. Jack tells Mason that he should go and be with his family but Mason doesn't want any pity and tells Jack that he should be on a plane and to call him when he is in the air.
Sherry is waiting for Palmer and he asks her flat out how she found out. She says that she was told, but she will not tell her who. Palmer is angry and tells her, indeed, she will tell him. She reminds him that she is not a member of his staff, she is his wife. He is quick to correct her "ex-wife" and she takes is well, saying that she loves him and always will and he needs to at least give her a second chance to help. She tells Palmer that she didn't have to warn Palmer, she came here on her own accord. Palmer spills the information that there will be a nuclear strike on LA today. She sits down in disbelief but Palmer is not distracted, saying "talk to me Sherry, come on." Finally she informs him that someone in the defence department told Palmer. There is a plan by someone in the Defence department working against Palmer, they are allying his people against him and want control of the country. Palmer wants to know who exactly and is told these are people who don't agree with his policies, these are back room deals. She suggests that she keep digging. Palmer is now torn between some serious problems with is presidency and allowing his ex-wife to help. He walks to a table and braces himself on it and then lands a punch straight down on it. He makes is decision and turns back to Sherry saying that it won't be about 'us'. Sherry tells him that "you can call it anything you want." But he isn't buying much and tells her that this better not be one of her manipulations, the stakes are too high.
Kate notices that Reza’s parents have arrived. Bob is on the phone so she answers the door. She is the happy host and greets them. Kate immediately suggests that they go into the loving room but the question still arises as to where Reza is. Kate doesn't want to tell them so she just says that there is a small problem, they press her as to what kind and she tells them that there are people from the government here and they are doing a criminal investigation. She tries to leave the rest for Reza to tell them himself but they again want to know and she tells them that there are possible terrorist connections. Reza's dad is angry that he has been accused of something but Kate and Bob both assure them that it is nothing important.
Miguel is looking out the blinds and he tells Kim to meet him in the parking lot in 10 minutes. As an afterthought he adds, unless they catch him, then go without him. Kim goes to him and tells him that he can't let them catch him, they need to go together. Miguel and Kim kiss and then he leaves the room casually, walks by the desk and grabs the flat screen monitor that is sitting there. As he runs out the door the security guard follows with another guard right behind. Kim and Megan leave their room and walk out of the hospital Miguel is well ahead of the guards and tosses the monitor in the garbage. Gary is upstairs in Megan’s room and looks out the window, seeing Megan and Kim.
Nina and Jack and Ed are in the transport truck. Jack is sitting as far away from Nina as possible, who is directly across from Ed. She tries to strike up a conversation, casually asking Ed how he is. Ed is straight with Nina and informs her that he isn't there because he's her friend, he's there because he has to be. She catches on and says that he is there because they think Jack is going to kill her after they get the info, which she believes. Nina goes on to ask what Ed will do if he can't stop him, she comments "no offence, but you're no match for Jack, you're just not as ruthless." She poses the question what happens if he does kill her? Then Jack will spend the rest of his life in jail. Ed interjects to Jack that if he can shut her up to let him know but Jack says nothing and hands him an open water bottle. Nina keeps going with her thoughts saying "of course, Jacks mind is thinking life in prison is a small price to pay to avenge his wife’s death, but what about his daughter, is he thinking about her? She's already lost one parent, if he kills me she'll have no one. Jack knows I'm right. He should just use me to stop the bomb and then go home to Kim." Finally Nina looks right at Jack and says "She needs you Jack."
Reza tells Tony that he didn't transfer any money. They argue about it and then Tony asks who did then. He threatens to take Reza in if he doesn't start talking. Reza asks Tony the sensitive question as to why he is doing this. Tony replies with edge that he is doing this because the people that are trying to protect the country were killed today, probably by the people he is funding and asks if that is a good enough reason for him? Reza again tells Tony that he doesn't know anything else and looks out the window. His parents are outside and his father is upset. Tony looks as well and says "your parents" At this Reza looks worried and Tony gets out the handcuffs, telling Reza to put his hands behind his head. Tony looks like he’s enjoying himself while he says that this is going to break his parents hearts, they will have to walk right past them and they will see who their son really is. Reza finally speaks up, telling Tony to wait, he indeed confirmed the transfers but he didn't make them. Tony asks him who he was covering for and after a few seconds silence gives the name to Tony, Bob Warner, Marie’s father.
Kim and Megan are ducking behind cars and in the parking lot trying to stay hidden and get away. Megan complains that she doesn't feel very well so Kim carries her. The get to a patch of grass near a tree and Kim looks around waiting for Miguel. Megan screams to get away as her father comes into the picture. Gary demands that Kim hand Megan over and threatens that she will go to prison for 20 years. Kim doesn't care, she knows the truth and Gary again says that is was an accident. Kim replies "yeah, like Carla’s bruises?" and Gary starts towards Kim. Miguel shows up and kicks Gary. The two of them fight and finally Miguel knocks Gary out. Kim and Miguel hug as Megan looks at her dad, unconscious on the ground. Kim instructs Miguel to get his keys.
Kate is wandering around the house and finds Reza, released from Tony's interrogation and hugging his parents and then Marie who is so ecstatic that now they can get married. Tony comes out and asks Bob to follow him. Bob wants to know what this has to do with him but Tony divulges nothing. Kate asks what he told them and Reza responds that he told them the truth. Kate wants to know what he means by the truth but Reza doesn't want to discuss it saying that his parents are very upset. In the split screen we see Kim, Miguel and Megan getting away in Gary’s car with Miguel at the wheel.
In the van, Ed is on the phone. When he hangs up Jack is told that there will be a tactical and field unit in Visalia, probably in the air right now. Ed starts a sentence, "We'll have air traffic...um.." and Jack picks up with "Air traffic priority?" and Ed tries to repeat the sentence, but only gets out "air traffic..." as he passes out cold leaning toward and landing in Jacks lap. Jack says "it's alright Ed, take it easy" as he steadies him and picks the empty water bottle out of his hand, sits up and puts it in his bag. Jack looks at Nina and gives her a look like 'it's just the 2 of us now' as he plays with something, possibly his gun, off screen.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
- as soon as I saw Sherry Palmers eye I knew who it was, and then I didn't believe it.
-The way she says the two simple words "hello David" are more telling than anything else they could have told us about their relationship since we saw them together last.
-Palmer is just SO cold with her. There was practically frost on my TV.
-speaking of cold, the look that Jack gives Nina through the monitors when he is planted there before he talks to her, chilling, absolutely chilling. It is a good thing that Nina couldn't see Jack because she probably would have needed new pants for the first of many times in this episode.
-So when Michelle offers Jack the file Jack is watching Nina, Mason is watching Jack watch Nina and we are watching Mason watch Jack watch Nina. Anyone need a calculator?
-Speaking of Michelle, I truly believe that she is scared of Jack. She is really dancing around him toward the end of the episode and when he takes a round out of Nina the first time she looks more decomposed than Nina. She looks at him like he is a time bomb that is going to explode at any moment. I think I have seen evidence of everyone possibly being bad after last season, but she is suspect, definitely suspect. I'm going to keep a close eye on her for the next few episodes and see if this continues. It would just be Tony’s luck if she turned out to be bad, wouldn't it?
-Tony just shuts Reza down when he asks for a lawyer to which I laughed out loud. No lawyer for you! (anyone watch Seinfeld?) Doesn't he have to be able to have a lawyer?
-I think I am starting to hate Marie as much as Jack hates Nina. She is a spoiled little brat and her sister isn't much better. If I actually knew someone like her in real life, I think that I would have to hit her with my car. Why on earth would Reza, an educated good looking guy with a great accent ever want to marry a whiny little snot like Marie. Such is life I guess.
-And Kate....ooohhh, don't even get me started on her!
-I love the little golf cart that Palmer is riding around in. So cool, I want one.
-I wonder if Miguel actually wrote down Gary’s credit card number because that probably would have been helpful.
-does Gary respect anything? If he does, we can rule out women, rules, children etc. There was probably someone dying in the next room while he was on his cell asking his secretary for tickets to Mexico.
-Add nurses to the above list, but the one he caught at the end had some pretty good attitude herself. The look that she gave him was priceless, like "what do you think this is, the Ritz Carlton?" and then the sultry "yes sir" Oh yeah, I like her.
-That was possibly the most convenient little room yet that Miguel, Megan and Kim ducked into. What a good place for it.
-Aren't we happy Miguel is trained in some sort of Karate-type stuff. That was really helpful for the girls huh?
-finally I'll speak a bit about Jack and then I'll shut up. First, he refuses the file. When he says 'I don't need it' I just found it chilling.
-I really hoped that he was going to kill Nina right there with George watching and everything.
-When George tries to kick Jack out he sounds and looks like Christmas is cancelled. I could just hear Sutherland in a whiny kid tone, "But why, Mason, I wanna beat her up some more!!"
-Watching Jack watch Nina made my skin crawl; that is serious hate.
-Nina needs new pants
-Mason, again, plays the perfect sceptic for Jack, you can just read his mind, 'sure Jack, I've worked with you for years, you shot me in the leg with a tranq gun for Gods sake, for practically no reason! Now, you have a reason to kill Nina, hmm, short fuse and explosive temper in with girl who killed your wife that you at one time had an affair with and trusted more than anyone at CTU. Yeah, you can go back in there, be my guest.'
-When Jack points out to Mason that there is no emotion there, I had to smile. Yeah right Jack, 5 hours ago it looked as though you were contemplating suicide and now that you are faced with Teri's killer you have no emotion? Not likely, but good act for Mason.
-When Jack drew his gun and shot at Nina, did anyone else see her hair move. That was a nice touch, the air from the bullets moving her hair. Way to go, Jack the marksman. How would he ever have explained it to Mason if he missed a bit low...?
-Could that have been a bigger truck that they were travelling in? Armoured cars aren't even that big.
-Nina has some serious stones to talk to Jack like that. She starts talking about what Jacks mind is thinking and how he can't go to jail because Kim needs him blah blah. That is cold and cruel to bring that up. Gee, why would that be, Nina? Possibly because you killed her mother? I almost cringed when she said Kim’s name. I can't believe she went there. She has no right to do that and I am surprised Jack sat through that. I wanted him to have another go at the strangle.
-I can't believe that Jack drugged Ed. Nina seems pretty scared now. We can hear Jack thinking like Mr. Burns "excellent"
-I think is would be pretty safe to add Carla to the body count but I will wait until we actually see her.
-Some closing questions for this week:
a) What ever happened to the reporter that Palmer locked away?
b) When is Mike going to get there to help Palmer out? I miss him, he was cool.
c) So if the president can grant a pardon, he could just grant one to Jack if he kills Nina. They are all buddy-buddy right? I wonder if Nina thought about that before she started talking for her own survival. I wonder if the writers did?